A Call To love

A Call To love

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


With not enough information about a new potential trading partner, Picard and Crusher attend an away mission that goes very wrong. Picard is badly injured. An old enemy offers help that compromises Picard's ethics.


With not enough information about a new potential trading partner, Picard and Crusher attend an away mission that goes very wrong. Picard is badly injured.
An old enemy offers help that compromises Picard's ethics.

Chapter1 (v.1) - A Call To love

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With not enough information about a new potential trading partner, Picard and Crusher attend an away mission that goes very wrong. Picard is badly injured.<br /> An old enemy offers help that compromises Picard's ethics.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 18, 2012



A Call To Love.



Sweat soaked his body, his white fencing outfit damp and uncomfortable yet Jean-Luc Picard ignored it. His tense muscles quivered slightly as he held his pose, left arm back and raised, right arm cocked, the foil balanced perfectly in his hand. His legs were apart, his body side on, the right bent and the left straight out behind him. The small black ball, suspended from the ceiling of the simulated studio slowly swung in ever decreasing arcs until it rested in line with his foil. With a well-practiced lunge, he struck the ball, then held motionless as the sphere arced away then returned to strike the tip of the foil perfectly with a dull thunk.

He reset his pose and settled to wait until the ball stopped again. A bead of sweat trickled down his forehead and gathered in his eyebrow. The droplet grew in size until it overflowed the sable ridge and slid down his damp skin into his eye. Ignoring the stinging, he blinked twice, his pose unaffected. His helmet lay on the bench with his towel and bag, for this exercise he didn’t need it. For over three hours he’d been executing a series of demanding drills, pushing his body to the limits of both endurance and skill.

The present exercise had been in progress for an hour but he would not cease until he’d completed five hundred reps.

He regulated his breathing and put aside the sensation of burning muscles.

“Four hundred and ninety-eight. Two more. Concentrate.”

The ball stilled and he sharpened his mind.


He lunged and the ball swung sweetly away, not a hint of deflection. Holding his pose until the ball returned and struck the foil, he withdrew and blinked as more sweat infiltrated his eyes.

“One more then you can rest. Concentrate.”

A cramp began to develop in the arch of his right foot. Savagely suppressing the pain, he pressed his weight forward and pushed the muscles into submission. The ball stilled and he gathered himself. Allowing a quiet grunt, he lunged and growled with satisfaction as the ball arced back then swept down and hit the point of the foil.

He slowly lowered his arms and brought himself upright. Lolling his head back on his neck, he took a large breath and swallowed. Taking off his left glove, he wiped his hand over his face as he walked stiffly to his towel. After drying his face and neck, he did some warm-down stretches and packed away his foil. Turning to face the brightly lit studio he called out quietly,

“Computer run programme Picard eight Omega.”

The studio disappeared to be replaced by a darkened room, a single overhead light illuminating a massage table. To one side stood a man, his head bowed. Jean-Luc placed his bag, foil case and towel on a chair and stripped off his clothing. Naked, he approached the table and laid himself face down. The holodeck recreation took a small bottle and drizzled the contents down the middle of the Captain’s back. He then coated his hands in the oil and Jean-Luc sighed as the man’s strong hands started on his tense shoulders.

Although at times considerably painful, Jean-Luc had long ago trained himself to relax during the massage and was almost dozing when the man said very quietly.

“Turn over please.”

Obeying his masseur, the Captain slowly flopped onto his back and squinted at the light. His voice a mumble, he said,

“Computer lower lighting level fifty percent.”

His eyes opened as the light faded and he allowed himself to drift as the talented man wrestled his tight muscles into submission.

In all, the massage took almost an hour. At its end, Jean-Luc was limp from his head to his toes, including to the tips of his fingers. The man retreated into the shadows and Jean-Luc sighed expansively but, although his body was relaxed, his mind was not. It hummed with tension. He closed his eyes and said softly,

“Computer initiate phase two.”

He tensed when the soft hands touched his thighs. Opening his eyes, he watched as a beautiful red headed woman used the residual oil in his skin to slide her hands up to his groin and over his hips. She was dressed in a sapphire blue dress, cut dangerously low in the front and slit high up both sides. Her cerulean eyes were hooded and her full lips curled in a sultry smile. Her hands slid up his chest, tugging in his body hair and he closed his eyes again. Her fingers teased out his nipples and he sighed, feeling the beginnings of arousal.

She dallied at his tightening nipples, before her hands left his chest and wandered down his flat stomach to tease his stiffening erection She lifted his growing penis and laid it on his lower belly and when she ran her tongue up the underside, Jean-Luc growled softly. She took the head into her mouth and sucked lightly as her fingers continued to tease the shaft and his testicles. Her tongue ran around the rim and pushed into the slit making Jean-Luc groan and thrust.

He had instilled into this programme a vast amount of information about male sexuality and fellatio specifically but he wasn’t in the mood to allow her full rein. His holodeck creation was breathtakingly skilled and talented, however his need was powerful…and immediate.

A well-endowed man, he was now fully erect and highly aroused. The woman relaxed her throat and slid his penis into her mouth and with remarkable control, contracted the muscles of her throat to massage him erotically. His body, so recently soothed, stiffened as he raised his upper body to grip her head. With one hand squeezing the base of his penis, the other gently palpated his testicles. It had been many months since he’d indulged in this programme and his control began to slip. She sensed his urgency and quickened her movements, sliding him in and out of the depths of her mouth, all the while sucking and lavishing him with her tongue.

His head suddenly arched back on his neck and he cried out softly, the muscles of his body cording with effort. The woman took him deep into her throat and held still as he emptied himself into her. For several moments he stayed in a rictus of ecstasy, his body bowed, then he slowly began to relax. When he was again lying quietly on the table, the woman gently slid his softening penis from her mouth and tenderly kissed it. She then withdrew into the shadows.

His mouth ajar and his mind at peace, The Captain stayed on the table for a further fifteen minutes before slowly rising and moving over to the chair. He opened his bag and took out some clean sweat pants, a T-shirt and some sandals. Once dressed, he folded and packed his fencing clothes and picked up the case then turned back towards the table.

“Computer end programme and save.”

The dark room morphed into the cavernous black and yellow grided holodeck. He walked over to the far wall and crouched, wiping up the small pool of semen with his towel.

“Computer unlock door, Holodeck four.”

Satisfied, he left the room and made his way back to his quarters.

The doors to his cabin sighed open and he strode through, softly calling,

“Computer what is the time?”

“Oh one twenty-seven.”

He grunted and went straight to his bedroom, tossing his fencing outfit and towel into the cleaner. After stowing his foil, he then stepped into the bathroom, stripped and entered the shower. Five minutes later he was putting on his silk shorts. He put away his bag, placed his sweat pants and T-shirt in the cleaner and slid into bed. Lying on his back with one arm over his eyes, he sighed and relaxed his body.

“Computer lights off.”
He was asleep in under ten minutes, for him a remarkable feat.








The dream that awakened her had been highly erotic. It was a recurring theme, one where she and the Captain indulged in the steamiest lovemaking she could imagine. Beverly Crusher lifted her hands to her face and groaned in frustration. Aroused beyond reason, her hands left her face and fell to her body, quickly bringing her the relief she sought.

Panting in the resolution of her climax, tears of frustration slid down her flushed face. She was still aroused, her actions of only moments before had done little to quench the blaze that burned within her. The dreams had once been uncommon, something almost amusing when they occurred, but over the past few months they had invaded her sleep with ever increasing frequency, disturbing both her rest and her peace of mind. That she dreamed so erotically of Jean-Luc rankled her. For many years she’d harboured deep feelings for her Captain and best friend, feelings she knew had matured into love. Knowing this and knowing what to do about it was, however, something that vexed her. Eighteen months previous, Jean-Luc had offered to take their platonic relationship to a more intimate level…and she turned him down. That he loved her was just another complication to an already convoluted connection. She had feared ruining their precious friendship and she wasn’t going to risk over thirty years of mutual support and love by giving in to her formidable desire.

However…as she lay in her bed, her resolve crumbled. Sitting up and hugging her pillow, her shaky voice shattered the silence of her bedroom.

“Computer, location of Captain Picard?”

“Captain Picard is in his quarters.”

“Is he asleep?”


Flopping back onto the bed, Beverly curled onto her side and groaned.

“Oh shit! Godammit Jean-Luc…I need you…now!”

In the darkness she reached over to her side table and fumbled with the top drawer. Her hand fell on the object she sought and she quickly stripped off her nightie and panties. She spent the next half an hour using her favourite toy, trying to relieve the emptiness of unresolved sexual tension. In the end, it was exhaustion that took her into a turbulent sleep. Her desire went unmet.









Jean-Luc groaned in his sleep, his face tight with tension. In his unconscious state, his hand slipped under the waistband of his shorts, gripping his erection and starting a quick stroking. In his dream he was making love to the only woman he’d ever truly loved and she was wantonly urging him to bring her to orgasm. He began to pant, sweat forming over his body. He gasped and groaned out her name…


He rolled onto his back and pushed his shorts down. Approaching his climax he thrust his hips and gritted his teeth.

“Riker to Picard.”

His hand stilled automatically but his head shook in dismay. Swallowing, he attempted to gain control of his breathing. Nevertheless his deep voice was ragged.

“Picard here.”

There was a momentary silence followed by a concerned,

“Captain…are you all right?”

With his hand still gripping his throbbing, straining penis, Jean-Luc screwed his eyes shut, concentrating on keeping his voice even.

“I’m fine Number One. What can I do for you?”

Not fully convinced, Commander Will Riker continued.

“Sorry to wake you Captain, but we’ve had a communiqué from S’Runnin. They wish to bring the mediation forward and as we’re due to arrive in four hours, I thought you’d like to move the briefing up and hour or two.”
Jean-Luc grimaced and let go of his penis, making a concerted effort to relax.

“That sounds fair Number one. Please inform the senior staff, I’ll meet with you at oh seven hundred.”

“Aye Captain, Riker out.”

He lay quietly for some minutes willing his erection to subside. Unsuccessful, he snorted with frustration and slipped his shorts off before exiting the bed and going to the bathroom. Deliberately ignoring the hot water, he stepped into a vigorous shower of cold water, gasping as the spray his chest. He grabbed the soap and brusquely began to wash but his erection persisted. Unable to disregard it any longer, he grunted and added hot water, sighing at the warm comfort. As the comfortably hot soapy water cascaded down his body, the sensation of the liquid flowing over his sensitive genitals proved to be too much. Bowing to the inevitable, he braced one hand against the shower stall wall and gripped himself with the other, quickly bringing himself to orgasm and stifling a cry when it happened. Supporting himself with the hand against the wall, he rested his head on his hand and sighed. Masturbation was nothing new to Jean-Luc, a solitary man, he’d had scarce lovers over the years, but that didn’t stop his mind from furnishing images of his beloved Beverly, perversely tormenting and delighting him. When the tension became too great, too profound for masturbation to ease, he used his Holodeck creation to lessen his need. That the created woman bore a remarkable likeness to Beverly was not lost on the Captain but he was helpless in his desire for her.

What troubled him this morning however was that he’d indulged in the programme that very night. He should have been calmer, less likely to need release again so soon. That he should dream of her so vividly…and be so thoroughly aroused that he’d had to resort to masturbating was a concern…one that he was nonplussed over.

He finished his shower and dried himself, shaving and dressing while his mind turned the problem over. He was no further in solving the niggling anomaly when a very pleasant and welcome voice was heard.

“Crusher to Picard.”

Smiling and pushing his disturbing thoughts aside, Jean-Luc replied,

“Picard here. Good morning Beverly.”

“Good morning to you too Jean-Luc.”

“What can I do for you?”

“Well seeing as how the briefing’s been moved up…how would you like an early breakfast companion?”

His smile widened into a rare full grin.

“That would be lovely Beverly.”

“Great! I’ll see you in a couple of minutes. Crusher out.”

Straightening up his bed, Jean-Luc went straight into his dining area and had just replicated some hot croissants when his door chimed.


His back was to his visitor but he knew who it was as soon as he smelled her perfume. When her hands went around his waist, he briefly closed his eyes with happiness.

“Want some help?”

He turned and smiled softly, an expression Beverly recognised he reserved for her alone.

“You could get the butter and preserves. I’ll put these on the table then I’ll get the coffee.”

Nodding and returning the private smile, Beverly did as he asked and very quickly they were sitting down to their meal.

Tearing her croissant apart, Beverly was buttering it when she asked,

“So why the early briefing?”

Chewing, Jean-Luc held up his hand and swallowed.

“The junta on S’Runnin have sent a communiqué…they want to bring forward the mediation. With that in mind Will thought it would be expedient to move the briefing up.”

Beverly nodded, sipping her coffee.

“Are you ready?”

He smiled ruefully.
“Oh I suppose. We don’t know all that much about the S’Run, however we do know they’re willing to aide the Federation with supplies of the most pure dilithium we’ve ever seen. Federation scientists predict this dilithium will lead to improved propulsion systems…it could take us forward years in quantum mechanics.”

Beverly nodded her understanding but frowned.

“Still, isn’t there an inherent danger in aligning ourselves with a species we know so little about? I can’t believe there won’t be a hefty price to pay for their generosity, after all altruism is a rare commodity I’ve found.”

Finished eating, Jean-Luc sat back, sipping his coffee and sighing as his eyes saddened.

“Oh I agree with you, but the truth is the Federation isn’t in a position to turn the offer down. All we can hope for is that my mediation will open the door between us and, if all goes well, forge a lasting relationship with them.”

Pursing her lips, Beverly nodded. They sat in companionable silence before Beverly drew a deep breath.

“Jean-Luc…there’s something I want to talk to you about.”

His eyebrows rose and he smiled.

“Oh? And what is that?”

Swallowing and with very large butterflies in her stomach, Beverly’s mouth went dry.

“It’s about you and me.”

His face immediately sobered and his eyes glittered. His voice was a mere whisper.

“Go on.”

Her eyes holding his, she prayed for courage.

“For some time now I have been aware of deepening feelings for you…I’ve been having these dreams…erotic dreams…and I want to tell you…”

“Data to Picard.”

Both officers jumped and Jean-Luc scowled. Closing his eyes he answered,

“I’m rather busy right now Mr.Data. What is it?”

“Sorry to disturb you Captain but the S’Run have contacted us again. They have some important stipulations you should be made aware of.”

“Very well Data. Do they require a reply?”

“Yes Sir, however they are willing to wait.”

“Fine Data I’ll look into it at the briefing. Picard out.”

He looked at Beverly to find her with head lowered and hands clasped in her lap.

“You were saying?”

She looked up, about to resume when the computer interrupted.

“Captain Picard the mission briefing is due to start in five minutes.”

Gritting his teeth, the Captain ground out.


He saw movement and lifted his head. Beverly was standing and turning to the door. His quiet voice stopped her.

“Beverly I very much want to hear what it is you wish to say. Perhaps we can have dinner together tonight and you can tell me then?”

She turned and smiled ruefully. Nodding, she beckoned with a jerk of her head.

“OK. Come on I’ll walk you to the observation room.”

He smiled warmly and met her at the door. Together they went to the meeting.









Jean-Luc looked around the long table at his assembled senior staff and sighed with satisfaction. With all eyes upon him, he softly said,

“Well Data what is it I need to know.”

Data set his hands on the tabletop and blinked twice.

“The latest communiqué consists of a request that you present yourself in the company of a…mate…Captain.”

Jean-Luc frowned and sat forward.

“A mate? Explain.”

Data shrugged.

“I cannot Sir. They wish to see dossiers on both you and your…mate. I do not know the purpose of such a request.”

“And they’re waiting for our reply?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Sitting back and steepling his fingers under his chin, Jean-Luc’s gaze settled on Commander Deanna Troi, ship’s Counsellor. She held his gaze calmly.

“Counsellor you are aware I habitually take you on missions such as this. I’ve found your empathic skills invaluable…however I’m not sure either of us wants you to be considered my…mate. What are your thoughts on the matter?”

With a gentle smile, Deanna pushed her dark hair back.

“Well Captain given that we don’t know what they wish of us there is a very real chance we could end up in a delicate situation. However this mission is of vital importance. I don’t see why we can’t present ourselves as mates, after all it’s only for the duration of the mediation.”

The Captain pursed his lips and frowned.

“While I agree with you Deanna, I am concerned about the glaring lack of information about these people.”

He rubbed his fingers over his lower lip then nodded once.

“Very well. Mr.Data transmit a copy of both our Starfleet profiles. That should furnish them with all they need to know about us.”
“Aye Sir.”

Data’s fingers danced over the tabletop console. Nodding to his Captain his voice was soft.

“Sent Sir.”

“Fine. Now Data tell me what we do know about these people.”

Data’s head tilted and his hands clasped.

“The S’Run were discovered in this sector by the Supply under the command of Captain Patrick Hargraves three years ago. They are warp capable and their level of technology rivals that of the Federation. Contact was made successfully however the S’Run preferred to be left alone. Eight months ago, Captain L’Kol of the Brisbane received a message from a S’Run ship requesting assistance. Aid was duly rendered and an invitation was extended to Captain L’Kol to beam down to the home planet to meet with the ruling government. There was useful dialogue and Captain L’Kol came away with the offer of dilithium and a sample for our scientists.

We know that a junta has recently taken government and it appears the population is happy with the current situation. Starfleet was contacted ten days ago with a request for a mediator. It seems some former government members are insisting on positions within the new government and an impasse has developed. I get the impression these conflicts may well have been resolved with mortal combat in the past, but exposure to Starfleet and the Federation and it’s tenets has apparently altered their approach.”

Data pressed some controls and an image appeared on the wall screen.

“As you can see, the S’Run are a very large species by Human standards. Standing two point five metres tall, both male and female are heavily muscled and immensely powerful. Their planet has stronger gravity than we would expect and their atmosphere is oxygen rich, however it will sustain Human life.”

Jean-Luc studied the images on the screen and suppressed a shudder. Turning his chair to face his staff, he began to speak.

“Thank you Data. Now I…”
”Captain Picard there is a message coming up from the planet.”

“Thank you Lieutenant, please route it to the Observation Room.”

“Aye Captain. It’s audio only Sir.”

A deep gruff voice resounded through the speakers.

“Starship Enterprise this is Master Fendon. We accept Captain Jean-Luc Picard but not Counsellor Troi. We will not allow anyone with covert mental abilities. Captain Picard choose another mate.”

Jean-Luc was about to reply when Beverly quickly drew her finger across her throat. The Captain pressed a button and muted the connection.


“I’ll go with you Captain.”

Will Riker sat forward and frowned.

“Is that wise? You may be biting off more than you can chew Beverly.”

The Doctor sat back and gave him an appraising look.

“Who better than me to keep an eye on the Captain? If I’m allowed to take a med kit you can worry a little less.”

Jean-Luc listened to the debate with growing concern. His quiet voice cut them off.

“Doctor we still don’t know why they want…mates. Anything could happen.”

Staring directly into his eyes and displaying more confidence than she really felt, Beverly lifted her chin.

“Captain without you being able to take a security officer I think my suggestion is the most sound. I’ve received the same training in combat as any officer here and I reiterate that my position as a Doctor is an asset. I respectfully request you give me due consideration.”

Jean-Luc held her steady gaze then nodded once. His voice was soft and deep.

“Very well Doctor.”

Reactivating the channel, he raised his head and said firmly,

“Master Fendon I acknowledge your request and am sending you another profile. Stand by.”

Flicking his eyes to Data, Jean-Luc nodded. The android Second Officer quickly did his Captain’s bidding.

They waited in silence for seven minutes before Fendon’s voice was heard again.

“Starship Enterprise the Doctor Crusher has been accepted. You will both transport down in one Earth hour. Do not bring any weapons, communication devices or equipment; all your requirements will be met. Fendon out.”

Jean-Luc looked around the table.

“Mr.LaForge can we scan the planet?”
Geordi LaForge frowned, his blue ocular implants contracting.

“No Captain we can’t…and it’s highly unlikely we could keep a lock on you even if you were allowed to take your communicators.”

Will shook his head and scowled.

“I don’t like it. What about subdermal transponders? Maybe we could…”
Data shook his head.

“That would be unwise Commander. Captain L’Kol reported that he was thoroughly scanned when he went down to the planet. Any hidden devices would be found.”
Jean-Luc sighed.

“And that would endanger the mission. No in this instance we’ll have to yield. We may not like it; nevertheless it is what we have to do.”

The Captain placed his hands palm down on the table.

“Is there anything else?”

The assembled officers shook their heads and he smiled.

“Very well, dismissed. Will, I’d like to see you in the Ready Room.”

The big bearded man stood and nodded.

“Aye Captain.”

The officers filed out and Jean-Luc gently gripped Beverly’s arm, keeping her back. Once alone he looked deeply into her blue eyes.

“It’s not too late Beverly; you can stay on board if you wish.”

Smiling mischievously the Doctor poked his shoulder.

“Trying to get rid of me Jean-Luc?”

He returned the smile and shook his head.

“No, I just don’t want to place you in danger. This is an unknown situation we’re beaming down to and I would prefer it if you weren’t there.”

Beverly’s face softened and she smiled tenderly.

“Jean-Luc every time you beam down into one of these iffy situations I die a little inside. At least this way I can keep an eye on you. If anything were to happen to you Jean-Luc…I…”

Her eyes filled and she swallowed the lump in her throat.

He took her hands, his eyes glittering. His voice was very soft.

“Me too.”

She leaned forward and kissed him gently before suddenly leaving him. Over her shoulder she said,

“Call me when you’re ready to beam down.”

The doors closed on her retreating form and the Captain sighed.

“My God Beverly…how I love you.”








As Jean-Luc entered the Bridge, Will stood and smiled down at his Captain.

The two men made their way into the Ready Room and Jean-Luc busied himself obtaining a cup of his favourite Earl Grey tea before sitting at his desk and gesturing for his First Officer to sit.

“Will, I’m not at all sure how this mediation will go. Knowing so little about this species’ culture…their method of government…I’m effectively being asked to work blindfolded.”

Will nodded.

“I certainly don’t envy you Captain. How will you tackle it…on what will you base your decisions?”

Sighing, Jean-Luc raised his eyebrows and shrugged.

“I’ll know more when the mediation begins of course, but my gut feeling is I will be guided, as always, by the intrinsic principles of the Federation.  I will not, however, hold these people up to standards they might not be familiar with. I do feel encouraged by their seeming willingness to be open to new concepts…our very presence here at their request speaks to that.”

Will nodded, a pensive frown on his face.

“Still…it could become dangerous if they take umbrage at anything you offer.”

Jean-Luc’s eyes sharpened and he sat back.

“Out with it Number One…what’s on your mind?”

Smiling at his Captain’s perspicacity, the big man scratched his cheek.

“Captain, it’s bad enough you going down without a security detail…you know how I feel about that…but taking Beverly too? It’s a hell of a risk.”

The Captain rubbed his face and made an effort to relax.

“I do acknowledge your concerns Will, and to be brutally honest I don’t want Beverly to accompany me, but I am to present myself with a mate and given that we don’t know exactly what they mean by that, Beverly would seem to be a logical choice…and she’s quite correct Number One…her training is every bit as good as ours.”

Frustrated, Will snorted.

“I know that Captain but still…we’re operating in the dark here. What if..?”

Jean-Luc held up his hand, silencing the agitated man.

“It’s moot Will. Once we achieve orbit Beverly and I will beam down and as Starfleet officers we will do our job. Have a little faith.”

Will’s frown gave way to a rueful smile

“Aye, Captain.”

Sitting up, Jean-Luc pursed his lips.

“When do we achieve orbit?”

“Actually Sir we should be hearing…”

“Captain Picard we’re approaching S’Runnin.”

“Acknowledged. Slow to one quarter impulse.”

“Aye, Captain.”

The two men stood and exited the Ready Room. Jean-Luc took his seat in the Command chair and said quietly,

“Enter a standard orbit when ready.”

With unruffled efficiency the majestic ship took up her orbit of the planet, the Bridge officers admiring the beauty of the alien world from so high above.

His deep voice soft, Jean-Luc gained Will’s attention.
“Number One I would appreciate it if Engineering could find a way to scan the planet…unobtrusively of course. If you could find a way to detect our Human bio signs I would feel a little more secure.”

Smiling, Will nodded.

“I’ll get right on it, Captain.”

A ghost of a smile appeared and his eyes showed his affection for his stalwart Exec. Keeping his voice soft, Jean-Luc ordered,

“Tactical open a channel to the surface.”

Within seconds the young Lieutenant behind the Captain said quietly,

“Channel open Sir, but it’s audio only.”

Jean-Luc nodded his understanding and lifted his head.

“This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise. We have entered orbit and await your coordinates for transport.”

A deep male voice broke the quiet dignified atmosphere of the Bridge.

“This is Master Fendon. Coordinates are being sent. Be ready to transport in five minutes.”

The channel closed and tactical offered,

“We have the information, Captain. Re-routing to Transporter Room three.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant. Picard to Crusher.”

“Crusher here.”

“Doctor meet me in Transporter Room three immediately. Picard out.”

Jean-Luc and Will left the Bridge and met with Beverly in the Transporter Room. Beverly took her place on the pad and the Captain turned to Will handing him their communicators.

“Well Number One, the ship is yours.”

Will straightened and smiled.

“Aye Captain. Good luck.”

The last thing Will heard from his Captain was his deep quiet voice ordering,









The Enterprise officers rematerialised in a dimly lit large room, the ceiling and walls of which were adorned with intricate paintings. Standing before the receiving pad was a being of immense proportions. Dark mahogany in colour, she was clad in trousers and shirt, the material fine and of muted colours. Her bare muscular forearms were covered in tattoos and through both wrists a spike of what appeared to be a shiny metal protruded. Through the fabric of her shirt, four breasts moved as she bowed deeply.

“Captain Picard, Doctor Crusher, welcome to S’Runnin. I am Lady Hak, Master Fendon’s mate. Please come with me.”

Stepping off the pad, the couple felt the increased gravity and quickly compensated. They followed the haughty woman through a long corridor, which led to an airy atrium, the glass ceiling letting in the light of late morning. To their left was a pair of solid shiny black doors. Hak approached them and pressed a recessed button. The doors swung open silently and the three people slowly entered.

Sitting behind a large uncluttered desk was Master Fendon. He stood, his piercing black eyes studying his visitors. Hak bowed her head and gestured to the Enterprise officers.

“Master this is Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Doctor Beverly Crusher.”

Jean-Luc returned the appraisal steadily, determined not to be intimidated by the huge man. In silence they regarded each other, neither giving way until Fendon nodded.

“Leave us Lady Hak.”

The female bowed and withdrew, the doors closed silently behind her. Waving his tattooed hand, Fendon nodded at two large chairs.


Feeling somewhat ridiculous in the obviously too big chairs, the officers still maintained their dignity. Jean-Luc crossed his legs and folded his hands in his lap.

“I thank you for coming, your assistance will be invaluable.”

Smiling diplomatically, Jean-Luc kept his voice even.

“Can you tell me Master Fendon, exactly how will this mediation take place?”

The muscular male tilted his head, making his long black hair shimmer.

“Tomorrow you will attend the sitting. There the grievances will be tabled and the aggrieved will have the opportunity to express their position. The government will then respond. You will then retire to consider your opinion.”

Jean-Luc nodded.

“I see. If I may ask…how binding will my decisions be?”

Placing his weathered hands on the desk, Beverly noted the same wrist piercings that Hak had.

“The government will be guided by what you say; however it will not be binding. If we think it unsatisfactory we may seek other options.”

His face neutral, Jean-Luc nodded.

“Very well Master Fendon I will endeavour to be as impartial as possible.”

“It is all we ask.”

The Master pressed a button and the doors opened. Hak entered and bowed.

“Take them for a tour of the chambers and outer gardens then take them to their accommodation.”

Bowing again, Hak gestured to the seated officers.

“If you will come with me?”

As they left Jean-Luc knew that his mission had just become more complicated.








Will turned to face his Tactical officer and scowled.

“It said what?”

“The communication reads…To any vessels. This is the Earth bulk carrier Stellar Express. We have been attacked by Orion pirates and are in imminent danger of a warp core breach. Immediate assistance is required. It is on an automated repeating cycle.”

Will moved a finger across his throat terminating the transmission.

“And that came through as text?”

“Aye Sir.”

“Is there any other vessel, aside from us, who can reach them?”

The Ensign did some checking and shook her head.

“No Commander. The Enterprise is the closest.”
Muttering darkly under his breath, Will issued his orders.

“Tactical send this…this is the Starship Enterprise. We are en route to your position. Will arrive in…”

He raised his eyebrows at Data, who supplied,

“Two point six hours at warp eight.”

“Two and a half hours. Have you sufficient escape pods for all your crew?”

While they waited for the reply, Will sighed.

“Open a channel to the surface.”

The speakers crackled and a deep voice came through.

“This is Minister Hul.”
Will squinted and again wished they would transmit a visual signal.

“Minister Hul this is Commander Riker. May I speak with Captain Picard please?”
“I’m afraid that won’t be possible Commander.”

Gritting his teeth, Will struggled to keep his voice calm.

“It’s very important Minister.”
“I’m sure it is Commander, however you cannot speak with your Captain.”

“May I ask why?”

Will rubbed his hands over his face and glowered at the ceiling.

“All right…will you give him a message for me?”

“Yes of course.”

“Thank you. Please tell him the Enterprise has had to leave this sector on a rescue mission. We will return as soon as possible. And please Minister…remember it’s important.”

“Very well Commander I will pass on the message as soon as I see your Captain. Minister Hul out.”

Before Will could issue any further orders, the Ensign at Tactical said,

“Commander the Stellar Express has responded. They report insufficient escape pods due to damage. They have ejected the core but are unable to exit the blast area and their shields are compromised.”

Will’s eyes hardened.

“Helm set course and engage at warp eight point five. Tactical tell them to put as much power into the shields facing the core and put everyone on the opposite side away from the blast. How many people are we dealing with?”

Data turned in his seat and said quietly,

“The Stellar Express is a Viking class carrier. She has a complement of twenty-five.”

Will nodded, scratching his cheek.

“And her cargo?”

“Mixed Sir. Some bulk grains, parts for Star base 554, medical supplies, livestock, purrim oil and various other items that appear on the manifest but are in insignificant amounts.”

Pursing his lips, Will frowned.

“Anything explosive?”

“No Sir, however purrim oil is highly flammable. It would take very little to ignite it.”

“Understood. Tactical ask them if they can vent the oil.”

The Commander sat in the Command chair and stared at the vista of streaking stars on the viewscreen. The reply was terse.

“They can’t Sir, too much damage.

“Damn! OK tell them we’re coming.”

“Aye Sir.”

As Will settled into his vigil, the turbolift doors opened and Deanna stepped onto the Bridge. She silently made her way to her customary seat to the left of her lover and sat primly, clasping her hands in her lap and keeping her eyes on the stars. After some minutes she softly said,

“We had to leave S’Runnin.”

Will nodded, running a hand through his beard.

“Yes there’s a bulk carrier in trouble and we’re the only ship close enough to help”

Deanna sighed.

“What did the Captain say about being stranded?”

Will snorted.

“He didn’t! I wasn’t able to talk to him, they wouldn’t let me.”

Alarmed, Deanna settled her obsidian eyes on Will’s.


He held up his hand.

“Oh I know…believe me, but I had no choice. All I can do is make this rescue as fast as possible then high tail it straight back. Look, in all probability he won’t even miss us. I’m sure he and Beverly will be just fine.”

A worried frown marred Deanna calm beauty. Not wishing to exacerbate Will’s already stressed mind, she kept her concerns to herself and brought up the current task on the monitor beside her seat. Her frown deepened.






Their tour had been very pleasant but the officers found Lady Hak to be quite reticent. She would answer questions, but wouldn’t elaborate or volunteer any information. By the time they reached their accommodation Jean-Luc was frustrated and annoyed. As the approached the doors, a younger S’Run turned to them and bowed. Lady Hak stopped and placed her hand on the young man’s chest.

“This is Venn. He will be available to you at all hours and will escort you to the sitting tomorrow. In your quarters you will find food and drink.”

Jean-Luc and Beverly exchanged a look of surprise before Jean-Luc said,

“Excuse me, but we would prefer to return to our ship for the evening. I can assure you we will not be late tomorrow.”

Looking down at the officers, Hak shook her head.

“That is not possible. You will stay.”

The Captain’s eyes darkened and glittered.

“I’m sorry Lady Hak, but I must insist. We…”
Just then an older man approached. Exchanging bows with Hak, he smiled down at Jean-Luc and Beverly.

“I am Minister Hul and I bring a message from your ship. Commander Riker has responded to an errand of mercy. He will return as soon as possible.”

The Captain frowned and shook his head.

“That’s all? Have you any more information?”


Clenching his jaw, Jean-Luc kept his voice even.

“Then may I contact my ship?”


Anger spiked and Jean-Luc spat,

“Now see here! I insist…”

A very large hand clamped down on his shoulder, making him wince and flinch. Hak looked down, her face impassive.

“Here you do not insist Captain Picard. You are our guests and we will take care of both you and your mate. Please do not cause trouble, it is pointless.”

She released his shoulder and Jean-Luc resisted the urge to rub and move it. With a stony glare he gave a curt nod. Venn pressed a control and the doors opened. At his gesture, the couple entered and the doors immediately closed. Jean-Luc spun on his heel and searched for the door controls, snorting with disgust when there was none.

“It would seem we’re locked in.”

Beverly ran her fingers through her hair and walked further into the room, saying over her shoulder,

“What do you think is going on?”

Jean-Luc grabbed his shoulder and growled as he rotated it. Beverly heard him and turned, coming to him and swatting his hand away. Jean-Luc closed his eyes and sighed.

“Damned if I know. Why would they choose to keep us on the planet?”

He winced as Beverly’s fingers found the sorest spots. Her voice was sympathetic.

“Just bruised. A hot shower and a massage should help.”
She went to the large window and made a quick search for an opening mechanism. There was none.

“Do you think the ship was really called away? It seemed mighty coincidental that Minister Hul came along just as Hak was insisting we stay.”

Jean-Luc joined her at the window and sighed, still working his shoulder.

“Well with no way to verify one way or the other, we’ll just have to accept their words at face value. I don’t like it, but I can’t see any other way to deal with this.”

Beverly half turned and again swatted away his hand from his damaged shoulder.

“Stop that, you’ll make it worse.”

She looked around the room and tried to stifle a giggle. Jean-Luc tilted his head and frowned.


Pointing, Beverly’s giggle became a smirk.

“There’s only one bed…and get a load of the size of it!”

The Captain’s eyes travelled across the room to a huge bed, festooned with brightly coloured pillows and sumptuous coverings. He closed his eyes and sighed, muttering,

“Oh great…bloody marvellous!”

Shaking her head, Beverly went to the table and found three covered platters, some crockery and cutlery. Lifting their lids she found what appeared to be thinly sliced cooked meat, fruit, bread and something that looked and smelled like cheese. In a large stoppered bottle she discovered what she thought might be chilled wine.

“Are you hungry?”

Jean-Luc huffed and ran a hand over his scalp.

“I suppose so.”
“Well come on, there’s plenty here.”

They filled their plates and drew some chairs to the window. Sitting in the sunshine, they ate in companionable silence, Jean-Luc pleasantly surprised at the quality of the ‘cheese’.

Over a glass of the liquid, Jean-Luc gestured to the bed.

“You can have that. I’ll sleep on these chairs.”

Casting him a no-nonsense look, Beverly raised one eyebrow.

“I don’t think so Jean-Luc.”

He looked confused.


The Doctor sighed and briefly closed her eyes.

“Look we’re all grown up…I’m sure we can share a bed without any difficulty.”

Jean-Luc’s face became unreadable. Behind his façade, his mind raced.

“Oh God Beverly…you’ve no idea. There’s no way I can sleep with you…I’d…”

He slowly closed his eyes and swallowed. Beverly noted his lapse and frowned.

“Jean-Luc? What is it?”

His eyes snapped open and he took a sharp breath.

“Nothing! Beverly…really…I’ll sleep over here, it’s all right, honestly.”

Her shrewd eyes bored into his while her mind furnished the answer.

“Ah! Yes Jean-Luc…me too, but you’re not sleeping on any damn chairs!”

“Well we don’t have to make up our minds yet. Let’s forget it for now. Are those books?”

Dragging his eyes away from the beautiful red head, he glanced across the room and was startled to see a bookcase filled with volumes. He rose slowly and went over, gently running his finger over the spines.

He felt her nearness and smiled at the warm familiarity when she rested a hand on the small of his back.

“Are any of them in standard?”

He shook his head, sighing.

“No but with a bit of luck…”
He took a book at random and flicked through the pages, stopping when he found what he sought.

“Ah ha!”

Beverly peered over his shoulder and smiled.



The Captain drifted back to his chair, propped his feet up and settled in, studying the book. Beverly stretched and sauntered over to the bed, lying down and sighing expansively. Within half an hour they were both asleep.









The Doctor awoke, her mind taking several seconds to recognise her surroundings. She sat up and turned on the bed, dangling her legs over the side. What she saw of her companion made her chuckle softly.

Jean-Luc had one foot propped up on a wall fixture. His book lay open on his lap and his hands rested on his thighs. His head sat awkwardly on his shoulder; a slight frown graced his features. Knowing he hadn’t meant to doze off, Beverly went to him and knelt at his feet. With a gentle hand she shook his knee.


Coming instantly awake, he snapped his eyes open and lifted his head, a gasp and a wince escaping as one hand went to the back of his neck.


Smiling softly, Beverly snorted.

“That’s what you get for sleeping in a chair and if you think that’s bad…imagine what an all nighter would do.”

He summoned a glare and continued to rub his sore neck.

“Your compassion is breathtaking Doctor.”

She stood and went to the window, arching her back and placing her hands on her lower spine.

“Well I had a lovely snooze. That bed is very comfortable.”

Jean-Luc stood gingerly and slowly rotated his head and shoulders. His irritated sigh made Beverly smirk.

“So…how was the book?”

He joined her at the window and muttered,

“Apart from not understanding a word, I found the pictures intriguing.”

She turned to him and smiled warmly.

“Good. Maybe later on you can show me.”

Returning the smile, he sighed, this time sadly.

“This isn’t quite what I had in mind for tonight.”

Eyebrows raised, Beverly tilted her head.


“Indeed. I intended to supply you with a lovely meal, wine and music you enjoy. I wanted to hear what you had to tell me and I wanted you to be at ease when you told me.”

The Doctor smiled sympathetically.

“The best laid plans of mice and men…”

He snorted and cast her an amused glance.

“I don’t suppose I could encourage you to tell me anyway?”

Holding his gaze, she attempted to gauge his mood.


Gesturing around the room, Jean-Luc shrugged.

“We’re not going anywhere.”

Turning back to the window, Beverly folded her arms defensively and lowered her head. Jean-Luc gazed at her for a few moments then also faced the window. They stood in silence for a while until Beverly’s tentative voice reached his ears.

“We’ve known each other a very long time.”

He held his tongue and allowed her the time she needed.

“I think I’ve always been attracted to you on some level…even when I was with Jack there was this undercurrent of…I don’t know…something. Over the years our friendship has deepened and its something I hold very dear to me…it was fear of destroying that friendship that made me back away from your offer of intimacy and I know I hurt you Jean-Luc…I can only say I thought I was doing the right thing for both of us.”

The Captain closed his eyes, his mind furnishing the hurt and devastation that memory evoked.

“But…over these last few months I’ve come to realise the love I’ve always felt for you as a friend has changed…become so much more…and then there were the dreams.”

Jean-Luc sighed quietly but remained silent.

“At first they were quite rare, but over a period of time they have become increasingly frequent and now I am plagued by them. They involve you and me and are highly erotic in nature. My sleep and my peace of mind are being constantly disturbed and I’m fed up with the lingering sexual frustration. Last night I reached a point where I was going to go to your quarters and seduce you.”

His mouth slightly ajar, he turned his head, his voice ragged.

“Why didn’t you?”

Beverly scowled and flapped her hand dismissively.

“Because it was very late and you were asleep.”

Turning his head back to the window, he stared sightlessly outside. When he spoke his voice was deep.

“I’m awake now.”

Beverly’s head turned sharply, a small gasp escaping. He turned his body and lifted a hand to gently trail his fingers down her face.

“You know I love you Beverly…do you love me?”

She nodded, her voice a whisper.


He smiled, his dark hazel eyes glittering.


He leaned in very slowly and brushed his lips over hers. As their mouths made contact, Beverly turned to him and sighed, closing her eyes. His hands went to her back, one low down, the other travelling upwards to cradle her head, drawing her closer to him. Her hands crept up over his shoulders to hold the back of his head, her fingers caressing through the short grey hair.

He slowly deepened the kiss, the tip of his tongue lightly skimming over her lips, seeking admittance. She opened to him slowly and he slid his tongue inside her mouth, meeting hers and entwining sinuously.

Beverly’s carefully banked desire surged in her body. What started as a warmth low down flared brightly and blazed throughout her system. A heavy ache developed deep within her and she moaned softly into his mouth.

He tapered the kiss and nibbled at her lips before laying a trail of soft kisses over her jaw and down her neck.

Trying to maintain a semblance of rationality, Beverly gasped,

“Jean-Luc…do you think we should…here? What if someone comes in?”

He looked deeply into her eyes, transfixing her with the intensity of his gaze.

“Wait here.”

He abruptly left her and she swallowed her desire as she watched him approach the door. He knocked lightly and waited.

The door duly opened at their guard/guide bowed.

“How can I help you Captain Picard?”

Jean-Luc smiled and kept his voice even.

“Would you see to it that we are left undisturbed until morning?”

Venn frowned and shook his head.

“But what of the evening meal Captain? I am to deliver it later.”

“That won’t be necessary Venn, we have ample food here.”

With a sceptical look, the young man sighed.

“Very well Captain it will be as you wish.”

Jean-Luc bowed his head.

“Thank you.”

The doors closed and he turned to see Beverly had walked towards him. They met half way across the room and embraced, the ensuing kiss passionate.

With impatient hands, Beverly stripped off his outer jacket, shirt and vest. She then took his hand and led him quickly to the bed. As she turned back to him, he stilled her hands and slowly divested her of her uniform, making her shudder as he kissed and caressed the exposed skin. Once she was clad in only her bra and panties, he stood back and stared at her, his intense gaze searing her body. In a low husky voice he muttered,

“Take them off.”

With her eyes locked on his, she undid her lacy black bra and held it to her as she shrugged off the straps. Then she let it drop. Raising her hands, she cupped her breasts, lifting them and teasing the nipples. Jean-Luc growled appreciatively and Beverly trailed her eyes down his body, licking her lips at the tantalising bulge in his pants.

Lowering her hands, she slipped her fingers under the elastic and slowly pushed her panties down over her hips and legs, watching as his eyes faithfully followed their progress. She stepped out of her underwear and cocked her hip. In a sultry voice she aid,

“Your turn.”

He lifted his chin and took a large breath. Toeing off his boots, he bent and removed his socks then straightened and, with slow deliberation, undid the fastener of his trousers and lazily opened the zip. The pressure of his erection parted the fly and he hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his pants and pushed them down, using his feet to discard them. Beverly’s eyes widened as she noted the strength of his erection was pushing his briefs away from his body. Using his fingers, he gripped the straining elastic and pulled it further away then down, allowing his penis to spring free. The Doctor didn’t see him remove his briefs; her eyes were glued to his erection. He noted her gleaming eyes and smiled. His deep voice was sensuous.


Startled out of her overtly lustful gaze, Beverly grinned.

“Oh my! What a pleasant surprise, I had no idea you had such…impressive treasures.”

He stepped up to her and took her in his arms. The closeness brought his penis in contact with her wiry curls and he growled. She looked up into his eyes and said in an unsteady voice,

“Do you know how to use such a wonderful gift?”

He softly bit her neck and rumbled,

“I think I can manage.”

Her next words turned into a moan of delight as Jean-Luc sucked a nipple into his mouth. As his mouth teased and lavished her breasts, his hands roamed over her body kneading her buttocks and increasing her arousal by lightly caressing her inner thighs. She opened her legs and he cupped her sex, massaging and spreading her labia before slipping his fingers through her folds. He slowly sank to his knees and used both hands to open her. With exquisite tenderness, he leaned in and kissed her intimately, his tongue feathering over her clitoris as two fingers slipped inside her.

Beverly gasped loudly and gripped his head, pushing him closer. His fingers slid slothfully in and out of her while his sinuous tongue played with the swollen clitoris making Beverly shiver and twitch. Suddenly Beverly tensed and panted,

“Oh God…yes…yes…I’m going to…”

A cry was torn from her throat as she rose up on her toes and arched her back. Instead of easing his actions, Jean-Luc increased them bringing two more climaxes one after the other. Beverly was trembling and gasping when he finally stopped and withdrew his hands. Standing, he took her in his arms and held her before scooping her up and laying her on the bed. She smiled dreamily and raised her arms but he simply smiled and knelt between her legs. Running his hands up her body, he gently kneaded her breasts, again teasing the nipples to hardness. Beverly lifted her arms above her head and flexed her body, basking in the gentle caresses, but when his mouth suddenly descended into her folds again, she cried out and shuddered. He pushed his tongue inside her while his prominent nose bumped her clitoris. Very quickly she began the climb a once more and he persisted until her internal muscles started to clench. Rising up on his knees, he leaned forward and took his erection in hand, rubbing the head through her wetness. She responded by lifting her legs and gripping him around the waist. He covered her body with his and penetrated her slowly, filling and stretching her. She arched under him then lifted her upper body and bit his shoulder as he started to thrust. He took her hands and pinned them above her head, kissing her with savage intensity.

Already so close to fulfilment, Beverly writhed beneath him, begging for release.

“Oh Jean-Luc…yes…more…just a little more…please…”

He increased his thrusts making them longer, deeper and faster.

She abruptly gripped his hands and shrieked his name.

Undaunted, he continued and Beverly came again and then again her voice one continuous cry of ecstasy. With his own climax imminent Jean-Luc rose up on his arms and gave up his formidable control. His body glistening with sweat, he pounded into her vigorously before suddenly plunging deep inside her and holding still as his orgasm swept him away.


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