His Hands

His Hands His Hands

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Rough draft of a story inspired by a handsome friend and the things I'd like him to do to me. Please let me know of anything you'd like to see added. Thanks for reading.


Rough draft of a story inspired by a handsome friend and the things I'd like him to do to me. Please let me know of anything you'd like to see added. Thanks for reading.


Submitted: August 12, 2017

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Submitted: August 12, 2017



I was so excited to see my friend! He was coming to visit from out of town and I hadn’t seen him in a long time. We had been friends for years and our relationship only got better with age. After dinner at a local restaurant, we decided to watch a movie at home. My home was warm and cozy with an oversized comfortable couch. We stretched out on the large couch and got ready for an enjoyable evening. Little did I know how much fun I would really have.

His hand rested on my ankle. I was frozen at his simple touch. We stayed that way for what seemed like hours, although it was only minutes, and then one single fingertip moved, stroking my ankle bone. I was instantly alert. I tried hard not to move, but it took great effort to stay still. I wasn’t sure what to do so I stayed quiet and still, two things that were against my nature. I could feel his eyes watching me breathe and I tried to close my mouth, but I felt like I had swallowed a hundred pixie sticks and my insides were popping with excitement.

His hand gently went around my ankle and tugged, “Let me rub your feet?” He calmly asked as I shifted to straighten my leg. His large hands made my foot look small. I felt like a ball of rubber bands. My foot was on his leg as he began to gently knead and squeeze and I realized my leg was tense.

“Relax”, I heard him grinning, as I finally raised my eyes enough to look at his face. He was staring at my foot. He didn’t seem tense at all and I tried to calm down. This was just a friendly foot rub and it really did feel amazing. I finally relaxed my leg and he smiled fully. I adjusted so both my feet were on his lap and shamelessly wiggled my toes on my other foot. We both laughed. He continued to rub my feet and I relaxed. It felt amazing to be touched by another person. I let the calm wash over me. When he finished he sat his hands on top of my feet. We sat that way for a long time while we watched the movie.

A scene startled me and I jumped, almost kicking him. He grabbed my leg quickly and I froze and apologized. He laughed huskily, but didn’t let go of my leg. We both got quiet. He slid his hand back down to my foot, leaned over, and kissed the top of my foot. I was shocked. He kissed my other foot and I could feel my nostrils flare as my breath quickened. He dropped my feet back in his lap and smiled. Every nerve in my body had ignited when his lips touched my skin.

His hand ran firmly and slowly up to my knee and he pulled me closer to him. His fingertips lightly tickled the back of my knee and my breath caught in my throat at the strange sensation. His fingertips stroked the back of my knee and I couldn’t help but close my eyes for a moment at the flood of lust it sent through my body. The mood quickly changed as he tickled me and I couldn’t help but laugh as he grinned.

The movie continued and he got up to get a drink. I tucked my legs up against me, fully engrossed in the movie, hunching forward. Another suspenseful scene happened and we both jumped. His hand grabbed my shoulder to steady me, but then it stayed there. His warmth radiated through my shirt. He slowly massaged my shoulders. His hands were strong and I longed for them to keep touching me. His thumbs ran up and down the side of my neck and pressed the tense muscles beneath. I kept my hands close to me to help control the surges now rolling through my body. I tried to keep calm. It was getting close to impossible. I had never felt so turned on and I was still fully clothed!

I took a deep breath and smiled, trying to convey my composure. I was doing well until his I felt my earlobe being tugged between his thumb and forefinger. I audibly caught my breath. I couldn’t help myself. I know he saw it. Fuck! This was too much! I giggled and squirmed away a little bit, unable to handle everything I was feeling. I knew he had wanted me for a long time, but was there more? These new emotions I was feeling were very confusing, but I was unable to ignore them. I wanted him desperately.

I readjusted and put my feet back in his lap, if nothing else to keep him at a distance. I had to touch him though. I couldn’t help wanting to be close to him. He was still for a short time while I tried to uncoil my tight nerves. He grinned as his hand wrapped around my ankle again. His hand squeezed my leg with confidence as he trailed north. I didn’t want him to stop. I didn’t say a word as his fingers scratched my thigh under the hem of my shorts. I was already beyond excited and this game of his was excruciating. His fingers played right to the edge of my underwear and stopped. I felt like the molecules inside my body were slam dancing. I couldn’t take much more of this.

He pulled me by the back of the knee closer to him and stared directly into my face for the longest time. His other hand went to my face and stroked my cheek, and he kissed me. Finally! It was strong and sweet and his hand went into my hair to pull me closer. I let my hands explore his arms and chest. He felt wonderful. He kissed me until I was breathless. He pulled back and smiled at me and I grinned. He kissed me hard while his hand slid from the back of my knee up my leg and found my clit through my shorts. I gasped into his kiss and felt him grin. He always liked to push boundaries. His mouth kissed down my neck and collar bone as the fabric of my shorts ground into my swollen clit. It was like he was everywhere. I had never been this turned on in my life and quickly felt a wave of ecstasy rush through my as he sucked my ear lobe into his mouth. That had been fast and I was embarrassed. His touch was so electric I wasn’t able to slow myself. He kissed me sweetly as if to calm my apprehensions. His mouth was amazing and I wasn’t about to slow this momentum with my selfishness. My release had only made me excited for more and I wanted to give him as much pleasure as he was giving me.

I ran my hand over his shorts as I kissed him and felt him jump a little as I found a semi erect cock beneath the fabric. It was my turn to grin as I released him from the barrier of the fabric. I was pleasantly surprised as I dropped to my knees. I kissed the tip as I looked up at his eager, but shocked face. He enjoyed watching me as I licked up and down his quickly hardening shaft. I wrapped my lips around him carefully and started sucking him into my mouth, taking a little more each time. My hands gripped his thighs for leverage. My enthusiasm increased as moans slipped from his gorgeous mouth. My hands moved to his shaft and balls as he gently wrapped my ponytail around his hand to help guide my rhythm. The sounds he made caused my smile to widen as I locked eyes with him and winked.

In a matter of seconds, I was brought to my feet, my shorts were ripped off and I was flat on my back on the couch. His mouth found my glistening pussy before I could catch my breath and I jumped as he devoured me. His hands on my legs were amazingly erotic as his tongue and mouth made me lose my mind. My leg started twitching and I couldn’t hold back my moans.

“Please!” I begged him as he slid a finger inside me.

I shouted his name as I begged him, “PLEASE! Oh God! Please fuck me!”

A second finger slammed inside me as another wave of pleasure shook my body. I felt him pull out his fingers and I tried to protest as he slammed the full length of hid cock into me, causing my already quivering pussy to twitch even more. We pulled what remaining clothes were left off of each other as our mouths explored each other in a frenzy of need and passion. My legs wrapped around him and I locked my ankles to pull him harder into me. My mind swirled with pleasure as he flipped me to my knees and grabbed my hips. His hands felt like they were all over my body as he fucked me hard. I looked over my shoulder and caught his eye. He grinned as he pulled my ponytail up to lean over and kiss me. He bit my shoulder while he caressed my breasts.

“Fuuuucccckkkkk” I moaned, as he rolled my nipple between his thumb and forefinger as he found a particularly sensitive spot on my shoulder blade.

“Please don’t stop!” I begged as he slammed into me again.

My fists clenched the fabric as he rubbed my clit and I pushed back hard against him. I came harder this time, my legs twitching, as he held me and kissed my back.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm” I heard him sigh as he ran his hand down my twitching leg.

Before I was completely finished he rolled me onto my back again and kissed my feet as he put them over his shoulders. He slowed his pace as he drove deep into me. I had never felt so wonderfully full. I couldn’t get enough of him. My hands ran over his body greedily. He kissed my ankle and smiled and I felt like the most beautiful goddess in the universe. He made me feel alive. I lifted my hips and rocked with him. He was fantastic to watch. I wanted to watch him cum. He had done so many amazing things to my body. I laced his fingers with mine as I took one of his fingers into my mouth. I put his other hand on my breast on squeezed. I knew my tits were one of his favorite things. I had never cum this many times before and I wanted to feel him explode inside me.

“I want to feel you cum.” I said panting with each stroke.

I knew he was getting close. I fucked him hard as he made me moan over and over again. He released my breast and held onto my leg to fuck me harder and he licked the back of my knee as I lost my mind. I begged him not to stop. I heard him growl my name as he fucked me hard. My legs started shaking again and my hips tried to squirm away. His amazingly talented hands grabbed my hips and fucked me harder. My nails dug into his arms. My back arched and legs locked as the largest orgasm I had ever felt shook my body to the core. I felt cum run down my ass as I screamed and then as I opened my eyes I watched him cum with me and it was glorious. I felt him go rigid as he burst inside me. We kissed sleepily as we both came down from our euphoria. He was fun to watch and I had to admit I was very proud of myself for such a fantastic conquest. He was smart, handsome, incredibly funny, and absolutely the best fuck I had ever had. And those hands……those were magic hands.

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