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New In Town New In Town

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Two "stranger" meet again after a brief encounter months previous. This time there is erotic sparks


Two "stranger" meet again after a brief encounter months previous. This time there is erotic sparks


Submitted: May 18, 2017

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Submitted: May 18, 2017



I knew that I wasn’t supposed to be this excited, but today just felt like it was going to be amazing. I was always great at making lemonade out of lemons, so my optimism was in full force today. After all, it’s Christmas Day, and I’m stuck in a new city away from my family. But rather than sit inside my apartment and sulk about not having a home cooked meal, I decide to have Christmas dinner at Mel’s Diner, around the corner from me.

While walking along the surprisingly busy streets, a woman in her early thirties with dark red hair approached me, “Kevin! Is that you?”

I recognize her face but I can’t recall her name for the life of me.

“Yes, my name is Kevin…” I reply, cautiously. “You look familiar, but I’m having trouble recalling where I may know you from.”

Most people are kind of put off when someone doesn’t remember them, but she wasn’t in the least bit.

Smiling, she said, “My name is Mona… I was your Nurse Practitioner down at General when you came in for a physical. I hope you don’t think that I’m crazy for remembering you, but you had the most amazing smile I’d ever seen in my life. A woman doesn’t forget something like that.”

Any other time, I would’ve sworn that she was crazy as hell, but there was something about this woman that I was intrigued with. And it didn’t hurt that she was fine as hell, with an amazing body. She stood about 5’4” and the dress that she was wearing made her ass stick out like a sore thumb. Besides all that, I was alone, and she seemed to be by herself as well, so why not indulge and enjoy Christmas with a somewhat familiar face.

“Oh yeah, I remember you.” I half lied

“I didn’t fully recognize you without your scrubs on.”

The comment must have made her blush, because her yellow skin began to turn as red. But that was short lived, as she placed her hands onto the belt loops of her jeans, allowing me to see her stunning shape before extending her arms and locking me in between them.

“I’m not sure where you’re from, but where I come from we don’t shake hands, we hug.” Mona informed me.

I wasn’t mad at all. It’s not every day that a fine ass woman is trying to hug up on me.

You can hug on me as long as you want… I thought to myself.

“So, where you headed Mr. Barker?” she asked, finally releasing me from an embrace that I’m not totally sure I was ready to be freed from.

“Well, being that it’s Christmas and I’m all by my lonesome, I’m about to go over to Mel’s and have some dinner.” I informed Mona. “What about you—where are you headed?”

Mona’s perked up a bit when I informed her that I was alone for the holidays. It was almost as if I could see the wheels beginning to turn in her head.

“Well, I was actually just out trying to find something to get myself into, being that I’m all alone for Christmas as well, and I think that I may have just found something…” she replied.

Looking around at the buildings in the area, she began to question me, “Which one of these is your building—I bet that you have an amazing view of the city.” She then locked her arm around my waist and said, “How about you show me what the city looks like from your place, then we can grab a bite to eat later on; if you’re still hungry.”

So, throwing all caution to the wind, I began trekking back to my apartment arm in arm with this fine ass stranger, totally unsure of what was going to happen next. But I did know that whatever was going to happen was going to be on my terms; or so I thought.

As soon as I turned the key and opened the door, Mona playfully twisted me around, pulled me down to her level and began kissing me.

To be frank, Mona was extremely impulsive. She began frantically groping me under the veil of open brick and exposed windows. Was this woman seducing me-- a man that she really didn’t even know other than the fact that she gave me a physical? In this unusual, yet pleasant moment I had two choices: 1. I could be a gentleman and stop things before they escalate too far. Or 2. I could be just as aggressive and savage with her, give her exactly what it is that she wants.

Fuck it, if she wants it, she can have it I said to myself as I began reciprocating that passion that she displayed towards me.





All the while, she’s in my ear whispering how much she wanted to fuck me, and meaning it. Mona made the impossible seem possible. In this moment, she turned the unthinkable into the spoken and the done. She straddled my lap, her dress hiked above her waist and dared me to leave my handprints all over her skin. I shucked my shirt and tossed it aside with defiance, as if to say that I was all in with nowhere to pull away from or run. Not that I don’t think she would’ve let me get away at this point anyways. Mona kissed every part of my face, neck and shoulders, then made a trail that ran down my chest. My face told the story of a man who was enjoying the combination of pain and perfection. As if the hands of fate had chosen to strike only one side, leaving the other as a reminder of what may never be again. And at this point, it didn’t even matter. Because I cherished both equally, touched both equally.

“Are you sure that this is how you want to spend your Christmas?” I asked as I rubbed my jaw against her cheek and then turned to catch her earlobe between my teeth and tug. I was shivering under her hands. But these chills were not from fear. “We shouldn’t be doing this…” I said, even though my body told her differently.

She grabbed my manhood, “Kevin, the only thing that we shouldn’t be doing is talking about what we shouldn’t be doing.” She then added, “From the moment I walked into the room and saw you, I knew that I was going to find you and fuck your brains out. What better than to give each other the gift of multiple orgasms?”

I tried to fight it at first, but my other head won the battle quickly. Mona was ravenous, as if she’d been waiting all of her life for me, and she stained my mouth with her cherry-dark lipstick, with kisses like crushed velvet — selfless, selfish, all and nothing. As our mouths sank together, her breasts rubbed against my chest. Her body felt as if it had been adorned only with the finest satin, covered by exquisite material studded with finery. This endearment with her became so passionate that we started to breathe as one. I felt her nipples harden even more against my chest. I swept my hand against her thigh and the curve of her pelvis. As I explored more and went lower, feeling her body so warm, so smooth inside her thighs.

Here she was; that golden skin of hers was shining like a 20 karat diamond, voluptuous breasts full and smooth, almost gleaming in the light. Her beautiful brown eyes enhanced by an array of hues. I simply could not keep my hands from touching her body — breasts, nipples, and stomach all the way down to her substantial thighs.

I laid down on an unmade bed of soft sheets and pillows, while Mona kneeled over me, offering her sex to my waiting mouth. I will never forget how soft she felt against my pliant lips, or how my tongue longed to surround her treasure, to take everything that I could, until I could take no more. I kept my eyes locked in on her, unerring, as she vanquished my mouth. I’ll never forget the ferocious bliss in her eyes, nor the agony of moans as I quickened my rhythm. For a while, I felt as if the entire world was abandoned, except for only her and me, until I heard a wail of ecstasy as the first of many orgasms left Mona’s body. The honey was flowing from somewhere so deep inside her that I could hear her frantic wetness. She was deep in the climax, entering it entirely, and my mouth opening wide like a lion’s, as if I was swallowing a world of pleasure. Beneath my skin, my blood was beating, making every little part of me flush, all while begging for more. I was alive, so alive!

My dick was impossibly hard and already primed for her. She rose up just enough to shimmy her way down to it. As she sat on it, the feeling of perfection came back to me. We were fitting together, locking into place, slick and needy and wild. I kissed her like I was starving for it, and she kissed me back like her passion could sustain me inside of her for a year straight. Mona came quickly, too quickly, clawing at me-- keening and forgetting speech altogether. I felt her heart beating against her skin; the look on her face was smug and satisfied. Without hesitation, she climbed off and tasted her victory by sucking every drop of her nectar clean off of me.

This went on for what felt like forever, until neither of us could go any more. Time truly does fly when you’re having fun, and when we finally came back into the real world, we exchanged information before she left.

Not even 5 minutes after she left, she called and explained how she didn’t want to curse anything by being so assertive with me when she saw me out.

It wasn’t a curse at all. It was a blessing.

I never did make it to Mel’s for dinner, but I definitely had a Christmas that I’ll remember forever.


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