Night Time Delight

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Dave and Diane prepare for bed.

Diane had just stepped out of the bathroom. Dave sat up in bed and laughed. “You’re wearing one of my dress shirts.” He saw how the white shirt hung off Diane. “Well, you’re certainly not my size,” Dave commented.

“You can fit a dozen of me in this and still have plenty of room left over,” Diane joked.

Dave noticed the black stilettos his fiancée wore.  “Stilettos. This must be a special occasion.”

“No special occasion, darling. I just wanted to look sexy for you,” Diane said. She stood at the foot of the bed and quietly held open the shirt. “What a rack! They sure broke the mold,” exclaimed Dave. The shirt fell to the carpet and Diane blew her fiancé a kiss.

 Dave swung his legs on to the floor and Diane, clad in black bra and panties and stilettos, sat on his lap. She giggled as Dave playfully thrust his finger in her cleavage and ran it back and forth. As Diane gave Dave a long kiss, her tongue rested on his. After the kiss, Dave nuzzled Diane and sank his teeth in her ear lobe. As the couple shared another long kiss, Dave thrust his tongue into Diane’s mouth. When their mouths parted, Diane stood up and pulled Dave to his feet.

As he bounced his left pec, he said, “I love you, Diane.” Dave watched Diane bounce her left pec and heard her declare: “I love you, Dave.” He lifted Diane overhead and pumped her up and down as he counted from one to ten. When he lowered her down, she wrapped her legs around his waist. They shared another long kiss and Diane stood back on the carpet.

She ran her finger down her fiancé’s pec cleavage and under his giant pecs. She showered them with kisses and ran her tongue over them repeatedly. As Diane did, she felt her nipples become rigid. Gripping Dave’s pecs tightly, she sucked on the muscleman’s nipples. Diane released the great muscles and joked, “I always return what I borrow.”

Dave’s head jerked up. “That’s a strong grip you have there, Diane,” he said as she grabbed his crotch. Diane didn’t say a word as she groped Dave. He felt a hand on his crotch. “’re stiff,” Diane cooed. “You like being stiff, don’t you?” “You know I do, honey.” Diane smiled wickedly. Dave heard her say, “We’re not done making you stiff, are we?” and felt her thumb and forefinger around the head of his penis. Diane released her grip and gave Dave a quick kiss.

She stood behind Dave and wrapped her arms around his waist and nuzzled him passionately. She then thrust her hands into his briefs. “You’re big and hard,” Diane purred in his ear. “Let’s make you bigger and harder,” she purred as she fondled his erection.  “Yes, you’re bigger and harder, just the way we like it.”

Diane climbed on Dave’s shoulders. As he did a lat spread and a double biceps, she caressed his face and played with his hair. She leaned over and ran her hands over his pecs.

Diane stood in front of the bodybuilder and slipped off her bra. She dangled it and dropped it to the floor. “You have the most awesome pair of tits I have ever seen,” Dave said in awe. He smiled. “Your nipples make my hard-on look puny.” Diane played with her breasts. She finished her breast play by taking her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and wiggling her breasts up and down.

Dave’s hands reached for his fiancée’s breasts. Diane giggled when Dave said, “Your tits are mine.” He fondled her breasts and taking her rigid nipples between his thumbs and forefingers wiggled them up and down. Dave kissed and ran his tongue over Diane’s breasts repeatedly. He sucked them until satiation and declared, “I’m returning your tits.” Dave took Diane in his arms and gave her a long kiss.

Diane stepped back. “Front double biceps,” she commanded. Dave raised his arms and the enormous biceps bulged up.  Diane ran her hand over their peaks and felt their hardness all the while murmuring, “Beautiful, beautiful. She kissed them repeatedly and ran her tongue over them. “Here’s your biceps job,” Diane said as she took the peaks in her mouth and sucked. Sated, she hung from a biceps for a moment and dropped to the floor. Diane wrapped her arms around Dave’s thigh and rested her head against it. She kissed and ran her tongue over it, then, clamped her mouth on it and sucked. She stopping sucking and looked up. Dave extended his hand and Diane took it.  She stood before her fiancé. “Front lat spread.” Diane ran her hands over Dave’s chest, arms, and lats. “Side triceps,” The muscle bulged out and much to Diane’s delight, Dave bounced it up and down. Diane put her hand on it and felt its hardness. She outlined the triceps with her index finger and kissed it. “Side chest pose.” Dave’s chest expanded and Diane said, “Awesome, just awesome.” After she ran her hands over it, she kissed it.  Diane stood behind Dave. “Back double biceps.” The biceps bulged up again and Diane ran her hands over their peaks and planted a kiss on each one. Then, she explored Dave’s back muscles intently. “Beautiful,” Diane murmured. “Back double biceps.” spread.” Diane ran her hands over Dave’s wide back and, then, kissed it and ran her tongue over repeatedly. She stood in front of Dave. “Abdominal and thigh.” Diane ran her hand over Dave’s brick like abs and outlined them with her finger. Her hand ran down and inside her fiancé’s massive thigh and Diane explored the separation intently. “I’ve said it before. You could lose a dime there.” “Most muscular.” As Diane examined the magnificent body before her, the blood rushed to her head, her heart raced, and her rigid nipples became almost unbearably painful. “Relax,” she said.

Diane dropped to her knees and her eyes locked on the bulge in Dave’s briefs. She slid them down and exposed the muscleman’s enormous erection. “Oh, my, oh, my,” Diane said and touched it in awe. “Your hard-on is so big and beautiful.” She then slid the briefs down to Dave’s ankles and he stepped out of them.

Diane stood up and stepped out of her stilettos. “Take down my panties,” she told Dave.He, in turn, dropped to his knees and kissed his fiancée’s flat abs and navel. He slid her panties down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and stepped back into her stilettos.

 “Carry me to the bed,” she commanded. Dave scooped up Diane in his muscular arms and gently laid her on the bed. She sat up and told Dave to lie on the bed. She reached over to the nightstand and took the condom off it. Diane slipped it on Dave and slid into his arms. They shared a kiss and Dave rolled over on her. Diane gasped as she felt the muscleman penetrate her.

Dave’s hips began to move up and down; the excited blonde wrapped her arms tightly around him and moaned in pleasure. Diane moaned loudly as Dave cried out,” I’m coming.” He rested on her for a moment as they both brought their breathing under control. He rolled off her and he and Diane sat up. Dave smiled at her and said, “You really know how to fuck a man.” Diane smiled back and said, “It helps to have a very handsome and charming partner with an unbelievably beautiful body. It brings out the beast in me.” “Aw…you’re making me blush,” Dave joked.

Diane told Dave to lie down on the bed again and bounded off for the bathroom. She returned with a wet hand cloth. “Time to take care of you,” she said and removed the condom. Diane cleaned Dave’s penis and said, “All cleaned up, muscleman. It’s time to call it a night.”  She removed her stilettos and the couple slid under the sheets.

“What you want to do tomorrow?” Diane asked.

“How about horseback riding after breakfast? Then we can lie by the pool and go into town for lunch.”

“Sounds great,” Diane replied.

The couple kissed goodnight and the room went dark.


Submitted: September 11, 2020

© Copyright 2021 HaroldF. All rights reserved.

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H-J Furl

Has real pecs appeal! Loved it!

Mon, August 30th, 2021 2:50pm

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