Fuck me, Doctor..

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Won't you fuck me, Doctor?


I’d always wanted to be a doctor; I revered them. I’d always found myself around them. Both of my high school boyfriends had parents as doctors, one had two older siblings in medical school and I came from a long line of doctors myself. The economy today unfortunately hindered my ability to procure my position as a doctor. My parents had always wanted me to become a doctor, but the expenses of medical school were out of the question, even with the scholarships I’d been offered.

I was lucky enough, though, to become a nurse. I never felt myself fully fulfilled but I did enjoy taking care of others, as I do all day.

This morning I attended a meeting with the other nurses and secretaries. I used to work in a hospital, but I was fortunate to work for a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Dr. Gustavsson. The doctor I worked for was highly esteemed in his field and in addition highly attractive. He was tanned, with dark hair and blue eyes, very tall, and was certified in personal training. The meeting was about expansion. He announced to us that he was hiring two new anaesthesiologists, twins straight out of the UCLA residency program. I honestly didn’t really care; the only benefit I got out of this meeting was to just stare at Dr. Gustavsson. All the nurses were after him; he was in fact single. I’d heard things around the office; the secretaries knew everything. One of them, Drew, told me that she’d walked in on him hooking up with the nurse that I’d replaced. They’d just been kissing and running their hands all over each other. She was fired soon after, apparently because she’d developed feelings for him.

I’d heard that he always had to have his one nurse to go for hook ups; as of now, it was an open court.I’d been trying to figure out how to get at him, finally. I was an unusually shy person, but in terms of sex, there was nothing shy about me.

A perk of working for him, besides potentially receiving a nice dose of cock, was that nurses and employees received discounted surgical procedures. I’d had mine two weeks ago, the usual, 17,000$ procedures had only cost me 9,000$. Today was my first day back in the office and I was more than glad to be there. Today also happened to be my 2nd follow up consultation.

I remember, vividly, my initial consultation where we decided on the type of breast implant, the size and the incisions for my inner thigh liposuction. He’d asked me to change into the hospital gown while he left the room. I did as I was told and he came back into the room, smiling his perfect smile.

“It’s always fun to have one of my employees as one of my patients,” he said continuing to smile. He stepped closer to me and pushed my hair out of my face. “Now open your gown and we’ll take a look.” I untied the front of my gown. The gown dropped off my shoulders onto the examination table.

His smile grew, has he reached his hands out and cupped my breasts tenderly, “ I see nothing deformed about these, but I suppose it’s not my opinion that matters is it?”

I felt myself grow a bit flattered as he continued to inspect and handle my breasts. He took my nipples between his fingers and rolled them, making me wince slightly. Again, he smiled knowing that he was bringing me pleasure.

“You’re enjoying this a little bit more than you should, Maya.” I blushed and tried to resume the professional conversation about incision site, implant type and size.

“I think we should go with 550cc silicon; they’ll be nice and juicy just how I like them,” he smirked, jokingly.

“Sounds fine with me,” I replied, my voice quivering slightly with excitement.

Ever since that day, I’d wanted him to touch me again, more than ever. I wanted his strong hands all over my fit body, his tongue exploring my nipples, my pussy, and my asshole. I’d had dreams about him propping me up on the exam table, and man handling my brand new breasts before he fucks me senseless.

Today was the very day that this fantasy could become a possibility. I waited in the nurse’s room, reading over lab results for potential patients. Drew came opened the door and came in to tell me that the Dr. was ready to see me. She winked at me before she closed the door. That was her personality, she knew everything, and if she didn’t know, she pretending like she did. Was I that easy to read? Could she tell that I wanted to be pounded by the Dr.’s thick hard cock, just by looking at me?

I filed the labs away and walked down the hall to the consultation room.

“You don’t need to put on a gown this time if you don’t want to, just shed your top and bottoms,” he said, “ we can just get straight to it.”

“Uh what—what are you—. Oh yes, of course.” I stuttered like an idiot. Last time I wasn’t this nervous, but this time, I felt butterflies in my stomach and I felt my pussy growing wet already. I sat down on the exam table, completely naked. I could feel myself blushing.

“Could you stand up for a moment, I need to readjust the table.” I did as I was told, and right as I noticed it, he spoke of it, “Oh, I see someone’s a bit aroused,” he said as he noticed that I’d left a wet spot on the exam table covering. He looked at me as if he was about to devour me.

“I-, I-, um…” he silenced me by pressing his lips against mine. I inhaled sharply.

“Don’t pretend like you aren’t enjoying this,” he murmured between kisses. He pulled my body closer to his. My bare breasts up against him as my hard nipples grazed over his lab coat. His hands travelled down my back and he grabbed my ass hard, making me moan against his lips. He propped my up on the exam table all while still kissing me deeply. He spread my legs open wide, forcefully. My legs started to drift closed again as his body started to grind against me. He smacked my inner thighs, making me open them wider. I winced saying as I’d just had a procedure done in that very area. He pulled away and looked at me in the eyes….he licked his lips.

I still couldn’t smile at him, I was shocked that this was actually happening, not only that, but I was so aroused, as if I was in a different world. He crouched down on his knees and started to fondle my nipples between his thick fingers. He rolled them, twisted them lightly, and squeezed them. With each second my legs opened wider, with eagerness for him to touch my clit. He took my nipple in his mouth and sucked it hard, so hard that I could his teeth against them. He bit them lightly and I moaned louder. He smacked my inner thighs again to make sure I kept my legs open like a good slut.

“You’re beautiful, I’ve been thinking about you since your first consultation. The way you moaned when I touched your nipples let me know that you’re exactly the type of filthy whore that I’d love to stuff my cock into,” he said nastily. “You ready, slut?” he asked deviously. He held my legs wide open and kissed the lips of my pussy. He started to kiss all around my pussy, where my thighs met, and my hips, he then moved back to my pussy lips. He started to part them gently with his tongue, and I felt the tip of his tongue brush gently over my clit. I threw my head back and gripped the sides of the table. He spread my pussy open with his gentle hands and started to lick my clit. I started to thrust my hips, my pussy rubbing against his tongue.He started to suck my clit hard, making me moan. Then he started to move his tongue rapidly back and forth, I moaned ever louder. He looked up at me and smacked my clit as a signal to be quieter.

“Sorry, “ I muttered, as I bit my lip. He moved his tongue around my clit clockwise, then counter clockwise, making my back start to arch. He then spread my pussy even wider and started to slide his tongue in and out of my eager wet hole. Just as I started to grind harder against his tongue he moved down to my ass hole. He supported my hips as he spread my ass wide, it started to gape a bit as he thrust his tongue in a out of my tight asshole. He took two fingers and slid them inside my tight wet pussy and started to massage my gspot, while he continues to tongue fuck my eager asshole. My hips started to buck as he brought my closer to cumming. My clit was rock hard at this point protruding from between my lips. He noticed how prominent my clit had become and started to suck it again. This time he slid one finger back into my pussy and he spread my ass open once more and spit into it, then without warning he slid one of his other thick fingers into my asshole. My asshole contracted around his finger as a response to the sudden penetration. He began to flick his tongue over my clit so fast, my moans grew loud again as his fingers continues to massage both my holes. He took my clit between his lips and rolled it back and forth, then he nibbled on it very lightly, a sensation I’d never felt before. I started to grind against him so hard; I put my hand on the back of his head, pulling his closer and continued to gyrate against his face. At this point his entire face was buried in my pussy. His tongue thrusting in and around my holes and I could feel his nose and lips all over my pussy as I pulled him even closer. My head snapped back again and I grabbed the table as I started to cum. As he saw that I’d started to orgasm he slipped two fingers into my pussy and furiously fingered my gspot…I basically left this world and in a moment I felt a pressure build up in my pussy, almost painful; all of a sudden I squirted all over his face. It all came out in 3 incredible spurts. He didn’t stop fingering me; it was so pleasure-filled that it was painful. He stopped touching me completely as I writhed in pleasure and continued to orgasm.

Without warning he whipped his cock out and shoved it into my mouth. He held my head still and started to fuck my throat, making me feel so dirty. I started to gag on his cock. I’d never realized how huge it was; his head was perfectly defined and I could see the beautiful veins bulging as he smacked his cock across my face,” filthy slut,” he said as he did this. I wrapped my hands around his cock and started to stroke it…I wrapped my warm lips around the head of his cock and started to suck hard. I massaged his balls while my lips massaged his head. I started to swirl my tongue around the head of his cock, flicking the underside of it gently. He then grabbed my hair and shoved his cock deeper down my throat this time. As I gagged my spit oozed down onto my erect nipples. He continued to fuck my face at lightening speed. With each thrust I could feel his balls hit my lower lip. I felt to dirty and I didn’t want it to end. His cock hit the back of my throat over and over and he started to grunt and moan loudly with each thrust. He held my head so tight, making sure I didn’t turn my face away.

He smacked me across the face as he continued to fuck my throat, “you’re my filthy whore aren’t you?” he ask aggressively, “you like the doctor’s nice thick cock deep in your throat don’t you, worthless slut?” He took his cock out of my mouth, “Don’t you?” I nodded and looked up at him with a smile, finally. He smacked my face again and shoved his cock back in. By this point, my tits were covered in my spit from gagging.

“Open your mouth, slut,” I did as I was told and he spit into my mouth and made me hold it open while he rested his balls on my lips, I started to suck the skin on his balls gently.He shoved both of his balls in my mouth and held them there just until I started to run out of air.

“Turn over,” he demanded. I did. “Spread your legs, slut.”I did as I was told. My ass was way in the air and he spread my cheeks again, spit into my asshole and started to tongue fuck it again for a little while. Then without warning he shoved his cock deep into my pussy. I felt him thrust his cock deep inside me. I whimpered as his cock stretched me out with each thrust.

“Please fuck me harder sir,” I said.

“It’s about time that filthy inner whore came out to play,” he replied as he trusted with all his weight behind it. He pushed my head down so I was face down ass up as he started to thrust faster into my tight wet, pulsating pussy. I squeezed my pussy lips around his cock.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” he said. He slid his finger into my asshole while he continued to fuck my pussy. I could feel the head of his cock hitting my gpspot while he massaged the inside of my tight asshole. He took his cock out of my pussy, spit in my asshole once again and then unexpectedly shoved his cock in my asshole. I screamed in pleasure. He smacked my ass so hard, “Quiet, slut” he growled. He started to thrust his cock deep into my ass, making my back arch again.

He took his cock out and looked at my gaping asshole. He ran his tongue around the inside of my ass. Then he shoved thick cock back in. He started to thrust again at lightening speed. He was thrusting so hard I could feel his balls smacking up against my clit from behind. He grabbed my hair and yanked it hard, he continued to thrust hard, deep and fast as he reached around with his other hand and squeezed my nipples hard. I gasped. He pulled them away from my body as his thick cock annihilated my asshole. He smacked my ass, as he got closer to cumming.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum inside you, you filthy cum dumpster.” He thrusts grew deep, hard, but slow. I felt his warm cum suddenly fill my asshole. His warmth spread throughout my asshole. My ass was gaping and I lay there gasping for air. I contracted my asshole and felt the thick warm cum drip out; it dripped down my thigh and onto the exam table. He slid his finger in my ass while he looked at me and smiled, he slide that finger into my mouth, “taste your Doctor’s cum, it’ the least you can do,” he smiled, as I sucked the cum off his finger.

“Well by the looks of things, you’ve healed well and everything’s in proper condition,” he said casually,” I think you’re good to go, I’ll see tomorrow, you should go home and rest for today, and I’ll need to see you in here in two weeks to make sure the scars have healed.”

“Thank you doctor, “I said with a smile, as I hastily got dressed. I walked towards the door quickly with a smile on my face still.”

“Actually I’ll see you in here next week, I’ll need to make sure all swelling has gone down,” he winked at me. He opened the door for me and smacked my ass, as I left to go home. I walked down the hall and looked back at him. He winked again and nodded.

I rounded the corner and Drew was right there. I almost collided with her.

“So how’d it go?” she asked questioningly.

“It was good, I’m sure there will still be a bit a bruising and as of right now, I still have a lot of fluid…a bit of swelling. Nothing out of the ordinary,” I replied a bit nervously.

“I bet you’re filled with fluid alright,” Drew winked and walked away.

Submitted: January 17, 2012

© Copyright 2023 haveFaith. All rights reserved.

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Damn, that was hot ;)

Tue, January 17th, 2012 7:05pm



Wed, January 18th, 2012 9:48am


I will definitely be reading this again lol

Thu, December 15th, 2016 3:40am

Your Fun Buddy

I have never been so satisfied by reading a novel - 11/10! This is one I will keep on the shelf for generations to come, and why?..because this story shows true desire of a woman wanting to be screwed (for lack of a better word) by her Doctor, or is it even a "She" at all? Thus the imagination arises from the reader and not the writer, giving a more immersive experience, truly brilliant.
The fact that this character wants to be fucked shows passion; and I deeply felt that passion. This book made me feel so hot, well done.

Sat, April 1st, 2017 3:17am

Your Fun Buddy

Well this is awkward. It was supposed to be a joke because I thought the words "Won't you fuck me, Doctor?" were the story itself. Then I scrolled down -_-

Sat, April 1st, 2017 3:22am


Very tasteful and very much fun and very very harden for me because it was just really hard for me when I read about just how the dr talked to her and she wanted to see if she could get her juices flowing and she was getting both of her holes and her mouth filled with the Drs throbbing hard fat tongue licking her thighs and dripping wet pussy and just picturing her in action with her legs spread wide open and dripping wet and her juices dripping got me going to the bathroom and cleaning up and I just wanted her

Sat, April 3rd, 2021 3:00pm

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