Retirement Party

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Greg & Suzanne go to a retirement party. From Muscles, Money, and Sex

Greg unlocked the door to Suzanne’s apartment and stepped inside. They had exchanged keys so they would not to have wait outside each other apartment.  “It that you, Greg?” he heard his girlfriend ask from her bedroom.

“Yes, it is. When will you be ready? I don’t want us to be late.”

“I’ll be out in a moment,” Suzanne replied

Greg sat down on the sofa and flipped through a magazine from the coffee table. Suzanne walked out of the bedroom and Greg stood up. She asked, “What do you think?” as she twirled around.

“That dress is sexy. You’ll be the life of the party. Where did you get it?”

“I got the dress and shoes from an Internet company called Lulus.” Suzanne wore a backless royal blue high-low dress with spaghetti straps and gold strappy sandal high heels.

Greg’s eyes locked on the long toned leg the dress’s very high slit revealed. He felt his hormones rush and thought, I am getting a hard-on. He noticed a slight smirk on Suzanne’s face. What a tease, he thought.

“We need to get going,” Greg told her. Suzanne grabbed her hand bag and the couple left her apartment.


Greg parked in a parking garage a block from the 21 Club and he and Suzanne arrived as the retirement party for Dave Johnson began. He had spent 20 years at Lehman Brothers and was stepping down from his position as Vice President for Finance. After introducing Suzanne to some of his acquaintances there, he introduced her to the outgoing VP. “Dave, this is my girlfriend, Suzanne Goldberg.”

“Pleased to meet you, Suzanne.”

“Same here, Dave.”

“What do you do for a living?”

“I’m an associate editor for ‘Allure’ magazine.”

“Oh, really,” Dave said. “My wife reads ‘Allure.’ I’ll introduce you to her.” He motioned to his wife Hannah, who was chatting with an old friend. She joined the trio and Dave made the introductions. After Hannah and Suzanne discussed her work at the magazine, Hannah said, “My, Suzanne, that is a lovely dress you’re wearing. Where did you get it?”

“I got it from an online company called Lulus. I’ll write the URL for you.” As she wrote on the back of a business card, she said, “I got the shoes I’m wearing from the same company.”

Hannah looked at the back of the card and replied, “I’ll take a look when I get a moment.”

“Greg, I’m going to get a glass of wine. Do you want anything?”

“No, nothing right now.” As Suzanne walked to the open bar, Hannah asked Greg, “How long have you and Suzanne been together?”

“About seven months.”

“Where did you meet her?” Dave asked.

“In the Mid-City Gym. I was doing bench presses and she asked if I needed someone to spot me and help load and unload plates.” Greg smiled. “We’ve been dating since.”

“Maybe you’ll be settling down with her,” Dave said.

Greg smiled. “I don’t want to rush into anything.”

Just then Suzanne returned with her wine. Greg said to the Johnsons. “Suzanne hasn’t told you everything. Her father is the owner of L.G. Jewelers.”

“My, that’s a major player in the jewelry business,” Dave said.

“I’ve gotten some jewelry there; great quality at a reasonable price,” Hannah said.

“That’s always been my father’s credo. Next time you go to one of my father’s stores, let me know and I’ll tell them to drop the price for you,” Suzanne said.

“Thank you very much,” Hannah replied.

“There are some other people we need to talk with before the evening’s over. Suzanne, it was nice meeting you,” Dave said.

“Same here,” Suzanne said.

Later that evening, Greg and Suzanne met Daisy Wong and Mark Mills. Daisy was an IPO specialist and she and Greg worked in the Finance Department. Mark was her administrative assistant. After Greg did the introductions, Daisy said, “Now for the important news. Mark and I are engaged.”

“Congratulations,” Greg and Suzanne said to the couple. “When did this happen?” Greg asked.

“This morning,” Mark replied. “Daisy popped the question and I said yes.”

Daisy lifted her left hand and displaying her engagement ring said, “And here’s the proof.”

“Where did you get it?” Suzanne asked.

“Greenwich St. Jewelers,” Daisy replied. “Why do you ask?”

“I can explain,” Greg interjected. “Suzanne’s father is the owner of L.G. Jewelers.”

“Oh,” Daisy said a little abashed.

“Don’t let it bother you,” Suzanne said. “But if you go to one of my father’s stores, let me know and I’ll have them drop the price for you.”

“Thank you,” Daisy replied. “Ah.L.G. Jewelers, that’s privately held, isn’t?”

“Yes, it is,” Greg replied. “Mr. Goldberg isn’t planning to take the company public; I already asked.” Everyone laughed a little.

“Of course, now that Daisy and I are marrying, I’ll have to leave the Finance Department,” Mark said. “I’m hoping that an admin position will open up in another department; I’d hate to leave Lehman Brothers.”

“It’s the same thing at ‘Allure.’ Married couples don’t work in the same department,” Suzanne said.

Daisy said, “I hate to interrupt but Mark and I need to leave. It was great meeting you, Suzanne.”

“Same here,” she replied.


The retirement party ended and the guests left. “I need to get you home,” Greg told Suzanne as they left the 21 club

“How about a nightcap there? We’ll see if I can remember how to mix a martini just the way you like it.”

“Yes, that would be terrific,” Greg replied. “Did you have a good time tonight?” he asked Suzanne.

“Oh, yes, I had a great time.” She replied.


Greg and Suzanne walked to the parking garage. As they made small talk, Suzanne became alert. She had heard the sound of running feet behind her.

The mugger tried to grab Suzanne’s handbag. She gripped his arm and pulled him to the ground. Clamping an arm lock on the criminal, she declared, “If you try anything, scumbag, I’ll break your arm.” She spoke to her boyfriend, “Greg, call 911.”

As he pulled out his smartphone, he told the hapless criminal, “Mister, you ran into the wrong person tonight. That’s my girlfriend and she just got her black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu.” The mugger looked at Suzanne in fascinated horror.

“The police will be here in a few minutes,” Greg said. A patrol car soon pulled and two patrol officers got out. “You can let go him now,” one of the officers said. Suzanne released her arm lock and stood up. The officers pulled the mugger to his feet. “Read him his rights,” the officer told her partner. The other officer led the man to the patrol car.

The officer said to Suzanne, “That was a Brazilian jui jitsu hold. I’m curious, what’s your rank?”

“First degree black belt. I just got it three weeks ago.” Suzanne replied. She then picked up her fallen handbag.

“You did a great job. I wish a lot more people could handle themselves the way you did.”

“My instructor constantly drilled my class on attacks from behind; so when it happened, I reacted almost instinctively.”

“The officer asked, “Do either of you need any medical assistance?” Greg and Suzanne said they didn’t need any. “Let’s get your story.” After a few minutes the officer closed her notebook. “We’ll contact you if we need any more information. Here’s my business card. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.”

Suzanne took the white card and said, “Thank you.”

A taxi cab had pulled and disgorged a passenger. The officer recognized him. “Well, Basilone, I see you’re here to cover the story.”

“Yes, I am. I heard on the police scanner about a woman capturing a mugger.”

“There she is,” said the officer and left in the patrol car.

“I’m Steve Basilone from the ‘New York Post’ and I’m here to get your story,” he told Greg and Suzanne.

The couple agreed to speak to him on condtion of anonymity. After the reporter finished, Greg took Suzanne’s hand and they resumed their interrupted walk. “I think I need that martini,” Suzanne said.


When Greg and Suzanne got in his car, she crossed her legs. The slit opened and exposed her leg which she made no attempt to cover up. Greg caught a glimpse of it and again thought, What a tease.


Suzanne unlocked the door of her apartment and she and Greg went inside. He removed his bowtie and tuxedo jacket and sat down on the sofa. “I’m looking forward to that martini,” he said.

“Coming right up,” Suzanne replied as she mixed two martinis. She handed Greg his and sat down next to him, crossing her legs as she did; both sipped their drinks. “How do you like it?” Suzanne asked.

“It’s excellent. You passed with flying colors,” Greg replied and took another sip of his martini.

 Suzanne finished her martini. After putting the glass on the coffee table, she rested her head on Greg’s shoulder.

“I hope you’re comfortable like that,” Greg said as he put his empty glass next to hers.

“Very,” Suzanne replied and kissed Greg on the cheek.

Greg smiled. “Let’s make you more comfortable.”

“How?” Suzanne asked.

“Like this,” Greg answered as he lifted his girlfriend onto his lap and give her a long kiss. Suzanne returned the kiss and murmured, “Yes, this is more comfortable.” As Greg caressed her exposed thigh, he said, “You have soft skin, my love. How does it feel?”

“Delightful. Keep it up, sweetheart,” Suzanne replied as she nuzzled him.

Greg thrust his hand up her dress and caressed her other thigh. “Is this delightful too?” he asked.

“Yes, very delightful,” was the reply.

Greg carried Suzanne into the bedroom. He put her down and took her in his arms. He thrust his tongue into Suzanne’s mouth as they shared a long kiss. When their mouths parted, he nuzzled her and murmured, “Turn around, my love; it’s time to get that dress off.”

Suzanne turned around; Greg wrapped his arms around her waist and showered her shoulders and back with kisses. “You have a beautiful back, my love.” He unzipped the dress and Suzanne stepped out it. “My, aren’t we cheeky tonight? You’re wearing a thong; you have the ass for it and it’s a very beautiful one.”

Suzanne giggled. “Thank you. I put it on because the slit in the dress; I didn’t want my panties showing.”

“You should wear them more often; they’re very becoming to you.”

Suzanne giggled again. “Your wish is my command,” she replied and turned around. “Your turn, sweetheart,” she said.

Greg pulled off his shoes and socks and removed his shirt. “Bend over, sweetheart,” Suzanne said. Greg did so and Suzanne pulled off his t-shirt. When he straightened up, she blew him a kiss. She gazed at her boyfriend’s chest and said in a low voice, “Beautiful, just beautiful.

“Now the pants,” Suzanne said. Greg undid them and stepped out them. They faced each other; Greg, clad in his briefs, Suzanne, in her stick on bra, throng, and high heels. “Remove my bra and play with my breasts.”

“With pleasure, my love,” Greg replied eagerly. A lascivious look crossed his face as he peeled off the bra. He cupped Suzanne’s breasts in his hands and as he fondled them, he asked, “How does that feel, my love?”

“Very, very delightful,” Suzanne replied. She smiled and asked, “Is it delightful for you, sweetheart?”

“Oh, yes, very and it’ll be even more delightful when I suck your beautiful boobs,” Greg replied as he stopped fondling Suzanne’s breasts. She offered a breast saying, “Kiss it, lick it, suck it.”

“With pleasure, my love,” Greg replied. He showered the breast with kisses and ran his tongue over it repeatedly. His mouth closed over the nipple and sucked wildly. “Suck, sweetheart, suck.” Greg dropped the breast and Suzanne offered the other one. Greg did the same thing with it; as he sucked, Suzanne urged him on. “Suck away, sweetheart, suck away.” The breast dropped from his mouth and he took a deep breath. Suzanne took the nipples between her forefingers and thumbs and wiggled her breasts up and down.

Releasing her breasts, Suzanne wrapped her hands behind Greg’s neck while he took her in his arms. Suzanne thrust her tongue in Greg’s mouth as they shared a long kiss. After the kiss, she ran her hands over his thick pecs and kissed them again and again. She sucked on his nipples until satiation

“Front double biceps.” Greg’s arms came up and the mountainous biceps bulged up. Suzanne felt a thrill go through her as she felt their hardness under her hands; she kissed them repeatedly and ran her tongue again and again. Her mouth closed over their peaks and she sucked vociferously. Suzanne pulled her mouth away and she hung from a biceps for a moment. She dropped to the floor and wrapped her arms around Greg’s enormous quad. She rested her head against it before kissing and running her tongue over it. Clamping her mouth on it, Suzanne sucked voraciously. She stood and climbed up on Greg’s shoulders and caressed his face and played with his hair as he did a double biceps and a lat spread. She climbed off his shoulders and stood in front of him. “Side chest.” As Suzanne ran her hands over Greg’s enormous chest, she murmured, “What a chest, what a chest.” and showered it with kisses. “Front lat spread.” Suzanne ran her hands over Greg’s chest, arms, and lats. “Side triceps.” The arm muscle bulged out from the muscleman’s arm. Suzanne outlined it with her index finger and felt its hardness under her hand. She ran her tongue over and clamping her mouth on it, sucked vociferously. Suzanne pulled her mouth away and stood behind her boyfriend. “Back lat spread.” Greg’s back widened and Suzanne ran her hands over it and showered it with kisses. She ran her tongues over his back repeatedly and wrapped her arms around Greg’s waist. Suzanne rested her head on his back and nuzzled his shoulder and neck. As Suzanne bit him on the ear, her hand covered Greg’s crotch. “You have a hard-on,” she cooed. Suzanne reached into his briefs and fondled his erection. “Let’s make it big and hard. Ah…it’s bigger and harder, but we’re not done yet, are we, sweetheart?” Greg smiled. “No, we’re not, my love.” “Back double biceps.” Greg’s arms came up and his arm muscles bulged again. Suzanne ran her hands across the biceps’ backs and peaks and showered them with kisses, then studied Greg’s back muscles intently. Suzanne stood in front of her boyfriend. “Abdominal and thigh.” She ran her finger tips over Greg’s brick-like abs and outlined them with her index finger then ran her hand down and alongside his thigh and examine its separation. “I could lose my fingers in there,” Suzanne cooed. “Most muscular.” As she examined Greg’s magnificent body, Suzanne’s heart beat rapidly and the blood rushed to her head as her swollen nipples became nearly bearably painful. “Relax.”

“Pull down my thong,” Suzanne said. Greg squatted and ran his hands over her flat abs and kissed her abdomen and navel, then pulled the thong down to Suzanne’s ankles. She stepped out of them and said, “Unbuckle the straps of my sandals.” Suzanne raised her foot off the floor and said, “Take it off.” She did the same with her other foot. “Now, this one.” Greg removed the sandal and stood up.

She squatted and slid down Greg’s briefs. She gazed silently at his erection in awe and slowly licked her lips. After a moment, she stood up. “Carry me to the bed,” she commanded. Greg scooped her up in his arms; he laid her on the bed and sat on it. Suzanne knelt behind him and clasped her hands around his upper arms. Greg felt Suzanne’s breasts rub his back. “The delightful boob-rub,” he said. Suzanne stopped and fondled Greg’s erection. “Ah, you’re making me big and hard. You like me big and hard,” Greg said. Suzanne giggled and said, “You bet I do.” Greg laughed a little. “Lie down and let’s see how we stand,” Suzanne said. She placed her index finger alongside the enormous erection and rubbed it up and down. “Your hard-ons are so big and hard…and beautiful,” she said in hushed tones. Suddenly Greg said, “Let’s fuck.” Suzanne slid into Greg’s arms. They kissed and he rolled over. As Greg penetrated her, he heard Suzanne moan. Her arms tightened around him and she kept repeating, “Fuck me! Fuck me!” as Greg’s hips thrust up and down. Suzanne moaned as she had her orgasm and Greg cried out, “I’m coming.”


Greg rolled off Suzanne; he sat up on the edge of the bed and took a few deep breaths. He heard Suzanne stir behind him and she sat beside him. He put his arm around her shoulder and she her arm around his waist. She rested her head on his shoulder and said, “Wonderful as always.” Greg replied, “Yes, it was,” and gave his girlfriend a quick kiss.

Suzanne put on a robe while Greg put on his socks and underwear. After he put his shirt, pants, and shoes, the couple walked into the living room. He put on his tuxedo jacket and took Suzanne in his arms. “It was quite a night; you captured a mugger.” Suzanne looked a little embarrassed as she replied, “All in a night’s work.”

“Good night, my love,” Greg said. “Good night,” Suzanne replied. They shared a long kiss and Greg left her apartment.


Suzanne finished her morning coffee and pulled up the New York Post’s news report on her computer.


Martial Arts Woman Takes Down Mugger by Steve Basilone.


A woman in high heels caught a mugger using her martial arts skills Friday night. The unidentified woman, of Manhattan, was attacked while walking to a parking garage moments after leaving the 21 Club with her boyfriend.

The mugger approached her and attempted to grab her handbag but the intended victim, a black belt in Brazilian jui jitsu and a brown belt in taekwondo, pulled him to the ground and held him in an arm lock until police arrived. 

The woman, who was wearing 4.5-inch gold high heel sandals at the time, told the New York Post that she believes the attacker picked her out because she looked vulnerable and possibly an easy target.

The 30-year old, who also kick boxes, said: “Self-defense has been an interest of mine for many years and I want to emphasize to other women that it’s imperative to learn how to look after themselves.

“I really believe the mugger thought I would be an easy target, relying on catching somebody off-guard or vulnerable in high heels — I’m pleased I showed him otherwise.

“Awareness of what is going on around you is so important at all times.

“Timing is essential, responding quickly but keep as calm as possible, all these things you learn and drill in training classes which helps you act under pressure.”

Her boyfriend, also of Manhattan and a bodybuilder, said: “I’m very proud of her. She certainly knows how to take care of herself; I should have her as my bodyguard.”

The couple was uninjured and continued their walk to the parking garage.

The arresting officer, Patrol Officer Cindy Berman, said: “She did a great job. I wish a lot more people could handle themselves the way she did.”


After reading it, Suzanne made a phone call.  “Hello,” said the voice on the other end. “Hello Diane, this is Suzanne.”

“What’s the occasion for the call?” Diane asked.

“Are you at a computer?” Suzanne asked.

“Yes, I am,” Diane replied.

“Good. I’m sending you a link; click on it and read the article.” A few keystrokes later, Suzanne asked, “Do you have it?”

“Yes, and I’m clicking on it now.” There was a moment of silence. “Wow!” exclaimed Diane. “Was this you, by any chance?”

“Yes, it was.”

“You did a great job,” Diane said. “Do your parents know about this?”

“No and please don’t breathe a word of this to them. I’ve asked Greg not to say anything about it to them, either.

“My lips are sealed,” Diane replied. She changed the subject. “21 Club. You must have had a hot date with Greg.”

“We were at a retirement party for a VP at Lehman Brothers but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t steaming him up.”


“I was wearing a dress I had bought from You should check it out; it has great dresses and shoes.”

“ I’ll do that,” Diane said.

“Anyway, the dress had a very high slit and I made sure he saw my exposed leg. After we had martinis at my place, he humped me.”

Diane chuckled, “You, hussy, you.”


Almost a half-hour later, the phone rang and Suzanne saw the name on Caller ID. “Hello, Greg,” she said.

“Hello, Suzanne. How are you this morning? Any aches, pains, bumps, or bruises?
“I’m quite fine with no aftereffects from last night.”

“I saw the New York Post article about last night. Mr. Basilone got the story right,” Greg said.

“Yes, he did,” Suzanne replied.

“The reason I called is to see if you want to go biking with me in Central Park this afternoon, say about 2:00 pm?”

“I’d love to and it’ll give me time to get to my parents. My brother and his family are here and we’re going out for dinner. Why don’t you come with me and you can meet them?”

“I’d love to.”

“Good,” Suzanne replied. “I’ll call my parents and let them know you’ll be with me.”


A few days, Suzanne got an email from Diane. “Just checked You’re right. Lots of great dresses & shoes. Accessories too. Some of these dresses will really steam up Dave. Can’t wait to get them. Thanks for the tip.”

Suzanne replied, “Now who’s the hussy? (lol)”






Submitted: July 04, 2017

© Copyright 2021 HaroldF. All rights reserved.

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great read. I've heard of Lulu's but have never actually shopped on that website. It does have great dresses and accessories. I enjoyed the read, thanks!

Mon, July 10th, 2017 2:05pm

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