Rebecca's Dream

Rebecca's Dream

Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter One

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 10, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 10, 2020



Rebecca’s Dream Chapter One


It was a beautiful summer’s morning and Rebecca was busy in her bedroom, even though her mother had twice called her to breakfast.

 “Just a moment more mamma,” she called out at the third command to come down. When she did finally go down, her mother looked at Rebecca.

 “Off somewhere special today then Rebecca?”

 The reason for this question was the fact that Rebecca had spent a long time and made such an effort in her dress. She wore her prettiest yellow summer dress, white stockings and her shiny black shoes that had a little heel and made her feel so grown up. Her long blonde hair had been tied up with a yellow ribbon.

 “Oh no mamma, this was the first dress in my wardrobe, that is all.” She sat down to breakfast in a very ladylike manner.

 Her mother simply smiled to herself, looking at her young daughter, pretending to be older than her years. When breakfast was finished and Rebecca’s mother was clearing away the things, Rebecca arose from the table and went back up to her bedroom. She sat at her dressing table and looking at herself in the mirror, gave her hair a final adjustment, dabbed a little perfume behind her ears and said to her reflection ‘Well I do believe I look quite pretty today,’ and she walked daintily back down the stairs.

 “So what are you proposing to do with yourself today then Rebecca?” asked her mother.

 “Oh I thought I may take a morning stroll mamma and maybe call in at a friends.”

 Her mother suspected Rebecca was emulating a character from one of her many books, with her ‘Take a morning stroll’ and ‘Call in at a friends’

 “Ok dear,” said her mother, “but mind how you go and I am sure you shall receive many compliments on how pretty you look today.”

 “Thank you mamma and yes I shall mind how I go. I just need to find my bonnet, for it looks fearfully hot outside today.”

 “Oh, your bonnet, of course, here it is dear.” Her mother handed Rebecca the simple straw hat she wore on hot summer days.

 “I really do need a new bonnet mamma,” said rebecca, looking disdainfully at the straw hat. “Well I am going on my morning stroll now mamma and please do not be fearful, as I am old enough to mind my way you know.”

 With that Rebecca left the house and made her way down the short garden path in the most ladylike way she could manage. Her mother watched her go. ‘Bless the little dear,’ she said to herself.

 Rebecca strolled down the high street, feeling most ladylike. She did intend to maybe call in at a friends, as she had told her mother, but first Rebecca knew exactly where her morning stroll was going to take her. At the end of the high street sat the largest house in the village. It was a very grand building , set back from the street, with large black iron gates and a gravel drive that swept up to the front of the house. There were beautifully kept lawns to either side of the drive and tall trees round the edge of the garden. It was to this very house that Rebecca was making her way.

 It had always been Rebecca’s favourite house in the village and she longed to take a look inside and to wander round the garden. The house had been unoccupied for as long as she could remember, with only a gardener and housekeeper paying frequent visits to keep everything in order. Recently however, Rebecca had heard rumour that a young gentleman had moved into the house and it was this information that had prompted her to take such care in her dress that morning and to assume a more ladylike persona. Rebecca was intent on making a good impression on the young gentleman, should she meet him and was hoping finally to see inside the house. Rebecca assumed he would be just like the gentlemen described in her books and indeed he did live in the grandest house in the village. Maybe he would even hold a ball, for Rebecca was sure the rooms would be large enough for such amusements.

 When Rebecca reached the house, she stood outside the large black iron gates, as if simply admiring the place, but hoping to see the young gentleman. The large sandstone building looked most splendid in the morning sunshine. As Rebecca stood looking toward the house, she started to daydream about being the lady in residence and all the beautiful silk gowns she would wear. Her daydreaming was cut short however, when down the gravel drive came the young gentleman. He was most splendidly dressed and was heading straight for Rebecca. Before she could think what to do, he was at the gates and immediately addressed her.

 “Good morning young miss and what a beautiful young lady to be standing at my gates on this fine morning.” Rebecca simply blushed and he continued. “And to whom do I have the pleasure of addressing?”

 “I am Rebecca sir,” she replied rather nervously.

 “Ah Rebecca eh, a very pretty name for a very pretty young lady and pray what brings you here, looking so beautiful in your fine summer frock Miss Rebecca?” 

 “I was taking a morning stroll sir and stopped to admire your beautiful house,” she replied.

 “I see,” he said. “Well I saw you from my study window, standing at my gates and thought now what brings that beautiful young lady to be standing there in all her finery and so came to enquire and there it is, all alone simply admiring the old place, my word. Well we can’t have you standing out there all alone, would you do me the honour of extending your morning stroll to take in the garden and partake of some refreshment?”

 “Oh I would love to stroll round your garden sir,” Rebecca replied with a sweet smile.”And some refreshment would be lovely as I am rather hot.”

“Indeed so, well come along then,” he said, as he swung open the large gates. Rebecca walked through, feeling most excited and waited for the gates to be closed, before they proceeded down the gravel drive toward the house.





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