Confessions From The Edge Chapter 13

Confessions From The Edge Chapter 13

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Same as chapter 1


Same as chapter 1

Chapter1 (v.1) - Confessions From The Edge Chapter 13

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Same as chapter 1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 03, 2013



The speed of the Calypso was easily outstripping the shuttle. Taking a deep, calming breath, Beverly opened a channel.

“Crusher to T’Krel.”

She waited some seconds and, when there was no reply, she repeated,

“Crusher to T’Krel. Respond please.”

When there was again no response, Beverly gritted her teeth and said with obvious anger,

“T’Krel, if you do not respond immediately, I will open fire and disable your vessel.”

On the display in front of her, Beverly noted the shuttle raised shields and armed weapons. With a sigh, Beverly did the same, but she persisted in her efforts to communicate.

“T’Krel, you must know I have superior shields and weapons. You can’t outrun me or out manoeuvre me. Drop out of warp and lower your shields.”

She waited, watching for any change in her quarry’s course or speed and was startled when the comm. system came to life.

“If you try to board me, I will kill Picard.”

Tabbing off the comm. system, Beverly said with urgency,

“Computer, can you identify the bio signs of Captain Jean-Luc Picard?”


“What are they?”

“Captain Picard’s blood pressure is low and his cardio/pulmonary system is under stress. He requires medical attention.”

Her hands fisted, Beverly spat,

“Beam him to the Calypso!”

“Unable to comply. Captain Picard is under a restraining field.”

Uttering a particularly vulgar Klingon curse, Beverly said roughly,

“Then beam the Vulcan female aboard.”

“Unable to comply. There is a dampening field present within the target vehicle.”

Beverly slammed her fist down on the console, shouting,


She then took a deep breath and said with remarkable calm,

“Computer, target phasers to disable shields and weapons on the target vehicle and fire when ready.”

The chirrup of compliance was ignored as Beverly dispassionately watched the bright orange beams lance out from the calypso to impact on several targets on the shuttle. The little ship shuddered, the suddenly dropped out of warp. Ready for such an event, Beverly immediately brought the Calypso out of warp. The shuttle, trailing vapour from one of her nacelles, staggered to a halt, listing slightly to port. Giving a satisfied nod, Beverly opened a channel.

“As you can see, T’Krel, I mean what I say. You are now dead in the water and I can take out your long range communication array if I so choose. Stop this…let me come aboard to see Jean-Luc; I know he needs medical attention, attention you can’t give him.”

Beverly scowled as she could see the channel was open and the transmission received, but she was greeted with nothing but silence. She was about to try again when the computer chimed.

“Incoming communiqué from the Enterprise.”

Distracted, Beverly switched channels and knew immediately by the grim look on her best friend’s face that something was wrong.


The petite Counsellor leaned forward and tried to keep the panic out of her voice.

“Beverly I have just been in contact with the VMHD and what I have learned is very disturbing.”

“Can you tell me?”

Deanna sighed, briefly closing her eyes.

“Under the current circumstances, I think you have a right to know of T’Krel’s past, but I will not be able to tell you about what may happen in the future.”

Beverly gave a curt nod.

“I understand.”

With a sad sigh, Deanna clasped her hands on her lap.

“You are aware of the effect on T’Krel over the death of her bond mate.”

Beverly nodded.

“Yes, it had a profound affect on her.”

Deanna grimaced.

“It turns out it was even worse than we were led to believe. She became increasingly erratic and was eventually treated for a mental breakdown. The Doctor I spoke to also told me it is possible she carries a recessive gene that gives her the propensity to this irrationality. Two of the manifestations are illogical thought patterns and obsessive compulsions. Sound familiar?”

Rubbing her brow, Beverly struggled to come to grips with what she’d been told.

“So how was she allowed to re-enter the medical profession? She’s been a practising psychiatrist for years.”

Deanna sighed again.

“She was deemed to be cured. It wasn’t until I alerted the Directorate of the current situation that they realised she had relapsed.”

Growing angry, Beverly slapped her thigh.

“So what the hell am I supposed to do? She has Jean-Luc in a restraining field, preventing me from beaming him off the shuttle and she’s got a dampening field in place to protect herself. And I know Jean-Luc needs medical help.”

With a shrug, Deanna’s worried look belied her racing thoughts.

“I don’t know what to say, Beverly. You are dealing with a woman who is, to all intents and purposes, insane and quite capable of perpetrating any irrational act she thinks of.”

The red head held up her hands to illustrate her words.

“She’s already threatened to kill Jean-Luc if I board the shuttle.”

Deanna sat back, running her hands through her hair.

“You’re going to have to play this very carefully, Beverly. Talking to her will be almost useless; she’s well past seeing reason.”

A thought suddenly entered Beverly’s mind.

“What if I get her to focus on me, instead of Jean-Luc?”

Confused, Deanna asked,


“Make her angry with me.”

Fear skittered across Deanna’s face, widening her obsidian eyes.

“Do you realise just how dangerous that would be?”

Beverly shrugged.

“If I can get her to forget about Jean-Luc for a few minutes, I might have enough time to beam over and get him.”

Deanna’s gaze hardened.

“And she might kill you the second you rematerialise.”

Beverly had made up her mind.

“It’s my only hope, Dee. She is unhinged and obsessed with Jean-Luc. I have to find a way to distract her and I think getting her angry with me will do it.”

Deanna could see the truth in what Beverly was saying, but her fear for her friend’s safety made her protest.

“But, Beverly, she is so much stronger than you! Even with a weapon you would be at a disadvantage.”

Beverly’s gaze strayed to the crippled craft so tantalisingly close, knowing the man she loved was being held prisoner inside it. Taking a deep breath, she gritted her teeth.

“I have to do this, Dee.”

The two women looked at each other until Deanna lowered her eyes.

“Be very careful, Beverly.”

Summoning a wry smile, Beverly sent her friend a wink.

“I can look after myself, don’t worry.”

As Deanna leaned forward she made sure Beverly could see her love.

“You contact me as soon as it’s over.”

Trying to keep her smile confident, Beverly couldn’t stop the tears welling in her eyes.

“I promise.”

“Enterprise out.”

Needing a few moments to compose herself, Beverly sat back, her gaze intent on the shuttle. After a minute or two, she opened a channel.

“T’Krel, I am really surprised you never saw how much Jean-Luc loved me.”

There was no reply, so Beverly continued.

“Everybody knew, it was common knowledge. We had quite a fling too, lots of really good sex. Did he ever do that thing, you know, that thing with his tongue with you? My God, that used to drive me wild. He was the best lover I’d ever had. Sometimes we’d…”

The overhead speakers came to life.

“You left him! He wanted more and you threw his love away! Then you left the Enterprise and never returned, causing him to have a breakdown! You don’t deserve a man like Jean-Luc!”

Beverly smiled coldly.

“And you do? Look what happened the second he found out I was alive. He abandoned you on your wedding day! He loves me, T’Krel, he always has and I have come to realise I love him. You know what bond-mates are. That’s what he and I are…bond-mates.”

The shriek that came through the speakers carried the unmistakable sound of insanity.

“NO! He is MY bond-mate! He loves me!”

Keeping her voice very matter-of-fact, Beverly said calmly,

“No he doesn’t, T’Krel, his heart, his mind belongs to me, they always have.”

Over the speakers, Beverly could hear the sounds of things being thrown around the inside of the craft. T’Krel screamed,

“I am going to kill you!”

Hefting the phaser she had taken from the weapons locker, Beverly struggled to keep her voice calm.

“You can try, T’Krel, but I doubt you’ll succeed. Jean-Luc and I were always destined to be together, you have no part in his life.”

There was an eerie silence of a few seconds before the sound of a transporter could be heard. Beverly raised the phaser as T’Krel materialised in the living area. Coming from the cockpit, Beverly was about to tell T’Krel to stay put, when the enraged Vulcan lunged across the room. Beverly fired once and hit T’Krel, but the stun setting didn’t work. Beyond reason, beyond control, T’Krel’s body slammed into Beverly’s, driving her to the deck, the phaser dislodged from her hand. T’Krel recovered her balance and straddled the red head, her hands going to Beverly’s throat. Beverly gripped T’Krel’s hands, trying to break her grip, but as she looked up into the insanity lurking in the Vulcan’s eyes she knew she would never be able to overpower her. As oxygen deprivation began to grey her vision, Beverly reached up and dug her fingers deeply into T’Krel’s eyes with all her waning strength. T’Krel screamed and green blood emerged from the corners of her eyes. Her grip loosened and Beverly managed to wrench her hands from her neck and, with what remained of her strength, Beverly shoved T’Krel sideways and rolled free, but as she struggled to her hands and knees, a boot connected solidly with her cheekbone. Stars exploded in her vision, her head spinning, but before she could recover, T’Krel aimed another kick, this one into Beverly’s stomach. With all the air driven from her lungs, Beverly rolled onto her back, her blurred vision just clear enough to see the final blow approaching. The savage kick to Beverly’s head rendered her unconscious and opened a nasty laceration on her scalp. The mad Vulcan stood over Beverly, her face oddly tranquil. Whether or not she thought Beverly was dead was irrelevant. She needed to get back to the shuttle and beam Jean-Luc over to the Calypso so she could continue her journey to Serral IV.

In a dispassionate voice she said softly,

“Computer, one to beam to the shuttle.”

Within seconds of T’Krel’s departure, Beverly woke. She rolled to her side, retching painfully and needing to wipe away the blood that flowed over her face. Instinctively knowing that T’Krel was gone, Beverly got to her hands and knees and crawled across the room to find the phaser. Luckily she found it quickly. Utilising some furniture to regain her footing, she said shakily,

“Computer, one to beam to the shuttle.”

It took a few seconds to orient herself, but the scream of rage soon had Beverly backing away from the mad woman. T’Krel advanced on Beverly, her teeth bared. Aiming the phaser, Beverly upped the intensity and said with as much force as she could muster,

“Stay where you are!”

T’Krel let out a growl and, in the small confines of the shuttle, attacked the red head. Beverly fired, but she was off balance, the beam hitting T’Krel’s shoulder. The Vulcan screamed in both agony and rage and lowered her head, charging Beverly and hitting her in her already damaged midsection. Both women tumbled to the floor, but this time, Beverly kept hold of the phaser. Unable to get a clear shot, she instead brought it down repeatedly on T’Krel’s head, bringing green blood to flow from several wounds. Suddenly T’Krel broke her grip of Beverly and quickly got to her feet, once again kicking the helpless Doctor. First, Beverly rolled into a ball, unwilling to expose herself to take a shot with the phaser, but the kicks were so many and so painful that she began to crawl across the small area, looking for some protection.

As if from a great distance she heard Jean-Luc call,

“The restraining field, Beverly, deactivate it!”

Taking a quick look, Beverly could see she was only a meter away from the control pad on the wall. Still being savagely kicked, Beverly made her way to the bulkhead, then gritted her teeth, as she knew what she was about to do was going to expose her to severe punishment.

Keeping her back to her assailant, Beverly slowly got to her feet and deactivated the restraining field. In the mere seconds it took for her to achieve that, T’Krel smashed her fists into Beverly’s kidneys, driving the human to her knees. As she moaned loudly, T’Krel delivered a round-house kick to Beverly’s unprotected head. She slumped sideways, the phaser falling from her hand.

T’Krel was bending to pick up the phaser when Jean-Luc hit her from behind. With little strength, all he could do was wrap his arms around the Vulcan and cause her to over balance. They both fell to the floor and T’Krel quickly began to free herself from under Jean-Luc. He saw the phaser and grabbed the hand that held it, but she was far too strong for him. With a savage back-hand, she knocked him senseless and was rising to her knees when Beverly managed to kick her in the stomach. As the Vulcan doubled over, Beverly wrenched the phaser out of her hand and fired at point-blank range.

On setting twelve, T’Krel was driven back across the small space, slamming into the aft hatch. Beverly paused only long enough to make sure she was truly unconscious before she knelt beside the man she loved. Cradling his head in her hands, she sniffed back tears to say urgently,

“Jean-Luc…talk to me!”

He opened his eyes and frowned as Beverly’s blood dripped onto his face.

“You’re hurt.”

She smiled lopsidedly and shook her head.

“I’m fine; it’s you I’m worried about. How do you feel? Does it hurt to breathe?”

He tried to shake his head, but Beverly almost shouted,

“Tell me!”

He swallowed and gave a slow nod.

“Yes, it hurts to breathe, I feel like there’s a great weight in my chest.”

Beverly tried to stand, but found she couldn’t. Dizziness overcame her and she fell sideways. Jean-Luc attempted to sit up, but failed. He said urgently,

“Beverly! Beverly, are you all right?”

With glazed eyes, Beverly looked at Jean-Luc as tears slipped down her face. She whispered,

“I’m sorry.”

Before passing out.

Knowing he had to secure T’Krel, lest she wake and attack them again, Jean-Luc rolled onto his stomach and pulled himself across the room to the security locker. He dragged himself to his knees and opened the locker, taking out two sets of manacles. Then, with painstaking slowness, he made his way to T’Krel and manacled her feet and hands.

He rested for a few moments, fighting off the pain, dizziness and weakness by sheer force of will before he could summon enough voice to say,

“Computer, beam three to the Calypso.”

They rematerialised in the living area. With his strength nearly gone, Jean-Luc said roughly,

“Computer, open a channel to the Enterprise.”

It was Will who responded.

“Enterprise here. Beverly? Is that you?”

All Jean-Luc could do was lie beside Beverly, sweat covering his face as he panted,

“We need help, Will…quickly.”

Alarmed and frustrated, Will said urgently,

“Captain, our warp core is off line, it will take some time to reinitiate it. Set a course for us at maximum warp and we’ll meet you if we can. We’re still at Gault.”

Jean-Luc had to pant for a few seconds before he said weakly,


He swallowed and closed his eyes, willing himself to stay conscious.

“Computer, set course for Gault and engage at maximum warp.”

As the chirrup of compliance was heard, Jean-Luc managed to take Beverly’s hand and turn his head to look at her. With her face swollen and her eyes blackened, blood covered one side of her face and her vibrant red hair was matted with clotted blood. He felt the ship make the jump to warp and let his head rest on the deck, striving to stay awake.








Will called Deanna immediately and, although it was late in the ship’s night cycle, she responded quickly.

“The Captain just contacted us, they need help.”

Fear and shock coloured Deanna’s voice.

“What can we do?”

Frustration made Will bark,

“At the moment, bloody nothing! Our warp core is cold. I told him to make for us at maximum warp. The computer has identified the call as coming from the Calypso.”

“I’ll let the VMHD know, they’re on their way to intercept them as we speak.”

Will grunted, then muttered,

“Don’t forget to warn them about the Kalema ion field. If the Calypso is on the far side, they’ll never see her.”

“Understood. Open a channel to the VMHD will you, I’ll take it down here.”

Pulling her robe around her, Deanna was pushing back her unruly hair when the same Vulcan male she had spoken to before appeared. She quickly brought him up to date and requested help.

“Our ship is nearing the Kalema ion field. What is the maximum speed of the target ship?”

Deanna had to think for a few seconds.

“Ah…warp nine-point-five, I believe.”

The Vulcan Doctor steepled his fingers under his chin.

“Then they will be emerging very soon. I will instruct our ship to look for them.”

Deanna sighed with relief.

“Thank you, Doctor. Enterprise out.”

She sat back, staring at the ceiling.

“Whatever’s happened, come home…we miss you both.”








As the Vulcan had predicted, the Calypso emerged from the far side of the ion field just as the Vulcan ship entered the area. The Captain of the ship, N’Rell, opened a channel.

“Calypso, this is the Vulcan runabout Ferrun. What is your status?”

Jean-Luc opened his eyes; suddenly realising he had dozed off. Sending a quick glance at Beverly and grimacing at how very pale she was, he summoned his gravelly voice.

“We require help.”

“Your ship is travelling too fast for us, reduce speed to full impulse.”

Panting and finding it increasingly difficult to breathe, Jean-Luc swallowed and said with as much volume as he could muster,

“Computer, decrease speed to full impulse.”

He was about to acknowledge the Vulcan’s request when a cold voice behind him made him turn his head.

“I will kill you both.”

T’Krel was on her knees, green blood covering one side of her face. Charred material and flesh gave off a sickly aroma as the phaser blast impact blackened the front of her uniform. She leaned forward and began to make her way to Jean-Luc and Beverly. Her altered voice gave no resemblance to the woman he had known.

“The woman I can understand, she was deluded, but you, Jean-Luc, you betrayed me. I will make you pay for that.”

She made quick work of covering the short distance between then and rose up on her knees, her manacled hands raised above her head.

“We would have been happy, you and I. Now you will have to die.”

She brought the metal manacles down on Jean-Luc’s face, shattering his nose. He howled in agony as she hit him again. Semi conscious, he was remotely aware of the cold steel being pressed against his throat. His last thought as consciousness fled was,

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you, Beverly.”

He never heard the whine of the transporter, nor the quick but efficient tussle that separated T’Krel from Jean-Luc. The hiss of a hypospray sent the insane woman into deep unconsciousness.

While two Vulcan medics began to treat Jean-Luc and Beverly, a third went to the cockpit and contacted their ship.

“Captain N’Rell we have the situation under control; however both Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher are in urgent need of medical attention. I suggest I utilise the superior speed of this craft to get them to the Enterprise.”

“Acknowledged, proceed. We will meet with you when we arrive.”

“Yes, Sir, Calypso out.”










The drumming of Will’s fingers on the arm of the Command chair was beginning to irritate the Ensign at Tactical. He sighed, wishing he could do something, anything to get the ship moving. The call from engineering made him jump.

“LaForge to Bridge.”

Will sat up, his fugue vanished.

“Riker here, Geordi, go ahead.”

“We’re up and running, Commander. I can give you warp three, but only for a few hours.”

Will nodded, the said brusquely,

“Understood. Helm, break orbit and set course for the Calypso, warp three.”

“Aye, Sir.”

“Engage. Tactical, open a channel to the Vulcan ship in pursuit of the Calypso.”

“Aye, Sir.”

The image of a Vulcan male appeared on then screen.

“Enterprise, I am Captain N’Rell.”

Will nodded.

“Commander William Riker. Have you found the Calypso?”

“Yes, Commander. The ship is at present on course for your ship at maximum warp. Both Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher are in need of medical assistance. We have medics aboard, but they are unqualified for the level of assistance your crewmates require. ”

Will grunted, but nodded his understanding.

“What about T’Krel?”

“She has been rendered deeply unconscious, but is still aboard the Calypso. I suggest you place her under custody once the ship arrives.”

Will’s usually bright blue eyes darkened with anger, but he kept control.

“We are at present on course to intercept the Calypso in approximately two hours.”

The Vulcan bowed his head.

“Then you will wish to contact them. I wish you well, Commander, N’Rell out.”

As Will turned to the Ensign at Tactical, the young man nodded, saying,

“Opening a channel now, Sir.”

The Vulcan male who appeared on the screen might have been young, but with his species, it was hard to tell. Will didn’t bother with pleasantries.

“This is the Enterprise. We’re on route to intercept you in just under two hours.”

“Understood, we have you on long range sensors. Request you transport Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher as soon as you are within range.”

Will shook his head.

“No can do, our transporters are off line. When you are within one hundred thousand kilometres of us, drop to full impulse and we will do the same. It should be just a matter of minutes until we meet, then we’ll send a shuttle.”

“Understood, Enterprise. May I speak with your CMO?”

With a motion of his hand, Will had the call transferred. Doctor Selar was in her office.

“Selar here, how may I be of assistance?”

The Vulcan sent the readouts of both Jean-Luc and Beverly. He sat back, his usually serene face troubled.

“I am not fully cognizant with human physiognomy. These humans are dangerously ill and we do not know what to do to help them.”

After studying the information, Selar gathered her thoughts.

“Both require assistance to breathe and both need urgent intravenous fluids. Have you saline on hand?”

The male nodded.


“Doctor Crusher is bleeding internally and has a fractured skull, amongst other things. Captain Picard’s left lung has collapsed and his blood pressure is dangerously low. Do you know how to reinflate a human lung?”

The male nodded.

“I believe so.”

“Then do so, immediately. Then begin intravenous fluids.”


The Vulcan turned and issued some orders before returning his attention to the screen.

“It is being done.”

Selar nodded.

“Good. Keep sending me a continuous stream of their conditions. I will monitor them from here.”

“Understood, Doctor.”

Apart from one crisis with Beverly, not much else happened until Will, sitting tensely on the Bridge, heard,

“This is the Calypso. We are within one hundred thousand kilometres. We have dropped to full impulse.”

Coming to his feet, Will barked,

“Helm, drop to full impulse. Shuttle Bay Two, this is the Bridge. Are you ready?”

“Aye, Commander.”

“Prepare to launch.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Will retook his seat and ran a nervous hand through his beard.

“Once you’re clear of the ship, make for the Calypso at best speed. You are authorised to make a micro jump to warp one to shorten the time.”

“He could hear the nervousness in the young woman’s voice as she replied,

“Ah…yes, Sir.”

Tense seconds passed before Tactical reported,

“Shuttle launched.”

Will sigh, rubbing his gritty eyes.

“Can we track them?”

The Ensign at the con nodded.

“Yes, Sir, they will be within our reduced sensor range.”

Giving a grunt of wry satisfaction, will said softly,

“On screen.”

He watched as the shuttle suddenly made the micro jump. It came out of warp only seven hundred kilometres away from the Calypso.

The Vulcans hailed the little craft.

“We have prepared the dorsal airlock.”

The Lieutenant smiled, trying to appear unruffled.

“Thank you, Calypso, docking in…two minutes, eight seconds.”

“Understood, we are ready, the patients are prepared for transfer.”


The humans on the shuttle felt the slight bump as the connection was made. There was as a slight hiss as the exchange of atmosphere was made and the ladder extended.

Lieutenant Davidson looked down into the face of a Vulcan male. He offered a smile, but the Vulcan remained stoic.

“We have the patients secured in stretchers. The Vulcan Doctor has been rendered deeply unconscious and is restrained. She will not wake for several hours.”

Davidson nodded.

“Right, let’s get them aboard.”

Moments later, and mostly because of the superior strength of the Vulcans, Jean-Luc, Beverly and T’Krel were aboard the shuttle. Nothing more was said as the ensign at the helm called,

“The Enterprise is here.”

The Lieutenant and a nurse were securing their patients as the senior officer looked up and said,

“Then get us to her, ASAP.”

Will and Selar were waiting in the shuttle bay, the big human pacing, the stoic Vulcan standing motionlessly as the shuttle broke through the protective barrier and entered the bay. Behind the two officers was a team of medical personnel. As soon as the hatch opened, the team swung into action. Gravi beds were brought forward and Jean-Luc and Beverly were gently placed on them, then whisked off to Sick Bay. T’Krel was also placed on a litter, scanned and then taken to the detention cells.

As will walked briskly along with the team through the corridors, he almost snarled as Selar said quietly,

“T’Krel requires medical assistance.”

He grunted, barely keeping the anger out of his voice.

“You can see to her once the Captain and Beverly have been treated.”

Keeping her emotions and her opinions to herself, Selar merely said softly,

“Yes, Commander.”

Once in Sick Bay, the well-oiled efficiency of the personnel swung into action. Will could only stand to one side and watch as his friends were scanned, then rushed off to surgery. The call from the Bridge was unwanted and he almost refused to respond, but his ingrained sense of duty won out. He slapped his comm. badge, barking,

“Riker here!”

“Ensign Henderson, Sir.”

He clearly heard the hesitancy in the young woman’s voice and he sighed, saying more quietly,

“It’s all right, Ensign, what is it?”

“The Calypso is being docked, Sir, and the Vulcan ship is approaching. Captain N’Rell would like to speak with you.”

Will sighed again, took one more look towards the surgery suite and turned, making his way to Selar’s office.

“Put the call through to the CMO’s office, I’ll take it there.”

“Understood, Commander, putting it through now.”

Captain N’Rell bowed his head, acknowledging Will’s tension.

“May I enquire how your Captain and Doctor are?”

Will sighed and sat back in his seat.

“They are both undergoing surgery at the moment, but the prognosis is good.”

“That is gratifying, Commander. And Doctor T’Krel?”

Will’s usually happy blue eyes hardened.

“She is in one of our detention cells. She does need medical treatment, but it has not been deemed urgent.”

The Vulcan steepled his fingers under his chin.

“Perhaps I could send some of our medics?”

Seeing the logic in the suggestion, Will nodded.

“That would be helpful, Captain, thank you. I’ll have the coordinates of the detention cells sent to you.”

The Vulcan bowed his head.

“What are you intentions regarding Doctor T’Krel?”

Will shrugged.

“I’m not certain. She has broken several federation laws, she has acted out of accordance with Starfleet protocols and orders and she has contravened Gault local laws. I will have to sort this out with my superiors, but if what I’ve been told about her is true, then perhaps the best thing would be to simply take her back to Vulcan for treatment.”

N’Rell sighed, briefly closing his eyes.

“It is a very unfortunate situation, Commander, one which the Vulcan High Command does not want made public. May I offer a suggestion?”

Wary, but willing to listen, Will nodded.


“After she has been treated, allow me to beam her to my ship and I will take her back to Vulcan.”

Thoughtfully scratching his cheek, Will leaned back, studying the man before him.

“She is a Starfleet officer, Captain.”

“I am aware of that, Commander, but what good can come from making her face a court martial? She is severely mentally impaired…any practitioner of jurisprudence would certainly use that fact in her defence. I doubt she would ever be punished for her actions.”

Again, the logic hit Will like a hammer and he had a sudden desire to get the Vulcan woman off his ship. He gave the male on the screen a measuring look, then slowly nodded.


“Then we may take her?”

Will nodded, saying brusquely,

“Yes, you can take her any time you wish.”

Again bowing his head, the Vulcan laid his hands flat on his desktop.

“I will send a team to treat her. She will need to be conscious to be transported as part of her treatment.”

Quickly tiring of the entire situation, Will grunted.

“To be frank, Captain, I don’t care. Just get her off the ship.”

“As you wish Commander. I await the coordinates.”

Will lifted his head, saying with some force,

“Riker to Bridge.”

The nervous Ensign answered,

“Henderson here, Commander.”

“Send the coordinates of the detention cells to the Vulcan ship.”

“Aye, Sir, sending.”

N’Rell’s eyes slid sideways and he gave one curt nod.

“Received, Commander, thank you.”

Will’s expression was grim as he muttered,

“Enterprise out.”








As Will waited impatiently in Sick Bay for news of his friends, two Vulcan medics arrived at the detention cells. At the behest of the senior officer, the force field was lowered and they entered. While T’Krel was unconscious her burns were treated and the manacles around her feet removed. She was then given a counter-agent for the drug she’d been rendered unconscious with.

She opened her eyes slowly, looking around her cell. The medics allowed her to sit up.

“I am on the Enterprise.”

The senior medic gave a short nod.

“That is correct.”

T’Krel seemed to give that some thought.

“I take it Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher survived?”


She sighed and lowered her eyes.

“I am gratified.”

Standing each side of the Doctor, each medic gripped an elbow, lifting her to her feet.

“You are to be transported to our ship, where you will be taken back to Vulcan for treatment.”

T’Krel nodded, but then hesitated.

“May I be taken to Sick Bay? I wish to say goodbye to me former fiancé.”

The senior officer shook his head.

“That would not be possible. Your presence is required on our ship.”

T’Krel turned to look into his eyes.

“I am aware my behaviour has been…erratic…and I wish to apologise to those whom I have victimised. I ask you as one Vulcan to another, please allow me to say goodbye to the man I was to marry.”

Knowing the profundity of the bonding ritual, the Vulcan male hesitated, then gave a curt nod.

“Very well, as long as we accompany you.”

T’Krel bowed her head.

“That is acceptable.”

With her hands still manacled in front of her, T’Krel was led through the corridors, on her way to Sick Bay.








Deanna had arrived and was with Will in Selar’s office when the Doctor came in to report. Will was on his feet immediately.

“How are they?”

Selar took her seat behind her desk and placed her hands on the desktop.

“They are both in recovery, their injuries healed.”

Will and Deanna both let out a breath neither knew they had been holding. It was Deanna who asked,


Selar tilted her head, one perfect eyebrow raised.

“I expect them both to make a complete recovery and I foresee no future problems associated with this situation.”

Will’s grin was radiant, but it soon disappeared as a nurse came in and said,

“I beg your pardon, Doctor, but two Vulcan medics have brought Doctor T’Krel into Sick Bay. She wishes to see Captain Picard.”

Shaking his head vehemently, Will snarled,

“No way! That fruitcake should have been beamed aboard the Vulcan ship immediately!”

Deanna, grimacing at the term ‘fruitcake’, gripped Will’s arm and said quietly,

“I take it she is under guard?”

The nurse nodded.

“Yes, and restrained.”

The Betazoid then turned to Selar.

“Are Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher conscious?”

The Doctor shook her head.

“Not fully. They are in twilight sedation, but will react to stimuli.”

Nodding thoughtfully, Deanna said softly,

“Like a voice?”

Selar nodded.


Turning to her outraged lover, Deanna looked into his eyes and let him see the depths of her feelings.

“She needs to say goodbye, Will. In all probability she will never see the Captain again.”

Still angry, but seeing Deanna’s point of view, Will turned to Selar.

“What do you think?”

The Vulcan Doctor’s eyes were resolute.

“I believe the Counsellor is correct. The drug Doctor T’Krel received to sedate her would have had a calming effect upon her. It is highly likely she is thinking quite clearly now.”

The big man ran a hand through his beard.

“So you don’t think she’s dangerous?”

Selar shook her head.

“No, not at the moment, however in the long term that will change.”

Will considered for only a few seconds before letting out a plosive breath.

“All right then.”

Together the three officers went out into Sick Bay to see the two Vulcan guards and their charge. Will walked up to T’Krel and said tersely,

“You can have five minutes, not a second longer.”

T’Krel nodded silently as the nurse directed them to Jean-Luc’s private room. Will, Deanna and Selar went to wait by Beverly’s side. Once inside, T’Krel stood silently, looking down at the sleeping man. Being a touch telepath, she lifted her hands and very lightly touched Jean-Luc’s left hand. She closed her eyes, lest her guards see her anguish. Even in sleep, Jean-Luc’s thoughts were for Beverly.

Turning to the senior guard, she said softly,

“May I have a few moments alone?”

Mistaking her request as one of a bond mate wishing to say goodbye to a fellow bond mate, the guard cast a quick look at his companion and gave a small nod.

“We will be just outside.”

Once alone, T’Krel spoke quietly.

“Can you hear me, Jean-Luc?”

Sluggishly his eyes opened. Confused, he lazily looked around, trying to get his bearings. While he was waking up, T’Krel went to the replicator, softly saying,

“One laser scalpel.”

Her appearance at his side made Jean-Luc tense. He summoned a husky, gravelly voice.


She lifted her manacled hands and activated the scalpel before drawing it across her own throat. As her green blood spurted out of the ghastly wound, she smiled down at Jean-Luc and dropped her hands, beginning to cut his throat. He shouted, but his larynx was severed. It was enough, however, with the Vulcan’s sensitive hearing, to summon the guards. Just as the medical alarm sounded, one of the guards reached T’Krel and delivered a Vulcan nerve pinch, rendering her unconscious. Selar rushed into the room, the urgency of the situation evident in her raised voice.

“I require a trauma team in Captain Picard’s room, STAT!”

While one of the Vulcan medics tried to staunch the flow of blood from T’Krel’s neck wound, Selar was trying the same thing on Jean-Luc. The sudden appearance of Alyssa Ogawa at Selar’s side with super absorbent packs made the job easier as the Vulcan Doctor began to seal the severed blood vessels. Another team arrived to work on T’Krel, her blood loss making her greenish skin sickly pale.

Unaware that the other team had removed T’Krel from the room, Selar heard Will’s voice from behind her.

“That mad bitch! My God…she never gives up, does she.”

Quick and exceptional work soon had Jean-Luc’s wound closed. His eyes showing his distress, he tried to talk, but Selar put her finger on his lips, shaking her head.

“No, Captain, you must not talk. Your larynx has been severed and I must take you to surgery to complete the repair. You will require regeneration treatments on it; you will be without your voice for at least two days.”

He nodded his understanding as he was being taken from the room. Selar paused by Will and Deanna as all three watched their Captain being guided into the surgery suite.

“It was fortunate Captain Picard was able to alert the guards when he did. T’Krel was unable to completely sever both sides of his neck. If she had, he may well have died of massive blood loss before I could save him.”

Will turned to look at the team working on T’Krel.

“What are her chances?”

Casting a look at her gory hands, Selar said almost matter –of –factly,

“Quite good, actually. Vulcans cope much better with massive blood loss than humans do. Our bodily systems close down non-essential organs to minimise damage.”

Will grunted angrily, muttering,

“What a pity.”

He then turned his attention back to Selar.

“The absolute second that woman is fit to transport, I want her beamed off this ship!”

Selar bowed her head.

“I will tell my Second in Command.”

As Selar went to speak with one of the other Doctors, Deanna gently took Will’s hand.

“We should be with Beverly; she’s going to need us when she wakes up.”

Still angry, Will took a deep breath, held it for a second or two, then let it out slowly. He looked down into Deanna’s fathomless eyes and nodded.

Together they went to their friend and colleague.









Beverly knew before she opened her eyes that she was in the Enterprise Sick Bay. Far too many years of service in that facility had made her intimately aware of the sounds and smells of her former habitat. She took a deep, steady breath through her nose and detected the faint, but unmistakable scent of lilacs, Deanna’s favourite perfume. Her small smile brought a soft and lyrical voice near her right side.

“How do you feel?”

Opening her eyes, Beverly looked into her best friend’s eyes and her smile widened.

“I’m okay.”

Her memory kicked into gear and her smile disappeared. She struggled to sit up, but two large hands gently pushed her back down. Will bent over Beverly, his hands on her shoulders.

“You stay put.”

Shaking her head and beginning to feel frantic, Beverly all but shouted,


Deanna took Beverly’s hand, saying softly,

“He’s in surgery at the moment, but he’s going to be fine.”

Some of the tension left the Doctor and Will removed his hands. Beverly turned her head from side to side, looking around the main Sick Bay area, but not seeing what she sought. She looked up at Deanna, a frown on her face.


Will’s expression soured, but before he could say anything inflammatory, Deanna quickly told Beverly all that had occurred, including the latest assault. The red head’s blue eyes darkened in anger, her hands fisting.

“Where is she now?”

It was Will who said with some distaste,

“In surgery, but the minute she’s deemed fit to move, she’s out of here. I have given orders that she’s to be beamed to the Vulcan ship as soon as possible.”

A half an hour had passed since Jean-Luc had been taken into the surgery suite and Selar’s appearance at Beverly’s bedside made the human Doctor ask urgently,

“How is Captain Picard?”

Selar, serene as always, merely tilted her head as she replied,

“He is doing very well. I have repaired the damage to his larynx and, once he undergoes intensive regeneration therapy over the next two days, I expect him to fully regain his voice with no detriment.”

Sighing with relief, Beverly then asked,

“When can I see him?”

Selar gave that some thought.

“Do you feel strong enough to walk a short distance?”

Beverly nodded enthusiastically.


The Vulcan pursed her lips.

“Then as long as you allow Commanders Riker and Troi to assist you, you may go to the Captain’s private room and spend a few minutes with him.”

Beverly was happy, but confused.

“Thank you, Selar, but I don’t think I need any help.”

Selar sighed.

“Doctor Crusher, you have suffered several serious injuries, including a fractured skull. Once you get to your feet you will experience dizziness and nausea. I will medicate you, but I wish to keep you as drug free as possible so I will not be giving you a high dose, however, the medication will make you feel a little disorientated.”

Knowing exactly what Selar meant, Beverly nodded slowly.

“Oh, I see. Very well, I accept your proposal and I will allow the assistance of my friends.”

She began to sit up and Will and Deanna immediately went to her aid. As predicted, as soon as Beverly stood she swayed a little and let out a small moan. The hiss of the hypospray made her smile her appreciation.

“Thank you, that feels much better.”

The walk was indeed a slow one but it gave Selar the opportunity to say,

“Captain Picard will wake if you speak to him, but he will not be able to reply to anything you say vocally. He is not to use his voice for the next two days.”

Beverly was slowly nodding her understanding as they entered Jean-Luc’s room. As soon as she saw him, tears sprung into Beverly’s eyes. Deanna sent Will a look of sympathy and the big man caught on. He said softly,

“Would you like to be alone for a little while?”

Beverly’s lopsided smile of appreciation made Will’s heart swell with affection for his remarkable friend. Once Will, Deanna and Selar were convinced Beverly was steady enough to stand alone, they left.

Beverly remained silent for a few minutes, taking the opportunity to just drink in the image of the man she loved. Then, with great gentleness, she took his hand and said softly,









Will was going to wait with Deanna just outside the door, but Selar said quietly,

“Commander, may I see you in my office please?”

Casting a curious look Deanna’s way, the First Officer nodded.

“Of course.”

As usual, once they were inside the office, Selar took her seat behind her desk and invited Will to sit. She clasped her hands on the desktop and surprised Will by actually hesitating somewhat. Eventually she seemed to gather her thoughts enough to begin.

“Commander, I am going to request a transfer from this ship.”

Shocked, Will sat back, looking at Selar as if seeing her for the first time.

“Doctor, you must be aware that the post of CMO on the Flag ship is a most prestigious position. If you leave I can’t guarantee you will ever get it back.”

The Vulcan bowed her head.

“Yes, Commander, I am aware of that.”

Will sat back, his mind racing.

“May I ask why?”

Selar’s expression was interesting. Normally stoic, she exhibited a trace of worry and regret.

“You may not be aware, but I have known Doctor T’Krel for many years, we could be what a human would describe as friends and I have been deeply distressed by her mental impairment. The first time it occurred, I was on the team that worked with her to re-establish her mental discipline. Then our lives took different paths and, although we rarely saw each other, we remained in touch. I was immensely gratified when she became a member of this crew; however her relationship with Captain Picard gave me cause for grave concern. I knew something was wrong when she was not willing to discuss it with me and I admit, I was remiss in not doing something about it then.

“However, that is in the past. My request for a transfer is so I can once again join the team that will be working to try and restore T’Krel to full mental health, although it does seem unlikely that will ever happen, nevertheless, I wish to assist.”

As Will sat and considered what Selar had told him, the Vulcan said softly,

“Of course that would leave the way open for Doctor Crusher to return to the Enterprise as CMO if Captain Picard were to offer her the position and she accepted it.”

Giving Selar a measuring look, Will sat forward, his gaze intense.

“You’re sure about this…you’re absolutely sure this is what you want to do?”

Selar stared into Will’s eyes and he could see the calm resolve in their depths.

“Yes, Commander, it is what I desire.”

Offering a slight smile, Will remarked,

“I will give you a glowing reference and I think Captain Picard will too.”

Bowing her head again, Selar accepted the praise with grace.

“Thank you, Sir, that is most gratifying.”







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