Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


One man receives a call of his lifetime that changed his life.


One man receives a call of his lifetime that changed his life.


Submitted: September 21, 2018

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Submitted: September 21, 2018



Driving past the usual curb meant it won’t be long ‘till I catch the view of a nostalgic house. My friend used to live there. A friend gone after high school, probably chasing long time dreams like all my other friends.


My car was turtling down the curb when my phone rang. “Yeah this is Mike, how are you.”


I didn’t bother to be cautious using my phone. No one’s around the small town of 77 people and pretty sure no one cared if I parked on the side of the road. I hung up after a second thinking it could be one of those ads. As my car shifted forward the phone rang again. I grit my teeth and decided to give a piece of my thought. “Mike speaking, press 1 if you think I have money I can yank out from my ass for free that I can give to shit callers like you.”






First I thought the caller really did it or has the guts to play too. I was boiling in silent I wanted to throw my phone out.


“Mike, right?”




But the voice was strikingly soft, even I wanted to hear more. At least it wasn’t a stranger. “How’d you know?”


“You just said it. Is that really you, Mike? Mike o’ lantern?”


Never heard that name in years that my chest felt hot. Only my high school mates could ever say mention that.


“Y-yeah. Listen, I’m sorry ‘bout what I said. I’ve been receiving calls lately-”


“Look, don’t bother. It’s me, Sam.”


My hot chest seemed to have spewed out all its steam and vacuumed in the cold, damp, icy air. I’m at Sam’s house right now, tall grasses with several missing shillings. Even mortgage didn’t bother selling it cause of the old design. They’ve move out of town years ago and hearing her voice was surreal, moreover so in phone.


We’ve spoke for what I thought was 10 minutes. I’ve learned that they’ve settled in Tournmall and right now she works as an accountant. I thought for sure she was inside that abandoned house. Funny how the mind works.


“Hey, Mike. This weekend... are you free?”


I actually have a meeting, my meeting, board, crews and all.


“No, I’m actually free. What’s up.”


“Let’s meet up like old times. You know, the usual park. Be there at like, seven.”


“Oh sure! I’ll be early, why not. But isn’t Tournmall really fa-”


“I meant seven at night, silly.”


“Oh, yeah! At night. I’m pretty sure I knew that haha.”


Then she hung up. It wasn’t when I went home that I realized we’ve talked for over an hour. I was glad it was set at night as I attended my meeting next day in the morning.


It’s been 5 years since and all of us neighborhood chaps separated once college started. Contacts were rare as few had stayed in town, like me. I went to look for our pictures and there she was, short yellow hair, thin arms and sharp elbows. I was like at the farthest side, an innocent prick wearing a space film shirt.


I’m pretty sure I’ll recognize her when we meet again. I was wrong.


“Polo. Hello, hello Mikey. Are you still playin’ Marco by yourself, or were you just ignoring me?”


“Who? Oh...Sam, is that you?”


The park lights were bright enough that I could see her, but not the one I was expecting.


“You’ve been walking around me for five minutes. I didn’t knew what to make of it, I thought you’re messing with me again,” Sam said as she brushed her hair. The park started to get chilly.


“Wow, I mean. How...sorry, I didn’t mean. I was trying to look for you and didn’t knew it was-”


“Me? You know Mike, I still recognized you when you’re a mile away from that pond,” she chuckled. “So unfair...”


We’ve walked around the park at night and it wasn’t long that the old times broke out from our new skinned selves. I grew a few inches and she grew her hair and pretty sure her other parts too. Her voice changed too but her tone, her old skeptics and cheek scratching habits were still there. It was still the old Sam.


“I wish Josh and Milly were here too, you know. I wonder if they’re busy and do night walks too!” I said while shouting at the stars. I imagined that my voice might magically reach those dorks at their houses. After a few steps, I thought I was alone, talking to myself.


“Something wrong?” I asked.


She shook her head.


“You know, I wondered why there’s only us in this little reunion. I mean I could call them right now and hang out at their cribs. Milly had this huge-”


I couldn’t hear the tapping of her sandals so I searched for her. She was several meters away behind, standing still.


“I mean it’s weird when it’s just the two of us,” I said. I didn’t want to say those words but they’ve popped right out of my mouth. Me and my stupid mouth.


“Is it...For you, is it weird,” her head came close. I don’t know why but her face seemed to beg for an answer. An honest answer. Hairs on my neck felt like spikes.




We’ve walked for another round at the park. Only this time it’s the path that leads to the junction and to the exit. All those minutes I was storming my brain on what to say after I screwed up my words. I mean we used to walk together a lot, five of us, three of us, two of us. Should be no difference.


Now, we walk under the eve of dead conversations. It wasn’t long that we already reached the exit. I was facing her back.


It felt awkward for sure, and so lame that I couldn’t make it up. It could be goodbye and I’ve been meaning to yank her arm out just to turn her around, say something and continue like nothing happened. Then talk about the old times and new things we don’t know about. But I wasn’t that man, I’m still Mike o’ lantern, short for halloween spook whose scared at halloween and more than that.


She stopped and I was prepared to at least say, I’m sorry. But she turned around on her own will.


“Hey Mike, let’s grab a few drinks?”


She had that enthusiastic laugh as she ran to the parking lot. I couldn’t help but wonder how she could guess which one was my car. At that moment, I thought of how’d she even got a hold of my number in the first place.


“Come on...lemme drive this junk,” she held her hand out. I felt a sting, it wasn’t that shabby and it ain’t a junk. It’s just sturdy as hell.


We arrived at the town’s only bar and we were immediately on the verge of being wasted. I was glad I didn’t recognized anyone who was there too.


“Hey Mike, I’ve something to say...and it’s not a joke or something.”


I pretended not to hear.


“You’ve what now?”


It was like the beer’s magic floated away from her. “I said, I’ve something to say,” she said in a sober way. Too sober and serious.


“Like what? Gettin’ fired? A ridiculous tattoo?” I jokingly asked. I was still the old me running by joking away at serious moments. “What else-”


“I’m getting married.”


“What?” I pissed couple of drops in my pants. Happens when I drink sometimes.


She suddenly gulped a bottle and stormed off. I chased after her and was glad she was already by the car. How could I say anything back the second she said she’s gettin’ married then she’s gone.


“Give me the keys, I’m driving.”




My knees were weak from the sudden chase and she took the keys hanging from my jeans.


“What the hell, Sam! What are you doin’ and where’re we going?”


“Shut up lettuce legs. I hope you paid the tab.”


“Yeah and I just dropped a double twenty without my change.”


She just ignored me.


I didn’t know how long she drove in silence. I was the drunk one and she sat there like a straight soccermom after a lost game, pretending to be okay.


“Sam, are you not drunk?” I asked. But what I wanted to ask was – Are you okay?


“Nah...I’ve been drinking for weeks before seeing you.”


“What? Why?”


She was again silent. I knew she don’t drink much before and even hated drunkards. Even I didn’t know what to say. What do I say. I think I said something stupid and threw up at the window.


I realized I was looking at a three digit numbered door the next thing I knew. She opened the door and helped me in. I sat on a rigidly cheap bed with a soothing red lamp beside us. Even I wasn’t that dumb.






“Are we on a motel?”




“What? I mean why are we here, aren’t you gettin’ married?”


She stood from the bed, grabbed something from the corner fridge and opened a small bottled water. Her hand hit mine without her looking.


I drank, cooling my hot throat as I got sober by the minute. I wasn’t sure what I felt, confused and disappointed at myself. I couldn’t even say, Congratulations. I wish you happiness. While I myself was still struggling to find a decent way to get promoted. Yeah, who doesn’t get jealous when others got ahead of you in their life. I hated myself that I couldn’t get over it. But it wasn’t all the reason why.


Also, Sam wasn’t like this before, daring and so unbelievable. It’s like she’d grown a new personality, a new Sam and just like that she would switch any moment. I looked at her as I emptied the bottle. Her eyes were looking down. I realized she was looking at her fingers instead. A silver ring slowly slid out and she put it on the bed stand. A whole shitstorm of funny ideas came to my brain of why I’m even in this mess and what the hell am I supposed to do. She was never this unpredictable before.


With no idea what to make out of it, I decided to show her I never saw anything. Best idea, no involvement, no mess, no regrets.


I pretended I was focused on putting away the empty bottle on the bed stand to even notice the ring.




My arm was stretched too far my side cramped and lost my balance, falling to her lap.


“You know that’s smooth, even for you.”


“I-I...didn’t mean. The bottle, I was ju-”


She leaned so fast my eyes closed instantly. I felt a soft feeling on my lips, softer than her voice and a whole lot warmer than her legs. Her lips closed and open unto mine and her tongue plunged its tip along the sides of my teeth. That moment I stopped breathing and when she let out, we were both catching our breaths.


The ceiling was scattered by a bunch of glowing stars as the room was dimmed by a faint red light. I was reminded of the time at the park of things I might’ve said. A shadow of her head moved, then I gazed downwards where the light is, seeing her eyes, nose and lips. That was my first kiss with her.


“Sam...antha...you know, I-”


She smiled and plunged her head back down again, her hands grabbed my head close to hers. She kissed me tightly that I lost my mind, turning my side to be on top of her. My hands were already on her breast rolling them up and down. She chuckled.




Her hands stopped mine and went behind her. She unhook and threw away her bra and shoved my hands under her top. I followed and slowly reached upwards to her chest. I felt her bare nipples and her hands guided me into a swirling motion like I’m tracing two milky way galaxies. I followed through and she softly moaned. I squeezed firmly at some point and she breathed harder. Lewd silhouette of my hands groping beneath her top was so sexy.


When I felt my back tired I decided to rest my body unto her. I felt my hard-on pressing its way between her legs. I could feel a hot spot in there. Even her jeans weren’t thick enough to guard against mine as her crotch squirmed for a second. The urge to cum was so strong I wanted to plow her right on. I took off my shirt fast that my hands were shaking when they reach to unbuckle my belt. But her hands stopped mine.


I didn’t know how but it grounded my skyrocketing desire flat as she instead took off my pants, slowly. My body cooled down a bit. When I reached to pull out her top, the sight of her wholly breasts for the first time made me hard again.


We were soon both naked staring at each other. Her curves hit the perfect spots for my eyes, fingers on her lips, a hand covering half her pussy, her wide hips and long legs.


Yet I felt the need of something. It was so different compared to a while ago when my urge to just pump my load into hers was purely instinctive and possible to do. This time, it was like a wall suddenly came out of nowhere between us. She was Sam, an important friend. Sure there was something jumbled inside me but-


I spoke unwittingly even I wasn’t sure I should’ve said those words. “Are you okay, this I-”


She smiled widely as she took my arm closer to her shoulders and kissed my hand. I saw her legs rising, moving to her sides like an opening flower and my body moving on its own. No time was spent to burn the image of her pussy as I was into her eyes. Her cheeks rising and eyes stretching, it felt so empowering, I felt myself being unchained.


I didn’t moved my sight from hers, even when I slowly entered her.


I saw her wide smile breaking apart and her mouth forming irregular shapes. I saw how her kind face turned into something else, uncaged and raw. I was so mesmerized how her face dynamically changed the faster I pumped her and how it turned tame when I slowed down.


I can hear how her pussy talked, how it spits juices that kept provoking my dick. It was wet and letting out slurpy sounds.


*Shurlk * Shurlk * Shurlk


I sucked on her nipple so hard she moaned loudly. I was worried others might hear us but hell, we’re in a motel.


I wanted to see her face more turned to something I never saw so I pumped my dick in and out harder. She was the Sam I knew back home, and yet someone I could know more.


Her back was breaking away from the bed as if her body started to float on its own. I could see her neck became red too, her eyes squeezing shut and opening like blinking lights. I loved it, all of them. How she squeezed the pillows. How her pussy becoming tighter and how I just enjoyed the hot melting feeling. I shouted her name out of nowhere.






She grabbed my neck closer and kissed me as I continued my fast, uncontrolled rhythm. All the while I lost control to the bolt down my crotch, the fort that defended the monster, the freaking dam that held the waters. It was then that I felt an enormous hot energy that fell on me from above finding its way inside my body and continued to surge out from my head. I couldn’t hear anything as everything was like pure white, pure stillness like time stopped. I felt her body was my body too, I thought I could move her body by my will. I just stared at her.


I saw how her chest rose up and down and at that time my senses returned. I could hear our fast breaths. We were out of breath and just catching air together.


I could hear a faint voice from her. “Wow...”


“S-Sam...that was-”


“Shut up, Mike...” she chuckled.


I shifted my body to position my self back but my soft dick pulling out inside her pussy made me feel hard again. I didn’t know why. My dick wasn’t that try-hard sensitive and so dedicated to tasks like these before.




She moaned out of nowhere it snapped me out from my daze. I realized it was my pulsing dick getting bigger being the culprit.


“Mike...please. Keep goin’”


I recovered my head from her neck and saw her blushed face. Her ruined hair and eyes locking to mine uttered chaos and fresh pleasure. And when it intertwined, it seeks more. It was more than just sex. My mind began to wonder, like it expanded or something. What happened was more than ordinary. That she’s more than just a being. More than what one can call and what she can call herself, more than physical. A being bigger than I used to know. It hit me when I remembered a phrase ‘bout a person being lost in someone’s eyes.


Her face leaned up to greet mine.


I kissed her and felt the embrace of her arms, then the embrace of her legs on my back. It wasn’t long that I slammed down so hard and began to build back that rhythm. I didn’t stopped and I believed that I kept saying her name, not wanting her to let go of me as I fucked her. A fuck that I truly wanted to last, and so too did she. I just knew it, though I don’t know how. I wasn’t scared of something or tryin’ to be a man to her. I don’t know why.


I woke up to an open curtained window. The view of my small town was unmovingly quiet. A few cars. A few towering buildings and above were a few bunched up clouds.


Lastly, I was bare naked at the motel bed.




No one turned. No voice.


Was it a dream. My body shivered a bit.


I turned around and no one was there. Just a messy sheet. I knew it wasn’t a dream. We did something. I rolled into her spot and can still smell her. There was something rough on the sheet and felt it with my hands. It was a bit hard I thought…


“Oh, fuck.”


Did I just came inside her? I didn’t used anything. I don’t remember jacking my load on her face or somewhere. I stood up, gathered my clothes and suited up. I looked at the bed and saw yellowish stains on it.


“Fuck, that’s my cum.”


There were no crumpled tissues around and surely, she and I didn’t used any.


I reached out my phone and immediately dialed her. I should at least apologize for jizzing inside her.


All I heard were automated responses. The number was cut off. I couldn’t reach her any longer. I even used the motel landline to call her.


My phone fell from my hands as I plopped to the bed. The empty water bottle from before was at my feet. I kicked it hard.


I looked at the bed stand. The spilled water must’ve ruined the aged wood. Along the darker shade was a circle shaped mark. Something that could fit on my pinky.


It probably took hours before I stood again. I should do something at least. Something should’ve at least changed. My world had at least changed. I pocketed my phone and washed myself.


By the door, a small folded paper was stuck. I read and recognized the familiar cursive.


Mike, I truly thank you. I’ll be in another country by this time.

Leave me be. Everything that happened is a lifelong linger that’s mine and yours.


Yours ever somewhere,






I drove off to the usual curb that I pass after work. Beside it was an abandoned house that a friend of mine used to lived. She is probably getting ready by now.


I stopped my car and went outside. I don’t smoke but I do now. It’s herbal though. I blew a few sticks and sat at the trunk. I again rewind the things that happened since we’ve met like the days I’ve done before.


I don’t know how long I’ve sat. I was lighting another stick that I caught a bump down my memory lane. She had never mentioned a name.


She was never secretive but there was time she was. Makes me remember again the time before graduation. That was when her father got caught on to something nasty involving a group. The bail was unbelievable I couldn’t hit those numbers with my ass, or even my bosses’ asses shrinking down by workin’ 24/7. And yet everything reversed itself, her father being bailed out, being a free man and a happy ending for the family. I didn’t care back then but right now, it’s truly suspicious.


How can I pick myself from this. I knew I don’t. Not at least when I’m young and still sane to even remember. I knew of something. A runaway bride goin’ U-turn, an old case, a man caught in between.


I decided to empty another pack, never before I thought of something like this being lost in time. I picked up my phone and dialed someone I knew.

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