Fever of The Body

Fever of The Body

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


PWP Sex scene.


PWP Sex scene.


Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Submitted: January 18, 2012




They had been staying at the cabin for ten glorious days. Ten days away from the ship, ten days to explore their new relationship. They did very little, other than eat, shower, make love and sleep. It was sleep that had claimed them this afternoon, after a languorous lovemaking that left them both sated and tired.

Beverly woke slowly, stretching with cat-like grace and delighting in the feel of her lover’s body close against hers. She lay quietly, listening to his gentle breathing, the rhythmic thumping of his heart warming her back. She sighed with contentment and looked out of the window at the gathering sunset. Feeling the need for some fresh air, she carefully extricated herself from his embrace, pulled on her robe and walked out onto the balcony of their cabin.

She stared out over the mountains, letting the gentle breeze lift her hair as she closed her eyes and breathed deeply, gripping the balustrade with her slender hands.

They were alone here, no one within miles.

Rustic, secluded, perfect.

He woke soon after she left him. Already attuned to each other, he knew instinctively when she departed their bed. His eyes scanned the room and, seeing the open balcony door, surmised her whereabouts.

He rose from the warm bed and, foregoing his robe, walked naked to the door to watch the only woman he had every truly loved.

He was enchanted. The soft robe did nothing to hide her beautiful body, her lustrous red hair cascading about her shoulders and he was very pleased to note the lack of tension in her stance. She was relaxed and happy, as was he.

She shifted slightly, her buttocks protruding tantalizingly through the material of the robe. He felt himself begin to harden as he watched her, love and desire never far from his heart.

Stepping softly to her on bare feet, he gently slid his hands around her waist and nuzzled into her neck.

She sighed.

“Jean-Luc, did I wake you?”

He shook his head, not wishing to speak yet as he continued to place small kisses over her neck. He ran his hands down her arms and engulfed her hands in his, gently biting her shoulder.

“Hmmm, that’s nice”, she sighed.

He stepped closer and pushed his hardening penis against her behind and she responded by pressing back and gyrating her hips.

Jean-Luc moaned softly and ran his fingers lightly up her arms then down her sides until he reached the tie of her robe. Deftly undoing it, he opened the garment and slid his hands inside to cup her breasts. With his thumbs brushing her swelling nipples, he again ground his erection against her, causing her to rest her head back on his shoulder.

Kissing her ear and the side of her face, he dropped one hand to the soft patch of copper curls and entwined his fingers through the hair, whilst rolling a nipple between thumb and finger.

He gently stroked her folds, parting the labia and spreading the slick moisture, coating his hand. As he slipped a finger into her tight trap, he pinched her nipple. She arched her back and gasped and when he inserted a second, then a third finger inside her, she trembled with desire.

He slid his fingers slowly in and out of her, the rhythm matched by his tweaking of her nipples and the biting of her neck and shoulder, letting the wave build gently.

She began to thrust her hips, meeting his hand, one of her hands coming up to help him at her breasts.

“Oh yes…yes…”

He judged it perfectly. As her excitement spiraled, he waited, drawing her on then, with exquisite timing, applied his broad thumb to her swollen clitoris.

The result was immediate. With a sharp cry, Beverly’s body stiffened then shuddered as the waves of her orgasm washed over her. She sagged in Jean-Luc’s arms and he held her tenderly as the residual spasms passed through her.

As she regained her senses, Jean-Luc caressed her and whispered his love to her, never letting her from his strong arms.

After a while she straightened and made to turn around, but he forestalled her.

“No. I want you like this.”

She shivered at the rough passion in his voice, still very aware of the stiff erection pressed against her back.

He reached up and gently pulled the robe from her shoulders, encouraging her to let it drop to her feet.

Again his hands made their way to her breasts as he skillfully re-ignited her desire.

When he felt she was sufficiently aroused, he gently eased her hips away from the balustrade and, with his legs, nudged her legs further apart.

One of his hands left her breast and she wondered what he would do next, when she felt his throbbing penis glide through the wet folds of her labia. He pushed forward and she gasped as the head slid of her still pulsing clitoris.

He returned his hand to her breast as he rocked back and forth sliding the length of his stiff penis over her. She was so sensitive, she could easily feel the veins that corded his shaft. Again, one of his hands left her breast and dropped to gently push down on her pelvis, affording him a better angle of entry. She complied and he slid into her with one  easy thrust.

He stilled then and ran his hands down her arms to clasp her hands, gripping the balustrade so tightly.

“I love you, my Beverly.” He murmured close to her ear.

She sighed, tears brimming in her eyes.

“And I you, Jean-Luc.”

He started to move then, filling her, then leaving, only to return again and again…in her, around her…one being.

Pushing into her, he blazed kisses over her neck, the pace ever increasing.

Abruptly, Beverly cried out, “Touch me Jean-Luc, oh God, touch me there!”

Without hesitation, his hands moved, one to her breast, one to the pearl of her desire, stroking her rhythmically.

Beverly was on fire. Completely filled by her lover and stimulated beyond comprehension, her orgasm crashed through her with a shattering effect, her internal muscles gripping Jean-Luc’s thrusting penis with wave like contractions.

It was too much for him.

He pumped hard three times then stiffened, grinding himself into her as he jetted his semen deeply inside her, biting her shoulder and groaning her name.



They slid slowly to their knees, but still he held her, still joined.

Beverly weakly grasped the cross members of the railing and gently leaned her head forward on the rough wood. Jean-Luc laid his weary head on her back as they tried to catch their breath.

She rose up slightly, to get comfortable and he slipped out of her, making them both gasp.

When she could, Beverly laughed quietly.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“Well, if you must know, the sun’s gone down and you made me see stars.”

“Good. As it should be.”

“Yes, but I came out here to watch the sun set, not stargaze.”


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