Across The Void Pt 6

Across The Void Pt 6

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Same as Pt.1


Same as Pt.1

Chapter1 (v.1) - Across The Void Pt 6

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Same as Pt.1

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Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 16, 2013





The wind had picked up and fat drops of rain had begun to fall just as they reached their lodgings. Running the last twenty metres, they were laughing when they reached the courtyard. Jean-Luc opened the door and Beverly called out,

“Della? We’re back.”

The host came out of the front room, some needlework in her hands. Smiling at the happy couple, Della took the basket from Jean-Luc.

“Did you have a nice time?”

Beverly looked at her lover, a tender smile on her face.

“Yes we did thank you. And the picnic was wonderful.”

“I’m glad. Now dinner will be ready soon, but as it’s cold, there’s no need for you to come down until you’re ready. I’ll plate it up and leave it in cold storage. You can help yourselves.”

Jean-Luc felt an itch on his shoulder but resisted the urge to scratch.

“Will you be joining us?”

Della’s blue skin darkened.

“Ah no. I have a…friend visiting. We’ll be staying in my room.”

With a knowing smile, Beverly winked surreptitiously. Della grinned and took the blanket.

“Off you go then, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Beverly nodded and Jean-Luc gave a slight bow.

“Good night.”

Once again alone, the couple reached the bottom of the stairs and Jean-Luc gave in to the insistent itch. He scratched firmly, sighing in relief. Seconds later a prickling burn spread over the affected skin. He stopped and frowned, his voice low and exasperated.

“Beverly! I’m bloody well sunburnt!”

Now that the day was waning, the burn was becoming evident. Beverly rolled her shoulders and winced.

“So am I. Come on, I’ll soon have us fixed.”

In silence they climbed the stairs and entered their room. Beverly slid out of her dress and Jean-Luc gasped at her reddened skin. As the Doctor slipped her panties off, her thumbnail lightly scratched her thigh and she yelped.

“Oh damn…this is worse than yesterday!”

Once naked, she picked up her dress and liberated the regenerator. She silently offered it to Jean-Luc who took it with mild annoyance.

“This wouldn’t be necessary if we’d been more careful. One can do lasting damage to one’s skin with sunburn.”

His methodical passes with the instrument eased the prickling skin.

“You forget Jean-Luc I can remedy any damage.”

“With what?”

Sighing, Beverly tilted her head back, allowing the Captain to treat her neck.

“Oh things like…deep regeneration, replication or complete replacement of damaged dermis, accelerated healing processes…need I go on?”

Finished with the front of her body, Jean-Luc turned her.

“Really? And just how do you envisage doing any of that with nothing but a med kit?”

Beverly frowned and closed her mouth.

“Ah…you have a point. It would be rather difficult, but the runabout…”

“Hasn’t the facilities you mentioned. Admit it Beverly, it would be better if we didn’t get burnt.”

Pursing her lips, the Doctor refrained from commenting further. She stood patiently until he finished.


Smiling, she took the regenerator and pointed it at him.

“Your turn.”

He undressed slowly, wincing and grimacing until he was naked. Looking down at himself he scowled.

“I knew it! It’s bloody well burnt.”

Beverly rolled her eyes and stood behind him, working on his back while striving to hide her growing amusement.

“Why is it you males are so damned paranoid about your genitals? For God’s sake it’ll be fine.”

Grunting, Jean-Luc ignored the query. He stood rigidly and, as Beverly began to work on his front, watched her intently. He was curious however to notice that she avoided treating his penis. She worked diligently until he was healed, then she dropped to her knees and gently took his penis in hand. Looking up into his eyes, she flicked out her tongue and lightly licked the head. He gasped at the sensation…a mix of pleasure and pain. The groan that escaped was involuntary.

Beverly continued licking him, coating his penis with cool saliva. When she gently blew on the heated flesh he began to harden. His response was a breathless,


She made a few passes with the regenerator on a narrow setting, healing some of the skin, but stopped and slid her mouth over him. His face contorted and he groaned sensuously, his thighs beginning to tremble.

“Oh Beverly it’s…it’s…”

She let him slip from her mouth and said sultrily,

“Do you want me to stop?”

He shook his head and she descended on him again, taking in as much of him as she could manage. The pleasure/pain was a new experience for Jean-Luc and his senses reeled as they tried to process it. As Beverly slid her mouth up and down his erection her hands joined in. One gently squeezed his testicles; the other gripped the base of his penis.

The combination of her rough tongue and sucking mouth had Jean-Luc quickly approaching his climax. One particularly hard caress made him flinch and gasp, the jolt of pain merging with the heady ascension of sexual madness. His hands reached for her head, his fingers entangling in her hair as he urged her to quicken her pace.

Beverly could taste his first emissions and felt him becoming iron hard. Judging her moment carefully, she removed her hand from his penis and insinuated her fingers behind his scrotum. His hips were bucking as he thrust into her mouth, his skin coursing with sweat. He suddenly swelled in her mouth and he gasped,

“Beverly…I’m going to come!”

Concentrating, the Doctor’s timing was perfect. Just before he came, she pressed her knuckles deeply into the reactive nerve bundle behind the scrotum and slipped her little finger into his anus while taking his penis as deeply into her throat as she could.

He erupted. His body jerking and quaking, he roared and gripped her head fiercely, emptying himself in her.

Beverly waited until he began to soften before letting him slip from her mouth. He shuddered and slowly fell to his knees, his entire body trembling and weak. Easing him down to the floor, Beverly rose and got a pillow. With gentleness she raised his head and settled it on the soft cushion.

His eyes mere slits, he watched dreamily as she took the regenerator and finished treating his now flaccid penis. He smiled and raised one weary arm.

“I’m not going to sleep on the floor with you.”

He shook his head, still smiling blearily.

Beverly snorted and lay down with him. He wrapped his arms over her and kissed her temple. His voice was a husky whisper.

“Thank you my love. That was an experience I shall never forget.”

Beverly sighed and settled her head on his chest.

“You’re welcome.”

Despite her protestations they fell asleep where they were.








It was some four hours until they awoke. Stiff and cold, Beverly woke first and nudged her gently snoring companion.


“Jean-Luc my love, we’re on the floor, it’s late and I’m hungry. What say we get up and go down for dinner?”

Raising his hand, the Captain knuckled one eye and sighed. Together they climbed to their feet and Beverly watched appreciatively as Jean-Luc stretched with leonine grace.

Having dressed, they went down to the kitchen and were just at the cold storage unit when they heard the unmistakable sounds of lovemaking coming from Della’s room. Sharing a gentle smile, they retrieved their dinners and retreated to their room.

The rain was still falling as they sat at the table. Beverly got up and opened the curtains so they could see the far-off lightning. They ate in companionable silence, happy in each other’s company. Once finished, they both went to stand at the window.

Jean-Luc looked up into the darkened sky and sighed heavily.

“Too many clouds my love?”

“Uh huh. I miss seeing the stars Beverly…I’ve found over the passing years I gain great deal of comfort just from their presence.”

Beverly snorted and the Captain cast her a sidelong look, one eyebrow raised.

“Oh Jean-Luc you’re not telling me anything any of your senior staff doesn’t know. You get a certain look in your eyes whenever you gaze at the stars…I always loved to see it, somehow you looked so…serene.”

He turned to her and took her in his arms.

“Want to know a secret?”

Her eyes sparkling, she nodded.

“Most times, when I was star gazing…I was thinking of you.”

Surprise settled on the Doctor’s face.


“Uh huh. It was the only way I could do it in company and be fairly certain no one would know.”

“Not even Deanna?”

He shook his head, a wry grin in place.


“My clever Captain.”

She kissed him, tenderly and lovingly. He sighed and returned the kiss just as she gave it and together they held each other, lost in their love. After a while, Beverly hitched her shoulders.

“My skin is still prickly.”

“Hmm. It’s the salt. We need a shower.”

She nuzzled his neck and gently bit his earlobe. Whispering she sighed,

“I’ve got a better idea.”


He rumbled.

“There’s a spa in the bathroom.”

“Ah. Well then my lascivious lover, why don’t we make use of it?”

Beverly giggled softly and kissed the tip of his nose.

“Agreed. You go get it ready and I’ll go downstairs and see if I can find a bottle of wine.”

Jean-Luc was in his briefs testing the water temperature when Beverly returned. He noted her flushed cheeks and raised an eyebrow in enquiry.

“My God Jean-Luc…they’re still at it!”

Both eyebrows went up at that.

“Indeed? Impressive.”

He turned back to the spa only to gasp and snap to attention when Beverly placed the large cold bottle on his lower back. He spun around and grabbed her wrists.

“Must you?”

She giggled and the look of mischievous glee on her face stole his outrage. Relenting, he released her hands and kissed her. Big mistake. With one seductive hand she lowered his briefs and with the other she insinuated the bottle between his legs. Jean-Luc yelped and jack-knifed backwards, pulling up his briefs with one hand, his other hand going to his groin.

“What the hell…”

Seeing the look of stunned anger in his gaze, Beverly bolted, Jean-Luc on her heels.

He cornered her at the window.

“You…madwoman! What the hell did you think that would achieve?”

Flushed and breathless, Beverly watched her lover keenly; his piercing dark eyes and muscular body causing desire to rise within her.

“Oh I don’t know…maybe I just wanted to see if everything was working ok.”

He approached her slowly, a small frown replacing his glower.


As he came closer Beverly gently touched his face.

“I’d say your responses were within normal range.”

He took the bottle from her hand and sighed.

“You really are demented you know.”

“Hmm I know…kiss me Jean-Luc.”

He obliged and Beverly sighed deeply into his mouth. Parting, she nuzzled his ear.

“Is the spa ready?”


“Come on then.”

They shed their clothes and Jean-Luc paused to retrieve two glasses and an opener. By the time he reached the bathroom, Beverly was in the spa. He looked down at her with frank desire.

“You look utterly delectable.”

Licking her lips, she cupped her breasts and lifted them clear of the bubbling water.

“I’m a little lonely…”

Smiling, he opened the bottle, poured two glasses and doffed his underwear. Handing a glass to his lover, he stepped in and settled himself opposite her then took his own glass and raised it.

“To you Beverly. My dearest friend, my wonderful lover…may we see many more years together.”

Smiling tenderly, Beverly raised her glass and touched it to his. They sipped and Jean-Luc frowned.

“Beverly…what exactly is this?”

Smirking at his aggrieved face, the Doctor replied,

“Well it’s nothing you’re used to that’s for sure. It’s a local brew…I’ve had it before, but only one glass. Della says it’s quite potent.”

Jean-Luc pursed his lips and rolled his tongue.

“It’s…interesting...not entirely unpleasant.”


He took another sip and smiled.

“It’ll do.”

Chuckling, Beverly swiped some water at him earning her a tickled foot. Lulled by the soothing heated water, their desire abated and they were content to sit quietly, relaxing and sipping the seemingly innocuous wine. Over an hour they finished the bottle and Jean-Luc realised his mouth was tingling. When he went to lift his hand to feel his lips, his arm was sluggish. He snorted with suppressed laughter when he saw Beverly trying to put her glass on the corner of the spa.

“Having trouble?”

She huffed at him then burst into giggles.

“The damned spa won’t keep still!”

Summoning his best command voice, Jean-Luc intoned,

“You realise of course you’re drunk?”

Having successfully negotiated the glass, Beverly attempted to splash water at her Captain.

“Nonsense! I’m not as think as you drunk I am.”

Knowing something was wrong with what she’d just said; all she could do was giggle.

“You’re pissed Jean-Luc! You’re getting the tub out of me.”

Utilising great control, Jean-Luc rubbed his numb face and managed to pull out the plug. As the water drained away, he stood on unsteady legs and heaved Beverly into an upright position. Stepping up out of the spa was difficult and so was the haphazard drying that took place. He steered a meandering course to the bed and held Beverly with one hand while he turned down the bed. Beverly watched with a supercilious grin on her face, her eyes almost closed. Jean-Luc turned her and let her go. She fell onto the bed and he dragged her legs around before falling over her and crawling onto the mattress. He pulled the covers up and flopped onto his back. It was the last thing he remembered.







His pounding head woke him up. Groaning softly, he peeled his tongue from the roof of his mouth and tried to ignore the fact his bladder was too full. Cracking his eyes open, he winced as the light lanced in and gasped as the headache surged in response. Slowly he sat up and breathed deeply, trying to quell the rising nausea. He got to his feet with difficulty and slowly staggered to the bathroom, leaning forward and resting his head on one arm as he urinated. At the basin he washed his hands then took a tentative sip of cold water. Swallowing, he clenched his jaw as the liquid threatened to come back up. He waited until he was relatively sure he wouldn’t vomit, then slowly made his way back to the bedroom. Beverly’s tortured moan greeted him at the doorway.

“Oh my sweet God…there’s a bunch of angry Klingons loose in my head!”

Altering course, Jean-Luc returned to the bathroom and gained a cup of water. He noted the shaking of his hands but ignored it. Eventually sitting on the bedside, he reached across and gently shook Beverly’s shoulders. Her voice was a strained whine.

“No…stop! What do you want?”

His own voice deep and rough, Jean-Luc closed his eyes against the pain in his head.


Beverly turned her face to him and forced one eye open.

“You’re blurry.”

Sighing, Jean-Luc repeated,


With slow, exaggerated movements, Beverly sat up and pushed aside the wild tangle of her hair.

“What is it?”

“Cold water.”

The Doctor closed her eyes and quickly brought a hand to her mouth, shaking her head. Noting her somewhat green complexion, Jean-Luc grimaced.

“At least try…it might help.”

After several deep breaths, Beverly blindly reached for the cup. Holding it in both hands, she managed to sip some of the water. Jean-Luc watched the internal struggle to keep the liquid down. Some minutes later she sighed.

“If you would help me up and lead me to my med kit, I’ll give us something to remedy this…unfortunate situation.”

The Captain gently grabbed her hands and said softly,

“Stay there, I’ll get it.”

He rose slowly and stood shakily for a few seconds before stumbling into the living area. He quickly found the kit and was back in the bedroom in no time.

“Do you want me to find the medication?”

Beverly made the mistake of shaking her head. Groaning, she reached out her hand.

“No…I’ll do it.”

Jean-Luc lay back on the bed, his hands holding his head. He listened as Beverly rummaged in the kit then heard her load a hypospray. The cold nozzle on his neck made him tense but the hiss of deployment was welcome. He heard a second hiss as Beverly medicated herself and he waited for the relief he knew was coming. The second administration of medicine took him by surprise and when a third was delivered into his system he sighed.

“Is that all?”

She was silent as she treated herself then dropped the hypo to lie beside him.

“Uh huh.”

Jean-Luc felt the headache recede and the nausea quieten. He took a deep breath and dared open his eyes.

“Oh that’s better…thank you.”

Beverly grunted and rolled to face him.

“I haven’t had a hangover like that since…”

She lifted a finger and rubbed her lower lip.

“Since my graduation from medical school.”

Jean-Luc chuckled and turned to her.

“I remember that. Jack told me you and some of your colleagues went on a pub-crawl. You were a mess I believe.”

“You bet I was! And I didn’t have a med kit handy. I had to wait until late afternoon before Nancy Taylor showed up with some hypos. God I was sick.”

The Captain chuckled again.

“And wasn’t Wesley sick too?”

“Oh yes! He had a cold and kept grizzling…I thought he’d never shut up.”

She sighed and rose up on an elbow.

“But you must’ve experienced your own hangovers Jean-Luc. Care to enlighten me? Jack alluded to some fine times but he was always careful of your reputation…being his Captain and all.”

Jean-Luc smiled enigmatically and sighed.

“I admit there have been times when I thought I would surely die from an over indulgence of alcohol. One time I was on a planet negotiating a treaty and it was required of me to drink copious amounts of the local liquor. The next day I could barely function…and there was no medical help. And to top it off the gravity was lighter than ours and my equilibrium was badly affected. I was so sick…I honestly don’t know how I completed that mission…I hardly remember the last two days.”

Beverly kissed him, then grimaced in distaste.

“Yuk! Your mouth is like the bottom of a cocky’s cage.”

He snorted and grinned.

“Do you think yours is any better?”

Slapping him playfully on his chest, the Doctor asked,

“How are you now?”

He sat up and rolled his head.

“Fine. How about you?”

“Same. Come on let’s go have a shower…and clean our teeth.”

The naked couple entered the shower and proceeded to indulge in erotic play. Forty-five minutes later they emerged sated and happy. The tooth brushing was taken at a leisurely pace, as was their dressing. Jean-Luc collected the bottle, plates and glasses and they went downstairs.







Della looked at the chronometer as they entered the kitchen.

“You’re late today. Sleep in?”

As Jean-Luc placed the dishes in the washer, Beverly answered.

“Yes. We were tired from our picnic.”

Just then Jean-Luc asked,

“Della where should I put this empty bottle?”

The look on the host’s face was priceless.

“You drank a whole bottle of hun’ruk?”

The couple shared a glance and Jean-Luc replied,

“Yes. Why is there something wrong?”

Della laughed.

“No wonder you slept in! I’m surprised you’re functioning at all…that stuff’s lethal.”

Beverly chuckled and sat at the table.

“Oh we suffered all right! I had some medicines in the med kit that helped alleviate the sickness and headache.”

Della nodded.

“Just as well. I distinctly remember the last time I overdid hun’ruk. I was sick for a week.”

She took the bottle from the Captain and set it on the counter. Jean-Luc sat and the woman brought some cold food to the table. As they ate Beverly asked,

“Has your friend gone?”

Her wistful sigh was not lost on the couple.


Jean-Luc looked at his lover and received an imperceptible nod.

“Della we will be leaving soon. Would you like to come with us?”

Startled by the question, Della gasped.

“Leave? Why would I leave?”

Beverly leaned forward and took her hand.

“Della we’re worried about the war. It hasn’t shown any signs of stopping and there’s a very real danger that it might spread. If that happened you’d be in a very precarious situation.”

The blue woman smiled and patted her hand.

“You needn’t worry about me. My friend will come for me of there’s any trouble.”

Jean-Luc’s voice was soft with concern.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Do you know when you’ll be leaving?”

Again the Captain looked at his lover. Taking a deep breath, Beverly said softly,

“This afternoon.”

Sadness crossed Della’s face.

“Oh. Well I’d better see to your bill.”

Jean-Luc nodded.

“Do you accept latinum?”

Smiling broadly, Della nodded.

“Yes, in fact it’s the only payment I accept.”

“Very well. When you have prepared the invoice I will return to my ship and procure the payment.”

They finished their late breakfast then retired to their room to rest and pack.








Later that afternoon, having settled with Della, Jean-Luc and Beverly stood in the courtyard with their bags. The host stood to one side smiling softly.

“Now remember you two come back any time, you’ll always be welcome.”

Smiling their thanks, Jean-Luc tapped his communicator.

“Computer, two to beam up.”

As Beverly rematerialised aboard the runabout, she gasped with surprise.


Surrounding the living area were bouquets of flowers. The heady fragrance permeated the craft and Beverly laughed.

“This is beautiful.”

His hands went around her waist and he nuzzled her neck.

“I thought you’d get suspicious when I took so long coming back from getting the latinum. I wanted to create more varieties, but the on-board replicator is somewhat limited.”

She turned in his arms and kissed him.

“They’re wonderful Jean-Luc, thank you.”

Having stowed their bags, they went forward and took their places in the cockpit seats.

“How long will it take us to get back to Federation space?”

Jean-Luc tapped out some instructions and the little craft left orbit.

“Well we have to take it slow while we negotiate the quarantine zone, but once we’re clear we can maintain warp eight indefinitely. I’d say two weeks, give or take a day or two…you never know what we may come across.”

The Doctor nodded and frowned.

“Two weeks? What ever will we do to pass the time?”

Jean-Luc grinned rakishly.

“I have a few suggestions.”

She slapped his shoulder and giggled.

“Why Jean-Luc I had no idea your libido was so…formidable.”

He grinned evilly, his eyes twinkling.

“Where it comes to you…you have no idea.”

He smiled tenderly and took her hand.

“Where do you want to go?”

Beverly’s eyes clouded and she sighed.

“I don’t really know.”

“What about Caldos?”

She shook her head.

“No. I will go back, but not yet.”

Jean-Luc’s thumb gently caressed her hand.

“I see. Well what would you like to do? Do you want to be lazy or energetic?”

Biting her lower lip, Beverly shrugged.

“I’ve no idea.”

Jean-Luc nodded.

“Very well. I’ll set course for the nearest Federation border and you can devote as much time as you need to figuring out what you want to do.”

Smiling tenderly, Beverly leaned over and kissed her lover.

“Thank you.”






Their journey was uneventful. They utilised their time exploring their new relationship, making love and quietly discovering what each other liked. Eighteen hours out from the border, they were lying in bed, basking in post-coital euphoria. Jean-Luc was dozing when Beverly’s voice was detected at the periphery of his hearing.


The Captain stirred and pulled her tighter against his body. Keeping his eyes closed and loathing the thought of waking, he whispered,


“Pacifica Jean-Luc…I think I want to go to Pacifica.”

He nuzzled into her hair and sighed.

“Very well.”

It was obvious Beverly was wide-awake.

“There are cabins all over the place. We can choose from beach, mountains, desert…we can even go skiing if we want. How about…”
Jean-Luc growled and cupped a breast, gently pinching the nipple. Beverly gasped.

Knowing if he stopped she would launch into more descriptions of the planet, he turned her onto her back and kissed her deeply. His hands kneaded her breasts and the Doctor responded enthusiastically, arching her back and moaning. Using his knees, he encouraged her to part her legs and he knelt between them, his mouth descending from her lips to her neck, then down to her breasts where he lavished each swollen nipple.

He kissed his way down her torso and nuzzled her folds, his fingers spreading her and gently caressing her. As he slipped two fingers inside her, his tongue feathered over her clitoris.

Beverly cried out and clutched at his head. Intent on his mission, Jean-Luc increased the force of his thrusting fingers and strengthened the contact with his tongue. Beverly writhed on the bed her voice one continuous moan.

Feeling her begin to contract around his fingers, he inserted a third and sucked her turgid bud into his mouth. It was enough. Beverly shrieked and flexed before shuddering, her body rhythmically jerking as Jean-Luc coaxed two more orgasms from her. He tapered his caresses and tenderly kissed her folds before rising to lie beside her. Taking her in his arms, he spoke softly in his native tongue as she fell asleep.

Jean-Luc smiled and settled himself, smugly satisfied that he would now have an uninterrupted sleep.








Beverly was still asleep when Jean-Luc showered in the morning. He’d set the table and programmed the replicator before she showed signs of stirring. He replicated a pot of coffee and poured two cups, taking one and holding it near her nose. Her mew of appreciation made him smile.

“Are you going to wake up?”

She stretched and sighed.

“Do I have to?”

“No…but if I know you as well as I think I do, your stomach will soon be letting you know it’s breakfast time.”

Opening her eyes, she wrinkled her nose.

“Oh all right.”

She sat up and took the offered cup. They sipped in silence for a while before Beverly frowned.

“I know what you did last night.”

Feigning innocence, Jean-Luc adopted a look of confusion.

“I beg you pardon?”

With a look of frank disbelief, Beverly scowled.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about! You deliberately seduced me to keep me quiet.”

Jean-Luc’s mouth opened in mock outrage.

“As if I would do such a thing! Beverly…really.”

“Don’t give me that you rogue. Admit it…you wanted to sleep and I was keeping you awake, so you decided to do the only thing you knew that would make me sleep.”

His face slipped and a grin appeared.

“Are you complaining?”

She sniffed disdainfully and raised her head imperiously.

“Well…not exactly.”

Jean-Luc, having finished his coffee, rose and placed his cup on the table. Judging what he thought was a safe distance he muttered,

“Besides…it worked didn’t it?”

The pillow hit him in the back of his head. He turned to find himself nose to nose with his lover. In an amused voice he said softly,

“So you’re up then.”

Her finger poked him in the chest.

“Stop being so insufferably smug!”

He took her in his arms and kissed her, robbing her of any further anger. When they parted she sighed and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Damn you, you arrogant, pompous, sexy, wonderful man.”

He smiled with deep satisfaction and stroked her hair.

“Why don’t you shower? I have breakfast under control.”


When she emerged, Jean-Luc guided her to her seat and brought the hot croissants and fresh coffee to the table.

They enjoyed a leisurely meal before Beverly quietly asked,

“Jean-Luc…have you come to any decisions?”

He looked up, frowning in confusion.

“About what?”

“Your future. You said some time ago you weren’t sure what you’d do…resign or keep going. Have you decided?”

In silence Jean-Luc wiped his mouth then gently placed the serviette on the table. Sighing, he shook his head.

“No I haven’t decided. To be honest I haven’t been thinking about it. I’ve been so happy being with you…I seem to have devoted all my thoughts to learning how our new relationship works.”

Beverly smiled and offered her hand.

“Well I suppose you have plenty of time, but just out of curiosity…do you have a gut feeling?”

Jean-Luc lowered his head and frowned.

“A gut feeling? If I remember exactly how I felt when I left then it’s pretty cut and dried, but in fairness I think I should give it more thought…see if I can look at it dispassionately, make an unemotional decision.”

“That’s fair enough. Starfleet has taken so much of your life…you’ve dedicated yourself to it and its ideals…do you think you can live without it?”

He smiled and tilted his head.

“I have you…I need nothing else.”

Beverly flushed and tears glittered in her eyes. Jean-Luc took a big breath and caught her eyes.

“Tell me Beverly, to help me in my thoughts…would you consider rejoining and returning to the Enterprise?”

Drawing one leg up and resting her chin on her knee, Beverly frowned.

“No I don’t think so. Although reconciling with you and forming our new relationship remedied the greater part of my problem, there is still the professional disquiet. I’m still unsure what I want, but I know it’s not serving in Starfleet.”

“Not even as head of Medical?”

Shaking her head, her eyes bored into his.

“No. I don’t want regimentation or hierarchy in my life any more.”

He nodded.

“I understand. What will we do if I decide to return?”

Sadness filled her eyes and she shrugged. Her voice was small.

“I don’t know.”

Hating the look of desolate grief on her face, Jean-Luc rose and knelt beside her, wrapping his arms around her.

“Well for now I suggest we forget about it and concentrate on deciding where we should go on Pacifica. How about it…beach or mountains?”

Sniffing back her tears, Beverly hugged her lover.

“I love you Jean-Luc…never forget that.”

He kissed her with remarkable tenderness.

“And I love you mon coeur.”








In the end they settled on a compromise. They spent three weeks in a secluded cabin in the mountains, three weeks in a bungalow on an isolated island then decided they would like to be around other people and spent two weeks at a ski resort in the snowfields. It was at this resort, late one evening that Beverly found herself wrapped in her lover’s arms. They were sitting on a plush rug in front of a large fireplace in which burned a healthy blaze. They had spent the evening dining and dancing and now, showered and tired after their day on the snow, they were dressed in nothing but robes and enjoying a snifter of brandy. Beverly closed her eyes and leaned back on Jean-Luc’s muscular chest.

“This is nice.”


Beverly chuckled quietly.

“As much as I like skiing and the crisp cold, there’s nothing quite like sitting in front of an open fire.”

Jean-Luc sighed happily and nuzzled her neck.

“As far as I’m concerned…I couldn’t be happier.”

The Doctor snorted.

“Jean-Luc I think you’d be happy wherever we were. We could be in a tent in the middle of the glacier and you’d be delirious.”

“Only because I’m with you.”

Beverly turned her head and kissed him. He smiled and hugged her.

“I’ve been thinking.”

Staring back at the fire, Beverly blinked.

“Oh? About what?”

“I think I would like to go the chateau.”

Sitting up, Beverly turned and looked closely into his eyes.

“You want to go home?”

He nodded and sighed.

“Yes…it’s been a long time and something in me is tugging. Would you like that?”

Still watching him carefully, Beverly softly asked,

“Where would we stay? At the chateau or in LaBarre?”

“The chateau I think.”

“Is Marie still there?”

Jean-Luc looked into the flames and nodded.

“Yes. She’s hired a manager…the business is still running…quite well from what I can gather.”

Pursing her lips, the Doctor shrugged.

“And she wouldn’t mind?”

Jean-Luc smiled and ran his finger down her face.

“No. You must remember I own half of the vineyard…and it’s my ancestral home. Marie welcomed me in the past, in fact she was very careful to let me know I would always be welcome. I can’t see any problems.”

Beverly’s small smile warmed his heart.

“Ok then. When do you want to go?”

“Well I’ll have to contact Marie of course, but if possible…tomorrow afternoon. It’ll take a week to reach Earth…have you had enough of the snow?”

Turning around and resuming her former comfortable position, Beverly nodded.

“Uh huh.”

“And you don’t mind leaving?”



He hugged her and again nuzzled the soft skin under her ear. Beverly mewed in appreciation and rested her head back on his sturdy broad shoulder.

Jean-Luc’s hands lazily undid the tie of her robe and slowly opened the garment, his eyes feasting on the view of the flickering reddish light from the fire dancing over her alabaster skin. He trailed his fingers up her stomach to her breasts gently cupping and pinching out her hardening nipples. Beverly moaned softly and he gently bit her exposed neck. When her nipples were swollen and hard, he drifted one hand down her torso and swirled tantalisingly in the copper curls of her mons. Beverly uncrossed her legs and opened them, bending her knees and planting her feet. Sliding his fingers down, he parted her labia and slipped his hand over her folds, massaging and flexing his fingers. As his hands worked their magic, his mouth nibbled and sucked her neck, occasionally biting her earlobe and tracing the inner whorls with his tongue.

Beverly’s hands fisted in her open robe, her gasps and moans burning Jean-Luc’s ears and causing his erection to stiffen. He slipped his fingers through her folds and teased her by sliding around her clitoris and pushing just a little way inside her.

“Oh Jean-Luc…yes…more…please more…”

As the fingers of his left hand played with her nipples, his right hand employed itself gainfully. Very slowly he slid two fingers inside her and teased her clitoris with his thumb, just brushing it with the barest of touches. Beverly’s hips began to lift and her back arched. Her voice was a ragged whisper.

“Yes! More…please Jean-Luc…make me come…please…”

He sucked her earlobe into his mouth and gently bit it as he fingers began to thrust. Releasing the soft lobe, his deep baritone pervaded her senses.

“I love to see you like this…aroused…wet…wanting so much to come…do you want it Beverly? Do you want to come?”

Beverly groaned loudly and gripped his arms.

“Oh God yes! Quickly Jean-Luc…please…please…”

“Very well mon coeur…come for me.”

Pushing his fingers in and out of her, he swiped his thumb over her clitoris firmly and pinched her nipple.

Beverly’s body lifted off the rug and she cried out, her fingers digging into his arms. Again, then again he drew the climaxes from her before gently ceasing and laying her down on the rug. He stroked her face and kissed her until her eyes opened and she smiled. Her hands opened his robe and pushed it from his shoulders. Sitting up, he took it off and returned to her. She kissed him passionately and whispered in his ear,

“I want you inside me.”

He gently kneaded her breast and lowered his head to take her nipple in his mouth. Beverly gripped his shoulders and urged him to cover her body with his. He obliged and when she reached down and gripped him, he closed his eyes and groaned.

“Open you eyes Jean-Luc…I want to watch you.”

He obeyed her, staring at her intently as his throbbing penis slid slowly inside her. Beverly lifted her legs and gripped him around his waist. She felt his testicles against her buttocks and gasped as he ground himself against her. He withdrew slowly and held himself above her before equally slowly sliding back into her. His voice was husky with desire and very deep.

“I’m going to make you scream.”

Before Beverly could say anything he kissed her savagely, all the while sustaining the maddeningly slow rhythm below. The Doctor moaned into his mouth, her hips rocking against him. After ten minutes of this exquisite torture Beverly started to clutch at his shoulders in desperate need. Tearing her mouth from his she pleaded,

“Don’t Jean-Luc…don’t make me wait…you’re teasing me…please…please…faster…harder…more…”

He lifted his head and stared down at her sweating face.

“Am I teasing you my love? Tell me again…how do you want it?”

Beverly bit her lips and gasped as a particularly deep thrust caused a thrill of electricity to course through her nerve ends.

“Faster…harder…give yourself to me Jean-Luc…I want all of you.”

He bent low and bit her neck.

“Then you shall have me my love…I am yours.”

He suddenly did as she asked. With vigorous, long hard thrusts, he raised himself up on his arms and locked eyes with her.

Writhing beneath him, Beverly gripped his biceps and whimpered as her body registered the approach of a shattering orgasm. Suddenly stiffening, she drew in a large breath and screamed as the climax flooded her senses and obliterated all thought. Jean-Luc, his teeth clenched and his mind reeling, lost himself as his own orgasm surged through him, his universe narrowing down to the rhythmic pulsing that radiated out from his groin and encompassed his body and mind.

Minutes passed and still their bodies resounded with the echoes of their passion. With waves of trembling and spikes of sensation, the couple slowly recovered.

Beverly opened her eyes to find Jean-Luc’s head buried in the crook of her neck. He was panting and sweat trickled down his body. Lifting tired arms she lightly ran her fingers down his back. He sighed shakily and raised his head, catching her gaze. She smiled crookedly and kissed him.

“You were right.”

He lifted his eyebrow and tilted his head.

“How so?”

“You made me scream.”

He smiled and kissed her with tender care.

“So I did.”

He kissed her again then gently rolled to his side, taking her with him. Beverly rested her head on his arm and sighed.

“I don’t believe it.”

He frowned slightly.

“What don’t you believe?”

“You’re going to get me to sleep on the floor again with you.”

He chuckled and hugged her close.

“It’s just as well. Neither of us has the energy to make it to the bed.”

Beverly snuggled into his body and sighed.

“I’m getting too old for this.”

He snorted and chuckled.

“That’s not the impression I got fifteen minutes ago.”

Beverly sighed expansively.

“I meant sleeping on the floor you insufferable egoist…although I do freely admit you’re totally responsible for my current inability to function…not that I’m complaining mind you, it’s just that I think people of our ages should confine this sort of activity to a nice soft bed.”

“That’s a load of bullshit Beverly and you know it. We wanted each other and the opportunity was there. Who gives a damn where it is? You certainly didn’t mind being out in the open on the beach, on the bluff or more recently by the river. Face it. Your libido easily matches mine and when you want it nothing is going to stop you…or me.”

Beverly’s frown gave way to a smile. Snuggling further into his embrace, she nuzzled him.

“I was surprised at the strength of your capacity for sex. How on Earth did you keep it under control for so long?

He sighed and kissed her forehead.

“I lived the life of a loner by choice Beverly. I had a few lovers, but the truth is I loved you and while my few partners provided relief, they didn’t touch my heart…or my soul. There were times when I resorted to masturbation, quite often actually, however it was only a physical release. I suppose I learned, over a long period of time, to push aside my desire, because quite frankly I thought the object of my passion was unattainable.”

The Doctor sighed and stroked his face.

“Well if it’s any consolation it was a very similar scenario for me too. Like you, I had a few lovers, but there was always something missing…something intangible. The sex served a purpose but left me…untouched. And, also like you, masturbation filled the gap. I will confess though…you were always in my thoughts when I did it.”

He smiled wistfully and closed his eyes.

“Oh Beverly…my mind would furnish such images of you…it’s just as well I have an artificial heart. A real one would have succumbed.”

Beverly chuckled and idly ran her fingers through his chest hair.

“Well hopefully we have plenty of time to explore our mutual fantasies. However…in the mean time I intend to get some sleep.”

“Agreed. I’ll help you to bed later.”

She entwined her legs with his and sighed.

“I’m counting on it.”

Five minutes later they were both softly snoring.







Three days into their journey to Earth, Beverly was setting the table as Jean-Luc made contact with the Enterprise. It was evening in their cycle and Beverly smiled as she heard Will’s delighted laugh.

“She’s still with you?”

The Captain scowled.

“Are you suggesting there’s a reason she wouldn’t be?”

Sobering, Will schooled his features.

“Ah…no Captain, of course not.”

Mollified, Jean-Luc gestured to Beverly and she joined him at the screen.

“Hello Will.”

“Beverly! How the hell are you?”

Grinning, the Doctor brushed her hair back.

“I’m fine. How’s everybody?”

Will glanced to his left, his blue eyes twinkling.

“I’ll let Deanna tell you.”

Jean-Luc rose and gave up his seat. Standing behind his lover, he gently gripped her shoulders.

“Beverly…it’s so good to see you! You look wonderful.”

The Doctor chuckled delightedly.

“Now let me see. Data has taken up the clarinet and is fascinated by Benny Goodman. Geordi is dating a Lieutenant from biology. Will and I are happy, although mother now knows about us and is being a pest…by the way, she wants to know where the Captain is and generally the ship is fine and it’s a case of situation normal.”

Smiling, Beverly nodded.

“Still doing those mind-numbing pointless missions?”

Deanna’s face fell and she sighed.

“Oh yes. There seems to be no end of squabbling and obsequiousness. Some times Will gets so angry…I think a phaser would be more effective on some of the people we’ve had to deal with. So, tell me…what have you been doing since you left?”

Beverly sat back, smiling with relief as Jean-Luc gently massaged her shoulders. Crossing her legs, she took a large breath.

“Well I sort of kept busy. I ended up visiting several planets…I never stayed long and eventually found myself marooned on an out of the way planet a very long way from Federation space. I was recuperating from some injuries when the Captain found me.”

“And since then?”

Casting her lover a gentle look, Beverly smiled slyly.

“Oh we’ve been here and there, you know, just relaxing. We spent eight weeks on Pacifica…that was nice.”

Deanna’s smile was beatific.

“And now? What are your plans?”

Beverly tilted her head and looked up at her lover. Jean-Luc’s voice was soft.

“We’re going to my home on Earth for an extended period of time.”

Deanna’s surprise was well stifled.

“Oh? That’s interesting. The Enterprise may be returning to McKinley for some upgrades in about a month. Perhaps we may get to see you both?”

Jean-Luc smiled and nodded.


Beverly turned her attention back to the screen.

“Well we’re about to have dinner. I’ll contact you again once we’re on Earth.”

The two women said their goodbyes and Beverly stood, relinquishing her seat to Jean-Luc. Will reappeared and the men spoke at length about the ship while Beverly replicated their meal.  She seated herself and waited as Jean-Luc severed the connection. He took his seat at the table and looked lovingly into Beverly’s eyes.

“You made Deanna happy.”

Her smile wistful, Beverly sighed.

“I owe her an explanation…I left without saying goodbye, I never answered her messages and I wouldn’t let her help me when I should have. It’s a wonder she’s still talking to me.”

Jean-Luc shook out his serviette and placed it over his thigh.

“Well it seems she’s forgiven you.”

Beverly frowned.


They ate in silence and over coffee Jean-Luc said softly,

“Beverly I understand why you ran, but why did you place yourself in ever increasing situations of danger?”

The Doctor stared into her cup as if the dark liquid held her answers. After some seconds of silence she sighed.

“We spent years avoiding the attraction between us…quashing our feelings and trying to pretend we were nothing but close friends. I suppose I wanted to feel again…experience the rush of emotions that I had been so savagely suppressing for so long. That it manifested itself as fear and desperation is a by-product I guess…I wouldn’t allow myself to think of you, as I’ve told you it simply caused too much pain.”

Jean-Luc refilled his cup and blew softly on the contents before taking a sip.

“You also told me you contemplated death. Are you sure that didn’t have some part of it?”

Placing her cup on the table, she gently traced her fingers around the rim.

“Perhaps, although I was so absorbed in what I was doing, the danger around me was of little consequence. I suppose the fact I was drawn to increasingly dangerous situations speaks loudly of my mental state, but I felt I was doing something worthwhile…my personal safety never entered my mind.”

Jean-Luc sniffed and cradled his cup in both hands.

“Well I think it’s moot now anyway. We’re together and happy. Let’s put it behind us and look to the future.”

Beverly gave him a long speculative look.

“The future Jean-Luc? We haven’t exactly settled that yet.”

He sighed.

“I know…give me the time I need.”

Her troubled eyes cleared and she smiled.

“You take all the time you require my love, I’ll wait.”

He rose and walked to her side, taking her hand and coaxing her to stand. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her with exquisite tenderness.

“I don’t deserve you.”

Beverly chuckled softly and nuzzled his neck.

“I know.”


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