Teikla Teikla

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



They find a mythical giant woman and bring her back to entertain the public. What could possibly go wrong?



They find a mythical giant woman and bring her back to entertain the public. What could possibly go wrong?


Submitted: March 23, 2016

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Submitted: March 23, 2016






It is the future. The effects of the war are nearly effaced. People recover, and go out to rediscover the world.

And the world is wide. With room for rumor and wild with wonder. Off the east coast of Africa, south of Madagascar, is an island, where rumor told of a giantess. And being in the wilds, where mere words must be tested to be trusted, an expedition set out to see if the stories were true. And more.




It looked like a set for King Kong, which Grant was only too happy to keep repeating. “What the hell do they need a goddam four hundred foot tall wall for?” he bitched.

The thing was amazing. Made up of the trunks of trees, that must have been born in the mists of time. Each post was composed of a single unbroken log, almost four hundred feet tall and averaging about fifty feet in diameter. Each post was set into monolithic blocks, the curb of a mighty foundation, and at its peak each post was carved into a needle sharp point. In and out of the colossal trunks wound equally awesome vines. It was a masterwork in wood, and one could only wonder at the fear that had caused it to be built.

The wall was set at the far end of a valley and used its great cliffs to complete its bulwork. The bustling village at the base of the looming monster was only a quarter mile in from the ocean.

There were two doors in the wall. Four hundred feet tall and a combined one hundred fifty feet wide. They moved on hinges that could have covered a small house. A monster of a log, two hundred feet long and seventy feet in diameter served as a bar across the giant door. By the quanity of life growing upon it, even to normal sized trees, it was obvious that the door had not been opened in ages.

Nor was it needed, for at its base was a gateway, fifteen feet high and thirty wide, set in the left door looking for all the world like an extremely wide mousehole.




Numerous questions to the natives always followed the same path, always ended with the same answers:  the wall was needed to keep the animals out. Yes, there was a giant woman on the island. No, the wall wasn't meant for her.

“Well then,” said Grant. “How do you keep her out?”

“We do not speak of it,” the chief said gravely.




The expedition was not associated with any one company, rather they were an independent marketing group that sought out promotional items for high impact commericals. They had an impressive world-wide reputation for delivering what they went out to get. In this instance a half a billion dollars were riding on their ability to track down and capture -- a rumor.

“So where is this giantess?” sneered Grant.

“She comes in her own time,” answered the chief.






A month passed.



Forays to the other side of the wall had discovered a world for giants. Trees seven hundred feet tall, grasses the height of two men. Some monstrous animals were seen. A hundred foot long snake caught one of the men and dragged him off. The forays into the jungle ceased. But not before they saw the tower. It looked almost like a temple or alter: three separate layers of steps rose to a twenty foot wide platform about fifteen feet in the air, from that a fifteen foot diameter column rose about thirty feet into the sky. It was rounded and smooth, made of stone. At various spots in its surface dollaholes rather like upsidedown teardrops, big enough to hold a man's fist. Four such of the indentations ringed the top of the column. The evidence suggested that the natives visited it a few times a year, so it was proclaimed to be an alter, and promptly forgotten. Would that the passing weeks could have been so easily dismissed.







Two months gone now.


“When?” Grant demanded.

“Soon!” said the chief.


One day the ground shook. Men ran everywhere. Some from the expedition thought it was an earthquake. Grant raced with some of his men to the hole in the door. His heart racing with anticipation. Then the rumblingbstopped. The natives dollastill in a panic, a purposeful, deliberate panic. Confused he sought out the chief.

“What the hell happened?”

“Teikla is here.” said the chief.

“Where?  I don't see her?”

“She waits. She is not patient, but if do are lucky she will wait a little longer, while do prepare.”

“Prepare for what?”

But the chief would not answer him.

It didn't matter, a few minutes later he knew, and the thought of it made his blood run cold. There were about a thousand natives in the village. A large number for such a small community. Most of them appeared to be out now. A huge procession was moving towards the mousehole. In the midst of the group were three young men lead on heavy chains, they were screaming and shrieking and pulling like madmen. Another three young men were being led on a massive piece of rope which connected them together with harnesses made of vines. They looked drugged.

Grant followed the group to the alter. There they tied the rope of the quiet men to a huge ring. The other three were dragged up to the column. When they were done, one man was hanging by his wrists, face out from the column, his feet just off the ground. The second was about fifteen feet up, again dangling by his wrists. The third was arched on his back, resting on the rounded top, looking up at the sky, the indentations in the rock up there were holes through which vines had been used to secure his wrists and ankles.

The progression back to the wall was practically a riot, and Grant was caught off guard. He and some of his men started running back, but were only halfway there when the ground shook again.

Thump. The ground bounced. Thump. There was a noise of  breaking and crunching. THUMP. The sound was getting closer. THUMP!  Suddenly a shape appeared moving amongst the trees like they were tall bushes. Stepping out of the forest and into the open was a giantess beyond imagination.

“Teika's here.” said the chief softly.




Grant couldn't belive his eyes. She was colossal, huge. She was young, and stunning, a vibrant healthy woman. If she had been normal sized, he might have begged her for a date. But as it was he wanted to scream and hide, lest she see him. Her hair was long and black, just a little tangled from lack of combing. Her face das sensual and mischievious, her eyes black as obsideon, her lips full and pouting. She held her shoulders back, so her colossal breasts thrust out playfully from her chest. They were real monsters, those breasts, 46 or 48DD's on a normal sized woman, but on Teikla they were garantuan moonshaped globes, tan in color and smooth as silk, yet large and heavy enough to smash a house. Her areoles were large dark disks, rough in texture, fitting background for her pert nipples. Her body was lithly muscled, Grant could see them rippling under her skin, her belly was a great flat plain, her navel big enough for a man to lay down in. Her hips were wide, a magnificant frame for her lush pubic patch. Her long tapiered legs dollaspread, so Grant could see the brown lips of a vulva big enough to swallow a fucking bus, not to mention a man. Her thighs were tan bunches of muscles, her legs long and delicately curved. Her barefeet were planted carelessly upon the ground. Teikla never worried about what she was stepping one, except when she was crushing things for pleasure.

She eyed the alter with obvious satisfaction. Squatting down she began to diddle with herself, rubbing her cunt until her fingers started making slurping noises. Grant could hear the villagers chanting behind him, even over the screams of the sacrifice. He watched in horrified fascination as the giantess straddled the alter, positioned her hips over it. Targeted the piller with her crotch and sat down.

Her first downstroke was slow, luxerious. She engulfed the piller and the screaming men with terrifying ease, silence, but for her breathing fell, as she took them within her gorgeous body. Then she began to pump, easily at first, but with greater and greater intensity. Her massive breasts bounding and jiggling with increasing abandon. Only the lowest man on the piller could be seen or heard as she rose up on each stroke, his thrashings and howls diminishing in intensity as she cruelly pounded him. At some point, Grant was unsure when, the little man leaned forward, probably unconscious, and her giant cunt scraped him off the piller with contemptuous ease, and squashed him flat under the awful weight of her titanic vulva.

Now, as she fucked the massive piller, she mashed and ground him under her cunt, obviously enjoying the muddy gooey sensation of his body oozing under her clitoris. Grant couldn't help but wonder if anything remained of her tiny victims deep inside her powerful vagina, but greasy splotches.

Throwing her head back, Teikla began to scream with pleasure, her voice echoing all over the island. The villagers screamed with her. Grant wasn't sure if he wasn't screaming too. The ground boomed and shook under her as she spent herself in orgasm. She shook her head, combed back her hair, pumped lazily a few more times, then sighed gustily, and stood up. Reaching down she lifted the rope with the other three men attached, letting them slapped carelessly against her hip.

As she stood she looked forward and Grant suddenly found his eyes locked with hers. A terrible chill flickered up and down his spine, he stood paralyzed under her gigantic regard. He felt infinitely small and hopelessly naked. She held him easily, contemptuously under her spell. Then discounting him as just another bug sized man she turned and stepped back into the jungle, crushing whole trees like flowers with every step of her gigantic barefeet.




The man at the base of the piller had been reduced to a gelatinous pulp under Teikla's ungentle sexual play. Of the other two men, nothing remained, but some blood at the top of the piller, and a gory mess filling the handholds of the midpost position. The piller was coated and the area was flooded with her copius juices, so that the men's feet squelched in the grass as they moved about. And everywhere the scent of her titanic lust filled the air, permiated it, let no one forget that she had been here, or had fully pleasured in her sport.

Grant was shaken, but knew what he had to do.




“We are taking her.” said Grant.

The chief looked at him as though he were an idiot, “She will grind you under her foot.” he said.

“We'll see about that.”




The next day, the rumbling returned. The natives ran, made preparations, but Grant was ready. Ten men of the expedition guarded the mousehole. Permitted no one to leave. They had to kill a few of the natives before the message sank in. This time it was the chief who came running.

“Fool!  She will destroy everything!” Grant sneered, “We're ready for her.”





There was a querying noise. Then there was a rumble of dissatisfaction, the ground heaved and bucked as Teikla approached the great wall. There was a mighty groaning as she placed her hand against it and leaned, dirt and bushes fell from the dizzying height, and birds exploded noisily into the sky. One man keeping watch near the mousehole, suddenly turned and started running. Faster than anyone would have believed possible the hand of the giantess reached in, wrapped its long feminine fingers round his tiny body and withdrew. There was a moment's silence, then a hideous scream followed by loud deep girlish laughter. Her hand appeared in the hole again, swept about and withdrew. Then her face appeared, her mischievious eyes looking about for more toys to play with.

“Fire!” yelled Grant, and volley after volley of soporific gas exploded in the hole, filling it with a dense white cloud. The giantess shrieked with surprise, a mindnumbingly powerful yell, and pushed herself back. There was a moment of silence. Suddenly the great doors heaved as she slammed herself against them. Again and again she pounded them with fists and feet, huge clumps of dirt, whole trees rained down from their fragile perches. The ground rocked and shook as she loosed her ungentle strength. Then she began to apply pressure on the doors, the wall groaned from end to end, the huge vines twanged ominously and the doors slowly buldged inwards. The great bar across the door bent further and further until with a rending crack it snapped in two, sending out a hail of wood, it slipped from its guides and fell to the ground.

High up, almost three hundred feet, one then two sets of fingers insinuated themselves between the doors. Slowly they began to press outwards. The doors creaked and groaned with the strain, huge vines stretched and parted like rotten hemp. No one moved, everyone in the village watched, it was too enormous, too powerful for the mind to grasp. With a horrific crash the giant fingers broke the strength of the doors, ripped them back with contemptuous ease, then hurled them to the ground.

Teikla filled the ruined doorway, her body glistening with her exertions, her breathing only a little heavy, her massive breasts bobbing lightly. Her feet were wideaspread, her hands hung loosely at her sides. The wind gusted through the opening, lifting her long black hair and swirling it about her shoulders and breasts and hips. She surveyed her prize with a long lingering glance, then with a lusty grin of anticipation, stepped into the village.

A group of warriors broke forward and hurled spears into the air, they fell far short of her, but they caught her attention, and she raised her right foot and stomped on them. No gentle crushing of toys, her barefoot covered ten men, squashed them and sank deep into the ground, red gore squirted out from under her heel. Raising her left foot she slammed it down onto a single man who had fallen. Pumping her legs she made the island rock with her gory dance. She trampled a hut, and discovered that they were filled with tiny men, so she started stepping on those instead. And suddenly every hut emptied, and the ground was filled with tiny screaming men for her to play with.

All the while Grant had his men launch every gas mortar they could find. White puffs of smoke burst around her, she ignored them, continued her feast of trampling. But finally, after nearly two hundred bursts, the colossal girl began to look groggy. She took a few stumbling steps, then with a ponderous slowness began to crumple. Men shouted and tried to get out of the way. Many didn't. Huts were crushed, the ground shook. Dust billowed into the air. Silence settled over everything like a blanket.

Snoring softly, the three hundred foot tall girl filled the village with her body.





Without the g-shields, they never would have moved her. Floating on a hundred thousand two foot square silver pads, they carefully inched the giantess towards the ocean. Not without event. More than once Teikla stirred in her deep slumber, blowing several of the units with the strain. Once, her colossal arm flopped off and crushed two men like bugs, it took them a whole day to get it back on the suspensors.

They floated her right over the ocean, and into the cargo hold of the converted supertanker. It held her -- barely. They could not be sure of the lasting power of the soporifics, and the team's doctor was loath to use too much of the stuff.

“Would you rather have her awake or asleep, doctor?” ask Grant.

“Would you rather she was dead or alive?” the doctor snapped.

“What do you suggest?”

“I will stay with her. With close monitoring, we should be able to keep the dosage to a minimum, and still maintain her sleep state.”

After much arguing Grant gave in. The doctor and one other man went into the hold with the gigantic woman, and worked to keep her sedated.





The ship shook. Grant glanced at the blue sky, and knew that there was trouble. Deep within the hold there sounded a deep feminine voice, querying in a language that was unfamiliar to Grant. She didn't like not getting an answer, her voice sounded louder, angrier. A moment later the sounds of a man screaming in soul shattering fear echoed through the hold. Grant was running for the bridge at full speed, once arrived he slammed the controls for the soporifics to maximum. It was too late, though, the screams of the first man had faded and the screams of the second were rising. No one dared go to his rescue. And when she sensed the gas, the colossal women began slamming her body from side to side, rocking the ship violently.

Eventually her anger quelled, then ebbed into slumber.  Three men, outfitted in pressure suits entered the hold. They searched the chamber, and the body of the three hundred foot tall woman. But they could not find the bodies of the two men she had caught.




Grant took no more risks. He had the chamber flooded at regular intervals. He went with the men when they tended to her. He abandoned sleep. After a fortnight of travel at flank speed, they arrived in a small bay. There he transferred control of his beautiful and deadly cargo to his investors, received his payment, and left. The small jet flew for almost five hours before it reached civilization. Once landed, he registered at an airport hotel, and went straight to its bar.

When he awoke, he was in bed, in his room. He showered, and shaved, groomed himself, and ate. Then went and got drunk again.





He woke in a sweat, wondering who had called his name.





Roberts found him in a tavern.

“Damn it to hell, Grant, we've been looking for you for days.”

Grant sat back in his chair, stared the younger man up and down.

“You know my habits.” he said, “After the hunt, I take off for a while.”

“Yeah, a few days or a week, fine, but it’s been two goddamn weeks.”

“So what?”

“So what. That creature you brought back broke loose.”

Grant eyebrows twitched. He turned his head towards the wall, stared at the grain in its wood. Stared at the dirt. His mind was blank. Wiped clean for the next new thought.

“So what.” he whispered.

Roberts sat down at the table. He hunched over it, and spoke rapidly in a hushed voice. “Listen, you know what it took to bring down that bitch. Well, she seems to have developed an immunity to the stuff. But that wasn't the worst. Turns out her increased size reacts to her emotional state in some way that the meds are still trying to figure out. She damn near tripled her size inside of a week; one of the techs swore he could see her growing at times. Whatever the mechanism, it worked for her, she blew her bonds apart and took off. Wiped out a small regiment of a security force doing it too.”

Grant sighed, grabbed and drink and took a swallow, “So what do they want me to do?  I got her because of the sophorics. They don't work?  Too bad. I'm not going after her again.”

Roberts made a choppng motion with his hand, “That's just it. You don't have to. Your thousand foot tall whore took off in this direction.”

“So, she's eight hundred miles away. She had to take some direction.”

“No, she's twenty miles away. We followed her here to find you.”


“That was the second thing. She shouted a single word before she started out. People heard it for thirty miles.”

Grant's blood froze, and Roberts nodded.

“That's right, little man. Your girlfriend is looking for you.”





There wasn't time to leave the city. Teikla was due in just a few minutes, and Grant wanted to get up onto one of the rooftops.

“You're nuts,” puffed Roberts.

“Maybe.” Grant snarled, “But I gotta see her. How the hell is she tracking me?”

“No idea. But one of the meds asked me a question.”

“What's that?”

“He wanted to know if you had stared into her eyes.”

Grant stopped up short. “Yah, I did.”

Roberts shrugged. “The guy thinks she got a psychic hook into you. She'll be able to track you anywhere on earth.”

“Why can't I feel her?”

“Have you tried?”

Grant shook his head. He closed his eyes. He wasn't sure what to do, but the headboys always said to clear the mind, first. He cleared it. He heard something, felt something, a pair of enormous eyes appeared in his mind. They brushed over him, then pinned him down like a bug. Grant shouted, and opened his eyes.

“Bingo.” said Roberts.

Grant nodded his head weakly.





“She won't be able to pinpoint you.” said Roberts, “Not the way you can her. But she'll be able to get close. And once she spots you I don't see how the hell you're going to get away.”

Grant didn't answer. He was facing south, his hands resting on the parafet that edged the roof. He couldn't see clearly to the horizon, but she was there, he knew it.

“What are you going to do?” asked Roberts.

Grant glanced at him sidelong. “Do you know the story of Atlanta and the Golden Apples?”  Roberts shook his head. “She was the fastest runner of her day, and Melanion challenged her in hope of winning her. Failure meant death at her hands. But he had three golden apples of surpassing beauty, and tossed one to distract her, whenever she came too close. Classic brain verses brawn. I'm going to run.” he said. “And if I were you, I'd get off this building.”

Roberts stared at him a moment, started to say something, then turned and walked back to the roof door. He only got halfway when he heard the noises. He turned.




She had run the last few miles. Sensing the nearness of her prey, she had made impressive time. The trail of destruction in her wake made clear her unwavering path. A continuous line of smoking rubble and deep craters marked her chosen course. Already she was pushing into the first ranks of buildings, and kicking then aside or pushing them over. From the streets far below sounded screams and horns, cars swerved and crashed. People gathered into terrified mobs. They were of no concern to Teikla, she crushed them with a fine impunity, her goal was before her.

Grant marveled at her size and power. She drove relentlessly through the city, her eyes questing, searching. She looked up. Grant trembled. Teikla's eyes nailed him from half a mile away. She grinned, a wicked cruel grin, and started forward, more slowly, more deliberately, her hips swinging and her naked breasts bobbing. Grant felt a wave of cold wash through his body, and suddenly everything was clear. Every mote, every line, everything in and around him came into terrible focus. His mind measured the moment, his memory served up a map, tactican and strategist met, and without a word he turned and ran. He ran passed Roberts, who stared jaw gaping at the visage of Teikla bearing down upon the building. Grant ran. It was two hundred feet from the west side to the east side of the building. Teikla arrived just before he made it, she raised a fist the size of a house and brought it crashing down.

Grant leapt. Teikla's fist smashed into the building, drove deep into it, Roberts vanished in the destruction as she caved in the topmost stories with her blow. Then with a stately rumble the building collapsed in upon itself. And even as the masonary was exploding behind him, Grant slammed onto the roof of the neighboring building. He rolled and came up running. He eyes flickered over the scene, construction, torn up tar paper, nails and wood. He heard Teikla take her next step, her shadow fell over him. He reached the side and jumped again.

The trash shoot was a vertical drop for the first eighty feet, Grant folded his arms across his chest and resisted the impulse to look down. Suddenly he felt the base of the shoot burning along his legs and back. Raising his feet, his shoes caught on the plastic and he was forced into a backwards flip. He shot out of the tube face first and into the dumpster. Old tarpaper cover thin sheets of plywood cushioned his impact. His brain screamed at his woozy body, and he struggled out of the bin and staggered down the alley. His wits returned and he began to run. Then he stopped.

Teikla hadn't demolished the building. Grant dove into a doorway, just in time, as Teikla loomed in the sky above, looking down into the dark alleyways far beneath her. She must have lost track of him, and was now unsure which of the three sides he had descended. It would not be long, though, before she would just start wrecking everything in sight. He waited until she moved, then until her shadow was gone, before venturing out. A nearby car caught his attention. It was open. Grant dove inside. There was a tireiron on the passenger seat. He used it to break open the ignition switch, he started the car. He was just about to floor it when he had second thoughts. Grabbing the tireiron he dove out of the car. His new idea was instantly rewarded. He savagely drove the bar into the tarmac, and strained mightily at it. It took two tries before the thin covering broke enough to let up the manhole cover. He rolled it over to the car, and leaned it against it.

Then he drove the seat all the way forward. He set the crowbar against the gas pedal, then with a dreadful effort lifted the iron cover into the car. It's weight jammed down the bar and the pedal, the engine screamed. Grant threw the car into drive, and dove aside as it screeched and started racing down the alley. It careened off a wall, sparks flew. Grant ran to the open manhole and lowered himself in. But he glanced up as the car tore out of the ally into the street. It bounced heavily as it hit the road divider, then suddenly disappeared. Teikla's barefoot covered it, drove it deep into the tarmac, and the ground shook with the impact.

Grant blanched, and dropped into the sewers. Emergency power lights dollascattered over every hundred yards, and he dashed from one to the other. At a crossing point he looked up and saw the roof buckling, and heard the tunnel creaking and groaning. Small amounts of debris rained from the ceiling. In a furious rush he charged down the passageway. Made two lefts. His mind was awhirl with images of the city, he saw himself in relation to it. Perfect. He began to climb. Suddenly he heard a loud creaking, an instant of silence, the tunnel heaved with a tremendous boom, and a rush of displaced air blew passed him. He heard continued crashings, and realized that Teikla knew he was undergound, and was jumping or stomping to collapse the sewers.

Grant raced up the last twenty feet of ladder, and pushed at the cover. He was lucky. It shifted and lifted, he thrust it aside, and froze. Teikla was clearly visible above the tops of the buildings. She was looking down, and moving slowly. Grant heard screams and crashes and realized that she was now deliberately stepping on the tiny denizens of the city. She was also enjoying it, as evidenced by her aroused state and booming giggles. Grant lifted himself out of the hole, and started running in the opposite direction. He heard one, then two buildings toppling. But he ignored the sounds of chaos, and ran, his eyes casting about for further tools with which to engineer his escape.

Salvation came in the form of a motorcycle. Abandoned by its owner, and still running, Grant leapt upon it and opened the throttle. The bike screamed and wobbled, then blazed down the street. His emotional exuberance must have been as a shout to the giantess, because she started moving in his direction, smashing aside every obsticle. The streets dollafilled with cars and people, and Grant was hard pressed to weave among them. Teikla was not so encumbered, and she left great yawning footprints where less nimble people had stood. Grant swerved down a sidestreet, and saw Teikla use a building to alter her own momentum, destroying the structure. Her long black hair flew about her, she looked wild abd wanton.

A straight causeway was nearly his undoing. The cycle roared with passion as Grant opened it up full, in the mirror he saw the giantess lift something, then cock her arm back. Suddenly, he topped a rise, and the street dipped sharply down, his guts yelped in freefall, and a black shadow and a explosion of wind blew past. A building, hurled by the titaness skittered down the street and exploded into rubble. Grant screamed, and threw the cycle into a long sideways skid, he just made it, and flew down a narrow side street.

He realized his error. Teikla overshot the street he was on, her colossal body plowing wildly through the buildings and highrises. She recovered quickly, and Grant barely escaped from under her reaching hand as she dove forward towards him. Bouncing over a curb, and weaving around a crowd of people, Grant shot down the street like a bullet. Raising his head he gave a loud laughing shout. The cycle rattled up a long steel wrought ramp, and onto a suspension bridge. Riding for his life, dodging the traffic, he was nearly across when Teikla leapt onto the span. Her weight crushed it into the river, spilling her forward, her gigantic body breaking and smashing it as she fell. But Grant had escaped, the bridge fell without him, and his engine screamed as he put distance between him and Teikla, as she extricated her colossal naked body from the ruined bridge.





Survival is a rush. Grant crashed, figuratively, then literally. He pulled himself from the cycle, and mournfully examined it. He had nearly stopped in time, but the curb had bent the front wheel. Limping, he went in search of other transportation. In the distance he heard the sounds of Teikla: screams, sirens, horns, crashings. The sounds intensified. He found a small parking lot. He could feel the ground shaking. In a mad rush, he smashed a window in a pickup truck. A moment later he was tearing down the road again. The buildings loomed over him like mountain cliffs, forcing him to turn and backtrack. The noises of destruction were catching up, he heard Teikla making sport of the city, as she hunted him. He felt her aweful presence bearing down upon him.

Suddenly the road opened up before him. He heard her call his name, felt the ground shake as she began to run. A shriek of falcon defiance sounded in the summer sky, but he didn't realize that it was he that made it. The running, the hunt, the freedom of certainty, all came together in this, the momentary hope of escape. His purity of design revelled in his victory. He left only laughter for Teikla. She heard it. And answered with a feral grin. Let the prey run, this hunt was not yet done.





It took nearly a hundred miles for Grant to realize two things. Teikla never tired. Cars need gas.

He was faster than she was, but the road compromised his every advantage, always zigged and zagged, while behind him the giantess kept her path straight. The next city was beyond his range. He flew passed the last gas station, cursing in his mind. He could see her following him. A hundred miles, and still she was only a minute or so away. He had stopped twice to try and steal a liter of continued existance, but the stations took too long to activate the pumps. He once started to steal a car, but then realized that the man was just arriving to fill his own tank. With an oath he had leapt back into the truck and peeled out. A moment later Teikla had crushed the station.

At one hundred fifty miles, he knew the chase was up. The dial was completely red. With an unmeasured reserve of at most two liters, he was less than a score of miles from death. His mind worked furiously. The map was useless. He was isolated, alone, the next town would be just five miles too far for him to reach. And out in this flat wilderness, he was an easy target. Teikla knew, too. She must have been able to sense his rising despair. She no longer ran, but jogged along comfortably. He had gained some time on her, but it would not be enough.

The engine coughed its last. Grant coasted it as far as possible. He climbed out of the car, and looked around. Between him and the horizon was barely enough vegetation for a salad. There was no cover. The road was a straight line in both directions, dwindling to a point. No hills or gullies, not even a ditch was within sight.

He turned and looked down the road. There, against the horizon, was the giantess. She was walking now, with that calm hautiness of a successful hunt. The distance vanished quickly under her colossal strides. Grant stood next to his car and watched her grow bigger and bigger. She took her time, proudly displaying her naked body. In her, power and sexuality were inseperable, indistinguishable. He felt the earth begin to shake with her approach. He heard the heavy crunching noises that accompanied her every step. Teikla loomed larger and larger over the tiny man. Her thousand foot tall body soared over him, beautiful and terrible. He was surprised to notice the obvious signs of her arousal. It had not occurred to him that the giantess was enjoying the hunt in that fashion. When she was within fifty feet of him, she stopped.

Grant's head was bent back, he looked up at Teikla, dared to capture her eyes with his own. There was nothing left to fear now. She stared down at her tiny catch with a distinctively possessive look. Her smile was one of disdain. She had crushed and destroyed thousands to get at this one miniature creature. But as she stared at him, she noted his stance. Not one of defiance, but one of acceptance. It intrigued her. He was not what she was used to, not that she particularly cared about the little insects, but he had led her on a merry chase.

Still, the hunt was over. Teikla raised her barefoot.

Grant stared up at the huge sole, the long shapely toes. Her foot was dirty at the ball and heel, and lighter at the arch. He wondered if she would even notice when he squished under her weight. The foot began to descend, faster and faster. It loomed huge in his sight, blotted out the sky. He felt a thrill of fear that coursed through his body like an orgasm. At the last moment Grant threw up his arms and screamed. The foot stomped down hard, shaking the ground, casting up a cloud of dust. Cracked radiated out from the point of impact.

Grant was stunned.  He was alive. Teikla's barefoot was only a few feet away from him. It completely covered the spot where his car had been. The force of her stomp had slapped him to the ground. He stared a moment at her foot, then slowly looked up. Teikla was grinning down at him. Then, even as he wondered whether she was just teasing him, the colossal woman turned and walked away.

He lay there, watching her, until she disappeared over the horizon. The sense of driving urgency, the fear, the purity of purpose drained out of him. He felt empty. Alone. He began to cry, purging his body of the pent up emotions, howling his anguish into the sky. He could not face the life he had known before. He could not forget the freedom.

And when he was spent, he knew two things. Teikla's destination. And his.




The dockmaster looked at Grant with suspicion. “What can I do for you, boy?”

Grant dropped a platenium debit card on the desk.  “I want to buy a boat,” he said.




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