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School Daze School Daze

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Growing up in a place and time where private actions were kept private had certain benefits not appreciated today.


Growing up in a place and time where private actions were kept private had certain benefits not appreciated today.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Detention

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 25, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 25, 2017



I grew up in a time not too long ago that seems very different from today. It appeared that life was much more well defined in black and white rather than various shades of gray; things happened, you accepted them and went about your daily activities without a lot of discussion. People definitely did not try to draw attention to themselves or their daily activities.

A kid like me learned about the facts of life by living, not by media exploitation and sensationalism. Life was fun, interesting, flavorful, but not sensational. At least it was not sensational to other people. My life was pretty fantastic to me, though. You might be interested in some of the things that happened to me when I was younger.

I was an average student with, “potential,” during my youth. I was a little bit of a classroom comedian, but not a heavy disciplinary case in high school, so it came as a surprise to me one day when the teacher, Miss Mickelson (It was Mr, Mrs., or Miss, not Ms. at that time!) called me to the front of the class room when she caught me causing problems in the back row with my classmates. Normally, she would have yelled at me to sit down and for all of us to be quiet.

I was a little embarrassed as I walked to the front of the room where Miss Mickelson made me stand beside her desk facing the class. She said some things about disruptive behavior, interfering with the learning process for other students and discipline.

It was all a blur to me until Miss Mickelson told me to get a chair and place it beside her desk facing the blackboard.

I did exactly what she said as she went to the blackboard to continue with her lesson. I placed the chair next to her desk with my back to the class.

I have always thought Miss Mickelson was an extremely attractive woman with a narrow waste, slim hips and boobs that just knocked me out! She was pretty young compared to the other teachers in high school, but I had no idea her age.

She generally wore conservative clothing; blouses buttoned a little low, skirts and dresses that fit her figure and high heels that really showed off her legs to great effect. For a teen age boy, Miss Mickelson was real eye candy! I was perpetually stiff fantasizing about her both in and out of class. I imagined her long, slender fingers wrapped around my shaft stroking me to orgasm. Her well manicured nails were always polished a deep shade of red that always caught my attention. Watching her fondle the chalk and grasp her pointer was always a good starting point for my fertile imagination.

Following her movements from my new vantage point was very distracting, to say the least. Her swaying hips and swinging breasts were a real mental diversion from the subject she was teaching. I was having trouble concentrating on what she was saying as my eyes wandered all over her body.

Eventually, Miss Mickelson sat down next to me and smiled as she told the class to get out their books and read the next chapter. When she looked at me, I could see a little sparkle in her eye as she handed me her book to read.

She then opened a drawer in her desk to pull out a pad of paper and pencil. As she set the pad down, she dropped the pencil to the floor. Reaching for it, her blouse opened giving me a perfect view of her wonderful tits and even more amazing cleavage being supported by a very sheer, lacey bra.

I was spell bound and froze just staring at those amazing breasts on perfect display just for me. The sheer material allowed me a glimpse of her dark aureoles and stiff nipples. Staying bent over so that I could still see her magnificent breasts, Miss Mickelson raised her head and looked me straight in the eyes with that wry smile before sitting back up to face the classroom.

Obviously, no one else knew what had just happened except her and I. Although my cheeks reddened a little, I continued looking at my book as if I were reading and Miss Mickelson returned to writing on her pad. My penis, however began hardening at this display and I was becoming a little uncomfortable sitting in the chair. But, there was no way I was going to move to, “straighten things out,” and risk having my classmates notice what was going on. I may have just been an above average student, but I wasn’t stupid.

In a few minutes, Miss Mickelson raised her head, looked at me with that smile and glint in her eye as she scooted her chair slightly back from the desk. I glanced over as she carefully raised her skirt onto her lap exposing her dark silk stockings and the clips holding them in place on her beautiful legs.

I didn’t move an inch as my eyes were drawn to her exposed legs. Looking up at the classroom, she pulled her skirt up even further so I could clearly see her sexy panties and crotch. It was a private showing for me in front of the whole class who were totally unaware of her actions.

She casually rested her hand on her thigh and slowly spread her legs apart giving me an even better look at her nether regions. I couldn’t believe her brazen display, but I was smart enough not to do anything that might cause her to stop.

With that, she began stroking her upper thigh from above her dark nylons down to her knees in long, slow strokes and back up to her panties where she extended her thumb to gently touch her pussy hidden from sight by her thin panties. Leaning back in her chair, Miss Mickelson thrust her hips forward so that the whole area at the nexus of her legs was exposed to the air and my young, excited eyes. My hard on was growing exponentially as her actions continued to stimulate me and my imagination.

Looking up briefly, I could see that Miss Mickelson was watching my face the whole time. When her eyes caught mine, she looked down at the bulge in my pants, licked her lips lightly and smiled at me again. She reached over with her free hand and wrote something on her note pad. Holding it up so that I could read it, it said, “Drop the pencil.”

Hesitating only long enough to see her nod of approval, I took a pencil from the desk and began doodling on a piece of paper before dropping it behind her desk, very near her high heeled shoe. Moving to, “retrieve,” the pencil, I took the opportunity to adjust my raging hard on while stooping down behind her desk with my face between her wide open knees.

Her smell was wonderful and the sight of her open thighs and panty covered vagina was the ultimate dream come true for this teen age boy! I couldn’t believe Miss Mickelson reached out her free hand to tossle my hair slightly while the middle finger of her other hand came up to touch her snatch and stroke it softly. A wet spot in the middle of her panties was growing as stroked herself more vigorously.

She took her first two fingers and spread them over her panties, smoothing the fabric over the perfect pouting lips of her pussy. The thin, elastic material curved over her mons pubis forming a perfect camel’s toe effect with a slight pea shaped outline of her clitoris at the top. I could see the material dampen as she spread her fingers to frame her cunt with an inverted ‘V’.  She was sharing the mysteries of her inner sex with me in front of the whole class and no one was aware except me.

Fearing the attention of the other students, I got back into my chair and resumed making the illusion of reading while I continued to watch Miss Mickelson’s display. Needless to say, I was becoming even more aroused and my discomfort was apparent to Miss Mickelson as she was clearly staring at the rise in my pants. Wriggling around in my chair was not an option as the students behind me would have noticed and begun wondering what I was doing. So, I sat still, kept my eyes on Miss Mickelson’s snatch and waited to see what was going to happen next.

What happened next was the bell rang ending the period. It surprised me so much that I almost jumped out of my chair.

Miss Mickelson was not surprised as she carefully lowered her skirt beneath the desk, stood up and told the class to finish reading the chapter tonight for a quiz tomorrow. She then turned to me with a grin on her face saying, “Thomas, stay after class in that chair. We have some things to discuss.”

After the class cleared out, with plenty of cat calls from my friends for being, “in detention,” Miss Mickelson turned to me briefly before walking to the door. She looked out into the hall before closing and carefully locking it.

I didn’t turn to look, staring straight ahead at the blackboard.

Miss Mickelson walked back to her desk and sat in her chair with that smile on her face and glint in her eye that made me want to know more about her plans for me.

Looking straight at the bulge in the crotch of my pants, she said, “You must be very uncomfortable with all that bunched up down there.”

“Yes, ma’am, I am, a little,” I meekly replied.

“Well, why don’t you stand up and make yourself more comfortable.” She cheerfully replied.

My cheeks reddening, I stood, grabbed my rod with my right hand and shifted it to a more upright position to loosen the bind in my skivvies and Levis before carefully sitting back down.

Our eyes never left each other during this maneuver, but I was sure Miss Mickelson saw everything I did as her mouth opened slightly into a pout. She inhaled deeply which brought her boobs back to my attention instantly.

Seeing my eyes dart down to her breasts, she smiled, stood and said, “I am going to have to talk to Principal Stevens about this. Don’t move until I get back.”

With that, she stood and walked to the door. Again, I did not turn to watch her walk out, but after the door closed, I heard the solid ‘click’ of the lock. At the time, it seemed like an eternity that she was gone. My penis stayed hard the entire time as my mind replayed the sights and smells of the past few minutes. I was also a little nervous and scared about my punishment.

Although I was not a problem student, the Principal, Mr. Stevens was certainly aware of who I was. He also had a reputation as a strict disciplinarian during the days when corporal punishment in public schools was tolerated. He had a rather large paddle hanging in his office and there were more than a few stories of its use on misbehaving students.

I was also concerned that this problem might get back to my parents. Again, I was not particularly in trouble a lot at home, but I didn’t like the thought of the confrontation with my dad, the possibility of being put on restriction and everything else that comes along with being in trouble at school.

The memories of this unbelievable experience played back rapidly in my adolescent mind causing me further erotic fantasies fanning my imagination as to what might happen next. My wildest dreams could never match what the future held in store for me.

Just as I was beginning to wonder if I had been forgotten, I heard the door being unlocked, the knob turn and the door open. I still didn’t turn around to look, but I only heard the sound of Miss Mickelson’s high heeled shoes as she walked up behind me. She was alone.

She came up behind me placing her hands lightly on my shoulders. Stroking them down the sides of my arms, her breasts came to rest squarely on the top of my head. “What are we going to do with you Thomas?” she asked. Her voice was a little breathy and soft, not at all angry.

The warmth of her breasts on my head was a sensation like no other in my life before. The heat seemed to surge through my body to my already excited penis.

She brought her hands back up my arms and then down both sides of my chest bringing her boobs into direct contact with my head again. Stroking my chest with both open hands, my nipples hardened and goose bumps formed on my chest. I could tell she was looking at the bulge in my jeans as she rested there for a moment before raising upright and walking around to her chair.

I looked up at her for the first time since she had returned to the classroom. Smiling a little, she rolled her chair out from under the desk and placed it slightly to the side, but still behind the desk before sitting down to face me. Her knee touched mine and it felt like a jolt of electricity jumped between us. My rock hard penis got even stiffer at the contact.

“I have just spoken to Principal Stevens about our situation and he has assured me that I have his full support in the punishment I am about to give you,” she said. “Unless you would prefer to see Mr. Stevens about this instead?”

I kept my eyes on hers as I shook my head, “No. I would rather keep this between us.”

“Good,” she replied. “I hope we won’t be speaking with your parents about this either. There is no need for them to be involved as long as you behave in class after the punishment.”

“No. I won’t be talking with my parents about this and I hope you won’t have to either,” I said.

“Good!” she smiled. “Now, stand up and face me.”

I stood up from my chair and turned to face her still seated beside me. Her eyes were even with my protruding pants which made her smile even more.

She leaned forward slightly in her chair and reached down to grasp the hem of her skirt. When she sat back, she also raised her skirt up to her stomach as she had earlier in class exposing her dark nylons, garter clips and smooth, milky thighs. This time, though, she did not have on her sexy panties. She had removed them while she was out of the classroom. I was treated to a full view of her clam like pussy lips, the bud of her hooded clitoris standing proudly near the top, all crowned by her silky blond pubic hair glistening in the light from the window.

My mouth fell open and the surprise on my face was obvious. She continued to smile while looking me in the eyes to see my reaction. Glancing quickly at my crotch, she could see even more of my reaction as my cock tried to explode from my jeans.

“Drop your trousers, Thomas,” she ordered.

The look on my face must have been one of pure surprise, shock and wonder. Hesitating, I licked my lips and took a very deep breath.

“Unless you want to go to the Principal’s office, Thomas, do as I say. This is your punishment,” she said.

I was confused, a little nervous, slightly embarrassed, but very excited. My erection and my heart rate were testament to my excitement!

“Well?” she asked.

“I’m sorry Miss Mickelson,” I stammered as I reached down to unbuckle my belt never taking my eyes off of that silky patch of hair and her perfect pussy. Moisture was collecting all around the beautiful nexus of her legs. Looking back at her face to make sure this was what she wanted me to do, I started to unbutton my Levi’s. She was looking directly at my crotch as I peeled down my pants. My raging hard on was tenting my boxers and the cool air on my balls made them rotate slightly with their new found freedom. I took another deep breath.

“To your ankles, Thomas,” she said quietly while staring at my cloth covered manhood as it twitched under her gaze.

I quickly dropped my pants to the floor and stood with my hands at my side.

“Now, Thomas, lay across my lap.”

“Miss Mickelson?” I asked nervously.

“Now, Thomas,” she replied sternly.

I awkwardly started to lie across her lap when with one quick motion, she spread her thighs, pulled down my boxers exposing my raging hard on and pressed me firmly across her lap with my stiff cock resting across the upper part of her vagina comfortably amidst her soft pubic hair and my bare butt facing the ceiling.

Although I was in awkward position laying on her lap with my head down and my ass up, the warmth of her naked skin and the soothing sensation of her vagina on my erection was phenomenal. The sight of her slender feet in her high heeled shoes helped with the visual aspects of this titillating situation as well.

When Miss Mickelson rearranged herself to a more comfortable position with me lying across her lap, my cock actually became even more excited than before. The heat coming from her crotch was like a small inferno sending warmth up and down my rock hard rod.

With that accomplished, Miss Mickelson leaned back in her chair, adjusted something near her chest before giving me a solid whack on the right cheek of my clearly exposed ass with her hand. Although this assault came as somewhat of a surprise, it was not particularly painful, but resulted in me sliding slightly forward at the impact and back again. This motion caused a little friction of my rigid member along Miss Mickelson’s thighs, her nylons and the garter clips holding them up. I also noticed Miss Mickelson relax a little bringing her nether regions into closer contact with the length of my enlarged cock.

As Miss Mickelson prepared to give me another swat on my ass, I thought I heard the muffled sound of the door knob turning. Did she lock the door when she came back into the class room? I couldn’t remember. My head was down and behind her desk blocking any view I might have had. If there was someone else in the room, they were getting quite a view of my clearly exposed ass in a very revealing position. I didn’t have much opportunity to worry about things I had no control over. I had more urgent concerns, “at hand.”

Before I could react or protest, Miss Mickelson delivered another exciting blow to my posterior, this time to my other cheek. She must have known that the force of these slaps on my butt would not leave marks, but the motion they caused resulted in a very stimulating sensation on my erection. The friction, rhythmic movement, contact with various parts of her anatomy and under things were all very invigorating. I bent forward a little to lift myself up to give me more freedom to enjoy the pleasurable sensations this, “punishment,” was causing.  

The next swat was a little lower on my backside and between my cheeks striking my exposed balls with her fingertips. The stinging sensation caused my ball sack to retract and for me to scoot forward a little more forcefully than the previous actions had caused. Although a bit more painful, the stimulation to my stiff cock was even greater than before.

When I recoiled back, Miss Mickelson met me with another slap to the balls that moved me forward even more. When I rocked back a little further, she slapped me on the ass cheek while she spread her legs a little wider. As I moved forward, my cock dipped down between her legs rubbing against her pussy lips and inner thighs.

At this point, the sight of her feet stimulated my imagination and I reached down to remove one of the straps and stroke her delicate foot and ankle. I could hear an audible sigh as I gently stroked, rubbed and tickled her exposed foot and toes.

Another whack to my backside caused me to plunge my cock between her thighs along her pussy lips almost touching the seat of her chair. Leaning back, she delivered another and another alternating ass cheeks and occasionally lightly striking my balls when they became exposed. We began a gently rocking motion that got my erect penis plunging more deeply between her thighs and rubbing along the now moist crevice of her vagina.

The warmth of her spanking, the contact of my engorged penis to her sex and the overall erotic situation I was in soon had its effect on me. I could feel myself coming to a wonderful sensation that I was familiar with from masturbating while looking at a Playboy magazine I had found in my father’s night stand. Although a first for me, I knew that if things kept going at the rate they were, I was going to lose control and cause a very awkward scene.

“Miss Mickelson?” I asked as I could hear her labored breath.

“Be still, Thomas and take your punishment like a man.” she said as she continued to spank me and rock her legs around my shaft.

“But, Miss Mickelson,” I said as I tickled the inside of her calf and the back of her knee with my fingers trying to distract her.

“Not now, Thomas,” she sighed.

“I’m going to spill over, Miss Mickelson!”

She reached between my ass cheeks and gently stroked the underside of my penis lightly pulling the tight skin along the shaft from just under the mushroom head to the top of my ball sack. Pausing for a moment to gently squeeze my now very sensitive balls, she stroked as I pressed forward in her lap causing more contact with her engorged pussy lips. She lightly stroked the underside of the helmet at the head of my penis with her long finger nails and pulled down the length of my shaft with the soft pads of her fingertips gently milking me with her delicate touch.

I knew the dam was going to burst, but all I could do was focus on the pleasure that Miss Mickelson was bringing to my extremely excited penis. My breath was coming in bursts now as I began to hyperventilate. 

At that very moment, Miss Mickelson plunged her middle finger as far as she could into my exposed asshole and curved it at the knuckle to gently massage what I later learned was my prostate. The pleasurable sensation was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I lost all conscious recognition of everything around me and could only focus on the intensely pleasurable pressure in my ass and hugely enlarged groin.

Twisting, turning, flexing her knuckles before straightening them again, pulling her finger part way out before plunging deeper to tickle the depths of my anus, Miss Mickelson was vigorously finger fucking my virgin bung hole. At first, I went with the flow as she pushed, I flexed, when she pulled, I bent at the waist trying to escape the assault upon my very sensitive pucker hole.

Then, Miss Mickelson plunged her forefinger in with the middle finger stretching me further, the jolt of pain quickly giving way to a new feeling of pleasure as I relaxed to accommodate her invading fingers. This was a feeling of total catharsis I had never imagined before. My raging hard on seemed to grow once more to an almost painful swelling in size.

I began to counter her hand’s pistoning motions; when she pulled back, I flexed away, when she pushed in, I bent at the waist trying to increase the force and depth of her penetration. The friction on the walls of my anus and the sensitive nerves around my previously virgin sphincter were a huge turn on not to mention the increased warm contact of my penis to Miss Mickelson’s thighs and outer pussy lips.

“Oh, Thomas, you like this don’t you?” she asked, her voice a little dry and husky. She was rocking her hips with the same rhythm I had created.

“Aaahhh.” I erupted with a torrent of pent up sperm all over Miss Mickelson’s lap, thighs, pussy lips, the chair and every where. It was an enormous deluge of milky cum that lasted an interminable period of time. My release was explosive as my whole body relaxed at once forcing my sperm to jet out of my throbbing cock head.

“Uuuhhh,” I could hear Miss Mickelson exhale at almost the same time as she also released a small gusher from her pussy that flowed all over both of us. The warm, sticky mess we had just created excited me even more as I pumped out what seemed like a gallon of sperm in forceful spurts that seemed never ending.

Miss Mickelson pulled her finger from my puckered ass hole and resumed slowly stroking the underside of my penis lodged firmly between her now sticky thighs. “Oh, Thomas,” she exhaled as I pushed a little more cum from my still erect penis.

“Miss Mickelson?” I asked as I slowly rolled off her lap and onto the floor under her desk between her parted thighs. My cock still firm, I squatted on my knees and rested my head on her silk nylon covered knees where we both rested for a few moments. I think that both of us were equally surprised at how enormously our bodies had responded to the sexual stimulation we had had just brought to each other.

Placing her hands lightly on my head and her nylon clad foot under my cock with her toes lightly touching my descending balls as they relaxed totally spent, we both just rested to catch our breath for a minute.

In a few moments, I awoke from my euphoric daze and looked around. I could clearly see Miss Mickelson’s glistening pussy from my position between her knees and under her desk. The aroma of our juices assaulted my nose in a wonderful way as I could feel my still semi rigid cock twitch with further excitement. I reached a hand up to touch Miss Mickelson’s cum soaked pussy more to assure myself that it was real and that this wasn’t some kind of very vivid wet dream.

Gently touching the enlarged folds of Miss Mickelson’s parted pussy lips, my fingers came away wet and sticky. I tasted them and the combined flavors were intoxicating. I reached up to touch her pussy again. This time, I probed a little higher and deeper between her vaginal lips to sample her nectar from my finger tips. She tasted delicious!

As I repeated this a third time, Miss Mickelson spread her legs further as she scooted forward in her chair and leaned back to present her pussy to me more prominently. “Oh, Thomas, that feels so good,” she said dreamily. “Please do that some more.”

I rose up a little without banging my head on the desk drawer above me. Scooting out of my underwear and pants to get more comfortable, my cock coming to immediate attention, I reached forward with my hand, extending my middle finger to slide it up her crevice. She leaned further back in her chair pushing her pussy skyward and giving me greater access to her warm, wet womanhood. As she had earlier with her sexy undies on, she placed the first two fingers of her hand over her bare pussy and spread them outward across her plump lips forming a ‘V’ around her womanhood. 

I probed further into her vagina, still watching her rise up to meet my penetrating finger almost willing me to press deeper. I looked up from my position between her legs and saw that her blouse was open exposing her rapidly rising breasts encased only in the sexy bra I had a glimpse of earlier. Had she fully unbuttoned her blouse while she was delivering punishment to my bare bottom? Her head was upright facing the far end of the classroom with a distant look in her eyes and a broad smile on her face. She licked her lips, inhaling and exhaling deeply through her flared nostrils making her breasts rise and fall with each breath.

As her nylon clad foot stroked my penis, she looked down at me between the deep cleavage of her large, well formed breasts. “Go ahead, Thomas. Do what you want to do. It’s okay. It feels good to me.”

I smiled. “Yes, ma’am,” I said excitedly as I began to probe deeper into her vagina. First with one finger, then with two, I pushed in deeply and pulled them back almost all the way before pressing them inward again, Miss Mickelson watched me for a moment more before releasing the clasp on the front of her bra freeing her large, firm breasts to the outside air. Amazingly, they stood out proudly from her chest without support from her bra. The aureoles were a pretty pink topped with erect nipples that stuck straight out like erasers on a pencil.

Playboy perfect, I thought to myself as I continued to stroke the inner walls of Miss Mickelson’s pussy. Remembering what she had done to me, I crooked my fingers at the knuckles to rake them along the topside of her vagina which got an immediate powerful response as Miss Mickelson’s pussy contracted tightly on my trapped fingers. Releasing the pressure she had on me, I did it again and again causing her to pant and gasp for air while bucking her hips slightly to increase the contact of my prying fingers.

“Oh, yes, Thomas. That’s the spot!” she exhaled. I could see a change coming over the pearl at the top of her very distended pussy lips. As it enlarged, it seemed to extend from its earlier position. With my thumb, I gently stroked the bud and flicked it up and down. I could tell this had a desirable effect on Miss Mickelson as she let out a low groan and more moisture began to trickle out onto my hand.

Looking up, I saw Miss Mickelson palm her breasts lifting them up and out as if she were a grocer offering grapefruits to a shopper. Taking both nipples between her thumb and forefinger, she pinched each nipple firmly, rotating each vigorously while pulling them out away from her breasts forcefully. Flicking the ends of her nipple with her red finger nails, I could see them grow to more than double their previous length and turn a deeper shade of pink.

Then, I began to twist my hand as she had done to me with her fingers deep in my anus. This sent a shock wave through her as her pussy began to spasm and she bucked her hips forward making my fingers plunge to the back of her cervix. I rapidly wriggled my two fingers deep inside her tickling the moist surface of her love canal. I blew gently on her exposed clitoris to see what would happen.  

What happened was Miss Mickelson’s legs went rigid as a torrent of her juices flooded my hand spilling among the goo from our earlier climax. Her legs scissored closed around my hand trapping it in her pussy as she had an enormous orgasm.

“Oh, Thomas! Thomas! Thomas!” she gasped. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Give it to me.”

I continued pushing and pulling my fingers in and out of her vagina while Miss Mickelson humped my hand and fondled her own breasts. Breathing deeply, she exhaled, “Yes, Thomas. Yes.”

Miss Mickelson stopped for a moment and relaxed, spent from her orgasm. I looked over her nearly naked and exposed body, my semi rigid cock starting to come back to life. I could tell she felt my hardness along her leg as she continued stroking my cock with her foot and curling her toes toward my recently violated butt hole. Looking up at her face, she had a look of deep satisfaction while smiling broadly and looking across the room.

As she absent mindedly tickled me suggestively, I caught her eye. She smiled down at me and asked, “Would you like to taste me, Thomas?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I happily replied.

As I rose up, she slouched down so her pussy came closer to my awaiting lips. I kissed the rosy bud of her clitoris before I reached down to the base of her slit and began licking her juices all the way to the patch of hair at the top of her cunt. Starting at the bottom again, I licked first one side and then the other of her perfect pussy lips. Then I returned to the slit trying to separate her folds. Using her hand to make that ‘V’ again, she opened her vagina to my lapping tongue. With the middle finger of her other hand, she pressed against the little head of her clitoris as I licked over her red fingernail and along the extended finger before nodding my head down to do it again and again.

“Lick me like an ice cream cone, Thomas,” she said in a shaky voice.

I broadened my tongue to lick along the entire surface of her exposed pussy. Lifting her foot to place it on my back, she spread her legs and lifted her other foot over my shoulder causing the heel of her shoe to dig sharply into my back. Pulling me forward with her legs, she pressed me firmly to her snatch as she began gently rocking in her chair as I licked the entire length of her slit over and over.

I looked up briefly to catch my breath and see Miss Mickelson with her head back, flicking her taut nipples with her bright red finger nails. She was so caught up in her rapture, her eyes staring at the ceiling and her mouth open, she was not breathing steadily.

I remembered a little trick we learned as kids and rolled my tongue making a, “Taco tongue,” to tickle her clitoris. When I did this, Miss Mickelson started to shake all over with the beginning of another orgasm. I sucked on the little pearl through my curved tongue before munching on the entire mound of her womanhood.

Her legs wide open now, she placed her hands over my ears holding me in place as I continued my oral onslaught of her indecently exposed genitals. Holding my head, she pressed me against her groin to increase the contact of my mouth against her pussy. As she guided my mouth up and down her slick pussy, she began grinding her hips from side to side, so I began moving my mouth in small circles as I inserted my tongue into her vagina as deeply and frequently as I could. I was tongue fucking Miss Mickelson!

Suddenly, Miss Mickelson’s body started quivering as she unleashed another fountain of her juices all over my lips, chin and jaw before she relaxed the hold she had on my head. Her orgasm seemed to last for minutes as I slowed the tongue action I had been delivering her wide open pussy and clit.  

Her deep breathing began to slow as she lightly rubbed my head. I thought I heard the quiet closing of a door, but I couldn’t be sure because of the blood pounding in my ears.

Looking up at her exposed body, I smiled and Miss Mickelson smiled back. “Stand up, Thomas,” she ordered. Then, more softly she said, “I have something for you.”

She spread her legs and lifted her knees back so I could get out from under her and the desk. Staring at her proudly displayed pussy, I pushed her chair back a little to give myself room to stand. As my face came close to hers, she leaned forward and softly kissed me on the lips. Her lips parted slightly as her tongue reached out to my mouth and touched my tongue. This was the first time a woman had kissed me like this and I opened my mouth for more.

As our tongues wrestled with one another, she pulled back slightly and licked my face to taste her cum. Licking all around my mouth and nose, I relaxed at her attention. Then she urged me to rise up a little more as she began unbuttoning my shirt to kiss my chest. She sucked on one nipple and then the other causing them to stiffen.

I reached my hands out to fondle her breasts causing Miss Mickelson to inhale deeply as I tweaked both of her nipples at the same time. She let out a low moan as she urged me to stand straight up kissing and licking her way down my tight, flat stomach. I pulled and rolled her stiffening nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand as she let out another low moan of satisfaction.

Miss Mickelson was inching her way down to my fully erect pole as I lost my grasp of her lovely orbs. Pushing me back so I sat on the edge of her desk, she grasped my rigid member in the middle of the shaft trying to wrap her fingers fully around its girth. Smiling up at me, she said, “This is going to be fun, Thomas.”

With that, she brought her other hand up to my rod and made a grip like a baseball bat. At first, she slowly raised and lowered her open fists along the soft flesh of my penis like a butter churn. Her upper arms framed her perfect boobs as the up and down motion caused them to bob with a life of their own. Pulling up to the head of my penis and then yanking down to the base of my balls, the movement and friction she created excited me further and my erection grew a little more bringing a bigger smile to Miss Mickelson’s lips. Her manual ministrations to my man pole were extremely stimulating as she simultaneously caressed and throttled my entire length, my balls and the sensitive head of my penis. Her vigorous imagination and enthusiasm were bringing me to erotic heights beyond my wildest dreams.

The next thing Miss Mickelson did was probably the most sexually stimulating thing a woman has ever done to me. As I sighed from the pleasure her hands were bringing, she brought her face closer to my throbbing dick. She parted her lips slightly, opened her mouth and drooled all over the now purple head of my cock. Pulling her hand down the slick shaft, she began pumping my young, hard cock with a greater expertise than I had myself. With my long cock well lubricated, she focused her manipulations to the helmet with one hand and encircled the base with the other. She effectively choking me on the one hand and pumping new life into me with the other. Miss Mickelson was beating me off!

She began twisting her upper hand as she stroked me harder and faster. The super sensations this brought to my tender young cock head were overwhelming. I thought I was going to come at any moment. After an eternity of twisting, teasing, tormenting and tweaking my rock hard penis, Miss Mickelson out did herself when she placed her lips around the head of my cock, opened her mouth wide and tried to swallow my entire length in one move.

Still tightly holding the root of my manhood to stop me from cumming, she plunged her head down as far as she could and pulled back while sucking for all she was worth. The sensations brought on by the tightness of her mouth around the stalk of my penis was beyond description. Nothing of my pubescent imagination was any where close to the experience I was now having. I could feel the top of her throat tightening on the head of my cock as she tried to swallow all of me.

As her head began a rhythmic bobbing in my lap, I lightly placed my hands on her head and gently pressed down when she dove to the bottom of my cock knocking her forehead on the lower part of my tight stomach. She gagged a little when my cock head slid further down her throat, but the vibration, tightness and motion only served to stimulate me even more.

Miss Mickelson took her free hand, cradled my balls and began gently, but rhythmically squeezing them. She picked up the tempo of her oral ministrations and began deeply groaning as she continued to swallow as much of me as she could before pulling back while sucking up the entire length of my shaft. Reaching the tip, she gently nipped the sensitive parts around the slit in my penis driving me near to a total orgasmic breakdown. The only thing stopping me from exploding was the pressure she had placed around the base of my cock holding back the flow and keeping the blood filling my cock almost to the point of pain.

Finally, Miss Mickelson pressed her face against my stomach and her chin against my balls as she let go the vice like grip around the base of my throbbing cock. Raising her head back, she dove down the length again and again on my huge erection swallowing all of me, gagging a little, then sucking and humming as she pulled back the entire length. Miss Mickelson was deep throating me while I sat back on the edge of her desk in the classroom on a fine afternoon of my youth!

I tried to prolong the pleasure as long as I could, but eventually I grabbed Miss Mickelson by the back of her head and pulled her against me as I exploded a fountain of cum into her mouth and throat. She began greedily swallowing as she continued to bob up and down on my hardened member sucking every time she raised her head back trying to milk me dry. I ejaculated so forcefully that cum was seeping out the sides of her mouth and down the length of my shaft. As the flow began to slow, she let the length of my cock out of her mouth and licked the head of my cock as a few more spurts of semen continued to feebly shoot out.

Holding my weakening member in her hand, Miss Mickelson licked all along the sides and the head of my cock, cleaning me completely and keeping me semi rigid with excitement. As I lay back on her desk with my cock still pointing upward, I stared at the ceiling and smiled. “That was amazing, Miss Mickelson.”

“Thank you, Thomas,” she replied quietly. “You were quite good, too. I hope you learned your lesson today.”

“Yes, ma’am, I did,” I said as I sat up. “Is that all, Miss Mickelson?”

“Yes, Thomas. I think you can go now,” she said shyly smiling up at me.

As I stood up and started putting my clothes back on, Miss Mickelson put her high heeled shoe back on while watching me closely. When I finished straightening myself up and buckling my belt, Miss Mickelson reached out and hugged me close to her nearly naked body. Kissing me deeply with her tongue searching mine, her breasts burning into my chest and her crotch grinding hungrily into my still stiff prick, she moaned deeply before releasing me.

I turned away to walk to the door of the classroom. As I got to the door, I hesitated before looking back. Miss Mickelson was standing beside her desk with her arms at her side, naked except for her garter belt, nylons and high heeled shoes. A slight sheen from the erotic exertion we had just been through together covered her entire body. Her breasts were sitting high and firm with erect nipples extended. She stood with her feet apart, her legs spread slightly and her protruding pussy lips proudly thrust forward for my adolescent gaze, the gap between her thighs seemed to be inviting me for more. “Better than Playboy perfect,” I thought to myself.

“I’m sorry Miss Mickelson,” I said.

“What for, Thomas?” she asked.

“For misbehaving in class,” I replied.

Smiling at me invitingly, “I know, Thomas. You just wanted my attention.” she said. “I’ll see you back in class on Monday.”

Lingering for a moment longer to savor the image of her nakedness, I opened the door, locked it from the inside so she would have some privacy and stepped out into the hall closing the door behind me.  

I was definitely walking in a heightened state of euphoria. My body tingling, ears ringing and mind wandering. I was it! The best thing ever had just happened to me and I was bullet proof!

Calmly walking down the empty hallway, I stepped out into the sunshine of another beautiful day. As I waked down the steps away from the classroom building, the Principal, Mr. Stevens walked around the corner of the building heading my way.

“Hello, Thomas!” he said in that very friendly manner principals have even though they are definitely not your friend. “How are you doing?”

“I’m fine, Mr. Stevens. How are you?” I asked trying not to sound too surprised by his sudden appearance after the exciting events I had just experienced. My natural paranoia alert made me think that maybe I had been caught and would be in trouble with the principal.

“How was that special project with Miss Mickelson this afternoon?” he asked with a sly smile.

“Oh! It was fine,” I replied. “She had some great ideas that really made me want to work harder and get a better grade in her class.”

“Yes, she can be very motivating at times,” he said. Stroking his goatee with his first two fingers making a ‘V’ under his chin, he asked, “How would you like to walk with me to the Tastee Freeze for an ice cream cone?”

I blushed slightly at his question, my cheeks turning red. Had he been in the classroom watching as Miss Mickelson spanked my bare ass, deflowered my rose hole and repeatedly buggered me with her hand? Had it been Mr. Stevens that she was focused on with that far away look in her eyes as I licked our juices from her wide open cunt? Was she teasing him, titillating him, treating him to a live porn show as she exposed her breasts and pinched her pencil hard nipples as I sucked on the pearl of her clitoris and made her come again and again?

Should I be embarrassed, ashamed, humiliated at being so exposed and dominated by Miss Mickelson?

All these thoughts passed through my mind very quickly. With the same speed, I thought, I felt so good, it felt so good, and Miss Mickelson felt so good that I was proud I had received such a great deal of pleasure and been able to return such pleasure to Miss Mickelson. I could not feel bad or self conscious. I had done what most males my age have always wanted to do and too many males of any age had never done; erotically stimulate and sexually satisfy an attractive female. I was proud of myself and what I had just been a part of. In fact, I wanted to make sure I had a chance to do it again and again!

“Yes, sir,” I replied with a smile. “An ice cream cone would be really good right now.”

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