I Am Encaged

I Am Encaged I Am Encaged

Status: Finished

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Status: Finished

Genre: Other




it's a poem. Interpret it how you wish.


it's a poem. Interpret it how you wish.


Submitted: August 10, 2017

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Submitted: August 10, 2017





I am encaged.

Encaged and enraged by the scars on my back.

Pained and betrayed by my loyals in the past.

Strong negativity that clouds every sign.

Recurring memories that haunts my mind.


Burned and stabbed as if nothings bad.

Lonely and strayed because the pain so great.

Sadness and sorrow shredding every heart that happens to stays.

Forced to endure the torture that occurs.



Closed off and hidden so nothing can remain.

Bathing in pity and self hate.

False smiles and shattered hope disguised right in front of everybody.

Chaining back expression, acting can be so great.


Encaged by the demon that's called society.

Enraged by the world's twisted version of humanity.

Pained by the people's broken logic of philosophy.

Betrayed by the closest to my heart that seem okay with backstabbing me.


Burnes caused by the hurtful words that are spewed continuously.

Stab wounds caused by sharp betrayal that seems to happen constantly.

Lonelyness caused by the segregation that blocks every difference to each community.

Stray emotions caused by the overwhelming feeling of my own negativity.

Sadness caused by each step I took while I seem to regret everything.

Sorrow filled mind caused by endlessly looking and checking what's behind me.


Closed off because I'm scared to endure every tragic ending that passes me.

Hidden because I'm weak and tired of existing in this foolish sence of morality.

Bathing in pity beacuse I can't except what has happened to me.

Feeling self hate because I give up so damn easily.

False smiles because it makes moving forward cut by elementary.

Shattered hope because I have broken almost completely.


Because I am encaged.

I am enraged.

I am pained.

I am betrayed.

I am burned.

I am stabbed.

I am alone.

I am stray.

I am sadness.

I am sorrow.

I am closed off.

I am hidden.

I am bathing in pity.

I am self hate.

I am false smiles.

I am shattered hope.

I am all this negativity,

because I am encaged by my past and can never seem to put the past behind me.

I am completely and utterly encaged.

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