An irretrievable step

An irretrievable step

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure


Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure


'An irretrievable step' is an espionage thriller; its plot relates the adventures of Doron Seri an Israeli junior IDF officer who is persuaded to join the Mossad against his will through sophisticated tactics, which leaves him with no other choice but volunteer to serve his country as a secret agent in an enemy state. He is signed on a contract of seven years, and after two preparative years in Israel he is sent to Italy under a new identity, where he meets Bianca Conti, marries her and takes her with him to Egypt; where they serve as a team. The plot's background is the nationalization of the Suez Canal during the late fifties of the previous century, and the invasion of the Suez Canal zone by the British and French armed forces.


'An irretrievable step' is an espionage thriller; its plot relates the adventures of Doron Seri an Israeli junior IDF officer who is persuaded to join the Mossad against his will through sophisticated tactics, which leaves him with no other choice but volunteer to serve his country as a secret agent in an enemy state.
He is signed on a contract of seven years, and after two preparative years in Israel he is sent to Italy under a new identity, where he meets Bianca Conti, marries her and takes her with him to Egypt; where they serve as a team.
The plot's background is the nationalization of the Suez Canal during the late fifties of the previous century, and the invasion of the Suez Canal zone by the British and French armed forces.

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'An irretrievable step' is an espionage thriller; its plot relates the adventures of Doron Seri an Israeli junior IDF officer who is persuaded to join the Mossad against his will through sophisticated tactics, which leaves him with no other choice but volunteer to serve his country as a secret agent in an enemy state.<br /> He is signed on a contract of seven years, and after two preparative years in Israel he is sent to Italy under a new identity, where he meets Bianca Conti, marries her and takes her with him to Egypt; where they serve as a team.<br /> The plot's background is the nationalization of the Suez Canal during the late fifties of the previous century, and the invasion of the Suez Canal zone by the British and French armed forces.<br />

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The plot of this book "An Irretrievable Step" is a work of fiction, and is a product of the author's imagination. The protagonist's and the different characters' names, and the plot's background descriptions are fictitious; any resemblances to actual persons living or dead, events or places are coincidental.


Copyright © Haim Kadman 2013 - all rights reserved




Chapter 1


At about a quarter past five pm Lieutenant Doron Seri was on his way to the base mess hall.

He was off duty that evening, no night training once a week; no sudden emergency exercises thank God he thought relieved.

As he was walking on the narrow sidewalk along the camp main road he heard rushing footsteps behind his back, before he managed to look back a hand touched his shoulder.

‘Howdy Seri?’ it was the base adjutant, Major Yoel Barzive.

‘I’m fine thank you,’ he muttered surprised. He didn’t expect such a friendly gesture from haughty Barby.

‘On your way to paint the town in red, aren’t you?’ Barzive kept on chattering rather friendly, accompanying young Seri to the mess hall.

‘Well I do hope I would but after supper,’ he answered with a surprised smile.

‘I’d like to have a few words with you young man.’ Barzive added with a slight cough.

The astounded Lieutenant Seri did not comment and not an additional word was exchanged between them till they entered the mess hall,

Haughty Barby was known for his subtle pranks, and that was exactly what young Seri believed was going to happen. He hoped to God that Barby won’t come out with some news about some emergency case, which might mean replacing tonight's officer on duty, or some other sort of unexpected tasks.

Major Barzive chose the table and they sat down facing each other, without a word yet. The Major was waiting till the mess hall would fill up, and thus no one would disturb them or ask to join their table, seeing him sitting opposite a junior officer.

'Tell me Seri, have you ever thought of serving abroad?' He asked lieutenant Seri after a few moments of an embarrassing silence.

'No I haven't thought about it, why? I'm well off here.' Seri answered briskly, letting the major understand that he is satisfied and has no complaints what so ever, if that is what the Major is after.

'Well I'm glad to hear it,' the cunning major hastened to remark.

'You're one of best young officers that we've, and that's why I bother to talk to you at all… But let's talk to the point, do you have any idea about the advantages that such a job has? Say salary increase, quick promotion, and a very pleasant working environment, which would broaden your horizons.'

'No but I'm willing to listen.' Seri answered smiling.

'Fine but you'll have to meet someone else to learn all the details, and that's his phone number.' The Major said while pulling out a small writing pad from his shirt's pocket. He tore a page out of it and handed it to Seri.

'When should I call him?' Seri wondered watching the Major's eyes with a quizzical look.

'Whenever you'll feel like it, eat up and I'll give you a lift to town.

After a forty five minutes drive the Major dropped him at his home, and Seri thanked him and took the lift up to his small apartment; The first thing Seri did was to dial the number that Major Barzive gave him.

'Hello good evening,' he heard a young woman's voice.

'My name is Seri I was asked to call you by Major Barzive.' Seri muttered hesitantly, wondering whether it is not a very sophisticated hoax of haughty Barby repertoire.

'Be at the Eliot café next Thursday at seven pm sharp.' The young woman instructed him.

'But I'm on duty on Thursday…'

'You'll be off duty next Thursday, it's been settled…'

'Who am I supposed to meet, how do I recognize him?'

'Just be there wearing your uniform, we know who you're, bye.' She said and hung up.




Chapter 2


He sat down on one of the two old armchairs in his small one room apartment, opposite the twenty five inches second hand TV screen, quite perturbed and undecided.

A few moments passed and he left his seat and went over to the phone, and dialed the number of his current date.

'Hello Tami, I'll be down in half an hour, okay?'

'Okay it might take me a few more moments, but don't despair…' She added with a short laugh.

They were going out over three months already; she had a rich daddy and her own car. A luxurious relationship it was, and a very convenient one from his point of view; he was not in love with her, and he did not even know how long their relationship would last. That's why he refused to move to her spacious apartment, and asked her to be patient as his pretext was we've to know each other better first of all. He did not introduce her to his parents who live in the southern town of Beer Sheva, and he had no intention to meet her mom and dad at this stage of their relationship.

He took a cold shower, checked his beard growth in the mirror, changed and went down to be there five minutes earlier.

Cars were parked on both sides of the road, there was no free parking space, thus he had to be there and be ready to move at her arrival.

She picked him up on time and exchanged a quick kiss with him and just a few words too, and they drove to a restaurant that she chose for them.

'What's wrong Dudi?' She asked him over the desert a bit worried, was he tired of her she wondered. She was not a dazzling beauty but she was wise, and he enjoyed immensely her company.

'Oh nothing at all,' he hastened to answer. 'I won't have a leave again in two weeks time, it bothers me.' He did not lie to her; he did not want to meet her next Thursday. He could not know how long would take the meeting with them, and even if it won't last long he had better not see her after it.

'We'll go straight to my place then?'

He nodded his head and a shade of a smile appeared on his pursued lips. That's exactly what I badly need now to clear my head. He thought relieved.

He summoned the waiter, paid and they left.

They undressed and made love in her darkened bedroom, she was still a bit prudish; he was her first one and with the few men that she dated before him, she just necked a bit and did nothing more.

Seri was lying wide awake beside his sleeping current love, buried in his thoughts. If at the beginning of their relationship he pondered whether she will be willing to share her life with an army field officer, he knew that from now on if he will agree to their offer that problem would be multiplied ten folds more. But it was too early yet to decide the future of his relationship with Tami, he will have to know whether this job fits him at all or rather whether he fits such a job; and that's up to them to decide, while he does not know a thing yet and who they really are?





Chapter 3


The next three days passed rather quickly. He was very busy in instructing and training his men, in day and night drill and on Thursday he had almost forgotten the meeting at Eliot Café. But at lunch time at the base mess hall, Major Barzive winked to him as he passed along Seri's table and Seri suddenly remembered the appointed meeting.

Right after supper Seri rushed out to the base headquarters where the base staff transportation van was parked, he did not wish to miss it not at this evening.

He reached town and Eliot Cafe quite early, thus he decided to pass the extra time in window shopping.

At five minutes to seven he entered the café chose a free table and sat down waiting with much expectancy. He had sense enough not to watch the entrance, and dedicated his attention to the Café's menu.

A waitress approached his table and looked down at him with a quizzical look.

'I'm waiting for someone,' he told her and she left him in peace.

I hope he'll be punctual whoever she or he may be. Seri thought nervously and right at that moment at six fifty nine pm according to his watch, a young man about Seri's age entered the café, and went straight to Seri's table.

The stranger pulled the chair backwards next to Seri's table and sat down facing Seri.

'My name is Gad and I'll be your contact for the time being, now summon the waiter please.

As he was already used to that kind of parley right to the point, Seri raised his arm and summoned the waitress. She came right away and Seri glanced at his guest waiting for his order.

'A long espresso,' Gad told the waitress.

'I'll have the same please,' Seri said avoiding the waitress lovely features.

'Won't you have some pastry?' She asked.

'Well go ahead if you feel like it, you're my guest.' Gad encouraged him with a smile.

'No thanks just a long espresso.'

While the waitress was on her way, Gad pulled a small pad out of his breast pocket and a pen.

'I'll have your name, your I.D. number and your phone number, before she returns.

With this stage done with and over their coffee cups, Gad asked him a few general questions, where his parents live; does he have a girl friend, the state of his health and so on.

As Gad (if that was his real name) was a pleasant person a couple of years or more older than Seri, had a well shaped body and a charismatic type, Seri felt rather composed in Gad's company, and answered his questions without hesitation or doubts.

'Do you've any idea what's expected of you?' Gad asked him quite unexpectedly right after a short lull, while Seri was sure that the meeting reached its end.

'Not at all, but just the knowledge that it's a very different job, compared to what I'm doing now.' Seri replied and watched Gad eyes with expectancy.

'That's right it's different indeed, and it will demand from you much more efforts, mental efforts in particular compared to what you're used to up till now.' He added with much emphasize, but that was all he said about it.

'Well think it over during the weekend, and if you won't change your mind call us again next Monday, and we'll talk. You may leave now.' Gad added and wrote a few words in his pad, to sum up that first meeting with their new candidate, which his friend the Major recommended on.





Chapter 4


On coming home Seri checked his phone messages; There were two, one from his base headquarters, releasing him from duty up to next Sunday, and the second was from Tami.

He did hesitate whether to contact her or not, she will realize right away that he calls her from home, and not from his military base. The time was seven fifty five why not see her and enjoy her company? He wondered puzzled by his own hesitations, after all he is free and it's early yet; they will have the entire evening to themselves, and he will find some excuse why he told her that he's on duty tonight.

He called her and realized right away how glad she was to hear his voice. She said she will come to pick him up in five minutes time, and did not ask how come he is in town, and she did not know it.

They had a light dinner in her favorite restaurant, and went to dance afterwards; they ended up at her place; and that was of course the night's highest peak.

He stayed the night with Tami and the next morning she prepared a special breakfast for both of them. And as it was the right time to query how he managed to make her so happy last night, when he was supposed to stay on duty at his base; she brought that curious question up, while they were drinking coffee.

Seri cleared his throat and looked at her surprised, he was sure that this certain matter was behind him already.

'I'd a meeting dealing with my career future, and at its end I called you.'

'What was it about?' She wondered alarmed. She was sure that he is sincere and does not hide anything from her, and here he comes with that tale. Has he had a blind date that did not work out with some other girl?

'It's some vague offer of promotion within the army; I'll be much wiser next Monday… I'm supposed to meet the same man or someone else, and learn some more details about it.'

'But couldn't he or whoever they're tell you what it's all about?' Although it was getting late, and she had to drive to the university in the next few moments; she had to know it, she realized that it might influence their future relationship.

'They've to find out first of all if I fit at all to their standards, that's must be it; I don't know if I'll accept their suggestion, even if I'll be found fit from their stand point, for I'm doing well where I'm posted and there's still time...'

'You'll let me know what it's all about Dudi…' She asked him with beseeching eyes.

'Of course Tami, I won't hide anything from you; still it might end up with nothing. '

'I'm late and I've to go,' she hastened to add and got to her feet.

'Me too, I'm going to see my parents tonight, and I'll be back tomorrow morning early, to have another delicious breakfast with my Tami.' He added and left his seat and moved towards her to hug and kiss her.

That loving gesture and his honest answer to her urgent question a few moments earlier, was the little he had to do to keep their relationship going as best as he could; in spite of his doubts, and the uncertainty concerning his career future. He knew that even if he will reject that certain job offer in about a year from now he will be assigned to a field unit, and he did not believe he will be accepted as the right choice by her family, for their only daughter.

These thoughts busied him on the train to Beer Sheva, on his way to spend the rest of the next twenty four hours with his family.





Chapter 5


I guess I'm not fit for clandestine jobs, for that's what they want to recruit me for. I shouldn't have told about that meeting I'd with Gad to Tami, it was a foolish mistake… He thought while he was riding the line number nine bus from the train terminal to the town's center.

I should have told her some story about being replaced at the last moment by a friend of mine, she would have believed me; and she would have found it much easier to live with, instead of telling her the truth that alarmed her…I'll have to keep my mouth shut tight, when I'll sit together with mom and dad, and whoever will come and join us at the table for the Shabbat dinner.

On reaching home he was welcomed by his mother that hugged him and covered his face with kisses, she was ever so glad to "have him back" as she defined his arrival and so early.

'Aren’t you hungry dearest Dori?' She asked while she led him to the living room. 'Would an early lunch would suit you my eldest son?'

'No mom thanks I'm not hungry.' But he had black coffee and a piece of homemade cake with her, and answered most of her questions in general terms, and heard what she had to tell him up to lunch when his father came back after shopping at the local market. A second warm welcome took place and he had to tell his father his doings during the last couple of weeks, since the last time in which he visited them.

It was exhilarating to be with his parents again engulfed by their love, and knowing how proud they are thanks to his successful military career; though he was just a junior officer, but for them it was a dream that came true.

At the early afternoon his two young brothers and his sister joined them, and he welcomed them warmly, and was glad to see them and learn how they were doing and their and how is their progress in their studies.

They had the traditional Sabbath eve dinner and the next morning right after breakfast he parted with his family relatives, and travelled back to Tami. He was impatient all along the drive; he longed to hold her again in his arms.


When she opened the door and fell into his arms he clutched her delicate body to his chest and kissed her lips with fervor. She had to push him slightly backward to shut the entrance door. He started to undress her but she turned slightly backwards and led him to her bedroom.

They made love in bright daylight after a very short while of admiring her lovely body and caressing her zealously.

After three blissful hours they went down to have a late lunch at the nearest restaurant to her place; they strolled hand in hand in downtown Main Street for a short while and returned to her bedroom.

'When will you introduce me to your parents?' She asked him intrigued lying beside him on the broad double bed.

'There's still time we know each other about three more or less…'

'We love each other,' she hastened to correct him with an enchanting smile.

'Sure we do my darling Tami.' He admitted and pulled her upon his sprawled body, and kissed her lips.

I wonder what your parents will say on seeing me, a dark skinned Yemenite. He thought holding her tight and caressing her hair.

They spent the evening strolling hand in hand along the promenade enjoying the light breeze coming from the sea; they had dinner in one of the promenade's restaurants, sitting at one of the tables on the pavement watching the late sunset.

These are endearing moments, which I'll always remember. Seri thought with happiness and gratification.





Chapter 6


On Sunday morning Seri returned to his base early than usual. He met his direct commander Major Farber who updated him about the day's schedule, and Seri exact tasks on that day, although Seri knew by heart the entire week's schedule, he listened attentively to his company commander, and set out right away to carry out the little he had to do on that day.

The entire company plus its staff had to convene at the base's lectures hall right after breakfast and the morning parade, to listen to the base commander's lecture on leadership.

'Didn't you hear last night newscast?' Lieutenant Barda asked him, watching him with a quizzical look; sitting beside him at the base mess hall.

'No I haven't heard, seen or listened, you can guess why…'

'Yeah I got your message.' Lieutenant Barda answered him but he did not smile or thumped Seri's shoulder, in a show off of male solidarity.

'A spy was caught in Damascus, one of ours. He was the most important source of information we've ever had.'

'Oh really,' Seri muttered but had no time to think of an answer, they were ordered by Major Farber to check their platoons, and lead their men to the lectures hall.

The afternoon hours were passed in a platoon discussion on leadership, which every platoon commander had to conduct following the base commander's morning lecture.

That same night he had to pass as the base officer on duty. He hardly sat awake on his chair in the officer of duty office between rounds of checking the base guards every two hours. He listened to the news and to the commentaries whenever he was back at the office about the fate of that poor caught spy, and as an outcome of that sad piece of information he hardly slept between checking rounds and was rather tired and worried.

He had to supervise the platoon's morning training drill, but during the afternoon he was free to rest and prepare himself for his next meeting with them.

On his way to town he remembered with sudden alarm that he had to call them and fix the place and hour, but he forgot all about it due to that piece of information about the agent that was caught in Damascus no doubt. Thus he headed again to Eliot Café, and reached it at six fifty three pm. He hoped they will miss him and he won't hear from them ever again.

But at seven pm sharp the same young man the one named Gad, which he met at the first meeting at Eliot Café, has arrived this time with a middle aged tall man.

He stood up to welcome them but Gad muttered 'let's go' and they went outside to a van that was waiting for them.

They took him to a chirography expert, a test that lasted some forty five minutes and then to a psychiatrist at the other side of town, where he was tested with a psycho technical test that lasted two hours. He had no idea what the results were, but the fact that they ended up in a downtown restaurant, was the proof that he passed the tests successfully.

They ordered mixed grill and a bottle of red wine, his favorite dish and the wine he used to drink to his utter surprise.

They seemed to be in good spirits both his strange companions; they were exchanging witty jokes, doing their best to free him from the gloomy mood that his face radiated.

When the meal was almost over the middle aged man introduced himself as Samuel, turned to Seri and said:

'All you've to do now is sign the contract; it's a seven year contract…'

Seri was astounded a seven year contract… He sat still watching Samuel's face unable to comment though he wished to.

'It's a two year period of training and five years service in an enemy country.' The talent scout added solemnly. The fact that this impressive middle aged man was the organization's talent scout was known to Seri only some time later, but although that stranger's charismatic appearance, his impressive personality and persuading influence Seri decided to reject their offer.

'I'm not going to sign that contract, I'm sorry.' He declared decisively.

'Okay you've our phone number, if you'll change your mind do let us know.' The talent scout said with a benevolent smile. 'You may go now.' He added smiling still.





Chapter 7


Well I got rid of them I hope. Seri thought encouraging himself. That piece of information about the Israeli agent that was caught in Damascus, and is being interrogated and tortured no doubt right now, was of course the reason behind his rejection.

He was on his way to his apartment and he did not intend to call Tami. The time was eleven fifty it was too late and she must be asleep, while he has to report back at his base rather early tomorrow morning. He has one more year to end his term as an instructor, and then he'll be returned to serve in an infantry regiment; which one he could not know of course at that early stage, but he hoped he'll be assigned to one of the best units and advance in a short time to lead a company.

On the next morning before leaving for his base he called Tami. He knew that she is an early riser, but she does not leave to the university before seven thirty.

'Hello my darling,' He said softly. 'How are you? I'm calling from home I was in town yesterday with them, up to eleven fifty.' He went on talking excitedly. 'I've rejected their offer, I'll tell you all about it next Friday.'

'Oh what a pity Dudi, what am I going to do till Friday and I miss you so much…'

'I'll do my best to get a short leave in one of the coming evenings, but I'll call you everyday my darling, bye till our next meeting.' He hung up without expecting her answer.

His company commander and his two mates the platoon commanders were glad to see him back; they had too much work because of his short absence.

As he was far from his beloved Tami despite her being his temporary choice, time oozed by slowly.

On Wednesday on lunch break his sergeant told him that she called the base and asked to talk to him. He promised to call her every day but he did not, he was rather busy and was outside in the field most of the time and he had to interview his platoon soldiers in the evenings during two successive evening, and whenever he remembered and wished to go over to the company's office to call her, some problem popped up and he had to solve it..

'She seemed in some kind of distress.' The sergeant told him. 'Listen you're on duty tonight right? I can replace you at eight thirty pm after the guards' night parade, and after all the hot shots will be on their way to town. The commander on duty never leaves the office during the night, but you'll have to return before seven am.'

He called Tami right after lunch and told her to expect him at about nine pm.

Seri was replaced as planned and left the base at eight twenty five. He reached Tami's apartment at a quarter to ten pm. They did not leave her bedroom till dawn, when he had to return.

Although he was back on time and he was sure that his absence passed unnoticed, something seemed amiss. He could sense it in the thick atmosphere in the mess hall at breakfast, as he watched his mates' sour faces, and the strange way in which they ignored him.

'What's going on Barda?' He asked in a whisper his friend that sat beside him.

'You're in a deep mess; someone blew the whistle on you.'

'Do you know who it is?' Seri asked him aware right away how irrelevant his question was.

'I was sure that you do know who it could be…'

'It was a setup then?' Seri whispered alarmed.

'It could be a setup or it could be a coincidence just the same, according to the last rumor the commander on duty left his office at midnight and was surprised to meet your replacement.'

As Seri joined his company staff before the morning parade, he was informed by the company commander that he has to report at the base commander office at eight am sharp.

Seri's appearance at the base commander's office was extremely short. He was ushered into the base commander's office by the base sergeant major. He saluted and stood before the commander's desk to hear a short sentence:

'Lieutenant Doron Seri you're to pack up your things and leave the base, you are dismissed!'

He was terribly humiliated, but he went to his room in the officers' building, which was empty of course at that hour. They were all in the class rooms or at the nearest training field, while he had to pack and leave what was a second home for him. He went on foot to the main gate carrying his kitbag on his shoulder and a small suitcase in his hand, and while crossing the gate he did not salute back to the sentry. He hailed a cab and drove straight to his apartment.





Chapter 8


The first thing he did as soon as he shut the entrance door and put down his gear, was to undress and take a cold shower. He felt a bit better and over a cup of black coffee he pondered what he should do next. He had to report at the staff administration center, to be assigned to another unit, but he did not have the guts to show his face there.

It must have been a honey trap, the honey is my Tami while the seducer was my sergeant; who was no doubt briefed by them, and the commander on duty took part it this plot too… That's why the talent scout smiled when I refused their offer. No I won't report at the staff administration center, it's no use they'll fail me anywhere I'll be sent to no matter what unit I'll be assigned to…

Hardly an hour passed and he sent his hand forth and picked up the receiver; he dialed the number the talent scout gave him, to call them to accept their offer.

As soon as he dialed their number he heard a female's voice:

'Hello what can we do for you?'

It seemed both ways as if she knows with whom she is speaking, or it's a polite preliminary addressing; while he did not utter a word yet, but the first option seemed more likely to him.

'I'd like to have a word with Gad.'

'What's your name please?'

'Seri, Doron Seri,' He answered her in a slightly shaky voice. They don't expect my call it seems… Have they given me up…? He was on edge again.

'Hang on a moment,' she said and he could hear several soft voices in the backwards and the sound of this female's voice but it was not clear enough.

It took her hardly five seconds to return to him.

'He'll see you tomorrow at the Nana Bar restaurant, for an early lunch at eleven o'clock, is everything clear to you?'

'Yes thank you,' he muttered relieved.

'Have a good day then, and enjoy yourself.' She added and hung up.

He did not intend to see Tami, after he told her last night how he rejected their offer, he'd better see his parents again he thought. He won't tell them a thing of course, but spending the rest of the time left with his parents and some more members of his family that may be present there till tomorrow's meeting, will surely make him feel better.

In about two hours time he was sitting next to the table at his parents' home in Beer Sheva, having lunch with his mother. She was ever so glad to see him again in such a short time, and so pleased to serve him his favorite dishes. She had a few doubts and questions to her beloved son, when he just crossed their home threshold.

'Why aren't you wearing your uniform Dori dear?' She wondered and was a bit perturbed; she thought she discerned traces of dissatisfaction in her son's face.

'I'm on leave mom, that's all.' He managed to feign self composure, and he even laughed gaily to convince her. As her husband and his father was at work, she had her son all to herself she did not bother him with more questions; except one very intriguing matter, has he a girl friend?

'Oh I've just ended a relationship with one after about three months, it did not work and that's why I'm here…I've a date this evening.' He lied to her and rather easily.

'Do I know her?'

'No mom she's a newcomer.'

'Is she one of ours, one that you might marry?'

'It's too early mom, I don't even know if I'll see her again after this date.'

As darkness started to reign and a short time after the return of his father, and few more moments of warm welcome and hugs; Seri left to meet "his date", and he spent the evening all alone in a movie theatre.

When he came back he met the rest of the family waiting for him in excited expectancy. There were his brothers, his sister and an aunt he has not seen for some several months already.

'How come you're so early back Dori?' His mother wondered. She must have told them the news that he has a blind date in town.

'It didn't work out; she's looking for a rich boy, not someone like me.'

'What about love, feelings…?'

'It's another kind of a generation mom, they're very assertive.' He was in a good mood and his answers made them laugh on his account. His father and his aunt made their best to console him and give him their advice, and he enjoyed their company up to midnight.

He woke up rather late the next day and after having shaved and a breakfast with his mother, as his father left for work quite early; he travelled back to Tel Aviv, to his meeting with them.

At seven minutes to eleven he was sitting in Nana Bar restaurant waiting for Gad. He was very apprehensive compared with the last time when he rejected their offer, for this time he needed them and was depended on them.

Gad arrived on time but he was not alone, another young man accompanied him.

'So how are you Seri?' Gad asked him as they joined him and sat down, without shaking hands or any other ethical preliminaries.

'I'm fine thank you,' Seri replied nervous still.

'We've got a reason to celebrate right? You made up your mind, haven't you?'

Seri nodded his head while inhaling some air into his lungs.

'Well this is Dan your instructor, but let's have something to eat first of all.' He remarked and summoned the nearest waiter to their table.





Chapter 9


Until the waiter returned with their chosen dishes Gad introduced Dan to Seri in a few words, which did not add more information except some praise to Dan's capabilities and good nature.

Later on when the meal was almost over, it was time to get down to details.

'Well you'll start your studies in a room, a 'Heder' just like our forefathers learned in Eastern Europe.' Gad remarked with a sarcastic smile, Dan uttered a short surprised laugh; while Seri watched both of them bewildered. He was expecting to hear some serious instructions about his next steps, a training camp address and a few details at least in general terms about the training period and its fundamentals, and not that ironic remark.

'The room I'm talking about will be your base, and Dan will visit you there six days a week. Here is the address and after we'll part you'll go over there to introduce yourself to the landlady…'

'Is it a hired room in someone's apartment?' Seri wondered utterly surprised

'That's right the owner is a widow of someone that served us in the past.'

'Why can't I use my own apartment, I live there all alone with no partners?' Seri asked him starting to realize what his next step is going to be.

'Yeah we know it but your neighborhood isn't suitable, while the room that will serve you as your study base is already furnished, and ready with all the equipment you'll need for your studies.'

'When do I start studying?'

'Next Sunday morning and after your meeting with Dan and some other instructors, you'll stay there as long as you'll need, it's up to you.' 


As Seri was getting closer to his home after he visited his 'room', and introduced himself to the apartment owner he saw a familiar car parked opposite the entrance of his apartment building. It was still early afternoon and there were plenty of free parking spaces in his street, most of the street's residents were still at work.

As he was almost beside that familiar car, the driver's door opened up and Tami got off.

'You promised to call me,' she said as she reached him.

'I'm terribly sorry Tami darling, but let's go up to my place and I'll explain everything to you.'

She clung to him in the elevator and against his will he embraced her, and he held her in his arms without a word until they reached his floor.

In his small living room he made her sit down in one of the two old armchairs, and went over to the corner cupboard.

'I'm going to pour you a few drops of liqueur you'll need it.' He said and returned to her with the two glasses. He handed her the glass with the few drops and urged her to drink it. They emptied their glasses without words or blessings.

'Listen Tami,' he said as he sat facing her. 'On Tuesday night I've told you very proudly that I got rid of them, I'm wrong.' He mumbled embarrassed and looked down at the empty glass in his hand.

'I remember still the smile that floated on that charismatic man's face their talent scout, the one that came along to the meeting when I rejected the job they offered me. I know now very well why he smiled… I was on duty on Tuesday night and my sergeant suggested to replace me on that night, claiming that the commander on duty doesn't leave his office during the night; but on this night when I've met you in your apartment instead of staying in the base and checking the guards' positions, the commander on duty left his office at midnight and was looking for me… It was a premeditated trap… When I returned on Wednesday morning to the base I was summoned to a meeting with the base commander, and was ordered to pack up and leave.' He made a short pause and looked in her eyes, hoping she will understand what she was going to be told.

'It was an awful humiliation, and I didn't turn to the staff administration center to ask for a new assignment; I knew that it's useless they won't give me up, and I guess that I was on their potential candidates' list for quite a long time. So it took me several hours to realize that I've no other choice but accept their job. I'm back from a meeting with them right now, and I'll start my studies on next Sunday.'

'You don't have to stay in the army or accept their job; my father can employ you in one of his companies…'

'It won't work Tami for they'll force your father to fire me after a few months. That's why I thought that we'd better part.' He added and lowered his head avoiding her eyes.

A sudden silence fell Seri's last words shocked her. She did not expect at all such an ending while their relationship has just started to bloom. It took her several seconds to overcome her shock.

'Why Dudi darling, why should it disrupt our relationship? You don't know if you'll succeed in your new studies.' She left her seat and went over to him to hug him.

'There's still time,' she whispered in his ear; '…and when you'll have to leave…If you'll have to leave we'll talk about it again, okay Dudi?' She went on whispering and bending over her lover she kept kissing his face.

He stood up very slowly taking pains not to detach himself from her arms, and they stood embraced in silence a few moments.

'Won't it be harder later on?' He asked her softly.

'I don't want to lose you no matter when, I'll be yours always…'

Seri kept hugging her and stroke gently her hair with one hand and kept kissing her lips, but he did not say a word. He wondered if she had to return to the university, or has she skipped some lectures? These questions bothered him but he knew he had better keep mouth shut. The situation that he has initiated was too precarious…

She might fall into a nervous breakdown or some hysteric sobs, if he will mention once again his decision to part with her; on the other hand they will be  together up to the end of his studies, till then maybe her parents will intervene and force her to stop seeing him or who knows what shall happen…?

I'll be free from duties and states of alertness to see her every night and every weekend, and that's what she wants so why should I wreck my head? I'll rather live the present moments.





Chapter 10


On Sunday morning a short while after Seri settled down in his studies' room and shut the room's door Dan arrived. He did not knock on the door or called him, but simply opened up the door and entered.

'Today's lecture is a preface to clandestine activities…' Dan said while they were sitting opposite one another next to the small desk in his studies room.

'To let you understand clandestine activities in the plainest term, well it isn't much different from carrying an affair with a married woman.' Dan summed the issue up. 'Now then you've got all the material you need on your bookshelf, start with that almanac titled 'Clandestine Activities', and there's an oriental restaurant at the end of the street…'

'I'm in no need to adapt myself to oriental food.' Seri reminded him with a smile.

'We know it, but you'll have to feed yourself only with oriental food from now on, no more Italian or any other Western food, and you'll have to eat there every lunch break.'

'Okay no problems I'll eat there six days a week.' Seri promised him smiling.

'Well I'm off Seri, dedicate this week to reading and next Sunday we'll start our surveillance studies.' Dan said and left.

Thus the first week passed while he was getting used to his new surroundings, to the taciturn landlady and to meet Tami every evening; passing the nights making love to her in her bedroom clasped in her arms, and having an early breakfast together before parting just for several hours.

It was an exhilarating week that reminded Seri the Aztec sun rituals, when a future chosen scapegoat would enjoy a life status of a king and do whatever he wants to do along a full year, up to the date when he would lay on the altar on top of the highest pyramid, and his heart would be cut out while he is still alive, and be sacrificed to the rising sun. .

The weekend passed swiftly like all the good things that pass too swiftly.

On Sunday morning Dan arrived again and entered Seri's room as usual without knocking.

'Well how are you and how was the weekend?'

'It was not bad; we went to the beach like everyone else.'

'You mean you and her; well you're a lucky man.' Dan remarked smiling.

'Forthe time being,' Seri answered him.

'Oh come on you'll be ten folds better in the future, but let get to business.' He added right away. 'Have you finished reading the almanac?'

'Yes and several more books.'

'Fine I'm glad to hear it now then today we'll start with the rules of surveillance, with just the basic rules and the basic methods.' Dan made a short pause and looked at his pupil whether he has anything to say.

'As for the rules you must have read the chapter that deals with it in the almanac, such as avoiding to look straight back behind your shoulder, but using shop window panes or turning around as if you've forgotten to enter a certain shop or to turn to the right street and so on, while checking stealthily who is behind you. As for the basic methods we'll learn to detect a group of four or five men that follows a subject matter, while changing places each five or less minutes it depends on the circumstances and the neighborhood, to avoid being detected by the subject matter.' He left his seat and looked at Seri. 'Let's go out and practice.'

'Am I to be followed?' Seri wondered.

'Not yet, we'll just stroll about in the streets and see how one should sneak away without arousing suspicion.'

During that summer Seri practiced detecting surveillance with a group of the counter intelligence debutants, which practiced just like him but how to follow without being detected. As long as it took place in his home town it was no more than an exciting game. In the afternoons he studied Morse transmissions and Identifying airplanes, tanks and missiles according to their silhouettes. Seri found it quite fascinating and on top of it he spends every evening and night with Tami.

Once a fortnight he paid a visit to his parents at Friday eve, and returned to Tami on Saturday morning; and although it was a life of daily routine, and he had to keep away from his old friends to avoid embarrassing questions, he liked it and it suited well his character.

The months passed like a jiffy, he became an expert in Morse transmission, airplanes tanks and missiles  identification, and he learned to deal with sophisticated surveillance of two or three groups of men, equipped with means of transportation. While one group followed his course in the same street, the other group kept tracking him and his followers in a parallel street with electronic communication. 

He had a few visits of his unit commander in his room, and met two more unit members without any personal introduction of course, but that was all he knew about his own unit according to the clandestine strict rules.

Summer passed with its heat, autumn wisped by and during winter he had three successive series of tests, in which he had to pass a weekend as a foreign tourist at the resort town of Eilat, which was the easiest test compared with his other tests, and a month later he had to pass two weeks in Haifa as a business man looking for deals; while in his last test he appeared as an American citizen of an Arab descent in Jerusalem. This last task was much more complicated compared to the two previous ones, and he did not like it at all, he was sure that he failed as he did not to his own opinion he did not represent convincingly the person he was supposed to be. .

His relationship with Tami tightened during these eighteen months, despite the fact that he avoided meeting her parents, and he did not take her along whenever he visited his own parents; and when her mom or dad came to visit his love in her apartment (in most cases it was her mom) he had to stay away in some nearby café or bar till almost midnight. But these inconveniences were nothing at all compared with what was awaiting him at the end of his studies and training. 

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