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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A friend of Dave's and his wife have relocated to southern California. He and Diane attend their housewarming.


Diane heard Dave paging her over the intercom. She knocked on the door of Dave’s study and heard, “Come in.” She sat down and asked, “What is it, muscleman?”

“I got an email from an old friend of mine. Eddie Rizzo and his wife, Joyce relocated to Irvine a month ago. They’ve invited us to their housewarming next Sunday.”

“I have no plans that day,” Diane said.  

“Good. I’ll let Eddie and Joyce know we’re coming.”

“We’ll look at some housewarming gifts,” Diane said. “But right now, I need get back to the Netflix movie I was streaming,”

Sunday afternoon. Diane stepped out of the bathroom and stood in front of Dave. Her dress was a short-sleeve, off the shoulder white bodycon mini dress. A sweetheart neckline bared her cleavage and matching front double strap stiletto sandals completed her outfit. Her hair was arranged in a high ponytail style and she wore small hoop earrings.

Dave’s eyes locked on Diane’s cleavage and his hormones began to rush.  He observed her little smirk and thought, Always the little tease.

She gave him a quick kiss. “How do I look, darling?” Diane asked.

“Very sexy,” Dave replied. “Love how your nail polish matches your dress and shoes. But we need to get going; I don’t want to be late for the housewarming.”

Dave grabbed a brightly wrapped package off the bureau and Diane her clutch purse and hand-in-hand the couple left their bedroom.

In the limo, Dave said, “It’ll be great to see Eddie and Joyce again. It’s been quite a while.”

“How did you meet them?”

“I met Eddie in high school; we were both on the wrestling team. Occasionally we’d e-mail after we graduated,” Dave replied. “I was at their wedding five years later and I met Joyce there.”

Soon, the couple was standing before an apartment door. Dave rang the doorbell and an attractive brunette opened the door. “Dave, it’s so wonderful to see you again.” She offered her cheek for a kiss. “Come in and I’ll get Eddie.” She motioned to a medium height man. He came over and shook Dave’s hand saying, “Great to see you again, Dave.” “Same here, Eddie.” Dave did the introductions. “Joyce, Eddie, this my wife, Diane Hanson. She said, “Pleased to meet you.”  The Rizzos replied, “Same here.” 

“Let me take this,” Joyce told Dave. He handed her the housewarming gift and she put it on a table laden with the others.

“I must say, Diane, you look stunning in that dress. Where did you get it?

“I got the dress and these shoes from an online company called ‘ Check it out when you get a chance.”

“Thank you, I will,” Joyce replied.

“Now, Dave and I are going to raid the buffet table. We’ll be back shortly.”

The couple returned with their food and wine coolers. “Let’s sit down and catch up on things,” Eddie said.

After the couples were seated. Diane asked, “What brought you to sunny California?”

“I’m an AXA financial adviser and Joyce and I lived in Hartford, Connecticut. There was an opening for a financial advisor in the Irvine office. I interviewed for it and was hired.”

“I think we wanted to get away from the ice and snow,” Joyce interjected.

“Well, you certainly came to the right place,” Diane said.

“Diane, have you ever been to Hartford?” Eddie asked.

“Oh, yes. I went to Smith College in Massachusetts so a classmate and I traveled around New England. We took a few weekend skiing trips to Hartford. We had always a great time.”

“Joyce, have you found a paralegal position in Irvine?” Dave asked.

“No, not yet. I’ve had a few interviews and I have some lined up, so I’m optimistic something will break my way.”

“Dave, last I heard from you. You had just retired from competition and announced your return to acting. What’s latest on that?”

“Nothing yet,” Dave said.

“What roles are you looking for?” Joyce asked. “You were in that beach movie a while back.

“’Fun in the Sun’ was a fun movie but I want to get into action/adventure.”

“Has your agent found anything you might want to do?” Eddie asked.

“Oh, yes,” Dave replied. “There’s a British superhero movie in the works. It hasn’t been cast yet. My agent is trying to get me the role.”

“Eddie and I always thought you’d be perfect as a Viking,” Joyce said.

Diane had a smile on her face as she took her phone out of her clutch purse. “You’re not the only ones to think that. I had painted this before Dave and I met.” She held up the phone with the image of the painting of Dave as a Viking.

“My, he certainly would be perfect as a Viking,” Eddie said.

“Yes, I told Dave that when we met. But it’s the British superhero role that Dave would be perfect in; here’s why.” Diane pulled up a composite of Dave and Garth. “That’s the British superhero; he’s called Garth. As you can see, he and Dave are almost twins.”

Joyce said, “’Separated at birth’ is a good description of Dave and this Garth character. Dave’s the obvious choice of the role; they look so much alike.”

“I always say that if Dave is not cast as Garth, the movie will flop and the producers will have no one to blame but themselves for not casting him,” Diane said emphatically.

“I think you’re right, Diane, Dave is the only choice for the role,” Eddie replied.

A few minutes later, Joyce said, “Eddie and I need with talk with the other guests, then it’ll be time to open the housewarming presents.”

After about a half hour, Eddie and Joyce stood behind the table with the presents. “Gather around, everyone. It’s time to open the presents,” Eddie declared.

After opening a number of gifts, Joyce said, “This one’s from Dave and Diane.” As she unwrapped the package, she asked, “What do we have here?” Joyce held up the gift and said, “An automatic electric corkscrew.” She spoke to Dave and Diane, “Thank you. I hope that soon we’ll open a bottle of wine with this.”

Dave replied, “I hope so, too.”

Joyce finished unwrapping the gifts and the housewarming ended. As Dave and Diane left, the two couples said their goodbyes. “It was wonderful to meet you, Diane,” Joyce said. “Same here,” Eddie agreed. “It was wonderful meeting you and Eddie,” Diane said.

“We’ll have to have dinner together one of these nights. I want to see you uncork a wine bottle with that new gadget Diane and I gave you,” Dave said.  Everyone laughed and Eddie said, “Joyce and I are looking forward it.

“Btw, let us know when you get that movie role; It’ll make you a star.”

Dave had a slight smile on his face. “I will.”

As they walked back to the limo, Dave asked Diane, “Did you have a good time at the housewarming?”

“Yes, I had a very good time there. I like Eddie and Joyce; we should have them over for dinner some night.”

“Yes, we should,” Dave agreed.

In the limo, Diane rested her head on Dave’s shoulder and crossed her legs. A high heel dangled from her foot. “We have the rest of the afternoon ahead of us, darling; what do you think we should do?”

Dave had a lascivious look on his face. “Fuck each other’s brains out,” he replied as he thrust his finger between Diane’s cleavage and ran it back and forth.

Diane put her hand on the inside of her husband’s thigh. “Darling, you say the cleverest things,” she declared with a mischievous smile. She ran her finger around the inside his thighs and groped his crotch. “You like that, don’t you?” she asked impishly.

“You know I do, honey.”

“There’s more where that came from, darling,” Diane replied as she placed her hand on the bulge in Dave’s pants. “Ah, you have a hard-on,” she said as she grabbed Dave’s crotch and squeezed it tightly.

“Whoa!” Dave exclaimed. “I’ve said this before but you have a strong grip.”

Diane smiled. “Muscleman, do you remember you telling me anyone can rip a phone book in half if she has a strong grip and knows the technique?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Do you remember showing me how to do it and then I ripped the LA phone book in half without even working up a sweat?"

“Yes, I do and all I can say is ‘Touché, musclewoman.’” Diane laughed and released her grip.

Dave lifted her on his lap. As they shared a long kiss, Diane felt a hand squeeze her breast.  Their mouths parted and she felt the muscleman nuzzle her shoulder and neck. “How does that feel?” he asked.

“Heavenly, darling.”

Diane ran her fingers though Dave’s platinum locks. “What beautiful hair,” she murmured. She thrust her tongue in Dave’s mouth as she gave him a long kiss. “Ouch” Dave cried out in mock pain as Diane playfully bit him on the ear. She then gave him another long kiss.

Diane’s legs were still crossed. As Dave caressed her top leg, he said, “You have soft skin, honey.” He continued and asked. “How does that feel, honey?”

“Heavenly, darling.” Diane crossed her other leg. “Do this leg.”

The limo arrived at the mansion and, hand-in-hand, the couple entered their home. Dave scooped up Diane in his arms and walked up the stairway.  He carried her into the bedroom and the door closed.

Dave took Diane in his arms. He nuzzled her and sank his teeth in her ear. As they shared a long kiss, Dave thrust his tongue in his wife’s mouth.

Their mouths parted and Diane said, “Let’s see that beautiful chest.” Dave bent over and Diane removed his t-shirt.  He stood erect and blew Diane a kiss. Awestruck, she murmured. “Beautiful, just beautiful.” Captivated, she gazed at the muscleman’s chest as he bounced his pecs. “What a pec show!” Diane exclaimed.

She ran her finger down Dave’s pec cleavage and under his pecs. She showered them with kisses and ran her tongue over repeatedly. After massaging them, Diane gripped the great muscles tightly and sucked on Dave’s nipples. She released his pecs saying, “You have them back.”

She groped the muscleman’s crotch and gave it a gentle squeeze. Placing her hand on Dave’s crotch, the gorgeous blonde said with a mischievous grin, “I stiffened you, but we’re not done, are we, darling?”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Dave joked. Then he felt it and knew what it was without looking. None the less, he looked down; Diane’s thumb and index finger were clamped around the head of his erect penis.

 Diane still had a mischievous grin on her face. “You like that, don’t you?”

“You know I do, honey.”

“There’s more where that came from.” Diane released her grip and turned around. “Unzip me,” she commanded.

Dave unzipped the dress; Diane wriggled out of it and kicked it aside. Dave explained, “What a beautiful back” and kissed it repeatedly. “You ain’t seen doing yet,” Diane replied as her arms came up. The muscles in her back bulged out as she did a back double biceps.

As Dave ran his hands over Diane’s back muscles, “Musclewoman, I am impressed…all that hard work…”  She lowered her arms and her muscles relaxed. She faced him and said, “Peel off my bra.” He peeled it off and dropped it on the floor.  “My, what big tits you have,” Dave said. Diane gave him a lascivious look as she played with her breasts. She took her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and wiggled her breasts up and down. She lifted them to her mouth and licked her nipples and areolas.

Diane offered her breasts to the muscleman, saying seductively, “My tits are all yours. Play with them, kiss them, suck them.”

Dave fondled Diane’s breasts and kissed them repeatedly. He ran his tongue over them and he eagerly took a breast in his mouth and sucked furiously until satiation.  He dropped the breast from his mouth and sucked the other breast. Sated, he dropped it and said, “I’ve returned your tits.” He took her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers and wiggled her breasts up and down. Dave released Diane’s nipples and cupping her breasts in his hands, he gave her a long kiss.

Diane stepped out of her heels and Dave lifted her off the floor. She wrapped her legs around his waist and the couple shared a quick kiss. She nuzzled Dave and when she gave him a long kiss, Diane thrust her tongue in Dave’s mouth. Their mouths parted and Dave nuzzled Diane and as he gave her a long kiss, his tongue rested on hers.

Diane stood on the floor and Dave lifted her overhead. He pumped her up and down for ten reps and when he put her down, he had her stand beside him. He lifted her overhead in a military press and again did ten reps, then he squatted for ten reps with her still across his shoulders. Dave lifted Diane off his shoulders and put her down. Diane asked Dave jokingly, “A barbelle beats a barbell, doesn’t it, darling?”

“Damn right,” was the response

Diane climbed up on Dave’s shoulders. He did a lat spread and a double biceps while she caressed his face and played with his hair. She climbed off his shoulders and wrapped her arms around his waist. She nuzzled Dave’s shoulder and neck passionately. “Ouch,” he cried out in mock pain when Diane sank her teeth in his ear. She put a hand over the front of the muscleman’s briefs. “Ooh, you’re big and hard, but we know we’re not done making you bigger and harder, are we, darling?” she purred. Diane thrust both hands into Dave’s briefs and, as she fondled Dave’s erection, purred, “I like making you big and hard. Don’t you like me making you big and hard?” After a pause, she purred, “Ah, there we are, all big and hard.” Diane withdrew her hands and gave the muscleman’s crotch a gentle squeeze.

Diane stood in front of Dave. “Front double biceps.” The muscleman raised his arms and the enormous muscles bulged up. “Beautiful, beautiful,” Diane murmured as she gazed at Dave’s biceps. She ran her hands over their peaks and gripped the biceps tightly. She felt her nipples stiffen as she felt the rock-hard muscles. Diane ran her tongue over them and showered them with kisses. “Here’s your biceps job,” she declared and took the peaks in her mouth and sucked furiously. “Honey, no one gives biceps jobs the way you do,” Dave joked. Diane hung from a biceps for a moment then dropped to the floor. She wrapped her arms around Dave massive quad and rested her head on it. She ran her tongue down the its side and showered it with kisses, then clamped her mouth on it and sucked until satiation.  Diane looked up at Dave and took his extended hand. He pulled her to her feet and she stood in front of the muscleman. “Front lat spread.” Diane ran her hands over Dave’s chest, arms, and lats. “Side triceps.” The arm muscle bulged out. Diane outlined it with her finger and ran her tongue over it; she kissed it repeatedly and clamped her mouth on it and sucked. Sated, she pulled her mouth away. “Side chest.” The muscleman’s deep chest expanded. “Ooh,” Diane said, “they don’t have chests like this anymore.” She ran her hands down the convex chest and kissed repeatedly. Diane stood behind Dave. “Back double biceps.” Dave raised his arms again; the muscles bulged up and the back muscles bulged out under his skin. Diane ran her hands over the backs of the biceps and kissed them repeatedly, then she examined the back muscles intently.  “Back lat spread.” Dave’s back widened and an excited Diane ran her hands over it, kissed it repeatedly and ran her tongue over it. Wrapping her arms around Dave’s waist, Diane rested her head on his broad back.  Diane was in front of Dave again. “Abdominal and thigh.” Diane ran her fingers over Dave’s brick-like abs and outlined them with her index finger. She moved on to Dave’s thigh. As she examined its separation, Diane declared, “I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. You can lose a dime there.” She paused, then commanded, “Most muscular.” Her heart beat rapidly and the blood rushed to her head as she examined Dave’s magnificent body. As she ended her examination, her swollen nipples had become nearly unbearably painful. “Relax.”

Diane gazed at the bulge in Dave’s briefs, then squatted. “Now for the unveiling,” she declared and slid down his briefs. “Ooh, what a big, beautiful hard-on,” Diane said in awe. “I can’t wait for you to stick it in.”

Diane stood up. “Pull down my panties.” Dave squatted and ran his hands over her abdomen and kissed her flat abs and navel. He pulled her panties down to her ankles and she stepped out of them. Instead of standing up, he picked up her heels and stood up. Diane was mystified, then realized what it was about and blurted out, “You’re going to fuck me while I’m wearing those shoes!” Then she said, “Carry me to the bed.”

Dave scooped Diane up in his arms and lay her down on the bed. He kissed her feet and slipped the shoes on her. She had Dave lie down and took the condom off the nightstand. Diane slipped the condom on Dave and slid into his welcoming arms. The couple shared a long and Dave rolled over; an excited Diane felt the muscleman penetrate her. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she cried out and she wrapped her arms tightly around Dave. His hips rose up and down and Diane’s fingers dug into his back. “That’s it! That’s it! Keep it up!” she urged.  Diane’s moans of pleasure grew louder and more frequent. Suddenly, she came out with cry and a moment later, Dave cried out, “I’m coming!” Silence. Dave rolled off and sat up. He took several breaths and after a few moments he heard Diane stirring. She rested her head on Dave’s shoulder and slipped her arm around his waist; Dave responded by putting his arm around her shoulder.  “That was always,” a smiling Diane said and gave her husband a quick kiss. “That’s because I had a very beautiful and charming partner,” Dave replied and returned Diane’s kiss. She said, “Flattery will get you nowhere, but I’ll make an exception in this case.”

Diane hopped off the bed and headed for the bathroom. “What a beautiful ass!” Dave exclaimed. Diane stood at the door and looked over her shoulder. “All that hard work...” she replied. She returned with a wet cloth and pulled the condom off. “All cleaned up,” Diane said. “Your life-time gig.” “You bet,” Diane answered.

“Well, Diane, we have the rest of the afternoon, what do you think we should do?”

“Stay in bed and fuck each other’s brains out,” she replied factiously.

Dave chuckled. “Musclewoman, you are incorrigible.” Diane laughed. “But seriously, Diane, what do you think we should do?”

“Why don’t we lie by the pool for a couple of hours? We can pick up some glasses and a bottle of wine from the wine cellar on our way out. After that, we can have a workout before dinner. How does it all sound?”

“Sounds great.”  Dave slipped on his swim trunks then his flip flops while Diane slipped on her bikini bottom and tied the front of her top together. “How do I look?” Diane asked.

“Sexy as always,” Dave replied.

Diane pulled off her heels and put on her flip-flops. “Will you wear those shoes around the mansion?” Dave asked. “Of course. They’re very comfortable and they go well with the white minidress I wore at the housewarming.”

“How about just---”

Diane cut Dave off. “Muscleman, you’re incorrigible!”

“And you love it,” Dave replied.

“Touché, muscleman.” Diane then asked, “Are you ready to go, Dave?” “Yes, I am.” “Let’s get going, then; the pool awaits.”

Hand-in-hand, the couple left the bedroom.







Submitted: May 10, 2020

© Copyright 2021 HaroldF. All rights reserved.

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