Relief At Last

Relief At Last

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


PWP Sex scene.


PWP Sex scene.


Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Submitted: January 18, 2012




He was tired and cranky, the damn mission seeming to go on forever. Sleep was taken when he could, usually a short nap on the ready room couch, meals likewise. Trying to make sense of the mess on the monitor was not helped as his mind kept drifting, conjuring up images of his lover….one Beverly Crusher. Their last evening together; had it really been seven days ago? In his mind she lay back, opening her legs, her hands caressing her breasts, watching him as he lowered himself…..

With a growl he refocused his mind, brushing the erotic images aside. When the door announcer chirruped he was further annoyed.

“Come!” he barked, not taking his eyes off the monitor.

He sensed the other’s presence, but when silence was forthcoming, he was forced to look up.

“Hello, Jean-Luc. Long time no see.” Her voice soft and sultry.

He swallowed and stared into the most beautiful eyes he could imagine.


She silenced him with her hand.

“Shh, Jean-Luc. I’ve come to give you something….some *therapy* to ease your stress. “Computer, secure ready room doors. Authorization Crusher, omega theta eight.”

The answering chirp of the computer was loud in the otherwise silent room.

With exaggerated movements she rounded his desk and stood over him.

“We won’t be needing this.” She turned the monitor around, obscuring it from view. Resting her hands on the armrests of the chair, she leaned in and kissed him passionately, leaving him breathless when she pulled away.

Looking deep into his hazel eyes she murmured,

“Now you just sit back and relax.”

She ran her hands down his chest, coming to a rest on his hips as she gracefully knelt between his knees. Lifting his jacket hem, her fingers slid under the waistband of his trousers and slowly unfastened them, her gaze never leaving his eyes.

His erection had begun with the kiss and, as the zipper was lowered gently, he swelled further.

Having opened his pants, Beverly pulled the fly apart and ran her fingers over the growing bulge in his briefs. Her eyes left his then, traveling down his body to hungrily stare at her prize. She lowered her head and placed her mouth over the straining material and let out a slow, hot breath, then rubbed her face gently over his confined penis.

She looked up to see her lover staring at her with undisguised desire, his dark hazel eyes glittering with need.

Grabbing his briefs and trousers at the hips, she hitched them down a little, affording them both more room. Again she rubbed her face over the hot bulge, and when she gently bit him, she was rewarded with a low groan. Repeating the bites three more times, she smiled when she saw the wet patch appear on the material.

Using her fingers, she probed under the waistband of his briefs, feeling through the course hair to brush over his arching erection. His breath hissed through his teeth as her fingers curled around him and gently squeezed. She let him go then, and concentrated on lowering his briefs, slowly, from the sides. The elastic caught at the front and pulled his penis down, its sudden release sending it springing upwards to lie over his groin, towards his hip.

Out of the corners of her eyes she could see his hands gripping the armrests, his knuckles white.

Holding his hips, she ran the tip of her nose from base to head of his hardening penis, then reversed, nuzzling around his testicles. A bead of pearl appeared and she took it with the point of her tongue, making him groan.

Taking him in hand, her tongue darted out to flick lightly over the head, paying particular attention to the rim and the sensitive frenulum. Fully wetting the entire glans, she brought her lips to him and firmly slid them over the head, then back, to let her tongue explore the slit. She repeated the move, this time squeezing the shaft firmly. Casting a glance upward, she was treated to the sight of her always- in- control captain, his mouth open and gasping, his head lolling backwards, awash in a sea of sensation.

This time, when her lips parted over him, she didn’t stop at the rim, but kept going, taking him inch by inch, slowly into her hot mouth. He was large but, with care, she was able to completely engulf him.

Two fingers and a thumb stayed at the base of his penis. Her other hand drifted lower and gently closed under his testicles, hefting them.

She swirled her tongue around him, then raised her mouth, leaving just the head caught between her lips. Languidly stroking his shaft, she sucked the head, thrilling when his gentle moans became continuous.

Suddenly, one of his hands was on the back of her head and he started to thrust up from the chair.

Taking his cue, she gripped him firmly and started to slide her mouth up and down the length of him, the other hand gently tugging down his testicles.

His heady, sexual aroma was intoxicating as she buried her head in his lap, then rose to the tip to descend again. She drove him remorselessly, knowing he needed this particular kind of release.

She twisted her head as her lips and tongue caressed him. He straightened his legs and tightened his grip in her hair. He swelled further in her mouth and she could taste his salty fluid. He was very close now, it would take very little to push him over the edge.

She continued the erotic cadence with her mouth and hand, but with the other hand, she released his testicles and reached up behind them into the space between the sac and his anus and pushed a knuckle firmly into the soft, sensitive flesh.

The result was impressive. He cried out and arched up from the chair, his body trembling. His penis stiffened and, with a few more strokes, he came. Shouting her name, then gasping, he squirted his essence into her mouth. Again and again he pumped, each emission accompanied by a gentle thrust of his hips.

Beverly released her hands and held his hips, keeping his penis in her mouth, slowing her strokes and gently sucking him. His hand fell away from her head and she felt the tension leave his body as he relaxed in the chair.

She gently released him and, after placing soft kisses along his waning erection, carefully rearranged his clothing.

When she felt he’d recovered enough, she stood, holding out her arms. He rose unsteadily  and moved into her embrace. They kissed softly, then she left him to straighten the blanket and pillow on the sofa. He took the time to tuck himself in and make himself comfortable. She beckoned to him and he went to her.

“Sleep now, Jean-Luc. Will has orders to leave you alone for a couple of hours. You really do need some quality sleep.”

She sat him down and removed his boots, then tucked him in.

“Sweet dreams, my love.”

She was nearly to the door when she heard his roughened voice.

“Thank you, Beverly.”

“You’re welcome.”





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