The Window

The Window The Window

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Looking out the window over the city below, the sights one sees can be very stimulating


Looking out the window over the city below, the sights one sees can be very stimulating


Submitted: April 14, 2017

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Submitted: April 14, 2017



She was standing in front of the window looking at her reflection in the glass and the city lights below. She could see her long flowing hair lying softly on her narrow shoulders. Her pretty face had a smile and she seemed happy with what she saw.

Standing with her feet slightly apart, she inspected her naked body in the mirror image before her. The time spent sunbathing nude had resulted in a smooth even tan all over. Her large breasts stood out firmly on her chest. She was proud of her breasts as she had noticed men admiring them from when she was just a teen aged girl. She was pleasantly reminded of the first time a gentleman had quietly commented, “Nice rack!” to his friend as she passed by thinking she could not hear him. It amused her to watch the expressions on men’s face when she came into a restaurant or bar alone. The open mouthed wonder that quickly turned to devious smiles always elevated her self esteem and made her walk a little more erect to enhance her obvious assets.

As these thoughts passed her mind, she lifted her hands and traced the outer roundness of her breasts. Following the curve over the top and down the cleavage, she raised them up feeling the weight of them in her hands. Squeezing her breasts lightly, she enjoyed the softness and pliability of the breast tissue.  She playfully squeezed them together making them appear to enlarge twice their normal size. Then, she slowly slid her hands over the stiffening nipples and lightly rubbed the rosy aureoles with her palms. The tingling sensation caused a degree of warmth to radiate throughout her body and shortened her quiet breath. She continued caressing herself in a slow, sensual, circular pattern that was a familiar ritual for her as her nipples hardened and stood straight out from her tits like the hard pink erasers on the end of a pencil.

She briskly pinched both nipples hard sending a shock wave throughout her body that put goose bumps on her skin and made her shiver slightly with excitement. She continued to massage her breasts and rub the nipples between her thumbs and forefingers until the tickling sensation made her gasp for more air.

She let her hands and eyes wander down to her flat stomach and back up to her breasts again. Her young, fit body was a true pleasure machine for her. She enjoyed working out at the gym in revealing, tight fitting exercise clothing that left little for the imagination of the dirty old men and the young, athletic studs that exercised with her every day. She loved to tease them all with her stretching exercises and weight lifting that sometimes raised her low cut exercise shirt enough to expose her well formed boobs.

She could always feel their eyes on her ass as she did repetitive squats, thrusts, and thigh burning leg lifts. Turning slightly, she admired her high tight buns. They were well toned and shapely. The strenuous exercises she did to firm her buttocks had really paid off.  She had to admit to herself that the extra attention from the guys at the gym often made her exercise shorts wet from more than just sweat!

As her hands traveled along her sides and down her narrow hips, she let her finger tips slowly caress the sensitive area below her stomach. The soft, downy hair below her belly button had been a slight embarrassment to her as young woman, but the feel of it when lightly stroked always caused her to relax and enjoy the sensation of being petted like a cat.

Allowing her fingers, hands and arms to freely travel from her now very sensitive breasts to her stomach, hips and pelvis, sharp, electric sparks were being sent to every region of her mind and body. As her skin began to warm from her own delicate touch, her reflection began to glow and even started to glisten with a light sheen of perspiration. A slight breeze in the room caused her to shiver slightly and her nipples hardened even a little more. This was the feeling she enjoyed most; complete abandonment to her own enjoyment, so she took her time to draw out the feeling making it last as long as possible. 

Eventually, though, her fingers strayed further down to gently explore her shaved pussy. As she traced the outer lips of her labia, the feelings caused her to moan lightly. The sound surprised her and she opened her eyes not realizing they had been closed. The sight of her hands caressing her pussy lips reflected in the window pleased her. Her smile deepened with the increasing pleasure she was giving herself.

As she held herself open with one hand, she slowly inserted her middle finger into her warm and slippery cunt. The silky wetness allowed her finger to penetrate easily, deeply into her watery opening. Her breathing became a little more rapid as she removed her finger part way in and slid it back, reaching further each time. The friction from her pumping finger increased her wetness until she was fairly dripping juices onto the floor. 

She pulled her finger from the warmth of her cunt and brought it to her mouth to taste her own spunk. It was slightly bitter, but she was pleased because the flavor was her own. Her other hand replaced the one at her mouth by lightly stroking her clitoris. She took her saliva soaked finger from her mouth and brought it back to her breast and gently rubbed the saliva around her nipples causing more pleasurable sensations all over her body. As she simultaneously stroked both her rock hard nipples and the soft head of her clitoris, she felt the first waves of an orgasm sweep over her. She continued stimulating herself like this for more than a minute as wave after wave of euphoria coursed through her body.

Watching herself closely in the reflection, she brought both of her hands down to her now swollen pussy.  Holding herself open with one hand, she forcefully inserted two fingers deep into her womanhood and began vigorously pumping them in and out of her love tunnel. The feelings were so severe, her legs started to shake uncontrollably, her knees began to weaken and she felt the need to sit or lie down. Instead, she tensed her thighs and squeezed her beautiful buttocks together forcefully. This caused a vice like pressure on her fingers and she could feel every nerve in her pussy tingle with the beginning of another orgasm. She saw her mouth open into a small “O” as she moaned a little louder this time, filling the room with the only sound other than the squishy sounds coming from her womanhood at the vigorous ministrations of her hands and fingers.

She also noticed that her upper arms were in a “V” formation squeezing her boobs together and thrusting them further out towards the glass. Her reflection was the perfect image of a woman completely enraptured in sensuality. It was this sight that caused her to climax completely. Her orgasm was complete; no other feelings intruded upon her, just the ecstasy of cumming.

The orgasm she felt inside lasted for minutes. Although she was standing, she had no feeling for her body, just the energy coming from her inner self. It was as if she was floating in a warm river flowing to the sea. Her toes were curled, her head was back and her whole body was vibrating with the frequency of a musical note. She trembled slightly all over as her excitement subsided.

When she came back to her senses, she looked at her reflection in the window. Through it, she could see a handsome young man in the apartment building across from hers. He was looking directly at her with a sly smile on his face. It was obvious he had been watching her this whole time and enjoyed everything he had seen.

He was standing naked with his feet slightly apart. His strong shoulders were broad, his chest neatly chiseled, and he had a, “six pack,” stomach. It was apparent that he worked out regularly. His long hair hung down past his shoulders like the mane of a horse.

His arms were down and he was gently stroking an enormous cock. Although she had some sexual experience with a few different men (Unfortunately none lately!), she had never seen a man with such a large penis. He had a small tuft of hair above the base of his cock, but his body was otherwise hairless as if he had shaved himself just before coming to the window to peer out.

But, what caught her attention almost immediately was the large mushroom shaped head at the end of this spectacular cock! He avoided touching it as he continued to stroke himself, so she could get a clear view of it. It was easily two inches in both diameter and length; about the same diameter as a billiard ball, but perfectly placed at the end of his magnificent cock! She had heard some of her friends use the phrase, “hung like a horse,” to humorously describe their well endowed boyfriends, but had never seen anything like this. He was indeed half horse and half man.

He was gently cradling his hairless balls in one hand as if juggling delicate eggs while he slowly stroked the length of his shaft with the other. He had apparently been at this activity for quite some time as he had a light sheen of sweat covering his entire body that made him glow in the light of the room where he was proudly standing. His hand maintained a slow, steady rhythm sliding up and down the serpent like penis never quite touching the head as if he were trying to prolong his climax as long as possible.

She absent mindedly noticed that her middle finger had returned to rhythmically exploring her vagina as her eyes never left the sight of his hand stroking the length of his massive love tool. His smile deepened as he cleverly allowed his fingers to encircle the head of his cock and increase the speed of stroking. It seemed he had created a small circle with his thumb and forefinger that only stimulated the rim of his cock head. His hand was working so quickly, it became a blur to her eyes, yet she could still clearly see the helmet of his large instrument.

His other hand let go of his ball sack and took over the slower paced stroking the length of his cock from the base to the head of his staff. With both hands working independently, he was rapidly approaching his own climax and it actually seemed his cock grew a little longer and thicker. The smile on his face grew as the friction from his hands brought him closer to his orgasm.

She licked her lips as she inserted a second finger into her vagina and increased the rhythm of her own stimulations. Then she slipped in a third finger trying to imagine what a cock as large as the one she was staring at might feel like inside her much tinier opening. Thinking about having her cunt filled to overflowing made her relax a little and bend at the waist to allow more room for her fingers to move along the sensitive walls of her cunt. She was playing with every nerve ending she could find down there.

As she looked on transfixed by both her own stimulation and the sight before her, the handsome young man in the building across the way began to increase the speed of his ministrations to his cock. He positively doubled the speed of his stroking. He was now relying only on the one hand to stroke the entire length of his cock including the large purple head. His other hand encircled the base of his shaft as if he were choking a snake. She let out a low moan as she realized that he was trying to prolong his orgasm!

His hand became a blur as he increased the speed of his pistoning hand on his maleness. Just then, his jaws clenched, his thighs tightened as he squeezed his buttocks, his head fell back and he released the hand that had the choke hold at the base of his penis.

Her eyes widened as she saw an eruption of milky white sperm come from the tip of his purple headed cock. It shot with such force it hit the window he was standing in front of. Her mouth hung open as she witnessed what looked like gallons of cum flow from his enormous cock as he continued to milk the large organ as if it were a farm animal.

She curled her fingers just inside her vagina, reaching up and pulling forward to stimulate the special bundle of nerves she lovingly called her G spot.  And then she came! Hard and fast like a runaway freight train. Her moans this time were loud and guttural. She had never experienced an orgasm like this one. Her head began to spin and she saw stars as her knees began to buckle beneath her. She caught herself before losing consciousness, but continued coming. She was positively spraying her juices from deep within. This had never happened to her before! She noticed her spray hitting the window as every nerve in her body began to tingle. The uncontrollable sensations washed over and through her as wave after wave of pleasure welled up from within her womanhood.

She closed her eyes tightly as she continued to stimulate her most sensitive areas. Rising up on her toes, she clenched her abs, thighs and buttocks to put more stimulating pressure on her vaginal walls. The feeling was marvelous and she felt like she was weightless as her orgasm slowly subsided.

When she opened her eyes, she could see the handsome young man across the way, still naked, covered in sweat with a large grin on his face. He was slowly stroking his slippery, cum covered staff with one hand while gently rolling his balls with the other. It did not seem that the length or girth of his large cock had diminished in any way and it seemed as hard and stiff as when she had first set eyes on it.

When she looked more closely at her reflection in the window however, she noticed that it seemed like his penis was perfectly placed over her labia lips and it extended well into her stomach. The superimposed image of his manhood buried in her vagina was hypnotizing as she continued to watch him pleasure himself to another gushing orgasm.

Finally, she turned away from the window and went to the bathroom to shower and get ready for bed. As she was washing her hair, she smiled at the thought of trying to meet the handsome young man tomorrow. She wanted to ask him if he wanted to, “work out,” together.


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