Hall Pass

Hall Pass Hall Pass

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A girlfriend, suspecting her man of cheating, is convinced to give her man a "Hall pass" by a stranger. And does it get hot


A girlfriend, suspecting her man of cheating, is convinced to give her man a "Hall pass" by a stranger. And does it get hot


Submitted: July 07, 2016

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Submitted: July 07, 2016



They say a woman should trust her instincts. She knows when her man is stepping out on her. Any evidence she collects while investigating is gravy.

Khandace Taylor was faced with this situation. The 32-year-old had been with her boyfriend Kyle for six months. He had been a dream come true for Khandace. He was tall, dark, muscular and chocolate with good wavy hair. He made Khandace almost drool when they met at the Layla Lounge in Atlanta that Saturday night. She had been looking for a man to be on her level for so very long.

Khandace was a head teller at a Bank Of America in downtown Atlanta. She aspired to move onto being a bank officer and doing mortgages. She was moving up and she wanted her man to be on that level with her. Kyle looked to be right up her alley and they hit it off right away.

Khandace just knew she looked good and deserved the best. She was 5’3” and a fit 120 lbs. Her wore her dark hair in a short, playful pixie cut like Halle Berry and her skin was a soft smooth butter caramel tone. She and Kyle would make gorgeous babies together.

Things were great for a couple of months but now, Kyle was a little distant. He wasn’t paying Khandace the same kind of attention that he did before. Could it be that he was bored with her already? No, she thought. Khandace went the extra mile for her man. She liked wearing nice lingerie and looking good for him. Maybe she could do better in the freak department but a girl had to hold some things back, right? You can’t give up all the goodies right away. You had to give the man something to look forward to.

She investigated a bit; went through Kyle’s phone when he came over and spent the night. She couldn’t find anything. She found no strange receipts in his slacks or tell-tale items in his car. The man didn’t leave any obvious evidence behind.

She decided to just ask him one day. “Kyle…” Khandace asked one night after they made love and were laying in bed. She had her head resting on his muscular chest and his arm was around her shoulders. “Are you seeing someone else?” she asked and looked at him for an answer.

He turned to look at her. “Why do you ask?” he asked her.

Khandace shrugged her shoulders. “I was just wondering. We don’t see each other as much as we did before,” she said softly.

“I work a lot. I’ve just been real busy lately, that’s all.” Kyle said. “But no I’m not seeing anyone else.” He worked as a project manager for a government agency in Atlanta.

“Okay,” Khandace said, deciding to leave the issue alone for now.

But she couldn’t shake that feeling that Kyle was cheating. And it was just a gut feeling. It got to her so much that one Friday evening, she decided to catch Happy Hour at the Layla Lounge to have a drink and relax. Khandace had never been so stressed out.

She went into the club and sat down at the bar. She needed something strong so she thought for a minute then decided on a Long Island Iced Tea. She asked for her drink and took a big gulp when the bartender brought it over. She blew out a long sigh afterwards and rubbed her temples. She looked up across the bar and saw a woman trying to be discreet but she was looking at Khandace.

The woman looked sheepish as she was busted and smiled at Khandace. Khandace returned the smile and continued to sip on her drink. The woman got up and made her way over to Khandace. She sat down on the stool next to her.

Khandace was somewhat surprised by the woman’s actions. She was flattered that the woman may have thought she was attractive but she didn’t think she gave off any kind of lesbian vibe. The woman smiled at her again.

“You look like you could use a friend,” she said in earnest.

“Is it that obvious?” Khandace asked, continuing to sip her drink.

“It is,” the woman said. “Let me guess. Man trouble huh?”

Khandace looked at her with a frown. “How come it can’t be money or job trouble?” she asked in exasperation.

The woman looked at her evenly. “Because you look too put together to have money or job trouble.” she noted. “It’s a man trouble. Just like the rest of us. So tell me about it.”

Khandace looked at the woman and hmphed. She took another swig of her drink. It was loosening her up and she was feeling a bit better. Fuck it, why not, she thought.

“Okay.” Khandace said. “You’re right. It is man trouble. I think my boyfriend is cheating on me.”

“You think or you know?” the woman asked.

Khandace thought about it and replied, “I know he’s cheating. I just haven’t caught him yet.”

The woman nodded. “So what are you going to do? Leave him?” she asked.

Khandace blew out another sigh. “I don’t know. I love him. And I don’t want to be alone. Is that selfish of me?” she asked.

The woman smiled. “No baby, it’s not. You want what you want, right?” she said. “By the way, my name is Nikki.” She held out her hand for Khandace to shake it, which Khandace did.

“Khandace,” Khandace said in return. “It’s nice to meet you, Nikki.”

“Likewise,” Nikki said. “How long have you been with him?”

Khandace finished off her Long Island and signaled to the bartender for a refill. “Going on seven months now,” she answered.

“Relatively new relationship huh?” Nikki observed. “You’re clinging onto him a bit fast, aren’t you?”

“I don’t think so.” Khandace answered. “I mean, you go for what you want right? He’s what I want. I just want him to act right.”

Nikki nodded and sipped her Moscato. “I understand.” she said softly.

Khandace looked at Nikki’s bare fingers as she held her wineglass. “Do you have a boyfriend?” she asked.

Nikki shook her head. “No.” she answered. “I’m tired of relationships. It’s not for everyone. I get what I need and I keep it moving. I like my freedom.”

Khandace was quiet for a bit as she thought about what Nikki said. Finally, she shook her head. “Not me. I need to have someone in my life. I can’t stand being alone.” she said.

Nikki shrugged her shoulders. “To each their own. Like I said, it’s not for everyone.” she replied.

The women sipped on their drinks in silence for a few minutes then Nikki looked at Khandace. “So what are you going to do about your boyfriend?” she asked.

“I’m not sure.” Khandace answered. She gave Nikki a sheepish look. “Any suggestions?”

“Yes, actually.” Nikki said. “Give him a hall pass.”

Khandace blinked twice as she tried to comprehend what Nikki had said. She thought she had heard the term before and if it was what she thought it was, there was no way she was doing that.

“Excuse me?” she asked in disbelief. “What is a hall pass?”

Khandace giggled. “A hall pass is where you give your man a chance to “be single” for one night. He can go and sleep with someone else if he wants,” she explained.

Khandace scowled. “That’s what I thought it was,” she said, shaking her head vehemently. “Nope, not gonna do that.”

Nikki took another sip of wine then wagged her finger at Khandace. “No, no, no. You don’t just give him license to go do whatever,” she said. “You tell him what you want to do then you choose the woman for him. That way you keep it under your control. And you tell him, you’re going to take a hall pass, too. Then you really see how he’s going to feel about it.” Nikki said with a grin.

“Hmm.” Khandace said softly, thinking it over. She was sure of Kyle’s cheating and she wanted some get back. But she didn’t think she could do any revenge cheating though.

Nikki downed the rest of her wine and got up. “It was just a suggestion,” she said.

“I’m thinking about it,” Khandace said. 

“I have to use the ladies’ room. I’ll be right back,” Nikki said and made her way towards the bathroom.

Khandace watched her walk away. Nikki was much taller than she was, maybe about 5’9”. She had a soft butterscotch complexion with honey green eyes behind her schoolteacher glasses. Her face was not quite round but not oval either and she had nice plump full lips. She wore her hair in long black and brownish braids down her back. Probably extensions, Khandace thought. She was thick, maybe a size 16. Very bosomy. Her multi-colored dress hung onto every curve. Khandace watched the woman’s generous ass cheeks tumble like dice beneath the dress.

Hmm… She’s cute but I’m prettier, she said to herself. I know Kyle doesn’t like fat bitches. I’ll give him this chick. See how he likes her. And tell him if he doesn’t fuck her, we’re finished. Khandace grinned evilly to herself.

A few minutes later, she saw Nikki coming back to the bar and smiled at her. “You know what? Let’s do it!” she said excitedly as Nikki sat down.

“Let’s???” Nikki exclaimed in shock. “What do you mean, let’s?”

Khandace rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Let’s do the hall pass thingy,” she explained.

Nikki gave her a blank look. “Let me see if I’m comprehending what you're saying,” she said. “You want me to fuck your man?”

Khandace bristled at her bluntness but it was what it was. She nodded. “Yeah. Exactly!” she said.

Nikki felt a bit offended inside. She thought she knew why Khandace chose her but she wanted to see if she would say it. “Why me?” she asked.

Khandace took another sip and smiled. “Because you’re attractive,” she lied. “And you said it yourself. You don’t like relationships. You won’t be trying to steal him away.”

Nikki gave her a whatever look and signaled to the bartender for another glass of wine. “Why should I want to get caught up in your drama?” she asked. “I definitely don’t do drama.”

“There won’t be any.” Khandace said. “I’m gonna bust him and tell him if he doesn’t do this, we’re done. He doesn’t want to lose me.”

This chick is crazy, Nikki thought. Then Khandace pulled out her phone and pulled up a picture of her and Kyle together. She showed Nikki the picture.

“See? Isn’t he gorgeous? He would be real fun to play with, wouldn’t he?” she asked.

Nikki’s eyebrows raised when she saw Kyle and she grinned. “Yes he would be,” she agreed.

“So you’ll do it?” Khandace asked hopefully.

Nikki sighed. “I guess this will all come with strings attached right?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” Khandace asked.

“You’ll want him not to touch me in certain ways,” Nikki replied. “Or I won’t be able to do what I want. Like him going down on me or something.”

Khandace frowned for a second. She couldn’t see Kyle possibly being attracted to Nikki enough to eat her pussy or anything like that so it was a moot point. “Sure, you can do what you want,” she said.

Nikki was surprised at that. She grinned. “Okay fuck it, why not? When do you want to do this?” she asked.

“Let me call him and see what he’s doing,” Khandace said. She pulled out her phone and dialed Kyle’s number. He answered on the second ring.

“Hi baby,” he greeted her with warmth.

“Hey you,” Khandace said. “Whatcha doin?”

“Still at work. Finishing up a project. I’ll be done in about an hour.”

“Are you coming over to my place tonight?” Khandace cooed.

“Of course.” Kyle said. “I have to stop by my place for something then I’ll be right over.”

“Cool baby. I’ll have a surprise waiting for you,” Khandace said softly.

“Really?” Kyle asked. “I can’t wait.”

“Neither can I,” Khandace purred. “See you soon.” She hung up and giggled at Nikki, who returned her smile.

“Nice,” Nikki said in appreciation. She swallowed down her drink and looked at Khandace. “What’s the plan? I live right around the corner.”

“Okay. We can go back to your place so you can get something really sexy to wear and you can leave your car. Then I’ll take you to my place,” Khandace said.

“Okay, let’s go,” Nikki said.

The two women paid their bar tabs and left the lounge. Khandace followed Nikki back to her place and waited outside in the car. Nikki went upstairs to her apartment and found something to wear then came back down. She was smiling when she got into Khandace’s car.

“We’re really going to do this,” she said with a grin. Khandace laughed along with her and the two took off.

Khandace lived in a luxury apartment in Smyrna. They went into her spot and chilled. Nikki smiled as there were many pictures of Khandace and Kyle adorning the walls and furniture.

Wow, she is really in love with him, Nikki thought. Khandace walked over to her with a wineglass in hand.

“I hope you like Chardonnay,” Khandace said handing Nikki the glass.

“Oh this is great,” Nikki said, taking the glass and sipping a little. They sat down on the couch and smiled at each other.

“I’ll admit…” Nikki said. “I’m surprised you agreed to this.”

“Really?” Khandace asked. “I guess I am, too. I think I’m a bit excited about it.”

“You think you can handle watching your man get it on with another woman?” Nikki asked with a grin on her face.

Khandace nodded. “Yeah I think so. I think this is going to be fun,” she said.

Nikki reached over and ran her finger down Khandace’s leg. Khandace sucked in her breath as she felt her nipples stiffen and her pussy get wet. She was surprised and a bit uncomfortable at her reaction. The thought of being with a woman had never entered her mind.

“Are you okay?” Nikki asked, smiling after seeing her reaction.

“Yes, I’m fine.” Khandace said, gulping down her wine. She got up. “Ooooh, I need something stronger,” she announced and went back into her kitchen. She pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels and poured herself a stiff drink then came back to the couch. She gulped down half the glass and forced a smile to Nikki.

Nikki giggled and shook her head. “You’re so cute,” she said lustfully.

“Thanks… I guess,” Khandace said shyly.

“I take it you’ve never experimented with women before,” Nikki observed.

Khandace smiled and shrugged her shoulders a bit. “It’s not my thing,” she said.

“You wouldn’t know it judging by your reaction,” Nikki said with a smile.

“What reaction?” Khandace asked nervously.

“Your cheeks flushed. So did your chest area,” Nikki said with a smile. “I could see your nipples standing up under your blouse. You were turned on.”

Khandace squirmed and grinned. “N-no, I d-don’t think so,” she stammered.

“I do,” Nikki responded, sipping her wine.

Just then, Khandace received a text from Kyle. He said he’d be there in thirty minutes. Khandace smiled and sighed in relief. “It’s almost time. He’ll be here soon. You should go into my bedroom and get ready,” she said.

Nikki downed the rest of her wine and stood up. She smiled and grabbed her bag then headed towards the bedroom. Khandace gulped down the rest of her Jack Daniel’s and let out a sigh as she waited.

It did feel good when Nikki touched her leg and it alarmed her. Was she gay? Nah, she thought. Bi? Bi-curious? Maybe? But she wouldn’t be attracted to someone like Nikki would she? “Wow!” she said out loud and got up to pour herself another drink.

There was a knock on the door and Khandace answered it. Kyle flashed his million-dollar smile at her. “Hi baby,” he greeted as he kissed her. He stopped short as he smelled the whiskey on her breath. “You’ve been drinking?”

“Long day,” Khandace said as she turned and walked back to the couch.

Kyle looked at her as he went into the kitchen and looked at the bottle of Jack Daniel’s then poured himself a drink. “What happened at work?” he asked as he came over and sat down on the couch beside her.

Khandace looked at him and mentally prepared for what was coming up. “Work was fine, babe,” she said evenly.

Kyle watched her for further explanation then he sipped his drink. “Okay, then what else happened?” he asked again.

Khandace looked down and clasped her hands together. “Look…” she began. “I know I haven’t been able to prove it but I know you’ve been cheating on me.”

Kyle groaned and looked down. Not this again, he thought. “Khandace, I---” he started but she cut him off.

“No, stop!” she said, raising her voice. “I don’t want to hear it. You’re busted.”

Kyle gave her an incredulous look. “Busted? How???” he exclaimed.

“You will have to prove your loyalty to me if you want us to stay together,” Khandace said with a cross look on her face.

Kyle glared at her and crossed his arms. “And how, pray tell, do I do that?” he asked.

“Well, I have a big surprise for you. And if you go through with it, I’ll forgive you and we can move on,” Khandace said with a smirk on her face.

Kyle had forgotten about the surprise she told him about earlier. He was excited about it on the way home from work but now he was filled with dread.

Khandace got up and half-stepped away from the couch. She pointed towards the bedroom. “Your surprise is in there. Go on and take a look,” she said.

Kyle stared at her in disbelief. He then stood up and shook his head. She’s crazy, he thought. He decided he’d see what she had in store for him. If it was too crazy, he’d bounce and deal with her later on. He walked over to the closed bedroom door and put his hand on the doorknob. He looked back at her. Khandace was standing there with her arms crossed waiting expectantly for him to enter. She couldn’t wait to see his face when he saw Nikki.

Kyle sighed then opened the door. As he stepped in, he looked up and saw who was on the bed. His face registered a look of shock then a look of disgust came over his face. He turned and glared at Khandace.

“Seriously?” he said.

“As a fucking heart attack!” Khandace said with venom. “You’d better handle that or we’re through.”

Kyle turned and stared at Nikki. She lay on the bed wearing a blue netted catsuit. Her stiff long nipples poked through the netting and her large round areolas contrasted with her butterscotch skin. She licked her full lips in anticipation of getting her hands on Kyle. She sat up and crawled slowly to the edge of the king-sized bed. Kyle kept the disgusted look on his face as he walked towards the bed but his hard dick running down the legs of his slacks said otherwise. Nikki reached out and ran her fingers along his cock through his slacks.

“C’mon big boy. Let’s do this,” she breathed. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled his head towards her. She nibbled on his ear then whispered, “This bitch doesn’t have a clue.”

Kyle smiled briefly then the look of disgust returned to his face as he pulled away. He turned and glared at Khandace, who was waiting impatiently. He turned and looked at Nikki, who by now had a handful of dick and was trying to undo his slacks. Fuck it, he thought. I’mma give this bitch what she wants.

He grabbed Nikki’s braids and pulled back on them harshly. She yelped as a look of surprise came over her face. Kyle held onto her braids as he deftly unbuttoned his shirt and wriggled out of it.

“Oh so you want some dick huh?” he seethed. “You let her talk you into this shit? How much did she pay you, you fucking slut!!!”

He finished undoing his slacks and pushed them down. His rock hard dick sprang forth and stood tall. He guided Nikki’s head down towards it and pushed his dick into her mouth.

“Hell yeah, bitch. Get this dick. Get it all,” he said through gritted teeth. He grabbed his dick by the base and shoved it balls deep into Nikki’s throat. Her eyes were big as she struggled to breathe with her mouth and throat full.

Khandace was in shock. She didn’t think Kyle would be aroused by Nikki’s thick body. Maybe it was the rough manner he was treating her that turned him on. Hell, it was turning her on, too. She had never seen this side of Kyle. She slowly sat down on a chaise that was near the bedroom window and her hands crept into her blouse to massage and pinch her nipples. Her other hand had hiked up her skirt and was massaging her wet pussy. Her mouth was open in wonder and lust as she watched Kyle work.

Kyle was throat-fucking the shit out of Nikki. Tears and drool rolled down the sides of her mouth as he punished her tonsils. He finally pulled his dick out of her mouth and yanked back on her braids again.

“You like that, you slutty bitch?!” he exclaimed. He slapped hard at Nikki’s nipple through the catsuit and she shrieked in pleasure. He reached down and slapped at her puffy pussy through the suit and looked at her exposed clit standing out. Her pussy was beyond wet.

“Hell yes, you love this shit,” he said softly.

He pushed her back onto the bed and climbed onto it between her legs. Khandace watched as he pushed Nikki’s breasts together and began to feast on her nipples. Nikki arched her back and threw her head back in a silent scream. Kyle’s head went back and forth from nipple to nipple and he sucked hard on them both.

He looked up at Khandace and grinned. “Look at you. You like this shit, too. You like what I’m doing to this bitch,” he said. “Well, thanks for bringing her to me. This shit is fun.” He pushed Nikki’s legs back towards her shoulders then buried his face in her puffy snatch. He dove his tongue deep inside her. Nikki’s body shuddered as she squirted all over Kyle’s face.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!” she exclaimed as she came hard.

Kyle tongued her ass as well then turned Nikki over on her stomach. He pulled her to her knees in a doggy-style position. He slapped her juicy ass cheeks hard then roughly pushed himself into her wanton pussy.

“ARRRRGGGGGHHH” Nikki yelled through gritted teeth as he began to pound her backside.

Khandace had by now taken off her blouse and had pushed off her skirt. Her fingers were buried deep inside her wet pussy and she played with her clit. She couldn’t believe how terribly turned on she was by watching her man fuck another woman. She inched over to the side of the bed on her knees to watch closer.

Kyle smiled at her. “Hell yes. You want some now don’tcha?” he asked. He reached over and grabbed Khandace by her hair and dragged her onto the bed. Khandace cried out and crawled onto the bed. Kyle stopped fucking for a minute and pulled his dick out of Nikki.

“C’mere. Taste this bitch. Taste what you chose,” Kyle said in a low voice and shoved his dick into Khandace’s mouth.

He had never treated her this way. Their sex had always been tender and loving and he catered to her needs. He loved licking her pussy and making her cum. She was never really too keen on sucking his dick so he never really made too big of a deal about it.

Now, her eyes were wide as her throat was filled with his big, thick dick. She opened her mouth wider to let him get it all in. Soon his balls were on her chin. She reached between her legs and massaged her clit some more. She moaned as she was introduced to her submissive nature.

“Hell yeeesss,” Kyle moaned. “That’s right girl. Get this shit. Get it all.” He jacked her head up and on his dick. He looked at Nikki and smacked her soft ass again. She yelped and he fingered her wet abused pussy again.

He pulled his dick from Khandace’s throat and returned his attention to Nikki. He inserted himself back inside her and fucked her with long deep strokes. Her butt cheeks jiggled like jelly as his balls slapped her against her clit with every thrust.

Nikki moaned loudly as she felt her pussy swell up around his dick. It felt like one long continuous orgasm and she could not stop cumming. She reached out and grabbed hard at the bedsheets as he continued to blow her back out.

Khandace boldly came up on Nikki’s side and put her hands on her back. She watched Nikki’s flesh jiggle as Kyle pounded her backside. She hesitantly reached over and held Nikki’s ass open so Kyle could get deeper. She smiled at him.

Kyle was surprised at her. He knew there was some freakiness there somewhere in Khandace but he never thought he would see it. And all it took was a cheating accusation to bring it out of her.

He pulled his dick out of Nikki and she flopped down on the bed. Kyle roughly grabbed Khandace and he laid down on the bed beside Nikki. He held his missile up and motioned for Khandace to climb on. Khandace straddled him and mounted herself atop his shaft and eased down on it.

“Ooooh shit!!!” she moaned as her tiny pussy was filled and stretched.

She began to hump slowly, trying to accommodate herself to his girth. Kyle put up with this for a few minutes then he grabbed Khandace’s hips and started to put in work with his hips as well. He drove up into her like a V12 Ferrari engine with piston-like strokes. Khandace’s eyes were bugged as her brain registered the erotic assault. Kyle gritted his teeth as he drove up into her. This wasn’t lovemaking; this was fucking.

Kyle had never fucked her this hard before. Khandace threw her head back and cried out loudly. Her 34C breasts shook wildly with every thrust and her stiff pointy nipples stood out. Kyle reached up and slapped at them. Khandace creamed all over his lap.

Nikki sat up and watched Kyle put in work on Khandace. She grinned and climbed atop Kyle’s face. She lowered her pussy over his mouth and Kyle munched away at her lovepie. Nikki cupped her big 38DDs and pulled at her nipples as she grinded on his face. She then reached over and pulled at one of Khandace’s nipples as well.

Kyle soon felt his nuts lurch and he was ready to blast. But he didn’t know where he wanted to cum. Nikki’s throat was superb and her pussy was even better. But his intention was to punish his girlfriend for bringing all of this about. He put his hips into overdrive and sped up his strokes into Khandace.

Khandace’s face registered the shift in gears of Kyle’s fucking as her mouth flew open and her eyes widened. “OOOOHHH… MMMYYYY… GAAAWWWDDDDDDD!!!” she screamed as her pussy pulsed and Kyle felt his lap flood like crazy with her squirt juice.

He pushed her off of him and Nikki off his face. He sat up and pulled Khandace over to him by her hair. His face was full of anguish as he shoved his dick into her mouth and pumped it for all it was worth. He threw back his head and roared mightily as his nut exploded. He pulled his dick out of her throat and sprayed hot cum all over Khandace’s face. He jerked himself and made sure his balls were free of every drop. He then let go of Khandace’s hair and she flopped down on the bed, spent and drained.

Kyle and Nikki watched her for a minute because she lay so still on the bed. Then Kyle leaned closer and heard her softly snoring. He smiled and looked at Nikki.

“I think we broke her,” he said softly and they laughed.

Kyle looked at her. “Whose idea was this?” he asked her.

Nikki shrugged her shoulders and laid back on the bed. “Mostly mines,” she said, smiling.

Kyle was confused. “But how did you know who she was?” he asked.

Nikki put her hands behind her head and laid back against the headboard. “One night while you were asleep, I went through your phone. I saw her pic in there,” she said.

“But I told you about her,” Kyle protested.

“Baby, I know. I wasn’t trippin. I knew what it was from the jump. I don’t care who you mess with as long as you keep giving me that good dick,” Nikki said with a smile. Kyle grinned.

“Anyway, imagine my surprise when she came into the club earlier this evening. I recognized her right away. I just started talking to her. She unloaded her sorrows on me. I got the idea of a hall pass from a movie I had watched last week. I honestly didn’t think she’d go for it then I was offended when she suggested that I do it. The only reason why she did was because she thought you wouldn’t be into me,” Nikki said. She looked down at Khandace snoring with her cum-covered face and sneered. “Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids. The joke’s on you.”

Kyle snickered and shook his head. “She’s an arrogant little bitch, ain’t she?” he said.

“Yes and condescending, too,” Nikki co-signed. “I’m surprised you lasted this long with her.”

“Oh well,” Kyle said. “I made this final fuck a good one though. I’ve never beat them guts up like that.”

“Shit, you’ve never beat my guts up like that,” Nikki said with a laugh. Kyle just grinned and shrugged his shoulders. “Hell, I loved that rough shit. You can have me like that anytime you want,” Nikki said gleefully.

They both laughed and got up to get dressed. Nikki shook her head. “Boy the look on your face when you came through that bedroom door was PRICELESS. You played it off pretty well though. She never had a clue,” she said.

“I did wing that pretty good, didn’t I?” Kyle said with a grin.

When they were both dressed, the two looked at Khandace on the bed. “You’re really going to leave her?” Nikki asked.

“Hell yes.” Kyle retorted. “This was a blessing in disguise. She’s pretty boring in bed. Although, I can see now there’s a bit of freak in her. Maybe the next guy can bring the rest out of her. I’m done teaching. Come on, let’s go.”

The duo left the apartment, leaving the clueless Khandace curled up like a Cheeta asleep on the bed. She’d wake up later on alone and with a lesson learned. Trust your instincts and JUST LEAVE. 

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