Strings: Delaney

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: BDSM Erotica

Reeling from emotional upheaval, Jack loses himself in a No Strings Attached friendship and ends up with Strings and other things attached.

The days that followed were awful. Occasionally I could get into my work, but always Sylvie was on my mind the second my concentration wavered. I could barely contain my feelings, it felt similar to the deepest grief I’d ever experienced when my father died. But I couldn’t show or talk about this grief. And at night it sometimes threatened to overwhelm me emotionally.
When I wasn’t attempting to work, or lost in my extended moods of uber grief, I converted the sense of loss into an accelerated compulsion to find an alternative sex partner. I chased every woman I could find on the dating sites. But what happened the day after Sylvie finally ended our love affair I hoped would exorcise these feelings.
Delaney agreed to meet me in the afternoon at a riverside café. She had left open the opportunity of going further than socialising; a domination experience promised. My self absorbed sexgrief was shelved as I caught the train into London and under the colliding emotions of thrill seeking escapism and ‘I’m in denial’ vengeance, I reached the cafe. There, I nursed a pint until she arrived, dressed in a flowing black dress, hair pulled up, and her regulation large sunglasses. 
I bought her a white wine or two until with a big red lipstick smile she agreed to take me to a hotel to have her way with me. We finished our drinks, in her case casually so, whilst I feigned casualness with a less cock inhibiting Coca-Cola. 
A few minutes later we were in the room where she emptied her bag of a typical array of dominatrix tools onto the desk. I was surprised to see a TENS unit amongst the paraphernalia. She told me to strip, and rather pleasantly complemented a rapidly inspired 'Old Glory', especially when her cool hands cupped my balls and gauged his girth. It had been some time since his last outing, and when I recalled it who it had been with, it prompted an immediate unwanted rush of loss for Sylvie. This dissipated as soon as Delaney blindfolded me.
I was Delaney’s now for the afternoon, and the blindfold blanked out the bad thoughts as well as my vision. She told me to lie on the bed, and using various straps she quickly and expertly had me stretched out to the four corners of the bed. I could feel her presence kneeling on the bed between my legs. She gave OG a few sucks along with soft hands massaging me to a fully hardened erection before she tightly wound a cord around the base of my cock and my balls, trapping the blood and the erection in place.
She went through a few of the tools, talking softly to me. My hearing seamed to become more acute as I listened to her voice and the rustling of her activities. She stroked my body, again softly. It made my skin tingle. I realised that deprived of my vision my other senses were enhancing by the minute. My sense of touch was simultaneously being stimulated by her fingertips and smooth palms running over my body, as much as from my complete immobility. Stretched out I couldn’t resist anything she chose to do. She stoked my legs, my inner thighs, my tummy and chest, my sides and my inner arms, and just to keep me on edge my balls and the head of OG got the occasional hand polish.
I was already breathing more rapidly, almost reluctant to respond to her questions about whether I liked what she was doing. 
My skin was alive, and my hips began those involuntary mini thrusts of the aroused receiver. She asked if I was ready, and I affirmed that I was. 
And she hit me with a paddle, a stinging welt across my chest. And then again on my tummy and around my torso. I loved it as she added a bit more force, whacking my arms and thighs, back around my body, sometimes stroking OG as she did. 
The hits got harder and I sucked in my breath each time. Not knowing where the next strike would come from my whole skin was tingling with excited nerves. 
Then quite lightly she paddled my proud, bound balls.
When asked, I answered that I was OK with the pain. My vulnerability and inability to sense where or when the next strike would be was all consuming. She continued with the paddle for several minutes, hitting all around my body, sometimes on my balls, and sometimes she hand slapped OG.
All I could think about were the strikes.
Eventually she paused. I heard rummaging and then a clothes peg was snagged onto my right nipple. And it hurt, but I lied this time that it was OK.
‘It’s a red one,’ she said.
And then ‘This is a green one,’ pegging my left nipple. She added two more pegs on the skin around each of my nipples, informing me each time what the colour was. 
She tugged at a peg, ‘What colour is this one?’
‘Red,’ I guessed.
She hit the side of my body hard with the paddle, ‘Wrong, its yellow.’ 
‘What about this one?’
I concentrated on where I had felt the harsh pinch of the peg and her sequence of colours. ‘Green?’
I got whacked again, and yelped. ‘Let’s start again,’ she said, removing each peg, which induced a rush of blood into the pinched skin which really stung. Then she reapplied the pegs announcing the colours again. And when the questions started I got most of the colours right, but the consequent pain was intense when I got it wrong, I think I got hit four or five times, but was so focused on the questions I was losing count.
She undid the bindings around OG, I knew what was coming next.
‘This is a blue one’ and suddenly the scrotum around my right testicle screamed at me.
‘This is white, and this is red, and green.’
I concentrated on the sequence, but soon forgot how many she had applied - perhaps eight. I could not cope with the questions as the pinch points were too close together so I couldn’t differentiate the pegs from each other, and hopelessly guessed the answers, mostly incorrect and took the punishment. When she asked me a peg colour she wriggled and tugged at it, ‘What’s this colour?’
All I was thinking of was the answers and consequent pain, and a super arousal all over my body. All the time the pegs or the paddle hurt me she also caressed OG, and her soft voice continued the interrogation. I began to thrash left and right when she hit hard. And then she hit me for saying blue instead of white, and then laughed, ‘I lied, it was blue, but I like hitting you’.
Eventually she unpegged me, and the pinches hurt even more. I felt her move around the bed and over me, a shaved African American pussy lowered onto my face, and I immediately tongued it, to be paddled again across my stomach. ‘Not till I say so.’
When she was ready she pushed down and ordered cunnilingus, and I was immersed in her aromas and wetness. She climbed off and said she was pleased with OG’s continued tumescence.
I heard more rustling, and then her hands were around my genitals and I felt plastic on me, and little wires. In my blackness, I lay equally exposed and aroused, and then felt the subtlest tingling sensation across my pubes. 
TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, where electrical pulses are sent from, and controlled by a small handheld machine along wires to sticky square pads located either side of an area of skin requiring pain relief, or in the case of BDSM perverts; stimulation. I had pairs of pads either side of my cock and at the very top of my inner thighs.
She controlled the power and increased the sensation. My heightened hearing picked up on a low frequency hum too. She adjusted the pads so one pair was either side of the base of my cock, and the other on each side of my balls. The humming increased in pitch and loudness and the tinglings turned to ever stronger vibrations as she increased the electrical current. With the increased power I felt a wonderful warming feeling across my genitals. Sometimes she changed the power surges from continuous to pulses, and often she gently massaged OG. Eventually the TENS reached settings which were becoming more pain than pleasure and I strained to maintain my tolerance until she let the power subside back to the warm levels.
Before but I could relax I felt a finger enter my anus.
Since we had started I had no idea what the next sensation would be, pain or pleasure, or where it would come from. I was totally absorbed in the moment as I felt the fingers of one hand probe me as the other hand wanked me gently, all the time tingled by the TENS from scrotum to pubis.
Then her hands gave way to something cold. ‘Open up’ she demanded, and I shifted my ass a tiny amount given the near total lack of movement she had allowed me. She had lubed up a vibrator and the coldness was a big contrast the warmth of her hands. The vibrator entered my asshole and began to hum along with the TENS unit.
And with all that going on, she re-bound OG and my balls, then rolled a condom deliciously down the length of my hard on. I had a vibrator deep up my ass as she climbed on top and lowered herself in one long smooth action onto OG.
‘Fuck me slowly,’ she commanded.
With the various hums and tingles, made more intense by the constricting cord, I did my best, completely consumed with the sensations and my task, then, out of the blue she began to paddle my torso again.
‘Fuck me harder,’ she said, and as she rode me rodeo style she repeatedly hit me with the paddle, across my chest, my upper arms, sometimes twisting around to hit my legs. And eventually the paddling stopped, and her body movement accelerated against me. I concentrated on pushing OG up into her as far and hard as I could as her whole body shook, I felt the vibrator ease out of me as I writhed beneath her, the pads rubbed off too, relieving me of the TENS. She humped harder and faster until she gave a loud sigh and collapsed on me.
We were both breathless.
She rolled off me, undid the cord around OG, moved the TENS wires out of the way, pulled off my condom and began stroking me. I had barely recovered from all the use and abuse and now was rapidly feeling the release on its way.
A white out thunderflash replaced all thoughts and sensations in my mind, a millisecond later my hyper-stimulated skin had an all over rush of pins and needle tingles. Then the muscles around my balls and ass contracted deeply, my back arched, every limb strained against my bindings, and my balls exploded large hot raindrops of sperm which splattered up my stomach as far as the middle of my chest. I threw my throbbing head back, my neck strained and I bellowed out incoherently as my orgasm peaked.
Delaney’s skilled hands prolonged the sensations by lightly tickling my scrotum, massaging the length of my cock’s shaft and almost unbearably rubbing around OG’s head. 
The eruption subsided slowly. Physically I was exhausted and shaking, mentally I was lost in a never-never sub zone, my mouth was dry and I thought I had lost the power of speech. I just lay there in my private darkened subspace as she undid the ties to my wrists and ankles. My muscles were stiff and trembling as free will returned to my body again. I was still out of it when she removed my blindfold. I had been somewhere new, totally immersed in a physical and mental environment utterly consumed with sexual stimulus. I was blinking as my pupils dilated in the unaccustomed bright light, nothing since Sylvie had been remotely this good, and I thought of Sylvie.
I sat up on the edge of the bed, still trembling a little. I was still so spaced out from the simultaneous sexual, physical and emotional releases that when I stood up, my legs felt weak, and full of nervous energy at the same time.
I wanted to thank her for something so phenomenally releasing, a release from all the stresses, and I did thank her, complementing her and saying how fabulous it had been, that I was still reeling from it. And I felt a compulsion to tell her why, why I had so much stress.
But it came out uncontrolled, ‘I wanted to say how good that felt because,’ and I paused, the emotion was bubbling up inside me similar to the build-up for my still ebbing orgasm. I wanted to tell her, but my voice stuck. All the Sylvie grief was right there when I was finally able to say, in ever higher pitched syllables, ‘because I got dumped yesterday.’
And the back of my throat gave way to a pain completely different to the physical pain Delaney had inflicted. I was barely able to complete my sentence when the sobbing exploded out of me. Completely uncontrolled sobbing.
And she hugged me.
And we said nothing till I stopped.

Submitted: June 06, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Halibut Brown. All rights reserved.

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