They Call Him Licher

They Call Him Licher

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


A young man is introduced to pussy via his natural oral skills


A young man is introduced to pussy via his natural oral skills


Submitted: June 16, 2016

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Submitted: June 16, 2016



At age 16, John was your typical nerd at school. He was very smart, quirky and had a goofy sense of humor. He was chubby, awkward and shy. The ladies didn't notice John because he was just “too nice!” However, John had a secret that no one knew.

John's secret was that he LOVED the female anatomy, specifically the kitty. Ever since watching porn at age 10, he was fascinated with how it looked, the way the pornstars licked it, sucked it, ate it and how it squirted. In fact, he loved it so much that he would only start masturbating to the porn scenes where cunnilingus was involved. He especially loved to watch lesbian porn in 69 position. He would have the most amazing sessions of self-loving from those scenes. He often would practice his tongue skills on pieces of fruit, such as peaches or pears. Little did John know that he would finally soon get his chance!

John had just finished his sophomore year in high school. His senior friend Malcolm was giving him a ride home. While in the car, Malcolm stated, “Hey J, ya wanna have some fun?”
“What kind of fun you talkin bout?” John retorted.
“You'll see... ”

Fifteen minutes later Malcolm pulled up in the parking lot next to a big green neon signed that said SUGAHWALLS. John had never been on this side of town before and was hesitant as he got out the car.

“Come on, just live a little,” Malcolm stated.

John, giving a big sigh, walked up the door with Malcolm. A big, dark skinned man came to the door. He asked for ID and eyed John up and down. Malcolm, seizing the opportunity when John was fumbling in his pocket and not paying attention, slipped $100 in the bouncer's hand and said he wanted his friend to enjoy himself.

“Alright, go in, but don't get in any trouble you hear?” the bouncer barked.

As they entered, the smell of weed and smoke hit John like a dumptruck. As he took in his surroundings, he finally realized where he was. Not knowing it, but Malcolm had fulfilled one of John's young fantasies, which was going to a gentleman's club! The club was one big round bar table with 2 stages in the middle. Several patrons sat at the bar while others stood on the wall. Most were dressed in business or semi-business attire, so John assumed they were there on their lunch breaks. On the walls were several doors and in the back of the club were stairs that led to an even darker area.

As John refocused his attention to the stage as he sat down, he was met with the most georgous woman he had ever seen! She was dark chocolate complexioned, wore a yellow string bikini set. Her skin glistened in the light with glitter and each move she mad on the pole was like an enchanted viper. Her eyes were soft yet commanding and you couldn't take your eyes of off her even if you tried. She reminded John of the pornstar, Nyomi Banks. When she looked at John, she smiled and crawled over his way.

“What's your name big boy?”
“Uhhh... it's John ma’am.”
She chuckled at John's answer. “My name is Cinnamon, sexy.” She smiled as she noticed John couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

Cinnamon was from a small town in Maryland. She always felt like the odd ball, the freak in her town and the minute she turned 18, she took the first Greyhound to New York in pursuit of being a singer. Three years later, she still was pursuing her dream, but had to start working at the club to make ends meet. She didn't mind it. She loved the attention the men gave her. Plus it was good money. Some of them were a little too touchy feely but Cinnamon knew how to put them in their place. She soon quickly rose to the top at the Club with her twerking skills and rarely did she need to go get extra money through lapdances. She reserved those times for special clients.

However, there was something about John that intrigued her. I bet this little negro is underaged too, she thought as she started toying with his chest. Yet there was something about the way he looked at her, something about how his eyes stared at her. It wasn't just pure lust. It was more to it then that. And those lips. My god his lips were amazing! Cinnamon decided to take John for a test drive.

“Come on big boy, you're coming with me!” she stated as she grabbed his shirt.

Unsure of what to do, John just followed Cinnamon like a sick little puppy. Malcolm could be seen cheesing from ear to ear in the background.

When they got to the back of the club, a different bouncer looked at Cinnamon and asked how long she wanted. She stated she wanted the Private room. He nodded, and opened the door to a separate place in the club. As they walked in, John was impressed at the plush couch, coffee table, lamp and the atmosphere. It was like a whole other club entirely. As the bouncer closed the door, he looked at John, shook his head and smiled.

“Have a seat big boy!”

Nervously, John sat down. He had seen different scenes in the movies of private lapdances. However, he didn't know what to do as he sat there. Sensing what John was thinking, Cinnamon spoke.

“Don't worry, you can touch me anywhere you want, as long as I say so. They turn the cameras off for me when I am in here.”

As Cinnamon stood up, she started swaying from side to side in front of John. She slowly removed her top to reveal two beautiful 38D cup breasts. She took John's hands and placed them on her breasts. Usually most clients she had would mash her breasts together and swing them from side to side in amazement. Then they would bury their heads in between her luscious globes. Cinnamon never minded as she knew it was money but they never turned her on.

Surprisingly though, John was different. He took his time with each breast, softly caressing it, squeezing it as if he was studying the female anatomy for an exam. Then he did the unthinkable. He started to slowly run circles around her areolas. He would run the circles closer, closer, closer, closer, closer to the nipple and each time it sent shivers down her spine. Cinnamon threw her head back in pleasure as John unknowingly hit one of her favorite spots.

He continued to run circles around her nipples and then started blowing cool air simultaneously. This started to send Cinnamon over the edge. She quickly took one of his hands off and pulled his head gently toward the nipple. John got the hint and placed his whole mouth over the nipple. This sent a giant bolt straight to Cinnamon's pussy and made her moan out loud.

“Damn big boy you know how to use your tongue!”

Smiling, John took hold her of whole breast and started running his tongue all over it. Cinnamon was starting to hyperventilate and once his tongue made contact with her nipple, she almost passed out! John continued alternating between both nipples until Cinnamon couldn't take it no more.

“Wheww...  big boy you bout to make me cum just from sucking my nipples!”

As Cinnamon got up, she removed her bikini bottom and stood up on the couch. Only inches away from his face stood the most beautiful pussy John had ever seen! The ones in porn were great but the real thing was even better! John was transfixed but the sight, the smell, and knew he had to taste her. But first, he was going to make her want it.

John grabbed Cinnamon's hips forcefully, which somewhat startled her and brought her to his face. She took in a deep breath waiting to feel his tongue on her vulva. Instead, John moved his lips to her pelvic area. Cinnamon's knees started to buckle as this was one of Cinnamon's other hot spots. She grabbed onto John's arms for support.

As John started licking, he started to move his lips in a way as if he was passionately kissing her inner thighs and pelvic area. He would trace his tongue over the spot he had just kissed and then kiss it again. Waves of pleasure surrounded Cinnamon as she started to get light-headed. She had never known such pleasure could exist. And he didn't even get to the main course yet!

As John's mouth moved on her thighs, he got closer to his prize, her sweet nectar visibly flowing from its honey pot.

“Oh my fucking god, what are you doing to me?” Cinnamon said between breaths.

Right before John hit her labia area he switched and went over to her other leg. Disappointed, Cinnamon let out a whining pout but soon replaced it with a moan as John did the same thing on this leg but now was French kissing it.

Cinnamon started to feel the familiar feelings she had when she would experience an orgasm but this time was different. As John got closer, the room continued to spin and Cinnamon was catching her breath at every second. She had the sudden urge to pee.

Then it happened. John placed his tongue right on her engorged clit and Cinnamon screamed as she went over the edge. Her vaginal walls opened and she squirted all over John's face. John did his best to catch every dripping juice coming from her. For the next minute, Cinnamon's body would not stop shaking. Finally, she collapsed in John's arms and placed her head on his shoulder as she was knocked out.

Worried, John wondered if he had injured Cinnamon. Slowly, after five minutes of just laying there, Cinnamon weakly lifted her head up and looked into John's eyes.

“Who the hell taught you how to do that?” She asked.
“No one except me and porn. That was my first time.”

Cinnamon could not believe that this was this boy's first time doing that. As she looked at him again and his lips, she slowly bent forward and placed a soft kiss on his lips. John kissed her back and soon they were in a passionate tongue of war. She broke off the kiss and said,

“What are you doing later?”

John was still in a state of shock and bliss all mixed in one. “Umm... I am not doing anything later,” he replied.
“Good, then wait for my phone call and meet me where I tell you.”

Cinnamon took his number down. As she got up, John noticed her labia was still dripping. He smiled as he thought to himself that he couldn't wait to taste her later.

Malcolm couldn't contain his excitement for his boy John when he saw him come out. He made arrangements for John that he would be at his spot for the night. This way John could have his fun with Cinnamon.

As John sat at the kitchen counter in Malcolm's house, he nervously checked his phone every two  minutes. It was already 8pm and he thought Cinnamon had second thoughts of their rendezvous. Seventeen minutes later, his phone buzzed and he picked up the phone.

“Hey big boy!”
“Hey Cinnamon!”
“I want to you to meet me at ...  Ditmas Street by 9pm. It's next to the Jewish Center off of Ocean Pkwy. You go it?” She asked.
“Yeah I got it!”
“Good... see you then baby,” and with that she hung up the phone.

As Malcolm drove John to Cinnamon's spot, he noticed John kept rubbing his hands together.

“Damn, Dude, calm down!”
“I can't help it! What if she don't like me?” John worriedly asked.
“Dude, if she ain’t liked you, then she wouldn't have given you her address.”
As they pulled up, Malcolm reached over and pulled out several condoms out of the glove compartment.

“Hey just in case you need them!” Malcolm stated as he drove off.

When John came to the apartment building door, he could faintly hear music playing. He knocked on the door and the door opened, but no one was standing there.

“Come in big boy,” Cinnamon's voice said.
“You know, my name is n...” John began to say but was immediately cut off with Cinnamon pressing her body against his and seductively diving her tongue into his mouth. John quickly recovered and placed both palms on her succulent ass. She moaned and pressed herself even more into him.

When she finally broke the kiss, she said, “I know your name is not big boy. It's John. And I want you to call me Janeeca.”

Before John could even reply she placed a finger on his lips and started to trace the outline.

“I have been thinking about these lips all damn day! Don't talk just eat!” she said.

With that, she pulled him to the couch and pushed him on the couch. As with the VIP lapdance, she straddled the couch. Only this time John did not want to tease her. Her pussy was inches from his face and was already glistening, waiting for his lips.

Janeeca grabbed his head and lowered herself on his tongue. John stuck his tongue straight out and entered her vaginal walls. John's tongue was nice and thick and long, and it honestly felt like a warm hot dick penetrating her.

“Ohhh fuck... shhhiiiitt!” Janeeca cried out as she felt John's tongue push all the way back. She had never felt a tongue penetrate her so deeply, so fully, so expertly. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as John's tongue began a nice steady rhythm in her pussy.

In and out... and out... and out...  

Janeeca began to squirt her love juice and John's tongue moved faster and faster. She was starting to reach the point of no return. She couldn't believe it! This boy had only been eating her pussy for three minutes and already she was about to cum.

“Oh shit...oh shit... oh shit...oh shit..damn baby what you doin to me?... .ooh shit... oooooohhhhhh shit... .damn you gonna make me...oooooooooh shit!... ... ooooooooooooooooohhhhh...”

Janeeca couldnt even finish what she was saying as she just screamed out loud and pushed her pussy even deeper into John's mouth. Her pussy gushed out pussy juice for several seconds and her legs would not stop shaking.

John knew this was his chance to take control as Janeeca was weak. He quickly threw her off his face, knelt in front of the couch and pulled her to him. Too weak to ward off, John pushed Janeeca's legs all the way back her chest, grabbed her arms and put them around her legs. He then looked at his feast before him.

“John give me a sec...OOOOOH SHIT!!”

Janeeca's statement was cut off with John's tongue bathing and devouring her pussy. He slid his tongue up and down her whole pussy like someone eating the most delicious ice cream cone. Janeeca was starting to hyperventilate as he continued his assault.

Up and down...  Up and down... up and down...  

John placed his tongue at her anal opening and Janeeca's eyes shot out wide open.

“Damn daddy that's my spot!”

John ran circles around her anal opening and sucked at it. Then he did something she had never felt before. While sucking on her anal opening, he managed to put her vaginal opening in his mouth as well. John was sucking both her anal and vaginal opening at the same time and running his tongue back and forth over the two.


Janeeca not only squirted an even bigger gush of her juice but her anal opening was spasming as well. John didn't waste any time and placed his whole mouth over her clit, which was pulsing out of its hood. He placed his whole tongue over the clit and licked up slowly.

When John's tongue hit Janeeca's clit, her body locked up again and she cried out in pleasure as her body orgasmed again!

“John... daddy... I ca... I can’t...”

She wasn't able to finish her sentence as John licked and sucked her clit. Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm after orgasm Janeeca experienced. She never knew her body could experience such pleasure. Her clit was so sensitive and was starting to hurt but she didn't want this feeling to stop.

Soon John slowed down his licking and starting kissing her clit. He was slowly french kissing her clit. It felt so good to feel his lips all over her clit. Janeeca could feel a big orgasm about to happen. As John continued to kiss faster, her breather was getting shorter and Janeeca started grabbing at the pillows.


Janeeca lifted her whole lower half of her body off the chair as her orgasm overtook her! Her body was finally spent and could take no more and she passed out on the couch.

John slowly pulled up from his crouching position and looked up. He started to shake Janeeca as he thought he killed her. She made a noise and shifted her head to the side. Then he started to hear her softly snore.

John blew a sigh of relief and smiled as he slowly got up. He quietly left Janeeca knocked out asleep on her couch.

It had been 3 days since John had heard from Janeeca. He hoped she was okay and figured she just used him as a one-night stand. While he sat at his bed, he got a text. It was from Janeeca.

“Come to the club if you can. I need to see you.”

John quickly called Malcolm and thirty minutes later they were on their way to the club. While John was telling Malcolm all about what happened, Malcolm kept shaking his head.

“Dude, you mean to tell me you just gave her head? You aint even hit that?” Malcolm asked.
“Man, it's not a big deal. It will happen. All I was concerned about was pleasing her,” John said.

When they got to the door, Malcolm produced another $100 bill but the bouncer stopped him.

“Keep your money bro, Cinnamon is expecting this one,” the bouncer stated as he pointed to John.

The minute John walked in he felt all the stripper's eyes were on him. They quickly sat down and immediately a short big booty light-skin stripper came up to John and wrapped her arms around him. She didn't even wait to ask him if he wanted a dance.

She started gyrating on him and turned to him and said “Damn she was right, them lips are nice and juicy. You wanna go to VIP sexy?”

John's mouth dropped and so did Malcolm. John quickly stated they had just got there and wanted to relax a bit.

When the dance was done, she whispered in his ear, “Save me some of that tongue okay, Mr. LICHER?”

For the next hour, John had at least five strippers approach him and ask for a VIP dance. They all gave him free lapdances and kept lingering at the bar staring at John. Most intriguingly though, they all called him Mr. LICHER.

“Looks like someone has a new nickname.”
John turned around and saw Cinnamon standing there, looking as delicious as before. Before he could say anything, she grabbed his hand, and took him to the VIP lounge. There she explained to John that she didn't call him because she was still recovering. She explained that when she was telling some of the girls about what he did, one of them laughed and stated his name should be Mr. LICHER.

As John listened to all this, he smiled and looked at Janeeca. “So are you going to let me live up to my name Cinnamon?”
“It's Janeeca to you... and yes, I want that tongue right now Mr. LICHER!”


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