Surprise Gift

Surprise Gift

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


PWP Sex scene.


PWP Sex scene.


Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Submitted: January 18, 2012




Lieutenant Commander Data, of the Star Ship Enterprise was on his way to the bridge as he waited patiently for the arrival of the turbolift.

Presently, the doors sighed open and he stepped inside, his internal musings coming to a complete stop as he spied an unusual item upon the floor. Bending down and using only forefinger and thumb, he picked up the item and identified it. It was a pair of lacy, black women’s panties.

Three days later, Jean-Luc Picard stood outside his lover’s quarters, a wistful smile gracing his handsome features. In his hands were a bottle of his family’s finest vintage and a sheath of blood red roses for his love.

His head was bowed as the doors opened and, as he raised it, his breath was stolen by the vision of beauty that he beheld.

She stood before him in a sheer peach negligee , her rich russet hair tumbling around her shoulders, her feet bare.

Beverly looked over her stunning lover. No matter how many times she saw him, in uniform or, as now, in casual clothing, he always made her knees go weak.

“Jean-Luc…punctual as always. Come in.”

As he passed her to enter the cabin, he caught her scent, his eyes drifting closed as he drew the perfume deep into his lungs.

 He had come to a stop in the middle of the room and she stepped quietly up behind him  slipping her hands around his waist, pressing the length of her body against him.

As she kissed him softly on his neck, he sighed and spoke softly.

“I thought we’d have dinner first.”

“Uh huh…I’ve got a better idea.”

He chuckled and shook his head.

“I thought you were hungry.”

Kissing him again and thrilling at the clean male aroma, she slid one hand down and gently brushed over his penis.

“Oh, but I am…simply ravenous…and I can just bet you know what for.”

He stepped out of her embrace and moved to the table, depositing the wine and flowers. He turned then and sauntered back to her and took her in his arms. He nuzzled around her ear and kissed her shoulder.

“What a coincidence”, he murmured, “I happen to have developed quite an appetite too.”

As she felt his evident arousal pressing against her, she smiled and tilted her head back, exposing the ivory column of her neck.

Taking the invitation, he kissed the soft flesh with open mouth caresses, leaving her skin tingling.

She reached down and took his hand and led him slowly into her bedroom, turned and undid the buttons of the inky black, silk shirt he wore.

As she did this, he slipped his shoes off and ran his hands from her shoulders to her fingers, watching her intently.

Having opened his shirt, she bowed her head and swirled her tongue over his nipples, her hands now employed in undoing his fly.

He sighed and let his head loll back enjoying the delicious tension building between them.

His fly now opened fully, she tugged his pants out of the way, then glanced down, delighted at the sight of his turgid erection barely contained in his black briefs.

Her attention wandered, however, when his slightly calloused hands closed over her breasts, unerringly finding her stiffening nipples.

The sensation of his hands and the sensuous smoothness of the silk material sent her into a spiral of arousal, feeding her need and accentuating her desire.

She felt his hands move then, as they slipped down to gather her negligee at her hips and begin to raise it, the exposed skin reacting heatedly to his touch.

Soon the nightware was on the floor and she stood before him naked, her eyes closed as she allowed her senses to relay the incredible sensations he awakened in her with his skillful hands and mouth.

Almost of their own volition, her hands slipped into his briefs and softly stroked him, his hardness increasing with each caress. She knelt gracefully before him and removed his remaining clothing, then reverently bestowed a loving kiss to the tip of his penis.

Looking down he felt an overwhelming wave of love surge through him as he beheld his lover so tenderly loving him and, as she took him into her hot mouth, he couldn’t control the moan of delight that escaped his lips.

She lavished his penis with her mouth and tongue, her hands gently massaging his testicles, until she felt him urging her to stand up. She went reluctantly, but soon changed her mind as he bade her to lie on the bed, her head nestled in the soft pillows.

“My Beverly, I will love you now, with all that I am.”

Tears glistened in her eyes as she responded,

“I am yours Jean-Luc, to do with what you will.”

He covered her body with his and she opened her legs, inviting him to slide his erection over her throbbing clitoris.

He lowered his head and took a nipple into his mouth and ,as he suckled her, slid his hard penis into her body, making them one.

She groaned and arched her back, enticing him to move within her. He slowly withdrew, until only the head remained inside, then returned his hips to her, making them both gasp.

She clutched at his back, then ran her hands to his hips, physically entreating him to increase his pace. He withdrew again and glanced down, enthralled to watch his penis appear, then be engulfed within her hot depths. The sensation of sliding in and out of her slick heat was overwhelming and, despite his efforts of control, soon became almost too much for him to bear.

She writhed beneath him, moaning his name, begging for release and he thought he would die from the ecstasy he felt.

Abandoning his formidable control, he raised himself up on trembling arms and began to pump in and out of her with singular intent. Again and again, he thrust into her as she rose to meet every thrust, equally intent on reaching that moment in time when they would become one being, one heart.

He felt his climax rushing towards him and somehow redoubled his efforts, determined that she would be with him. Her internal muscles suddenly began to clench and, with appalling skill, he bowed his head, took a hard nipple in his mouth and gently bit it.

The result was instantaneous. They were both vaulted into another level of existence as their combined orgasms blasted through them. Their bodies stilled, caught in a rictus of ecstasy, nothing else existing in the universe except each other and the love they shared.

Sometime later, showered and relaxed, the happy couple were seated on the sofa, enjoying a glass of wine after a delicious meal.

When the door announcer chirruped, Beverly frowned, not expecting any visitors.

With a smile of apology to her lover, she left him and answered the door.

It was Data. He had something in his hands.

“Good evening, doctor.”

“Hello Data, come in.”

Data saw the captain and took in the fact that both officers were dressed only in bath robes.

“Good evening captain, I hope I’m not disturbing you both.”

Remaining in his seat, Jean-Luc smiled at his android second officer.

“Not at all Data. What can we do for you?”

Doing his best to interpret the scene before him, he extrapolated the information he held, with what his eyes were telling him and decided to press on.

“Captain, doctor; three days ago, at 18.32 hours, I entered turbolift three on deck twelve, on my way to the bridge. I found these.”

He held up a pair of black, lace women’s underware.

I did a DNA test and determined they belonged to you, doctor. Further test showed subsequent DNA belonged to the captain and this, ( he proffered a gaily wrapped gift), is for the baby.

Congratulations, doctor…captain.


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