Resolution of Need

Resolution of Need

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


PWP Sex scene.


PWP Sex scene.


Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Submitted: January 18, 2012




The bottle lay where it had landed on the floor, disgorging its contents. Across the room, Jean-Luc Picard stood with his head bowed, hands tightened into fists at his sides, his body trembling.

“Merde! Not again!”

The evening had been no different to any other they had shared. A few drinks, a meal, then the gentle conversation he so loved, sitting quietly on the sofa under the view ports. That was until she moved closer. They had been talking about music and she was deeply into the subject. Without thought for what it provoked, she accentuated her points with touches to his leg and arm, each contact adding a gentle spike to his burgeoning desire. Eventually, he could take no more. Taking her hands in his, he looked deeply into her eyes and dropped his barriers, letting her see his love….his desire.

“Beverly.” He whispered.

Without warning, she extricated her hands and stood. Not meeting his gaze, she muttered,

“Goodnight Jean-Luc.”

The doors sighed closed sealing him in his cabin alone…again. In frustration, he had picked up the wine bottle and hurled it at the doors, perversely disappointed when it didn’t smash into pieces.

He stood for some minutes, trying to regain control, trying vainly to quell his rising anger, his mind roiling with tormented thoughts.

Suddenly, his feet took him to the door. Savagely kicking the bottle aside, he exited his quarters, not bothering to analyse his actions, for once following his heart.





Beverly had changed into her nightgown and was sitting on her bed trying to make some sense of what had happened. That she hurt Jean-Luc again was obvious, what she couldn’t determine was why it had happened. It had been just another dinner…hadn’t it? Why had he done it? Why did he show her his love? And why, oh why couldn’t she show him hers? She loved him, she knew it, but for some unknown reason she was unable to take the final step and tell him.

The door announcer broke her thoughts and she rose from the bed sighing, putting her troubled musings aside.

Entering her living area, she bade the caller to enter. She was shocked when she saw who it was.


He strode into her cabin and stood before her. She could plainly see he was angry and the sight disturbed her.

“Beverly, we have to talk.”

She took a step back and lowered her eyes.

“I don’t think so. I think you should leave.”

He closed the distance between them.

“No, Beverly. I’m not leaving until I get some answers. I love you and I know you have feelings for me. Why won’t you let us be together?”

Her own anger began to surface. Turning from him she said cuttingly,

“How dare you! Leave….Now!”

He stepped forward, took hold of her shoulders, turned her to him and kissed her, hard.

He tried to show his love, his passion for her, but she would have none of it.

Pushing him away, she slapped his face, the sharp sound echoing in the room.

They stood panting, glaring at each other.

Then his heart began to crumble. He lowered his head and sighed, his eyes beginning to brim with unshed tears.



Beverly was stunned. His kiss had ignited something within her and it was growing fast.

Don’t let him go!, her mind screamed.

Acting on impulse, she tentatively moved to him and took his head in her hands, lifted it and kissed him tenderly. After a moment’s hesitation, he returned the kiss, then stiffened and broke free.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Do you think you can just continually play with me?”

She shook her head and tried valiantly to stop the tears that threatened to stream down her face.

“No Jean-Luc. I don’t want to…..I don’t…..I love you.”


She raised her hands to his face.

“I love you Jean-Luc…..I want you.”

With amazing speed, he took her wrists in his hands and walked her backwards across the room until he had her pinned against the wall.

With her hands near her head, he leaned in and pressed hot kisses against her neck. Pulling back, his dark hazel eyes bored into hers as he growled,

“Well I’m about to take you Beverly. Any objections?”

Mute with overwhelming desire, all she could do was shake her head as he kissed her again, his tongue insisting on being given entry into her mouth.

He deepened the kiss, plundering the inside of her mouth, taking her breath.

Grinding his pelvis against her, she could feel his erection and it heightened her need of him.

Suddenly he let go of her and took her nightgown in his large hands and wrenched, tearing it open. Still kissing her, his hands took her breasts, kneading them firmly, her nipples stiffening immediately.

Breaking the kiss, he trailed hot kisses down her neck and breast, letting go of one as his mouth closed on the stiff peak.

Beverly moaned as the incredible sensations surged through her. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She was up against the wall in her own cabin, being ravished by none other than the always in control Jean-Luc Picard.

All thought was banished as his free hand suddenly closed over her wet folds. She gasped as his fingers invaded her and cried out when he slipped first one, then two thick digits inside her.

With startling speed, she felt her climax approach. He was aware of this and gently placed his thumb over her engorged clitoris and stroked her.

She hugged him to her and arched her back, her release coming as he gently bit her nipple.

As the ripples of her orgasm crashed through her, he released her breast and lifted his head to kiss her. Withdrawing his hands, he hastily undid his trousers and pushed them and his briefs out of the way, freeing his straining erection.

Placing his hands behind her thighs, he lifted her, encouraging her to wrap her legs around his hips. Once settled, he eased an arm around her and took his penis in his other hand. Sliding the head through her wet folds, he slid his throbbing length deeply inside her, feeling her contracting around him.

He kissed her deeply and started to thrust forcefully, amply demonstrating to her his need.

Needing to breathe, she broke the kiss and cried out in ecstasy as she felt him sliding in and out of her, touching her deeper than anyone had before.

He took her breast in his hand and, taking the nipple in finger and thumb, pinched it gently in time with his strokes below.

Grunting with effort, sweat coursed down his face as he closed his eyes, feeling his orgasm gathering. Wanting to be with her, he exercised his formidable control and forced himself to stand his ground.

She was clinging to him with savage intent. He said he would take her and he did, plunging into her with abandon. No one had ever demonstrated such need, such resolute desperation and she loved him all the more for it.

Letting go of her breast, he dropped his hand and boldly stroked her pulsing clitoris, eliciting a sharp moan of delight. She gripped him tighter, chanting his name as a mantra.

He was lost in her. He had wanted this for so long. Each deep, hard thrust brought them both closer and closer, the heat engulfing them.

Suddenly, Beverly was there, her climax surging through her, her internal muscles gripping his penis rhythmically.

Abandoning his control, he let loose and thrust into her as hard as he could, three, four times, feeling the orgasm roaring outwards through his body, jetting his semen deep inside her.

They clung to each other desperately, straining to regain control of their breathing, waiting for their hearts to calm. Losing his strength, he sank to his knees, cradling her in his arms. Still joined, he kissed her and whispered his love.

She looked deeply into his eyes and asked what was in her heart.

“What now, Jean-Luc?”

He smiled and said,

“For now, we rest, my love. Then, after I have bathed you, I will take you to bed and make love to you as I have always wanted to. I love you, you will want for nothing.”

She looked at him, her eyes brimming with tears.

“I love you, dear friend.”

He sighed and closed his eyes.

“I know.”


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