Cabin Fever: Parting Shot

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Paul and Marcy set the screen ablaze in 2002's "Cabin Fever," with a single, fleeting moment of raw, spontaneous passion. There had never been any flutters of romance between them. But circumstances conspired to push this unlikely pair together. When they finally succumbed, their chemistry, while purely physical, was exceptional.

But what if the story had played out differently? What if there had been no mysterious outbreak spreading through the woods, no savage dog, no menaces? What if the group's vacation had played out normally?

Celebrating the end of their exams, five college students rent a cabin in the woods for a week-long vacation. While Jeff and his girlfriend Marcy do what young, consenting adult do, Paul pursues a romance with his long-time crush, Karen and Bert lurks around the woods hunting squirrels. It is a week of carefree fun and indulgence.

But it turns out that even on vacation, mistakes have consequences. Tensions arise and as some relationships break down, new, unforeseen attractions find room to flourish. In an atmosphere of heavy drinking, raging hormones and no rules, who knows where it all might lead?

Paul and Marcy's chemistry in "Cabin Fever" was a pure force of nature; a base attraction that overpowered their wits, inhibitions and preconceptions about one another. Cabin Fever: Parting Shot explores how, even without extreme circumstances, nature has an uncanny tendency to take its course.

Table of Contents

Part 1

The vacation was going great and it was only half over! Paul was loving these days, this week of blissful serenity out in the remote ... Read Chapter

Part 2

So naughty, so shameful, but so much fun! Marcy let the music move her as she danced, free and comfortable as could be. She let the inert... Read Chapter

Part 3

Paul laid on the bed for ages, staring up at the poorly-finished, uneven planks of the ceiling in catatonia of rage and dread. He knew he... Read Chapter

Part 4

Marcy released the thumb-length pinnate of leaves she had been absently twirling and let it fall upon the murky brown water of the reserv... Read Chapter

Part 5

Once again, the weather had been idyllic all day long, so the group collectively decided to camp out on the lakeshore. Things got off to ... Read Chapter

Part 6

When Marcy had packed the bath salts, it had been little more than a pie in the sky hope that she would actually get to use them. In real... Read Chapter

Part 7

It must’ve been a dream. That was the only explanation. Shit as unbelievable as this only ever happened in dreams. Little more than... Read Chapter

Part 8

The elevator was so crowded. Filled to the brim with nondescript people in nondescript clothes. Though there was barely enough space to s... Read Chapter