No Vision

No Vision No Vision

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Roland is a man with limited vision. But he knows all that is going on. We gets into some wild, wet times with his coworker.


Roland is a man with limited vision. But he knows all that is going on. We gets into some wild, wet times with his coworker.


Submitted: October 24, 2016

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Submitted: October 24, 2016






I’ve been blind my entire life. But before you runoff and start feeling too sorry for me, I’ll have you know that I’ve been doing pretty well for myself. I like my life. Would I like to have sight? Of course. But since I don’t, I’ll just have to make do with things the way they are.

For as far back as I can remember my older brother Earnest has been there for me. In fact, I live in his house now. It got a little touchy back about ten years ago when Earnest got married. I don’t think his wife wanted me around. She never said anything about it but I could feel it. She’s been polite but not like family. Earnest told her that I had to stay and I guess that was that.

It doesn’t bother me too much anyhow. I stay down in the basement in my own room. I don’t ask them to do nothing for me. I can make my own food and take care of myself pretty well.

The key is to have stuff in the same spot all the time. That way when I’m feeling around I know where something is. Like I know that seven steps from the end of my bed is the stereo. See I like jazz a lot. I have a hell of a collection. I keep all my albums ordered. That way I know where everything is when I’m looking for it. Earnest says I keep my place cleaner than he does and he can see. I can’t say for sure but that’s probably true. His wife heard that and they had a fight about it. I just can’t have stuff all out in the floor or else I might fall over it.

I can hear things well because I have to. Most folks just use their eyes and don’t try to listen. Like I know when Earnest and his wife is up there doing it. They try to be quiet about it but I know. No real reason to say something about it though. That’s they business just like what I do is my business. Hell, I’m too old to be caring what they do any way. I haven’t had a whole lot of experience on that account. Only had me two women in my life but blind don’t mean I don’t want to get down too. Just have to find someplace else to go to do it. Some people in this house is too nosey for me.

To be honest, I been thinking a lot about moving on my own. I can do it too. I get a check from the SSI. I let Earnest handle it but I could take care of a lot of it myself. He wouldn’t mind counting out some of my bills for me until I got the hang of it.

Up until about six months ago I had a job. I used to work at this place that made light fixtures. It was a good job for me. Got me out of the house and had me feeling like I was somebody. I like making my own money too. Let me do what the hell I want to. It was a easy job. All I had to do was screw in a light bulb and listen for the beep. Don’t need no eyes to do that. If the beep go off I unscrew the bulb and send the fixture on down the line. If it don’t then I got to put a sticker on it and send it back.

Them fool white folks down there would all the time talk about what a good job I was doing. Boy, them was some stupid people. A monkey could do that job. Worst part about it was them fools would confuse being blind with being deaf. I could hear everything them fools was saying about me. “He’s so smart” or “Wow, I can’t believe he does this by himself.” Like I said, just plain silly.

While I was there I met Florine. She used to work there too. Now Florine is a good woman. I believe she told me that she only two years younger than me. I’m 39. I don’t know if I believe her though. Women are prone to lie about they age. Why… I don’t know. Not like I can see a damn wrinkle line. Anyway, Florine told me that she didn’t even know I was blind when she first met me. That’s hard to believe with these dark glasses I wear. She says she didn’t notice. To be honest that made me sort of happy: just a person treating me like me.

We would take our breaks together and stuff like that. She was easy to talk to. We both grew up in this town. That’s St. Louis. Actually, I think she say she grew up over there in University City but that’s all the same. We been knowing each other for about five years now. I can say this about her, her breath smell real good. See, sometimes Florine takes me to the movies. What you being shocked for? Blind people go too. I like to hear what’s going on. When there’s some funny action going on, Florine will lean over and tell me what’s happening. That’s how I know about her breath. Always smelling like candy or something.

Sometimes she comes and gets me and takes me dancing too. I like dancing a lot. I like that beat. Sometimes I hear people laughing at me and carrying on but I don’t care. Florine say I dance nice. See, I told you she’s a good woman. We talk about all types of stuff all the time. She’s real good at describing what’s going on. I like that about her. But she don’t try to baby me. That’s important.

I think she had been married about ten years back but she don’t talk about it too much and I don’t press her. We talk about just about everything else though. Sometimes I ask her why she hang around me so much. It’s got to wear on her. She say she like my company. I like hers too. Don’t want her fussin’ over me too much though. I can wipe my own ass and change my own clothes.

Before I started catching rides down to the job with Florine, I used to catch the bus. Later on I would catch the new train called the MetroLink. Earnest would count out my change to get there and back but otherwise I’d find my way down to the corner and get on the bus by myself. I could make my own lunch and not miss a day of work. Just another somebody going to work.

Well, like I said, about six months ago they had some lay-offs down to the plant. Both I and Florine got laid off that day. They was worried about me though. Thought I might complain because I’m blind. They just told Florine that she had to go. Just like that.

They said “Roland. You’ve been a good worker but we gotta make some cut backs. We certainly don’t want you to be resentful.”

I didn’t care too much. I still got Earnest and I still get my check from SSI. Florine has had it a bit rougher than me. She don’t have anybody helping her out. She got a high school diploma but these days it ain’t helping too much. I’ve offered to help her but she won’t have no charity. It wouldn’t be though because I like her and just want to help. I got plenty stored away. Earnest don’t charge me no rent to stay in this converted basement. I think his wife wants to take some of my money but old Earnest won’t let her.

Me and Florine don’t see each other as much as before we got laid off. She still like to call me a good deal. Problem is that I don’t have a phone down here. I have to go up stairs and Earnest wife all the time be trying to get in my business. That’s why I don’t go up there much. I just try to mind my own business and stay out of their way. Earnest wants me to come up there more but I tell him to come down and talk to me. He say he don’t want to because I don’t ever turn the lights on down there. I tell him he can turn them on if he want to but it’s just wasting money. What the hell I need a light for?

Since we don’t get to talk as much Florine called me up and asked me if I wanted to go eat over in the Central West End. I don’t go over there much. It cost too much for me. I told her we could go if she let me pay. She said that would be okay. She gone come pick me up.

I went up stairs to get some money from Earnest. I like him to count it out to me and then I know how much I should be coming home with. He thinks it’s good for me to go and spend some money. His wife had some nonsense to say but I don’t listen to her. If I want to spend my money on a woman I will.

Earnest says that I might end up getting some. I try to tell him that Florine is just my friend but he don’t believe me. He says that Florine is pretty. I think she is too but I just keep things cool. It’s not like I have a lot of friends so I’m not trying to push it.






She came by right about when she said she would. I came out to the steps to meet her. I could have invited her in but I didn’t want to hear Earnest’s wife talking. Florine is good at helping me get to places even though I have my cane. She normally just guides me along by placing my hand on her forearm. A lot of people forget to tell me when a step is coming or when there’s a turn but she never forgets.

We got over to the restaurant and there was a lot of commotion going on. I guess that part of town is pretty busy most nights. Like I said, I don’t go over there much. It was a really warm evening so I was glad to sit out on the patio. I could hear the sounds of the street. Just regular stuff like people talking and laughing but I still find it exciting.

Florine ordered for me. I normally get the same thing no matter where I go. It makes it easy and I don’t have to hear everything on the menu. Most of that stuff I don’t like no way. She picked out some type of Italian dish for me. To be honest, I had never heard of it before. I don’t think Florine had either. The waiter was recommending it and she liked how it looked in the picture. Just seemed like some noodles with chicken on top to me. Not that I’m complaining though because it was good.

We messed around and had wine with our food. Now that’s a switch. I don’t do a whole lot of drinking. I might mess with some beer but normally only when I’m home so I can go take my self on off to bed if I get too sleepy. Florine said she was having a real good time. So was I.

I ended up getting some of that noodle sauce on my nose. Normally, I’m pretty good at feeling when something is on my face but I couldn’t tell. Florine bust out laughing. Not laughing in a teasing way though. She said it looked cute. She reached over and wiped it off for me. Real nice and gentle but, then again, that’s her way. I told her she had better be careful or I was going to get after her. I was only kidding though. We had a good laugh.

So after we ate and I paid the bill. Florine asked me if I wanted to go straight back home. I told her that I didn’t want to. She said she’d ride me down to the Gateway Arch. I been in this city my entire life and ain’t never been down there. I told her that would be fine by me. The Arch is right down on the riverfront. I know that the Mississippi must be a big river. People all the time talking about it. They say you can’t go swimming in it though. Did you know I can swim? Lot’s of stuff I can do.

In the car heading down there, Florine had some music playing. I like jazz the best but this was some nice slow music. Good for slow-dragging. That’s what we used to call slow-dancing back in my day. Normally, I keep my hands on my lap when I riding somewhere. You don’t want to reach out and get it smashed or burned or something because you couldn’t see where you putting it.

Florine reached over and puts my hand on the thing between the seats. I let it rest there then she puts her hand on mine. Even though we worked in that factory, her hands is still real soft and nice. I never really touched her hand before,  just her arm. It felt real nice riding down the road listening to the music and holding hands. Been a long time for me and probably for her too. Sometimes Earnest and his wife will sit around hugging on each other while we all sitting on the porch. I would be a little jealous if it weren’t for the fact his wife is mean. I hear them stealing kisses and such as that. I’m glad he like her though. Earnest deserve to be happy. He been taking care of me so long that he don’t get to do enough for him.

When we get down there and park, Florine leads me over to the water’s edge. I gotta admit that I was scared a little. Even though I can’t see, I could feel the power of that river. It don’t make a lot of noise but there ain’t no echo coming off the other side. It must be real wide. There was a lot of people down there too but nothing could mask the power on that mighty river. I told Florine I wanted to go back up the stairs to the Arch. Really I wanted to step back a bit from that river. She understood. She’s real good at reading my feelings. Maybe it’s silly that a grown man scared of the river but she don’t let on about it.

She takes me up to let me touch the Arch. They say it’s big enough that you can go inside of it and get in a elevator that will take you to the top. But since the thing is curved, the elevator goes sideways instead of straight up and down. Boy, that must be something. Well, she lets me touch it. The steel is smooth and cool. It feels so big. I like to run my hand along it. Then I put my face to the metal. She asked me what I was doing. I told her I wanted to feel how cool the metal was. I told her to put her face on it too. She said people probably put they hands all on that thing and it ain’t clean. Didn’t bother me though.

I told her that one day I’m gone to ride the bus back down here and go on this magical elevator. She said she did it once when she was younger but it ain’t much to it. She say that when you get to the top there ain’t nothing up there but a little window you can look out on and see the whole city. Well, I won’t be seeing anything no way, so it won’t bother me none.

There’s a park attached to the Arch. We walk along the path holding hands and getting along famously. She’s holding on me and I can feel one her breasts. They seems to be soft from what I can tell. In fact, all of Florine is sort of soft. That’s what makes her so nice to be around. She smell like candy and soft to touch. Plus she good folks and got a good heart. Can’t beat that.

Florine say that there’s a river boat that’s got a casino on it. I say I wants to go on it. I can’t really play too many games but if she help me I can play a little craps. She just got to watch my money and count the numbers for me. She says she would like to do it so we heads over there.

When we get to the door there’s a man standing there telling folks that they need some type of ID to get in. Of course, I don’t have none. The man stops us and she tells him that I’m blind. He say he don’t care but I have to be over 21.

She say “Can’t you see that this man has grey hairs all on his head?”

He say “Doesn’t matter. Can’t let anyone in that don’t have a valid drivers license or other form of ID.”

She say “What the hell he gone do with a drivers license?”

“Let’s just go on. Ain’t no need in starting no trouble,” I said.

We left there but Florine was mad. I didn’t mind too much. I do have a state ID that I got back when I got my first job but I don’t carry it on me. I don’t need it much. If I would have known, I could have brought it.

What Florine don’t know is that I have driven a car before. When I was about 25 years old my brother Earnest let me drive his car in the parking lot of his job one day. Man, we had some fun that day. I was honking on the horn and turnin’ the wheel. Earnest would tell me to hit the pedal or let up on it or go left or right. Earnest said that if I could see, I’d be a damn good driver. I believe that too. One day I’m gone do that again. Mark my word. Earnest wife won’t let me do it because of the insurance. I think she just mean.

So me and Florine is walking back through the park when she tightens up. I ask her if everything is okay. She say that there’s some people in them bushes.

“What they doing in them bushes?” I asked.

“Look like they doing something nasty,” she said.

“Well, let’s go over there then,” I said back. I wanted to find out what they was doing.

“Ain’t like you can see nothing.”

“So… let’s just creep over there anyway. But don’t let me fall.”


“You as nasty as them,” she said as she guided me over to the bushes.

Now I couldn’t see it but from what I heard they was getting hot and heavy over there. Somebody was grunting up some stuff. They was breathing heavy and lots of squirt sounds was coming from over there. I got a porno tape that Earnest bought me once and it sound just like that.

Next thing you know, Florine said we had better go. Just when it was getting good too. We was walking on the path again but Florine was fire hot to the touch. I don’t know what it was that she saw but it must have been damn good. Had me a little stiff myself and I didn’t even see nothing.





On the way back to the car Florine holding on my arm real tight and ain’t saying much. But then again I ain’t saying much myself. We just thinking about them bushes.

Out of the blue, she ask me if we can’t both go back to my house for a little quiet sitting time. I tells her that we had better not because my brother’s wife is home. She then asked me if I wouldn’t mind going over to her place. I tell her that I wouldn’t mind at all if she wouldn’t mind carrying me back home later on. I don’t know how to catch the bus from her house. Plus it had got sort of late. She say that’s fine.

We get in the car and gets to her house in no time at all. Come to find out... she don’t live too far from our house no way. Florine leads me in and says I should sit down. I find my way to the couch and sits down. She asked me did I want something to drink. I tell her that I was fine. She then say she gotta go use the toilet but she be back. Actually, she said bathroom but you know what I mean. She turns on the TV and then I hear her moving down the hall.

Wouldn’t you know that her house smell good too. Just like her to have a house that smell like cinnamon. On the TV is some nonsense about how you can grow your hair back if you buy some stuff. I don’t believe none of that stuff no way. I feel around and can tell that the couch is sort of old. It don’t matter though because it smell like she keeps a clean house and old ain’t so bad if it’s neat and clean.

I hear the commode flush and some water running and then she’s coming back down the hall. I can tell that she done took off her shoes along the way. If I wasn’t company I would have done the same. I realize that I ain’t never been in her house before. When she gets back in the room she asks me again if I wouldn’t want a little something. I thank her but say no.


She sits down next to me.

“What in the world you watchin’?” she asked me.

“I ain’t watching nothing. I’m blind, remember?” I said back.

“That’s right. Sometimes I forget,” she said. That was the nicest thing she could have ever said to me. “Want me to find something else?”

She reaches over and gets the remote control and starts turning the channels. I can hear about used cars for sale, some woman done left her husband on some show, a show about wild pigs or something like that. She settles on a station that’s playing some slow songs and things. I think it’s pretty nice stuff actually.

So we sitting on the couch listening to the show and she’s to my left. I don’t know if we ever really been this close before. It’s nice though. I like to feel her close to me. With her right hand she starts to rub the inside of my left knee. It’s real smooth and soft. It’s especially good because the music is playing and ain’t no one around but us two. I did the same thing back to her…rubbing her on the leg. She got big old soft legs too. I’m just a rubbing fool on that leg. Feels real nice and stuff.

Well, just about when a commercial was coming on the TV, she reaches over and kisses me right on the jaw. I didn’t even expect that. Caught me off guard and everything. Can’t do nothing but smile a bit. I think she was looking and saw me smiling. She didn’t say nothing though. Now you know it was a good kiss because, like I said, her breath always smell sweet. Got me all feeling good.

I reaches my hand over to find her face. I hold her face in my hands and feel the turns. It’s real smooth and soft feeling. Not rough at all. She’s got a real nice nose and full soft lips. I’m feeling on her eyes and running my fingers on her eyebrows. She ain’t saying a word either. Lots of folks don’t like to be touched on their face but she ain’t minding at all. She got her hands on my hands as I’m feeling her features. It’s how I see so I gotta do it.

I reaches my face over and then I kissed her directly on the lips. Them is some soft old lips, let me tell you. She ain’t protesting my kiss either. It’s been a good little bit of time since I been in a romantic type of thing with a woman but this old boy ain’t forgot how good it feel.

You know what she did? She took my hand and put it square on her breast. Man, I tell you it was soft and big. Now, I haven’t felt too many of them but that there one was bigger than average. At least, that’s what I’m saying. I rubs it slow and don’t you know her nipple starts to rise a bit. I can feel the outline of it.





Well, sitting there like that is sort of hard on us because we both turned in at a tough angle. She leads me down and then we both are on our knees facing each other on the floor in front of the couch. Now, we really hugging and kissing. I feel how round she is and it is nice. I didn’t say it before but I’m sort of a skinny fella. Florine… she’s probably rounder than me. Can’t say for sure because her head don’t come no higher than my chin when we standing so it could all be about the same in the end.

She kissing me and I’m kissing right back. She rubs on my shoulders and the back of my neck. Now why she go and do that? I love to be rubbed on the back of my neck. That’s it for me. I’m loving it then. Don’t forget that music is still playing too. The mood is just right.

She starts to lift up my shirt. I lifts my hands up above my head and she slips it right off. Of course I starts to tug on her shirt too. Hers is a button down the front type so it ain’t coming over her head. She does the buttons and off it comes. I reaches around to get at the bra thing. Now mind you, I’m still kissing. I can’t get the damn hooks though. Don’t you know she got that bad boy loose with one hand. She just reached round back there and that was that.

She slips off the bra and we just chest to chest. I’m rubbing up against them big old things and damn if they not warm and soft. I rubbed on one of them and she don’t mind at all. She just steady kissing me and rubbing my neck.

About then she tugging on my belt. We need to change the angle so she stands me up and takes my belt a loose, unzips me, and slips down my trousers. Now I still got my shoes on or else I would have stepped right out of them. No worry. She unties my shoes and takes them off for me. Then she slips my pants off.

About that time I hear her working on her own pants. Zip, snap, zip. I’m suspecting that she got them off. She rubs up on me again and commences to kiss and hug and rub on my neck. Now I know she got them off because I feel her skin. Man, I’m telling you that she’s soft and warm to touch. Smelling good too.

I’m rubbing my thing right on her through my drawers and getting all stiff and everything. She just rubbing right back putting them big old breasts on me.

She ask me if we should do this. I tell her that I think so. Can’t force the issue…woman don’t want to do it and that’s that. She say we should go back to her bedroom. I’m all for that.

When we get back there she leads me to a bed. I crawl up on it. Two things about that bed. One is that it’s a real high up bed like my mama used to have. Them things is soft but you gotta be careful not to roll out. Next thing is that it smells like flowers. I wonder how she do that? Third thing is that it’s way bigger than the bed in my room. I guess that was three, huh?

Well, she crawls up in that bad boy and now I’m laying on top of her. She got a little bit of a belly but it’s so soft that I could lay on her all day. So we up there kissing and rubbing and then I put my hand down between her legs. She got a lot of hair down there. It’s sort of all wet too. Feels nice though. She’s sort of squirming around as I’m touching and saying how that feels good. Well, I ain’t saying it but it feels good to be touching it too.

She grabs on my drawers and slides them down a bit. I get them the rest of the way off. Then she’s got a grip on it and moving it up in her. Didn’t even take her panties off…just sort of slid them over. It’s warm and wet and nice up in there. Man, let me tell you. Now that’s a whole woman right there. No doubt about that.

So we kissing and grinding and making noises and rubbing. It’s getting too good. I’m loving every second of it and telling it to her. She saying the same thing to me. She puts her legs up in the air a bit and grabs me by my behind. Just a pulling on me. I’m feeling them hairs and the wetness and that warmth and she sort of squeezing me up between her legs. Plus she soft as a bunch of pillows to boot.

I got to quivering and shaking and everything and that’s it for me. I’m gone. Couldn’t hold nothing no longer. Now I know you saying that it was too fast. Probably… but that’s just the truth of it. She didn’t complain though. She just got to gyrating and pumping with me still in there. Squeezing and hold on me tight. Next thing you know….that’s all she wrote. She was just a squirming and talking about how good it feel and how she’s coming and all. Then she would lay there a few seconds and get to gyrating all over again. Aftershocks or something. Man, that was nice. We just laying there kissing and a hugging and laying in all kinds of wetness. Felt good to me though.

After laying there and napping just a bit she nudged me with a wet towel. Now when did she get up? She rubbed me down and got some of that dried up stuff off of me. I thanked her for being so nice. She told me that she hadn’t done nothing like that since her husband died over ten years ago. I could tell. She said she was standing before me butt naked but wasn’t shy because even if I could see, I’m not one to be judging no how.

She asked me if I wouldn’t stay over the night with her. Wants to lay up in the bed and sleep next to me. I said that I would but that I had to call Earnest and let him know that I wasn’t coming back that night.



“Earnest, I’m over to Florine’s house. I’m gone stay over here so you can turn on the alarm.”

“He’s with Florine,” said Earnest.

“Who you talking to?” I asked.

“Anne,” he answered. “She was worried about you.”

“I’ll bet she was.”

“Well, have fun Ro Ro.”

“Thanks E-man. Night.”



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