...then Alice came upon a man

...then Alice came upon a man

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry




Submitted: May 28, 2020

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Submitted: May 28, 2020



...then Alice Came Upon A Man


...then Alice came upon a man

Who was completely nude,

“Oh my goodness,” she did declare,

“You know that’s very rude.”


He gave a grin, then did reply,

“Well yes, that may be so,

But if you put it in your mouth,

Then you’ll see that it will grow.”


Very curious, Alice thought,

For she really did not know,

That putting a cock into your mouth

Would help to make it grow.


“Come now Alice,” he then did say,

“Give it a nice long suck,

And once I’ve cum, I’ll lift your dress

And give you a good hard fuck.”


“I’m sure I do not,” she said,

“What you mean by  ‘cum and fuck’

“But I am now very curious you know,

So I will give your willy a suck.”


Then Alice got down on her knees,

He couldn’t believe his luck,

As innocent as she seemed to be,

She sucked it like a slut.


For Alice quickly learned you see,

How much pleasure she did get,

And could even feel, beneath her dress,

Her panties getting wet.


“Oh my god Alice,” he suddenly moaned,

“I’m about to give you some”

And before she knew just what he meant,

In her mouth, he shot his cum.


The sight of sweet little innocent Alice

Eating his cum like a whore,

Kept his cock pumping hard

As he gave her more and more.


In her mouth and down her throat

And over her pretty dress,

Sweet little Alice really was

Quite a cum soaked mess.


“Mmmm, it tastes so good,” Alice said,

Licking it off the floor

“If I give it another suck,

Will I get some more?”


“Oh little Alice, you’ll definitely be...

Giving it plenty more sucking,

But first, my little cum slut,

You’re going to get a good fucking.”


So Alice learnt, upon that day,

That cocks, she loved to suck,

And as well as cum she loved to eat,

She loved a long hard fuck!


© Copyright 2020 Hatter W Lustre. All rights reserved.

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