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club lucky club lucky

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Friends come and get one of their good buds to take him out so he can get out of a funk.


Friends come and get one of their good buds to take him out so he can get out of a funk.


Submitted: March 13, 2016

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Submitted: March 13, 2016



Kevin was at home one night when his doorbell rings. He gets up, a little frustrated, and answers the door. He had been sitting at home peacefully trying to watch the first of six movies he rented from Blockbuster earlier that day.

“Who the hell could this be this good Friday evening?” he barks as he walks toward the door.

 As he open the door he notices his friends standing outside shivering in the cold. “Let us in is mad cold out here,” yelled Shameeka, a twenty-year old sophomore at Manhattan College.

“Why should I?" he returns jokingly as he watches the frigid faces of is four friends outside. Kleon, Shameeka, Tarah, and Willuv were getting upset at this point. Kevin opened the storm door and his four friends walked in.

“Man that wasn’t funny. Its fifteen fucking degrees out there,” said Kleon. Kleon was the star basketball player for the Manhattan College. He was 6’3”, 180 lbs, dark-skinned, and pretty smart. He and Kevin were the best freshman walk-ons in the fall of 1996.

“Kevin come with us. We going to a slamming party tonight in the village,” blurted out Tarah. “It’s gonna be off the hook. Mad celebs is gonna be in the house, Bounty, Beenie, Ninja, Sanchez, Mase, Puffy, Lil Kim, Tyra Banks, Jenifer Lopez.”

 “Man you could get your chance to kick it to Tyra or Jennifer. You know bless them with some of that imfamous mack of yours,” interupted Willuv as he put his arms around Kevin’s shoulder.

 “Man it’s too cold to be going to a party.”

 “Come on Kevin, it’ll be fun,” added Shameeka.

 Kevin thought about it for a second and then decided to go hang out with his friends. He quickly ran up stairs to shower and get dressed. His friends stayed downstairs and watched the movies Kevin had started just fifteen minutes before they showed up.
 About an hour later Kevin came down all dressed up. Dressed to kill one might say. He was in all red except for his gold tie. “Let’s go rock this joint ya’ll,” he said as he let his friends taken in his new gear.

 “So where are we going?” asked Kevin as they left the house.

 “Club Lucky,” said Tarah as she took Kevin’s hands in her own. “It’s a new club and tonight is their Grand Opening,” she added with a warm smile. Everyone always thought that there was something brewing between Kevin and Tarah because they were always together and they both claimed to be single, but no one can tell for sure.

Kevin went around to the back of his house to the garage and drove out a few minutes later in his brand new red 1999 Lexus LS 300. They all hopped into the car, Tarah in front with Kevin of course, and drove off for the city. The ride there was taken up by Shameeka trying to fix Kevin and Tarah up or trying to find out if there is anything going on between them. She was the nosy type.

When they got to the club they found that there was no line outside and the place was packed and bumping inside. Ninja was on stage and the crowd was loving him. Kevin walked into the main space and was greeted by a wonderful site- tons of beautiful women were at the stage feaning to get to Ninja, throwing their panties at him and just dancing the freakiest way they know how to the beat of the music.

One lady in particular caught Kevin attention for a moment. She was dressed in a red boostier and showed off her juicy tits, a short tight red skirt that showed off here firm, juicy ass, and red thigh hig boots. Kevin stared at her for a good three minutes before she looked up and saw him staring. He made no attempt to look away and just kept his eyes locked on her like a Tomahawk missile on a Mig. She looked into his eyes and smiled. She stopped dancing and walked off the dance floor toward Kevin, but she was heading for the bar. As she came closer to Kevin she licked her red lips very slowly. Her perfume engulfed Kevin as she passed and he stood there inhaling all her sweet scent.

The music faded between songs, and she seated herself on the barstool, not far from the huge dance floor. Facing the bartender, Kevin heard her say, in a sultry, precocious manner, “I could sure use a drink right about now,” and she looked over to Kevin, licking her lips. That was Kevin’s “Cue” to move in for the ‘kill.’

He signaled the bartender for a drink. She was just staring at him so he asked her if she'd like to join him. “Sure!” she replied and rattled off  “a Fuck Me please!” to the bartender, who then winked at her.

They sat down in the booth right next to the restrooms. As they talked, Kevin had an overwelming urge to reach out and caress the red top that hugged her sensous breasts.
She excused herself to go to the powder room and when she returned, Kevin noticed something was different. Besides the fresh coat of ruby-red lipgloss, he noticed that, as she moved so rhythmicaly, something was missing here! When the dancefloor lights softly silhouette her curvature, he could see the bareness beneath her clothing. She had removed her panties.

"DAMN! Is this girl for real?!!!” he thought to himself. When their eyes met once more, she sends a seductive grin his way while lifting the hem of her skirt, revealing the area where that 'perfectly-molded ass' met with her beautiful thighs! Kevin was getting a massive erection that was pretty hard to control. He glanced around the room to see if anyone else was being treated to the same eyeful that he was. Everyone else seemed to be engrossed in their own conversations and dancing.

She was as REAL as REAL COULD BE and Kevin cock was straining to be set free of its confines. She noticed that when she glanced down and she plopped her sexy, hot, tight ass, right into Kevin’s lap! Her arm was around his neck and he could see her erect nipples jutting out from beneath her blouse.
Kevin put his moist lips on her nipples and nibbled them through the material. He teased it with his tongue as she proceeded to further pull his face into her chest. She threw her head back with a sigh and gasped deeply when he ran his hand up her bare leg to where the warm, moistness of her pussy met her thighs. “She obviously had her own ideas,” Kevin thought as she reached between her own legs and found his swollen dick and squeezed the bulbous lump in the palm of her hand. “Is she going to pull my prick out right here in the club?!!” Kevin thought to himself. Suddenly his cock springs from its imprisonment and stands up, stiff and stately between her legs!

“Put your cock away and follow me.”

 They walked down a hall of restrooms, about six of them. Four were women’s rooms and two were men’s rooms. She walked to the farthest one went inside. Kevin followed her inside and was greeted by a big wet kiss on the lips. She opened the door again and stuck a paper on the door that read: TEMPORARILY OUT OF ORDER WHILE WE CLEAN.

 “We haven’t introduced ourselves,” Kevin nervously said as she closed the door and put the latch and bolt on.
“Why should we?” she blurted out as she let her hair down.

 “I thought it would be nice.”

 “Okay, its Andria.”

 “That’s a nice name. My name is Kevin.”

 “Nice to know Kevin but I didn’t bring you in here so we could talk. I wanna fuck!”

 “I figured that.”

 “Yeah when I saw you come in my pussy just began to heat up and get all wet. The when I saw you closer, staring at me, my juices started flowing like a river. That why I had totake my panties off. They were very wet and it was uncomfortable.”

 “You are kind of hot yourself.”

 “Look cut the small talk and let’s fuck. I know you got a big dick cuz you mad tall and you got big feet. And beside my body is a radar for big juicy cocks.” Now whop it out and fuck me.”

 Kevin could not believe his ears. Was he dreaming? He had women throw themselves at him before but never this forceful. Andrea bent over and pulled her tight skirt up so it rested on her hips. She bent over the counter and shaked her juicy ass at Kevin.

 “Come over here and relieve me baby. I want you to eat me out good.”

 Kevin walked over to her and kneeled at her beautiful round carmel colored booty. He kissed her cheeks then her thighs and then he licked his ways up to her pussy. He stuck is tounge inside her pussy and twirled it around. Her pussy smelled and tasted real good and Kevin dove in deeper for more. He found her clit and started licking and sucking it. She was moaning loud and squirming around. Suddenly she was hit with a powerful orgasm that made her knees buckle and she could no longer stand on her feet. She used her elbows to support her on the counter.

She sank to the floor as Kevin stood up and pulled down his pants. Andrea got on her knees and grabbed his rock hard cock and shoved it in her mouth. She sucked all the way down until the tip hit the back of her throat. She sucked on his cock like there was no tomorrow. Kevin put his hand on heer head and played with her hair as he pumped in and out of her mouth. “I’m about to come girl,” he yelled out. She kept on sucking and applied more pressure with her tongue. Kevin erupted inside her mouth filling her with his delicious juice. She swallowed it all and stood up.

 She bent over the counter again and the next thing Kevin knew, his rock-hard cock had found its way inside her, filling the depths of her tight, young cunt! Both of them were now in total ecstasy and all that mattered was fulfilling their lustful desires. He held her hips tightly in each of his hands and drove himself into her, rocking her back and forth. She was having fun on the full nine inches of Kevin’s rod!
Her moans matched up with Kevin thrusts and together they climaxed, exploding with a warm gush of hot liquid! They collasped in Orgasmic Ecstasy!
 “I think I’m gonna keep you. You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had,” Andrea managed as they both attempted to get dress as quickly as possible.


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