In A Family Way

In A Family Way

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The third installment of our little chronicles. If you want the full story, read "Mercenary Marital Bliss" first, followed by "Those Wicked Nephews."


The third installment of our little chronicles. If you want the full story, read "Mercenary Marital Bliss" first, followed by "Those Wicked Nephews."

Chapter1 (v.1) - Cucks and Tunagasms

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Kim is showing signs.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 04, 2019

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 04, 2019



Two Weeks Five Days Later

The filmy dress fell to the floor with a whisper, forming a puddle around her ankles at the foot of the bed. The tension in the bedroom intensified as she stepped forward, out of the circle of discarded cloth. A single lamp and many lit candles bathed the room in a warm glow of light, enhancing the vision that my eyes were taking in as I admired her naked body.

She was wearing her silver-gray sandals, thin-soled with five-inch-high stiletto heels, thin straps across the base of her long toes, and a clear plastic, virtually invisible slingback strap that kept the shoes unmoving against her feet, as if molded to them. The sandals made her elegant feet and the shapely curves of her luscious calves look even more sensuously inviting. My chest tightened as I gazed up her long, classically slender thighs to the taut globes of her firm, mouth watering ass cheeks. The thick blonde hair of her pubic bush had been nicely trimmed. It outlined the light brown-pink folds of her swollen labia.

As I continued to admire her, I noticed that her tight, muscular abdomen was rippling with her shallow breathing, a sign that meant she was quivering with lust. Then I saw another, more obvious sign: the nipples of her large, natural breasts were hard points, jutting proudly out in desperate invitation to be sucked. Her long blonde hair was swept back, exposing the slender lines of her neck, the shapely, well-developed muscles of her deltoids and back, and her thin, sinewy arms that hung at her sides. Her sensuous mouth was slightly open, her shapely, lipsticked lips dark red and shiny with gloss. Her gray eyes smoldered with passion.

Only after several seconds was I able to remember my business.  The woman wasn’t my client. My client was her husband.  The woman, Melody, was his 38 year-old-wife.  We were in their bedroom and Melody was standing naked at the foot of their marriage bed. And she and I were not alone. Her husband was sitting off to one side of the bed, and my own wife Kim was sitting opposite him on the other side.

My own naked body, Kim said, seemed chiseled out of stone, every muscle worked and trained, but not to the point of bulkiness.  It was a bona fide occupational qualification, necessary for my work as a stripper/male escort.  My pectorals strained across my upper chest, and the "eight pack" of my abdomen looked like it could take a missile shot and win.  My arms and legs were slim, but well-developed to the point that they gave me an aura of power and strength.  I worked hard to achieve and maintain that look, hours every week.  And as I faced Melody and saw her look of raw lust, I was rewarded for the effort.

I had shaved that day, my pubic hair, I mean.  It was shorn completely.  My balls were huge in the hot room, hanging low between my legs and fit bursting with life-giving sperm.

But the most noticeable thing, the thing that always seemed to get me these gigs, was my cock.  Even now with just half of a hard-on, my weapon of lust was impressive.  Soon it would be at its full, throbbing length of just over ten inches.  

Even Kim, who had had it in every orifice of her body too many times to count in the last five years of marriage was staring intently, her fingers twitching, her teeth unconsciously biting her bottom lip.  She would have it again tonight, as soon as we were done here and paid we would go home and I would give it to her again with all of the energy and love I could muster.

But this moment was for Melody and Gary.  I looked at Melody’s gray eyes.  They swept up to meet mine after lingering on other parts.  Her lips broke into a smile and I stepped forward and slid my mouth onto hers, the kiss gentle at first, then becoming deeper and more passionate.

Gary watched from the side, his gaze intent, his much more modest cock growing rigid as Melody and I slowly wrapped our arms around each other, exploring each other’s bums with our fingers as we began to make out.  

Gary, I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, is a first class cuck.  He pays me a thousand dollars to do this on a bimonthly basis with his wife.  Why me?  Because I’m safe, professional, married and his wife adores my body.  He pays us to take our time, to go bare and to insult and tease him about me getting her knocked up.  

And Kim ... Kim usually isn’t present for these sessions.  But for some reason she wanted to come that night and neither Gary or Melody minded another audience member.

It seemed like an eternity before our long, deep kiss ended and our lips broke apart. I bent down and sucked one of Melody's aching nipples into my mouth as I gently moved forward against her, easing her backward.  My mouth found the other nipple of her multi D-cup breast just as the back of her calves touched the bedspread.

The contact of my mouth on her breast and her legs against the bed triggered a slight gasp from Melody.  I looked up.  Her full lips found my neck and slid down my hard pec until she reached one of own nipples.  She sucked it into her mouth, moaning, then moved to the other nipple before letting her mouth slide down the crease in my abdomen as her knees bent and her ass lowered itself to the bed. Once sitting upon it, she looked up at me, her gaze expectant but longing.

I moved forward, standing between her spread legs, my massive cock mere inches from her lovely face.  She looked up at me as her hands explored my taut groin, her eyes filled with more lust. Her hands slid over my thighs then came together and cupped my nut sack.  Melody’s gray eyes took on a mischievous gleam as she gently kneaded my balls but refused to touch my throbbing hard cock

I allowed her to tease me for a little while, but I began flexing my hips slightly forward, hinting my desire for her to take me into her warm, hungry mouth. She declined to take the hint, and her glance at Gary showed me her real meaning in massaging my balls: that was where the baby-makers were, the 200 million sperm, give or take, that would soon be ejaculated against her eagerly waiting cervix.  She was sending teasing “insemination” thoughts at him.  And Gary took the hint, groaning and gripping his own naked cock.

“Suck my cock, Melody,” I ordered, finally having had enough. My voice was quiet but tense, “Suck my cock while your husband watches.”

I peered out of the corner of my eye to judge the effect my words had on him.  Melody’s eyes flickered up to mine for a second.  She sniggered then turned her attention to my impressive anatomy.  Her  right hand slid up and grasped my hard shaft, pulling the crown to her lip.  She kissed my eye hole, then her tongue snaked out and licked around the crown twice.  She gave my crown a second kiss, but this time slid her lips along my shaft, beginning to take more of me into her mouth.

I groaned as half of my shaft disappeared past her lips then reappeared as she slid back. As Melody began to give me head in earnest, sucking me with immodest abandon, I began pushing my hips forward just a bit more aggressively.  My right hand slid up along the side of her face and head until I was gently but firmly holding the back of her head.

I began to take control, rhythmically pulling her head towards me as I pressed my meat into her throat, fucking Melody’s beautiful face with long, slow, deep thrusts.

Melody submissively accepted my control, letting her hands slide up the backs of my thighs to my hard, muscular ass, gently squeezing my ass cheeks and occasionally raking her fingernails along my sides. A couple of times she grabbed my ass hard when I pushed a little too deeply or too hard into her throat.  I instantly backed off without either of us showing any sign of discomfort.  Melody and I were well-matched and synchronized lovers at this point.  We’d been playing this game for a couple of years; and I doubt that Gary even noticed any of the quiet little communications we had developed together.  - Kim probably picked up on them, though.

She was sitting in a chair identical to Gary’s, the only clothed person in the room and quiet as a mouse.  Kim wore a salmon-colored sleeveless dress and nude/bone-colored high heel peep-toe pumps, her brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail that night. She was watching Melody and I with intense interest.  I could feel as well as see her presence and I knew that she was surreptitiously studying my responses and reactions to the woman in front of me.  

Normally, Kim wouldn’t have been there, as I said.  It was a Tuesday night and typically she would either be working at her own strip club or entertaining one of her regular clients.  But that day she’d had some slight spotting, and expecting her period to start, which was already a few days late, she’d called in to work and opted to come with me instead.

“How do you like watching your wife suck my cock, Gary,” I asked.  I was still thrusting into Melody's mouth, but had turned my hips slightly to make damn sure Gary could easily see our oral liaison.  He was the client, after all, not Melody.  He paid for this to happen including the attitude and language I was currently projecting.

“Doesn't it look great, seeing my big dick fucking your wife's face?” I continued, my words reading his thoughts and exposing them.  I looked back at Melody, her eyes boring up into my face, “Unnh... oh yeah, that feels great baby. Ohhh!” I groaned for effect.

Gary didn't answer me as gave his full attention to the sex act that he was an intimate part of, if only visually.  He never answered in the moment.  He didn’t need to answer.  The fact that he called me every other month and kept paying was answer enough, I suppose.

Melody finally slid her mouth completely off my cock.  Gripping it firmly, she licked along the underside of the shaft, down to my balls, then back up, swirling her tongue around the glans.  “Mmm, it tastes great, too. I love sucking your cock, Ethan,” Melody said huskily, looking up at me.

Melody's mouth and expertise had done its job: I was rock-hard, my cock huge and throbbing. Melody released it from her grip and began scrambling back onto the bed, spreading her legs as she went.

It was an incredibly arousing sight, watching her pull her knees back into her shoulders, her lovely feet in high heels in the air, offering herself in sexual submission to me.  Her clit and labia were fully engorged, swollen to the max, and her bright pink flower glistened from between supple folds, obviously ready and eager to be used for their intended purpose of mating with a man.  My cock throbbed, aching with desire.

I climbed onto the bed and eased my body towards Melody’s, she hungrily sat up and met me half-way, impaling her flesh onto my steely womb raider.  I groaned as her hot flesh spread.  My hands clutched her ass and our lips came within hair breaths of each other and paused as our bodies joined:

Then my mouth found hers in a deep, passionate kiss. My ass and hips flexed rhythmically as I began humping her, my shaft sliding in and out, getting instantly slick with her copious juices.  

My hands explored Melody’s body and I was careful to make every action just a little bit exaggerated for Gary’s sake.  It was as if I was making a soft core porn video, like the kind Kim and I occasionally made for advertising purposes for the clubs.  I was performing as much as I was making love to Melody, all for Gary’s “benefit.”

I worked my mouth over Melody’s left ear, nipping at her lobe, then kissing my way along her neck and jaw.  I eased her back and brought my body down on hers.  Slowly I withdrew my cock from her sheath and backed off so I could suck her ample bosom.  My tongue licked large circles over her right breast, slowly zeroing in on her hard, swollen nipple. Melody gasped when my tongue finally lashed over her teat before sucking it into my mouth and gently biting and licking it. I repeated the process on her left breast, then back and forth for what seemed a long time.  I did it till she was shuddering her and begging me to fuck with breathy gasps.

I then kissed and licked the skin of the deep cleft between Melody's big mammaries, then below it, my tongue lashing over her taut, firm abs as I unerringly headed toward the goal. I’d just decided I was going to eat her out before I fucked her.

"Ohhhhhh,” Melody moaned, as my tongue slid up the length of her slit, flitting against her clit. I was settling down, lying on my stomach, my tongue expertly going to work on her luscious womanhood. As I delved into her and the wet smacks of cunnilingus filled the room, Melody straightened her legs, her feet kicking high into the air and back over her head where she held them with her hands.

My own cock throbbed relentlessly as I ate her out.  Soon she let go of her legs and put her hands over my head as she pulled my face hard into her groin, letting her fingers slide through my hair, gripping and mussing.  Her moans became more frequent and just a bit louder as I ate her.

"UNNH!!!" she gasped, unexpectedly. I had worked one of my fingers into Melody's pink, sinking it knuckle-deep as my tongue began lashing her clitoris, battering it with attention.  After a few minutes, I worked a second finger into Melody's honey pot.

“Mmm, babe, you're really tight,” I lied.  “Are you going to be able to take me, take all of me?”  I was teasing her and Gary, but my words were arousing them both even more, if that were possible.

“Oh yes,” she groaned, “I want every inch of that big thing inside me.”

In spite of the wanton invitation, the desperation of need in her voice, I went back to eating her pussy for just a bit longer, working her up to another height of sexual excitement.  Finally, when she was about to exploded, I left off and crawled up her body.  I mounted Melody, as she reached for my cock and positioned it between her labia.  I suddenly turned and looked straight at Gary, a determined look in my eyes.

“I'm going to fuck your wife now, Gary.  Because she’s begging me.  Because she can’t stand another second without me inside of her.”  I said it with my voice low, husky, and somewhat menacing.

There was the barest hint of a giggle that somehow escaped from Kim’s lips.  Kim knows me better than anyone in the world, and she knows that I’m not even slightly menacing, nothing compared to her anyway.  Fortunately I didn’t laugh or grin when I heard it.  Instead I managed to keep a straight face and continue talking.

“I'm going to cum in your wife and knock her up, and you're going to watch me do it, Gary.”With that, I turned my attention back to Melody, who was looking up at me, her eyes glazed with lust.  I broke her spell by kissing her mouth hungrily and then pressing my shaft back up and into her incredibly wet flower.

Gary watched, his hear pounding in his chest, his throbbing hurting cock about to burst in his hand.  His breathing was tight with excitement almost hissing through his teeth.  

I penetrated Melody, working my way in till I was balls-deep, buried to the hilt in her steaming hot snatch

"Ohhh!" Melody gasped loudly, accommodating my size as I bottomed out. “Oh fuck, Ethan, that feels so fucking good!  Fuck me, Ethan, fuck me with that big huge wonderful cock!”  

Her words egging me on, had the desired effect and I began to pump in and out of her with a steady rhythm, flexing my ass and hips as I drove forward, my movements exaggerated to give the viewing audience a better effect.

And then I raised up into a push up position, pulled one of her legs upward till her calf was resting on my shoulder and spread her wide to give Gary an excellent view of the penetration.  Melody stared up at me and brought her fingers down to her clit, working it rapidly as I thrust in and out of her body:

Another half a minute and she shook, arched her head back and climaxed desperately in that position.  I pumped through her orgasms fucking her harder and faster, withdrawing less of my cock before slamming back in.  The wet sounds of my balls against her luscious womanly flesh echoed in the air.  Soon they were mixed with the kisses, grunts and groans of our hungry rutting as I lowered myself back down and mated with her passionately.

At some point I risked another glance at Kim.  She was still watching intently, having barely moved at all since she sat down.  We made eye contact, she winked and smiled a very reassuring smile to me, knowing exactly what I needed at this moment.After all, we don’t normally service clients in front of our spouse.  The way we behave with other partners is often a curiosity and mystery.  

I turned back to Melody on the bed.  Our coupling became deeper, more sensuous.  We put on a show of being lovers in the truest sense.  In a normal man, it would have aroused emotions of pain and jealousy, perhaps rage to watch a big cock slicing in and out of his spouse.  In Gary it inspired utterly intense pleasure.  He couldn’t have torn his eyes away if a bomb suddenly exploded outside the window.

“Oh shit, OH SHIT” Melody cried as another orgasm rocked her world.  “Unnnh!  Unnnh!  Uggggh!,” she moaned, her second orgasm making the moment all the more intense by the long wait of anticipation for my own climax.

I drove hard through her gyrations again as she shivered uncontrollably.  I had the sense that she might have been embellishing it a bit as well, for Gary’s benefit and possibly for Kim’s too.

“Oh fuck, that was good,” Melody gasped as she gulped in lungfuls of air.  “Thank you, thank you.  Oh fuck you’re so good ... you make it last so long ... not like some people here.”

“Thanks babe,” I replied. “You deserve the best, and I'm here to give it to you.” I looked back at Gary, showing a cocky arrogance.

“But I wanna feel it now, baby.  Are you close, Ethan?” Melody asked, getting my attention fully on her.  “Are you ready to cum inside me?”

“Just a little bit more.” I said, settling more onto Melody, kissing her deeply.

Then reaching down and clutching her ass, I began fucking her powerfully and fast.  I had to do that steadily for several more minutes, getting myself to the point I needed.  Melody helped me along, kissing me deeply and thrusting her crotch up against mine in hard tight circles.

Melody did everything she could to egg me on, from matching my thrusts to massaging my ass, her naughty finger teasing the sphincter.  And her words. Her cutting, biting, words, “Cum inside me, Ethan!  Fill me up with your sperm! Knock me up, Ethan! Make me pregnant in my husband's bed!”

Finally with a groan, I sank my shaft balls deep into Melody and held it.  “Come on baby, shoot it into me.  Fuck, I’ve just got to have your sperm, Ethan.  Ohhh ... OHHHH ... He’s cumming!”

I tensed, growled loudly and exploded, my ass twitching more than thrusting as I released my essence into Melody, shooting long, thick ropes of jism against her cervix, potent, virile semen filling her with hundreds of millions of sperm, all seeking a waiting egg, which ... wasn’t actually there.  

In fact, I was fairly certain that Melody had her tubes tied.  But what the hell, the illusion was what mattered.  
As my climax ebbed, I released Melody’s body, collapsed on top of her for a few moments, kissing her face and jaw as she caressed my back.  My cock began to deflate and I pulled it out of her.  My meat was still huge, smeared with spunk and her juices.

I stepped over with it jutting proudly in front of me and walked towards Gary.  “Look at it,” I commanded.  “Look at the size of that thing.  You smell your wife on it.  She’ll never make love to you again without thinking of this being inside of her.”

Gary gave an audible groan.  I turned away and headed towards the pile of clothing I’d left beside Kim.  She gave a little frown.

Gary rose and stumbled toward the bed.  

“Oh you poor man, you must have the bluest balls in the State by now,” Melody chided.  “Well come on and get it over with.”

Naked, Gary got on the bed.  Melody's vulva was a sloppy, spermy mess. Some of my semen had oozed out forming a shiny white puddle on the sheet beneath.”

The smell was strong.  Gary’s cock was throbbing and he was moving fast, anxious to get it inside of Melody before he lost control.”

Melody took hold of his cock and guided it into her as he eased his weight on top of her body. “OH ... oh yeeesss!” Gary gasped, totally involuntarily as He sank into his wife with one thrust.

He began pumping like a madman, a true frenzy.  In stark contrast, Melody did not fuck him back.  She just lay there, legs spread wide, taking his thrusts without meeting them.  Her hands were nonchalantly spread out flat on the bed, not doing anything.

Kim stood up as I dressed.  She watched Melody and her frown deepened.  

Gary tried to lean down and kiss his wife, but she turned her face away, not allowing him to kiss her mouth.  But Gary didn’t get angry at his wife rejecting the motion and acting like a rag doll beneath him.  

Kim reached out and gripped my forearm as I pulled my jeans on.  Her nails dug in.  I looked at  her.  She was staring at the bed, eyes flat and angry now.

Gary bounced his ass with abandon, harder, deeper, the sounds got wetter, louder, more squishy as he churched my cum and Melody’s juices into a creamy frothy lather.

Then he gasped, “I’m coming,” which was met with an utterly bored look and sigh from his wife.

Kim’s face turned red as Gary stiffed and released his load into Melody’s depths to join my own.

Finally, he was done, laying there and catching his breath.  I finished dressing, grabbed Kim’s arm and pulled her out of the bedroom to go and wait in the foyer by the front door.

When we got there, she was livid, “What the fuck was that about!?”


“The way she treated him at the end,” she spat.

“That’s the way he wants to be treated,” I soothed.


“It’s his fantasy, Kim.  He’s the client.  And she’s doing what he wants her to do, even if it doesn’t look like it.”

“I don’t believe it.  No man’s that much of a beta and no woman should ever do that shit to her husband!”  Tears suddenly stung her eyes.

My own eyebrows shot up.  She turned away.  I reached out and grabbed her.  She sank back into my chest.  She was trembling with anger.  “Gary’s not a Beta male Kim,” I said.  “He’s more like a sigma.  He gets off on being degraded.”

She just shook her head.  

I held her as we waited.  Soon Gary came around the corner, his face beaming with pleasure.  “Thank you Ethan.  Thank you so much.  It was a great night tonight.”  

He quickly counted out a fat wad of cash, ten hundred dollar bills fresh from the bank.  Kim kept her eyes averted from us both as I pocketed the money and said goodbye to Gary.  Gary paid absolutely no heed to her indifference, but I was acutely aware of it and quickly ushered her out of the house.

We got in the car.  She looked at me.  Her eyes were red and she was wiping tears out of them.  “Hey sweetie,” I said, grabbing a kleenex and handing it to her.

“I don’t want you to ever work for them again,” she said, snatching the Kleenex, blowing her nose and wiping her eyes.

I was astonished again.  I pulled out the money and held it out to her, “Kim, what you saw is what Gary wants; and it’s ... a thousand bucks ... every other month!”

“I don’t fucking care about the money!” she yelled and turned her face to the window.

My mouth dropped open.I turned on the car and put it in reverse.  I pulled out of the driveway and started down the road.

“Promise me, Ethan” she whispered.  “Promise me you won’t fuck that woman again.”

“I promise” I said gently.  I reached out with one hand to her leg.  She immediately snatched my hand into hers and squeezed tight enough to cut off circulation, “I would never do that to my husband,” she muttered, “Not in a billion years ... stupid bitch.”

“Hey,” I said as we were coming up on a Wendy’s, “ You wanna frosty?”

“Sure,” she sighed and sniffed, turned her head and smiled at me.

I pulled into the driveway and ordered two large frosties, vanilla for me, chocolate for her.  When we got them, I handed it to her and started driving again.  Kim tore off the end of the straw, ease it out a little, twisted the other end and blew it at me.  The straw wrapper stuck in my hair above my ear.  She laughed and plucked it out, then thrust the straw into her frosty and took a sip.

She coughed and covered her mouth, tried another sip, stuck out her tongue and said, “There’s something wrong with this.”


“Yeah, you think maybe they didn’t clean the inside of the machine or something was in the cup ...  blech!”

She put it in the cup holder.

“Take mine,” I said.

“Kay,” Kim said.  She got the other straw, popped it in the vanilla and started sipping.  “This one’s fine.”

“Cool,” I said.  A few blocks later I picked up the chocolate and tried it.  It was perfectly normal.  I frowned.

“Do you taste that?” Kim said, giving the cup a disturbed sidelong glance.

“Yeah,” I said.  “It tastes like ... chocolate.”

“No way,” she laughed, “Your taster is way off, that is not chocolate.”

I shrugged and took a long sip.  She shook her head at me and watched curiously, waiting for my spleen to implode.  “It’s a chocolate frosty,” I said.

She frowned and laughed.  It was a nice sound, a hell of lot better than sniffles and tears.

We got back to the apartment.  It was late, close to one in the morning.  Kim walked into the kitchen area of our studio apartment.  She tossed the frosty cup into the trash and went to the wire metal shelves on one side that serve as our makeshift pantry.  Glancing through the cans she pulled out some tuna, while I went to brush teeth, use mouthwash and rinse Melody and the chocolate frosty taste away.

I came back to the counter and watched with interest as she emptied the can of tuna in a bowl and proceeded to slice up pickles and some previously boiled eggs from the fridge.  Soon she was slathering a hefty dose of mayonnaise into the bowl and mixing it all up.  I glanced over at the clock on the microwave.  “It’s a little late for tuna, isn’t it?”

“Is it? Do we have any avocados?”

“I don’t ... think so.”

Kim took a big spoonful of tuna and put it in her mouth.  She closed her eyes and gave a little shiver.  She took another spoonful and ate it, licking the spoon and giving another shiver.  

“You’re ... having an orgasm over a spoonful of tuna?”

“It’s not that good,” she laughed and ate another big glop.  “Or ... actually, maybe it is.”

I laughed with her, “A tunagasm at one o’clock in the morning!  Will wonders never cease?”

I walked past and opened up the refrigerator.  “Well, I know I just brushed my teeth, but if we’re staying up, do you want a drink?”

“Yes,” she agreed.

There were two beers left.  I took them out and slid one down the counter to her.  She caught it and popped the top off.  Grinning at me, she raised it to her mouth to take a drink, froze and stopped and ... sniffed.

The smile on Kim’s face turned to a look of utter disgust.  “What the hell!” she said.  “This smells like gasoline.”

She stepped over and turned it upside down above the sink.  I watched it drain out, popped mine open and smelled.  It smelled bad, of course, but beer smells bad and it was just the normal beer smell.  I started to bring it to my lips and Kim cried out, “Ethan don’t!”  I stopped and set it on the counter.  “Dump it out, it’s bad,” she said.  “Just ... eat some tuna with me.”

She set the empty bottle down, took her bowl of tuna and headed over to the couch.  I set the full bottle down and followed her.  Sitting next to her, I watched as Kim demolished what was left of the tuna.  She set the bowl down and stared back at me.

“What are you thinking?” she asked sweetly.

“I’m thinking ... invasion of the body snatchers.  You look like my wife, but you’re not really Kim.”

She laughed, shifted over and snuggled with me.  “I’m just weird today because my period’s about to start.”

“You ... sure?”

“Well, I had some spotting and it’s time, you know.  In fact, we should probably have sex right now.”

I turned my head and we kissed.  She sighed pleasantly and licked my bottom lip.  We continued to make out gently together.  I raised my hand up to cup her breast.  Kim hissed and frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, they’re just ... tender today.  In fact, just ... lay back and let me drive, okay?”

“Okay babe,” I said.

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