A Handful

A Handful A Handful

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance




Submitted: July 24, 2017

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Submitted: July 24, 2017



called it quits, right there where we stood.

splashed my drink in his face and laughed

was bored, wanted more, alot more, he just couldnt deliver.

thats ok, someone else out there would 

someone else could, he dared me and wished me luck

i dont need luck and dont be ass hurt,

sure hed get over it as quick as me

walked away from our bar stools where we sat 

he mumbled something and i raised my finger high and proud.

saw this other one sitting by himself in the corner

he looked bored and ready for the action

my kinda action i went up to him bent down to his ear and whispered 

what i told him made him rise to the possibility which way this could go

lets see if hes any good i may take him home.

took him by the hand to the girls restroom and looked around

wanted him all to myself hot and ready to please ME

lucky me no one else so i locked the door. nice couch to sit on

pushed him down and straddled him

grabbed him by the collar and pulled him to me

shoved my tongue in his mouth.

yuck, taste like stale beer

reached in my pocket and pulled out breath mint

pried his mouth open and flicked one in

suck on that awhile

i set to work on dropping his zipper

and it popped out happy to be free

had to giggle never saw that happen

i pointed and laughed but he got the wrong idea

until i saluted him back and went for a dive

then he knew what i meant and laughed himself

had me a handful and worked what he had 

till he spit up for me ha ha warm creamy stuff

i watched as it sprayed up like a fountain

same one i used to play in as a kid

i caught it in my mouth as it rose in the air

he thought it was cool and fun

yeah, tasted a bit salty but its ok

got bored just wanted a taste

but he comes too fast no fun after all

want to know if he can wait for me

hopped off left him creaming himself

what the hell he says

i walk by the sink and toss him the box of tissue

clean yourself up before it dries ha ha ha

unlock door and walk out

see stupid is still waiting at bar

waiting for me to take him back

nope i throw up both middle fingers this time and walk on out the bar

freedom...taste delicious 

time to find next fool






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