My Daughter's College Friends

My Daughter's College Friends My Daughter's College Friends

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


My daughter comes home to visit with her new friends from college.


My daughter comes home to visit with her new friends from college.

Chapter1 (v.1) - My Daughter's College Roommate

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My daughter returns home to visit and introduces me to her roommate from college.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 11, 2017



My daughter, Carol was coming back home for the weekend from her first semester at college. It was her first time away from home for an extended period of time and I was looking forward to seeing her again as much as she was looking forward to returning to familiar surroundings and friends. Her mother, my wife, had died due to cancer when she was a Freshman in High School, so we were very close and this would be a great homecoming for both of us.

She had been partnered up with a great girl from out of state as roommates and wanted to bring her, “roomie,” along with her since she could not afford the time or the money to return to her own home for the short school break. They had become best friends in a very short period of time and she wanted us to meet. I was a little disappointed to have to share our time together, but I said, “O.K.”

She told me I would really like Kimberly, “You’ll really be surprised when you see her, Dad!” she said over the phone.

I was in the back yard doing some gardening when Carol burst through the back door and gave me a big hug and kiss. “Hi, Dad! How are you? The traffic was light, so we got here a little early.”

I was delighted to see her, as you can imagine. As I straightened up from our hug, I saw her roommate in the open doorway. I was stunned! The young woman walking toward me across the back patio looked remarkably like my wife when we were in college together! Her hair, her face, her body! Even the clothes she was wearing were a retro version of the fashion of that time we first met in the 60’s.

My reaction must have been altogether too obvious as I froze with a dazed look on my face. Carol’s room mate smiled at me with a twinkle in her eye and reached out to shake my hand.

Smiling at my situation, Carol said, “Dad, this is my roommate, Kimberly.”

I took her hand and guided her to a hug saying, “My name is Tom, welcome to our home.” It was all I could do to keep from shaking. Kimberly hugged me back and it was electric. She pressed her body into mine as if we had known each other for a life time. Her breasts pressed into my chest igniting an inner warmth I had not felt in many years.

Understand, I had been single for nearly four years since the passing of my wife, but I had not been without sex that entire time. Unfortunately, the relationships I had experienced were not all that rewarding and each ended within a short period of time.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Ward,” Kimberly said with a knowing smile on her face. “Carol has told me so much about you.”

“Tom,” I said.

“Okay, Tom,” Kimberly said as she rose up standing on her toes, brushing her breasts against my chest to kiss me on the lips. 

I broke our embrace and smiled. Turning back to my daughter Carol, who was looking on with a large smile on her lips as she said, “I told you, Dad. You will love her.”

Looking at them both standing together, they looked almost like sisters, but Kimberly had a unique look about her that made me tremble warmly inside.

The girls went back to the car to bring their luggage inside, unpack and settle in. After a quick shower, I started the barbecue as the girls got everything ready for dinner.

While I was cooking, the girls came back outside to keep me company and help out. As Kimberly walked past me, she casually brushed my back. When I turned, my shoulder grazed her breasts. I could tell she was not wearing a bra and my eyes naturally focused on her breasts. I blushed as she looked me in the eyes and smiled. She squeezed my arm warmly before walking away. I couldn’t help but notice her nipples pointing proudly under her blouse.  

I made a simple meal of small steaks, potatoes, some greens and a salad, but the girls thought it was heavenly after a whole semester of cafeteria food. They shared a bottle of red wine while I enjoyed my favorite craft brewed beer. The girls cleared the table as we all pitched in to do the dishes before going to the living room to talk.

Soon, we were discussing their classes, the school and the friends they had made. I listened with happy contentment, but could not take my eyes off of Kimberly. Her casual style had caught me off guard and I was continually glimpsing at her.

When she caught me looking, she leaned forward exposing more of her luscious breasts standing firmly without support nicely showcasing her cleavage. Then, she would lean back in her chair, spreading her legs slightly so I could get a better view of her inner thighs and the pouting pussy lips that were prominently outlined by her skin tight exercise shorts. She smiled knowingly at me and turned to face Carol giving me a full profile view of her boobs and erect nipples straining against the fabric of her blouse. It was the biggest tease I had experienced in quite some time. The obvious flirtation was having quite an effect on me as I could feel the familiar stirrings of a welcome erection.

As the girls chattered on, I got up and excused myself to bed. I hoped my hard on was not as obvious as it felt when I stood. I felt like a teenager again!

I could hear the girls talking and laughing down stairs as I got into bed and happily fell asleep smiling to myself.

I was dreaming of a time that my wife and I were together on a camping trip beside a river not far from our home. Alone in the woods, we were lying naked on a blanket on a clear sunny day caressing and fondling each other playfully before having sex when I awoke feeling the covers pull back and someone slide into the bed behind me. A naked female body cuddled warmly behind me spooning up to my back. Looking over at the partially open bedroom door, I thought I saw a shadow briefly cross the doorway into the hall, but I couldn’t be sure.

Pleasantly surprised with this naked intruder, I relaxed into the inviting warmth of Kimberly’s inviting body. It felt like slipping into the warm water of a South Pacific Ocean. Firm breasts and hard nipples pressed into my back and I could feel heat from her pussy on my ass as she reached around my side to delicately grasp my stiffening cock and began gently fondling it almost exactly as I had just been dreaming. “Relax,” Kimberly whispered huskily. “Let me take care of everything.”

She lightly rolled my balls in their sack and softly stroked the underside of my shaft. Curling her fingers around the head, she gently stroked up and down groaning softly, “Ummm, hmmm. Ummm, hmmm,” deep in her throat.

I started to reach back, but she bent forward, pulling away from my back never letting go of my now fully erect penis. “No,” she whispered. “Let me do this for you.”

I relaxed as she continued to slide her cupped hand up and down the length of my hard on. I started to enjoy both the rhythm she created with her hand and the rocking of her body snuggled against my back.

She circled her forefinger and thumb together to slowly stroke the ridge and crown of my circumcised cock very lightly. Like the touch of a butterfly’s wing, it was an amazing feeling. My cock hardened even further as my balls retracted and my sack tightened. My breathing had slowed and I raised my head back to touch Kimberly’s forehead.

She raised her leg over the side of mine and hooked her heel on the front of my leg. Pulling her foot back, she urged me to arch my back and thrust my pelvis forward pushing my penis outward, exposing all 9 inches of stiffness. At the same time, she thrust her pussy against the tendons on the back of my leg and started humping slowly as she continued stroking my cock head.

Never losing her rhythm, I could feel her wetness spread all over the back of my leg as her pussy lips spread open and she began to grind her clit along the ridge of my leg. It was a wonderful tangle of body parts moving in a cadence that would quickly lead to an explosive end.

I felt her shiver slightly as a small orgasm shot through her body. Kimberly let out a low groan. Her sticky, wet love juices flowed freely down the back of my leg. I was on the verge of my own climax and sighed deeply. I thought I heard a low groan in the hall outside my bedroom door, but I was so lost in the sensual pleasures Kimberly was creating, I paid very little attention to it.

Sensing my complete loss of control, Kimberly moved her hand down to the base of my cock and gave me a firm squeeze with her thumb and forefinger. An electric jolt shot through me, but I no longer felt the urge to cum. My ball sack relaxed and my testicles slowly descended. Feeling no pain at the interruption of my bliss, I let out another deep sigh and said, “Thank you!” under my breath. Kimberly giggled as she began to massage my neck and shoulders.

My erection only subsided a little and soon, I was as hard as a teenage boy fantasizing about sex in his high school World History class again.

Pulling on my shoulder, Kimberly rolled me onto my back as she got up on her knees beside me. Hovering over me from the side, she looked at my erect penis jutting in the air and smiled sweetly. She began to massage my temples and forehead. I was beginning to fully relax under her talented, wandering hands.

This was also my first full glimpse of her naked body glistening in the night. I let my gaze wander over her beautifully naked body. Her breasts were full and her nipples erect. Her slim waist was accentuated by her well defined stomach and firm hips. Kneeling beside me, I could see her trim legs tucked under a wonderful ass that I could only imagine the beauty of at this point.

Her hands slowly worked their way down to my chest and shoulders kneading my taught muscles. It had been a long time since I had been given this much attention by a young, energetic woman intent on pleasuring me sexually. I enjoyed every ounce of the experience.

She spent a little extra time tweaking and kissing my nipples. No woman had ever done this to me and I found it quite stimulating as she continued kissing her way down my chest and stomach.

When she began licking my body just above the pubic hair over my cock, I thought I would explode at any moment. The sensations she was sending throughout my body were indescribable! Her right hand continued to massage my chest and pinch my now raw nipples while her left hand reached down to resume fondling my cock.

I reached my arm between her spread legs and curled my hand up to gently touch her moist pussy with my finger tips. Rather than protest or pull away this time, she quietly settled down on my hand to allow me greater access to her full pussy lips and inner labia. I was careful to avoid her clitoris, I was saving that for later. Her juices were covering my hand as I delicately fingered her with three fingers, playing her like a guitar.

Kimberly began to gently pull on my rock hard cock now. I had to smile as she leaned over to kiss me on the lips and then down my chest again to kiss the head of my cock. Looking up at me with eyes wide open, she opened her mouth and encircled the tip of my cock with her lips. As she pulled back, sucking slightly, she opened her mouth to allow her snake like tongue to lick just the underside of my very sensitive cock head.

At the same time, my fingers were having a great effect on Kimberly’s pussy. I curled my fingers to gently force all three into her vagina. She lifted up on her haunches to allow me better access to dig deeper into her womanhood. I started to move my fingers in and out as she also began to hump up and down on my hand, fucking my upright fingers deeply. Wiggling my fingers in her moist pussy seemed to energize her as she bucked up and down on my hand.

Curling my fingers up inside her vagina, I must have found her G-spot as she relaxed down onto my hand and out stretched thumb. She exhaled, “Unh, hunh.”

My thumb split her pussy lips like a juicy wet ripe orange. Her pouting pussy lips were fuller now as she gently rode my hand up and down at her own leisurely pace. I could tell she was comfortable with the pleasure I was providing, but I knew she would appreciate something a little unexpected.

I pushed my hand further under her and thrust my thumb upward while placing my middle finger against her tiny ass hole. Pushing my thumb deep inside her vagina, I began stroking the back side of her love canal, bringing her close to another orgasm. She straightened her back and threw her head back as I pushed my middle finger against the tightness of her puckered ass hole. Pressing slightly against the resistance I felt there, I began to wiggle my finger at the tight entrance. She hesitated for only a second and then shimmied down the length of my outstretched finger. As my finger sunk past the knuckle in her tight little asshole, I pinched my thumb and fingers together inside her.

She rode up and down as I pulled gently outward, stroking both her pussy and the inner walls of her ass. She shivered again as another orgasm hit her harder than before and left her shaking in the palm of my hand. Her wetness drained out and covered my hand. She leaned toward my ear and huskily whispered, “I have never had anyone finger my butt before. That was incredible. Thank you.”

Kimberly never lost her concentration while giving me the most extraordinary sexual experience of my life. The stimulation she was creating on the crown of my cock by alternating sucking and licking was further enhanced when she squeezed the length of my manhood with her hand to restrict any blood flow from leaving my erection. The stiffness she created with this squeeze made me feel harder than I had ever felt before and made the helmet of my cock even a little more sensitive to the touch of her lips, mouth and tongue. The stimulation was overwhelming! My ball sack tightened and my testicles pulled themselves up into the warmth of my body. The pulsing of blood through my cock was echoed in my temples.

Just as I thought Kimberly couldn’t bring me any more pleasure, she leaned her head to the side and down my cock. She opened her mouth and gently sucked my tightened ball sack while licking me with her tongue. My balls descended into the warmth of her mouth as she swirled them around with her greedy tongue.

She returned her hand to slide up and down my saliva slicked cock head and began to stroke the length of my steel hard shaft. I could feel her shift in position to straddling my leg so that her pussy was pressing against my lower leg and knee. She spread her wetness on me as she moved along the length of my shin bone and knee putting extra pressure on the down stroke to vigorously rub her clit. In a few minutes, another flood of her juices spread over my leg as her body rocked through another orgasm.

When Kimberly’s body recovered, she leaned forward and took the head of my cock in her mouth and slid down the entire length of me until I hit the back of her throat. The feeling was indescribable as she swallowed deep in her throat and took me in another two inches so that her nose was pressed on my stomach. I groaned softly as she lifted her head and then plunged it back down again and again. Her eyes were wide open looking at my reaction as she face fucked me.

Lightly scraping her teeth on the ridge of my cock head on the way up and pushing her tongue against the underside of my shaft on the way down, I was quickly approaching an explosive ejaculation of my own. I massaged her head as she worked her magic mouth along my manhood. Twisting her head as she went up and down, she was milking my sperm with every ounce of energy she had. I didn’t have to guide her as she knew exactly what she wanted to do to me. 

I grunted deeply, arched my back upwards and exploded down her throat causing her to gag a little. The tightening of her throat around my cock caused me to shoot again. She pulled back, sucking and swallowing, never letting my cock out of her mouth and holding a tight grip on the base of my shaft to keep it hard. I was still cumming when she plunged her head down again, swallowing me once more. Lifting her head up, she repeatedly went down on me over and over sucking me dry.

Movement of a shadow in the hall caused me to glance toward the doorway, but I couldn’t be sure I saw anything and I turned back to the Kimberly’s naked body on her knees beside me.

She licked my weakening cock clean and crawled up my body to lay beside me with her head on my chest and shoulder. With my arm around her holding her close, she was looking at me with a big smile on her face. I quietly said, “My turn. Now, you just relax while I do something for you.”

With that, I reached over to turn on the dim night light at the base of the lamp on my night stand. I wanted a clear view of this beautiful woman who had just given me some of the most satisfying sexual pleasure I could remember. As she was lying on her back, her pert, full breasts jutted proudly skyward. The rise and fall of her chest as she breathed gave them a life of their own under my gaze. Her hardening nipples stuck straight out, begging for my attention.

Just below her young, taut stomach, her shaved pussy proudly protruded with the moisture of our exertions and the full lips of anticipation for more. Her legs were slightly parted showing the fit form of a young, active woman. The gap between her thighs suggested there would be more energetic sex to come.

Rolling over onto my side, I kissed her smiling lips and plunged my tongue into her open mouth. I could still taste my sperm on her lips which made me even more intent on bringing this girl sexual satisfaction unlike any she had experienced in her young life.

I reached my right arm over to caress her breasts and lightly pinch the hardening nipples causing Kimberly to tremble a little. I let my hand wander from one breast to the other alternating a pinch on the nipple with light circular strokes to further heighten their sensitivity. Petting the underside of her breasts, I gently cupped one and lifted it to my face. I began kissing her breast all over stopping at the nipple and gently sucking it between my lips. I did the same thing to the other one and playfully bit the base of her nipple holding it between my teeth while licking the tip vigorously.

She sucked air into her lungs deeply and let it out with a slow moan, “Oooooh, aaaaah.”

Brushing my hand down her tight abdomen, I was working toward her love mound with the flat of my hand in slow, swirling motions that tickled the downy hair of her stomach. She arched her back, lifting her ass off the bed to push her pussy lips closer to my searching hand. I gently pressed her back down as she relaxed her hips, spread her legs and began to stroke her own pussy. I smiled as she looked me in the eyes searching for a clue as to what I was going to do with her next.

I got up on my knees above her, looking down with my now erect cock proudly standing out from my body over hers. I moved lower and spread her legs even further exposing her pussy which was again weeping her juices. Getting between her outstretched legs, I bent over her and kissed her hand as I removed it from where she was playing with herself. Quickly replacing her hand with my tongue, I began to lick up and down her silky slit.

Lifting her knees, Kimberly pulled her feet up in the air and spread her thighs giving me greater access to her vagina and full, wet pussy lips. I could hear her controlled breathing turn slightly ragged as she began to rhythmically flex her stomach muscles to curl her pussy up and down with the long slow strokes of my tongue.

As she was slowly building a steady rhythm with her thrusting hips, I suddenly plunged my tongue deep into her love canal and curled my tongue up before pulling straight back. My mouth now covered her entire muff and I began to swirl my tongue around inside her. She grabbed my head with both hands pulling me tighter against her open and exposed vagina.

While she ran her fingers through my hair, I continued to lick, kiss and suck her tender flesh, causing her to come hard. Tightening her thighs over my ears, I was happy to continue eating her ever willing pussy as she leaked her love juices all over my face.

When she relaxed her legs slightly, I looked up to see her clitoris standing up proudly for some attention. Being careful not to apply too much pressure to her most sensitive parts, I gently licked up one side and then the other. This was too much for Kimberly as she came again with a throaty sigh.

She shivered slightly as I moved up the bed to lie beside her, hugging her gently to my body. While we rested, she began idly playing with my erect cock and balls. The innocence of her attention to my manhood was invigorating and I was soon as hard as a tent pole again.

Smiling with a mischievous grin and sparkling glint in her eyes, Kimberly got up on her knees and straddled my stomach. I reached toward the night stand and opened the drawer to get out a condom, but Kimberly said, “We don’t need that. I’ve been tested clean and I am on the pill.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her I had a vasectomy years ago and was just trying to make her comfortable.

“Now just lie back. I think I’m ready for you now.”

Kimberly looked down between her legs and grasped my cock firmly in her hand guiding it to the entrance of her pussy. Spreading her pussy lips with one hand and lining up my cock to her vagina with the other, she quickly slid down my pole as far as she could go in one swift motion ending with her bottom on my legs and the tip of my dick touching her cervix. I was as deep as I could go and Kimberly was exhaling as she ground her pussy all around trying to maximize the stimulation she was feeling at being totally filled. I thought I heard another sigh, but I was too intent on the grip Kimberly’s pussy had on my cock to pay much attention. 

She rested for a moment with her hands on the lower portion of my stomach for support. I reached up to tweak her nipples causing them to stick out further. She inhaled sharply at this touch and pushed her chest forward for more. I obliged by rolling her nipples and pulling on them sharply. This caused her to bend forward pulling on my cock while sliding up the shaft almost to the end before she forcefully sat back down again to ram the head all the way to the end of her cervix.

I rose up from my hips to meet her thrust and grind my pelvis against her wet pussy lips sinking my cock to the hilt. Kimberly seemed to enjoy this as she set up a regular rhythm to repeat the assault on my penis by her welcoming pussy. The head of my cock continued to pound the end of her love canal while her walls gripped me like a vise.

Her youthful energy and pleasure filled delight fueled her enthusiasm as she continued without slowing down for several minutes of pumping away on my rock hard manhood. It was all I could do to meet her thrusts with my own and not ejaculate the powerful stream of cum building inside me.

I kept control as I stared at her luscious boobs swaying hypnotically above me. The look of concentration on Kimberly’s face betrayed the effort she was putting into our mutual pleasure. Her breathing became more rapid as small grunts and groans from deep inside escaped her mouth. I could tell she was about to orgasm as her cunt began to spasm around the shaft of my cock.

Suddenly, Kimberly pushed down hard on me, sat bolt upright with her head back and reached between our connected bodies to press on her clitoris. A shiver ran through her body as her orgasm hit. At the same time, I lost control and sent a jet of hot sperm from the head of my cock in one of the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced. Wave after wave of my spunk filled her tight pussy and overflowed onto our intertwined bodies mingling with sweat we had worked up with our vigorous activity. I heard another groan of pleasure, but wasn’t sure if it was from Kimberly.

Exhausted, Kimberly lay atop me as I lightly stroked her ass cheeks while running a finger up the crack of her ass. This attention caused her to clench her ass and gently squeeze the length of my softening penis still deeply imbedded in her vagina. Using her Kegel muscles to massage my cock, I continued to softly stroke and lightly tickle her puckered ass hole with my middle finger. She relaxed her sphincter muscles allowing me greater access to her dark hole. I could tell she was interested in this sexual after play.

Letting out a soft sigh, Kimberly kissed me fully on my mouth, pulled off of my cock and whispered, “Maybe tomorrow night you can fuck my butt. I think we would both enjoy that.”

She got out of the bed and quickly walked to the bedroom door. I could see her naked body illuminated by the light in the hall. When she closed the door, I was alone in the dark considering what her last words to me implied.

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