Sexual Suspense

Sexual Suspense

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


PWP Sex scene.


PWP Sex scene.


Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Submitted: January 18, 2012




Captain Jean-Luc Picard was not a happy man. As he strode briskly through the corridors of his great ship, he fumed at the stupidity of the junior officers he’d just reprimanded. A still had been discovered in the lower decks. The lieutenant (junior grade) and the ensigns involved had endured his wrath, whilst shaking in their boots. The senior officer would be demoted, the ensigns would have a reprimand appear on their permanent record. He was not used to this sort of thing occurring on his ship and it irked him no end that it had happened.

His quick stride brought him to his cabin and he entered, a scowl fixed on his handsome face.

Beverly looked up from her sewing, a smile dying on her lips. Seeing his anger, she placed her needlework on the low table and rose to greet him.

“What’s wrong Jean-Luc?”

He shook his head brusquely and strode to the sideboard, where he removed a bottle of Saurian brandy. Uncorking the container, he poured a liberal amount into a tumbler and swallowed it in one gulp. He then placed the glass on the sideboard and lowered his head.

Beverly, by now worried, moved closer to him and ran her hand over his tense shoulder.

“Come on, tell me…what’s wrong?”

He sighed and poured another drink for himself and one for his lover.

“I just demoted Lieutenant Davis and severely reprimanded five ensigns. They had a still brewing down on deck 22. Idiots!”

Behind his back Beverly smiled.

“Oh. Who found them?”

“I did! I went down there to check the storage of my last two crates of wine and heard them whispering. They didn’t even have a lookout!”

He turned to Beverly, a rueful grin appearing on his face.

“You should’ve seen their faces. Of all the people to catch them…”

“They must’ve been terrified!”

The grin disappeared, replaced by the forbidding scowl.

“Yes well, so they should be! The last thing we want is to have an accident caused by an intoxicated officer. Fools! What were they thinking?!”

Seeing that he wasn’t going to relax any time soon, Beverly took the now empty glass out of his grip and put it down. She then placed her hands on his chest, rubbing softly.

“Jean-Luc, you’re very tense. Why don’t you go and shower and I’ll prepare something to help you unwind.”

His eyebrow rose as he looked speculatively at his stunning companion. Tilting his head slightly, he sighed and nodded. Wordlessly he turned and made his way to his bedroom, disrobing as he went.




When he emerged from the shower he was less tense, but still somewhat angry. He stopped in his tracks as he entered his bedroom again.

The lights had been lowered, the only illumination coming from the soft glow of several candles placed around the bed. Beverly was stood near the bed, dressed in nothing more than a sheer silk robe, undone and exposing tantalizing glimpses of her beautiful naked body.

She gave a classic ‘come here’ gesture with her fingers and Jean-Luc’s feet took him to her without conscious thought.

He was clad in a white bath towel and it took but a flick of her wrist to divest him of it. He reached inside her robe and cupped a breast, his erection already rising between them.

Beverly reached down and picked up a strip of black cloth and gently tied it around his head, covering his eyes.


“Shh, no talking. I’m going to help you get rid of all that tension. Now, lie down on the bed, face up.”

He did as she asked, a new tension filling his well-muscled, lean body.

She knelt on the bed beside him and gently ran her fingers down his body, swirling her fingers through the hair of his torso. He sighed and shifted, settling onto the pillows, making an effort to relax and trust his partner.

Her hands left him and he waited patiently, but gasped audibly as the first droplets of hot wax landed on his nipples. Before he could react any further, the sensation of heat was replaced with the gelid coldness of an ice cube. Beverly made slow circles of his puckered, flat nipples, occasionally passing the ice over the hard central nub.

His hands gripped the bed covers as he flexed his body, his senses becoming attuned.

With his eyes covered, he relied on touch and hearing to transfer information.

Suddenly the ice was gone and Beverly’s gentle hands were back drifting down past his quivering stomach towards his hardening penis. He tensed, awaiting the first delicious touch, but her hands vanished. He waited and couldn’t suppress a moan when the ice circled his navel. Just as he was becoming accustomed to the frigid sensation, the ice was transformed into fire as more wax fell on the chilled flesh.

His erection twitched and grew. He thought she would continue her downward trend, but was surprised when the heat of the wax trailed down his right arm, from the bicep to the inner wrist. Before he could process that information, ice ran slowly up his left arm, causing an involuntary shiver. Next, hot wax splashed into his left palm and ice cradled in the right.

Then they were gone and he waited.

He felt the bed shift under her weight.

He was not prepared to feel the ice slide up his foot, or the heat of the wax splatter on the other foot. By now his turgid penis was throbbing visibly and he flexed his body again, trying to gain some relief.

As he was ordering his thoughts, hot wax dribbled up his thigh, around the tip of his erection, lying over his hip, and down the other leg to his knee. As the last drop fell, the ice was applied to the bottom of his scrotum. His breath hissed through his teeth as he arched his back. The cool air of the room passed over his super-sensitive skin, adding to his desire.

Beverly circled the ice gently around each testicle, placing the cube under each and lifting them gently. He then felt her hand touch his penis for the first time. She lifted him and placed him so that he lay in the center of his belly. Then the ice slowly crawled up the length of his shaft and lingered under the glans, pressing so that the cold melting water dribbled down each side.

He groaned seductively and gently thrust his hips, but cried out as the ice was replaced with the hot wax. Beverly held the candle higher so as to not burn him and he twisted on the bed and grabbed hands full of the covers.

“Oh God…Beverly…”

Abruptly the ice was back, swirling over the head and up and down the shaft.

He was reaching the limit of his endurance and Beverly’s own desire was peaking. With a last caress with the ice, she shook of her robe and straddled him. Reaching forward, she slipped off his blindfold and as she re-settled, she lifted his erection and took him inside her, gasping at the sensation of the cold tip as it infiltrated her hot depths.

His hands immediately went to her breasts, moulding and cupping them, his thumbs brushing over her tight nipples repeatedly.

She leaned forward until he could reach her breasts with his mouth and groaned his name when he took a nipple in his mouth. One hand continued its work on her breast while the other drifted down to where they were joined. He stroked her gently, parting the lips and wetting his fingers around the girth of his own shaft. Swapping his mouth to the other breast, he nipped her gently as his slick thumb gently swiped her swollen clitoris. She jerked and ground her hips to his, the rough hair adding to her pleasure. She lifted her upper body up and disengaged his mouth. Looking down at him hungrily, she descended and kissed him passionately, stealing his breath and making him light-headed. With both hands, he entangled his fingers in her glorious red hair and returned the kiss with fervor and, at the same time, thrust up into her.

She broke the kiss and gripped his shoulders, her head lolling back on her neck.

He looked up at her and was amazed at how sensual she was, this firey woman who had stolen his heart so long ago.

His hands stroked down her sides and settled on her hips, gripping her lightly. With a little encouragement, she started to lift to a rhythm as he stretched out his legs and clenched his body to meet her.

It was slow at first, each reveling in the sensations, not wanting it to ever end. Every so often, he would reach up and squeeze her nipples in time with their thrusts, making her groan and gasp. He lightly ran his fingers down her abdomen making her quiver, the pulses travelling directly to his engorged penis as he pushed in and out of her.

She arched her back and twisted from side to side, gyrating sensuously. He showed his appreciation by thrusting harder and faster, one hand going to her breast, the other to her throbbing clitoris, brushing over it in time with the movement of their hips.

Her nails drew beads of blood on his shoulders as they dug into his bulging muscles, his head arched back on his neck, his mouth wide open.

She felt the onrushing wave of her climax. With a cry of triumph, she ground her hips to his and gyrated again as the incredible uplift of her orgasm increased as he gripped her waist and continued to thrust hard.

It was his undoing. As her internal muscles rhythmically clenched him, his own release washed over him. Starting in his groin, it flashed out through his body then crashed back into his genitals as he pumped his semen into her. He roared her name, and then choked back a sob as the sensations overwhelmed him.

She collapsed onto him and they lay trembling in each other’s arms as the aftershocks passed through them.

Slowly their breathing calmed, their hearts slowed and they were able to take stock of themselves.

“Oh God Beverly…that was…that was…fantastic. How did you…when did you…?”

“Shh my love. Just enjoy it and leave me to my secrets.”

He sighed contentedly and hugged her to him. After a short time he whispered in her ear,

“There’s one thing Beverly…are you going to help me get the wax out of my body hair?”

“Shut up Jean-Luc and go to sleep.”

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