Wanna See?

Wanna See? Wanna See?

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A couple who met online invite another female from their online group to watch their freaky sexcapades


A couple who met online invite another female from their online group to watch their freaky sexcapades


Submitted: May 18, 2017

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Submitted: May 18, 2017



Kyle and Janette met in an online group chat room approximately two years ago. After exchanging online flirts, they explored each other's profiles; they both liked what they saw. They talked online for a while, then they met up and started fucking. They lived in different states so they did not see each other regularly, but when they did, they pleased each other. The following is one of those encounters.

It had been a while since Janette last saw Kyle. Kyle told Janette that he would be in Virginia on business, so Janette decided to make the drive to see him. All she could think about was how well he fucked her when they got together.

The online group that they belonged to discussed everything from love and relationships to politics, current events, and sex. Often, as in many online conversations, people would say that they could do this, or do that sexually, and more often than not, they could not deliver in real life.

This was not so for Kyle and Janette. Kyle was attracted to Janette. She was thick with big black titties and phat ass. Her head game was on point too. Janette was attracted to Kyle's thick muscular frame and his thick dick and big balls. They had a special sexual chemistry together. No one from the group was aware of Kyle and Janette's sexual exploits. Most people just figured it was the regular shit talking that usually took place in the group.

While chatting online in the group, Janette would flirt with Kyle and Kyle would reply back with something about how well he could eat Janette's pussy. Other female members would respond saying things like “yeah right Kyle, you can’t handle my girl Janette, you are talking too much shit.”

One day Kyle decided to reply to their assertion that he wasn't up to the task by offering one of the women to come and watch him eat Janette's pussy and see if he was up to the task. Kyle posted that as somewhat of a joke, but in his conversations with Janette, they spoke of spicing up their already hot sexcapades by having another woman in the group watch them. After some careful solicitation of certain group members, Janette was able to find a female that she trusted was freaky enough to invite to watch her and Kyle have sex. Janette let Kyle know that she had found someone and that they would make the drive to Virginia to see him.

Janette was anxious to see if having another woman watch her and Kyle have sex would make their already unbelievable sex even more extraordinary. Kyle was excited about having another female in the room while he sexed Janette and he knew he would have to put on a performance worthy of him receiving an AVN award, and he was up to the challenge.

The female's name was Tamiah. Tamiah agreed to go to Virginia with Janette believing that Kyle would show the both of them if he could back up all of the shit talking that was going on in the group. On the drive to Virginia, Janette and Tamiah began talking about their sexual desires. Tamiah confided in Janette that Kyle was an attractive brother and she hoped that Janette would enjoy him. Janette decided to confide in Tamiah that this would not be her first tryst with Kyle. She told Tamiah that they had been fucking for a little while now, and she described how she was addicted to Kyle's thick dick.

Tamiah was surprised to find out they had fucked already. Tamiah asked Janette “If you fucked him already why am I here?”

Janette told Tamiah that she felt that she wanted to take her and Kyle's sex to another level and she felt that Tamiah was freaky enough to help them.

Feeling a bit betrayed, Tamiah got real quiet and started to tell Janette to turn around and take her home. But the more she thought about the sexual exploits that Janette described to her about Kyle, she realized how wet her pussy was and how turned on she was. Tamiah realized Janette was right, she was freaky enough to handle this. She realized she was looking forward to seeing Kyle and Tamiah fuck.

Janette and her friend finally made it to Kyle's hotel room. Janette's heart skipped a beat when she saw Kyle as she was turned on just by the mere sight of him and his muscular frame. Her mind went right back to the first time that she saw him in person over a year ago (that was a hot and steamy story too). Janette and Kyle hugged and Janette could feel the thickness of Kyle's dick during their embrace.

After exchanging introductions, pleasantries, and small talk, everyone showered and put on something comfortable. The trio poured themselves shots of Hennesey, and Janette took out the ounce of bud that she used to help persuade Tamiah with her decision to join her. After several shots of the Henny and sparking up the weed, everyone began to relax.

Not knowing exactly how this episode was going to go down, they decided to log in to see what was going in their online group. The usual posts and memes about current events flooded the timeline. Then finally, the posts and memes started to become sexual. Kyle could tell that Janette was getting anxious.

Kyle began to rub over Janette's panties and all over her phat ass. He ran his hand down the crack of Janette's ample ass, pulled her panties aside and rubbed gently over her wet pussy. Janette excused herself and went in the bathroom. She came right back out with just a t shirt on. Kyle's dick instantly got hard seeing Janette's wet hairy pussy and phat ass uncovered. Kyle could see Tamiah looking intently now at what was going on. Tamiah repositioned herself in her seat to get a better view.

Janette approached the couch that Kyle was sitting on, and knelt down in front of him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, he grabbed her face in his hands and they slobbed each other down. Tamiah began to slowly rub her pussy through her cotton capris. The passion of their kiss turned her on. She watched as Janette pulled Kyle's shorts off and she noticed he wasn't wearing any underwear. But Tamiah could now see what drove Janette crazy. While it was a fairly decent enough length, Kyle's dick was not impressively long. It wasn't 11-12 inches long, but more like 8 and a half inches. However, his dick was as thick as a can of Red Bull.

Tamiah watched as Janette opened her mouth wide and began to engulf Kyle's dick. Tamiah was amazed as Janette moaned deep as she took more and more of the fat dick into her mouth. Kyle's head was thrown back and his hand was on the back of Janette's head guiding her pace. Kyle picked his head up and opened his eyes and saw that Tamiah had removed her capris and panties now and was rubbing her exposed pussy. Janette let out another deep moan as Kyle's dick grew even harder in her mouth from his excitement of seeing Tamiah's shaved pussy.

Janette began to squeeze Kyle's big balls as she knew exactly how her lover likes his dick sucked. Janette is getting really turned on by the rigidness of Kyle's dick.

Kyle felt the nut brewing in his balls from the whole experience. He stopped Janette and told her to bend over. As Janette gets in doggystyle position, Kyle asks Tamiah if she’s ready to see him back up his online shit talking as he positions himself behind Janette. Tamiah, turned on, and masturbating, could only nod her head.

Kyle grabbed his dick and tried to enter Janette from behind. Janette screamed out as Kyle's fat dick head forced its way in her. Janette's pussy was wet but extremely tight as she had not had any dick in about 10 months since she last saw Kyle.

Kyle pulled his dick head out and spread Janette's phat ass cheeks. Kyle, eager to put on a show for Tamiah, put his tongue right on Janette's asshole, and started slowly licking. Kyle could hear Tamiah say, “Oh this is an ole nasty brotha.” Tamiah was really rubbing her pussy fast now.

Kyle licked Janette's ass and then put a finger, and then two into her pussy. Kyle licked and made slurping noises on Janette's asshole. Janette was moaning in ecstasy now. Kyle moved from licking Janette's ass to licking her pussy from behind. Janette begged him not to stop. Tamiah could see the wetness from Janette's pussy all over Kyle's tongue and face as he licked all in and around Janette's pussy. Kyle put a finger in Janette's ass and Janette began the first of several orgasms as she never had before.

Kyle knew Janette's pussy was ready now. He again positioned himself behind her and stuck his dick head in Janette. Janette came instantly. Kyle’s dick slid in much easier and he held her phat ass as he stroked slow. Kyle looked at Tamiah. This time her head was thrown back and she was fingering her pussy totally oblivious as to what was going on with him and Janette.

Kyle picked up the pace fucking Janette and began to pound her pussy with his fat dick. Kyle admired the view of Janette's big ass from behind and slapped her ass as she orgasmed again.

Kyle put Janette on the couch on her back. He held both of her legs up and pushed them back exposing her pussy. Kyle pushed his dick in an inch at a time. Once all the way in Kyle ground into Janette’s pussy slowly. Again he picked up the pace and began to fuck the shit out of Janette. Kyle pounded Janette’s pussy while she screamed out loud. Janette yelled out about how thick Kyle's dick was. About to lose her mind, Janette asked Kyle why he was fucking her like that. Kyle had fucked her before, but never like this.

Kyle could hear Tamiah screaming out loud, "Fuck!! I’m cumming. I’m cumming…"

Hearing that, Kyle almost came inside of Janette. But Kyle was not finished. Kyle pulled his dick out of Janette and laid down on the couch. He told Janette to come and ride his dick. Janette straddled him. Kyle told Janette “Let me see those pretty titties.”

Janette took her shirt off and Janette’s big beautiful black titties fell out. As Janette rode Kyle's dick, her titties swayed back and forth. The visual of Janette riding him was so sexy that Kyle told Janette that he was going to nut. Janette jumped off him and then began to suck Kyle's dick while playing with his balls. It felt really good to Kyle, and a minute later he shot hot thick nut in Janette's mouth. Janette hungrily swallowed it all with no problem. Janette squeezed Kyle's big balls until there was no nut left. Janette let Kyle's dick plop out of her mouth and they sat there to catch their breaths.

Kyle and Janette both looked at a passed out Tamiah on the other couch and laughed. Kyle told Janette, I guess she was the one that could not handle it.....

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