Anticipation of delight

Anticipation of delight

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


PWP Sex scene.


PWP Sex scene.


Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Submitted: January 18, 2012




She was lying on his bed when he entered his bedroom. He stood motionless at the foot of his bed, taking in her beautiful naked form. He reached up to undo the top of his dress uniform. She rose gracefully from the bed.

“No, let me do that.”

Standing in front of him, she tilted her head and leaned in, kissing him softly, her lips barely caressing his. His hands moved to touch her, but she stilled them with her own. With a sultry look, she shook her head.

“You just stand still.”

She splayed her hands out over his chest and breathed in his unique scent. Closing her eyes, she ran her hands up to his neck and around to the back of his head, gently fingering the short hair there.

He sighed and she opened her eyes. She moved her hands back to his collar and slowly undid the fasteners that held it closed, then ran her hands down the seam at the front, opening it. Running her hands back up to his shoulders, she pushed the jacket from his body, letting it fall to the floor. The crisp white T shirt he wore underneath did little to hide his phenomenal physique. Already his nipples were hard and his breathing had shortened.

She ran her hands down his chest to the waistband of his trousers, noticing the bulge already evident. With one finger, she traced the outline of his growing erection, delighting when she felt it twitch.

She knelt before him slowly, gliding her hands down his legs. With one hand behind his knee, she lifted his leg and removed his boot and sock, repeating the action with his other leg. Reaching around him, she gently grasped his buttocks, whilst rubbing her face over his hardening penis. She trailed her hands to the front of his pants and slowly undid the top button. Leaning in, she took the zipper tab in her teeth and, looking up at him, slowly lowered it. His hazel eyes had darkened with desire.

With her hands, she opened his fly and released a hot breath against his erection. Her reward was a low moan and a gentle thrust of his hips.

Taking his trousers at the hips, she slowly pulled them down, then off discarding them behind her.

Rising to her feet, she lifted her hands and ran her nails over his nipples. He gasped; she smiled, enjoying the complete control she had over him. Running her nails to the bottom of his shirt, she took hold of the hem and slowly lifted it, encouraging him to raise his arms. As the material covered his face, she quickly ran her tongue over his nipples, then gently bit them.

Having rid him of the shirt, she stepped up and embraced him, gently kissing him. Her tongue flicked out over his lips and he opened his mouth, admitting her. Their tongues intertwined as his eyes drifted shut.

She was impressed with his ability to maintain control, standing still, with his hands by his sides. She decided to up the ante.

He stood before her, naked but for a pair of black briefs that did little to disguise his impressive erection. She took a step back and looked at him. He was beautiful. Evenly muscled, compact and graceful, he was everything she wanted in a captain, friend and now lover.

Moving to him again and using both hands, she reached forward and gently eased a hand between his legs, cupping his testicles while the other hand grasped his hardness, squeezing firmly. He moaned again, the sensuous sound heightening her own desire. Her need for him had settled in her sex as an ache; she felt the heat, the wanting gathering strength.

Again gracefully falling to her knees, she pressed her face into his groin and continued the intimate caress of her hands, delighting in his gentle moans.

Moving her hands to the waistband of his briefs, she eased the elastic down slowly, gradually exposing his hard length, which eventually sprang free. She slid the under wear down his legs and they joined his trousers behind her.

She leaned in and gently took one testicle into her mouth and growled softly, the vibrations spreading out through his groin, making him thrust involuntarily.

His hands reached for her head and she released him immediately.

She looked up to find him staring intently at her. She shook her head and his hands dropped back to his sides.

Once again in control, she placed her hands flat around the base of his penis and ran her tongue up the underside, tracing the lines of the thick veins. A bead of pearl liquid appeared and he gasped when she took it with the tip of her tongue. She slid her tongue into the slit and explored briefly, before allowing her questing tongue to roam over the glans, wetting it thoroughly.

Moving her hands to massage his buttocks, she slowly pushed her lips over the head of his penis and down the shaft. She tasted another release of fluid and used her tongue to lavish the shaft as she swallowed him.

He was trembling slightly and panting as she stole a glance upwards. His eyes glittered, his face a mask of stone as he used his formidable mind to keep control.

Pulling her head back, she allowed his erection to slip from her mouth as she returned her attention to his testicles. With her tongue, she licked the sensitive orbs, still massaging his behind.

She rose to her feet then, letting the throbbing hardness get trapped between them as she stood close and kissed him once again. Stepping back, she pointed to the bed.

“On your back.”

He hesitated a moment, lost in her eyes, then moved with graceful slowness and lay down on the bed.

She crawled up to him and eased his legs apart, settling between them.

“Put some pillows behind your head. I want you to watch.”

A few moments later, his head was propped up by two soft pillows.

Running her hands up his legs, she trailed her fingers through the hair of his stomach, making it flutter. With the flat of her palms, she moved her hands out to his hips then back to the thickening growth at the base of his erect penis, which was lying against his lower belly. Lifting it, she kissed the head and slowly took his length again into her mouth. Sliding her head up and down, he couldn’t stop the gentle thrusting of his hips or the breathy groans that escaped his lips. She released him from her mouth and took his pulsating erection in her hand. Her other hand found its way into her soaking sex and began a sensuous rhythm, both hands keeping time.

His gaze was transfixed, lost in the incredible sight of seeing her pleasure herself while pleasuring him.

“God, Beverly…..”

She, despite her considerable arousal, smiled.

Sensing he was close to climaxing, she released him and used the hand to gently tweak her nipples. Head rolling back, she continued her intimate caresses until she felt her own orgasm approaching.

Stilling her hands, she took a moment to look at her lover.

His mouth was open, his body covered with a thin sheen of sweat. Panting, eyes half lidded, he was a vision of raw sexuality and she wanted him like never before.

Crawling up the bed, she situated herself above his groin and lifted his penis until the head was poised at her entrance.

“For you.” She whispered as she slowly lowered, impaling herself upon him.

He growled his pleasure and arched his hips, his hands moving to her hips of their own accord. She allowed this lapse, needing to feel him grip her as his thick penis filled her.

As soon as he was completely engulfed, she rose until just the glans was inside her, then suddenly dropped, the force sending a jolt through their bodies.

He cried out and gripped her hips painfully. Again she rose and dropped only to repeat the motion. As she did it the fourth time, he thrust up just as hard, the sensation sending an electric pulse throughout their minds, their bodies jerking.

By silent, mutual consent, they stilled, regaining their breath. She leaned forward, presenting him with her breasts. Without hesitation, he took a nipple into his mouth and sucked forcefully, eliciting a moan of delight from her.

She rolled her hips, rotating herself around him. He thrust upwards, grinding himself against her.

Sitting up, she placed her hands on his chest and began to slowly slide up and down his shaft, watching him intently. With the same intensity, his eyes never left hers as she took them closer and closer to their release.

He matched the rhythm she set, thrusting up as she came down, his vocalizations continuous. His hands left her hips, one going to her nipples, the other unerringly to her engorged clitoris.

He only stroked her twice and her climax was upon her. Arching her back, she called out his name as her inner muscles clamped down on his thrusting penis.

He screwed his eyes shut as he fought for control and held on as a second orgasm roared through her.

Suddenly, his back bowed, his testicles lifted and his release surged outward from his groin, turning his blood into fire and obliterating all thought.

He shouted his ecstasy and jerked as his semen pumped into her hot depths.

Caught in a rictus of rapture, neither was capable of movement for some time. Eventually, she slowly collapsed forward into his arms and he held her as their hearts calmed.

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