cummunity service

cummunity service cummunity service

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


a young woman servicing her community for indecent acts gets involved in more indecent acts


a young woman servicing her community for indecent acts gets involved in more indecent acts


Submitted: May 18, 2017

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Submitted: May 18, 2017



"Just please be quiet and don't say anything. Let me take care of this." William Brady said to Eboni, who nodded obediently. The lawyer was representing the young woman on a charge of indecent exposure and lewd conduct in public. Eboni blew out a nervous sigh. She had never been in trouble with the law before and she was scared shitless about what could happen. She was hoping for maybe a fine and not have to do any jail time or have to register as a sex offender. That would truly be a disaster for her. The judge had just called Eboni and Mr. Brady to the stand and had her case open before him. 

"This is the Commonwealth of Virginia, Fairfax County vs. Eboni Cummings. The charge is indecent exposure and lewd conduct." the bailiff read. 

"My understanding is that the defendant is willing to plead guilty to the charges if the Court imposes a sentence of probation and community service. Am I correct, Mr. Brady?" the judge asked, looking at the prosecutor then to Mr. Brady. 

"That is correct, Your Honor." Mr. Brady acknowledged. "My client understands the seriousness of what she did and is repentant. She wishes to put this situation behind her. She has learned her lesson." 

"Very well... Seeing that this is your client's first offense, the Court accepts the plea and will set punishment at three months of probation and 100 hours of community service." the judge said, slamming down his gavel. 

Eboni turned to Mr. Brady and shook his hand with gratitude. "Thanks Mr. Brady, for everything." she said genuinely. 

"I’m just doing my job, Eboni. But please stay out of trouble. And no more public sex shenanigans." he cautioned. 

"Yes sir." Eboni said as they exited the courtroom. 

She blew out a huge sigh of relief as she climbed into her car to head home. She had dodged a huge bullet and she knew she couldn’t get in trouble like that again. She grinned to herself as she reflected on how she got in trouble in the first place. 

26 year old Eboni Cummings was a wild child, no ifs ands or buts about it. She considered herself a free spirit and loved being spontaneous. Her motto was if it feels good, do it. She never wanted to let anything in life hold her back and she wanted to live her life to the fullest. That meant sexually, too. 

She once thought that she might be a nymphomaniac but she dismissed the concern. No, nymphomaniacs, like alcoholics, had to attend those damn meetings. Besides, sex addicts are never satisfied. Eboni did get satisfied with her sexual conquests. She just had a very healthy libido. 

The episode that got her in trouble all began Friday night a few weeks ago. She was bored at home and didn’t have a steady boyfriend to call on. She needed something different besides the guys she had in her little black book. So she decided to put up a racy ad on Craigslist. 

She went into her bathroom and took a few selfies to use in the ad. At 5’3 and 110 pounds, she had a very cute, curvy but petite body on her with lots of tattoos on her arms, shoulders and back. With her caramel complexion, honey green eyes and full pouty lips, she was the personification of a sexpot. She uploaded the photos online and dwelled on what her ad should say. In the end, she decided to keep it simple and say she was looking for a man who would be spontaneous, just like she was. 

She received a lot of responses but settled on a 40 year old white guy from Burke. He left a number and they tossed it back and forth for a few before Eboni decided he was sane enough to meet. They found a nearby McDonald’s and decided to meet there. 

Eboni found out that he was in town on business and didn’t live there. That was fine with her since she was never going to see him again. He was her cup of tea though; he was tall and physically fit with sandy blond hair. There was a park nearby and they decided to go for a walk. 

As they walked along the trail, Eboni decided she wanted to go back to the man’s hotel room. However, the man had a better suggestion. He asked her how did she feel about sex outside. Eboni’s eyes danced at the idea. It was something she had never done before and it excited her. She took the man’s hand and together they ran off the path towards a small clearing in the middle of the park. 

Once they saw that no one was around, Eboni dropped to her knees in front of the man and unzipped his jeans. He produced his hard cock and Eboni eagerly started to devour it. Both parties were oblivious to the jogger who was out on a night run and came past the spot where the couple were. The jogger heard Eboni’s greedy slobbering on her date’s dick and investigated. Once he saw what the pair were doing, he called the police. Eboni was still fellating the man when the cops rolled up on them. 

They were both charged with the same offenses but Eboni never found out what happened with the man’s case. Hell, she didn’t even find out his name. But she swore that she’d be more careful next time. Despite the arrest, the whole experience was thrilling to her and she wanted to do it again, albeit under more controlled circumstances. 

Monday, she reported to her probation officer, a Mrs. Carroll, in Fairfax. “You will be on time for appointments with me or I will violate you.” she told Eboni sternly. “We have some programs that you can do your community service but be mindful that the sooner you get your work done, the sooner you can come off probation.” 

“Can I find somewhere else to do my service?” Eboni asked. 

Mrs. Carroll pulled out a sheet of paper from her desk and handed it to Eboni. “This form is a log of your hours. You fill in the hours and the place you do your time at and get your supervisor to sign off on it. If everything is legit then the requirements will be fulfilled.” she said to Eboni. “Next week I want to know where you will be doing your service at.” 

Eboni nodded. “Will that be all? I need to get to work.” she said. Mrs. Carroll released her and Eboni left for work. 

She worked at the Hooters restaurant down on Prince William Parkway off 95 South in Dale City. She was happy to get everything behind her. She had already told her supervisor about her arrest. Luckily, her supervisor was just as wild as Eboni was and didn’t fire her. 

As she drove along Prince William Parkway, she saw she needed to get gas and stopped at a gas station. As she was pumping her gas, she looked across the road and saw a steady stream of men entering this establishment. At first she thought it was a bar or something but she saw the sign that “New Beginnings”. Her curiosity piqued, she finished getting her gas and drove over to the other side of the parkway to investigate. 

As she came up on the door, she got strange looks from the men heading inside and a couple even turned around and walked away when they saw her. Hmm, she thought. What was this place? A massage parlor? Maybe she could do her community service here, she laughed to herself. She blew the thought off and went on to work. 

When she got home that night, she researched the New Beginnings place off the Parkway. It turned out that it was a sperm donation center. An idea formed in Eboni’s head and she decided to pay the place a visit tomorrow. It was her day off. 

The next morning she went back to that area and parked in front of the center. It was around 10am and there was a lot of activity. She got out of her car and went inside. She looked around and saw all of the men waiting around. She sat down and observed everyone for a while. 

A receptionist sat at her desk to greet clients but she paid Eboni no mind as Eboni sat in the waiting area. A door opened from the back and an attractive black woman in nurse’s scrubs came out and called for someone. The man got up and went into the back with nurse. This happened three more times before the receptionist finally noticed Eboni and came over to inquire if she needed help. Eboni was unsure about how to proceed but in the end she decided honesty was the best policy. 

“This is going to sound a little strange but I have a question to ask you.” she told the receptionist. 

The receptionist looked at her strangely then crossed her arms. “Okay, go ahead.” she said. 

“I got busted on drug charges recently and I got probation and community service as a sentence.” Eboni explained. “I was looking for somewhere to do my community service. It looks to be pretty busy in here. Does your center need any help?” 

The receptionist blinked a couple of times then turned and saw a client at the front desk waiting to sign in. She held up a finger to Eboni telling her to wait a moment then tended to the client. A couple of more clients came in and further took up the receptionist’s time. 

After about 20 minutes of waiting, Eboni decided that the receptionist was too busy and she would have to call or come back by. She went over to the front desk and waved at the receptionist. “Is there a card available so I can call back to speak with someone in charge?” she asked. 

The receptionist apologized and pulled a business card from her desk. She gave it to Eboni, who smiled and left. When she got in the car, she studied the card. It had the New Beginnings logo on it and a name, Dr. Janet Kennedy, who was the center’s director. There was also a number for her to call. 

“No better time like the present.” Eboni said aloud to no one in particular. She dialed the number on her smartphone and waited. The doctor answered on the third ring. 

“Hello, Dr. Kennedy speaking.” the doctor answered. 

“Dr. Kennedy, how are you?” Eboni greeted. “My name is Eboni Cummings and I was down at New Beginnings today. I was quite impressed with the establishment.” 

“Oh okay.” the voice at the other end said hesitantly. “Thank you. So what can I do for you, Ms. Cummings?” 

Again, Eboni decided to keep it real. “Well, I was wondering if you need assistance with your staff. I’m looking for work; more specifically, volunteer work.” 

The doctor was quiet at the other end but she heard volunteer work and was interested. “You’d like to volunteer at the center?” she asked. 

“Uh, yes.” Eboni said. She rolled her eyes and blew out a sigh. “To be honest, Doctor, I need somewhere to work my community service. I got into a bit of legal trouble recently. I have to do 100 hours of service for my sentence. I figured that your center seemed like a good place for me to serve.” 

Dr. Kennedy shrugged as she mulled this over. Free help, she thought. It couldn't hurt. “ Okay Ms. Cummings. Be at the clinic tomorrow morning at 9am and report to my receptionist, Kayla. I'll call her and let her know to be expecting you.” she said. 

Eboni beamed. “ Thank you, Dr. Kennedy. I really appreciate this.” she said. 

“It's fine. Thanks for volunteering.” Dr. Kennedy said. “Have a good day and I'll talk to you tomorrow.” Eboni ended the call and smiled widely at the opportunity. She would do her best to take advantage of it. 

She showed up the next morning in casual business attire. She wasn’t sure what she would be doing but she wanted to make a good first impression. She walked up to Kayla’s desk and smiled. Kayla eyed her warily. She had gotten a call from Dr. Kennedy about Eboni yesterday. 

“Good morning.” Kayla said to Eboni. “So here you are.” 

Eboni smiled and nodded. “Yep, here I am.” she said. 

“Okay. Let’s get you started.” Kayla said. “Pull up a chair and I’ll tell you the ins and outs.” Eboni did just that and observed as Kayla answered calls and made appointments. She told Eboni that this was primarily what she would be doing. Every so often she might have to collect specimens from the clients but that would be rare. Eboni asked questions and made sure she understood everything. She also took notes on procedures and where things were. 

As the day went along, she eyed several good looking guys come in and provide specimens. She saw several magazines on the tables in the waiting area. They were pretty racy but no nudity. Mostly it was Maxim and for black men, King. She turned to Kayla. 

“I guess the magazines are to get the clients in the right frame of mind.” Eboni observed. 

“Uh, yeah.” Kayla confirmed. “There’s harder stuff in the back in the client rooms. Motivation for them to do what they need to do.” 

“And they get paid for the specimens right?” Eboni asked. 

“Yes they do. They fill out paperwork about being sperm donors and what they want done with their specimens.” Kayla answered. 

“I see.” Eboni replied. For the rest of the day, Kayla let her handle most of the incoming calls and was pleased that she picked up on things so quickly. 

The next day was more of the same but things were a bit slower. Kayla actually found some time to give Eboni a thorough tour of the clinic. When they went into the back, Kayla introduced Eboni to Kimmy, a plump mocha colored nurse who worked with the client and handled the specimens. Kimmy was one of two nurses on staff but one was on vacation and wouldn’t be back until Eboni was done with her service. 

“I can imagine it gets pretty busy back here doesn’t it?” Eboni asked Kimmy. 

“Yes it does.” Kimmy replied. “It can be kinda wild at times. These guys get themselves riled up pretty well.” 

“What happens if one of them can’t…. You know…” Eboni asked with a wink. 

Kimmy stared at her then smiled. “Oh I don’t imagine that happening. We have all types of stuff back here to get them motivated. I’ve never known a guy not to be able to finish the act.” she said. 

“I see.” Eboni said with a smile. She looked Kimmy over. Sure she was plump but she was pretty. And she had some big-ass titties. She could see a guy getting excited about busting a good nut all over them. Eboni couldn’t see Kimmy behaving like that though. Maybe. Who knows? 

Kayla on the other hand, had issues. Actually, Kayla probably was the one who needed to be back here, Eboni thought. The uptight bitch needed some dick and in a bad way. Kayla was actually quite pretty. She had long dark hair and had a butterscotch complexion. But she was skinny with no ass or titties. Some guys like that though, Eboni thought. She turned her attention back to Kimmy. 

“I could help you back here, you know.” Eboni said. “If things are slow upfront or if Kayla has a good handle on the incoming calls.” 

“That would be great.” Kimmy said with a smile. “I’ll mention that to Kayla.” 

Eboni had it set up so that she would serve her time on Fridays and Saturdays. That way she could go to work on her regular job and not have a conflict. When she got to the clinic on Friday afternoon, Kayla informed her she would be working in the back with Kimmy today. Eboni squealed with glee. 

“Thank you, Kayla.” she beamed. 

Kayla scoffed. “Don’t thank me yet. That’s where the guys get weird. You’d be surprised at what some of them try to pull. Just be careful.” she said. 

Eboni went into the back area and said hi to Kimmy, who gave her a hug. Kimmy smiled at her. “Are you ready for this?” she asked. 

Eboni nodded. “How many rooms are there?” she asked. 

“Ten.” Kimmy replied. “Each equipped with magazines and TVs with DVDs. But most guys use their phones.” 

“Cool. I think I’m ready. But Kayla said something weird to me just now.” she said. 

“What did she say?” Kimmy asked. 

“She said guys get weird back here. They try stuff.” Eboni replied. “What kind of stuff do they try?” 

Kimmy swallowed and smiled nervously. She waved off Eboni’s question. “Nothing, don’t pay Kayla any mind. She’s always stressing about something.” she said. 

Eboni took this in and her brow furled. “Well she was pretty specific. Did she ever work back her at any time?” she asked. 

Kimmy sighed. She’s gonna find out anyway, she thought. “Kayla did for a while. Then something happened and she went to the desk and works that strictly.” Kimmy said. 

“What happened?” Eboni asked. 

“A client sexually assaulted her. He grabbed her boobs and ass.” Kimmy said with a smirking grin. “It ain’t like she got either.” Both women laughed. 

“Oh dayum.” Eboni exclaimed. “What did she do? Threaten to burn the place down?” 

“Yeah pretty much. She threatened to sue Dr. Kennedy and all kinds of shit. The Doctor talked her out of it and she made a deal with her. She got a raise and only had to work the desk. That suited Kayla just fine.” 

“I see.” Eboni said. “Well, if I were a client, I’d be trying to grab your breasts instead of Kayla’s. Have you ever had a client try it with you?” 

Kimmy snickered then she leaned in and lowered her voice. “It happened to me more than a few times when I first started working back here. But I didn’t let it get to me. And soon I found out that it actually helped some of the guys release. So every so often, I’ll let a client cop a feel or see a boob. It gets them off.” she whispered with a grin. 

Eboni laughed. She knew she’d like Kimmy. She was her kind of gal. She gave Kimmy a fist bump. “You go girl. You know what you got and what guys want.” she said. Kimmy beamed. “It makes you feel really sexy, doesn’t it?” Eboni asked. 

Once again, Kimmy nodded. “I’m married but my husband doesn’t do much for me in bed. I have three kids and I put on a lot of weight during my pregnancies. The titties got big but everything else did, too. He stopped touching me and wanting to be with me. At least the guys here gives me attention.” she said matter-of-factly. 

Eboni smiled nervously. “I get it. Have you ever slept with any of the guys? she asked. 

Kimmy shook her head. “I’ve had plenty of chances but no. Too much can go wrong. Besides, the guys have to be able to collect their specimens or they won’t get paid.” she explained. “But I’ve thought about it though. Some of these men are just scrumptious.” 

They both laughed. Kimmy checked her sheet. “The first couple of appointments should be here now. Just chill here and I’ll go check on them.” she said. 

Kimmy went out front and came back with two men. Their eyes got big when they saw Eboni. She smiled and waved at them as Kimmy showed them to their rooms. Kimmy explained to the gentleman what they needed to do and gave them both specimen cups. She then came back over to Eboni. “They seemed glad to see you.” she said to Eboni. 

Eboni laughed. “Maybe they’ll think about me as they are trying to release.” she said. 

Kimmy shrugged and smiled. “Maybe they will. You’re new.” she said. 

They sat and chit-chatted for the next 10 to 15 minutes then one of the clients called for Kimmy. She got up to see what the problem was. She went into the room where the client was and put her hand on her ample hips. This was a regular client who liked a little motivation to get him going. He already had his dick out and was stroking. 

“James.” Kimmy whispered harshly. “You know you can’t keep doing this. I’m sure your movies are better to stroke to than looking at me.” 

James grinned. He was an older white cat who was very virile. He was divorced but didn’t get much action in his single life. He began coming to the clinic after following Kimmy to work one day. He loved Kimmy’s plump chocolate figure. “Just please let me look at them. They really get me going.” he pleaded. 

Kimmy sighed. “Where’s your cup?” she asked. The man grabbed his specimen cup. He already had the lid open. Kimmy got down on her knees in front of the man and pulled her scrubs top. Underneath, she wore a really flimsy bra that struggled to hold in her 48EE breasts. She pulled up her bra from the bottom and her huge hangers fell loose. 

“Oh my…” James breathed. He began to stroke his dick faster. Kimmy smiled at him and cupped her huge breasts. James boldly reached down and felt on one of the soft orbs. He suddenly felt his back spasm. Kimmy quickly grabbed the specimen cup and held it up to his dickhead. James shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into the cup. He came for what seemed like 15 seconds and half filled the cup. 

“Woooow!!!” Kimmy exclaimed in wonder. “That is the biggest nut I’ve ever seen.” She put the top onto the cup and screwed it on tight. She then pulled her bra down over her breasts and put her scrubs top down. 

James staggered back and plopped into the chair. If he had a cigarette, he’d be smoking now. “Thanks Kimmy.” he moaned. “You made my day.” 

Meanwhile, Eboni waited for Kimmy to come back. She then saw the room where the other client was crack open and he called softly to her. “Excuse me, can you come here please?” he called. 

Eboni got up and came over to the man’s door. “I need some assistance here.” he said. 

Eboni smiled and went into the room. “How can I help you Sir?” she asked. 

The man held up a smartphone. “My name is Charles. I’m a regular here. I usually use my cellphone to watch movies on to get me motivated. The DVDs they have here are wack.” he explained. Eboni giggled. The man held up his phone again and frowned. “But when I got here and pulled out my phone, I forgot to charge it last night. Now it’s dead.” 

Eboni looked at him with worry. “You don’t have a charger on you? You can plug in right there.” she said, pointing to an outlet on the wall. 

Charles shook his head. “Nope. No charger.” he lamented. 

Eboni sighed. “So how can I help you?” she asked. 

Charles smiled. “You’re very pretty.” he said, his eyes locked on Eboni’s chest. 

Eboni grinned. She knew what was up with this guy. She surveyed him. Charles was a very handsome older guy with salt-n-pepper hair and mustache and caramel colored skin. She seemed in great shape for his age. I’m going to help this man with his specimen, she thought. “Okay Daddy.” she said softly as she approached him. “Why don’t you grab that lube and get yourself started?” 

Charles grabbed the lube and undid his jeans. He dropped his underwear and his hard dick was revealed. Eboni’s eyes danced when she spied his beautiful dick. Charles squeezed some of the lube into his hand and began to jerk himself off. 

“Where’s your cup?” Eboni asked. Charles grabbed his cup off the table and took off the lid. 

“That’s good Daddy.” she said softly, getting down on her knees in front of Charles. “Just think about where you’d want to splash that hot cum. All over my breasts or all over my face?” 

Charles moaned and closed his eyes. Eboni took his free hand and put it on her breasts, letting him fondle her through her shirt. Her nipple was stiff and his fingers found his. She moaned softly as her pussy got soaking wet. She loved her nipples played with. 

Charles watched her and knew she was turned on. Eboni took his dick from his hand and began to stroke him herself. She thought about showing him her breasts but he was manhandling the hell out of her one titty so it wasn’t necessary. She continued to stroke him. 

“Uuuuugggghhh!!!” Charles moaned and Eboni held the cup in front of his soon-to-be spurting dick. Charles’s dick spat his hot seed into the cup, giving a great specimen. She smiled and screwed the lid onto the cup. 

“This is great, Charles.” she said, getting to her feet. She handed the specimen back to him. He smiled and put the specimen in the small box on the wall for the samples. 

“Thanks for your help.” Charles said appreciatively. 

“The pleasure was all mines.” Eboni said. They both left out of the room. 

Eboni saw Kimmy sitting there and she grinned. Kimmy just shook her head. “I can tell. You’re gonna like working back here, aren’t you?” she said. Eboni just laughed. 

The next few weekends went past with no problems. Eboni showed up on time and took calls for a while. However, she didn't get to work in the back at all. The other nurse came back and things got normal. Eboni and Kimmy became good friends and hung out a bit after work sometimes. 

As she suspected, Eboni found out Kimmy was a bit of a repressed freak. Eboni’s time for her community service was about up. The next weekend would be her last. To celebrate, Eboni and Kimmy went out for drinks after work. 

Kimmy never said anything to Eboni about how she “assisted” her clients sometimes. But Eboni was curious and had to know. She guessed that after a couple of drinks, Kimmy’s tongue would loosen a bit and she'd spill the goods. 

They sat at their table at Brittany’s, a popular local sports bar in the area. Eboni sipped on a very strong Long Island Ice Tea and Kimmy was working on her second glass of Moscato. 

Eboni sensed that Kimmy wanted to get something off her chest and asked, “Are things any better with your husband?” 

Kimmy didn't answer at first. She took a big sip of her wine then looked down as if she were debating something in her mind. Finally she said, “Fuck it.” She looked at Eboni. “This new client came in last week. Never seen him before. He was younger than most clients we get. But he was very cute. Lean like a basketball player but not tall. Nice caramel complexion with short hair. He looked college-aged. I think maybe he was desperate for money.” 

Eboni was quiet as Kimmy related the story. “Anyway, I took him back to one of the rooms and gave him the scoop. I left him alone and tended to some other clients. He was in there for about 30 minutes and I checked on him. I asked him if he was okay. He said he was just very nervous but he would be fine. I said okay and left him again. 

I went to sit down and about 15 minutes later he came out. I got up to collect his specimen and didn’t see one in the room. I stopped him and asked what happened. He didn't want to say at first but he confessed that he was too nervous to perform. I smiled and told him it was okay and natural to be nervous. I asked him if any of the magazines or the movies were any help and he said they didn't do it for them. Then I told him that most men use their phones to watch porn but all he had was an old school flip-phone. 

So I asked him what can I do to help him. He asked me if they had any mags with black big butt women or bbws in them. “Oh you like big girls huh” I asked. He nodded yes. So I pulled him back into the room. I put my hand on his crotch and felt it immediately bulge. “You mean big girls like me?” I asked. He looked at me with wide eyes and nodded slowly. I smiled. “Well, we don't need mags or movies if I can help you.” I told him. I took his hand and put it on one of my big soft titties. He found my nipple through my bra and played with. His dick got so hard and it felt good that I turned him on so much. 

I got down on my knees in front of him and unzipped his jeans. His junk pushed out hard through his fly. I reached inside and pulled his dick out. It was thick, curved and looked scrumptious. I looked up at him. “Now, you can't cum in my mouth. You'll ruin the specimen.” I warned. He nodded dizzly. I closed my eyes and wrapped my lips around his mushroom head. I licked it up and down then sucked it deep into my mouth. I just kept it there, sucking it. It took all of three minutes before he starting trembling. I knew he was about to blow. I spat him out and grabbed his specimen cup. I jerked him off and exploded into the cup. I swear Eboni, he almost filled the cup up. 

We straightened ourselves up and I asked him that was good. He nodded eagerly. He then pointed to my wedding ring and asked if my husband got that kind of treatment. I told him my husband is too busy running behind other hoes and isn't interested in what I have to offer. He shook his head and told that if my husband wasn’t interested in me he'd take his place. I smiled and took his phone. I put my number in it. 

That night I told my husband I was going out with you that night and met Youngbuck. We got a room and fucked like rabbits on ginseng for the next few hours. I had a big smile on my face when I got home.” 

Eboni burst out laughing. “Ooooh shit Kimmy!!!” she exclaimed. “You go girl!!!” She gave Kimmy a fist bump. 

“Yeah but I felt guilty at first about cheating. I was horny though and I'm pretty sure he's cheating on me already.” Kimmy said. She sighed in relief. “I think I really needed to get that off my chest. Do you think I was wrong?” 

“It's wrong for your husband to neglect you. That's what I think. But it's something you two need to talk about.” Eboni said. “Are you gonna see the young dude again?” 

Kimmy finished off her wine. “Maybe. Probably if my husband doesn't straighten up. I still have his number.” Kimmy said with a wink. “That young chocolate was GOOOOD…” They both laughed and ordered another drink. 

That Saturday when Eboni got to work, chaos seem to be running amok. She didn’t understand why Kayla was so panicked but she understood when Kayla had to run to the back. She was taking care of the clients. “Man the phones please!!!” she hollered over her shoulder as she went to get another client. 

Kimmy came out with a worried look on her face. She came over to the front desk. “Take care of her.” she said to Eboni. “She’s gonna go crazy. She doesn’t like working back there.” 

“What happened? Where are you going?” Eboni asked in alarm. 

“I-I have to go. Family emergency.” Kimmy said with grave concern. 

“What happened? Are you okay?” Eboni asked. 

Kimmy swallowed and nodded slowly. “Yeah… I guess… Well I don’t know. Walt didn’t come home last night. I was very worried then I just now got a call from the police. It looks like he was over some woman’s house and her husband walked in on them in bed. He shot Walt and his wife. The wife is dead and they don’t think Walt will make it either.” 

“Oh my God….” Eboni said softly, her hands raised to her mouth. “Well, go on, git!!!” she said to Kimmy. “I’ll call you later.” Kimmy waved and hastily retreated through the door. 

Wow, Eboni thought. I hope she’s okay. She would do her best to make things run smooth for the clinic in the time being. Then Kayla came up front with a disgusted look on his face. “I CANNOT… work back there. Some of those men are DISGUSTING.” she said. “You’ll have to take over back there. I’ll man the phones.” she said. Eboni gave her a funny look then Kayla said, “Shoo.” Eboni blew out a sigh and went towards the back. 

She may have been mad outside but secretly, Eboni was excited. There weren’t many men out front waiting. The morning started out hectic but seemed to slow down. She went into the back area and waited. The guys who were back there left out of their rooms and she went in each room and saw the paperwork and specimens. She processed each one and stored them in the collection room. After she did this, she came back out and checked the front. No one was there. Hmm, she thought. She went back in the back and checked the appointment sheet. No more clients for another couple of hours. 

So Eboni sat back there waiting for the next clients. Kayla seemed to calm down but didn’t come into the back. Eboni came out and asked for details about Kimmy but Kayla didn’t seem too interested. Eboni went back and waited. Then a walk-in client came in and went to the front desk. Kayla smiled and took his info. The young man sat down in the waiting area. 

Kayla buzzed Eboni on the intercom. “We have a walk-in. He’s waiting.” she told Eboni. 

“Okay.” Eboni said. She checked the computer and checked the client’s info. She then came out and told him to come into the back. The young man seemed disappointed when he saw Eboni. 

Eboni showed the man to his room and explained things. “If you need anything, I’ll be right out here.” she said with a smile. 

The man gave her a hopeful look. “Is Kimmy here today?” he asked. 

Eboni looked at him and shook her head. “Kimmy had a family emergency and had to leave. I’m sorry.” she said. 

The man looked crestfallen. “Oh.” he said. 

Eboni took another look at the man. Oh shit, she thought. It’s him. Young Buck. “I’m sorry, did you feel more at ease with Kimmy?” she asked. 

The man squirmed a bit then smiled. “Yes. She made me feel a bit more comfortable.” he said. 

Eboni took a seat across from him. “Tell me. How did she do that?” she asked. 

The man looked at Eboni warily. Then Eboni said, “Kimmy is a good friend of mines. It’s okay.” 

The man smiled. “Well, Kimmy is gorgeous. I get excited looking at her. She got me in the right frame of mind.” he said. 

“I see. You like them chunky and funky right?” Eboni asked. 

The man laughed and nodded. “Yes. I love a voluptuous woman.” 

“I heard that.” Eboni said. “Kimmy is very sexy. Those big ol titties.” 

The man laughed and nodded. “Yes. Those big-ass titties.” he acknowledged. 

“I told her guys would love those.” Eboni said. “I also told her with all the man candy that cums in here I’d be fucking out of both legs.” 

The man stared at her. “Really?” he asked. 

Eboni nodded. “Hell yes. She told me about you. It was so hot.” she said. “But I’m not built like her.” 

The man licked his lips. “Well, you’re thick. Maybe not like Kimmy but you got some thickness on you.” 

Eboni stood up. She cupped her 36C breasts. “Yeah, I guess.” she said, looking at her chest. “But all my weight is back here.” she said turning her rear to the man. His eyes got big as they washed over Eboni round plumpness filling her scrub bottoms. 

Eboni saw him looking and encouraged him. “Go ahead. Touch it if you like.” she said. The man slowly reached out and palmed Eboni’s ass. He moaned at how soft it was. 

“Wow your ass is soft.” he said softly. 

“Well, it’s not big and booming like Kimmy but it’s nice.” she said. 

“Yes, I agree.” the man said. He pulled at his crotch. Eboni noticed and smiled. 

“Looks like I do it for you.” she said. 

The man smiled. “Maybe you can help me.” he said. 

“What do you need baby?” Eboni turned to him and asked. 

The man took a chance and came towards Eboni. He pulled her close and began to fondle her breasts. “Your body is so soft.” he said softly. 

“Yes baby. I’m here for you. Anything to make you ready.” she said. The nymphomaniac in Eboni had been awakened again. Her pussy was soaking wet and she wanted to pleasure this young man. 

The man felt on her nipple and pulled hard on it. Eboni sucked in her breath. “You like that, don’t you?” the man said. Eboni nodded. 

“I like your touch. You’ve got my pussy really wet. Do you wanna see?” she asked. The man nodded. 

Eboni backed up and pushed down her scrub pants and panties. She sat down on the seat across from him and spread open her legs. 

“Oh my….” the man breathed. Eboni spread open her lips with two fingers, exposing her wet, swollen clit. The man got down on his knees between Eboni’s thighs and licked up and down. Eboni shuddered. 

“Oooooh shit…. You like that, don’t you? Licking sweet wet pussy?” she asked. 

The man grunted and continued to lick and suck on Eboni’s musky sweet lovepie. Eboni ran her fingers through the man’s short hair as he licked. “YAAASSSSS baby, that’s real good.” she moaned. She shuddered and arched her back as she nutted in his mouth. 

“Fuck…” she said softly. She pushed his head away. She stood up and pulled at him to stand up. The man did so and Eboni squatted down and began to unzip his jeans. She was delighted to see he wasn’t wearing underwear. 

“Wooooow!!! You came prepared.” she exclaimed. 

The man shrugged. “Easy access.” he said. 

Eboni pulled down his jeans and took command of his long, thick, curved member. She sucked him into her mouth and lapped all around the head with her tongue. “Mmmmmmmmmm….” she moaned, tasting his musky flavor and taking in his musky man-scent. “So delicious.” 

She began to deepthroat him, burying his bone in her mouth. She stroked at his nuts with her nails, driving the man crazy. “Oh my God it feels so good!!!” he said, throwing his head back. 

Eboni knew he was gonna cum but kept sucking. She didn’t want him to cum in her mouth but she didn’t want to stop sucking either. She reached down and fingered her twitching pussy into a frenzy. 

“Oh baby, I gotta cum!!!” the man moaned Eboni pulled his dick out of her mouth and jerked him off. He erupted and spray his nut all over her face, completely covering it. He looked down at her. “Oh my goodness!!! Did I do all of that?” he asked. 

Eboni got up and grabbed his specimen cup. She used her finger to wipe the cum from her face into the cup. She got as much as she could from her face and made sure it got into the cup. She then triumphantly handed the cup to the dude, who screwed the top on it. He smiled at her. “Thanks a lot.” he said. 

“The pleasure was all mines.” Eboni said with a big grin. 

They both made sure they were straightened up then exited the room. Eboni checked out front and saw a few more clients waiting. She went back to the bathroom and cleaned herself up then went back to show more clients to the back. She “assisted” two more clients that evening before reporting to Kayla to end the evening. Kayla had her signed off community service report for Kayla’s probation officer. 

“Thanks Kayla.” Eboni said. 

“Don’t thank me, call Dr. Kennedy and thank her.” Kayla said with a smile. 

“I’ll do that. I’ll never forget this place.” Eboni said before leaving. And she meant it. She would call Kimmy to see if she was okay. She had made a great friend in her and she would never forget her experience with New Beginnings. 

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