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Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Riding on this train leads to a ride of a lifetime for a young lady. Her sexual desires are exposed and explored


Riding on this train leads to a ride of a lifetime for a young lady. Her sexual desires are exposed and explored


Submitted: July 18, 2016

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Submitted: July 18, 2016



Quickly Becky paid the taxi driver knowing that every second  counted. Her whole life seemed like a hurry up about to be late type of  living. This was one time she could not be late. Turning from the taxi with luggage in hand, Becky was about to begin her two week vacation that she desperately needed. The past years stress of work had taken a toll on her mental being and she was ready for rejuvenation with a trip to see her  friends in Houston Texas. Becky's husband Wayne once took a trip by train before they were married and convinced her that it was a very relaxing wayto travel. She was still upset that Wayne could not come with her on vacation because of work. Since he could not go to, she decided that it would be a good opportunity to visit her college girlfriends and catch up on all the latest gossip about people they knew.


The entrance to the Los Angelas train station was immense. The two story arched entrance was decorated with white marble that was showing signs of many years of pollution and neglect. Passing into the main room, Becky was awed by the stations vast size. She estimated the ceiling to be four stories high and was painted with different shapes and colors. Hugh wooden columns arched their way from the tile floor to the utmost heights of the spectacular ceiling. There were a myriad of seats in neat and  evenly spaced rows. The coverings were worn and patched with plain duck tape. Becky thought that in the grand days of train travel, this must have been one of the most beautiful sights in Los Angelas.


Looking to her left she saw the ticket windows and hurried over to purchase the ticket she had reserved two weeks earlier. The lifeless person behind the booth handed her the ticket and told her to proceed to the far end of the lobby. Becky grabbed her luggage and walked the entire length of the lobby to were a sign on the wall indicated that the train entrance was through the main glass doors. Passing the doors, Becky observed that  she was in a dimly lite tunnel. Down the tunnel she saw different  openings and signs hanging from the ceiling indicating which turn she  should make to her train. After turning to the right, the hall was flooded with sunlight. Becky passed through the hall and out onto the main platform where she could see numerous trains being loaded with people and luggage.


  Becky found her train and was surprised by how big it was. The train was twelve cars long and each of the cars was two stories high. Becky had never heard of train cars this tall and was eager to enter and explore her home for the next two days.


Upon entering the car that was hers, she discovered that the bottom floor consisted of areas to store luggage and at one end there were three doors.


  I large gentlemen in a blue uniform greeted her with a warm smile and  explained to her that his name was Jim and that he was the attendant on  this car. If there was anything she needed, Becky was to contact him. Jim explained the layout of the train car and that where she saw the three  doors, they were the bathrooms for the people who did not have the deluxe accommodations. Jim then led her to the middle of the car where Becky saw a stair way. Becky saw that on the second level, on one end there was a narrow hall that ran along the side and at the other end, the hall ran down the middle of the train car. Jim explained that the deluxe rooms were where the hall was on the side and that these rooms had their own bathroom and full size beds. He directed her the other direction where her room was going to be. Walking down the narrow hall, Becky saw that these room were very tiny and consisted of two large cushioned seats that faced each other. Becky's room was the last one on the car. The rooms were so small that Becky had to stand in the hall while he explained everything. He showed her that the bed was folded up against the wall above the seats and if she did not want to sleep there, the two seats would fold down into a comfortable bed. Jim showed her a button she could push if she ever needed anything and that everynight, he would come around to make her bed for her. Jim wished  her a good trip and hurried off to greet people as they boarded.


Becky stepped inside and sat down and discovered that the seats were very comfortable. Looking at the door, she noticed that they were made of sliding glass and for privacy, one had to pull a thick curtain accross it. She could see why Jim had stored her large luggage downstairs because there was no room to store it except for the one that she would need with her personal  things for the trip. Going back into the hall, Becky looked out the window at the end of the car and noticed she was on the end car and could see back along the tracks where the train had been. Since the hall was in the middle, Becky observed that there were rooms exactly alike on both side. The room across from hers was empty and wondered how crowded the train would be. She closed and locked her door and decided to explore before the trip began.


She passed the stairway and veered right as she entered the hall along the side. One of the door was open to the deluxe rooms and Becky saw that it was quite large with one bed and two more that could fold down. Since there was a small hallway into the room, Becky figured behind that wall was the bathroom. At the end of the car, she could see through the window into the

  next car. Becky pushed a bar on the door and it automatically opened to the space between the cars. Crossing this opening and pushing the next bar, she entered a car that had windows for a ceiling and seats lining the sides.


  This was the observation car where you could sit and watch things pass and  not have to sit in your room all day. In the middle was a stairway and on  the lower level was a snack bar with tables to sit at. Since the train was in the station, it was not open and the workers were busy restocking supples  from a door next to the kitchen.


Back on the upper level, Becky moved to the next two cars which were ones just like hers. But the next car was the restaurant. There were many rows of seats and in the middle she could tell that the lower section was the kitchen. The smell let her know that even now they were preparing meals for that night. Becky did not enter the next car when she noticed through the 

  window that it consisted of only seats like in a bus. She figured this is

  where people sat who did not have far to go and did not want to spend the

  money for the private rooms. Retracing her path, Becky saw that many people

  had boarded and decided to stay in her room until they left.

The room across the hall was empty when she began to explore the train but

  upon her return, there was a young couple trying to get settled in their

  cramped room. 

"Hi, my name is Jennifer." the young girl said to her.

"This is my husband Rick."

Becky greeted them both with a friendly hello. She noticed that Rick was

  a very handsome man and his wife Jennifer could have been a model except for 

  for the matter that she had the biggest breasts she had ever seen. They 

  were around 38DD and her waist and hips were way out of proportion to them

  Becky caught herself starring at Jennifer's breasts when Rick asked her 

  where she was going. Becky explained that she was on her way to Houstong to

  visit her college friends since her husband Wayne could not get off work.

  They told Becky that they were on their way to Houston also. Jennifer told

  how they had gotten married two months earliar but this was the first chance

  they had to get away for their honeymoon. From Houston they were going to 

  catch a ship that was headed for Mexico. They thought a train ride would be

  romantic. But Rick exclaimed that he had no idea that the rooms would be so

  small but figured that they could manage for two days. Becky thought to 

  herself that the rooms were plenty big for sitting and sleeping unless you

  had something else in mind. She smiled to herself as she sat down and closed

  the glass door and curtain to her room. Becky figured she would relax while 

  the trip go started.

Becky woke suddenly from her nap when the train started with a jerk. She

  looked out the window and watched as the train station was left behind. For 

  the next thirty minutes, the train ran along the major roads in the area.

  After riding for thirty minutes, Becky saw how the traffic was getting 

  lighter and the densely populated area was opening up to fields and fruit

  orchards. Becky was able to see the mountains that surround Los Angelas as

  the air pollution became lighter.

Becky stood and opened her door planing to look around. She noticed that 

  all the doors to the rooms except for the one across from hers were open. 

  Passing the other doors showed her that besides her, the young married 

  couple were the only people on this end on the train car. When she looked

  down the hall to the larger private rooms, she discovered that they too 

  were empty. Upon returning to her room, Becky noticed movement to the 

  young couples room from a crack left in their curtain. Upon looking closer,

  Becky could see that Rick and Jennifer were in the same seat kissing

  passionately. Becky could not take her eyes off the opening she was spying

  through. She could see that Rick had his hand inside of Jennifers blouse and

  was rubbing her breasts. Between the clacking noise the train made on the

  steel rails, Becky could hear Jennifer moaning loudly as Rick was obviously

  pinching her large nipples. Becky knew she should not be doing this but she

  could not tear herself away from her peeping. She watched as Rick quickly

  unbuttoned Jennifer's blouse and peeled it away from her humongeous bra. 

  Becky bet that she had to have all her bras speial made. After getting her

  blouse off, Rick concentrated his mouth on Jennifers nipples through the

  bra. Becky realized that she was becomming horny and slipped her right hand

  inside her skirt and began to rub her pussy. The more Becky watched, the

  harder she would rub her pussy. 

Rick now reached around behind Jennifer and opened the clasp to her bra.

  After pulling Jennifer's bra off, he returned his mouth to her nipples. 

  Becky had never seen such large nipples. They must have stood out an inch

  from her breasts Becky observed. Becky suddenly stood up and looked around

  thinking that if someone saw her, she could get in trouble. She walked down 

  the hall and looked around to make sure no one was around or any kids that

  were out exploring the train.

Returning to her door, Becky crouched down in the hall so she could have

  a better view through the opening in the curtain. By now, Rick had taken all

  of Jennifer's clothes off and she could not see his head from being buried

  between her legs. Becky stood up and rushed into her room and quickly closed

  the door. She was wearing pants and quickly removed them and her silk 

  panties. Becky replaced these with her tight, short, black leather mini. 

  Standing up she removed her blouse and bra that was encasing her 36C 

  breasts. Becky looked in her bags and decided the mood she was in, her loose

  fitting halter would do just fine. When Becky was especially horny, she 

  always went without underwear.

Opening her door, Becky looked to make sure no one was around and returned

  to her peeping. Crouched down like this made Becky's mini ride up her thighs

  and expose her naked pussy to anyone who was around. Looking back through 

  the opening in the curtain, Becky could see Rick sitting completely naked 

  and Jennifer was sitting in his lap with her back to him. She could not see

  Rick's dick, but she could tell by his facial expression that he was buried

  deep inside of Jennifer's pussy. Rick was reaching around and squeezing

  Jennifer's 38DD breasts. He kept pulling her nipples outward and Jennifer

  seemed to enjoy it from the moans that Becky could hear. Rick released

  Jennifer's breasts and moved his hands into a position where he could help

  her move on his dick with greater speed. Becky kept staring at Jennifers's

  breasts. They were so big and with her bouncing up and down so hard, 

  Jennifer's breast were moving with great force on her chest. Becky watched

  her long nipples with great interest wondering what they would feel like

  between her lips. Becky realized that her right hand was between her legs

  and she was rubbing her clit. The faster Becky rubbed her clit, the

  faster her breathing became and she knew it would not be long before she

  would experience her orgasm. Concentrating on the curtain again, Becky saw

  that Jennifer was now standing on her feet and bent over so Rick had free

  access to her pussy from behind. She watched as Rick grabbed her hips and

  quickly buried his dick deeply in Jennifer's pussy. Becky watched as

  Jennifer's breast swayed back and forth and saw that her nipples would 

  graze the seat cover with each passing. Jennifer was also pushing back

  to meet each of Rick's thrusts. This was too much for Becky and her orgasm

  suddenly ran through her body. Her shaking caused her to loose her balance

  and she accidently bumped into the glass door. Becky saw Jennifer look over

  her shoulder and when their eyes made contact, Becky could see a grin form

  on Jennifer's lips as she was moaning. Embarrased, Becky quickly stood and

  rushed into her room. Closing and locking the door, Becky made sure the 

  curtain over the window was tightly closed. She sat down still shaking

  from her orgasm and was thinking what she should do now since she had been

  discovered. What would they do or say and could she look at them in the face

  the next time she saw them. With this on her mind, Becky dropped off to 

  sleep with her hand resting between her legs.

When Becky awoke from her nap, she noticed that the sun was beginning to 

  set. The feeling in her stomach reminded her that it was time for dinner.

  Peeking around the curtain covering her door, Becky noticed that the young

  couple were not in her room. She opened the door and decided that she would

  have dinner and worry about what to say when she ran into the Rick and

  Jennifer. It did not take long to find them because they were sitting in the

  observation car. Becky thought that if she passed them quickly they would

  not see her because they were kissing and did not seem to notice anything

  going on around them. Just as Becky was passing them, she felt someone pat

  her on the ass. She kept walking but when she looked behind her, she saw

  Rick looking at her over Jennifer's shoulder. He winked at her and by the 

  time she reached the end of the car, Jennifer had turned around and was 

  smiling at Becky. Clumsily she opened the door and hurried to the dining


Although she was enjoying dinner, she kept looking up to see if Rick and

  Jennifer would be joining her and the other passengers for dinner. After 

  eating and paying for dinner, Becky was going back to her room when she saw

  Rick and Jennifer enter the dinner car. As she approached them she kept her

  eyes to the floor to embarrased to look at them. 

"Hi Becky, how is the food in this place?" Becky heard Jennifer ask when 

  they were next to each other.

"It is quite good." Becky replied as she finally looked up to Rick's 

  smiling face.

In this area the room was quite limited and Becky found herself only 

  inches from Rick and Jennifer. Jennifer was standing in a way that made it

  impossible for Becky to pass. After some small talk, Jennifer moved enough

  for Becky to pass. But just when she was passing, Becky felt to sets of 

  hands rubbing her mini clad ass. One of the hands worked under the hem of

  her skirt and she could feel a hand rubbing her bare ass.

"Oh I like the feel of that." Rick exclaimed.

Suddenly Becky could feel her pussy juices begin to flow as Rick became

  bolder and now was running a finger through the slit of Becky's pussy.

"Maybe we will see you later before you go to sleep?" Jennifer said to

  Becky as she also ran her hand across Becky's bare ass.

"Maybe." is all Becky could get out of her mouth as she continued to the

  end of the dinner car and back to her room.

Returning to her room, Becky realized that there was a porter on the car

  because someone had entered her room and made her bed from where it had been

  folded above the seats earlier. It made Becky nervous because she had 

  forgotten about him and what would have happen if he had seen her earliar.

  She decided that she must be more careful if the incident were to happen

  again. She could just imagine what her husband Wayne would say if he had

  gotten a call from the police to come pick his wife up in some town who 

  knows where because she had been arrested for being a peeping Tom. Becky

  entered her room and closed the door and curtain for privacy. She than 

  picked out one of the books she had brought with her and settled down in

  her seat to read. 

Becky heard Jennifer and Rick comming down the hall from the noise they 

  were making and she turned her light off so they would think that she had

  gone to bed. She looked at her watch from the dim light coming in through

  the window and saw that she had been reading for two hours. Rick and

  Jennifer were standing outside her door and were talking quietly enough

  for her not able to understand what they were saying. They stood outside in

  the hall for a long time before they went into their room and closed the 

  door. Becky stood by the door and looked around the corner of her curtain

  and noticed that they had closed their curtain but the lights were still on.

  Becky sat down again and leaned her head against the window as she watched

  lights in the distance go by. She knew by now that they should be someplace

  close to the Arizona, California border. She had passed this way by car many

  times and did not need the sunlight to know what the scenery was like. 

  Mainly desert with mountains off in the distance was the best way to 

  describe this part of California.

Becky turned on the light over her seat to see her watch and saw that it

  was eleven and she was wide awake. Turning the light back off, Becky looked

  around the curtain and noticed that the lights to Rick and Jennifer's room

  were still room. Becky could not stand sitting there any longer and quietly

  opened her door and entered the hallway. The hall was dimly lighted enough

  for one to see where they were walking. Before walking down the hall toward

  the observation car, she looked at their door and noticed that the same

  crack in the curtain was still there. Becky fought back the temptation and

  headed down the hall. Upon entering the observation car, Becky noticed that

  it to was dimly lighted around the floor so one could see where they were

  walking and nothing else. She walked part way through the car and sat down

  in one of the seats that lined the wall. After sitting for a few minutes, 

  she realized that there was someone else sitting at the end of the car. She

  could only make out in the darkness that there were two people sitting

  closely together and she could distinguish their voices sometimes. As she 

  sat, a light by a house went by and lighted the car enough for Becky to see

  that the couple with her was Rick and Jennifer. Back into the darkness Becky 

  watched them and could tell that they were kissing but could not see where

  their hands were placed. Shortly another light went by and when Becky looked

  at them, Becky could see that Jennifer's skirt was up around her waste and

  Rick had his hand buried between Jennifer's legs. Becky strained to hear any

  noise besides what the train made and realized she could barely hear moaning

  coming from their direction. Becky began to stare at them and could tell 

  that Jennifer's head was leaning back. She suddenly heard a loud moan and

  guessed that she had just had an orgasm. Becky had never been exposed to 

  people like them who enjoyed having sex at anytime and anyplace. Becky kept

  watching and could only distinguish one head and when the next light went 

  by, Becky realized that Jennifer was on the floor with Rick's dick deep 

  inside her mouth. This was more than Becky could stand and she quickly 

  pulled her mini up and began to run her fingers through her pussy slit. 

  Being unaware of things around her, Becky opened her eyes when she heard

  talking and saw Rick and Jennifer standing next to her making comments about

  how much Becky seemed to be enjoying herself. Becky quickly tried to pull 

  her mini skirt down but Jennifer quickly knelt in front of her and grabbed 

  the hem of her skirt and pulled up. While Jennifer was doing this, Rick was

  on his knees pulling Becky's legs apart. At first Becky resisted but when 

  she felt Rick's tongue run up her slit and come in contact with her clit, 

  she just leaned back in her seat and just enjoyed it.

As Rick was running his tongue between her legs, Jennifer was untying

  Becky's halter top and pulling it down past her breasts. 

"Oh they are so nice and hard." Becky heard Jennifer say as she rubbed and

  squeezed Becky's breasts.

Becky watched as Jennifer brought her mouth to her breasts and softly took

  her nipples between her teeth and lightly ran them between her teeth.

"That feels so good." Becky told Jennifer as she took more of her breasts

  into her mouth.

Becky reached down and pulled Rick's head against her pussy wanting him to

  put as much force as he could against her clit.

"Maybe we should go back to our room before we get caught." Becky said out

  loud for fear of being caught.

It did not seem to matter to them because they did not stop what they were

  doing. Suddenly Becky tensed all over as she experienced an orgasm. 

"I love the taste of you pussy." Rick said to Becky as he lifted his head

  from between her legs.

Becky could not say anything because Jennifer had released her breasts and

  was now kissing Becky roughly on the lips. Becky had never kissed another

  woman before but discovered she enjoyed it especially while reaching out and

  taking Jennifer's hugh breasts in her hands. Becky wanted to explore every

  inch of Jennifer's breasts thinking that surely anything this big could not

  be for real. But discovering how soft and warm they were, Becky knew that 

  they were for real and she could not wait to put one of her nipples in her

  mouth. Becky pushed Jennifer back and moved from her seat to the floor so 

  her mouth was at the same level of her breasts. Becky ran her tongue around

  each of Jennifer's nipples wanting to experience the feel of another womans

  nipples. She enjoyed how rough they felt next to the smooth skin of her 

  breasts. Becky was kneeling on her knees as she licked Jennifer's breasts 

  and could feel that Rick had his hard dick out and was running it through

  the slit of her pussy. Each time the tip of his dick ran across her clit

  caused her to bite down on Jennifer's breasts. Never had Becky experienced

  feeling like this and she was loving every minute of it. If someone had 

  walked in and found them like this now, Becky would just tell them to get

  down her and join us.

"Lay on your back." Becky told Jennifer. She was ready now to taste her

  first pussy.

Becky could see Jennifer easily from the dim lights that ran along the 

  wall. Becky watched Jennifer's breasts spread out over her chest as gravity

  took over. Jennifer helped Becky out by pulling her skirt up around her 

  waist and spreading her legs for easy access. Just as Becky tasted 

  Jennifer's juices, Rick slipped the entire length of his 10" dick up Becky's

  soaked pussy. Becky let out a loud moan as she felt Rick's dick reach the

  deepest part of her pussy. Becky again lowered her head between Jennifer's

  legs and began to explore her first pussy. She loved how slick her slit was

  between her pussy hole and her clit. Up and down Becky ran her tongue while

  listening to Jennifer tell her what parts of her pussy she wanted touched 

  with her tongue. Becky could tell by the speed of Rick's thrusts that he was

  close to having an orgasm. She enjoyed how he held firmly onto the front of

  her legs and pulled her back as he pushed deeply. Becky was running her 

  tongue in tight circles around Jennifer's clit when she heard Rick yell out

  and unload his full load deep into her pussy. Rick kept thrusting with each

  spasm of his strong orgasm. Becky was now concentrating completely on 

  Jennifer's clit as she loved the way her hard clit stuck out like a little

  dick. She never knew that a woman could have a clit that would stick out

  that much. She sucked all of it into her mouth and quickly ran her tongue

  across it until she felt Jennifer tighten and moan from her orgasm.

Rick pulled Becky away from Jennifer and turned her over on her back. 

  Rick lowered his head between her legs and began to run his tongue through

  Becky's pussy. Becky knew that he was tasting his own cum. With all the

  partners Becky had before she was married, she had never met a man that

  would lick up his own cum. With this thought in her mind, Becky experienced

  the stongest orgasm she ever had in her life.

After the three of them had caught their breath, Becky noticed that it was

  1 o'clock in the morning. They all decided that it had better end for now so

  they could get some sleep. As they walked back to their rooms, they were

  discussing where they could try and fuck and suck tomorrow. Rick and 

  Jennifer had Becky hooked on the idea of having sex in public. Just the 

  thought of being caught made Becky horny as they walked slowly down the hall

  of their train car. At their doors, they kissed and hugged each other  and

  quickly closed their doors. While laying in bed, Becky kept thinking of what

  had just happened as she ran her finger through her pussy. Suddenly Becky

  tensed all over and had another orgasm. Just before Becky fell asleep, she

  kept thinking of what the three of them could do tomorrow. Becky was glad

  that Rick and Jennifer were going as far as Houston.

Becky woke the next morning from the sound of someone knocking oh her 


"Who is it?" Becky called out.

"It's me Jennifer." Becky heard her say.

Becky climbed off the bed and dressed in only her black silk panties, 

  Becky opened the door not caring who saw her. Jennifer's eyes became big

  when she saw how Becky was dressed. She reached out and lifted one of 

  Becky's breasts with the palm of her hand.

"We are getting dressed to eat breakfast and thought you might like to

  join us." Jennifer asked her.

Becky looked past Jennifer and could see Rick standing in their doorway

  smiling while looking at her.

"Sure, give me a couple of minutes." Becky told Jennifer.

As Jennifer returned to her room, Becky closed her door so she could get

  ready to face the public properly. Looking in her bag, Becky decided that

  today she would wear her tight fitting red mini. She had only two mini

  skirts with her and she figured by the end of the day, they would both be

  filthy by the time she got to Houston. Before Becky put it on, she took her

  panties off. After squeezing into her mini, Becky decided that the snug

  white top would be the best way to go because one could easily see her

  nipples sticking out when hard. Happy with the way she was dressed, Becky

  opened her door and with approving smiles from Rick and Jennifer, they all

  headed for the dining car for a much needed meal.

As the three were walking toward the dining car, Becky saw the porter 

  coming toward them.

"Where are we?" Becky heard Rick ask the porter.

"We will be in Phoenix in about an hour." The porter replied.

After the porter was out of hearing range, Becky heard Jennifer saying to

  Rick that maybe in Phoenix there will be some more interesting people 

  boarding. Hearing this, Becky saw Jennifer reach around Rick's waist and

  rub the front of his pants. Becky realized that the rest of this trip could

  be filled with some interesting moments. With this thought, Becky realized

  that her pussy juices were once again beginning to flow.

The three of them had to wait for thirty minutes before a table opened for 

  them to sit at. With their car being so deserted, Becky forgot that there 

  were still scores of people on the rest of the train. By the time they were

  finished eating, they could see the outline of Phoenix's downtown area in

  the distance. After discussing the situation, they decided to sit in the

  observation car so they could watch who would board. Becky thought to 

  herself that Rick and Jennifer were treating this moment like being at

  the grocery store picking out that nights dinner. As Rick and Jennifer were

  leaving, Becky stay seated wondering if things were beginning to get out

  of hand. 

"Well what are you waiting for?" Becky heard Jennifer ask her.

When Becky looked up, Jennifer was standing next to her. Becky thought

  for a moment and stood to join them in the observation car.

They picked the side of the car that was facing the train station as they

  pulled in. There was nothing fancy about this station compared to the one

  in Los Angelas. It was two stories and the second floor looked like there

  was nothing but offices. After looking the entire area over Becky could tell

  that this station was mainly used for shipping freight and passenger service

  was only a side line. She than remembered that when she learned about the

  trip, it ran past this area only twice a week. Becky was sitting next to

  Jennifer and every few seconds, Jennifer would reach over and pat Becky on

  the knee. Becky could tell that they were getting excited watching as people

  approached the train that had now come to a stop. Becky looked down and saw

  their porter standing on the platform greeting the new arrivals and by the

  way he was using his hands, she could tell he was giving verbal directions

  on where they were to go. Becky began watching as people would line up with

  their tickets ready to hand to the porter.

"Oh look at that one." Becky heard Jennifer exclaim.

Becky looked to where she was pointing. She could see a young man 

  approaching with another young girl and what she guessed were their parents.

  Becky guessed the young man was 16 or 17 and the young girl looked to be

  around 14 but from the size of her breast, she could have been older.

"I think you can forget them." Becky told Jennifer.

"It looks like you would have to get past their parents first." Becky


"Never say never." Jennifer told Becky.

"Yea, those kids parents may be fucking maniacs." Rick added.

Becky was more interested in the parents. The man was very handsome and it

  was obvious from his snug shirt that he worked out. The woman let Becky know

  that the young girl had some more size to add to her breasts. This lady was

  beautiful with long straight black hair and very shapely figure. As Becky 

  watched them, she came to the conclusion that the whole family was into 

  fitness. The young man also was physically fit like his dad and she could 

  see that the girl's legs were muscular where they appeared from under her

  tight mini skirt. 

"Well it looks like you are not the only one around here who enjoys 

  wearing mini skirts." Jennifer said to Becky.

The whole time the three of them were watching this family, Becky could

  hear Rick and Jennifer making comments to each other about what they would

  like to do sexually to each member of that family. As the rest of the new

  passengers were boarding their respective train cars, none of them really

  caught Becky's eye. Jennifer made the same comment about all the passengers

  also. Becky thought to herself that this family of four had not better turn

  their backs to Rick and Jennifer for what could happen to them. After the

  last of the passengers boarded, Becky watched as the porter went to talk to

  someone at the station. As he returned to the train he was saying something

  on a walkie talkie and immediately the train learched to a start. Becky 

  looked down as the porter jumped on and she could hear the main door being

  slamed shut. Rick and Jennifer stood and said they were going to scope out

  the new passengers but Becky declined to join them saying she was still not

  awake and wanted to sit and watch Phoenix as the train passed through. Becky

  observed that the train seemed to pass through the poorer parts of town 

  because of all the tall and shinny buildings off in the distance. She could

  also see many large houses going up the side of a mountain that bordered the

  town. As time passed the house began to disappear and were once again 

  replaced with open desert. Becky decided it was time to return to her room

  and see whey Rick and Jennifer were doing to their new victims they had

  picked out.

While walking down the hall by the large rooms, Becky saw that people had

  moved into three of the larger rooms. She took a quick glance into each room

  that was occupied and did not see the family that boarded their train car.

  Passing the stairway and entering the hall that lead to her room, Becky saw

  Rick and Jennifer talking to the family that had just boarded. When Jennifer

  saw Becky approaching, she quickly took her by the arm and introduced her to

  the family they were talking to. The family consisted of Bob, Jane, Richard,

  and Heather. Becky saw that Richard, the son, was staring at her breasts and

  this caused her nipples to stand out. Jennifer told Becky that these four 

  were the only one to move into this section of the train. When Becky looked

  at Jennifer, she was smiling and gave Becky a wink.

Bob and Jane were the parents of Richard who was 16 and Heather who had

  just turned 14. Becky observed that if Heather was this cute at 14, by the

  time she turned 18 she would be gorgeous. She asked Richard is he played

  football because of how well developed his muscles were.

"Yes I do." Richard replied.

Turning to Bob and Jane, Becky could tell that Richard took after his

  dad Bob because of how built he was. Jane had a models body and looks.

  She was perfectly proportioned for every part of her body. She could tell

  that Jennifer and Rick were thinking the same thing the way they were 

  staring at Jane. Jennifer told Becky that Bob and Jane's room was two doors

  down from theirs and Richard was next to them and Heather's room was next

  to Becky's. Bob explained that it was cheaper getting four small rooms

  instead of a large room for them and Heather and one small room for Richard

  to stay in. After somemore small talk, Becky passed the group and went and

  sat down in her room to read. She did not want to appear unfriendly so she

  left her door open in case anyone wanted to visit with her. 

As Becky was reading, she put her feet up on the seat across from her and

  did not realize that the hem of her mini was riding high up her thigh. She 

  discovered this when Richard came by to ask her what she was reading and 

  when she looked up, Richard's eyes were not looking at her face but at her

  waist. When Becky looked down, she realized that at the right angle, one 

  could see her pussy hairs and Richard was standing in the right place. Becky

  became excited know this 16 year old was looking at her bare pussy and she

  did nothing to cover it up. She told Richard what she was reading but could

  tell that he did not hear anything she was saying. When she looked pass

  Richard, she could see Rick looking at them and smiling knowing that Richard

  could see her pussy. Richard would probably never have moved except for his

  mom calling to him for help with something in their room. Becky knew at that

  moment that she had Richard hooked and could get him to do anything she 

  wanted if she dared with his parents so close.

"I thought Richard was jump on you right then." Becky heard Rick say 

  across the hall while he was sitting with his door open.

Becky smiled and asked if he thought there was any chance of getting into

  Heather's panties. Rick told her that while they were talking to her parents

  he was standing behind her and everytime the train rocked hard enough, he 

  would rub against her. He also told Becky that after a few minutes of this,

  he took a chance and used his hand to rub her ass. Becky asked what she did

  about it and Rick smiled and said she would lean back into his hand and move

  her ass around. Jennifer added that their mother said they were going to 

  Houston also. Jennifer made the comment that they had just under two days

  to get into Richard and Heather's pants. When Becky asked about their 

  parents, Jennifer said she was not sure yet. As they talked, Heather passed

  by so she could look out the back window of the train. As Heather stood and

  looked, Rick was leaning out into the hall so he could get a good look at

  her nicely shaped ass. Becky leaned out to look also and noticed that 

  Heather was looking back at Rick and moving her ass seductively back and

  forth. Becky was close enough to Rick to her him make a comment how he 

  would like to rub his hard dick in the crack of her ass.

Becky watched as Rick stood just inside the door to his room so Heather's

  parents could not see him. He stood there rubbing the front of his pants and

  Becky was not sure if Heather could see what he was doing. To get things 

  started, Becky said something softly to Heather. Heather moved closer so she

  could hear what Becky said and doing this brought her close enough that she

  could see Rick rubbing his dick through his pants. Heather stood and stared

  at Rick and did not seem to be in any hurry to rush off. Becky watched as

  Jennifer, who was behind Rick, reach around his waist and slowly unzip his

  pants. The three of them watched Heather to see what her reaction would be.

  With Heather staring at Ricks pants, Jennifer reached inside of his pants 

  and pulled his hard dick out so Heather could watch as Jennifer ran her 

  hand up and down his shaft. 

"What do you think about that?" Becky asked Heather.

"I love it." Heathr replied quickly.

Hearing this, Jennifer pulled Rick farther into the room and while Becky 

  watched out for her parents, Jennifer knelt on her knees and slowly took 

  every inch of his hard dick into her mouth. Becky wondered if this is the

  first time Heather watched someone get a blow job. 

"Come sit down so your parents won't see you." Becky told Heather.

Heather hurriedly rushed into Becky's room and sat down so she could watch

  Rick and Jennifer. 

"Have you ever seen anybody do that before?" Becky asked Heather.

"Sure, I give my brother Richards blow jobs all the time." she told Becky.

Becky could not believe what she heard. Here was a fourteen year old that

  was giving people blow jobs. Becky never gave anybody a blow job until she 

  was married and gave Wayne her first attempt. Heather told Becky that she 

  had been fucking Richard for over a year now. She told her how sex was 

  always on her mind and figured she would sneak into Richard's room tonight

  until she felt Rick's hand on her ass earliar. Heather told Becky how she

  thought first it was an accident but when he started squeezing her ass when

  she leaned back, she knew that Rick was enjoying the feel of her ass. While

  they talked, Heather's eyes never moved from Jennifer and Rick. Becky looked

  down the hall to make sure no one was coming. Becky felt Heather's hand 

  touching her knee and the harder her breathing became, the higher her hand

  moved up Becky's thigh. To help her out, Becky pulled her mini higher and

  spread her legs hoping that Heather would not stop. The closer Heather's 

  hand got to her pussy the harder her breathing became. When Becky looked 

  over at Jennifer, she saw Rick's balls lying against her chin. Heather's 

  hand reached under Becky's hem and when her finger made contact with her

  pussy, Becky relaxed and layed back into her seat. Suddenly Heather left

  her seat and moved her head between Becky's legs. When Becky looked at the

  door, Jennifer was standing there watching them with parts of Rick's cum

  still running down her chin. 

"Go ahead and taste it. It's delicious." Jennifer told Heather as her 

  mouth and tongue made contact with Becky's pussy.

Becky closed her eyes and spread her legs fully so Heather would have

  plenty of room. Heather wasted no time at going straight to Becky's hard

  clit with her tongue. Becky could feel Heather's teeth slowly run across

  her clit. Becky reached up with her hands and began to manipulate her 

  nipples as Heather's tongue ran quickly across Becky's clit. It took only

  three minutes and Becky was cumming. 

"Oh that feels fantastic." Becky said out loud.

Wanting to get all she could from this orgasm, Becky reached down with her

  hands and pulled Heather's mouth firmly against her clit. After her orgasm

  had slowed down, Becky opened her eyes and saw Jennifer, Rick, and Richard

  watching. When she looked down, Becky realized that Jennifer had Richard's

  dick in her hand. All of them turned and watched as Jennifer masturbated 

  Richard until he shoot his load of cum onto the floor.

"Where the hell are your parents?" Becky said.

"Oh they are walking around seeing what this train has to offer." Richard

  replied as he replaced his now soft dick in his pants and zipped them up.

"Quick, cover up." Rick said softly. "Their parents just came around the


Everyone quickly straightened their clothes and when Bob and Jane reached

  them and asked what they were all doing, everything looked fine when 

  Jennifer told them they were just asking their kids about school and what

  grades they were in. After Richard and Heather's parents walked off, they 

  all agreed that they should cool off until that night when Bob and Jane had

  gone to bed. With this, Becky settled back in her seat and began to read

  her book again with a great sense of satisfaction between her legs.

After reading for a period of time, Becky noticed that they were pulling

  into Tucson. She had been there only once and thought that it would be a

  nice place to live. The town looked clean and Becky loved dry air as 

  compared to the humidity in Los Angelas. After a brief stop and only three

  people boarding another car, they proceed Southeast toward Texas. Becky 

  left her room and noticed that all the doors were closed and wondered what

  everyone was doing. She thouht about knocking on Richard's door but thought

  better of it and moved on toward the observation car. 

Becky knew immediately that an encore performance of the night before 

  would probably be impossible because of the amount of people that were now

  on the train. By this time it was lunch time and when Becky reached the 

  stairs at the middle of the car, she went downstairs where the snack bar

  was located. With only two other people eating, Becky went where the kitchen

  was and ordered a hamburger and Coke. She found an empty table and sat down 

  to eat. After ten minutes passed, Becky saw Bob and Jane enter the room. 

  While Bob ordered for the two of them, Jane came and sat down with Becky

  and started a conversation of small talk. Becky was wearing her revealing

  halter top and she noticed that Bob kept turning around and looking at her

  while waiting for their order. Momentarily Bob joined them and he joined in

  on the conversation that Becky could not really remember. She was too busy

  looking Bob over thinking what a sexy man he was and wondering how much Jane

  enjoyed have his hard dick between her legs. Ten minutes passed when Becky 

  first felt someone's foot begin to run up her leg. From the position Bob and

  Jane were sitting, she could not tell which one was doing it but figured it

  was Bob. Becky dropped her napkin on purpose and when she bent down to pick

  it up, she was surprised to see Jane's foot against the side of her knee. 

  After sitting up, Becky looked at Jane who had a sexy smile on her face as

  she looked into Becky's eyes. Upon this discovery, Becky finished her meal

  and excused herself. Just as Becky started up the stairs she turned around 

  and saw Bob smiling at her as Jane was leaning toward him saying something

  softly in his ear. Becky could only wonder what she was saying and what all

  of this meant. Once again Becky could feel her pussy juices begin to flow.

Becky found an empty seat in the observation level and sat down to watch

  the desert and the mountains pass by. Becky could not believe that there 

  were no signs of trees on the mountains in this part of Arizona. Looking up

  she saw the porter passing through and was wondering where he usually stays

  because he seldom showed up but everytime she went back to her room, she 

  could tell he had been there to either straighten the room or make her bed

  at night. Soon Becky saw Bob and Jane appear at the top of the stairs and

  come toward her. With one on each side of where she was sitting, they made

  comments about the scenery passing in front of them. While they talked, 

  Becky could feel Bob's hand on her shoulder lightly squeezing it with his

  powerful hand. Slowly she could feel his hand slide downward toward her

  excited nipples. He placed his hand squarely over her nipple but quickly

  pulled it away when someone entered the car from the opposite end. 

"How would you like to come to our room where we can really get to know

  each other?" Bob asked her.

Becky looked up at Jane who winked at her and knew that she could not say

  no. Becky stood up and followed Bob and Jane back to their room. Bob opened

  the door and let Becky and Jane in and then he walked down the hall to where

  their kids stayed. Becky could hear Bob telling Richard that the two of them

  were tired and going to lay down for an hour. He also gave Richard enought

  money for him and Heather to eat lunch and then returned to the room. Bob 

  closed the door and made certain that the curtain was closed tightly. Becky

  looked at Bob and Jane who were both looking at her while Bob was quickly

  unbuttoning his shirt.

Jane knelt in front of Becky and helped her take off her mini. Jane was

  quite happy to find that Becky was not wearing any panties. Still with 

  her halter top on, Jane turned Becky around so her back was to Bob and

  Jane. Still kneeling, Jane ran her tongue from Becky's ass hole down to

  her pussy. Becky bent forward and placed her hands on the wall so Jane

  would have full access to her pussy and clit. Becky shook when Jane's 

  tongue ran accross her clit. Bob, who was now naked, stood next to Becky

  holding his hard cock. He reached out with the other hand and began to

  feel Becky's now sensitive nipples. 

"The pussy juices are really starting to flow." Jane told Bob. Bob leaned

  over so he could see what Jane was talking about.

"I think she gets wetter than you." Bob told Jane.

The harder Jane ran her tongue along Becky's slit, the harder Becky kept

  trying to push back. A thought ran through her mind wondering what her 

  husband Wayne would think if he could see her now. Bob was alternating from

  one nipple to the other as Becky began to moan from the feeling. Jane now

  was concentrating on her pussy trying to get as much of her tongue up 

  Becky's hole as she could. Becky looked down between her outstreched arms

  to watch Bob masturbate. Suddenly Becky was experiencing her first orgasm

  and Jane grabbed her legs and pulled her back into her face to get her

  tongue as deep as possible. Bob released Becky's nipples and sat down on

  the seat that Becky was leaning over. Becky could see her breasts hanging

  down right in front of Bob's face. He gave each one a good tongue bath. Jane

  helped Becky stand up and turn around so now her back was to Bob. Bob helped

  Becky sit down on his lap with his hard dick being buried completely up her

  pussy. Becky sat on Bob's dick without moving while she watched Jane stand

  and take her clothes. Bob began to thrust his hips upward and Becky began to

  push her hips downward. Jane knelt in front of them where she could see 

  Bob's dick slide in and out of Becky's pussy.

"How does her pussy feel?" Jane asked Bob.

"It is so deep and tight." Bob replied.

Jane moved closer and reached out with her hand and began to rub and 

  squeeze Bob's balls. Jane loved how hard his balls became just before he had

  an orgasm. Jane alternated between Bob's balls and Becky's clit with her 

  hands. Becky was holding her head back from complete enjoyment of the 

  feeling. Becky listened as Bob began breathing very fast. He tensed all over

  and Becky could feel the first of his cum began to pour into her pussy. Bob

  kept tensing and releasing one load after another into Becky. Jane watched 

  as Becky's pussy took all it could. When the first signs of cum overflowing

  out of Becky's pussy, Jane leaned forward and used her tongue to catch any

  that was running down Bob's now softning dick. Becky stood up and moved over

  to the seat across from Bob and watched as Jane was taking all of Bob's dick

  into her mouth. It did not take Jane long to get Bob's dick hard again. 

  Becky looked out the window and realized the train was running along next 

  to an interstate road and wondered if anybody could see them since the 

  curtains were not closed. Becky felt so wicked that she got in the chair 

  with her knees and pressed her breasts against the window. She loved the way

  her breasts spread out on the glass the harder she pushed. She kept 

  wondering if anybody could see what she was doing from their car. Her head

  was too high for her to see out and asked Jane to look. When Jane looked she

  said that some truck driver kept looking their way and must be able to see

  her. Jane jumped up on the other seat with her feet between Bob's legs and

  pushed her bare ass against the window. Bob watched the driver for them and

  said that he was waving at them. Becky and Jane were laughing so hard that

  Jane lost her balance and feel into Bob's lap. About that time the road 

  veered away from the train and Becky moved down so she could see out the 

  window and wave at the driver before they could not see him anymore. When

  Becky sat down in the seat, she saw that Bob had his dick buried in Jane's 

  pussy. This excited Becky enough that while she watched them, she 

  masturbated. Becky timed her orgasm perfectly because as Jane and Bob both

  began to cum, Becky had a strong orgasm watching them. The three of them sat

  there for a few minutes before Becky stood up and put her clothes back on.

  Opening the door to the room, Becky peeked out to see if anybody was 

  standing in the hall. With no one being there, Becky turned to Bob and Jane

  and told them she would see them later and left closing the door behind her.

Walking to her room, Becky looked at her watch and realized she had been

  in their room for over an hour. Never before would she have done all this

  before this trip. Becky figured there was some deep desire that had shown

  itself since boarding the train. Wayne sure would be surprised is all she

  could think. Passing down the hall, Becky saw that Richard and Heather 

  were not in their rooms and Rick and Jennifer's door was shut and she did

  not feel like finding out if they were there. Becky quietly closed her 

  door and jumped up into her bed over the seats to take a nap. She kept 

  thinking she was going to be exhausted and not rested by the time she got

  to Houston. 

When Becky awoke, it was dark outside and realized that she had been

  asleep for four hours. Getting down from her bed she looked outside and

  could see city lights off in the distance. Going out into the hall, Becky

  saw the porter and went over to ask him what city she saw.

"El Paso will be our next stop." the porter informed Becky. He told Becky

  that they would be there for one hour while the train refueled and took on

  supplies and passengers.

Becky decided to wait about dinner until they arrived in El Paso and get

  something at the station and not wait in line in the dining car. Becky 

  headed to the observation car and sat down watching the lights of El Paso

  approach. It took about thrity minutes before the first of the city lights

  began to pass in front of them. By this time there was enough light for 

  Becky to see everybody in the observation car. She looked around and did

  not recognize any of the people and wondered where everyone was from her

  train car. As Becky felt the train begin to slow down she went back to her

  room to get her purse. Within minutes the train pulled into the station that

  consisted of a large two story tall brick building. Hurring down the stairs

  and past all the luggage, Becky stepped outside into the warm night air.

There were many people walking around and many vendors were set up next

  to the train selling hotdogs, hamburgers and other foods like that. Instead

  of going to the station, Becky decided to just get a hotdog and eat out in

  the night air. She bought her hotdog and drink and found a place to sit and

  eat. She kept watching the train but never saw any of her new friends get

  off. After eating she found a vendor selling ice cream and decided that it

  would taste great at this moment. Becky kept observing people boarding the

  train loaded down with luggage and did not see anybody from her end of the

  train getting off. Having thirty minutes left, she walked to length of the

  train until she was standing in front of the engine. One could not have a

  conversation from all the noise the engine produced. By the time Becky had

  slowly walked back to her car, it was time for the train to leave. She felt

  better and had awoke from her nap finally as she felt the first jolt of the

  train begin to pull away from the station. After climbing the stairs, Becky

  noticed that two more of the rooms had new passengers in them. Walking back

  to her room Becky saw that both rooms had older couples in them getting 

  settled for their trip. 

Passing Richard's room she noticed the door was not completely closed but

  the curtain was closed. Just as she passed his room, she felt someones come

  out of the opening and grab her ass. When Becky turned, she saw Richard in

  his doorway with a large grin on his face and his hand on her ass.

"Do you need something?" Becky asked Richard with a grin on her face.

"Why don't you come on inside." Richard replied.

"Not now Richard I need to freshen up some." Becky told him as she removed

  his hand from her ass. Upon entering her room she closed and locked the door

  so she would not get any surprise visitors before she was ready.

Looking out her window, Becky could tell not many people lived outside of

  El Paso because of how dark it was. Only occasionally could she see a light

  out in the distance. Becky picked up her bag and headed downstairs where the

  restrooms were located so she could freshen up after the past days events.

  On the bottom floor, Becky could see that out of the three restrooms, only

  one door was open. Going inside, Becky closed and locked the door. The 

  restroom consisted of toilet, sink, and a small shower that had a sign on

  it for everyone to please conserve water. Thinking a shower would feel great

  Becky removed her clothes and stepped under the stream of warm water. Becky

  enjoyed how relaxing it felt and did not want to get out. Upon leaving the

  shower, Becky dried off and kept thinking that she could her some noise by

  the wall next to the door. Still without clothes on, Becky went to the wall

  and leaned close to hear what the noise was. At this distance, Becky heard

  the distinct sounds of two people having sex. She kept listening trying to

  figure out who it was. Suddenly she heard the female yell out, "Oh yes, push

  it in deeper Richard." Becky recognized the voice to be Heather and realized

  that her brother Richard was fucking her. Just the thought of this made

  Becky's pussy juices began to flow again. The longer she listened the 

  hornier she became. Becky quickly got dressed and walked out into the hall

  so she could hear better from the restroom door that the two of them were

  behind. Seeing that no one else was around, Becky leaned next to the door

  and listened as Heather was telling Richard how she wanted his dick as deep

  as he could bury it. Still wearing her mini, Becky let her hand run under

  her hem and began to rub her wet pussy. The louder the moans became the 

  harder Becky masturbated. Becky could tell from Heather's moaning that she

  was about to cum. Just as Heather yelled out anouncing her orgasm, Becky 

  also was shaking from her orgasm. With a strong orgasm running throught her

  body, Becky lost her balance and feel against the door only to discover

  that it was not locked as she feel through the door and onto the floor at

  the feet of a naked Richard and Heather. The two of them jumped for their

  clothes to cover up before they realized who it was that fell in on them.

"How long have you been standing out there?" Richard asked Becky.

"Long enough." was all Becky could say.

Richard helped Becky off the floor and took freedom of squeezing her hard


"Well did you enjoy what you heard?" Heather quezzed Becky.]

"Yes but I would rather have seen it." Becky answered.

Richard walked over and closed and locked the door. Heather in the mean

  time turned the shower on and climbed in. Richard quickly joined her and

  asked Becky if she needed a shower to. Becky informed them that she would

  sit and wait because she had just had a shower. Richard pointed toward

  Becky's thighs and mentioned that maybe she needed another shower. Looking

  down, Becky saw that her juices were running down the insides of her thighs

  and decided that maybe she should have another shower. Taking off her 

  clothes, Becky joined them under the warm water. Becky was facing Heather

  and Richard, standing behind Becky, reached around with soapy hands and 

  began to was Becky's breasts for her. In the meantime, Heather lowered her

  hand and began to wash Becky's pussy. Becky closed her eyes and enjoyed the

  feelings she was having from this shower. Becky could feel Richard's hard

  dick bumping into her ass. Becky bent over, reached behind her, and guided

  Richard's dick into her pussy.

"That looks fantastic." was all Heather could say from where she was 


Becky loved the feeling of a dick up her pussy and warm water pouring down

  her body. Heather bent over and took one of Becky's nipples in her mouth and

  began to suck as much of her breast into her mouth. It took only five 

  minutes of this action for Becky and Richard experienced an orgasm at the 

  same time. Heather got down on her knees and when Richard's spent dick came

  out of Becky's pussy, Heather took it into her mouth to finish any cum that

  was left over. Turning off the water, the three of them took turns drying 

  each other off. Getting dressed, they headed back upstairs to their rooms.

  On the way up, they ran into the porter again. Becky thought how funny it

  was that no one every saw him until just after one of their encounters. 

  Becky kept wondering where he always was.

Back in her room, Becky was wondering what the chances were of ever having

  a trip like this the next time she went of vacation with Wayne. Since it had

  never happened to her before, she decided to enjoy every minute of it 

  knowing this would probably never happen again. She thought about going out

  and walking around but knew that eveytime she left her room, she ended up

  have sex and was wondering if she could last the next few hours until they

  arrived in Houston. Being the last night on the train, she decided to go

  out and have the time of her life.

Becky decided to change her well worn mini and decided on a sun dress she 

  had brought but first she put on her red corset that always made her feel

  sexy. She loved the way it lifted her breasts and it was low enough that

  her nipples were in plain sight about the support. She also put on her

  matching garters with no panties. She always loved it when Wayne screwed

  her from behind while she wore her garters and corset. Happy with the way

  she was dressed, Becky left her room to see what she could get into to. 

  Rick and Jennifer were not in their room and decided to go find them. She

  was dying to show her underwear off to someone. In the observation car, 

  Becky discovered Rick, Jennifer, Bob, and Jane all sitting and talking to

  each other. When Becky approached, the four of them became quiet.

"Whats everybody talking about?" Becky asked them.

"We have been talking about you." Rick bravely spook out. 

Rick informed Becky that they were discussing what a good fuck she was and

  were wondering if she had any underwear on under her dress. Bob added that

  they had a five dollar bet on if she did or didn't. Becky looked around and

  saw no one else on the car and quickly reached down and pulled her dress up

  around her head to show everyone her corset and garter.

"Well who wins?" Becky asked them.

Becky watched as Rick handed Bob five dollars. Before she pulled her dress

  back down, she felt Jennifer's hand run across the front of her corset. 

"I just love those things but have not found one I could wear with these

  tits of mine." Jennifer mentioned.

Becky than felt Jane's hand running across her bare ass that was framed

  by her sexy garters.

"Bob just loves women who wear garters." Jane added.

Four people staring at her body was more than Becky could stand. Standing

  in front of them, she reached down and slowly ran her finger through her 

  pussy as Bob stood up and helped her hold her dress up. They all watched 

  Becky's fingers when she brought them up and showed all of them how wet

  they were. Bob looked around to see if anybody had entered and bent over

  and licked the top of Becky's bare breasts. 

"I love the way that thing pushes you breasts up while still showing all

  of your nipples." Bob told her. 

Becky let her hands fall to her sides as she felt four sets of hands begin

  to rub all parts of her body. Becky thought this had to be the bigges turn 

  on she had ever experienced in her life. There was not a part of her body 

  that was being neglected. It became hard for Becky to stand so Jennifer 

  helped her sit between them making sure her dress stayed up around her neck.

  Rick moved in a position so he could lower his face between her legs and

  attack her soaked pussy. Becky moaning loudly now leaned back into the chair

  and closed her eyes. She decided she would leave it up to them to warn her

  if anyone were to walk in and if they wanted to show her to everyone on the

  train, that would be fine with her with how good she felt at this moment.

  As Rick ran his tongue across her clit, Bob was chewing lightly on her 

  nipples. She could feel Jane and Jennifer's hands rubbing the inside of her

  legs. Becky quickly had an orgasm and clamped her legs tightly around Rick's

  head. When she opened her eyes, Richard and Heather had joined them and were

  watching all that was happening. Jane looked up and asked them what they 

  thought about what they were doing. Heather replied by reaching down and 

  pulling her shorts down and running her fingers through her pussy. Jennifer

  turned around and watched as Heather was masturbating. She reached out with

  her hand to help Heather rub her pussy until she shook from a strong orgasm.

Suddenly the car grew quiet as each person looked at one another with lust

  in their eyes. After a short discussion they all agreed that they should go

  someplace that was safer than the observation car. Richard started laughting

  and mentioned that he love observing and thought this car was named 

  appropriately. Heather and Richard were the first to retreat from the car 

  Becky watched as they disappeared with each one having their arm around the

  others waist. Becky talked to Jane about their kids saying she was not aware

  that Bob and Jane were aware of their childrens love for each other. Jane 

  told Becky that she caught them playing with each other two years ago and

  after discussing it with Bob, they decided to let them continue as long as

  Richard and Heather did not hide their events and would be open about asking

  questions about anything they may wonder about. Jane said that many times 

  she has wanted to join her children in bed but decided not to. With this,

  everyone else stood and headed for the sleeping car with Becky wondering 

  where all of them were going to end up. Bob stood at the door as each passed

  and felt him pat her on the ass when it was her time to pass. Becky saw a

  definite look of excitement in his eyes when she looked back.

Upon entering the hall where the rooms were located, Becky saw the two

  older couples standing in their way talking to each other. As the other four

  passed the couples, Becky called out to them to go ahead and she would join

  them shortly. The hunger in Becky's stomach made her realize she was more in

  the mood for food instead of sex. Turning around she headed for the 

  observation car and the snack bar on the lower floor. When she entered the

  room, Becky observed six people sitting and eating besides the attendants

  working behind the counter. After getting her food, Becky found an empty

  table to sit at. Sitting next to her was a couple she estimated in their

  fifties. The gentleman introduced themselves to her as Jack and Nancy. They

  informed her that they lived in Houston and were on their way home from a

  vacation in California. They invited Becky to sit with them while she ate

  which she accepted. Sitting next to Nancy, they exchange small talk about

  vacations and Becky told them how she went to college in Texas and she was

  on her way to visit her roomates since her husband could not go. 

Becky thought that Jack was a handsome man who obviously kept himself in

  good shape and she loved how his hair was solid silver color. Nancy was a

  quiet person who also was in good shape especially her breasts. Becky kept

  looking down at the clevage in Nancy's dress wondering if it was her hugh

  breasts that attracted Jack to her so many years ago. Not to look obvious,

  Becky returned to eating and talking. Jack informed Becky that the train

  would reach San Antonio in about five hours. From there they would stop for

  about thirty minutes while some of the cars were dropped off that would be

  headed north to Dallas. Becky was upset when Jack told her that they would

  arrive in San Antonio about 3 o'clock in the morning so it would not be 

  worth getting off the train because nothing would be open. After that, Jack

  said they would arrive in Houston at 7 o'clock that morning. When Becky 

  asked him how he knew all this, Jack told her that they always ride the 

  train when on vacation and he is getting the routine down pretty good by 


While talking Becky kept feeling Nancy's leg rub against hers but just

  figured it was an accident and never thought anything about it. But when

  she felt the first touch of Nancy's hand on her thigh, Becky looked out

  of the corner of her eye at Nancy. Nancy was still looking straight ahead

  at her husband Jack. Looking at Jack, Becky saw a smile on his face while

  staring at Becky. She was not sure what she was going to do about this but

  as Nancy's hand moved higher, Becky's pussy began to get wet. Becky thought

  that all it took was a touch of the hand and she was ready to spread her

  legs. Never before had she experienced these type of reactions before she

  boarded the train. With all the other people sitting around them, Becky 

  tried not to show any reaction. Jack informed Becky that him and Nancy were

  standing behind the connecting door to the observation car before they came

  downstairs. Excitement flowed through her body knowing someone had been 

  watching what had been going on up stairs a little while ago. 

"Did you enjoy the show?" Becky asked.

Jack told her that while he watched, Nancy got so hot that she dropped to

  her knees and gave him a blow job. He said it was the first one she had 

  given him in almost two years. So he thanked Becky for making his wife 

  become so hot. When Becky looked over at Nancy, she was looking back with

  a smile and her hand on Becky's thighs. Suddenly Nancy slid her hand up

  until it was over Becky's pussy. When Nancy pushed down with her hand, she

  told Jack that she was still wearing her garters. Jack asked her if she also

  had her corset on and Becky answered him by reaching up and pulling down the

  top of her dress just far enough for Jack to she her breasts being held up

  by her corset. Becky pulled it up quickly when she realized that one of the

  men behind the counter saw what she was doing and informed two others next

  to him to look. When the three turned and looked, Becky told Jack and 

  suggested they leave. 

"After the show up stairs, I thought you like showing your body to anybody

  that would look?" Jack replied to Becky.

Becky saw that Nancy was not moving her hand so she just relaxed and 

  decided to relax and accept what was about to happen. Relaxing meant 

  spreading her legs so Nancy could move her hand deeper between her legs.

  Becky knew it was getting late and noticed that all the people were headed

  for the stairs and to places unknown. Closing her eyes, she heard herself

  moan as Nancy's hand began to rub her clit through her dress. When she 

  opened her eyes again, Jack obviously was masturbating from the movement

  of his hand and the men behind the counter were watching and making soft

  comments to each other. Jack mentioned to Nancy that all the other people

  had left. With this information, Nancy pulled Becky's dress up until her

  garters and pussy were exposed those left. Jack could not see so he got up

  and moved around the table and made a comment about how lovely Becky was

  when he saw her pussy. Jack had his dick in hand and Becky told him to move

  next to her. Jack was happy to do as she said and let out a loud moan when

  his dick entered Becky's wet mouth. Becky took every inch of his seven 

  inches. Becky looked sideways and saw that the three workers had come out

  from behind the counter and were all masturbating as they moved closer to

  get a closer look. By the time they had moved in front of the table, Jack

  was beginning to thrust quickly as his orgasm built. Becky observed the

  three new cocks in front of her and could not help but notice that one of

  them had to be 12" long and extremely thick. Suddenly Jack tensed and Becky

  could feel the first of his cum splash against the back of her throat. 

Pulling out, some of his cum was running down her chin and Nancy leaned 

  over and cleaned her chin with her tongue while one of her fingers was

  sliding in and out of her pussy. Jack walked off with his soft cock still

  hanging out of his pants and saw him move two of the clean tables together.

  He than came back and helped Becky to her feet. With the workers watching 

  and rubbing, Jack lifted Becky's dress up over her head so her corset and

  garters were in clear view for all to see. Becky knew the workers must

  approve because of how they picked up the speed of their hands. Jack led

  her over to the table and helped her lay down. Becky watched the workers

  and motioned for the one with the largest cock to approach. When he was

  standing by her feet, Becky spread her legs to let him know what she wanted

  him to do. Climbing on the table quickly, he moved upward on his knees 

  until his cock was inches from her soaked pussy. Becky reached up and took

  his twelve inches in her hand. Grabbing his cock firmly, Becky guided his

  cock forward until she felt the mushroom tip of his cock slowly enter her

  pussy. As each inch slid into her deeply, Becky motioned for the other two 

  workers to come stand by her head. 

Becky moaned as she was able to take all twelve inches into her now very

  tight pussy. While the first worker slowly pulled in and out, Becky took

  a cock in one hand and had the other worker bury his cock deep into her 

  mouth. Becky was going crazy from the excitement of taking on three men at

  the same time. Becky could feel the first workers balls slapping against

  her ass hole with great force by now. The other two were pinching and 

  pulling her nipples forcefully. Usually that much force on her nipples would

  create great pain but this time it felt fantastic. Becky saw Nancy standing

  beside her waist and all she could see of Jack was the back of his head as

  he obviously had his mouth buried between Nancy's legs. Becky could feel the

  cock in her mouth begin to grow harder and knew he was about to cum. Becky

  lightly used her teeth on his cock which put him over the edge as he began

  to pump his full load into her mouth. This time Becky was able to take the

  complete load without letting any escape. Letting that workers softening

  cock out of her mouth, Becky turned her head just in time to have a full

  load of cum splash against her face. Becky finished him off by squeezing the

  tip of his cock which caused him to shake from the feel. These two workers

  moved back as Nancy moved forward with Jack's mouth between her legs. She

  leaned forward and again used her tongue to clean up Becky's face. When she

  finished, Nancy moved down and began sucking Becky's breast and rubbing her

  stomach through the tight corset. The worker with the big cock was now 

  beginning to fuck Becky roughly with each thrust. Becky watched as he looked

  up toward the feeling as the first of his orgasm overtook his body. Suddenly

  Becky spasmed from her own orgasm that was running through her body. After

  the worker pulled out of Becky's pussy leaving a trail of cum that was 

  running down her thigh. Nancy saw this and left Jack's mouth so she could 

  stand between Becky's legs and move her mouth to her pussy. In this position

  Nancy was slightly bent over so Jack stood up and moved behind her so he

  could now drive his once again hard cock into her pussy. The only sound in 

  the car now was that of Nancy, Jack, and Becky moaning loudly. Timing was

  in their favor because the three of them experienced an orgasm at the same

  time as the three workers stood and watched.

After Jack backed out of Nancy, she was able to remove her mouth from 

  Becky's well fucked pussy. The two of them helped Becky up off the table

  and Nancy gave her breasts one last kiss as Jack helped Becky put her 

  dress back on. Looking at the workers, they thanked her and moved back

  behind the counter so they could close up for the night. Jack and Becky 

  stood for a few minutes talking while Nancy went to the restroom. When

  Jack informed Becky that they would be getting to San Antonio in about

  half hour, Becky realized that this last experience had been going on for

  three hours. No wonder her pussy had begun to get sore. Kissing Jack on the

  cheek and waving to the three workers, Becky headed up the stairs and to her

  room. Passing everyones room, she could not hear anything and figured they

  had already started and finished without her. Going into her room, Becky

  shut and locked the door knowing that her pussy could not take anymore 

  action for a few hours. Looking up at her bed, Becky knew the porter had 

  been here because her bed was made up for sleep. She was wondering where

  he was everytime she had been fucked or sucked the past two days. Taking

  all her clothes off, Becky climbed into the bed and feel into a much

  needed sleep.

Becky slept so soundly that she never felt the train jerk around while

  they were in San Antonio and three of the cars were removed and replaced

  with three others head to Houston from Dallas. In fact Becky did not wake

  up until she heard a knocking at the door. When she called out to whom it

  was, the porter told her that they would be in Houston in thirty minutes

  and she might want to be getting ready. Jumping down from her bed, Becky

  quickly got dressed and by the time she had finished packing, she could

  see the train pulling into the Houston train station. She decided not to

  open her door until the train had come to a stop. 

With a hard jerk, the train stopped and Becky could see her girlfriends

  standing on the platform waiting for her. Becky stood and opened the door

  and when she entered the hall, she saw all her new friends standing around

  telling each other good bye. Becky walked over to them and decided to tell

  them where she disappeard to last night but Bob stopped her explaining that

  Rick went to find her and when he saw what was going on, he decided not to

  disturb us. As Becky squeezed past each of them, Becky could feel each one

  of them give her ass one last feel. Standing next to the stairs, Becky

  turned around to them and pulled her dress up giving all of them one last

  look at her well fucked pussy. 

Going down the stairs, Becky retrieved the rest of her luggage and as

  she approached the door she saw the porter standing there to tell everyone

  good bye. As Becky was standing next to him and getting ready to step 

  outside, the porter hoped she had a very good time. When Becky looked up

  at him, the porter had a big grin on his face and she saw him wink at her.

  Out onto the platform where the morning was shinning brightly, Becky thought

  to herself that maybe the porter had been watching them all along. Hearing

  her name being called, Becky saw her friends approach and after many hugs

  and kisses on the cheeks, they left the station with Becky wondering if the

  return trip would be as much fun.




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