The First Night With Him

The First Night With Him The First Night With Him

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


My first night abroad with the dutch man know as Dan.


My first night abroad with the dutch man know as Dan.


Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



"Ummmm........I guess this is the time we sleep together..well not sleep together as in sleeping together. As in well you....know, 'Sleeping together'" I made air quotes around the sleeping together. "But in the same bed together." I looked at my feet trying to avoid Dan's gaze.

"Ahhwww, your nervous." Dan smiled a little.

"I-I'm n-not nervous." I tired to look Dan in the eye but I couldn't. "Fine. I am. But I don't want to talk about." I said. Dan chuckled and laid down he patted th spot next to him signaling that I should lay down."Gosh this is weird." I thought to myself. Dan turned off the light, then I turned it back on. "I'm afraid of the dark." I whined.
"I have a nightlight look in the corner." Dan pointed to the little light in the corner.
"That's not bright enough. What if I have to go to the bathroom I'll trip or something." I whined some more. Dan rolled his eyes.

"Look." He said. "I'm here so you don't have to worry and if anything happens I have a knife so stop worrying." He replied.I stopped talking and laid down, I kept fidgetting. "Do I cuddle with him or do I just sleep over here?" I wondered if I should close the distance or not. then Dan moved forward and put his arm over me. My face in his warm chest. "So this is what a dutch guy smells like." I thought to myself.

"I bet your happy aren't you?" Dan said.

"Yeah I'm pretty happy. Like REALLY happy." I'd blush if I could but I can't.

Dan chuckled. "You shamelessly admit it."

"Well....I will be shameless then." I turned around my back to Dan's chest, he got closer, his arm completely drapped over me. I was really nervous but I closed me eyes and tried to force myself to sleep.

"Kyaaalinnne~" Dan teased. "Kyaaaliinne~" I didn't answer him hoping that he'd leave me alone and sleep I was plenty nervous enough. "Kyaaalinnee~" He whispered as he closed whatever distance was between us. Our bodies fully touching him holding me from behind. I wanted to move away but then again I didn't, Dan was warm.
Dan sighed lightly, moved his hand over my hip and across my thigh, over my stomach and breasts lightly grabbing every now and then. I sliently sighed in relief, that touch was so overdue. He traced my neck with fingers before his hand got to my shoulder. He then tucked his arm under mine so when he pulled me closer my boobs pressed against his arm. They were aching touched again, Dan was right they do need a man's touch.

He rested his chin on my head and sighed. "I know you're awake." He whispered.

"How did you know?" I looked up at him, his lips look so kissable.

"Because your really easy to read. You want me to touch you again don't you."

"No." I lied.

"Fine whatever, then I won't." Dan totally turned around so our back were facing each other. I turned to him and sat up.

"You didn't have to completely move away." I said.

"If you don't want me to touch you then I won't...unless you wanted me too." He didn't turn to me but I knew what he wanted me to say.

"D-Dan....I gosh I hate you....I-I want you.....want yo-.....I WANT y-......UGH!!! I wan't you" I said embrassedly.

"What? I didn't hear the last part..." He teased.

"I want you to hold me." I basically growled. He turn back around and I turned my head in embrassment.

"It's even better in person." He laughed. I laid back down and he put his arms around me again. Since I was already embrassed I might as well. I reached behind me and started feeling Dan's body. I kept feeling around so I could find what I was looking for Dan being completely silent which only made the situtation more awkward. I kept feeling around.

"That is his stomach" I thought to myself. "Wait no....that's his his knee....." I kept feeling around "You're close!!" My personal thoughts encouraging me. "YEY!!!!!!!" I mentally cheered the millions of mes clapped and threw conffetti.

"Yey I finally get to touch it~" I whispered. Dan stiffed a laugh. I wanted to feel the skin on it. I reached my hands into his underwear and felt it. "WOW~ Its the greatest~ It feels so nice." I kept rubbing it, I didn't want to start jerking it I just wanted to touch it. It hardened slightly in my hand. "Ummm.....what do I do." I asked comfused. I mean I knew what to do, but I wasn't sure it was right.

"Keep doing what your doing, just grab it firmly...ow. Not that hard." Dan instructed me. He always lead me all the time no matter what. Wether it's how to use my skype or how to leave the country to visit him, he always knows. I tried turned around to get a better grip on it, I tried rubbing it faster but my hand wouldn't let me. " need lube." He said. I sighed licked my hand. I tried again but it needed more.

"Maybe I should just spit on it...." I thought to myself. I breathed in and breathed out I moved my body down so my face was in front of his cock. I held it with both hands. I licked the tip of it to taste it. No taste. Dan was quiet. I did it again, still nothing.

"Your going to have to do more." Dan said. I wet my lips and tookt he tip of his cock in my mouth and licked it completely. Quickly moving my tounge in a circle, then I started to lick the side of his cock. "Bottom to top~" I said to myself. When it was wet enough I put my mouth over the tip of it again and slowly slid down. I remembered the thing I read on how to give a blow job.

1. Wet your lips. "Check~" I thought to myself.

2. Lick the entire cock it wet it. "Check~"

3. Create a suction with your lips around your partners cock. "Check~"

I mentally thumbs up-ed myself. Dan moaned under his breath, he grabbed my head and tangled his fingers in my head. Pushing his cock deeper down my throat. I cupped his balls in my hand and gently massaged them Dan let out a long moan. I wanted to touch myself but I knew I shouldn't, because I'd be more concerned with my own pleasure then Dans.

Dan shoved my head down. I pull my head up entirely and started to cough. "Dan....goodness..." I said between coughs. I finished coughing and went back to sucking Dan's wonderful white cock. "Gosh it tastes so yummy~" I thought to myself. Dan turned the light on and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

"Wha- what are you doing? Did I do it wrong?! I'm sorry!!" I started to whine I turn my head in shame. "No....not that I'm about to cum and I wanted to see it." Dan said as he shifted to a sitting postion on the edge of his bed. I got off his bed and onto my knees.

"READY~" I said really cheerfully. Dan started jerking himself off, I held my mouth open ready for his warm load to splatter all over my face. Dan let out one more moan before he came his warm sperm all over my face. Most of it got in my eye and on my nose I showed Dan the cum that actually made it into my mouth. He smirked.

"Okay you can swallow it." Dan said. I swallowed it and wiped the rest off with my hand and swallowed it also.

"I'm gonna go wash my face." I got up to go the the bathroom. When I returned Dan was laying down and waiting, my spot next to him still availible, I practically ran over and laid next to him. He held me in his arms and looked at me. I looked away because if was awkward then he kissed me. Speechless. He then turned off the light.

"Goodnight Jalinne~" He said.

"Goedenacht goddelijke Dan~" I said my goodnights and then we went to sleep.

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