Confessions From The Edge Chapter 12

Confessions From The Edge Chapter 12

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Same as chapter 1


Same as chapter 1

Chapter1 (v.1) - Confessions From The Edge Chapter 12

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Same as chapter 1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 03, 2013







Beverly was in a deep sleep when her computer chimed softly, it took several chimes for the sound to seep through to wake her. Somewhat disorientated, she sat up, pushing her unruly hair out of her face, before suddenly realising she should answer the call.

Jumping out of bed, she rushed into the living room, slapping the tab that activated the monitor. A worried Marcus held up a hand.

“We have a problem.”

Her stomach clenching, Beverly struggled to keep her voice calm. Expecting her colleague to tell her Jean-Luc had relapsed, she steeled herself for the worst.

“What is it?”

The young man looked a little perplexed as he said with a frown,

“Captain Picard seems to have been abducted.”

Beverly gaped, blinked several times, then said with disbelief,


Marcus shrugged, his eyebrows raised.

“It looks like T’Krel came in earlier tonight, sedated him and took him to a shuttle. They lifted off about half an hour ago.”

As well as the shock she felt, anger was building.

“How the hell did she get away with it? What were the staff doing? There was supposed to be someone with him at all times!”

With a sigh, Marcus held up his hand.

“Beverly, you know that’s unfair. We’re short staffed as it is and the duty nurse does have to have regular breaks. Besides, apparently T’Krel was dressed as a Doctor, ID card and all. She was challenged by the duty nurse, but she told him the Captain was being taken for tests aboard the Enterprise. He had no reason not to believe her.”

Containing her growing fury and fear, Beverly ground out,

“Does any body know where they’ve gone?”

Marcus shook his head.

“No. I contacted the Enterprise, but their scanners and sensors are still off line. They can’t help.”

Finally unable to stifle her anger and frustration, Beverly shouted,

“Well I’m not going to sit here on my arse while Jean-Luc is being taken to who-knows-where! There are perfectly good scanners and sensors in the Calypso. I’m taking her and I’m going to find him.”

Trying to ease the situation, Marcus urged caution.

“Beverly, Captain Picard still needs medical attention. Don’t let your anger override your need to think as a Doctor first and foremost. We both know he shouldn’t have been removed from the hospital and I’ve absolutely no idea what T’Krel has in mind, but your first priority is his well being. In fact, if I were you, when you finally track them down, I’d use that to try and make T’Krel see sense. She’s had enough medical training to realise she is endangering his health by her actions. Use that, get her to see that what she is doing could really make him very ill.”

Taking a calming breath as she realised he was right, Beverly gave a short nod.

“Understood…and thank you, Marcus. Have the police been notified?”

Nodding, Marcus grimaced.

“I really thought Sergeant Styles was going to throttle me! He’s put out an alert, but with such little interstellar traffic coming our way, it’s unlikely anyone will have seen the shuttle.”

A thought suddenly occurred to Beverly.

“Marcus, what has become of Helen Parker’s remains?”

The young man frowned,

“She had no family, Beverly; her remains are still at the morgue awaiting disposal.”

“I want you to run some additional tests. Helen was sure she was experiencing the onset of Grave’s disease again. I’m not sure that is possible, but if it’s true, then something went wrong, either in her treatment, or there was some kind of biological or environmental trigger we missed. Either way, we have to find it.”

Marcus gave a curt nod.

“I’ll get right on it. What are you going to do?”

With a determined lift of her chin, Beverly said firmly,

“I’m going to get dressed and go to the airport. I hope to be space borne within half an hour”

“And how will you track her?”

Beverly’s smile was cold.

“All warp capable space vehicles leave an ion trail. With so little traffic, it shouldn’t be too hard to find it.”

Marcus smiled and gave a nod.

“Good luck.”

Beverly smile back.

“With the Calypso’s advanced technology available to me, I’m hoping I won’t need luck, my friend.”

“Then good hunting.”

Pointing with her index finger, Beverly snorted.

“Now that I will take!”

She deactivated the computer and ran into her bedroom. She was out of the house in five minutes, in her flitter and on her way to the airport.








As Data lay face down with his eyes wide open on the diagnostic table, his best friend, Geordi LaForge fought the urge to avert his intense gaze from into the inner workings of his friend. Geordi’s half stifled sigh made Data frown.

“What is it, Geordi?”

Knowing that truth was the cornerstone of their friendship, the dark engineer shook his head.

“I just think it would be better if you were deactivated for this.”

Data pulled down the corners of his mouth and raised his eyebrows.

“I assure you, Geordi, I feel no pain.”

Geordi sighed, the pupils of his blue ocular implants dilating.

“I know, Data, but you’ve been pretty badly injured. It doesn’t make pleasant viewing and knowing you’re conscious is a little…unsettling.”

The android’s face showed his confusion.

“But I cannot perform the necessary internal diagnostics required if I am deactivated.”

Geordi sighed again.

“I know, Data, I know.”

Consulting the PADD in his hand, Geordi made a minute adjustment to one of Data’s processors in the back of his now repaired cranium with the implement in his other hand.

“How’s that?”

Data raised his left arm and flexed his fingers.

“That is much better, thank you. That completes the repair of my limb functions. If you can realign my central sub busses I believe my internal damage will have been successfully repaired.”

Relieved that the macabre situation was nearing its end, Geordi smiled.

“Just give me a minute…”

The procedure was carried out and Data immediately sat up. He blinked several times, tilted his head, then lifted both shoulders before rolling his head. Geordi stood by, eagerly awaiting Data’s opinion. The android looked at his friend and offered a small smile.

“I am well again, Geordi. Thank you.”

Warmly clasping Data’s shoulder, Geordi mirrored Data’s smile.

“Well, now we have to get you to Sick Bay to replace all the skin you lost. And you have to regrow some hair on the back of your head.”

Giving a nod of agreement, Data suddenly tilted his head, his golden eyes wide.

“Perhaps I should shave my head completely.”

Geordi gaped, then frowned.

“Why on Earth would you even think of doing something like that?”

Eager to expound on his reasons, Data sat forward, his face a study in excitement.

“During my tenure aboard the Enterprise, I have often overheard crewmembers, both male and female, express the opinion that Captain Picard’s appearance makes him very attractive. I tried to analyse these remarks, comparing what I knew of human sexuality, where it applies to what most people find attractive in others and I was astonished to find I could not quantify their reasons for their opinions.”

Data stood up, flexing his arms as he continued.

“Captain Picard is not what would be considered the quintessential example of a human male. He is under average height; he is advanced in age, he is rather…stern, would rather seek his own company given the choice between being alone and being with others and he is bald. And yet both men and especially women find him very attractive. When one first meets Captain Picard, it is his baldness that initially stands out because, as you know, such conditions as inherited alopecia are preventable these days. That Captain Picard chose to allow his genetic make up to proceed on its inevitable path without interference was, at first, puzzling to me, but now that I know him better, I realise such issues as physical appearance means little to him.”

Pausing only long enough to begin to flex his legs, Data gave a short nod.

“He is physically very fit and keeps to a rigorous fitness regimen that has obviously been very significant in his ability to recover quickly when either illness or injury strikes, but it is his prodigious intellect that I find most compelling about him. However, I easily out perform him in intellect and I am physically much stronger and impervious to almost anything that would injure a human so I have come to the inevitable conclusion it is his baldness and his decision to do nothing to prevent it that is what has made him so attractive to others. So the obvious way for me to become more attractive, at least physically, may be to shave my head.”

Geordi took a step back, suddenly overwhelmed with the need to sit down. Concerned by the look of consternation on his friend’s face, Data gently gripped Geordi’s arm, saying softly,

“Are you all right, Geordi?”

The engineer gathered his scrambled thoughts and summoned what he hoped was a warm smile.

“Data, you don’t have to shave your head to become more attractive, you’re just fine the way you are.”

Data frowned and shook his head.

“But, Geordi…”

Now a little more in control of himself, Geordi stood straighter and tried to explain.

“Data, Captain Picard is the most senior officer on the ship, yes?”

Data nodded.

“And that carries a hell of a lot of responsibility, doesn’t it.”

Again, Data nodded.

“And have you ever noticed how Captain Picard exudes authority? He is the epitome of the perfect senior officer. Yes, he is a little…remote sometimes, but when you get to know him…and I admit that takes a while, him being such a very private man, you find he’s actually really warm and nice. He’s a gentle man, Data, filled with deep compassion and an overriding conviction in Starfleet and what it stands for. And he’s a passionate man, Data, passionate about what he finds compelling.”

Geordi leaned back against the island console and sighed.

“His physical appearance has little to do with why others find him attractive, although I do think he’s a handsome man, it’s what’s inside I think others find so fascinating. They want to get inside him, Data, find out what lies beneath his austere exterior. It’s a very potent aphrodisiac my friend.”

Data’s face fell.

“Then it would seem I will never attract a mate.”

Geordi immediately frowned and gripped Data’s shoulder.

“Why do you say that, Data?”

The Second Officer sighed deeply.

“I do not possess the nuances you have just outlined, Geordi. With me, what you see is what you get. I can never be a mystery…or an aphrodisiac…to others.”

Being the kind and compassionate man he was, Geordi grinned and offered a wink.

“You are far more mysterious than you give yourself credit for, my friend. Almost everyone I’ve met has been curious about you and wanted to get to know you…and that includes a healthy amount of women.”

Gently punching Data’s shoulder, Geordi’s grin widened, then he sobered.

“Data, many people go through their entire lives never having experienced a long-term relationship. Some prefer it that way, while others have just never met the right person. Hell, look at me, I’m still single, but I’m also still looking. You may find someone, Data, or maybe you won’t, but I can tell you…when it happens it’ll be at a time when you least expect it.”

Data considered what Geordi had said, then offered a solemn look.

“Then it would appear I am just as much a hostage to the emotional vagaries of any sentient being’s existence as you are.”

Mirroring Data’s serious demeanour, Geordi nodded, saying softly,


With a sudden smile, Data’s eyes lit up.

“I find that very comforting, Geordi.”

The engineer chuckled.

“Well I’m glad. Now let’s get to Sick Bay…and Data? Activate your hair growth subroutine. The quicker you regrow your missing hair the better.”

The android smiled.








Having achieved reaching clear space, Beverly sat in the cockpit and activated the scanners and sensors, muttering to herself,

“Now T’Krel, where did you go?”

As she suspected, the only recent ion trail she found was that of the Enterprise. Such a huge ship was bound to leave a significant foot print. But a little shuttle was much more subtle and Beverly knew she would have to calibrate the sensors to find what she sought.

Frowning over the controls and with the aid of the computer, it was the work of only a few minutes before she sat back, offering a coldly triumphant,


Knowing the shuttle’s top speed was only warp five; Beverly inputted the course and set the speed at warp eight. Her calculations had her intercepting the shuttle within the hour.

She sat back in the pilot’s chair and said with satisfaction,


However, her euphoria didn’t last long. Fifteen minutes into her chase the computer said calmly,

“Warning! Current flight path will cause the ship to encounter the Kalema ion field. Recommend changing course to…”

Beverly sat up and scowled.

“Computer, explain. What is the Kalema ion field?”

“The Kalema ion field is an area of space that is subjected to continuous ion storms. Travelling through this area of space is not recommended.”

Clenching her fists, Beverly asked curtly,

“Is it possible to travel through that area of space?”

“With shields at maximum, and speed reduced to half impulse, it is possible, however damage may occur.”

Giving quick thought to her dilemma, Beverly then asked,

“Computer, taking into account the differences between this vessel and a standard shuttle, how would a shuttle fare in the ion field?”

“It would not be possible for a standard shuttle to traverse the field.”

“Then if a pilot wished to mask their ion trail, but knew they couldn’t go through the field, what would they be likely to do?”

“On approaching the field on this course, the pilot would have the choice of skirting the edges of the field, but as in which direction, is unknown.”

With an irritated sigh, Beverly rubbed her brow.

“And I suppose even the edges of the field would mask their ion trail?”



The computer then said matter-of-factly,

“You are approaching the Kalema ion field. Recommend you drop out of warp now.”

Through gritted teeth, Beverly ground out,

“Computer take the ship out of warp and come to a full stop.”


The stars that had been streaking by with prismatic splendour suddenly came to points of cold light as the ship came to a halt. Beverly sat back in her seat and rested her head on the headrest, her eyes trained on the ceiling.

After a moments’ thought she said quietly,

“Computer, open a channel to the Enterprise.”

The connection was almost instant. An obviously young voice said,

“This is the Enterprise, Lieutenant Symonds speaking.”

“Lieutenant, this is Doctor Beverly Crusher. I need to speak with Commander Riker.”

“The Commander is off duty at present, Doctor, perhaps I can be of assistance?”

Gritting her teeth, Beverly strove to keep calm.

‘”No, I’m afraid I must speak to the Commander.”

She could hear the hesitancy in the young man’s voice, but he stuck to his guns.

“It is the night cycle at the moment, Doctor. Commander Riker would be asleep.”

By now losing her control, Beverly barked,

“Lieutenant, I may not be the CMO of the Enterprise any more, but I hold the rank of full Commander and I am giving you a direct order. Put me through to Commander Riker right now!”

The next voice she heard was a sleepy Will Riker.


Sighing with relief, Beverly summoned a small smile.

“Yes, Will, it’s me.”

Knowing she would not have disturbed him without good reason, Will shook off his sleepiness and became all business.

“What can we do for you?”

Beverly adopted his no-nonsense approach.

“You know that Captain Picard has been abducted.”

He nodded.

“Yes, a Sergeant Styles contacted us about an hour ago.”

Beverly nodded.

“Well I’m on the Calypso, following the shuttle’s ion trail, but T’Krel has reached the Kalema ion field and is using it to mask her trail. Have you got sensors or scanners yet?”

Holding up one hand, Will said,

“Hang on a minute; I’ll have to contact engineering.”

Her fingers tapping a devil’s dance on the arm of her chair, Beverly waited impatiently.

Will was back in a few minutes. His face was grim.

“We have scanners, short range only and still no sensors.”

Making a fist of her hand, Beverly punched the arm of her chair.


Will sympathised, then snapped his fingers.

“Hang on, Beverly. If we came to you, we just might have enough power in the scanners to penetrate the ion field enough to put you on the right track.”

Sitting up straight, Beverly asked breathlessly,

“You have warp power?”

Will nodded enthusiastically.

“Yes! We can only do warp four, but we can get to you in about two hours.”

With grim determination, Beverly gave a short nod.

“Do it, Will, I’ll be waiting for you.”

“The big man smiled.

“Send us your coordinates; we’ll be there before you know it.”

Her face relaxing into a smile, Beverly nodded.

“Will do, I’ll see you then. Crusher out.”

She did as requested, then sitting back, Beverly devoted some thought as to just where T’Krel might be taking Jean-Luc. Suddenly inspiration struck and she sat forward, eagerly saying to the computer,

“Computer, display all known information on the Harrison symposium on Earth, Stardate 42383.1.”

The screen of her monitor began to fill with text. Beverly settled in to read.








When Will strode onto the Bridge, Lieutenant Symonds expected to be upbraided for waking his CO. However, Will just grinned and lifted his head to say,

“Riker to LaForge.”

A tired Geordi answered.

“LaForge here, Commander.”

Will’s grin faded.

“I know you’re beat, Geordi, but I need to take the ship to the Kalema ion field and I need to do it as fast as possible.”

The engineer sighed.

“You’ll really be pushing the repairs, Sir. You know warp four is our absolute maximum at the moment.”

Will nodded.

“Yes, I know, but it’s the scanners and sensors we’re really going to need.”

Geordi’s curiosity was piqued.

“May I ask why we need to get to the field so fast?”

Running a hand through his beard Will sighed and briefly closed his eyes.

“Doctor T’Krel has kidnapped Captain Picard and is using the ion field to mask her trail. Beverly is on the Calypso, chasing her, but has had to stop at the field. She needs us and our scanners and sensors.”

Suddenly the tiredness in Geordi’s voice disappeared.

“Well with Data back I’m sure we can get things sorted out soon. I might even be able to coax warp five out of the old girl.”

Will’s grin returned.

“Do what you can, Geordi, for both Captain Picard and Beverly.”

Will could easily hear the determination in Geordi’s voice when he replied,

“We’re on it, Commander.”

Turning to Lieutenant Symonds, Will smiled,

“You can have the rest of the night off, Lieutenant, I’ll take the watch.”

The young man turned for the aft turbolift, but hesitated and turned back.

“If it’s all right with you, Sir, I’d like to stay on the Bridge.”

Knowing the young man wanted to do anything he could to help, Will nodded.

“Okay, make yourself useful by monitoring the engineering station.”

Will then turned to face forward, saying firmly,

“Helm, prepare to leave orbit and once we’re clear of the Gault system, set course for the Kalema ion field and engage at warp four.”

The young Ensign nodded.

“Aye, Sir.”

Will took his seat in the Command chair and watched as the stars suddenly transformed into elongated streaks of prismatic light. His usual affable expression grim, he thought to himself,

“Hang on, Beverly, we’re coming.”










Already familiar with most of what she was reading, Beverly was skimming through the text when she suddenly paused and backed up a little. There it was…the information she thought was pertinent. She read aloud.

“The psychotectic therapies of the J’naii have been extensively studied and it is believed the procedure can be utilised to expunge selective memories. The medical community on Serral IV have devoted the last five years undergoing experiments with the procedure and have reported an eighty-seven percent success rate in their subjects.”

Beverly paused the text and sat back, scowling.

“Serral IV isn’t a Federation world…no wonder they can get away with this kind of outrage!”

She then lifted her head.

“Computer, show me a flight path from this point to Serral IV.”

On the screen in front of her the flight path appeared. It wasn’t far off the course already set.

“I think I know where you’re going; T’Krel…and I think I know why.”

However, her suspicions would have to wait until the Enterprise arrived. Wishing to utilise the time, Beverly went and showered, something she’d not had time for when she left her home so suddenly. Replicating a new uniform, Beverly smiled to herself, feeling comfortable to be once again clad in such familiar clothing. She then ate some fruit and drank two cups of coffee before accessing more information about the studies taking place on Serral IV. The more she read, the angrier she became.








The hail from her old ship startled her. Casting a quick look at her scanners, she could see that the great ship was almost with her. Will’s face filled the screen, his trade-mark grin firmly in place.

“We’re about ten minutes away, Beverly. Our scanners are picking up an ion trail, but it’s attenuated, dissipating very quickly.”

The Doctor sat up and brought up the flight path she’d been studying, sending the image to the Enterprise.

“Do you think she’s headed to Serral IV?”

It was Data who answered.

“Although there are any number of planets she could be heading for, Serral IV does seem likely. She only has to skirt the ion field for a short distance before she changes course to make for the planet. May I ask why would she be headed there?”

Beverly grimaced and sent the text she’d been reading. Will paled as he read it.

“Psychotectic therapy? Do you mean to tell me someone other than the J’naii is doing that to people?”

Beverly nodded sadly.

“Yes. Serral IV isn’t a Federation world, Will, there’re no restrictions to what they can do.”

The big man’s face grew grim.

“And you think T’Krel is taking the Captain there?”

With a nod, Beverly highlighted some of the text.

“As you can see, they have perfected the procedure to expunge selective memories. If T’Krel won’t give him up, and he resists her efforts, how better to make him compliant than to erase me from his memory?”

Deanna appeared on the screen, her face a study in anguish.

“Beverly, if that is true, if this is what she really intends then she is psychologically unstable. I think I should contact the Vulcan mental health directorate. If you can apprehend her I think she would benefit from their expertise.”

With a nod of agreement, Beverly sighed.

“If she really has gone over the edge, the VMHD will be the only ones who can help her.”

Suddenly a great shadow was cast over the Calypso. Through the viewscreen Beverly could see the Enterprise, taking up a position eighty kilometres above her. She smiled and gave Will a look of sheer delight.

“I’ve rarely seen anything so beautiful, Will.”

The First Officer grinned ruefully.

“Well she’s not exactly at her best at the moment, but she soon will be, once we get to a Starbase.”

Data came back on screen.

“Doctor, we have noted a change of course of the shuttle. I would estimate, with a ninety-seven-point-three percent degree of accuracy, that T’Krel is headed for Serral IV.”

Inputting her new course, Beverly said flippantly,

“Want to come along for the ride?”

Will shook his head, but she could see the regret in his eyes.

“We’d love to, but we simply have too many repairs to do yet. Hell, I can’t even spare you any crew. Are you sure you can handle this alone? Vulcans are pretty strong, especially when they’re pissed.”

With a determined lift of her chin, Beverly said firmly,

“I’m faster and I have superior weapons and shields. I will disable the shuttle first, then I’ll see if I can’t make her see reason.”

Deanna said quietly,

“And if that fails?”

Bending down, Beverly picked up a phaser.

“Then I will board the shuttle and take her on.”

There was a stunned silence before Will said quietly,

“Good luck, I hope we see you and the Captain again soon.”

Showing jauntiness she didn’t feel, Beverly gave a cheeky salute and tried to keep her dread from showing in her eyes. It may have worked too, if not for Deanna saying,

“I’m so sorry it has come to this.”

Beverly slumped and sighed, bowing her head.

“Me too, Dee, but I love him and I can’t let her do this...not now, not ever.”

As Beverly began to move the Calypso off onto her course, Will’s parting words made Beverly feel very much alone.

“We’ll keep listening for you.”

She smiled bravely, but there was suspicious moisture in her eyes.

“Crusher out.”








As Jean-Luc slowly rose to consciousness, he felt the pounding in his head and the unpleasant taste in his mouth that told him he had been given a particularly potent sedative. Knowing it was unlikely Beverly would have done such a thing, he attempted to lift his head, only to find he was under a restraining field.

 Looking around as best he could, he realised he was on a shuttle. Summoning a gravelly voice, he called out, wincing at the pain in his head.


He heard movement and within seconds the Vulcan was at his side. She took out a tricorder and scanned him.

“You are in pain; I will give you something to relieve it.”

There was silence between them as she injected him with a hypospray. He tried to catch her eyes but she refused to look at his face. Frustrated, he muttered,

“Why am I restrained?”

T’Krel sat on the bunk beside him and looked at him for the first time.

“You have not been thinking clearly, Jean-Luc. I am taking you to a place that will help you. Once you are well again, we can get married and you will be happy once again.”

Recognising the signs of mental instability in his captor, Jean-Luc said mildly,

“What would make me happy would be if you took me back to Gault. You know by now my happiness lies with Beverly Crusher. It always has.”

T’Krel’s eyes took on a dark tinge and her dusky green pallor paled with anger.

“That woman is not what you need; Jean-Luc, only I can provide your happiness.”

Deciding to see if he could change the subject, Jean-Luc said softly,

“Where are you taking me?”

The Vulcan’s anger vanished. She offered an encouraging smile and said lightly,

“Serral IV.”

That meant nothing to the Captain, so he asked,

“And what will happen there?”

Her smile never faltered as she delivered the devastating news.

“You will undergo psychotectic therapy to rid you of all your memories of Beverly Crusher. With her gone from your mind, we can go on with our lives together unimpeded.”

Shock, followed by dread was quickly replaced by anger. But Jean-Luc knew the person he was dealing with was unhinged. He remained calm as he said mildly,

“I’m sure that is completely unnecessary. Why don’t you drop the retraining field and we can talk about it. I’d really like to sit up.”

T’Krel scanned him again then shook her head.

“No, your blood pressure is still somewhat low and you are in need of regeneration therapy, which I cannot supply until we reach Serral IV. It would be best if you remained restrained.”

Quelling his rising panic, Jean-Luc nodded and managed to offer a wan smile.

“I see. Tell me, T’Krel, how long have you been planning this?”

The Vulcan shrugged, seeming to become a little confused.

“I…I didn’t give it a lot of thought. The idea came to me and I decided to act on it.”

Jean-Luc nodded slowly.

“How interesting, but don’t you think it’s illogical? I would have thought the most logical course of action in our situation would have been to talk  about it…all three of us, then decide on a course of action.”

With a derisive snort, T’Krel glared at her fiancé.

“There was nothing to discuss! You are infatuated with Doctor Crusher; you would have cast me aside and begun a relationship with her!”

With a sigh, Jean-Luc briefly closed his eyes.

“That may be true, but what you are about to do will make me nothing more than your slave…and a mindless one at that.”

The Vulcan actually gaped.

“How can you say that, Jean-Luc? With the Crusher woman gone from your memories we will be able to form a long and happy life together. You love me.”

His face showing his sadness, Jean-Luc said softly,

“I once thought I did, T’Krel, but I was mistaken. I knew it the moment I saw Beverly again.”

He sighed and tried to explain.

“T’Krel, Beverly has been part of my life for over thirty years. How do you think you’re going to be able to remove all those years of memories and not leave me severely impaired? You will be removing the very essence of who and what I am.”

Abruptly coming to her feet, T’Krel glared down at the man.

“I will not listen to this! You are mine, she cannot have you!”

As she stalked back to the cockpit, Jean-Luc called out,

“Let me go, T’Krel, end this now.”

The Vulcan ignored his plea and plonked herself into the pilot’s seat. It was then that she noticed the approaching ship.









Deanna didn’t mean to gape, in fact she was unaware she was staring open-mouthed at the monitor in her office. The Vulcan man on the screen was calm and serene, in direct contrast to the astonished Betazoid. Regaining her composure somewhat, Deanna snapped her mouth closed and glared.

“Why wasn’t this on her records?”

The male tilted his head, his eyes narrowing slightly.

“The Vulcan Mental Health Directorate does not make its patient’s notes available unless it can be demonstrated that such a disclosure is necessary.”

Deanna tried not to show her exasperation, but it was evident in her voice.

“But you have just told me she is mentally unstable! Why was she deemed fit for duty?”

The Vulcan sighed.

“Doctor T’Krel had undergone extensive treatment at our facility and it was the considered opinion of her physicians that she had overcome her anomalous mental state.”

Sitting back in her seat, Deanna rubbed her brow.

“But surely the very fact that she suffered her breakdown in the first place should have made you suspicious that she might succumb again. For a Vulcan to become mentally unstable as a result of the death of a mate is…incomprehensible! Your philosophy recognises death as the inevitable and logical conclusion of life.”

Bowing his head slightly, the Vulcan conceded Deanna’s point.

“That is so, but it would appear the bond between Doctor T’Krel and her mate was very profound. It is also possible she carried a genetic trait for this kind of instability. Among my people, it is not unknown, although it is extremely rare, for some unfortunate individuals to carry a recessive gene that gives the propensity to suffer from instability. It manifests as the increasing inability to think logically and the almost obsessive single mindedness when in pursuit of a goal.”

Deanna’s eyes blazed as her voice became brittle.

“Doctor T’Krel has kidnapped Captain Jean-Luc Picard and is, at present, on her way to Serral IV to force him to undergo psychotectic therapy. She has done this because he has broken off their engagement to rekindle a long standing relationship with Doctor Beverly Crusher.”

The Vulcan sat up, his face grim.

“What is being done to stop her?”

Deanna sighed.

“Doctor Crusher is in pursuit. She is piloting a superior craft and possesses superior piloting skills. She should be able to bring the shuttle to a halt without too much trouble.”

Leaning forward, the Vulcan said softly,

“You cannot assist her?”

Deanna shook her head.

“No. The Enterprise was badly damaged and is at present in orbit of Gault, making enough repairs so we can get to a Starbase to complete the work.”

The Vulcan sat back, obviously very worried.

“T’Krel must be stopped, but I doubt your Doctor Crusher will be able to do it. Can you send me their flight path?”


“I will dispatch a team to their location immediately. The VMHD will take T’Krel into their care.”

Sadness filled Deanna as she said softly,

“Do you think you can help her?”

The male’s face remained emotionless, but his eyes showed sorrow.

“Considering this is the second and subsequently worse episode of mental instability in Doctor T’Krel I have my doubts that we will be able to completely heal her.”

Deanna bowed her head.

“What will happen to her then?”

The Vulcan’s voice was sad as he said quietly,

“She will be confined to a mental health facility.”

Deanna looked up, surprised.

“I was unaware such things existed on Vulcan.”

“It is not something we advertise, Counsellor. Mental instability in Vulcans is very rare and subsequently, very difficult to treat.”

The Betazoid sighed with sympathy.

“Will you keep me apprised of her condition and progress?”

The male bowed his head.

“I will, but I must ask you to keep in mind patient confidentiality. What you learn may never be disclosed.”

Deanna gave a nod.

“You have my word, both as a psychologist and as a Starfleet officer.”

The Vulcan slowly bowed his head.

“Send the coordinates, we will leave immediately.”

Deanna smiled, saying,

“Will do, Troi out.”







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