Hero: The Rose Effect

Hero: The Rose Effect

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


my first and only adult theme... wrote this long time ago for a dear friend of mine hope you enjoy it,


my first and only adult theme...
wrote this long time ago for a dear friend of mine

hope you enjoy it,


Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011




Diving into the lake and just swimming around under the silver light of the moon, he float back to the surface and just watching this amazing girl he had met on the first day he came here with his family for some "family trip"


To him, this mark the first time of seeing a girl in a bikini top and wow how he cannot stop admiring her wonderful oh so ripe like never been touched breasts...oh God how he wanted to lay his mouth all over it and just taste it...


She smile at him and just standing there slowly walking in since the water feel little cold at first, but she doesn't care cause it been too long since she been in the water and this also mark her first time being in the lake with a guy as well


"Comon the water is fine,” he said as he floats idling just watching her breasts once again. She suddenly see where his eyes was looking at and she playfully cover it up with her arm and just duck down where the water met to her shoulder


"Aww I was just admiring the beautiful sight that all" he smile and swim away from her even know he know that she is not a good swimmer, he wanted to lure her away from the shore away from the depth just to laid a trap for her.... like Shark to the prey


"Why didn't I take the swim class" she said it to herself and swim out toward her as quickly as possible and when she get to him, she laid her hands on his shoulder to relax since she used up all of her energy to get here


They both smile at each other and he place his hand on her waist and slowly bring her body on top of him and simply guide her. As she smile shyly


He feel her body trembling...not knowing if it from the water or from within. "Are you alright?" he ask looking into her eyes and just tracing her face with his fingers "yes just little cold" she smile and close her eyes as she feel his warmth from the body and from his fingers


She turn around so her back is lay on his body and rest her head on him as well and just look up into the black sky with bunch of white dots spreading out everywhere.


He places his hands on her stomach and just slowly rubbing her skin


Oh he wanted to take her so badly even thought he know very well and clear that she has a boyfriend who gone out of town... but none of that matter to him at all


He just wants to be with this girl, just want to love her as he love the girl before her


The girl feels scare and worry and wanted to stop this but couldn't cause she has never been treated like this before. Not even from her boyfriend as well. Granted he is a better kisser than him and has far more better charm than him but what he lack is romantic style, not that she is complain about that cause she do love him to death cause he is such a perfect boyfriend for her, but this guy she is with now is far than anything she expect to be like this. And she wanted to go beyond her limit but oh she cry out for what she has done but deep down she wanted to know what it is like


They both just swim around without saying anything and few minutes they were at the shore covering themselves with towels and just walking into the boy's room


He returns to his bedroom and put on a shirt and was stop by the girl with both hands behind her back


"Can you do something for me" she ask with her eyes on him and her lip being bitten

"Sure what can I do for you?" he said just standing there


She took a deep breath, making a full well decision on what she was about to make and she looks at her hand as she reveal it to him and look at his eyes once again


"I want you to do it to me just as you did to her before" she said as she close her eyes

Knowing that there no way out

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he said with caution


"Yes" she said shakily and hand it to him and move to his bed and drop the towel and her swim short as well.... revealing her sexy bikini bottom


He look at her with wide eyes cannot, believing what he is seeing and look down at the item in his hand....


A rose




He lay on her back, shifting her body along the bed

He stood before her just looking at her,

All wets and in her bikinis


"Can’t this get any better? Of course it did" he thought


He slowly walk to her and just kneel beside the bed and

Slowly place the tip of the rose on her ankle and slowly guide it across

Her leg to her knee and guide it all over the place


She somehow keeps her body all tense and tightens not knowing what to expect out

Of this but a little by little she start to relax and just release her body slowly as

She falls to this unfamiliar feeling that slowly luring her to kingdom of pleasure.


The whole thing get by more weird as the song start playing "If you're not the one."

Is playing on the radio and the boy just give a eye rolling expression as he guide the

Rose across her knee and on her thigh and just play along with her thighs and

Just explore the place but didn't rush to the land of innocent for he don't want to end it quickly.


She let out a faint moan that he didn't hear it and just shifts her back once again


The rose starts it another journey to her face where the petals trace along the features

Of her eyes to her cheeks to her nose to her lips and lightly tease both of her lusty red lips

And for the first time...


She let out an innocently moan as she open her lips as though she want to kiss it so badly

He slowly guide the rose down to her chin to her throat and to the upper chest where

The skin of her breast is exposed since she is in her bikini top


The tip of the rose went to the narrow and just brushing along the breast as though it can't get enough of the feel of the skin. Somehow the rose seem to have a mind of it own and just slowly make it way

Deeper into the narrow and since there a strap that holds the bikini in place to cover her breast and hold it in place, its action seem.... impure thought the rose are the purest form of flower known to the world


And by some strange fate...her top came loose...


The girl knew that she is now exposed to him and want to get up and covered herself up but she couldn't for she just shifted her upper body and just moan as she can't get used to the rose' touches.

She bites on her lower lip as she feels the rose slowly climbing up on one of her breast and introduces itself to her nipple and somewhat dance with it


He look down at her hands and can see she gripping the cover so tightly and look back at her face as she express uncontrollable emotion to the dance


He does the same thing on her another breast as well and smiles

As he can see her chest rising up and down as she try to control her breathing

The rose place the opening of the top right on top of her nipple and slowly rotates around it

And the girl moan slightly loud than before as she opens her eyes a little

To watch the dance and bit her lower lips as she enjoy this wonderful feeling


The rotating raised slowly moves from the nipple to the circle around it

And just goes around from small to big till it reach to the narrow and

Keep tis way down to the stomach


She moan once again letting out a deep type of moan...

He smiles and just knew that he is only a moment away

From reaching to a place which she will soon to break down.


It just a matter of when




The rose gently brush down her stomach, jump over the bikini and

Made contact with the spot of her innocently.


She bit her lower lip and somehow able to cross her legs cause deep down

She know is very faithful to her lover, who happen to be looking for her right now

In his jeep just cruising up and down the roads looking for her.


He whisper in her ears "tis ok.... just relax" he watch as the rose gently move in small circle above her area of innocent since her legs was crossed. “I’m not touching you.... the rose is" he whisper softly as she arch her back and let out an unbearable curse and slowly spread her legs as open as it will ever be


"It ok...just relax" he said just calming her down even though inside of her is burning up and just wanted to release but couldn't. The rose, again make tis way down to her spot and just gently rubbing it in small circle


She let out a moan that finally reached into his ear and he smile as he knew he has already broke down the wall. He look at her once again as she open her eyes and give him a "I cannot believe this" and he slowly lean toward her and slightly kiss her soft lips and nibble on it as the rose keep on rubbing her


In her mind, she was screaming at her "NO! Don’t give in.do not fucking give in please!" but her body was overwhelm as she felt his entire body slowly laying on top of her and she somewhat...wrap her legs around him and her arms around him and she kisses him deeply with never before passion that driven him to kiss her far more deeply with passion as well


They both kept on kissing long and sweet as she roll herself on top of him and start kissing his neck to his chest to his stomach and look at his eyes as though she trying to see the real reason why he doing this as she untie his short and pull it down and start licking the tip of his penis and soon put her mouth over it and just move back and forward as he moan as he feel the most wonderful feeling and just place his hand on her head so that she wouldn't stop till he said so....


Afterward. He pull her up and get her to stand while he move in on her breast and just licking and kissing and sucking every inch of her amazing breasts and make his way down to her bikini where he pull it down and toss it away and just kiss every inch of her skin that lead to underneath and between her legs and insert his lounge into her fold


She let out an uncontrollable moan bits of scream of pleasure as she place both hands on his head and just press his head hard against her pelvic as she bit her lips and just couldn't stop her body from shaking cause of the wonderful rush of feeling inside of her


He rose up to her and they both couldn't stop kissing each other and she pull him close to her body and grab him and spread her leg open and guide it into her and just pull herself on him and they just couldn't stop loving each other for the passion they have are so far the most erotic moment ever for them to stop right now


He lay her on the bed and just gently move in and out of her body as she moan and scream in such pleasure as she hold him tightly and just enjoy the feeling of him inside of her, throbbing and such

Their slow sensual sex changed from the sweet thrusting into a lust-filled passion as they arched to each other's bodies harder and faster, her lips grazed his ear as she panted into it begging him for more

The sex between them has become more heated by the minutes as they switch position and just kept on going as long as they can till they both were exhausted


After the sex, she lay her head on his chest and just trace her finger on his chest as well just smiling yet frown cause she cannot believe what she has done


He lay back just looking at the moon which is slowly setting down by the horizon and wonder what would happen if his other lover find out that he been cheating on her


Outside on the driveway.... a jeep pull up with a girl and a guy getting out and making their way to the door

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