Transporter Surprise

Transporter Surprise

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


PWP Sex scene.


PWP Sex scene.


Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Submitted: January 18, 2012




Their presence on the planet had been against their better judgment, but Starfleet had been insistent, so they found themselves in the middle of a race dispute with little hope of resolution. As things deteriorated, they took refuge in the suite of rooms made available to them, boredom setting in after several hours.

“Jean-Luc, why don’t we try this drink they left here. It’s got to be better than that fruit.”

Jean-Luc looked up from his inspection of the artwork adorning the walls.

“That’s probably not a good idea Beverly. Without a tricorder, we don’t know how it will affect us.”

Rising from her chair, Beverly approached her captain and ran her hand down his arm.

“Oh come on Jean-Luc. What harm could there be? We’re not going anywhere soon and I’m thirsty.”

Sighing, the captain crossed the room and lifted the decanter to catch the light. He gently swirled the liquid, then removed the stopper, sniffing the contents. His eyebrows rose and he smiled broadly.

“Well, it certainly smells delicious. Perhaps a small drink would be acceptable.”

Beverly quickly procured two glasses and offered them to Jean-Luc.

Pouring a generous amount into each glass, he raised his and proposed a toast.

“To friends.”

Smiling, Beverly gently repeated his toast and raised the glass to her lips and took a sip.

“Mmmm, Jean-Luc, this is wonderful!”

“Indeed it is. Unusually thick and sweet, but the aftertaste is delightful…very fruity.”

The first glass disappeared quickly followed by three more.

Beverly, who was by now sitting on the divan, had a rosy glow to her cheeks and her eyes were sparkling.

“Jean-Luc, why don’t you come and sit here with me? It’s a very comfortable seat…much better than that chair you’re sitting in.”

It took some seconds for the captain to raise his head, but when he did, he was grinning broadly, a rare sight.

“I believe I will, Beverly. Thank you.”

He rose with his usual grace, but staggered a little whilst crossing the room.

“You know Beverly, I believe we’re getting a little drunk.”

She giggled and leaned against his shoulder.

“So what! We’ve been stuck on this God forsaken ball of mud, listening to the most intractable, bombastic cretins, who have absolutely no intentions of finding peace…it’s about time we had some fun.”

“Well said doctor! Hear, hear!”

The giggles that followed quickly grew into laughter, then guffaws, until both officers were overcome with mirth. Beverley grabbed at Jean-Luc, causing them to both fall backwards onto the divan, the empty glasses falling unharmed onto the carpeted floor.

Rising up on her elbow, Beverly looked down at her captain, her best friend, enthralled at how is stern features had been transfixed by the simple act of unbridled laughter. Without conscious thought, her mind shifted to wonder how he would look in the throes of passion. A heat ignited in the pit of her stomach, causing her to swallow convulsively.

His laughter waning, Jean-Luc turned his head to be caught in Beverly’s heated eyes. Never before had he seen such unguarded desire and instantly he became aroused. Reaching up with his hand, we brushed the backs of his fingers down her face.

“Beverly…so beautiful.”

Her eyes darkening with lust, she closed the gap between them and gently brushed her lips over his, sighing as she did it.

His passion inflaming, he reached up and entangled one hand in her firey locks and slowly drew her to him, capturing her mouth in a lingering kiss. Sliding his lips over hers, his tongue flicked out, seeking admittance. She complied and he deepened the kiss, his tongue gently exploring the depths of her mouth.

Overcome with sensation, Beverly languidly ran her hand over his chest. Moving in a circular motion, she directed her course ever lower, until her hand made contact with his growing erection.

He sighed heavily and used his free hand to cup her breast, gently rubbing his thumb over the hardening nipple.

She gasped and rose up to look deeply into his glittering hazel eyes.

“I want you. Now.”

With out preamble, Jean-Luc rose to his feet, pulling Beverly with him. Keeping eye contact, he reached up and slowly undid the closure of her tunic and slipped it from her shoulders. Next, he lifted the turtleneck up and over her head, then stood back to admire her breasts enclosed in her lacy bra.

He moved closer to continue, but she stilled his hands, intent on some disrobing of her own. As he did, she undid his tunic, then removed the turtleneck, leaving him in his vest. She could see his nipples were erect, as were hers. They were panting slightly, their faces amply showing their need. She placed her hands on his chest and slowly trailed them up, over his shoulders, to rest behind his head where she could run her fingers through the sparse hair there. He closed his eyes and brought his hands up her back to the clips that held her bra closed. With practiced ease, he undid the clasps and eased the garment from her body. He kissed her then, as his hands moved to cradle her breasts, molding them with his large, warm hands, his thumbs teasing her sensitive peaks.

She shuddered under his touch and reached down to pull his vest from his trousers. Lifting it, he broke the kiss just long enough for her to ease it over his head. Once it was discarded, she moved her hands to the waistband of his pants and hurriedly undid them. Sneaking her hand inside is briefs, she gasped at the hardness of his arousal. As she gently squeezed him, his hips thrust involuntarily, making her sex pulse with need.

Taking her by surprise, he turned her and laid her upon the divan. Placing kisses to her throat, breasts and abdomen, his hands undid her pants. He then removed her boots and socks, then her trousers. He stood up then and stared at her with unmitigated desire. Never had a man looked at her quite the same and it made her want him all the more.

She attempted to sit up, but he forestalled her, gently pushing her back down.

“Watch, Beverly…it’s all for you.”

He straightened and slowly removed his own foot ware, then, with exaggerated slowness, slipped his thumbs into the waistband of his trousers and lowered them He stood before her a vision of raw masculinity. Utterly beautiful, muscled, and lithe and very aroused, his briefs barely containing his erection.

All she could do was raise her arms and beckon him to join her.

“Come to me my lover.”

He sank to his knees between her parted legs and slowly slid her panties off. Then he leaned forward and, without warning, kissed her labia, before running his tongue through her folds.

She gasped and arched her hips at the delicious contact, wanting more. His hands ran up her thighs and came to rest on her hips, keeping her still. He began to lap at her, alternatively probing her depths and teasing the bud of her desire. She was moaning now, her head thrashing from side to side Sensing her need, he freed on hand and slid first one, then two thick fingers into her heat, initiating a slow rhythm, but avoiding her engorged clitoris, not yet ready to afford her the release she so desperately wanted.


He smiled and increased the tempo of his thrusting fingers, then suddenly applied his hot tongue to her swollen pearl.  She peaked immediately, calling out his name, but still he didn’t stop, eliciting another, then another climax.

When her breathing calmed and her heart had slowed, she became aware of being in his arms, lying naked on the divan.

He had shed his briefs and she could feel his evident arousal pressing against her thigh. The sensation re-awakened her desire and she lifted her head and kissed him passionately. Without hesitation, he clasped her breast and broke the kiss to move to take her hardened nipple in his hot mouth.



On the Enterprise, Will Riker had received some disturbing news. The talks had broken down completely and factional fighting had begun throughout the city. It became imperative to locate the captain and the CMO and beam them directly on board.

“Transporter chief, this is commander Riker. Locate the captain and doctor Crusher. We need to get them on board, pronto. I’ll meet you in transporter three.”




Jean-Luc rolled Beverley onto her back and kissed her deeply, entering her at the same time. His state of arousal was extremely high and he knew this first joining would be quick. She arched up to him signaling her readiness and he started to thrust fast and hard, rapidly leading them towards a shattering climax.



“Sir, I don’t understand it. Their patterns seem to be somehow merged…”

“I don’t care, chief, get them up here now!”




Beverly felt it first. From her swollen center, the sensations began to spread out through her body, her rhythmic contractions drawing Jean-Luc along with her. As they began their orgasms, neither was aware of the effect of the transporter.

They materialized on the transporter pad in the throes of orgasm, a shocked first officer and transporter chief looking on.

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