Confessions From The Edge Chapter 15

Confessions From The Edge Chapter 15

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Same as chapter 1


Same as chapter 1

Chapter1 (v.1) - Confessions From The Edge Chapter 15

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Same as chapter 1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 03, 2013







Their beam-down point was just outside the police station. Still holding hands, they went inside to be met at the desk by Constable McMahon. The young man gave them a cautious smile and gestured for them to follow him. After knocking on the Sergeant’s door and being given admittance, he opened the door, then left to return to his duties.

Sergeant Styles rose to his feet and offered a guarded smile.

“Good morning, Captain, Doctor. I must say it is good to see you both in such fine health.”

Jean-Luc gave a smile of his own and bowed his head slightly.

“Thank you, Sergeant; I know I owe you a debt of gratitude for all your diligent work on my behalf.”

The big man shrugged.

“That’s my job, Captain.”

He quickly glanced at the clock on his monitor and straightened.

“I think it would be best if we took this meeting to the hospital. I happen to know Doctor Key is free right now and we could use one of the conference rooms.”

Jean-Luc shrugged and gave a nod.

“Fine by us.”

They made the journey in the police flitter. Marcus was waiting for them and surprised Beverly by giving her a hug.

“Gods, Beverly, it’s good to see you! From what I’ve heard you really went through the wringer.”

Extricating herself and blushing furiously, Beverly tried to deflect the attention away from herself.

“Thank you, Marcus, it’s good to see you too, but look here…Captain Picard all in one piece!”

Jean-Luc stiffened immediately when the young man clapped his hands on the Captain’s shoulders.

“The last time I saw you, you weren’t looking so hot, Captain. It does me a power of good to see you so well.”

Marcus sensed Jean-Luc’s well disguised indignation at being manhandled and stepped back, but still, a cheeky smile lingered.

“Well, come inside, we’ve a lot to discuss.”








Once they had taken their seats, it was Sergeant Styles who began.

“As I understand it, Doctor T’Krel has been taken to Vulcan for treatment.”

Jean-Luc nodded.

“Yes. It would appear she is mentally impaired. The Vulcan Mental Health Directorate is the best place for her.”

Before the Sergeant could say anything further, Marcus sat forward, saying eagerly,

“What is the nature of her impairment?”

Beverly frowned, lifting her hand to give her words form.

“It’s not yet known. Many years ago she suffered a breakdown of sorts following the death of her bond mate. She was successfully treated, but recent events suggest she has either suffered a relapse, or there is an underlying mental aberration that needs to be addressed. I was told, in confidence I must add, that it is possible for Vulcans to carry a recessive gene that offers the propensity for mental instability. It may be that she carries that gene.”

The Sergeant grunted.

“That may be so, Doctor, but from my perspective her absence simply means a criminal has escaped justice.”

Making an effort to keep her voice steady and her anger under control, Beverly waved Marcus into silence as she said softly,

“Sergeant, she was not responsible for her actions. Surely you’re not suggesting we punish the mentally impaired?”

The big man sighed and shook his head.

“Certainly not, Doctor, but we have one dead and two who very nearly died. As there is no statute of limitations on murder…or attempted murder…I can only hope that if she does indeed recover, she can be brought back to Gault to answer for her actions.”

Both Doctors sat back, letting out quiet snorts of irritation. Jean-Luc, who had been watching the exchange with interest, sat forward and said quietly,

“Sergeant…would it be of any help if I insisted no charges be laid?”

Immediately seeing what Jean-Luc was doing, Beverly sat up, her face animated.

“Yes! You can count me in on that too, Sergeant, I won’t press charges either.”

The big man scowled.

“Are you telling me you’re willing to let the woman who tried…on more than one occasion to try to kill you…to get off scot free?”

Both Jean-Luc and Beverly nodded, saying in unison.


Styles sat back and studied a PADD in his large, meaty hands. He grunted and looked at Jean-Luc with faint amusement.

“And I suppose the charge of kidnapping won’t be pursued either?”

With sympathy, Jean-Luc said quietly,

“She is ill, Sergeant, I can only feel compassion for her, not vengeance.”

Marcus crossed his legs and put his clasped hands behind his head.

“You know if she does recover she may well come back of her own volition. Vulcans take their behaviour very seriously.”

Beverly nodded, but her expression was one of sadness.

“That’s true, but I really don’t think she’s going to recover.”

The young Doctor nodded thoughtfully then suddenly sat up and brought his hands to the front, snapping his fingers.

“Oh yes, by the way, Beverly, about Helen Parker. It wasn’t a relapse. I found a lesion in her brain. It mimicked the symptoms of early onset Grave’s disease.”

Intrigued, Beverly sat forward.

“Really? And there was no connection…no pathology to suggest it was caused by the original diagnosis of Grave’s?”

The young Doctor shook his head.

“None. I did a complete workup of the samples I took. She was simply unlucky.”

Beverly sighed heavily and rubbed her brow.

“You know if she hadn’t committed suicide I may have found that lesion.”

She slapped her hand on the table.

“Dammit, I could have prevented her death!”

Jean-Luc took one of her hands and said softly,

“Hind sight, remember? You can’t change the past, my love, but you can learn from it. Both you and Marcus will now know to look for lesions in patients that exhibit the symptoms she had. It will make you better doctors.”

She sighed.

“You’re right, I suppose, but, Jean-Luc, her death was such a waste. She was an articulate, talented woman with so much to give. She took her life because she thought she was facing another painful and lengthy treatment for a disease she erroneously thought had returned. In effect, she thought I had failed in my job.”

Smiling tenderly, Jean-Luc said softly,

“You and I both know that’s not true. Like Marcus said, she was unlucky. Surely you’ve had situations occur like that before?”

With a heavy sigh, Beverly nodded.

“Yes, but that doesn’t make it any more palatable. I hate losing patients, Jean-Luc, especially when it’s a preventable death.”

The four people sat in silence for a few minutes before Sergeant Styles pushed his chair back and stood.

“Well, as there’s nothing for me to do here, I might as well call this case closed. I take it you’ll be leaving us, Doctor Crusher?”

Beverly smiled, directing her answer to both Styles and Marcus.

“Yes, I’m returning to the Enterprise as her CMO.”

The big man studied Beverly for a few seconds, then gave a curt nod.

“Well, it’s our loss.”

He stuck out his hand to Jean-Luc.

“Goodbye, Captain Picard, I hope you can come by and visit us now and then.”

Jean-Luc stood and shook the man’s hand.

“Goodbye, Sergeant and thank you again.”

Styles turned his attention to Beverly and grinned.

“It’s a pity you’re leaving, Doctor…you’re a damned sight prettier than Marcus.”

Beverly chuckled and shook his hand. Marcus grinned and said with quiet menace,

“I’ll remember you said that when you come in for your next physical, Sergeant.”

Styles left and Marcus turned to Jean-Luc and Beverly.

“So, what now?”

Beverly, knowing to what he was referring, smiled radiantly and said softly,

“We’re going to marry.”

Surprising her with a bear hug, Marcus laughed, saying heartily,

“Well that’s no surprise, it’s written on both your faces.
He turned to Jean-Luc, but the Captain held up his hands, forestalling any physical contact.

“A simple ‘congratulations’ will suffice, thank you.”

Marcus laughed and took Jean-Luc’s hand, pumping it with enthusiasm.

“Congratulations…to both of you. Now, Beverly, I suppose I won’t be seeing you again.”

The red head shrugged.

“I wouldn’t say never, Marcus, but unless the Enterprise is sent to this sector again, you will have to wait until we can take shore leave.”

She bent forward and whispered with a conspirator’s glee,

“But the Captain hates taking leave…so don’t hold your breath!”

Jean-Luc frowned, grumbling,

“I heard that, Beverly and it’s not true, especially as I now have a gorgeous woman to accompany me on leave.”

Marcus chuckled and shook his head.

“Go! Get back to your ship and have a long and happy life together.”

They all laughed but then Jean-Luc sobered and shook the young man’s hand again.

“Thank you, Marcus, for all you have done for us...and for me, Beverly has told me how difficult things were.”

Marcus shrugged.

“I learned a lot.”

Jean-Luc smiled and then he then tapped his comm. badge.

“Enterprise, two to beam up.”

Once they had materialised on the transporter pad, Beverly said with a soft smile,

“Well, seeing as I’m the CMO again, I suppose I should get to Sick Bay to inform my staff.”

Jean-Luc returned her smile and took her hand, saying quietly,

“And I should be getting to the Bridge. Dinner in my quarters?”

Offering a saucy smile, Beverly leaned forward to whisper,

“You mean…our quarters, don’t you?”

He looked into her eyes, joy and disbelief making them darken.

“You’re sure?”

She nodded.

Keeping sotto voce, Jean-Luc muttered,

“I’ll knock off early to help you move in.”

Beverly’s eyes were full of love and mischief.

“I can’t wait.”

They parted then, each experiencing the euphoria of intense love.








Dinner that evening was filled with unspoken promise. Despite Jean-Luc’s quarters being cluttered with unpacked boxes of Beverly’s things, there was an intangible tension in the air as the couple ate their meal, each knowing this was the first night of the rest of their lives.

After they had finished their meal, Jean-Luc decided to prolong the tension by inviting Beverly to share a brandy with him on the sofa. She surprised him by acquiescing without complaint.

They spent a happy half an hour, sipping and chatting in an almost desultory manner, until Beverly suddenly rose and went to her blue lab coat, draped over the back of Jean-Luc’s desk chair. She took something from the pocket, but the Captain was unable to see what it was.

Once again seated beside him, she tucked something behind her before idly tracing her fingers up the inside of his thigh, while nuzzling his neck. He growled softly, moving to lift her head so he could kiss her. The kiss left them panting and wanting more, but before they did anything, Beverly placed her hand on Jean-Luc’s chest.

Panting slightly and with eyes darkened with passion, Beverly said sultrily,

“I have something I want to try with you.”

Intrigued, Jean-Luc pulled back slightly, his eyebrows raised.

“What is it?”

She reached behind her and produced a hypospray.

Frowning slightly, Jean-Luc said softly,

“What does it contain?”

Beverly kissed him again and whispered,

“A stimulant.”

Now somewhat confused, Jean-Luc rumbled,

“A stimulant? We don’t need stimulants.”

He could tell by her mischievous smile that something was afoot. She grinned and said pertly,

“It’s not an ordinary stimulant, Jean-Luc…it’s a sexual stimulant.”elen

His expression became decidedly libidinous. His deep, soft baritone making a shiver course down Beverly’s spine.

“Really? How interesting. And just how will it affect us?”

Already aroused, he noted the pink flush that was beginning to colour Beverly’s skin. Her tongue came out to lick her lips.

“Well…I already know you have extraordinary recuperative powers, but this…”

She held up the hypo,

“Will allow us to make love several times during the night…and into the morning.”

Jean-Luc closed his hand over the one holding the hypo and kissed Beverly passionately before saying sensuously,

“What a wonderful idea.”

Her desire escalating quickly, Beverly panted,

“Of course we can only use it occasionally…”

He responded with another kiss before rumbling,

“Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

The pile of Beverly’s clothes that was on the bed went into an untidy heap in the corner of the room before the couple quickly undressed each other.

They kissed deeply and passionately before Beverly pulled back and pressed the hypo against Jean-Luc’s neck and injected him. His pupils dilated as the drug coursed through his blood stream, but he took the hypo from her before she could inject herself. He looked into her eyes, saying softly,

“Let me.”

Smiling sultrily, she tilted her head, exposing the side of her neck. Jean-Luc gently brushed her hair aside and then bit her, sucking hard. As Beverly gasped, he withdrew his mouth and injected her where he had raised a bruise.

Suddenly overwhelmed with an overpowering desire for sex, they fell onto the bed, grappling with each other, trying to get into position to satiate themselves. They ended up across the bed and Jean-Luc grabbed Beverly’s hands, pinning them to the bed near her head as he used his knees to part her legs. She did so willingly, raising her legs to grip him around his waist. Their need was urgent, but Jean-Luc poised over her, lust and love making the shadowed plains of his face seem surreal.

Still hovering above her, he kissed her again, then said huskily,

“I love you.”

As he penetrated her with one short, hard stroke.

A cry was torn from Beverly’s throat as she gripped his buttocks, rising to meet his thrust. Jean-Luc began a punishing rhythm, grunting loudly. Beverly met every one of his thrusts, moaning,

“Oh God yes…fuck me, Jean-Luc…fuck me!”

In the back of his mind he remembered her saying the same thing, but under very different circumstances. This time, instead of feeling used and hollow, he felt exhilarated, almost liberated as he pounded in and out of her. Such intensity couldn’t last long and neither was surprised by their sudden climaxes.

They lay, panting and sweating as Beverly softly groaned at feeling Jean-Luc begin to harden again.

Over a period of two hours they made love four times before finally succumbing to sleep. But their rest was only short. Within an hour they were making love again, although more slowly this time and they found, as time went on their lovemaking became calmer and more tender.

They slept again, longer this time and, in the early hours of morning, they made love much as they had that first time, with love and mutual respect. Finally spent, they lay in each other’s arms. The bed was a mess and so were they, but they drifted off to sleep anyway, oblivious.

It was the alarm that woke them, and, as Jean-Luc gruffly ordered it off, he groaned softly.

Beverly lifted her head from his shoulder, concern on her face.

“What’s wrong?”

He sighed, but there was a ghost of a smile lingering on his face.

“I’m sore. My back, my penis…Gods, I feel like I’ve been put on a rack and stretched.”

Beverly chuckled and attempted to stretch, but she abruptly stopped, exclaiming.


Jean-Luc grinned.

“You too?”

Beverly groaned.

“My vagina and my hips. We might need regen treatments.”

That brought a scowl to the Captain’s face.

“And just how can we make that discreet?”

Giving him and exasperated slap to his chest, Beverly said dismissively,

“I can do it here, in our quarters.”

His mood changed immediately for the better.

“I really like the sound of that.”

Sitting up gingerly, Beverly spent a few minutes trying to tame her tangled hair, but gave up in disgust. Looking down at her amused lover, she poked out her tongue before saying cheekily,

“What…the regen treatments or the ‘our quarters’?”

He sat up slowly, stifling a groan. Kissing Beverly tenderly, he whispered.

“The ‘our quarters’. Do you have any idea how long I’ve imagined you saying that?”

Beverly gently caressed his face and kissed him. She then pulled back, her eyes bright.

“This courtship you mentioned. How long will it be?”

He shrugged but this time couldn’t stifle the groan of pain. Beverly chuckled and he scowled at her. She made him smile again with another kiss. He sighed with happiness and answered her question.

“As long…or short…as you want.”

Gently easing him back down onto the mattress, Beverly slowly straddled him, wincing and earning a chuckle from her lover. She looked down at him, overwhelmed with love. There was a lump in her throat as she said softly,

“Short. I want to marry you as soon as possible.”

He pulled her down for a protracted kiss and they both moaned as the dregs of desire once again surfaced. Beverly lifted her head to whisper,

“Do we dare?”

Pushing his slowly stiffening penis against her, Jean-Luc grinned.

“I’m game.”

They were late for the morning briefing.






They were married three weeks later. It was a small, simple ceremony, held in Ten Forward. Will Riker was the Best Man and Deanna Troi was the Matron of Honour. The ceremony was performed by Captain Barry Wilson, simply because his was the closest ship to the Enterprise at the time.

They honeymooned on Pacifica and, on their final night, after making extraordinarily tender love, Jean-Luc held Beverly in his arms and whispered,

“What are your thoughts on children?”

Lifting her head, Beverly frowned.

“I’m not sure what you mean. Kids with you or kids in general?”

He hugged her closer.

“Children with me.”

She was silent so long he began to think he had upset her. He was about to apologise when she said softly,

“Two or three might be nice.”

He couldn’t hold back his tears, with his voice breaking he said softly,

“Thank you, my love.”

Beverly snuggled further into his embrace and sighed happily.

“It’s going to be interesting, isn’t it.”

He chuckled.

“Oh, I think that’s a given.”

She kissed him and whispered,

“I love you, Jean-Luc Picard.”

He blinked away his tears to say,

“And I love you, Beverly Picard.”








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