Love Through The Angst Pt. 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Having parted acrimoniously, Crusher goes in search of Picard and finds him in a dangerous place. Cardassians abound.

Table of Contents

Love Through The Angst Pt. 1

Having parted acrimoniously, Crusher goes in search of Picard and finds him in a dangerous place. Cardassians abound. Read Chapter

“No, the fewer who know the better. But thank you.” Thinking Beverly had lost her senses, Morgan shook her head. Don’t than... Read Chapter

  It was dawn when Jean-Luc awoke. Beverly’s back was pressed against him as they spooned in the narrow cot. He stretched an... Read Chapter

He slid two more fingers into her and began to slothfully slide them in and out. Beverly’s hips started to buck in rhythm with his fing... Read Chapter

Beverly gaped incredulously and pointed at the device. “That thing can cause all that?” Jean-Luc nodded, finally out of words... Read Chapter

  Benar came out of his utilitarian shelter and, arms akimbo, surveyed the dig. Around him, the others of his party were erect... Read Chapter

“It’s not my fault you’re beautiful, Jean-Luc.” Exasperated, Jean-Luc shook his head and moved to stand up. Beverly offered h... Read Chapter

The first Benar knew of the brewing mutiny was when he stumbled upon three members of his workforce coming out of the supply depot, the... Read Chapter

“Yes.” “And that we don’t have the access to the codes to bring the ship?” The voice grew cold. “I’m sure we ca... Read Chapter

    Throughout the rest of the long day and right through the equally long night, Jean-Luc had suffered horribly. By ... Read Chapter

The tone irritated him enough to glare. “These islands are very close to each other, in fact the greatest distance between islands ... Read Chapter

  The first indication that he was improving came just after dawn the following day. Twice during the remainder of the previou... Read Chapter

He moved slowly out of the shadows and Beverly relaxed. She straightened and stuffed her weapon back into her pocket. Frowning, she stepp... Read Chapter

    Throughout the next day, Beverly and Jean-Luc continued to make weapons. Still it rained. The light breeze had di... Read Chapter

      Beverly could work in the conditions no more. Even though saturated by the ever-present rain, she felt... Read Chapter

    On the north side of the island, a mere nine kilometres away, Beverly’s eyes cracked open and she moaned softly... Read Chapter

Beverly wasn’t sure whether he was asking why she’d done it, or why he had to stay awake. Not willing to tell him why she had hurt hi... Read Chapter

  The four Cardassians who had deserted Yerok and Kenak found themselves confronted by a swollen river. They had discussed the... Read Chapter

“Yes.” Muttering to herself, Beverly said softly, “Dammit, I wish I had a light.” Then to Jean-Luc she said, “C... Read Chapter

With the vision severely limited by the pouring rain, the two Cardassians blundered slowly through the hinterland, tripping and stumbli... Read Chapter

  The same slowly dimming light that called Jean-Luc and Beverly to sleep; also drove the Cardassians to find a place to rest.... Read Chapter

  The lone Cardassian male staggered out of the waves, wet, bedraggled and bent over. His hands cupping his genitals, he stumb... Read Chapter

  Lying on his side, Jean-Luc continued to heave even though there was nothing more to bring up. The sand beside him was stain... Read Chapter

  As the days passed, Jean-Luc grew steadily weaker. Beverly gave up trying to get him to eat, it was pointless. All it achiev... Read Chapter

She tried valiantly to not think about what she had to do. Beverly was somewhat claustrophobic and the thought of being enclosed within t... Read Chapter

  The surface of the dining room table glowed softly as it morphed into a display screen. Standing together, both Beverly and ... Read Chapter

She turned her head, irritated by the thick head-covering. “My plans? It’s our wedding, Jean-Luc!” Suitably chastised, Jean... Read Chapter

“Where are you?” She muttered. Next she went to the cockpit, but that too was empty. She looked out of the viewscreen and saw tha... Read Chapter

They were both silent for a time before Vortin shook off his worry and said brightly, “So, a tour of the ship then?” With a w... Read Chapter

  They left the Star Base late the next day and set course for their rendezvous with the Enterprise. It went off without misha... Read Chapter