Dinner in New Jersey

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Greg and Suzanne have dinner at her favorite Chinese restaurant.

Saturday night. Greg entered Suzanne’s apartment. “Greg, I’ll be ready in a moment,” Suzanne said.

“Take your time; there’s no rush,” Greg replied as he sat down on the sofa.

Suzanne soon came out and Greg stood up. She wore a dark pullover, skinny jeans, and black stilettos. Her raven tresses were loose about her shoulders. The couple shared a quick kiss and Greg said, “We need to get going.”

He noticed her nipples protruding out under the fabric of her pullover. It was the first time he had ever seen his girlfriend braless but he immediately put it out of his mind.

Hand-in-hand, Greg and Suzanne left her apartment. Traffic was light and the couple crossed the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey and soon arrived at the Look See Chinese restaurant in Ramsay.

The waiter seated the couple and handed them their menus. They ordered sparkling water and chatted as they examined their menus. “How did you find out about this restaurant?” Greg asked.

“A few boyfriends took me here and I liked it. Occasionally my parents and I come here.”

When the waiter returned, they gave him their orders. Soon, he returned with them.

Suzanne asked her boyfriend, “How is your orange chicken?”

“Excellent. How is your sesame chicken?”

“Same here. Excellent,” Suzanne replied.

“I can see why you like this restaurant.”

Later that evening, the waiter asked the couple if they wanted anything else. Both asked for take-out boxes for their leftovers. “We have our lunch tomorrow,” Greg said.

“Yes, we do,” Suzanne agreed.

“But now I have to get you home.” At that moment, Greg felt a foot rubbing the inside of his upper thigh, then his crotch. Suzanne said, “The night’s still young, Greg.” There was a devilish smile on her face.

“Your place or mine?” Greg asked.

“Mine. You won’t have to drive me back to my apartment,” Suzanne replied and lifted her foot off her boyfriend’s crotch.

“Your place, it is.”

The waiter returned and boxed up the leftovers. Greg paid the check and couple left the restaurant.

As Greg and Suzanne rode the elevator up in her apartment building, she stood behind her boyfriend and ran her index finger back and forth between his ear and scalp.  The couple got off the elevator and walked down the corridor with their arms around each other’s waist. As she unlocked the door to her apartment, Greg wrapped his arms around Suzanne’s waist and nuzzled her passionately.

The door opened and he carried her over the threshold. Suzanne tossed her box on a table and Greg took her in his arms. As they shared a long kiss, she thrust her tongue in Greg’s mouth. Their mouths pulled apart and Greg removed his shoes and socks while Suzanne kicked off her stilettos. Greg reached for her pullover; Suzanne slapped at his hands playfully while saying, “Not yet, sweetheart, not yet. You first.” Greg bent over and Suzanne eagerly removed the garment. He stood upright and blew her a kiss. “What a beautiful chest,” Suzanne declared. Greg said “Your turn.” She bent over and Greg slipped off her pullover. She stood up and blew Greg a kiss. “What a pair of beautiful boobs.” He cupped her breasts in his hands and they shared a long kiss.

Greg removed his corduroys and Suzanne her jeans. He lifted Suzanne off the floor and she wrapped her legs around his waist. As they again shared a long kiss, Greg rested his tongue on Suzanne’s. She put her hands behind her neck and said, “Time for my ab workout.” Greg put his hands under her glutes. She leaned until her head was level with her boyfriend’s ankles. Each time Suzanne pulled herself up, she gave Greg a quick kiss. After ten reps, Suzanne stood back on the floor. “That was a great workout,” she said. “My abs really felt it.” Greg lifted Suzanne overhead and pumped her up and down for ten reps, then lowered her to the floor. Suzanne ran her hands over her boyfriend’s pecs. Her breathing became rapid and her nipples stiffened. She ran her tongue over the muscles again and again and showered them with kisses. Gripping the pecs tightly, she sucked Greg’s nipples. Suzanne released the pecs and said, “Front double biceps.” Greg’s arms came up and the enormous biceps bulged up. Suzanne ran her hands over the rock-hard peaks. “Beautiful, beautiful,” she said. She showered them with kisses and ran her tongue over them again and again.  Clamping her mouth tightly on the peaks, Suzanne sucked furiously. Sated, she hung from a bicep for a moment, then dropped to the floor. Suzanne wrapped her arms tightly around her boyfriend’s well-muscled thigh and rested her head on it. She kissed it repeatedly and ran her tongue over it. After she ran her hands down the front and inner side of the thigh, she clamped her mouth on it and sucked. Suzanne pulled her mouth away and caught a glimpse of the bulge in Greg’s briefs. She smiled wickedly and said, “I see I got a rise out of you; but we’re not done, are we, sweetheart?” “Not at all, my love,” Greg replied and blew his girlfriend a kiss. Suzanne climbed on Greg’s shoulders; she played with his hair and caressed his face while he did a lat spread and a double biceps. Suzanne slid off Greg’s shoulder and stood in front of him and played with her breasts. She released them and told Greg, “Play with my breasts.” As he fondled them, he asked, “How does that feel?” Suzanne replied, “Delightful, sweetheart.” Greg let go and Suzanne offered him a breast. “Kiss it; suck it.” He showered the proffered breast with kisses and took it in his mouth eagerly.  “Suck, sweetheart, suck,” Suzanne urged as Greg sucked furiously. He dropped the breast from his mouth and kissed the other one repeatedly. He took it in his mouth and sucked as furiously as before. “Suck away, sweetheart, suck away,” Suzanne urged. Sated, he dropped the breast from his mouth and stood erect. “Turn around, my love. I want to see that beautiful back and ass of yours.” Greg ran his hands over Suzanne’s sculpted back when her arms came up and she went into a back-double biceps. “This is a pleasant surprise,” he said as he felt the muscles under his hands. “Just showing the result of all that hard work,” Suzanne replied. “I’m very impressed. I may yet worship your muscles,” Greg joked as he ran his hands over Suzanne’s biceps peaks. He showered them with kisses and clamped his mouth on them and sucked. Suzanne felt hands running over her glutes and she lowered her arms. “You have a tight, round ass, my love. I could bounce quarters off these buns.” “Ouch," Suzanne cried out in mock pain as Greg gave her a playful swat on the bottom. She faced Greg again, “Side chest,” Suzanne commanded. Greg’s chest expanded. “What a beautiful chest,” Suzanne in a hushed tone of voice. She ran her hands over it and showered it with kisses. “Front lat spread.” Suzanne ran her hands over Greg’s chest, arms, and lats. “Side triceps.” The muscle bulged out from Greg’s arm. A thrill went through Suzanne as she felt its hardness under her hand. She showered it with kisses and ran her tongue over it repeatedly. She clamped her mouth on it and sucked voraciously. Sated, Suzanne pulled her mouth away and stood behind her boyfriend. “Back double biceps.” Greg’s arms came up and the great arm muscles bulged up again. Suzanne ran her hands over their peaks and their backs. She showered them with kisses and ran her tongue over them repeatedly. She turned her attention to Greg’s back muscles. “Beautiful, sweetheart, beautiful,” Suzanne murmured as she examined them closely. “Back lat spread.” Greg’s back widened and Suzanne ran her hands over it; she showered it with kisses and ran her tongue over it again and again. Suzanne wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his back. She nuzzled his neck and shoulder and as she sank her teeth in his earlobe, put her hand on Greg’s crotch and purred, “You have a hard-on.” She thrust her hands in his briefs and fondled his erection. “Let’s make you big and hard, sweetheart. You like being big and hard,” she again purred. “Ah, you’re big and hard. I like it that way.” Suzanne stood in front of Greg. “Abdominal and thigh.” She ran her hand over Greg’s chiseled abs and outlined them with her index finger. Suzanne ran her hand down and inside Greg’s massive thigh. As she examined the separation, she said “I could lose my fingers in there.” “Most muscular.” As Suzanne examined Greg’s body, she murmured, “What a body, what a body.” while the blood rushed to her head and her heart beat rapidly. The pain in her swollen nipples was nearly unbearable. “Relax.”

“What are you smiling about, sweetheart?” she asked.

“My love, I’m smiling because I’m thinking that my hard-on is as big as your nipples.”

Suzanne looked at her swollen nipples and laughed. “Sweetheart, I think you’re right.”

She squatted and gazed at the bulge in his briefs.” Let’s see how we measure up,” she said as she slid the briefs down to Greg’s ankles. Suzanne licked her lips and said in awe. “Oh, my, you’re big. I could swing from that pole.”

Greg stepped out of the briefs and squatted as Suzanne stood up. “Take down my panties,” she commanded. Her boyfriend showered her navel and abdomen with kisses, then slid Suzanne’s panties down to her ankles and stood up. She stepped out of them and said, “Carry me to the bed, sweetheart.”

“With pleasure, my love,” was the reply.  Greg scooped his girlfriend up in his arms and laid her on the bed. Suzanne knelt and Greg knelt with his back to her. He felt her hands clench his biceps and her breasts rubbing his back. “Ah, the delightful boob rub,” Greg said.

Suzanne stopped and asked Greg, “How was it, sweetheart?”

“Delightful as always, my love.”

Suzanne fondled Greg’s erection and nuzzled his neck and shoulder. “Ah, you’re big and hard. I like ‘em big and hard. Don’t you like being big and hard?”

“Yes, I do and I like you making me big and hard.”

Suzanne laughed. “Let’s see how we stand?” Greg lay back on the bed and Suzanne looked at the enormous erection. “That’s a magnificent hard-on, you have, sweetheart. Big, hard and beautiful; just the way I like it.” As she spoke, she tapped the head of the erection for emphasis.

“Let’s fuck,” Greg said. “Sweetheart, I thought you’d never ask,” Suzanne replied as she slid into her boyfriend’s welcoming arms.  Greg rolled over and Suzanne gasped as he thrust his erection in her. His hips rose and fall as her arms tightened around him. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she gasped out between moans of pleasure. Suddenly, there was a loud moan and a moment later, Greg cried out, I’m coming.”

Greg rolled off Suzanne and lay still for a moment. He glanced at her; she lay still with a look of bliss on her face. He sat up and took several breaths. Suzanne sat next to him and put her arm around his waist; he put his arm around her shoulder. “Sweetheart, that was marvelous. You really know how to fuck a woman,” Suzanne said and gave Greg a quick kiss.

Greg smiled. “My love, it helps to have a very beautiful and very charming partner. That always bring out the tiger in me.”

Suzanne laughed. “Sweetheart, flattery will get you everywhere.”

“Yes, it will, my love, replied Greg and gave Suzanne a long kiss.

Their mouths parted and Suzanne bounded off the bed. She picked up her panties and slipped them on and put on a robe. Greg, meanwhile, got dressed. “It’s time to call it a night,” he said.

“Do you want a nightcap before you leave?” Suzanne asked.

“Yes, I would love to,” Greg replied.

“Two martinis coming up.”

Greg sat the sofa while Suzanne mixed their drinks. She handed one to Greg and sat down next to him, then crossed her legs. He took a sip of the drink and Suzanne asked, “How do you like it? Does it meet your expectations?”

“This is excellent and it exceeds my expectations. I had an excellent student.” Greg then gave Suzanne a quick kiss.

“I had an excellent teacher, “Suzanne replied and returned the kiss.

The couple sipped their drinks and made small talk until Greg placed his glass on the coffee table and glanced at his watch. “It’s getting late; I need to go.”

“Before you go, I’m going biking in Central Park tomorrow afternoon. Would you care to join me?”

“I’m free tomorrow afternoon, so I’d love to. What time do you want to go?” Greg asked.

“2:00 pm would be good.”

OK. 2:00 pm it is,” Greg replied.

Greg and Suzanne stood up. “Now for our goodnight kiss,” Greg said as he took Suzanne in his arms. She wrapped her hands behind his neck and they shared a long kiss. “Goodnight, Greg, until tomorrow.” “Have a goodnight, Suzanne. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Greg replied and left the apartment.

Outside the apartment, he remembered when he picked up Suzanne, she was braless and her nipples protruded out from under her pull-over. He had given it no thought then, but as he walked to his vehicle, he realized he should have known something was going to happen.





Submitted: August 19, 2019

© Copyright 2023 HaroldF. All rights reserved.

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