He Was Wrong For Her

He Was Wrong For Her He Was Wrong For Her

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


She was on her own and wanted her father to believe she could take care of herself. With one small problem with her car it sent her life in a new direction. Little did she realize that the mechanic that would fix her car would change her life.


She was on her own and wanted her father to believe she could take care of herself. With one small problem with her car it sent her life in a new direction. Little did she realize that the mechanic that would fix her car would change her life.

Chapter1 (v.1) - He Was Wrong For Her

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She was on her own and wanted her father to believe she could take care of herself. With one small problem with her car it sent her life in a new direction. Little did she realize that the mechanic that would fix her car would change her life.

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Submitted: August 17, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 17, 2014



Beth bit her lip as she thought about her predicament. She liked her car, but she was realistic that it wasn’t a new one and would need work at some point, but the problem was she was afraid that it was going to cost a lot of money. She hated to ask her dad for help because at twenty-three she finally felt like she could take care of herself and problems that came up. She lived on her own in an apartment she really liked and believed that her dad finally saw her as an adult capable of making good decisions.

 She asked a girl she worked with where to take her car and she said that her parents took it to this guy downtown and he was really good at what he did. She finally took a breath and drove towards the garage. She felt the same weird feeling in her car as she shut it off in front of the garage. She took a breath and slid out of the car. She walked up to the doors of the place and opened it.

 The inside was slightly dirty, but a man was behind the front desk and he turned around as she walked in.

 “Hi there”

She swallowed. He was huge. She said “Uh…hi.”

He leaned on the counter and said “My name is Xavier. What can I help you with?”

She said “My name is…Beth. Uh…I think I have a problem with my car.”

He said “What is happening?”

She took a breath and described what she felt and said “I don’t know if it is anything, but it makes me worry.”

He said “It could be something and is probably a good idea to get it checked.”

She bit her bottom lip and said “I…don’t know how this works. You won’t do anything before you tell me how much it will cost will you?”

He smiled at the brunette and said “I’ll talk it over with you and seeing as I am not busy right now why don’t I take a look at it.

We’ll see if the problem is small or big.”

She said “Okay.” She handed him her keys and walked over and sat down in a seat. She pulled out a small notebook that she kept and started making notes on things to do and work on. She was a nervous person and could freely admit that if she didn’t have things to do like this she was unsure about what to do with her time.

She got lost in making a list of things to do that day when she was surprised when her name was said. She blinked and looked up and saw Xavier standing there.

“I’m sorry. What did you say?”

He said “Follow me.”

She stood up and slid the notebook in her purse and followed him out a side door into the garage area where he had her car up. He had a tire off and pointed to something and said “Do you see that?”

She nodded. “What is wrong?”

“In layman’s terms…the line is almost broke, but it has caused this thing here to wear very, very thin. Honey…you are damned lucky you didn’t lose brakes period.”

She swallowed as she understood how serious it was. “Oh gosh”

He said “The problem is this line can’t be spliced. Some mechanics do that, but I think it is dangerous. The right way to do things is totally remove the line and put a new one in, but this thing here has to be totally rebuilt. I mean totally. From this right here all the way out.”

She swallowed and said “Oh.”

He turned and saw she was worried and said “It will be expensive, but…honey I can’t let you drive that car. That line could go at any time and you have no brakes period then.”

She swallowed and nodded and looked at him and asked “How…expensive will it be?”

He said “Let’s go back inside.”


Ten minutes later he was finishing the estimate and said “For parts and labor it will be seven hundred.”

She said “Oh my.” She nodded and said “Okay.”

He said “Now we can work something out. You can make payments on it, but honey you need it fixed. It isn’t safe the way it is.”

She nodded and said “Okay. I can figure something out. Uh…so what happens now?”

He chuckled and said “I tell you what. I have the stuff to fix it here I’ll work on it some today and finish it tomorrow.”

She said “I’ll…get the money.”

He smiled at her and said “Just make payments. I don’t want you to go out and get a loan or go into debt with someone just to pay the bill. It isn’t worth the hassle. As long as you pay on the bill it will get paid off. Let’s get some paperwork finished.”


She finished filling out her information and slid it across the counter and he took it and said “All right. I tell you what I’ll run you home that way you’re not stuck here.”

She said “Oh…I don’t want to take you out of your way.”

He said “I could use a break and I need a couple of things.”

She followed him back inside and watched as he grabbed a set of keys and then followed him out the front door. He shut the door and locked it and said “The black truck.”


She pointed towards a house and said “You can drop me off here.” When he pulled up in front of the area where she lived she said “Thank you for bringing me home.”

He nodded and said “Don’t worry about the bill. Like I said you can just make payments on it.”


She was sitting inside when a friend of hers stopped over. She smiled as Janine sat down and said “Where’s Mitchell at?”

Janine said “Fishing with his brother. He asked me if I wanted to go and I said hell no.”

She laughed and said “I don’t blame you.” She settled back in the chair and said “So my car is in the shop.” She explained what she was told and said “So the mechanic brought me home.”

Janine sat there and said “I think I know who you’re talking about. What does he look like?”

She said “Oh gosh he’s big. He’s probably six foot five and I don’t know he’s not skinny either.”

Janine nodded and said “Probably two seventy-five or so? Coal black hair?”

She nodded.

Janine said “Yeah I know who you’re talking about. He has a truck, but a lot of times he is on his bike around town. He’s a big man.”

She nodded and said “He is, but he was real nice and said I could make payments on the bill.”

She said “Seriously? Wow, most places don’t do that. What kind of payment plan?”

She said “Just…keep making payments was all he said.”

Janine said “Are you going to do that?”

She nodded and said “Gosh I don’t want to ask my dad for money. I’d never live that down.”

Janine laughed and said “Very true.”


The following afternoon, she had taken a shower later than normal, and had just gotten out when she heard a knock at her door. She reached for her robe and pulled it on and was belting the sash as she walked into the living room. She walked over to the door and opened and looked up as she saw Xavier there.

“Uh…hi” She felt her cheeks redden as he stood there looking at her.

Xavier knew that looking at her in a robe was probably the sweetest thing he’d ever seen. Her cheeks were pink and he saw the same shade going down her throat. He said “Beth I thought I’d stop over and pick you up. I got your car done.”

She gasped and said “You did? Oh wow that’s great.” She stood there a second and then said “Oh…I’ll go and change. Can you wait a minute?”

He nodded and said “I’ll be in my truck.”

She said “I’ll hurry.”

She pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and left her wayward hair down after running a brush through it. She pulled on a pair of sandals and grabbed her purse. She was locking the door and turned around and hurried out to his truck. She opened the passenger door and said “I’m sorry I took so long. I tried to hurry.”

He said “You’re fine.”

She belted herself in and as he pulled away she asked “Was it bad to fix?”

He said “Not really. It is just a tedious process because you have to remove a lot of stuff to get to the areas you need to work on.”

She said “I’m really thankful you fixed it. I know at some point I’m going to need a different car, but I’d really like to wait another year before I get one.”

He chuckled and said “I understand that. You just need to figure out at what point you want to stop putting money in this car and start putting it in another vehicle.”

She nodded and said “I should sit down and think about that. I’m sure there is a point where I need to start looking when I have to put so much into this car, but I really like my car.”

He pulled up at the garage and said “It’s a good car and if you haven’t had to put a lot of money in it yet this isn’t that bad. Wear and tear happens and you’re going to have to put money in any vehicle you have.”

She unbuckled herself and slid out of his truck and followed him inside the garage. She stood on the side of the counter and as he pulled out her bill he said “Seven hundred fifteen, but just pay me what you can and make payments and that will suffice.”

She pulled out her checkbook and wrote a check for a hundred and fifty and slid it over the counter and asked, “is that okay?’

He said “Sure is.” He wrote a couple things down on her copy and said “Five sixty-five.”

She said “Uh…I’ll make payments, uhm…when should this be paid off?”

He said “Beth just relax and make the payments as you can. There’s not a due date on the bill you’ll notice.”

She looked at the bill and said “I…will make sure I get this paid off soon though.”

He chuckled and said “Whatever works, but don’t go putting yourself in a tougher position.”

She said “Well…the only other option is to ask my dad for money and I really don’t want to do that.”

He chuckled and said “I wouldn’t either. Do you get along with yours?”

She said “Oh yeah, but…if I ask he’ll think I’m not responsible.”

He said “Then don’t worry about that. Pay what you can when you can and it will get paid off.” He looked at the paper and then at her and asked “Who is your father?”

She grimaced and said “The sheriff.”

He chuckled and said “It just dawned on me with your last name.”

She nodded and said “So I really don’t want to ask him for money.” She thought she was being rude and said “But…I mean I would if this was going to be a problem.”

He shook his head and said “It isn’t a huge deal.” He handed her the keys and said “Take it easy.”


She talked to Janine at work and told her about the bill and said “I just need to make sure I keep paying on it. I hate owing anyone money.”

Janine said “At least it wasn’t your father.”

She laughed and said “That is one relief.”


On her next payday she had her bills paid and headed to the garage to make a payment on her bill. She had been in meetings over a new project and had dressed up which wasn’t normal. Usually she was dressed in more casual clothes, but she used her one pantsuit today. She slid out of her car and saw that he was working on a car. When she shut her door he turned around and then smiled.

“Beth, how are you?”

She smiled and said “Hi, I’m here to pay on my bill.”

He nodded and turned and she then noticed that there was another man in the garage area. He said something and said “I’ll meet you inside.”

She walked inside and pulled out her checkbook and wrote another check for a hundred and fifty and when he walked in she slid the check across. He pulled out her bill and said “That leaves you at four fifteen.”

She said “It is getting closer.”

He chuckled and said “Just don’t cut it too close. You’re all dressed up today huh?”

She said “I had a meeting with people from work that I normally don’t see so I figured I should dress up.” She looked down at her outfit and chuckled and said “This is the only suit I won.”

He said “Well you own one more than I do.”

She looked up and said “I don’t suppose they would be easy to work in.”

He chuckled and said “Not so much.”

She slid her checkbook back in her purse and said “I’ll be back here in a couple of weeks for another payment. That’s okay isn’t it? Or do you want something every week? I should have asked.”

He said “A couple of weeks; is fine.”

She said “Okay, thank you.”


He walked back out to the garage and reached for something under the hood of the car he was working on. The man who was leaning against the wall said “Since when do you do payment plans Montgomery?”

He chuckled and said “I felt for her. She was panicking when she first brought her car in. She’s young, but got a good job.”

The other man chuckled and said “Out of the kindness of your heart? Yeah, what the hell ever”

He reached for a wrench and said “She was pretty sweet.” He looked at the other man and said “I’m not always an asshole.”

She was at work two weeks later and said “I’m so ready for the day to be over.”

Janine nodded and said “I am too. You got that bill paid off yet?”

She shook her head. “After this two more payments, and while that sucks I still tell myself I didn’t have to tell dad.”

Janine said “That in itself is a plus.”

She said “That is a relief is what that is.”

Janine laughed and said “Your dad isn’t that bad, but…I understand you wanting to stand on your own feet.”

She shut off her computer and said “I do.” She stood up and said “I don’t want to go out in the rain, but I’m ready to get out of this place.”


She pulled up at the garage and reached for her purse. Racing inside she pulled off her glasses and wiped the rain from the lens. She slid them back on and watched as Xavier walked in from the garage. “Hi.”

He said “How are you doing Beth?”

She said “Today is Friday so that is a great plus.”

He said “Too bad you couldn’t get some decent weather.”

She nodded and said “Instead of a car I’m going to need a boat.”

He chuckled as he leaned against the desk and said “You might if this keeps up.”

She slid her notebook onto the counter as she hunted for her checkbook.

Xavier glanced at the notebook and said “List?”

She glanced up at him and saw he was looking at her notebook. She felt her face flush and said “I…uh make list.”

He said “For what?”

She found her checkbook and since he was holding her notebook she set her purse on the counter and said “Everything.” She laughed softly and said “I suppose it is my way of dealing with what’s going on around me.”

He said “Can I look in it?”

She said “I don’t care.” She worked on writing the check as he flipped through her notebook. She wasn’t embarrassed by it, but she knew it was strange.

He closed it and said “You do…make list for everything don’t you?”

She felt her cheeks heat up and said “I know it is weird.”

He said “Hey if it gets you through the day that is all that matters.”

She handed him the check and said “It keeps me from losing focus.”

He took the check and said “Nothing wrong with that. Two sixty-five is what you got left.”

She smiled and said “I’m getting closer.”

He said “That you are.”

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