Young Justeen

Young Justeen Young Justeen

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Young Justeen is a hot-tailed teen that goes after what she wants. She gets what she wants from young stud Dwayne who is more willing then she knows


Young Justeen is a hot-tailed teen that goes after what she wants. She gets what she wants from young stud Dwayne who is more willing then she knows


Submitted: October 10, 2016

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Submitted: October 10, 2016



She was tall and slender, and the golden length of her hair fell down to the petite shape of her waist-line. Her eyes were a deeply enchanting hazel  and they could penetrate in one look the souls of a thousand men.

But she was just that slight bit out of proportion. The kind of girl that catches your eye by the attraction of a part of her body rather than her overall appearance. Not to say that she didn't turn the heads of many eligible bachelors, but she wouldn't attract the cameras of magazines. She had potential, but alas her completeness was not there.

Dwayne was an impressionable chap. Although he tended to take first impressions very seriously, he sometimes gave himself room for second thoughts if a relationship did not hold for him the high expectations that he maintained.

But he wasn't one to toy with emotions. If he knew that he could damage a girl with a brief romance then he knew that he should not take the chance. This happened on not altogether

rare occasions but invariably involved girls of an age much less than his own.

Being 19 he knew that younger girls tended to take a broken heart a little more serious than those of a more mature age.

Justeen was her name. She was the picture of his very dreams. The tall, blonde intelligent look of a girl that knew what she wanted and wasn't prepared to muck around. Although not altogether forward, she knew how to make a first approach.

The music had not as yet built to the expected heights of volume and intensity that would accompany the latter hours of the nightclub, and conversation was a welcome relief from

approaching boredom.

“I suppose you come here often?”

He was startled out of the thought of him coming crashing out of a sharp turn on his jet ski earlier in the day to see the smile on her face. Having stood behind this female in the queue to get in, he had not expected his 'mate to mate' conversation to have impressed her at all. In fact, he had expected the opposite sentiment.

But the sight wasn't exactly painful, and he was actually delighted to have been approached. Perhaps the approach was a little too obvious, but being male the selection was not

necessarily his to make.

“No, not too often actually, but when I get a chance......”

She blushed a smile, pretending to concentrate on the stirring of her drink.”It's just that I haven't made the trip into town lately since all the new nightclubs sprung up after the earthquake.”

“No,” being quick to continue the conversation, “nor have I. But it's great to see, isn't it.”

Again the imitation stir, “Yeah, I agree. It's just that I've been away from the city in the meantime and don't really remember where everything is. I mean, I haven't even been into the city for 3 years....”

He recognized the bait. His first impulse was of course the following question, but he gave himself some time to think by lifting the beer and taking a hearty mouthful. By the time he

swallowed, the casual sentence emerged as the victor of the war to gain priority in his thoughts

“I'd be happy to show you around if you like.”

Instantly the smile. She fancied this guy. He had seemed to purposely ignore her most of the night, so that she could take a long a decisive glance at the muscular formation of his lower torso and his back. It was enough to have impressed her and carry her this far across the room.

She turned to face back across the room to see her friends, and gave them a confirming wink.

“Just let me finish my beer first.”

Typical Aussie, she almost mumbled aloud. She knew what she really wanted, and undoubtedly so did he, but a beer is a beer and a bloke is a bloke. She smiled and nodded, lifting

her own glass and tilting it towards his.

Of course, he was first to finish, but soon she was stirring ice and making gurgling noises with the last drop of fluid up the straw, and she looked up happily, gently placing the glass on the counter.

They both stood, casually dropping hands together, and turned to make for the door. Of course, the club admission had branded their wrists upon entry, so the slight tinge of guilt he felt at wasting money was relieved by the fact that he could return later at will. Little did he suspect that these feelings were not mutual - plans had been made and juices were already starting to flow.

The click of her heeled shoes down the footpath attracted his attention.”I see by those shoes that you either didn't plan to walk too far tonight or were prepared to wear out the soles of your stockings.”

He stifled a glance down to her feet and took in the length of her figure. The dark mini dress was stretching between her legs with each step, her dark tanned and almost perfectly

smooth legs almost glistening in the fresh night. He took the time to measure her apparently firm little bum and saw the curved lines blend to a thin waist and a perfectly taught stomach. The need for a belt to keep her stomach in line was obviously not considered appropriate.

She had the dark skin of a girl that attended the beach regularly, and also the supple smoothness that proved she wasn't a complete beach bum - she took care of her skin and it showed. He eyed carefully the low cut line of the top of her dress and noted no tan marks across her cleavage. Her breasts seemed squashed in their garment and therefore bulged a little out of the top edge. But the bulge of skin was small and tapered away quickly, giving credit to the firmness of each breast and the shape they were determined to maintain. Her neck was slender and looked delicate, with no sign of veins that belied age or stress. She looked the same age as he, and by the time he found rest at looking her in the face, he found her staring at him. The long transition from shoe to face had been made totally unaware of her looking back.

Each of the parts of her figure seemed to slot into place perfectly, but there was something amiss - something about her shape. It wasn't quite perfect - at least not on 'supermodel' status - although she proved quite a feast for the eyes. Her face, too, although quite beautiful, missed a little in places and just seemed to be a little below the 'perfect beauty' threshold.

He was more than aroused by her appearance, and he continued to stare at her.

“Well, one way or the other, I don't plan to waste my night.” She smiled back mischievously, looking him in the eye. Even though her tall slender figure measured quite a height, the length of his own well trained figure out  stretched hers by some five centimetres.

She withdrew her right hand from his, and wrapped her arm around his waist, reaching out with her left hand to encircle him.

“My goodness,” he gasped at the satisfaction it gave him, “I didn't expect that.”

“No, neither did I.”

He now a little confused but nonetheless happy, they both continued on into the next club.

With plenty of money, neither complained about the entry ticket price, but rather entered with lots of high expectations.

The tempo had built at this location, the music was turned up loud and people were already enjoying themselves on the dance floor. One couple in particular were dancing

separate from the rest, enjoying themselves in one corner. But their dancing was different, almost on the verge of erotic.

Dwayne was resting with his back against the wall as Justeen returned with the drinks. Despite his plea for wanting the first shout, she insisted on the grounds of first approach and

promptly trotted off to the bar.

She placed both drinks on one of the hundreds of drink supports scattered around the room in front of him, and turned to back towards him, resting gently back. His arms naturally

surrounded her, gripping together just below her belly. The heat was already emanating from her, and she rested for a moment enjoying the intimacy. But a drink was a drink, and she knew the side effects of having placed them on the table. She carefully unlocked the embrace, and bent forward at the hips, pushing her rounded figure into what was now quickly becoming the focus of her attention. She took one sip of her own drink, feeling the slow throbbing of pumping blood behind her mini skirt, and then reached out further to grab his beer. The last reach forward had forced her to increase the pressure behind her, and he let out a small whimper.

Despite the pleasure such pressure can bring for a male, too much can bring discomfort. He knew his arousal was unavoidable, what with such an inviting picture of almost perfect beauty stretching out in front of him, but the last stretch forward had the words 'painful crush' rather than 'gentle pressure' attached to it.

She passed the beer over her should and he gladly took it with his right hand. At first, though, with his attention so distracted, he placed the beer on the table directly to his right and waited for her to settle into position.

As she leaned back he gently moved his left hand into position on her smooth lower belly and moved her ever so slightly. His length fell into the cleavage of her rear and she was now centralized in front of him. With his gonads in comfort once again, he reached for his beer and took the first mouthful, replacing it on the table once his upper lip had been sufficiently covered in froth.

The two on the dance floor again caught his attention. They were gyrating wildly in the corner, one backing towards the wall, and the other backing in unison at a rough maximum separation of no more than 2 millimeters. The male in behind, the female in front, it was almost as if they were having sex on the floor. His concentration absorbed, he didn't realize that his hand fell into place over her quickly moistening heat source.

His eyes firmly locked on the two out on the floor, he reached out for his beer and took another 2 mouths full, again replacing it carefully with only a momentary glance to locate the


She began to breathe a little heavier. At first the gentle brush of his hand so close to her pussy had excited her and given her a shrill, but when his hand moved into position right over her she took a breath and held it. He didn't seem to know that he was pleasing her, but then he moved to tickle her clitoris ever so enchantingly. The slurp of beer over her shoulder seemed to belie his extreme non-chalant attitude to displays of sex. This, too, excited her to no end. She had not exactly expected such an obvious foreplay, but the thrill of being in the open turned her on. So far about three people had noticed the position of his hand and she almost enjoyed the display they were giving.

But all this time he failed to notice her increase in breathing. Not really anything resembling a pant, the thrusts of her chest were becoming slower and elongated, and she closed

her eyes once or twice to savour the feeling.

The two dancing on the floor moved in behind the corner, and when they emerged they were separated, the guy smiling and sliding both his hands down the side of his companion. It

was only obvious now that they had actually been making love together a few seconds before, and Dwayne was startled at how obvious the display had been.

Justeen had failed to notice, being lost in her own world of increasing excitement. She knew know that she would have to take things into her own hands to go any further, but she was

willing to wait. She lifted her left hand and placed it gently on his neck, brushing it ever so lightly against his skin, passing it across his mouth.

He was enjoying the hand, ever so delicate. It was so smooth and slender. He kissed it briefly as it passed his lips, and trailed down his shoulder. She lightly risked brushing her

hand down his opposite arm, over her head, and down her side until  she came across his hands.

Immediately he knew where his hand was placed and was starting to withdraw it when she held it in place. He noticed for the first time her heat and her breathing, and looked down over her shoulder to see her firm chest moving in and out. Her head was tilted back slightly and her eyes were closed, and he gained a considerable amount of satisfaction  knowing that she was 'getting off' so easily.

He moved one finger in towards her slightly, touching the small hard skin of her clitoris, now  sticking out in her excitement. It was incredible just how easily she had become

aroused - and he hadn't even meant to touch her!

Being almost the same height, when she turned and placed her hands firmly on his neck, with elbows out to each side, their lips were almost perfectly in position for the first kiss. The initial second of dry lips together faded away quickly as they licked tongue upon tongue and began the first probe of each other's internals. He lightly rippled his fingers  up and down her sides, sending shrills down her spin. Her arousal was building rapidly and the tickle under her armpits had almost sent her over the edge. Climax had come so close so quick she almost could not believe that she was not dreaming.

She pulled back after two or three minutes and looked mischievously in his eyes. She carefully took him out of the mid-light into the darkness. They could still be seen, of course, but in the darkness their visibility to the rest of the crowd was made more difficult by the spotlight that shone back out into the crowd from above their heads.

She lowered her right hand down the side of his arm, running back up his ribs. She lowered her left to meet her right at his chest, and rubbed it firmly but gently. Slowly making circles with her hands, she then lifted one of her hands and gently drew one finger along his chin.

Once he closed his eyes, which was her main aim, she made the move.

She pulled her pelvis away from his just enough to allow her right hand to pass between the two, and she slowly slid his zipper down. His eyes opened with a start and he looked around to see if anyone was looking, but being under the glare there weren't too many eyes that would try to brave the light.

The open zipper gave way to hard cotton, and she ran a finger up and down the length. He smiled again and then once more closed his eyes. Although he would like to be in control it

was a magnificent feeling to be jumped by this woman.

She then squashed her centre finger up under the top of the zip and pulled down the cotton, exposing raw skin. Now requiring two hands to be careful, she curled one finger around

the back of his dick and pulled, while ensuring that none of the skin caught on the hard edge of the zipper.

Finally, the not-too-small but not-too-large throbber was squeezed between the two of them, and she moved her hands up again to his neck, pointing out her elbows, and kissed him

feverishly for another few minutes.

His erection grew at the thought of her suddenly leaving and exposing him to the view of everyone else, and he almost began to panic as the intensity of her kissing grew.

Then her left hand moved away and back down to his exposed dick and trickled past it, just barely tickling the furry balls hanging below. She then pushed her finger down just to the edge of the front of her skirt and pulled it up over the top of his length.

From there he had expected a struggle with underpants but immediately he found warmth and comfort. He had not really believed the stories of girls going to nightlclubs in miniskrts with no undies, but obviously by this display it was true. He almost cursed himself that he hadn't taken the time to try and look on other women before, to try and see if anything gave

away this secret. Besides the obvious perversion, he guessed it didn't really matter anyways. But it really made him wonder how many of the girls in the room had undies and how many didn't.

She began to stand on her toes, and her mound seemed to slide slowly up his length. But that was not enough - she was caught about two thirds of the way up and was at the limit of her toes. He would have to do the rest.

She wrapped both arms around his neck and held him as tight as she could, whispering in his ear.”You know what I want. Please, lower yourself to my sweetness. The tender moment is

so close.”

He slowly bent his knees, enduring the encasing feel of her outer lips as they aligned with the top of his circumcision. He felt the warmth and smoothness emanating from her, and

she tugged gently at him, wanting him to stand again.

The penetration at first was barely perceptible. The outer lips were already parted and the final chasm was about to be entered. But he felt a restriction - something seemed to hold him


He pushed a little harder, standing a little straighter, and felt the first sign of give.

She closed her eyes, holding him tight. The first entry was always the one to savour, and she was not ready to lower herself onto him. He rose slightly, creating pressure. She had

not known that his was so thick. The length had not been that great upon extraction from his jeans, but now she realized that his length was not of major concern.

She felt the pleasure of the stretch as he pushed a little harder. The head of his cock had only just begun to enter - there were thicker parts still to come. She moaned ever so slightly at the wonderful feel, even now rising to what would be an early climax. Her inner lips were feeling like they would stretch to their limit today, and she began to wonder if she could endure

the slight tinge of pain.

He was contemplating an all and out ram when finally his maximum diameter came to the point of entry. At least, he knew, he could fit from here. He had never before known a girl to

be so tight, and his sudden climactic urge was only quenched by the thought of the fat girl that sat on a seat across the other side of the room.

Now at least half penetrated, he was standing flat and wanted ever so dearly to stand on his toes, but already he could feel her lowering onto him.

It was now obvious that their height difference had been concentrated in their legs. Without coming down to rest on her heels, she was already at his base, and the coldness of his

zipper excited her suddenly.

Together they sat for minutes, enjoying each others warmth, trying to crawl their way back down from the almost instantaneous climax that both of them had. She stood on her

toes again and dropped on him suddenly, crushing her outer lips on the zip teeth. The pain led instantly to pleasure and she exhaled suddenly.

“Ohhhh, that was incredible.” she uttered, and then as an afterthought, she opened her eyes.”Can you, um, stand on your toes? “

He looked at her with a smile, but seriously doubted that he could support the weight. He  looked at the longing in her eyes and moved his hands to her waste. He clasped her thin

figure and lifted slightly, the feeling of her pussy clasping around him forcing him to close his eyes in pleasure.

“Oh, you aren't that heavy after all.”

She smiled.”I am kicking off my heels now, I hope you don't mind.”

Before he could let her down her heels were off to the floor, and as he lowered her he began to realize that if he didn't bend his knees she would impale herself.  To make matters

worse, she bent her legs at the knee - now he was left with no way to support her but his hands and his cock.

But her absolute feather lightness led him to believe that perhaps he could support her at only one point, and he began to experiment.

He lifted her again with his hands, her muscles closing in around him, and stood up straight, almost high on his toes. Then he let her down quickly to judge the pain that he would

have to endure.

Surprisingly, the pain was not to be. He actually enjoyed the sensation. He lifted her again, once more the muscles closing, this time with more strength.

She knew he was testing out his ability. He had not as yet let go of her waist, but she was just waiting for him to build the confidence. In this lift she tightened herself around him as

hard as she could, flexing muscles that she had tried to build since the beginning of puberty.

He let her down quickly again, but this time released pressure on her waist. She was supported solely by the strength of his member, and this she admired greatly. Not a single man had endured up to this point. His was obviously a tower of strength.

Again he lifted her and watched her face as her eyes opened. She strained to grip him with her vagina has he lifted her up and right to the tip of  his dick. She still had her legs bent

back at the knees, and he gave her a comforting smile.

Without warning, he let her go, and she dropped on him. The impact at first caused him pain but it quickly built to pleasure as she giggled with delightful  ecstacy. He moved his hands to her side again, and started to enjoy the moment. The music was filling  his head, there was heaps of other people in the room - any of which could be watching him through the smoky haze - and a beautiful girl was impaled on him.

He began to swing his hips with the rhythm, swinging her with him. The temptation to get onto the dance floor was almost irresistible. But whilst they were covered by the brilliant

spot light, he felt no desire to become too much of a display. He turned to his right on a suspicion, and caught the glances of two girls as they quickly looked away. Whether or not it was of shame for observing, or disgust on the part of his partner or jealousy on his part he could not guess.

And frankly he couldn't give a damn.

He swung a little more wildly and then jumped up and down a few times. Then, on the spur of the moment, he twirled a full circle. The pain of it was enough to stop him from falling

over the edge and pump into her, but his partner was experiencing nothing but bliss.

She hugged him hard, having just come to the edge of an orgasm, and then put her hands in his. She lifted them up into the air until they supported themselves, and then lifted

herself on his hands, scrunching her face in trying to hold her muscles as tight as possible around him.

She lifted herslef all the way up and he fell out of her. She was hanging too close to him and he almost penetrated her ass. That would not have been altogether bad, but she had never tried that sort of thing before and the thought of it actually scared her. She lowered her legs and pushed against him in order to find him again. The head touched again on her inner lips, and the pressure began to build. She lifted her legs from the knees again and, knowing that sudden pressure around him and a fall to the very base of his cock would follow, she let herself go.

She squeezed onto him as tightly as before and dropped down bloody hard, letting out a small yelp as she began to come. She tightened around him, let her hands fall back over her head, and  jerked a spasm or two as she excreted a ridiculous amount of fluid.

He felt the incredible heat as the wave of her juices surge passed him and in that moment he too was forced onto a higher level. In the noise of her and the crowd, he looked to the

right to see a guy looking straight at him. All he heard was “Are ... finished...”

He looked to the right of that guy again to see the girls smiling at him and licking their lips, almost laughing. At that moment he came, and the look on his face as he tried to conceal the fact showed both pain and discomfort. In the midst of the burst he managed a rather uneven “Pardon me?”

The guy stepped closer, eyeing the female with legs off the ground  supported by nothing that immediately registered to the eye. His initial moment of confusion led to a slight

embarrassment, but he persisted.

“I said have you finished with these glasses?”

Five glasses were position on a bench - none of which were theirs.  Their own glasses had been left  a small way back up the wall.

“Yeah, sure, take them.”

The guy quickly stacked, looking at the junction of the two out of the corner of his eye. He could just see the base of balls and the wetness of her spread lips as he bent down with

the stack of glasses in his arm to pick up a glass that had fallen on the floor. His own member suddenly grew hard at the thought of screwing this beautiful woman as Justeen turned to face him. He blushed, knowing he was caught, and turned and hurried away. Several guys in behind the bar would soon know what was going on and god knows what would happen then. Perhaps

even a spotlight might be turned on them just to embarrass them. He began to panic, his heartbeat rushing wildly, as he pumped the last of his cum into her.

She was coming down from her incredible orgasm and only just realized that the glass collector had spoken. She noticed the girls too and quickly wrapped her arms around Jim's

neck. She kissed him feverishly, almost a thank you for the level she had just attained, and stayed in place as the strength died out of her support.

Her legs wrapped around his and she hung to him, kissing and hanging and rubbing almost violently now. As he shrunk inside her, little did he know that his movements were

building another crescendo inside her. She squeezed harder and harder to get him to strengthen, but to no avail. The tightness of her clenches popped him out, and in that last movement she shuddered to a brief but explosive orgasm. In his ear, she whispered as she proceeded

“Myyyygggoooooooddddd,  I'm coming again.”

The smell of the juices from her wafted up to him, almost perfume in their fragrance. She smelled so sweet he had the instantaneous urge to want to eat her out. But in such an obvious position, there wasn't much he could do but appear to support her by her buttocks, whilst reaching around and rubbing her slightly. He knew she was capable of yet another ascent to the incredible levels of ecstasy and rapture that they had just experienced, but he had been exhausted. Perhaps without the glass collector he could have managed quite a few more times,

but his spirit had left.

She lowered herself from him and, before separating, took the time to replace his member inside his jeans, lifting the cotton undergarment into place before lifting the zipper. Experience with pubic hair and zippers, she reminded herself, led to an unhappy ending.

His first action was to lick the five fingers of the hand that had entered her, and the taste was incredible. Like a musty flower the scent he smelled transformed into a taste that

transfixed him. The combination of both their juices had seemed to make a cocktail of pure perfection.

He gave her a taste and she smiled, her lips encircling his fingers emulating the erotic oral intercourse he so desperately wanted to undergo. The look in her eyes as her tongue flitted about his fingernail almost re-invigorated his spirit. But this was no place for a romance, they would have to find another time or place.

She released a stealthy sound from her lips, holding him closer and looking him in the eye.”Your place or mine.

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