Mind Games With Death Pt 3

Mind Games With Death Pt 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Same as Pt 1


Same as Pt 1


Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013




Jean-Luc paced in his cabin like a caged animal. He prowled, muttering to himself.

“That woman! How dare she call me...”

The sound of his door chime stopped him in his tracks. He stood motionless, glaring at the door. The chime rang again.

“Who the hell is it!?”

“It’s Deanna Captain.”

The Captain lowered his head and closed his eyes.

“I would rather not see anyone at this time Counsellor.”

“Captain, I can feel you distress two decks away. Please let me come in.”

Jean-Luc sighed at the inevitability of her gesture.

“Very well Counsellor.”

Deanna noted the subdued lighting and the way the Captain was absently rubbing his temple.

“Captain...you have a headache.”

“It’s nothing Counsellor. I’m a little ah, stressed at the moment. I’m sure it’s due to that.”

“Would you like to talk about it?’

Jean-Luc sat heavily on his couch and leaned his head back.

“No...yes...oh God, I honestly don’t know.”

Deanna moved to his side and sat with him. Taking one of his hands she said gently,


“I don’t know what to do. The though of loosing her...I can’t bear...Tell me Deanna, how do I fix this?  How do I heal this gaping hole?”

Deanna let go of the Captain’s hand and folded her hands in her lap.

“Captain, why did you avoid Beverley? Why didn’t you tell her you were unwell?”

Jean-Luc leaned forward and placed his elbows on his knees, cradling his head in his hands.

“I had been to the ship a few times and Beverley had badgered me about my condition, you know, the usual things...Are you eating?...Are you getting enough sleep? Quite frankly, it annoyed me and I decided I wouldn’t come back to the ship.”

“You had the headaches then?”

“Yes, but they weren’t bad...more of an inconvenience than anything.”

“But that changed.”

Jean-Luc nodded tiredly.

“Yes. It became worse, much worse, so much so that I was forced to come up to the ship. I beamed to my cabin...I don’t know why...perhaps I was hiding. Anyway I left immediately for sickbay, but when I got there, Beverley was gone. It was very busy... I was going to wait, really, then I saw the hypospray. It was just sitting there on the bench. I picked it up, fiddling...passing time, you know, then I looked at the vial and saw it was Temapazine. I knew what it was and it occurred to me almost instantly...take it and treat yourself. It’s only a headache after all. I didn’t think it would be missed...it seems I didn’t think too well at all.”

A short silence was endured between the two officers.

“What happened then?”

“The drug worked well initially, but I found it required more, then more still, to stop the pain. The talks had reached a critical phase...balanced on a knife-edge. I had discovered important information about delegate Uff and I needed desperately to talk privately with him. By this time the vial was nearly empty and I knew if Beverley had seen me she would’ve instantly had me confined to sickbay, so I couldn’t go back to the ship. I had the Temapazine replicated on the planet and continued to use it with lessening effect.”

Deanna rested a hand on Jean-Luc’s knee.

“Beverley came down to see you.”

“Uh huh. By this time it had been worked out that it was me who had taken the hypospray. When she came down the headaches weren’t too bad and I looked much the same as the last time she had seen me, the Temapazine was still working then. She tried to ask me...I deflected her question and then I was contacted by the delegates. I was running a little late and I used that as an excuse to leave.”

“You have reported your actions to Starfleet?”

“Yes. My behaviour was less than correct, although I stand by my actions. I felt it was the right thing to do for the mission. As it turned out, the information I had about Uff changed everything. I don’t think we could’ve succeeded if I hadn’t persevered. He trusted me.”

“Captain, Beverley feels you betrayed her. You have hurt her very deeply.”

Jean-Luc looked sharply at the counsellor.

“You’ve spoken with her?”


“What can I do?”

Deanna placed both her hands on her knees and gently rubbed them up and down her thighs.

“Have you explained all this to Beverley as you just explained it to me?”

“Well no. Since I regained consciousness she has been increasingly remote, and after this afternoon...”

Deanna was deep in thought.

“Captain...I think you need to talk to her as you’ve just spoken to me. Calm and quiet. We both know how acerbic she can be, but you’ll have to ignore it. Invite her to dinner and if she comes...work very hard at being calm. You know her well. If you can avoid her anger, you may get the opportunity to explain yourself. Then Captain you must apologise...for the hurt, the betrayal...everything. Can you do that? Is she worth it?”

Jean-Luc appeared close to tears.

“Oh yes Counsellor, she is.”





Beverley was totally immersed in her work when Jean-Luc entered her office. It took some moments before she became aware of his presence. Staring coldly she said,

“Yes Captain?”

Jean-Luc lowered his head and sighed.

“I have a headache doctor, however I see you’re busy. I will see someone else.”

“No! I mean...that’s not necessary.”

Regaining her composure, Beverley led the Captain to a quiet room and motioned for him to sit on the biobed. She retrieved a tricorder and scanned his head.

“How long have you had it?”

“Oh... a few hours. It wasn’t too bad at first, then it started to get worse so...here I am.”

“Hmmm. It would’ve been better if you had’ve come earlier, however, I’m thankful for small mercies.”

The Captain curbed the retort that was on his lips and said nothing.

Finishing the scan Beverley put away the tricorder.

“Stress. This should fix it.”

She took a hypospray from a draw and applied it to Jean-Luc’s neck. The relief was immediate.

He closed his eyes and said softly...

“Thank you.”

Beverley looked at her friend, noting how tired and frail he had become. She knew by now of the success of the mission and she was now realising the toll it had taken on the Captain.

Hey...Jean-Luc...anytime, ok? If you need me, I’m here, always.”

“You haven’t called me that for a while...too long.”

“What... Jean-Luc? Yeah well, I’ve been busy being angry with you.”

Jean-Luc looked at Beverley, his expression completely open.

“And now?”

It was Beverley’s turn to lower her head.

“The jury’s still out.”

Very carefully, Jean-Luc took Beverley’s hands in his. He revelled in her warmth, her delicate hands looking so snug in his large ones.

“Beverley, would you do me the honour of having dinner with me?...Please?”

Her head still lowered, Beverley felt a blush rise to her cheeks. Finding the courage, she raised her face and what she saw took her breath away. Jean-Luc’s face was completely naked. Tears welled in his eyes and the hope that shone through their hazel depths squeezed her heart. Struggling to contain her own emotions she said,

“Yes Jean-Luc, yes I will.”

It took a moment for the Captain to gather himself.

“Thank you Beverley...I seem to be saying that a lot lately don’t I?”

They both shared a gentle laugh then Jean-Luc raised his hand and gently trailed his fingers down Beverley’s face.

“Shall I pick you up at...say eight thirty?”

“That would be fine.”

The rest of the afternoon passed in a dream for Beverley. She felt so young, as if she were going on a first date. Once her shift had ended she hurried to her quarters. She knew she had ample time, the Captain wasn’t due for some hours, but the doctor wanted everything to be perfect. After running a luxurious hot bath, she added some exotic scented bath crystals she had picked up from Eptas 3, a planet whose inhabitants were known for their sensuality. She had been told the crystals would impart a delicious scent to her skin, making her irresistible to males of almost any species. Beverley had owned the crystals for five years and had never used them. She hoped they would still work.







Jean-Luc was similarly engaged. He started by thoroughly cleaning his quarters. It wasn’t necessary, his quarters would’ve been the cleanest and tidiest on the ship, but he felt he should make the effort. It was important. Next he replicated candles of varied colour and size. Floating, standing, wax and other alien varieties, some scented and some chosen simply for their beauty. He placed them right throughout his cabin, hesitating only when he came to his bedroom. Should he? Would it appear presumptuous? In the end he decided against it. He wanted to court Beverley and if that meant he had to wait to taste her again, well, so be it. He was determined to win her trust and he would let her know that what had occurred would not happen again...if she would only give him the chance.

The menu was next and after careful consideration, he decided on something elegantly simple. In keeping with the meal, he chose a beautiful centrepiece for the table then stepped back to view the effect. Satisfied, he considered, then rejected several musical pieces, finally settling on some soft jazz, a favourite of Beverley’s. He was surprised to find himself somewhat fatigued, it irritated him somehow, but he acquiesced, and after setting the alarm, stretched out on his bed and soon fell asleep.






Beverley also dozed. It had been a long day and the emotional storm her difficulties with the Captain had caused had put her under considerable strain. It was the rapidly cooling water that finally woke her. For a moment she was confused, then quickly remembered her date. As she got out of the bath she smelled the fragrance the crystals had imparted and grinning wickedly she thought,

*I hope it works.*

She spent some time on her hair...getting it just so...then devoting an equal effort on her makeup. Not too much...just enough. She was running her hands down the length of her dress when the door chime sounded. She jumped involuntarily, her heart missing a beat then settling into a fast rhythm. Moving to the door, she took a deep breath and pressed the opening button.

Jean-Luc stood very still and stared. His breath had left him and his heart had taken to beating rapidly. She was beautiful...stunning in fact. Her hair piled up with curling wisps hanging down, framing her exquisite face. Surely she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. The sapphire blue dress, the low neckline showing the creamy skin of her cleavage, hugging her lithe body...her blue eyes...he was lost and all he could do was stand there and stare.

Beverley was similarly afflicted. The Captain stood before her dressed in a black dinner suit, white shirt, black studs and black bow tie. He was so elegant, so dashing...his extraordinary hazel eyes, so often appearing to be different colours, catching the light and glittering and in his hands a sheaf of gorgeous long stemmed red roses.

Beverley found her voice first.

“Are they for me?”

“What? Oh yes! Forgive me...you have me somewhat distracted. Beverley, you look beautiful.”

Gently blushing and feeling wonderful for it, Beverley laughed, her lovely eyes sparkling.

“Thank you Jean-Luc. You cut quite a figure yourself. Shall I put the roses in a vase?”

“If you like.”

Jean-Luc was delighted to watch Beverley performing the simple task of retrieving a vase and arranging the flowers. Her effect on him was so powerful, he felt almost a voyeur, entranced by her beauty and grace.

When she was finished she moved to stand in front of him.

“All finished.”

Offering his arm, Jean-Luc said,

“Shall we?”

They left Beverley’s cabin and took the short walk to his, Jean-Luc feeling so proud to have her on his arm.

Upon entering, Beverley stopped and gasped with pleasure.

“Jean-Luc! It’s so beautiful...and the fragrance...so subtle.”

She turned to face him and ran her hands up his chest to his shoulders.

“Thank you Jean-Luc, it’s wonderful.”

He leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.



Jean-Luc escorted Beverley to the table and presented her with a glass of chilled white wine and first course, a lightly sautéed vegetable dish Beverley was sure she’d never had before. This was followed by a raw fish and flower meal that Jean-Luc explained he had first tried some years ago on a distant planet. He was so taken with the dish; he had brought  some on board and programmed the computer to replicate it. Dessert was a light lemon sorbet, cold and cleansing. In all, the meal was delightful. Filling, but not heavy. The conversation had been friendly and inconsequential, interspersed with gentle laughter.

“Would you like some coffee, or a chamomile tea perhaps?”

Smiling up at her handsome date Beverley said,

“That would be lovely. Tea please.”

While the Captain secured the drinks, Beverley went and sat on the sofa in the living area. The candles cast their subdued light, creating a feeling of quiet peace.

Jean-Luc sat beside her, placing the drinks on the low table.

“The meal was wonderful Jean-Luc, thank you. You obviously put a lot of thought into it.”

“Well, you know...I wanted to...I wanted you to...”

Jean-Luc stopped speaking and lifted his hand to Beverley’s face. In a voice thick with emotion he said softly,

“I’m so sorry Beverley. I’m sorry for the hurt I caused, I’m sorry I didn’t trust you, I’m...”

He couldn’t continue. Closing his eyes, two tears made their way down his face and he bowed his slowly shaking head in shame.

Beverley gently cupped his chin and raised his head to face her.

“Jean-Luc, if we are to go forward, we have to clear this up. If we don’t establish some sort of ground rules...this will only happen again. I know how seriously you take your duty and I also know how you hate to give up, but sometimes you just have to ask for help! It’s not a failing to get sick you know.”

A small smile took the sting out of her words. Jean-Luc wiped his face and returned her smile.

“I know Beverley, but when I came on board you assailed me about my health.”

The doctor began to speak, but Jean-Luc touched her lips with his fingers.

“No...let me finish...please. We need to get this all out in the open. No more avoiding the truth, agreed?”

Beverley nodded, frowning.

“What I did was wrong...no argument. As my doctor, my CMO, you had a right to know I was ill. I betrayed your trust... your love, my behaviour was unforgivable and, again, I apologise. But there are times when the mission is more important than my health. Beverley the people I was sent to help were on the brink of disaster. I had to do everything in my power to save them, not just for the Federation’s sake, but for all our sakes. If we can form an agreement, a pact that you will allow me to continue as long as I’m able...even if it means endangering my life, you *must* let me do what I must do. I know it goes against the grain Beverley, but it must be that way, and in return, I will agree to be absolutely honest with you. No more... “I’m fine”...If I’m unwell I will come to you, you have my word.”

Beverley rose from the sofa and walked slowly around the room.

“You ask a lot Jean-Luc. My greatest fear, the same fear that kept me from admitting my love for you all those lonely years, was that you would one day be brought to me and I wouldn’t be able to save you. It happened Jean-Luc. If we had been unable to get to Arok, you would’ve died. What would I have done then? How could I have gone on without you?”

Beverley turned away, not wanting Jean-Luc to see the tears that ran down her face. He approached quietly from behind, gently turned her and took her into his arms.

“Shh my lovely. We will talk more later. For now just let me hold you.”








Time passed. The Enterprise received new orders sending her on a quiet mapping mission in a distant sector, giving the bulk of her crew a little, albeit rare, downtime. The Captain had fared well with Starfleet. He was admonished for his actions involving the hypospray, but this was weighed against the success of the mission and he survived with a verbal reprimand that wouldn’t appear on his record.

The man in question was on a new, more personal, mission. He had decided to court the doctor...to woo her, and was thoroughly enjoying himself. They had enjoyed each other’s company, at dinners in their quarters, holodeck outings and lovely walks in the arboretum. And Beverley? Ah well...she was delighted. With each date the hurts, the walls, slowly crumbled and although they had not resumed a physical relationship, they were becoming intimate in other ways, exploring, discovering things about each other and taking their time about it.

Beverley stood in front of the mirror in her quarters and smiled wistfully. Twirling slowly, she admired the pretty linen sundress she wore. Jean-Luc had told her their next date was to be a summer’s day picnic on the holodeck. Taking a light blue scarf she swept her hair back and tied it. Satisfied, she was moving to the main room when the door announcer sounded.

“Come in.”

Jean-Luc stepped over the threshold and looked about for Beverley, finally spotting her and letting out a low whistle, bringing a blush to her cheeks.

“You look utterly delectable.”

Beverley moved to stand before him, close enough to smell his scent...a fresh maleness mixed very subtly with a hint of musky aftershave. He stood there; dressed in loose fitting white cotton shirt and pants...she thought he’d never looked so handsome. She remained very still, closed her eyes and drew a long inhalation, savouring the heady desire that surged through her.

Jean-Luc quietly placed the picnic basket he was carrying on the floor and gently took Beverley in his arms. Her eyes remained closed as his lips softly grazed hers.

“Mmm, that’s nice...”

Her arms came up and around his neck. Still with eyes closed she said,


His reply was a low growl followed by a more insistent kiss and a more ardent embrace.

“Perhaps we should have our picnic here...”

Beverley sighed.


But opening her eyes she grinned widely, then laughed delightedly.

“Come on you rogue...I want to go on a picnic!”

Hand in hand they left the cabin, Beverley appreciating the gesture, another obstacle overcome. If they were to have a relationship it would be in the open, for all to see. No more secrets.

On arriving at the holodeck, Jean-Luc keyed in some commands and the doors parted to reveal a beautiful bush setting that Beverley was unfamiliar with.

“Oh Jean-Luc...this is stunning. Where are we?”

Breathing deeply, Jean-Luc looked around.

“It’s a National Park in Australia, just north of Melbourne in fact. I went there many years ago and was quite taken with it. The program was sent to me by a friend at the Academy office there. Wait till you see the waterfalls.”

“What is that smell?”

Jean-Luc smiled.

“Eucalyptus...refreshing isn’t it?”

The couple wandered down a track listening to birdsong and the ever-increasing sound of the falls. Jean-Luc left the picnic basket on a table and they made their way to a viewing platform above the drop.

“Oh, Jean-Luc...it’s wonderful...look at the ferns growing on the sides... and the spray...look!, a rainbow.”

Beverley stretched her arms out and her hands disappeared into the prism of light, delighting both of them.

They stayed a while at the falls, then made their way back to the basket.

“Beverley, would you like to use the table, or shall we find a fern glade and put down the blanket?”

Slipping her hand in his, Beverley leaned in and gently nuzzled his neck, whispering,

“ The blanket please.”

It took little time to find a suitable glade, one that was beside one of the fall’s feeder creeks. The pair spread out the blanket and set out the food, a selection of fruit, cheeses and bread, with some white wine.

“I’ll put the bottle in the creek, it’ll stay cool there.”

Beverley came to sit next to Jean-Luc as he placed the bottle in the cold mountain water.

“Jean-Luc! What are they?”

Following her pointing hand, the Captain peered into the water.

“Oh...they’re called “yabbies”, a form of fresh water crayfish, sort of like a lobster. Be careful...those claws are very powerful.”

“Can you eat them?”

Jean-Luc looked curiously at his companion.

“Err, yes...surely you don’t want me to...”

“No, of course not. I was just wondering, that’s all. Come on, let’s eat, I’m starving!”

The next half an hour passed with much munching and smacking of lips. As Jean-Luc had promised, the wine quickly chilled and it was a lazy pair who idly teased each other with blades of grass in the hot afternoon.

Beverley rolled to her side and grasped a paper napkin and started to fan herself.

“Hot, my lovely?”

“Deliciously so, my gallant Captain”

“Well, not for too much longer...”


Just as Beverley started to speak, a gentle rain started to fall. It crept through the trees with a whispering sound, bathing the bush in precious water, triggering the release of the sweet smells of the multitude of plant life there.

Placing her hands behind her, the doctor arched her back and turned her face to the rain’s caress. Jean-Luc was entranced. Never had he seen her so alluring. He moved to her side and slowly...gently...kissed her neck, bringing a sigh and a shudder.

Together the two lowered themselves to the ground and looked lovingly into each other’s eyes.

“May I kiss you Beverley?”


“And may I caress you Beverley?”


“And may I...”

“Shh, Jean-Luc...listen to the rain...”

Jean-Luc closed the space between them and kissed Beverley with all the tenderness he possessed. Their arms entwined, as did their bodies, the heat growing. With increased intensity he kissed her deeper, harder, moulding himself to her curves. His hand began a journey, the fingers tracing a path from her brow, down her face, over her shoulder, gently, confidently, pausing at her breast...a caress...then onward, down her flank to the rise of her hip and lower still, to the hem of her dress, then a reversal of direction as his hand glided up over the silken length of her thigh... and still he kissed her. He could feel the racing of their hearts, could see the flush over their skin. His hand met the juncture of her legs and she moved to accommodate him. He was just about to...

~Sickbay to Dr. Crusher.~

They froze. Seen from above they appeared as if in stasis, rigid, unmoving. A moment passed...then another...

~Dr.Crusher, this is sickbay. Please respond.~

They broke apart, his brusque movements showing his anger.

“Sickbay, this is Dr.Crusher. Go ahead.”

Jean-Luc was angry. He wanted so badly to take this last step, to completely close the remnants of the rift. He loved this woman; he desired this woman and he wanted her. The sexual tension was difficult enough to deal with at any time...but now?...right now?

He stood quickly and with tense movements, crossed to the creek and sitting, plunged his bare feet into the cold water. The conversation going on behind him was ignored and after a little while he sensed her presence at his back.

“Trying to cool off?”

A grunt was her only reply.

“Jean-Luc, I have to go to sickbay soon, but I would like to continue this...”

She nuzzled his neck, her hands spreading themselves over his chest and brushing his nipples.

“And this...”

Beverley was biting his earlobe when Jean-Luc began to turn toward her. Their lips were about to meet when Jean-Luc cried out loudly in pain.

“What! What is it?”

Rolling on his side, Jean-Luc dragged his feet from the creek and lunged at his right foot. Beverley couldn’t see what was happening. The Captain was still yelling and desperately trying to get to his right foot. He rolled onto his back and Beverley got a look at what was assailing him. A very large yabbie had sunk one of its claws into the side of the Captain’s foot. The laceration was deep and bleeding freely.

“Get it off!” he yelled.

“How?” she shrieked.

“Hit it!”

Casting about Beverley found the empty wine bottle and with one motion, picked it up and smashed it on Jean-Luc’s foot.

A fresh bellow of pain and outrage issued forth.

Beverley had missed the yabbie completely. Jean-Luc’s foot was now deeply cut in three more places and badly bruised. The yabbie, having counted its blessings, let go of the foot and plopped back into the water.

“Why the hell did you do that?”

“You told me to hit it!”

Jean-Luc bent forward and cradled his injured foot in his hands.

“The yabbie, not my damned foot!”

Feeling the beginnings of irritation Beverley said tersely,

“Show me your foot. Really Jean-Luc, anybody would think you were being murdered the way you carry on.”

“I’ll have you know Doctor, that was a very painful bite, not to mention being battered with a glass bottle!”

By now, Beverley had inspected the injured foot and had to agree it did look painful. The bruising was beginning to develop and she suspected there were broken bones. The wounds were deep and there was blood covering most of the foot. A trip to sickbay was needed and in the meantime Beverley untied her scarf and expertly wound it about the foot.

“There, that should do until we get to sickbay. I’ll order a gravibed.”

“No! I’ll walk.”

Beverley momentarily closed her eyes and counted to ten.

“Jean-Luc...you cannot walk on that foot. It would be...”

“Then beam me there.”

“Do you want to appear on my sickbay floor sitting on you backside?”

That brought a scowl.

“Definitely not.”

“Then take my advise...as your *Doctor* and let me call for a gravibed.”

The scowl deepened but the Captain knew that this was just the sort of situation they had discussed. He had to trust Beverley and acquiesce, his pride swallowed.

“Very well.”

The summoned gravibed arrived with two orderlies in attendance, (much to the Captain’s embarrassment), and the trip to sickbay was mercifully quick, although the few crewmembers they encountered couldn’t quite mask either their surprise or their grins.

Speaking to one of the orderlies, Beverley said,

“Maws help the Captain onto the biobed please.”

“I don’t require any...”

A sour look stalled the report.

Once seated on the bed, Beverley unwrapped the foot and ran a scanner over it.

“Alyssa...I need an osteo regenerator, a stage three auto suture and a protoplaster. Maws, clean the Captain’s foot please.”

Picard looked at his foot then at Beverley.

“An osteo regenerator?”

Blushing slightly, Beverley had the good grace to look embarrassed.

“Ah...yes. It would seem you have a few broken bones.”

“A few?”

“Four, actually.”

The scowl returned.

It took little time for the treatment, although it was too long for the Captain, his mood was still sour. When she finished, she dismissed her attending staff and spoke softly to Jean-Luc.

“I’m sorry this happened Jean-Luc. Perhaps we could have dinner later...in my quarters?”

Jean-Luc sighed and shook his head.

“Ah...I don’t think so Beverley. I’m quite tired, maybe I’ll just have a quiet time by myself.”

Beverley gently touched his face.

“All right...have a good rest.”

“Thank you Beverley.”

The Captain nodded, slid off the bed and made his exit, trying not to favour his foot and failing. Beverley watched him and sighed in resignation, a frown marring her face.

*What am I to do with you, Jean-Luc?*,

And returned to the duty that had called her from the holodeck.






Jean-Luc reached his quarters, entered and flung himself onto the sofa, putting his foot up on the low table.

“Dammit! Bloody yabbie! Bloody bottle!”

He sat and sulked until he began to brood. Fortunately he recognised what he was doing and decided that a long hot shower was in order. Rising from the sofa, he went to his bedroom, stripped and entered the shower, setting the control for heat.

The water hit his back with a satisfying shock. He raised his hands, placing them on the wall in front of him and bowing his head, he felt the tension begin to abate. When he finally left the shower he was squeaky clean and thoroughly relaxed. He put on his robe and went into the main room. This time when he seated himself on the sofa, he had a small smile on his face and a completely different attitude. He swung his feet up, put a cushion under his head and drifted off to sleep His last thoughts were of Beverley...

*Tomorrow Beverley, tomorrow.*





The good doctor had just returned to her cabin after completing her tasks and she, by an amazing coincidence, was thinking about none other than Jean-Luc. It had been several hours since she had seen him and she wondered if he had gotten over his pique.

Beverley felt somewhat unsettled, vaguely aroused and she knew it would continue to disrupt her thoughts unless she did something about it. The more she thought about the good Captain, the more aroused she became.

“This is ridiculous! I’m behaving like a lovesick teenager.”

With determined actions, Beverley showered and changed into soft leggings and her favourite blue jumper. She didn’t feel as relaxed as she hoped, however, the arousal, the heat was still there and she realised the only man to assuage it didn’t want any visitors.

She tried to read, she paced, she called sickbay to see if there was anything she could do, and nothing helped. Finally, in desperation, she decided to go to the gym for a very vigorous workout. She left her quarters and marched quickly through the corridors but an odd thing happened. Instead of turning left towards the gym, she found she had turned right and soon found herself at the end of the corridor in which the Captain’s quarters were. She stood there thinking, weighing the consequences of knocking on his door. It was late...he would be asleep...he said he wanted to be alone...

“Oh, Jean-Luc...if only you knew...”

There was no getting around it. Her heart was overruling her head and her feet took her to his door almost without Beverley being aware of it.







By this late hour, Jean-Luc had abandoned the sofa and was stretched out luxuriously on his back in bed. The small smile was still evident...and so was his obvious arousal. It was a particularly *nice* dream. It was the third sounding of the door chime that finally got through the images of his dream. With a start, Jean-Luc sat up and stared into the darkness. Not needing the light, he donned his robe, being careful to make sure he was adequately covered, and made his way to the door.


At first Beverley couldn’t see the Captain in the gloom so he stepped forward into the light spilling into his cabin.

“What an odd coincidence...I was just dreaming about you.”

Beverley raised a hand to her chest and smiled.

“I hope it was pleasant...not a nightmare...”

“Oh it was exceedingly pleasant.”

“How’s your foot?”

Looking down, Jean-Luc wriggled his toes.

“Fine, just fine...thank you.”

“Good, that’s good.”

The two stood in silence for a few awkward moments, then Beverley broke the spell.

“Well, it’s very late...I should be getting back.”

“You came at this hour to ask about my foot?”

Placing her hands behind her back, the doctor looked at the floor.

“Not exactly.”

Jean-Luc tilted his head so he could see her face.

“Why then?”

“I was...umm...restless, I couldn’t sleep.”


Another short silence ensued, this time Jean-Luc ventured,

“Would you like to come in...have a cup of tea perhaps?”

Beverley stepped forward and the doors closed.

“Actually, Jean-Luc, I had something else in mind.”

“Oh? And what would that be?”

Beverley stepped closer and wound her graceful arms around his neck.


She kissed him. Such a sweet kiss, tender, yet so passionate. Jean-Luc’s eyes drifted shut and he took her in his strong arms and returned the kiss, pressing himself close to her form. Her eyes opened briefly as she felt his desire and she couldn’t hide her smile, her lips curling up even as they kissed. Jean-Luc was delighted and growled appreciatively, running his hands up and down her back. The kiss ended and Jean-Luc nuzzled Beverley’s neck, whispering...

“Let me make love to you.”

Beverley was so overwhelmed all she could do was smile and nod, a small tear glistening in her eye.

Taking her hand, Jean-Luc walked backwards to his bedroom leading Beverley slowly across the room. Once beside the bed they began the sensuous ritual of undressing each other, slowly, kissing and caressing the newly exposed skin. Beverley looked longingly at Jean-Luc’s naked form, her eyes travelling from his feet to his face and she gasped when she looked into his glittering eyes. Such love...desire...utter passion was evident there...

They sank slowly to the bed and were covered by the passing starlight. Their exploration of each was leisurely and thorough, each taking great care to bring delight and pleasure to the other. Time had no meaning, it could have been minutes, it could’ve been hours such was their total immersion in each other and when he entered her...when they became one, it was with joy and love never before felt with such intensity. They made love languidly at first, testing, tasting, slowly increasing in strength and ardour until the climax, the explosion sent them over the edge into oblivion.

They slept, and later that night, made love again. As they lay entwined, Beverley’s head resting on Jean-Luc’s shoulder, drifting deliciously in and out of sleep, Jean-Luc was overcome with his love for this incredible woman. He kissed her and said,

“I love you Beverley.”

Rousing herself at the emotion in his voice she propped herself on her elbow and looked down at him in the darkness.

“And I love you, Jean-Luc Picard.”
“Are we healed Beverley? Have we closed the gap?”

Beverley was dismayed to see tears sliding down Jean-Luc’s handsome face.

“Yes my love. We know who and what we are now. No more secrets. We are here for each other.”

She lowered her lips to his and kissed him, to reassure him that she was there and that she loved and understood him.



“I really liked the way you checked my foot...”

“Go to sleep, Jean-Luc.”

The End.


© Copyright 2018 Heather Smyth. All rights reserved.

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