Katie and the Dragon

Katie and the Dragon Katie and the Dragon

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Katie is a woman stuck in a dead-end job with no friends and no life. She also has the strange ability to be unnoticed by anyone she did not directly interact with first. Fed up with being ignored she decides to end it in nature. But the dragon says otherwise!


Katie is a woman stuck in a dead-end job with no friends and no life. She also has the strange ability to be unnoticed by anyone she did not directly interact with first. Fed up with being ignored she decides to end it in nature. But the dragon says otherwise!


Submitted: May 17, 2012

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Submitted: May 17, 2012





This is going to be practice for a sexual story. See if I have what it takes for the upcoming sex scene in The Dragon Chronicles. This will be an extremely bizarre story set in modern New York. The main character Katie also has a unique job for a woman. I THINK that I can get away with this. I doubt that most women will want this job and the funny thing is, when I asked my mom if she would want this job, she said, "Well if the pay is good...." If this offends you, I am sorry in advance. This might be a series depending on how Katie and the shit that happens to her are received. Enjoy this bizarre love story! Contain very surreal and morbid humor and themes. The story is quite slow and will take awhile to get to the good stuff. Stick with it; I assure you it will be worth it. I wasn’t intending to make it this long, but I fell in love with the character and wanted you, the audience, to get to know the character before the sex. Any errors in anatomy are my own. Do not flame me for getting anything wrong. 


The job interviewer asked pointless question after pointless question and I was fed up. I was almost fed up enough to strangle him, but I needed the job, and that wouldn't have looked good. He droned on and on, not even waiting for my answers. It started drifting toward the not related to getting a job area. 

"If you were a mushroom, what would it be like if you were eaten?" I stared at him in shock. What the hell did that have to do with getting a job for a garbage collector? I wasn't aware that you had to take a personality type test. I mean you’re living basically consisted of collecting other people's shit. I needed anything that could come my way and if rolling around in garbage like a dog was the only thing that came my way, well it could be worse. 

I had no idea what this guy's name was, so I decided to call him what he looked like. Bob! He had no hair not even in the back, the literal definition of bald. That was the interesting part of him. He ignored my silence, and continued to ask me more meaningless question about god knew what. 

"I actually have somewhere important to be and can't waste my existence being asked questions that have nothing to do with this job." No response. Was I dead? I heard rumors that future dead people couldn't be seen or heard. I decided to have a little fun to test my theory. I knew I wasn't dead. I couldn't be. I just had too much to do with my life. 

"What can you do to benefit our company?" Finally a question that made sense, I couldn't fuck this up. I took several deep breaths and hoped I wouldn't pass out. "Well besides my cheery personality in this dump, I have some awesome skills." I expected him to get angry and shout at me to defend his position. Nothing like that happened. 

"We are short of people right now (gee I wonder why) and could use someone like you. We take our job very seriously and with someone like you on our team, I feel we can be successful." I couldn't help my laughter and did just that. He made it sound like a CEO at some major company, not someone who deals with garbage on a daily basis. No reaction from Bob. Holy hell, was I really dead doomed to lead a monotonous existence with computer like answers? 

He stood up, and not wanting to feel left out, I stood up as well. No sense of awkwardness passed on his side. He held out his hand and dumbly I shook it. This was all too much for me. No one seemed to notice I existed. Oh they interacted with me all right, but no sense of realistic conversation occurred and I could very well be wandering the lands of the living, not quite a ghost but nothing to be interacted with.

"We look forward to your enthusiasm." "Whatever,” I shot back. No reaction from his side. I walked out of his office, and down a flight of steps. There was no elevator so the only option was exercise and I had no idea the boss of the garbage company lived the good life. I was fidgeting constantly and no one stared at me on their way down. It wasn't even the crazy people stare that I would have been happy to receive. Just some attention would have made me happy.

The doors to freedom opened and I walked out into sunlight. I felt pretty shitty and decided to try my hand at powers of apparent invisibility that I had. "I like to kill people and bury the bodies in the ground!" I expected nervous looks, for what I just said was shocking. Little kids walked next to their mothers, but they did not gather their kids closer to themselves. In fact, they kept their kids the same distance before I had shouted. The irresponsible shits! I could have been dangerous and they just allow their kids next to the crazy lady. 

I stared at everyone, wondering why I was ignored on such a daily basis. I had no boyfriend currently, and I don't blame the men from staying away from me. I bet robbing a bank would be fun in my current condition, but I wasn't in the mood to be ignored. 

I wasn't shoved roughly to the side as typical to the pushy people of New York instead I had room made for me. What kind of backward city was this? Was this some kind of sick dream that I was experiencing? I lived near Manhattan right smack into it. Literally near the main entrance. My apartment was shitty, my life was shitty, and my non-existent boyfriend was shitty. 

Eventually, I made it to my home sweet home and I walked right into the apartment through a door that was unlocked. After all invisible people don't get their homes broken into. I seriously wondered if I was indeed invisible and off the radar. I never got into trouble; I was never talked to unless I had spoken first. It would have been nice to be noticed once in awhile instead of ignored unless under specific conditions. 

I suddenly had a very strong urge to take a shower and deciding that my pressing engagements could wait; I hiked up the stairs and closed the door. I didn't even know why I bothered. After all, my house wasn't going to be broken into anytime soon. I turned on the shower and waited as the pipes moaned and groaned their way into life. 

Stripping off my clothes, I walked naked (the only time it isn't frowned upon apparently) into the shower. My breasts weren't noticeable in the slightest, smaller than the average and recommended size of a healthy woman. It was no wonder that no one noticed me.

As I stood (who sits in a shower?) and let the water stab at me, I thought about my life so far. What did I honestly have to live for? I was ignored unless I had spoken to that individual first. I didn't want to commit suicide, as that would have been painful and humiliating. If I was ignored on a constant basis, my body wouldn't be found for quite awhile or at all.

Sometimes people liked to die in nature for "natural causes" and that sounded very reasonable. I had heard some very horrific horror stories about people being idiots and trying to be one with nature. Then they get mauled by a bear and as they are getting ripped at, they wonder why the animals turned against them. 

It sounded perfect. I had no friends, the job I could care less about. Bob probably wouldn't care less what happened to me. I had no family to leave behind. My parents died when I was young (five years old) and I had to learn to grow up on my own. 

I was so happy about my decision making skills that I exploded from the shower (making sure to conserve water by shutting off the faucet) and hurried into my room. My bathroom (as well as the only one in existence in my apartment) was connected to my room. 

I was about to pull on my clothes when the thought struck me that I could die quicker if I was naked. Also, I figured out that if I was invisible, no one would give a shit what I dressed in. Public exposure can suck my ass! 

I left all of my belongings behind figuring that heaven or hell wouldn't have me pay for food or shelter when I got there. I was so happy to die that I decided to walk out into what little wildlife was available. Then the thought came to me that I couldn't just up and walk to the next forest. It would be nuts! I grabbed my car keys from the pockets of my jeans. I had no pets to feed, that was another problem taken care of! I ran out of the apartment and what luck, a family of four (two adults and two kids toddler age) were out walking at this time of the evening. 

I nodded to them just the friendly neighborhood crazy naked lady. No response. The toddlers didn't stare at me and question their parents why that lady was not wearing any clothes. I decided to have some last minute fun with them. I walked over to the car opened the door and left my keys in the ignition, and started after the four. The kids were asking constant questions that only kids could ask. I started walking up to them. What would happen next would require my constant attention to not laugh. It would ruin the mood. 

The father didn't stare over his wife at my obvious nakedness nor did he drool. He just focused on his wife and had a perfectly normal conversation. Not if I had anything to say about it. With obvious effort not to burst out laughing I looked directly at the mother and said, "Nice weather we are having aren't we?" I stuck out my chest making an extremely obvious attempt at seduction. A normal man would have been at least tempted to look or fuck me in his mind.

"Oh it’s lovely; it was just too warm to pass up." Fuck! What was wrong with these people? A naked crazy woman was merely inches from them and they talked normally about the weather. I was upset and I let my mouth get the better of me with my next words. “I really want to fuck your husband till he cums blood and then I will fuck you. Your kids will be spared but you two pissed me off.”

“Yes it seems like we have been having an unusually hot week and we have just been taking advantage of it. It really is good for the heart and soul to walk and get a daily dosage of exercise.”

Oh this sucked on so many levels it wasn’t even funny. I was a nothing in a nothing world. I could literally say and do what I wanted and no one would be any the wiser. Was I truly and really dead to deserve this treatment?

I walked away, hoping and praying to whatever existed that they would whip out their cell phones, and call the police. I wanted some kind of attention; even negative attention would have been acceptable.

I walked back to my car, my good mood gone and in its place was a kind of depression that sunk deep into my soul. Why was I here, when I was ignored on a daily basis? What was the point of getting away with all this shit if no one would punish me for public exposure or really bad flirting? I could very well be dead and alone for the rest of my life.

I arrived at my car and opened the car. It hadn’t been broken into just as I expected and I didn’t know whether to be angry or relieved. I slammed the door hoping to be noticed but no tap on the window came and I was left alone.

 I cursed and tears of rage and frustration leaked down my face. I was a grown women crying like some spoiled kid not getting their way. Was the world truly over that I can get away with this sort of thing? I started the car, and backed out of my driveway so utterly and truly depressed that I drove normally not speeding and screaming at the top of my lungs.

I would have probably been ignored anyway. As I drove, I wondered if I can drive off the side of the road and perhaps end my life then. But, then the rational part of my brain appeared and said that was counter-productive to my original goal. So I didn’t “lose control” of my car and I didn’t crash and burn much as I wanted to.

I was deep in thought only paying minimal attention to my surroundings. I knew that any and all cars would just magically avoid my car. I started to shiver and not wanting to die prematurely, I turned on the heat. Why was I able to do the stuff that I was able to do? Was I truly plain and so unattractive that I was literally able to say whatever the hell was on my mind?

It was something right out of a fantasy novel that I had read as a little girl. I had grown up utterly and truly alone with no happiness or excitement. I had good things happen to me, but why get away with this shit if everyone ignores you? I had seen a TV show where this woman comes very close to getting hit by a car and haves a normal existence. She also gets stalked by this bus with a creepy driver.

Toward the end of the episode she freaks out and yells at the bus driver and with little comment he drives away. Then she notices a group of people hovering over what seems to be an accident and when she goes to investigate, she finds much to her shock and horror that the body is her.

She had been hit as it turned out and then it is revealed that the bus driver who had been stalking her the whole episode was in fact some sort of transit bus to heaven or something. He was trying to pick her up and take her to heaven. I forget how the episode truly ended or the name of the show, but what I actually remember was how that particular episode affected me.

I don’t remember ever having an accident like that, but no one is truly ever ignored like I am. I could very well be a phantom wandering the earth utterly and truly alone with no one to ever notice me.

I had been driving for some time and nothing remotely interesting to lay my bones came to my field of vision. I wondered if I was going to keep driving forever. I had filled up my tank recently, so gas wasn’t a problem. I didn’t want to listen to the radio and hear perfectly visible people with ordinary problems blab on about the troubles of the world.

I stewed in silence with my problems to keep me sane. One hour turned into several and the tank was becoming lower and lower. I had no idea where I was going. I was naked and no officers were driving behind me intent on giving me a ticket or better (according to my shitty life) arrest me for public exposure.

After seven hours on the road, the arrow went from the middle to nearly empty and I was beginning to wonder if I was literally on the highway to hell. Doomed to forever wander the highways and eventually putter out of gas and starve to death in my car.

A sign passed my car and fortunately with my headlights (for it had gotten dark for my aimless driving) I made out a message that reached out to me and strived for my attention.

Dragon National Park 5 miles

Cool sign. I wondered if actual dragons inhabited it or it was just careless naming. I lived in New York my entire life. Never in my 25 years was I aware of any such park. Deciding that it was the best option open to me, I became focused on my surrounding.

The exit will never pass me with the constant attention I paid to my surroundings. I wondered how I would die. Suddenly I had a morbid fascination with various ways to provoke things into eating me. Would I get mauled by a bear like in that documentary I saw? There was a romantic catch to being carried away by a river. Ooh it sounded like so much fun, kinda like a ride in a park.

The exit loomed ahead of me, and feeling a morbid excitement I practically flew the rest of the way. The path twisted and turned and eventually a parking lot loomed ahead of me. To my surprise, various parked cars littered the parking lot. Dammit I wanted to be the only one out tonight.

I parked next to a red convertible and oddly wondering if I would freeze to death before I got far to my place of death, I decided that what would happen, will happen.

Deciding that I had no need for my keys where I was going I left them in the ignition and unbuckled my seatbelt (after all click it or ticket) and prepared to get out of my car.

The dragon hovered high above his forest. He was out wandering the airs in the hopes that more dumb couples would come to his forest. No, couples was the wrong word here. They came separately to hike or other various healthy activities.

He had an obsession with women and always wondered what it would be like for a human companion. He was shy for a dragon and could never get the courage to up and ask them for their company. So he had resorted to the next best thing. Abduction! The women he had abducted were terrible companions, always screaming and begging their lives.

It pissed him off and the noise irritated him to no end. He had for some reason stripped them of their protective outer ware and just stared at them. This was not well received and they would scream and beg him to just let them go. That was out of the question. He didn’t want the scientists and others trying to study him and if he did let them go, then they would tell the scientific community that there were indeed dragons in the world.

He was lonely and had no mate of his own to have as a companion. Oh the other dragons would laugh at him and some even taunted him by going through the ancient draconic mating rituals and when he would become interested, they would fly off, leaving him sexually frustrated. That was when the woman came and he thought he would have a chance at happiness.

But the right one never came along and he had been forced to kill the women and hide the bodies. Surprisingly no investigation had been conducted and the women just kept on coming.  

 Maybe, he supposed, they liked the sense of danger that the forest entitled. He could care less about the reason that they came to his park.

A car pulled onto the road leading to the parking lot of his park and he felt an excitement enter his bones. Maybe this one would be the one that would become his mate, or if not that, maybe his friend? He scoffed blowing some smoke in his frustration. Yeah right, what right did he have to get his hopes up? No, this woman would be like all the others and he would end up committing murder again this night.

The car pulled up next to the red convertible. Oh he remembered that woman very well! A girl named Cindy. She had been very attractive and he had a very hard time ending her life, such a waste of beauty. The car’s engine, shut off and there was a moment of silence and he hovered in the air.

The door opened and he cursed the tension that this woman was making him go through. What stepped out of the car shocked him and he dropped a few feet in the air.

The woman was naked! He wondered why she was naked instead of with the outer armor that the others had on. Well he had that problem taken care of! She was short but not that small, about 5”3 if he was a judge of height. She had long red hair that hung down to about her waist, and thanks to his exceptional vision, she also had brown eyes. Her breasts were smaller than the others’ had been, but he didn’t care about that.

She was stunning! His attraction was hard to fight and if he wasn’t careful he would frighten her with his member before they got to any of the good stuff. Oh would he be pissed if she wasn’t the right one. She defiantly beat the hell out of Cindy’s good looks! She wasn’t shivering because it was quite warm outside. She would freeze in the air because the wind of flight would freeze anyone. He would have to have her close to his stomach but not closer to anything else.

She started walking on the path with a determined air in her stride. This one had confidence, as if she had somewhere to be. He wondered why he was hesitating the way he was. Maybe because the crimes he had committed caught up to him at last, and he didn’t want to startle her.

She was walking with purpose, looking around at her surroundings with interest. Again that feeling of purpose emanated from her as if she had somewhere to be.

It was now or never he thought. Facing downward, while still flapping his wings, he prepared to dive bomb her. He was going to scoop her up. Taking a moment to hope that she wouldn’t irritate him, he finally started falling. He was almost upon her. Surprisingly she didn’t see him coming, and he reached out with his talons, he was almost upon her and still she didn’t see him.

Success! He felt his talons grab a hold of her, and he wrapped his claws around her, hoping she was a semblance of comfortable. She gave a cry of surprise, but to his shock and relief, she did not scream. Was it good or bad that she was just surprised and not scared?

She held onto him, and he actually enjoyed the silence that came with a good flight. They flew for quite a while, he would have talked to her, but the noise of flight would have made it downright impossible to make any sort of conversation. So he just flew. He felt her body relax and he had the startling realization that she was asleep.

Just what was wrong with this naked woman? They flew for several more hours for his home was quite far. Finally the familiarity of his cave came into appearance. What would ensue when he landed? Just what kind of person was this woman? Only time would tell.

I was walking along on the path and right out of fucken nowhere I get snatched by this strange flying creature. As it flew upwards with me in its grip, (the only sound escaping me was a small gasp of surprise for the surprise it had given me) I realized that this creature was a dragon! A fucken dragon! I thought they only existed in fantasy novels.

Since I was there to die anyway, I wanted to see where this surprising situation would lead me. Would I be raped, or would I be killed for trespassing? I didn’t feel like screaming, deciding instead to catch up on my sleep. I didn’t get that much sleep, and for some odd reason that I didn’t even know myself, I felt safe in this creature’s grip. Odd thing I know, but I just felt safe.

The fact that it had grabbed me was proof that I existed. I wasn’t dead or if I was then I was noticed by something. I felt a kinship with this creature. It could kill me in a violent and horrible fashion, but at least I was noticed!

We must have been flying for some time, for suddenly I was jerked awake. Not because I was shaken awake, but because there was a change in my environment. I felt warm and for some odd reason safe. I should be scared, screaming, begging to be let free, but my life before this creature had abducted me, was fucken awful. Did I want to go back to being ignored? A life where I was fucken unappreciated?

The first thing I noticed was the dragon. It was huge. It also had the distinct impression of being male. I had no idea why or even how I knew this, I just did. It was solid red with a black crest. He was staring at me, as if I was the most interesting thing in the world. This made me so fucken happy. I was noticed, I was alive and not wandering the world in a death haze.

Tears fell down my face and the dragon shifted. Why are you crying? Are you frightened after all? The voice appeared in my mind and it was filled with a sadness that mirrored my own. I was unsure how to answer. Was I supposed to think it to him?

Thinking to only shake my head I tried to send him reassurance. I was beyond afraid for my life. I was happy to be noticed by someone that I had not talking to first.

He must have gotten something for he settled down looking calmer. Why are you naked? What happened to your outer armor? Most of the others had clothes on.

What did he mean by others? Then it hit me. This dragon must have been abducting women and doing god knows what to them. This should have been terrifying to me, but it wasn’t. I felt completely safe next to this creature that if it wanted to could rip me to pieces. I was still unaware of how to respond and he must have seen the frustration on my face.

Just think your answers in my direction. You are different from the others. For one thing you aren’t screaming at me. I hated the noise and killed them. Does that scare you?

It should have, it really should have, but it didn’t. I was on my way to die anyway, the last thing I wanted to do was go back to my shitty life.

It should, it really should scare me dragon, but I had a strange existence and I really don’t want to be unappreciated anymore. Can you really see me? Oh god that sounds so fucken crazy.

I ended up telling him my entire story, my strange invisibility, all the weird shit that happened to me thus far. He listened and moved closer. I didn’t move away and when finally his face was directly in front of me, I blinked but did not stray. He had emerald eyes that hid a sadness in them as well.

I hate to be blunt but you’re a very beautiful creature. You literally have the power to kill me, but you hold a sense of peace in your eyes. Can I touch you? I know it is strange, but you are the first being to ever notice I existed.

He settled down closer to me, and I thrived at being this close to such a dangerous creature. He settled his giant head in my lap like some twisted version of a cat. I reached out and trailed my fingers down various parts of his head. It wasn’t like what I was expecting in the slightest. His scales should have been rough and cutting into my skin, but they were smooth almost as soft as my skin.

Oh you are so beautiful, truly there is nothing more beautiful then you are. I was ashamed to find my hands wandering various parts of him relishing in the creature that saw me, truly saw me.

He gave a hum that vibrated through my hands and moved closer to me. He relished my attention and I his. I trailed my hands down various parts of his body. I was so focused on my attentions that I didn’t notice that I had company. Suddenly his eyes got very wide and he pulled away.

This was very curious indeed and I was about to ask him why when he refused to even meet my eyes. Why are you hiding from me? Surely you were enjoying it. This caused him to move away from me and every time that I followed him he would make damned sure I wouldn’t see him.

I don’t feel comfortable about it Katie, (for I had told him my name) I made a huge mistake in letting myself become closer to you. To be blunt, you turned me on. His mind speech said it quickly and I stared at him. Is that all? Are you done with your self- pity?

I could feel his confusion and he turned his head around to view me, making damn sure not to turn around fully. You are the first creature to ever notice me. If I made you hot and bothered, then I take that as an accomplishment. What are you afraid of, you were going to kill me anyway if I didn’t do anything for you? So what’s the big fucken deal anyway?

He thought this over and then slowly ever so slowly, he turned toward me. I then had my definite proof that he was male. His penis was huge and totally unlike a penis belonging to a dragon should look. But I haven’t seen many dragon penises so I was a bad judge. It was 10 inches long with a pointed tip. My god he was hung like a horse. (Though I doubt a horse could compare) On an interesting note, his penis had little barbs all over it but especially on the tip. Almost to the tip he had a knot separating tip from rest of the thing. Oh my aching stars, this was going to be fun. Are you scared? It’s just that your infernal rubbing felt so fucking good. I couldn’t help myself.

No shit! I thought half to myself and half to him. He looked amused. So how should we go about doing this? Again amusement entered his eyes. I could tell he was interested. I don’t think I was on the menu, At least not in that way. Do you want bluntness or bullshit?

I was never one to any work and I could tell that the next few minutes (or hours if it ended up that way) would be a unique experience. Sensing what I had on my mind (though I was still unsure how he knew) he walked awkwardly his obvious erection preventing him from meeting me quicker.

He was taking forever, and I grew impatient from waiting. But when I ran to meet him, a devilish glint entered his eyes, and his tail appeared out of fucking nowhere and knocked into me, tripping me. I landed on what else my ass and looked up at him.

You should be more careful my dear, you might hurt yourself, lot of hazards in my home.

I rolled my eyes, not mentioning that he had done it in the first place. He was positioned above me not quite in my personal space but damn near close to it. Are you just to sit there staring or are you going to do something about it.

Amusement (this dragon had a lot of amusement in him) entered his eyes. Just you wait; I have a lot of fun planned for tonight’s festivities. His tongue exited its home and hovered over me as if deciding if it liked what was in front of it. I noticed almost immediately that it too was barbed. Oh this was going to be interesting! His tongue danced in front of me, and I grew bored with waiting. Look stop torturing me and fucken do something already. I am starting to freeze.

He rumbled long and deep and I felt the vibrations echoing off his stomach. The fucken dragon was laughing at me. Then I felt a tingling sensation enter my body and a wetness shoot all over me. Oh my fucking stars it felt so fucken good. His glorious tongue tasted (that was the only word to describe this sensation) every square inch trying to find the greatest flavor. He was having some trouble as his tongue moved a lot. Over my breast, suckling on one nipple, occasionally biting (this felt interesting like a small pressure being applied. Not unpleasant but defiantly weird) one and then when he felt the other nipple getting mistreated (lonely) he would apply his magic to that one. At this point, I was beyond hard. My nipples were erect and shouting at him for release. Fucking lizard didn’t listen to them.

Finally his tongue ventured close to a spot that it had not tasted yet. The dragon closed his eyes trying to decide if he liked this foreign substance. He knocked on the door and waited for a reply. I was at this point eager to have him enter my home, but I decided to tease him.

Who is it, I am rather busy? This caused the dragon to double over in the fit of the giggles. Have you ever heard a dragon catch the fit of the giggles? It involved little bouts of flame entering my vaginal opening. Surprisingly I didn’t catch fire, but it felt weird enough. His tongue teased my entrance deciding that it wanted more. Deeper and deeper it traveled until it reached a barrier. What shall I do at this next door leading into your depths?

It was my turn for amusement and when it died down I was able for a coherent thought. Try knocking, my mother always said slow and steady wins the race. Either that or a friendly visitor is always identified best before entering.

His tongue oh his glorious tongue dance and swung all over the place slowly prying the barrier open. Some fluids as well as pain leaked out and I winced. But that slowly died down and I was able to enjoy the pleasure he was bestowing upon me.

He lapped up my juices and crooned in pleasure at the harvest he had found. Oh that’s tasty, I do believe I will have some more. We shared a moment for laughter and continued. My hands were left to the side with little to keep them occupied. His prick was hovering directly over my hands and I figured that since it was so nice to visit, I would give a gift of my own.

My hands reached for the gift that they sought, and I latched on to it. My dragon lover (it only made sense after all) gave a shout of surprise but didn’t pull away. I began moving my hands up and down, jerking him off, and we shared a moment of pleasure moans (are there any other kinds of moans during sex?) for the feelings we shared. He decided that he liked my attentions and held still while he moved and danced his tongue faster inside me.

I stroked him faster and faster, and he eventually stopped his attentions, holding his tongue inside me still. I glared at him and to punish him stopped my attention of him as well. Get your hands off me, let me show you something.

I listened to him and slowly he started to pull out his tongue. As a last gift this caused enough pleasure to send me in my first ever orgasm. He closed his eyes and folded my juices into his tongue as he withdrew. You are very tasty, very tasty indeed.

I released his cock, and no sooner that I did, his prick slammed into me. Oh that was heaven bundled in one pleasure package. It was the single greatest feeling to ever befall me in my life. Since he had broken the barrier earlier, there was very little resistance. He thrust past the barrier not wishing to be halted like he was earlier.

This was too much for me; while I didn’t orgasm I did feel an ungodly amount of pleasure. He thrust over and over again and not wanting to get in the way, I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. He still hasn’t given me his one true gift and I wondered how much his self-control could last. He was enjoying it to, letting out hisses that would have scared the shit out of me had I not known what he was doing.

He slowed down and then I heard a voice in my mind. Are you okay, I am not hurting you aren’t I?

A little late to ask that question isn’t it. You are fucken unbelievable. The only hurting your doing is not giving me enough pleasure. It is so unbelievable. He smiled a draconic smile and sped up. He slammed into me harder and harder and wanting to finish together, I fought for self-control. Finally he grew spasmodic in his thrusts and I knew he was close.  Inside if you don’t mind.

He snorted fire escaping his mouth. Was that necessary my dear? He seemed to know the end was nigh and sped up as quick as he can. He came with a vengeance releasing his seed (it was hot, so hot it burned. This added to my pleasure and caused me to shout my love to the heavens) deep into me. We shouted as we both came. There was a lot of it, and it filled me completely, burrowing deep into my soul and making me feel safe and complete for the first time in my life.

For several minutes, he spurted and I wondered if my insides would drown with his cum. A small puddle formed underneath us and I briefly wondered if I was ruining his home with the mess I was making.

He slowly died down and withdrew adding a few waves of extra pleasure. He had come a lot, and didn’t seem to have any need for his erection any more. I felt sad to see it go but knowing without how I knew that I would see it again, did not dwell on it too much.

Are you going to add my body to the others? He stared at me with an expression of hurt but shook it off.

I have always wanted a friend, one to chase away the darkness from my life. I would be fucking insane to kill you. I see the start of a beautiful relationship with you. I don’t know why you are invisible to the rest of the human race, but the answer we will face together. I don’t see you leaving anytime soon, so the morning will come when it comes and we will face whatever happens together.

He snuggled closer to me, his penis long gone. I am too tired to clean up, but the morning will hopefully bring answers and we will clean up then.

I kissed the top of his crest feeling very safe and wrapped my hands around him for once very happy. I would get some clothes in the morning and try to figure out a solution to my mysterious problem. For now though, I felt comforted to know that I was loved. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.


Phew that was a long story. I hope this passed. I didn’t intend for it to be so long but shit happens. I hope you enjoyed it as I really like this character. Thanks for reading this.






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