Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Two horny wives (also neighbors) draw up a cheating contract, their family (and victims) being unaware of their dirty plotting.


Two horny wives (also neighbors) draw up a cheating contract, their family (and victims) being unaware of their dirty plotting.


Submitted: January 06, 2016

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Submitted: January 06, 2016



Before we rush into the story, I must make a few things clear first: My name is Ashlyn. I’m 24. My husband, Brice, and I stay in a peaceful neighborhood filled with rich people. Well, that ugly woman next door (I call her fugly) scored a job at Brice’s work and has been fucking him like nuts. I caught them in the act. To have my revenge, I will fuck her husband and son at the same time. Yes, this is a cheating story. If you don’t like what is coming, please leave this page.


Mrs. Ugly’s real name is Addison Bates. She is 43; she has a 20 year old son, Cederick; her husband, Roland, is 41. I have started with Part 3. Parts 2 and 1 will follow after. Enjoy or forever hold your displeasure!




I have never been a porn celeb. I will become one this afternoon. It is Tuesday, 3 April 2018. I lay my ass on my office table and pull my legs apart. My iPhone camera looks straight onto my naked pussy. As you can picture up, I am not wearing my underwear. I did put on Dolce & Gabana underwear as I was dressing for work this morning. This is what happened: Cederick and I fucked throughout lunch. He took my panties away. I haven’t bothered to slip them back since then.


Roland wants to see me in my birthday suit. I don’t mind undressing for him. I promised him we’d fuck anytime he wanted us to. Today won’t be possible. Thus he wishes to have pictures of my pussy. He will use them to masturbate, he said.


When I am satisfied that the camera view is clear and whole, I hit ‘Shoot.’ Rapid, glowing lights flash from my camera. In two minutes time I finish the first shooting round. I seat this way and that way. I kneel on the table and take snapshots from behind. I do this and that. Ten minutes later, I am through with everything. Before I forward the photos to Roland, I seek authority from his wife first—by way of email.


Addison, good afternoon! Do you know what your husband longs from me? To see my beautiful, naked pussy! It appears you don’t license him that freedom. You don’t permit him to touch your pussy—to stroke it and nail it with his penis any style he craves.


Guess the outcomes of your dull actions? He wants to touch my pussy and stroke it and nail it also. I didn’t write this to tease you about what is going on behind your back. I just want to ask for your permission to send him the photos beneath this text. Can I send them—or not? By responding to this content, you automatically enter into this agreement:


  • We shall not delight the joystick of the other’s husband or son or whomsoever without first seeking the deed holder’s license. If you want to have sex with my husband, I must allow that to happen. If I wish to have sex with your husband, you must let me do so. Our husbands or sons don’t have to know about this. This is between you and me.
  • You have a right to limit how many times I sleep with your husband in a day. Two times is as much as is necessary. Any number exceeding this is strictly punishable. If I sit on your husband’s cock more than twice in a day, I must pay you a hundred dollars for every period of sex I have with him. The same applies to me. I can put limits on how many times you can fuck Brice.
  • This is our secret—to be kept till the day we die. If I ever say this to anyone (even my ma or a friend or a lawyer in a court of law) I must reward you with half of my personal wealth for breaching our promise. If you violate this law, you must surrender fifty per cent of your property to me. We shall have to detail this in legal paper form. There will be no lawyer or witness. Our signatures and hand writing will stand to bear testimony for us in the event that this matter reaches the court of law one future day.


If you agree to this, please email back, “Yes, I agree, Ashlyn Hewitt.” If you don’t like this one bit, write, “No, I don’t agree, Ashlyn Hewitt.” 


Three minutes tick by. I am lightening myself up in my chair, waiting for a response. I am counting the seconds. Eight hundred seconds later, Addison shows up in my inbox. She has typed,


Yes, I agree, Ashlyn Hewitt.


We must not leave our arrangement like this. We must translate it into paper form and add in our signatures and hand writing. I agree to everything you have proposed here. I give you the green light. Fuck my husband any way you want—you have just one chance to do that today. When I am about to nail your husband, I will let you know.


Can you do me a favor? We always talk about fucking and nailing—we haven’t fucked ourselves, have we? What do I mean (you may wonder)? Let us meet somewhere, just you and me, and fuck each other the same way we fuck our brainless men. We should teach each other how to fuck. This is not a competition, sister. I know you want to have revenge on me for what I did to you. Let’s put that aside for a while and have sisterly fun as friends. Let me know what you think.


To end with, did you enjoy sex with my boy, Cederick? He is a virgin. I don’t know if you know that. He is evermore shy to talk to girls or kiss and touch them. I was in shock when I saw how he treated you. You sacked him of all his shame, Ashlyn! I am really impressed. Repeat that next time. You are teaching my little boy how to become a man. Congratulations! I take off my hat to you, teacher. Yes, I see you as his sex tutor. I will pay you well the next time you fuck him.


My organs are about to tear apart in laughter. I had never pictured Addison being this funny.


Let us fuck, Addison. Tell me: Are you gay? If you are, I will be so proud of you. You are someone’s wife and you’ve hid your sexuality all these long years. How did you manage to do this? I can learn from you, pal. I’m not a les myself. I have lesbo friends, wed to men and wondering how they can explore the hidden side of their lives. It is like they are stuck into wedlocks they don’t want. Bravo!


She is not displeased. I was expecting her to be.


I have these words for you: Get yourself prepared. I am coming to pick you up. We are going to fuck—just you and me. Wear something sexy. I want you to fuck me like you fuck your men. Yes, I am aware that you are cheating on your man. If you don’t fall pregnant in a month time with anyone of them, hack my head with a saw. I am not joking, Ashlyn.


Damn it! How does she know I am pregnant and adulterous to my husband? Chlöe, my housemaid, is the only one who knows this; did she tell her? If she did, I swear I am going to drive her out of my house. How did Addison know? From the look of things, she is not one hundred per cent positive that I am pregnant. She predicts that I will fall pregnant in a month time. Damn her!


I am through with work, for today. I step into the shower and wash a second time. Then I snatch sexier clothes from my handbag and put them on. Wherever I go, I carry sexy clothes with me. You never know when you get fucked. It just happens. You need to be ready for it. When I walk back into my office, I see Addison settled on my chair. Good Lord! She is the sexiest woman I have seen today! I want to fuck her….now.


“Addison, how are you?” I smile happily.


She frowns back. “Skip the greeting. Let’s go into my car and start off. We don’t have more than an hour. Roland has caught fever. I must be home before 8 to look after him. Let’s go, quickly.”


I knit my brows. That’s so cheeky of her. My mom, Callie, knew her since she was young. She was friends with Addison’s mom, Liz. Addison was rude to everyone she met. No one dared to get closer to her whenever they would go to church. Callie would tell Liz that her darling girl had a demon possessing her. Liz always laughed at this—she could feel her chest cracking inside. “It is not a demon possessing her,” she corrected Callie every time she insinuated that. “She is a demon. That’s why she is disrespectful to everyone.”


Addison’s car is comfortable to sit in. Mine is more enjoyable and expensive. I don’t mean to be rude. So I don’t say anything about this. If I do, things are going to turn bad. I don’t want that to happen. My sister is a master of speedy driving. We move like lightening on the busy road. With an instant swerve, she avoids trucks and Lorries—rushing away from crowded streets and proceeding into tiny, clear roads.


“Will you tell me if you are gay?” I ask, looking at her. We are journeying in a forest. The time is 6.47 and it is quickly getting dark. The sun has dropped out of sight. Its dim light still penetrates everywhere. I love the appearance of the hills. They tower skyward like fortresses, beautiful and noiseless.


Addison sucks in a deep breath and stares at me; she chuckles suddenly. “What do you think when you look at me, Ashlyn. Do I look gay, or do things that seem gay to you?”


“I don’t know what to conclude. You had me open my mouth in shock by suggesting this. My neighbor’s wife wants to fuck me. What else can I suppose? She must les or bi. That is the only way to explain what is happening here.”


“Back into college, I used to have sexual intercourse with girls my age. It was fun. A friend tricked me into this. One unexpected day, she told me that she liked me and would pay me if I slept with her. I was broke. My mom and dad were poor at that time; they couldn’t afford to support me. I was paying college fees on my own. The easiest way to raise the money I needed for extra lessons was by sleeping with this said girl. She was Kirstin and my closest friend. She came from a rich home. You can’t believe she is a mother of five today. She has two daughters and three sons. She married. When her husband died, she brought up her kids by herself and then wed an Italian woman named Barbra.


“I banged Kirstin many times. She told me how she expected me to act and what I need not do. She didn’t care that I was dating men. I dated men the same time I was her lover. This went on for four years. I finished college and finally found a job in Denver. She moved back to Scotland, her home. That is where she still lives to this day.


“The seeds had already been sown in me. The day I lost my job in Denver and ended up a homeless, penniless woman wandering New York’s streets, I continued sleeping with women for money. Men paid me less. They insulted me and beat me up what’s more. Women paid me twice than dudes. They showered me with affection like I was their own sister. I must come clean: I’ve been sleeping with grown-up girls every once in a while. Roland knows it. He is a nurse. We met during those good old days when I earnestly sought medical help to quit drugs. He knows everything about my past.” 


The lights inside the car switch off. I breathe out. Addison holds me close and unbuttons my shirt. Her tongue slowly licks up my throat. I stiffen and moan. For a time, she strips her teeth bare and bites my neck. Damn her! Has she become a vampire? That is what blood suckers do. I cling to her and drive my lips into her hair. She is still gripping my neck with her teeth, wiping it clean with her tongue.


My lips lock on hers. She throws her head back, dispersing threads of light blond hair. On my thighs she settles silently. I pull out from kissing her and gaze straight into her eyes. They glitter, like diamonds. A sex-starving woman she is, she reaches for the back of my head and pulls me to herself. Our lips are caressing again, harder and quicker than we were kissing earlier. Her tongue licks up my face. I weep loud. It is like we are shooting porn.


Ripping away her shirt, I grip her breasts like Cederick held mine tight. Her breathing becomes sharp and hasty. Into my face it breezes, turning drops of sweat that are oozing down my forehead into ice. "We must fuck, Addison," I murmur, "We must fuck like this our last day."


Into her jeans I shove my hands and catch her ass. I caress it for a while, and then I press my fingers into her tiny asshole—three of them at the same time. She moans in delight. I spit between her eyes and mop away my saliva with my tongue. “You are fucking great, Ashlyn,” she applauds me, “Do it harder please." I drive my fingers deeper. They sink into her ass. I can't push them further than I already have.


Grating her teeth, she shifts her face to my breasts. With her teeth, she grasps my nipples. It feels wonderful! She scratches my nipples without painfully chewing them. I close my eyes and begin pushing my fingers in and out of her ass. She cries once more. I go in faster and come out faster. Tears spill out of her eyes. I don't see them. My tongue is brushing her face when it suddenly comes across them. I keep on licking them up while she continues crying.


Seizing my breast, she swallows it into her mouth and sucks it. I can't think anymore. I have never given birth before. I don't know if this is how infants suck their mama’s boobs. No milk is being squeezed out of my breast. Faster and faster, Addison sucks my boob. I quit fingering her ass until she has slowed down. Then I carry on where I had refrained.


"Your breasts are sweet, baby," she tells me. "I can't wait for milk to come out of them. I hope that will happen soon. When you have a baby, you will have to be sharing milk with me."


I laugh. "We both have to share milk in that case. I want you to make some for me. You must fall pregnant also."


She giggles. "I am getting old, Ashlyn. On the contrary, you are growing younger. I have a fully grown son. I don't need to have any other child. You're the one that must give birth."


“I will get pregnant then," I convince her. She places her hand behind me, grabbing my ass. Bringing her hand into play, she slaps it, harder and quicker. I cry, "Ouch, sister!" I have not been struck with any slight pain. I’m just trying to be funny.


Addison chuckles at me. "Didn’t Cederick slap your ass? I expect him to be doing that. You know how men go crazy over our asses. You have the nicest ass I have ever seen, Ashlyn."


"Thanks! I think yours is better than mine, honestly speaking."


She laughs another time. "Stop flattering me, will you please? Now stand up." She straightens up with her head bowed so I can rise smoothly. I get up. Her hand slithers like a serpent into my skirt and locates my furry pussy. Ah! Her fingers tap inside, making me unclose my mouth. "How about licking my pussy, beloved sister? I'll do you the same favor."


I let my seat drop further down and lie down on it. Addison sits on top of me, turning around. Her ass is positioned before my lips. She holds my thighs and caresses them. Her tongue snakes out of her mouth and licks my skin. It lingers near my pussy. I am breathless in an instant. I feel an orgasm drawing near. Into her ass I stick my tongue. Did she clean it? I must admit: I love the nice smell of her anus but I hate what is stocked inside.


"Your ass smells nice, Addison. Do you shower it with perfume?"


"I didn't. I took a dip into the Jacuzzi before coming over to pick you. I only scrubbed it with good-smelling soap. That was enough, I think. How does my ass smell? Does it have the smell of onion or garlic?"


"You are mad? How can you think that your ass smells like onion or garlic? It smells This must be so because of that soap you rubbed." My eyes fill up with tears from laughter. I have my tongue work its way into Addison's ass. She farts into my face as I am winding my tongue inside her. She is supposed to get smelly but she doesn't. I continue licking her. When I am done, I go for her pussy and check in before I fix my tongue inside. 


First, I spit into her gaping pussy. Then I place my tongue in and stir it left and right. She is wet already. Her pussy stretches like rubber when I put my fingers in. In sweet satisfaction Addison moans, her tongue wiggling inside my pussy. We are both licking each other's cunts and we fucking love it!


"I wish I had a dick," I reveal, "I'd fuck your cunt until you are fucking sore. For three days, you would lie quietly on your bed, unfit to walk or even seat. I know this sounds ridiculous. That is my wish anyway."



As she eats my pussy, I let out a strong breeze into her face from my ass. "That’s so delicious," she remarks. "You smell like chicken. Tell me, did you eat chicken at lunch?"


"I did." She pulls out of my cunt and lets saliva drip from her mouth. Inside my wide-open pink hole it collects. I close my eyes. I feel the saliva trickling into my ovaries, concentrated and fine. It is like semen in a number of ways: It warms me up when I am helplessly cold and gradually becoming ice. Her fingers smear it to every hideaway inside my womb. I breathe out joyously. Who could have thought that fucking my sister would be such a wondrous adventure? I am addicted to her already.


When I arrive home, I find Brice lying down on our bed. He is reading a certain book. ‘The Rise of China’ is its title; it’s written by Mark Lloyd. Him and politics! He should have studied Political Science. I dislike all things political and care for all things fashionable. “How was work, sweetie?” He greets me with a merry smile.


I take my clothes off before our large mirror. “Work was fine. I don’t know about you.”


“I miss you so much. Come here I touch you. I am in the mood for some bit of fucking tonight.”


I chuckle. “You are in the mood for what?”


He seems annoyed. I don’t care. “Let’s make love, Ashlyn. You know how much I want you; you are everything to me—my life and happiness.”


I remove my dirty underwear and put on clean boxers. These belong to Brice. He does not seem to give a damn that I am wearing his briefs. All he wants is sex. We’re not having sex tonight. I don’t miss sex with him anymore. His bitch and her son take care of my lust. If he wants, he can pay a whore for a quickie. I won’t be bothered by that. 


“We can’t make love, darling. I’m having my period. I am still bleeding. My doctor cautioned me to keep away from sex when I am losing blood excessively.” I had my last period the previous month. Now that I am expecting, I will not be undergoing any vaginal bleeding. Isn’t that good news? I don’t know how I will let this out to him. He will choke me if he finds out I am carrying his child. What if it is not his child?


I don’t wear my bra. It is terribly hot. I am wondering why Brice feels at ease in spite of the terrifying heat that is frying me bit by bit. I open the windows and go under the bed linen. It is so hot. I wish to sleep outside. I meet his eyes by accident. He stares at me angrily. I frown and change position. My eyes fix on the wall ahead. In this manner, I fall asleep, mentioning not another word. Brice is quiet too.


It is Wednesday, 4 April when my eyes suddenly snap open. I am staying away from work today. I have a surprise for Cederick. His mom and I arranged it after fucking hard inside her car last night. I won’t tip him that she is involved in this. I will take all praise to myself. I go Downtown the minute Brice leaves for work and inspect every furniture store running here. I want to decorate Cederick’s flat with brand new furnishings. He stays half a mile from Swanson University.


How I wish Addison was here to help me! Early this morning, she asked for my approval to fuck Brice. He sent her a text, letting her know he was dying from lack of sex. I refused him his marital rights last night. That is why he wants to fuck her so bad. I also begged for her permission to have intercourse with her son. She agreed. We do each other big favors, don’t we? Of course, we do!


Hunting for the finest pieces of furniture is not an easy thing. It is wearying. I left home at 7.43 to undertake this. I am through with the shopping by the hour it clocks 3.22 (in the afternoon). I skipped lunch. I am so famished. I buy a hamburger and finish it in exactly one minute. I get another and the third one. Now I am satisfied.


I snap up my phone from my bag as I head for Cederick’s flat. I am moving behind a giant truck that carries the newly furniture. I search for Addison’s number. She has her beautiful face attached to it. Isn’t this the woman I continually ridicule for being ugly? It’s a lie! She is forty-three but she is doubtlessly attractive. “Addison, how are you?”


“I’m fine, Ashlyn. How is the shopping going?”


“I am finished thus far. I am bound for Cederick’s right now.”


“Tell him his mama says hello.”


“Did Brice fuck you? How was it?”


“I’m not going to tell a lie to you: Your man has never made me orgasm. I always fake orgasms with him.”


My bones shake with laughter. I almost hit the truck I am going after. Thank God, I bounce back into my lane in good time. Addison nearly killed me with humor. “You have never had an orgasm, Addison? Don’t tell me.”


“Point of correction: I had an orgasm last night when we were fucking. Roland makes me climax in our bed. This pig called Brice is not a man at all. He is a woman living in a man’s body. That’s why he can’t make you pregnant. Hey, we will talk some other time. My boss is here. Take care.” The call is over before I say anything. Brice must have walked back into their office, I am speculating. The poor pig!


I don’t know where Cederick’s flat is. I have its address anyway. Addison gave it to me. She also handed me the telephone number of his landlord. Her name is Laurel. I will talk her into allowing me the spare keys of his flat. If she staunchly refuses, I will try influencing her with expensive gifts—a three hundred dollar watch and an eighty dollar necklace. She can either take these or leave them. It’s all up to her.


To my surprise, I find out that I know her! Laurel’s daughter is a model at the fashion house I am presently employed. Lisbeth Marlow is her name. She is a good friend of mine. In her hasty state of shock, Laurel addresses me, “Ashlyn, how remarkable it is to see you here. Please come in. This is also your home, darling.”


“Thank you. I won’t be coming in nevertheless. I will only ask one favor from you. You know that Cederick is my neighbor’s son. I have never visited here. I have brought that truck full of furniture. If you will be kind enough to lend me the keys to his flat, I will definitely appreciate it.”


She looks discouraged. “Did you speak with Cederick before coming here?”


“I didn’t. You see, this is a surprise to him from me and his mom. We don’t want him to know what is going on. That is why I came at this hour—when he is not present. I have something for you. I’m prepared to reward you if you do me this good favor. Please, allow me to have the keys. I won’t steal anything. I’ll just have the old furniture taken out and the new one placed in.”


Laurel hesitates. In the end, she grins from ear to ear and comments, “You are such a darling. I’m giving you the keys on one condition: I’ll be there with you as they take out his old stuff and lift in his new furnishings.”


I smile back at her. “No problem, Laurel.”


Cederick’s flat is the dirtiest place my eyes have ever seen. I cough as I step inside. There is dust everywhere. How come he is healthy in spite of staying in a horrible place like this? This is not fit for human dwelling! The white carpet beneath is gray with stains. The yellowish walls are unclean. I brought some paint with me. This place has to be colored anew. The chandeliers above are filled with spider webs. What? It is like a castle of spiders. Smelly plates fill up the kitchen sink. They must be from last week. The food on them is decayed. Heavy work needs to be done here. I ask for Laurel’s working clothes. I have to change what I am wearing if I am to make this place a hygienic paradise and not a living hell that it now is.


Laurel is friendly enough to lend us a helping hand. She counted, we reach ten. We mop everywhere and lift everything out. Then we bring in the new furniture and place it down carefully. The walls are painted afresh, in glowing yellow. The ceiling is colored pink. The chandeliers are swept clean. When we are done working, everything sparkles brilliantly.


“Cederick will be happy to see this,” she notices. “You should be visiting often and cleaning this place up. If my serving-maid does not do any kind of mopping, the flat stays as filthy as it was. The young man puts all his effort into studying. I advise him to be dusting his things once in a while. He won’t listen to me.”


I have every single outdated stuff gotten rid of. Cederick’s bed was terrible. If it was not infested with bed bugs, then it was surely overrun with lice. I don’t tamper with his clothes. I have them dry-cleaned. His shoes are moth-eaten. I laugh at discovering this. This dude better be serious about how he keeps his things. I am starting to doubt if he will take good care of this new furniture I have gotten him. I can envision moths leaping up and down, excited that they have new food to chew.


My watch registers 7.13. I will go home very late tonight. Brice is calling me. I don’t answer him. What does he want? Chlöe is around. She will cook him whatever he wants to eat. He has a library of books to keep him entertained, unlimited games on his laptop, and ceaseless movies on Blu Ray. Does he really need me? I don’t think so. He had sex with Addison this morning. That was enough to cool his sexual appetites.


I am by myself. Laurel has gone to cook for her family. She has two daughters and a husband. I am grateful for the tremendous support she has shown me. She is such a friend, such a darling! I don’t know what to do. Must I call Cederick or leave things like they are. What if he comes back at 11.46, close to midnight? Will I stay here, wide awake? I must go. I will be back tomorrow. The minute I reach the door, it opens from outside. I have not touched it. Someone has. Face to face I meet Cederick. He is dressed in jeans and a sweater. He looks very handsome. I grip his face and pull him to myself, fastening my lips on his. He pushes me against the wall and feels my breasts with his hands. “Ashlyn, I miss fucking you,” he breathes out.


“Fuck me, Cederick,” I beg him. He twists my hair with his fingers and sniffs it. I bite his lips and latch on to his waist. My hands brush his buttocks. They are softer than ever. I am going up in flames, ablaze with lust. He kisses me faster, ripping my shirt away. “I don’t have anything to wear. What will I do now that you have torn my shirt?” I ask him.


“You will wear my sweater,” he tells me. His hands slide down to my ass. He catches it and caresses it. “Your ass is still smooth, Ashlyn. Just like a baby’s.” He yanks my skirt up and clasps my butt in its near nakedness. I am still wearing Brice’s boxers. They feel better than my underwear—which squeezes me, sometimes making me feel like I am carrying shit when I am not. I swear: There are times at work when my underwear shifts on its own and pinches my pussy tightly. Whenever this happens, I rush into the toilet and undress, and then I put on my clothes one by one. I still don’t know how to avoid this. It is frustrating and uncomfortable. Boxers feel better. That’s why I prefer wearing them.


Cederick pauses to stare into my eyes. I know what has gone wrong: I am wearing boxers and he does not like it one bit. “Why are you staring at me like that?” I question him, feeling regretful deep down. Perhaps I should have borrowed Laurel’s underwear? Ma forbade me from wearing strangers’ underpants when I was growing up. Brice is my husband. I have every right to wear his clothes. Laurel is a different creature. I don’t know her inside-out.


“You are wearing men’s underwear?”


“Don’t you put on women’s underwear?”


“I’m not sissy, Ashlyn.”


“Whatever, this is my husband’s underwear. I have every right to wear it.”


“Take it off, now!” It is a command—an angry one. I do what I have been directed to. I take off my boxers and stand in my skirt. “The next time you want to wear men’s underwear, you should wear mine, do you hear me?”


I nod silently.


Cederick carries me to a huge oak table and lays me down. He notices that his flat is new like a glinting pin. He does not register surprise in any case. It is like he has not noticed anything. Once I am relaxing on the table, he opens my legs and spits into my pussy. His fingers bore into me. They are cold like ice. I shudder. He taps my clit with his hand and then marches into the kitchen. I rest here, waiting for him to return. At last he comes back with a cup full of frozen ice cream. What does he plan to do?


Removing the ice cream with a spoon, he stretches my pussy widely and places it into me. Ah! It feels delicious. My cunt itches to be fucked. As the cream melts, trickling into my womb slowly, he leans down and licks it. He is eating ice cream and my clit at the same time. Isn’t that great? I hold my vagina with both hands and open it wider. Cederick’s tongue mines deeper, brushing out the dissolving ice.


“Cederick, why do you have to do this?”


“I want you, Ashlyn. I want to have you for myself. Get up and lie down on your face. I want to do the same to your ass.” What? He wants to repeat this to my ass? I want to protest. I don’t anyway. I enjoyed every moment of his licking. I don’t know how it will feel to have ice cream ooze into my ass. I’m scared that it will hurt in some way even though he has never hurt me.


I stand up on the table and kneel. Then I lie down with my face looking earthward. Isn’t this what he instructed? I think so. I split my legs and uplift my ass. Cederick knocks it with his hands. It sways this way and that way. He beats it repetitively like it is a drum. Left and right it swings, upwards and downwards. Wow, the pounding feels so good! My pussy is one hundred per cent wet. I don’t know if it is because of the ice cream, or maybe it’s that I am sexually aroused. He can fuck me now. I am ready to have his dick slide into my rubber-like cunt.


Filling his spoon with frosted ice cream, Cederick lets it fall into my ass. With my hands, I open wide my tiny asshole. I tremble in horror. I am afraid of what will happen next. I don’t want to end up in a hospital with my story headlined in all the existent newspapers. WOMAN HOSPITALIZED FOR STICKING COLD ICE INTO HER ASS. Brice will certainly divorce me the very day this happens. I would be a disgrace to my family and everyone alive.


As the ice cream softens into my ass, sinking further and further, Cederick arches down and pushes his tongue into me. He sucks every dropping fluid into his mouth. Good Lord! I feel relieved. I didn’t know this was going to be fantastic. I beg him to do it again and again. He happily consents. “Oh, Cederick,” I cry as his tongue digs deeper. “Cederick, you are so amazing. Fuck me—yes—fuck me with your tongue.”


His penis stands firm. I hold it and throw saliva onto its head. He groans merrily. I force my tongue out of my mouth and brush its summit. He groans again, seated on the table. I am kneeling next to him. His fingers bore into my cunt behind. He waggles them, energetically and restlessly. “Suck my dick, Ashlyn—suck it, baby.” I stare up at him and come across his eyes. He bends down and pecks my lips. I kiss him back and then take his dick into my mouth.


Cederick is never friendly when it comes to releasing cum. "I am about to open fire, Ashlyn,” he warns me, “Get set, ready, and go—" His cum splashes into my mouth, hitting all corners. It tastes delicious! I swallow it. He shoots out more and more. My mouth swells with his seed. If I am not mistaken, it is about to split open. I sweat hard and gulp everything down. I almost choke myself in the process. Cederick rubs my back nicely and tells me in a gentle voice that I am such a good, lovely girl.



It is my turn yet again. I spread-eagle on the table. His fingers grip my clit skillfully. Addison was saying he is a virgin. Can a chaste man do something like this? I don't believe so. If it is true that he has never slept with another woman besides me, he used to practice sex a lot, watching how-to porn tutorials and reading books about how to please a woman in bed.



"I can see that my flat has been refurnished. Who is behind this? Is it you, or someone else I don't know," Cederick interrogates. Damn him! Is this when his eyes are opening? Was he deprived of sight all this while? I am so disappointed with him; I don't even want to talk to him. I give voice to this regardless:



"You chose to be quiet about this all along. What were you thinking, you ingrate?"



His fingers stayed in my pussy, he expresses, "Are you the one responsible for this?"



"I am. You are terribly filthy, you know. How can you stay in such an unhealthy place, which this flat was? It's a miracle you are not even diseased."



"Thanks for everything, Ashlyn. I am indebted to you. I settle back my debts, I must assure you. Thank you a million times!"










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