Stocking Tops

Stocking Tops

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


An English 18-year-old and another senior student are expelled from a Boys' Boarding School after being discovered in bed together wearing stockings. Lee's mother, intimately aware of her son's stockings fetish, sends him to her younger sister in California to keep him clear of his father who will be enraged. She hopes that sister Marlene and her sexy girlfriends will assist Lee to discover a wonderful world of sex that awaits him.


An English 18-year-old and another senior student are expelled from a Boys' Boarding School after being discovered in bed together wearing stockings. Lee's mother, intimately aware of her son's stockings fetish, sends him to her younger sister in California to keep him clear of his father who will be enraged. She hopes that sister Marlene and her sexy girlfriends will assist Lee to discover a wonderful world of sex that awaits him.

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An English 18-year-old and another senior student are expelled from a Boys' Boarding School after being discovered in bed together wearing stockings. Lee's mother, intimately aware of her son's stockings fetish, sends him to her younger sister in California to keep him clear of his father who will be enraged. She hopes that sister Marlene and her sexy girlfriends will assist Lee to discover a wonderful world of sex that awaits him.

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Chapter 1

Mr and Mrs Peach were called for a urgent meeting with Headmaster but as Victoria Peach was home alone, Albert being on a Trade Mission to South Africa, she went unaccompanied to Tucker's College for Boys at Stitchbury. By the sympathetic look on the face of the woman ushering her into Headmaster's dark paneled study, Victoria stomach hurled to its pit.

Her instinct was confirmed when after the usual exchange of pleasantries, Headmaster Archibald Summer's red face turned purple and he announced gravely, "Peach is being expelled. Please leave with him."

"But it's only a week before School finishes for the year and he goes on to university. Can't he terminate then?"


"What is his transgression?"

Victoria knew Albert would expect her to put up a fight, as this was his old school, his father's before him and generations of Peach men before that. Tucker's was recognized throughout England and beyond for its delivery of traditional high-quality education in small classes.

Headmaster's face turned puce. He pulled a gold silk rope on the wall behind him, a bell clanged beyond the heavy oak door and his elderly assistant came in and stood at Headmaster's side.

"It is my duty to inform you Mrs Peach that early this morning your son was found in Simon Younger's bed. Both were wearing silk stockings."

"And that's all?" Victoria asked in relief, knowing that it was. Tucker's other reputation was First Choice Boarding School for the First Son of Prudish Parents. Being American, she's pleaded with Albert on the day Lee was born not to enroll their infant at stuffy Tucker's, But Albert had been unmovable, not even when she offered to dress up in the pink silk rabbit suit he'd purchased for her when they first became promiscuous in the third year of their courtship on the eve of their marriage.

She returned to the car. The chauffer Masters winked at Victoria and she felt her stomach flip as that was the signal confirming his wife had gone to stay the night with her mother in York. Curly blonde Lee was already in the Bentley with all his possessions, head bowed, and half a dozen of fellow 18-year-olds, his best mates or pals as Americans would say, stood back from the open window to obviously mentally undress Peach's mother, one of the reasons Victoria had loved coming to Tucker's on parents' days.

"Home Masters." The driver touched the peak of his cap and fired the motor of the veteran saloon that had been handed down from Albert's grandfather, as had the succession of drivers called Masters.

"Mummy, I apologize..."

"Cut that nonsense, I should have kicked that sick son-of-a-bitch under his fat paunch," said his mother, originally from Dallas. "You're off to your aunt in California on the first available flight - I have no wish for your father to murder you."

Lee began his long journey being deposited at the airport at 6:00 next morning wondering why Masters had his arm about his tearful mother and she accepted his handkerchief.

The Black Sheep of the Peach family of Langford Manor arrived at LA and was greeted by his mother's younger sister who immediately embarrassed Lee because she appeared to be wearing nothing, or rather very little. Little did she realize the state of his enforced sexual repression.

"Good God, a white shirt and striped cravat - what Planet are you from darling?" Marlene giggled. Lee only half hearing, gob smacked by the acreage of breast right in front of him, mistakenly thought she couldn't see him gaping at her breasts through her black lens sunglasses. His aunt pulled him into her, plastering his cheek with lipstick and then kissing him long and hard on the lips.

Fresh from the imprisonment of the English Public School system, overcome by perfume and the other smells of a woman, Lee staggered back half a step and mopped his cheek and mouth with his handkerchief.

Bemused, Marlene watched him look astonished at his unblemished handkerchief. "This sort of lip coating doesn't transfer darling."

The lack of evidence convinced him she was telling the truth. He was suspicious of her because he'd sometimes heard his mother on the phone call Aunt Marlene a lying bitch. And calling him darling and running her tongue over her top lip like that, did that mean...hastily he stepped up to his trolley to cover any embarrassment.

"My girlfriends are going to love you so much darling. God, just look at you - how tall are you?"

"Six-four and 184 lbs. I play on the side of the scrum at rugger."

"What's that dear?"

"Um, a little like Gridiron without the armor.

"What's that darling?"

"Um, I play high contact sport."

"Oh, you're a fitness freak. Let my feel your abs. Oh God."

Welcome to California, Lee thought. His mother had warned him most of the women there were bimbos and sex crazy and would look at him pitifully as if he did not understand what he was saying. He thought he knew what mummy had really meant - the women partied a lot and were lesbians. Hopefully his aunt partied and she wouldn't be a bimbo because her hair color was jet black with a strange green patch through it. Mildew?

"Let's go," she grinned, showing teeth like the babes do on toothpaste ads and in ads of women modeling stockings. He cringed knowing he already was thinking stockings when his mother had made him promise he wouldn't think of her sister wearing stockings. Or Aunt Marlene's young twins wearing stockings.

"How are the twins - and, er, Uncle Clancy?"

"Refer to him as Clan darling, Clancy is dated."

"He's dating other women?"

"Yes darling but I really meant the name Clancy reached its use-by date much too soon so we found it necessary to repackage Clancy as Clan, do some cosmetics on his face and..."

"Uncle Clan wears cosmetics?"

"Yes, and I rather fancy all men do darling though perhaps not in primeval England. I was meaning surgical enhancement. His nose was rather disproportionately large, the corners of his mouth had to be lifted."

Lee gaped at his aunt. "You mean his nose was cut to make it smaller and muscle tightened to pull up his mouth?"

"Something like that Lee. It's rather a bore to talk about it as it reminds one of the discomforts. But if you're that interested, shower with me sometime and I'll educate you about nip and tuck. Speaking about education, you're not a virgin, are you?"

Lee hung his head and muttered, "Practically."

Marlene shrieked with laughter. "Wait until I tell my girlfriends."

Lee's anguished face reached her heart. "All right, I'll not say anything until the moment is ripe."

"What moment is that?"

"I'm thinking darling. Ah yes, I know. My girlfriends will soon put on a party for my 32nd birthday. I'll try to convince you to allow me to put you up for auction as a charitable fun-raiser - probably the proceeds going to the Abandoned Children's Welfare Fund."

"Oh, I'd be all for that."

"Would you darling?" Marlene said, looking at him thoughtfully.

Unsure what this was all about, obviously an idea in gestation, Lee changed the subject. "You've referred to your girlfriends rather a lot as if your social scene revolves around them. Don't you and, er, Uncle Clan, regularly cohabitate?"

"You mean have sex?"

"No I don't," Lee blushed. "I mean don't you two live together a great deal."

"That means the same thing, doesn't it?"

"Only part of it, I should think. I mean instead of hanging out - I think that's the American term for it - instead of hanging out with the girls why don't you hang out with him?"

"Oh, gotcha. Well Lee we are rather high-fliers so the men are required to work long hours to provide the money to fuel our lifestyle and women like me are discouraged from working as it's considered unfashionable for women to work and an indictment on their husband or partner for failing to be in high enough salary bracket to support his family. It's a vicious circle, I'm telling you."

"So you hang out with like-minded women, become bored, can't eat because you are crazed to remain slender, the movies are crap so you yak all day when not engaged in lesbian activity?"

"Have you been to California before?"

"No," replied Lee in surprise.

"Then how is it you know so much about us?"

Unaware he was about to be verbally guillotined, Lee said, "I suppose that exhibits the value of being a product of the English Public School System."

Marlene's face lost its almost perpetual smile. "You big brat. You have no idea of our lifestyle or local culture except from what you've read in jerk-off magazines or dubious websites or see on TV or the big screen. So until you do and can speak with authority kindly keep your sneers and you toilet humor to yourself. Many women like me are desperately lonely and fill in our days the best way we can. And don't you dare smear us with the tag lesbians until you know what you're talking about. And even then don't use that word - we call it gay. If you must know we can be gay without being gay. You leered at my big boobs and immediately thought bimbo, didn't you?"

She paused to take breath so Lee jumped in to avoid being expelled from America. "Bimbos are blonde, aren't they? You have lovely dark hair and okay, I was almost blacked out when I happened to notice your breasts but I think they are wonderful and clearly establish you are so feminine. You are so beautiful Aunt Marlene. Please, don't be too tough on me. I have assumed the power of being a senior prefect at school and that has helped shaped me into becoming a man but I have so much to learn, particularly about women. I'm aware they don't think like men you know."

"Oh really?" Marlene responded as a tentative smile returned to her face. "You admire my breasts?"

"Oh God yes," her nephew said, his face turned on like an emergency beacon and at that Marlene clutched the side of his trolley for support.

"Let's stop in here for coffee," she gasped, turning the front of his trolley into the caf

With the new arrival chomping through a turkey sandwich while Marlene nibbled at her tiny plain biscuit she said: "What has Vicky taught you about sex?"

He looked blank. Marlene grinned and said she meant his mother Victoria.

"She lets me play with her stocking tops."

Marlene stared at her unembarrassed nephew and said carefully, "While wearing them?"

He nodded.

Marlene's facial tone darkened a few tones and she said, huskily, "How long has she been doing that?"

"I can't remember when she didn't"

Marlene's hand clutched above her heavy breasts and that drew Lee's attention. In panic she thrust that hand down beside her and resumed breathing when she saw his gaze return to what remained of his sandwich.

"Why do they make a turkey sandwich so large and serve it with a knife, fork and napkin?"

"This is American darling. Tell me, all your life you say?"

"What about all my life?"

"Mummy's stockings?"

"Oh, that. I guess from the time I was a baby. Even today she doesn't kick me out of the room when she dresses or undresses and sometimes asks me to assist her."

Eyeing the gorgeous hunk of male sitting opposite her, Marlene breathed, "I bet."

So she was on to it and so soon, Marlene thought excitedly. When Vicky had called asking could she send Lee over for a few weeks she'd replied yes of course. She'd said she assumed Lee had grown quite a bit, as she'd not seen him for ten years. Then she asked had Lee finished school with honors and her sister broke down and said Lee had been found in another senior student's bed which was scarcely unacceptable practice at a single sex school but there had been outrage because both boys were wearing an item of female apparel.

Marlene had giggled into near hysterics, unwinding her sister in the process and they had not returned to that particular topic. Marlene guessed Vicky had meant bras, but now the truth was out. Stockings. And ah, Vicky had stayed with her last summer and had observed that not many women wore stockings during the day and Marlene had replied, nor any underwear for that matter. That told her Lee was being sent to her in the hope Marlene and her environment could wean Lee off his fetish for women's underwear.

Well the fetish concerned stockings. It was unlikely Lee would be deprived because when Marlene and friends dressed up they usually all wore stockings and even the 12-year-old twins occasionally wore them.

Stockings, what a lovely fetish to have, Marlene smiled. She looked across and saw the last of the monster turkey sandwich being dispatched and half-wished she was wearing stockings.

"Your mom, exactly what do you to her stockings?"

"She loves me playing with them as it makes me gurgle, but it's the stocking tops I really find fascinating, especially lacy hold-ups but suspender held stockings are great and mummy looks so cool in stockings, and knows it."

"Yes, while she's rather under-developed at the chest it was those legs of hers that wowed your father when they first met."

"Really, I didn't know that."

"Lee?" Marlene had to clear her throat before she could continue. "Lee, what else do you like doing for your mom?"

"Licking her stocking tops. It drives her crazy."

"I bet, I can picture her," Marlene wheezed.

Lee yawned so she said she'd better get him home to bed. She pretended she'd not just said that.

"I think you need to know I only lick mummy's stocking tops, nothing else. She is my mother."

"Oh good boy," Marlene said, not sure whether to feel relieved or disappointed. As they walked to the exit Marlene wondered about the need to update and upgrade her stockings drawer. Just in case Lee became homesick. Oh, right.

The Californian sun beat down on them as Lee stood gawking at Marlene's beach-buggy style RUV, she noticing the jerk was almost drooling over it, more in danger of dribbling than when first inspected her front-end.

"It's so open, so cool," he wheezed. "Mom said you drove a rebuilt classic Ford Thunderbird - white with a bright red interior."

"Oh, that's my town car."

"Two surfboards," Lee said in awe, leaving his hostess wondering if he'd be that rocked back on his heels if she ever decided to show him her areolas or was it areolae?

"I don't think they've been used in the three years I've had the vehicle. I swim in pools not at the yucky beaches with little protection from the sun and sand worming between one's toes and into one's..." She stopped, confused.


"Ah yes. Thank you."

"We studied anatomy, one of my favorite topics, especially the female form," he said, his eyes sweeping over her.

"Should we go?" she said weakly. He seated himself behind the wheel and was beginning to shift over to the passenger seat when Marlene tossed him the keys. Although he didn't appear to be looking he caught them within a foot of her hand. Her legs began to buckle.

He said a little nervously, "We drive on the other side of the road."

"I know. Just look at other vehicles and follow them. I'll instruct you as necessary."

Lee digested that and said, "Aunt Marlene..."

"For goodness sake, Lee. Call me Marlene. I'm not your grandmother."

"Er, yes Marlene. What a sweet name."

Marlene picked up a street map from her door pocket and waved it across her face.

"I was thinking, Marlene, you would make a wonderful instructress as you are so laid-back, your voice is honey smooth and your diction incredibly clear. Mommy said you would be a wonderful role model for me."

"Oh yes, Marlene said, eyes narrowing. "A role model and instructress for what?"

"Like keeping an eye on my driving and giving me a few pointers."

"Oh yes, of course. Take her away my incredibly appealing student. Er, are you fit to drive. It's been a long journey for you..."

"Don't worry, I'm fit and we have a three hour stopover at O'Hara and anyway mummy arranged for me to travel business class as she is a frequent flyer so I had more sleep than usual."

"No alcohol?"

"No alcohol - I'm still operating under school rules."

After giving driving directions Marlene asked, "Did any of the flight attendants take an interest in you?"

"Yes, four actually but one was a guy whom I thought could be gay so I burnt him off."

"And the women?"

"Very nice actually. Like friendly. One who lives here in LA has invited me to call her. I thought that was rather nice of her."

Marlene said yes it was and asked if he would visit her.

"Why, I've got you?"

"Oh you sweet boy," Marlene smiled. "Now we are leaving the airport we had better concentrate on your driving. Beware of pretty girl's waving and California girls are rather friendly."


"You know about hookers?"

"Only what mum told me."

That really interested Marlene. She asked what he'd been told.

"She said they are a dime a dozen and it would be difficult for me to tell who was and who wasn't as not all of them dress and act like sluts like our prostitutes. She advised me to stick with you and befriend your friends as some of them would have younger sisters my age."

"Vicky said ‘Stick with me'. What do you think she meant by that?"

"Remain within your orbit of influence and consult carefully I would imagine. What else would she mean?"

"Vicky was such a tricky bitch when we were growing up, forever teasing me because I was the youngest. But I know she loves me. Perhaps she'd hoping I can teach you about sex."

"That's nice, the thought of you grooming me and then seducing me to show me your range of techniques and tricks."

"Oh God, don't even think that Lee. Sex with your aunt is incest, at least I presume it is."

"Are you sure? As our tutors at school would say, ‘Never take anything you think for granted."

"Well, this State has laws prohibiting so many things I think there will be one to protect an aunt from her nephew seeking sexual experience and if not there I know sexual contact between those closely related individuals violates socio-cultural or religious norms."

Lee sniffed and told his aunt he could get by on her discoursing on intercourse but should she ever feel like lowering the drawbridge just let him know. He'd keep it their secret."

"Exactly what do they teach you at Public School?" she asked, aghast.

"Plenty but as seniors we have been taught to be intellectually inventive and be adventurous although not without commonsense caution in going where we have not been before. Specifically in relation to sexual intercourse, we learned we should avoid physically learning for our mothers and sisters and grandmothers but anyone else was fair game. Also we should not hasten along our learning curve but to take time to smell the daisies."

"The daisies? We you being encouraged to have sex with flower pots?" Marlene giggled.

"I don't think that phrase was meant to be taken literally," Lee said a little stiffly.

Marlene was beginning to feel horny and then she saw their exit flash by. "Sorry, I missed the turnoff. There's another one about four miles from here."

"Roger. I guess this talk about sex is pulsating your mind a bit?"

"I'm fine," Marlene lied, switching the on the air conditioning and directing the flow to their feet and then spread her knees to allow the conditioned air access to cool her a little farther up. She couldn't believe the kid was almost getting her off without touching her. She knew her breasts were swelling and the nipples...

"We are seeing some really neat cars."

Huh? Oh the cars passing them? She looked up just as blonde bimbo passenger in a passing open convertible eyed him and formed her lips into a big ‘O' undetected by the driver who was probably the teenager's mother.

Two cops in a cruiser went by, lights flashing but no siren and pulled in behind the teenager's speeding mom, but not before Marlene saw the female cop in the passenger seat give Lee a huge and slow wink. Oh no, Marlene groaned, thinking she ought to lecture Lee urgently that once he got into the swing of things he ought to work up slowly otherwise his testicles would scream out in pain and leave him out of action for a while.

They turned into Mendelssohn Avenue and as she directed Lee to turn into the driveway three houses along Marlene saw Christine's daughter Chrome, a first-year student at the nearby college, washing her car. Christine, said to have a notch on her dresser for almost half the men in the avenue, had complained to Marlene over coffee only yesterday she was worried that Chrome might be gay because she only had girlfriends. Well, an unexpected reaction was coming from Chrome, who'd dropped the hose at her feet and was gawking at Marlene's driver and giving the impression she was about to pee.

Marlene waved and called "Hi Chrome" but was ignored. Either that or Chrome was transfixed and in a trance.

Marlene opened her side of the four-vehicle garage and Lee drove in beside the T-bird and she felt enormous relief as the door thumped down behind them. Her mission was now to protect her innocent nephew from female predators.

"You drive beautifully darling. By the end of the week after we've driven around quite a bit I'll hand this vehicle over to you."

"Oh that's great. How can I reward you?"

"Oh, I'll think of something. You run along and look through the house and then come back for your bags."

Off he went, much to her relief. Marlene was quite sure she was sitting on a wet spot that would show through her gray silk short skirt. She followed him inside and timed her run for her bedroom without being spotted. She locked the door and closed the drapes but then kicked her toy box back under the bed. Being young and male, he'd be in need of food. Perfuming herself after dropping her skirt into the laundry bag she pulled on a pair of navy shorts and went out to find Lee.

In the kitchen as she prepared lunch, Marlene smiled as she heard him splashing in the pool. He'd be in his briefs or even totally nude. He'd be used to males at school seeing him in the nude and probably his mom too. Working quickly she prepared a tray of salads and a beer for him and half a bottle of wine for her. She undid the two front buttons of her top and went out with the tray smiling, ready to see what Vicky would used to seeing and wondered whether Vicky had ever been tempted to do more than just look.

"Let's see what you've got, my sexy prot" she said softly, only to have her breaking smile fall from her face. "Oh Marlene, what are you doing!" She turned back and put the tray on the bench. Here she was, a well-educated woman and mother of two girls about to enter their teenage years, as yet undecided whether or not she would seduce Lee. What kind of role model was that? Okay, she'd had a handful of romps with other men during her married life and Clan was a relentless adulterer and no doubt one of those notches reputedly carved on Christine Miller's dresser represented his visit or at least his first visit to her neighbor's bedroom.

She felt so ashamed, on the brink of perhaps giving Lee one of the big experiences of his life - only he'd probably remember it as his first real introduction into sex with a female who was a whore, his Aunt Marlene. Who was seeking the sex? She was as clearly he was only expecting it to crop up somewhere along the way during the next few weeks. Her duty was to be his guardian on behalf of her sister who was worried about him becoming a little kinky about sex. She strode firmly to Clan's room - she never slept with him until a month after she'd last smelt the scent of another woman on him - and dragged a pair of his swimming shorts from a drawer.

Returning to the doorway from the kitchen to the pool area she called out, "Lee!"

"Yeah? I'm having a rest at the end of the pool right by you. It's a great pool."

"Thank you Lee. I'm throwing a pair of Clan's shorts into the pool. Call out when you are decent and I'll emerge with our lunch."

"Oh great, food."

She threw out the shorts.

"Okay, I'm decent. Sorry I could have embarrassed you."

Oh what a lovely boy, she smiled, picking up the tray.

Over lunch Marlene swung the conversation around to sex. "Lee, I'm telling you these things so you don't becoming uncomfortable living with us. Clan and I currently are sleeping in separate rooms. He likes chasing other women and if I think he's been active I don't sleep in bed with him for up to a month."

"Why, is case of STDs?"

"You know about them?"


"Well a bit of that but also to show my resentment and his lack of respect for me."

"Fair enough."

"Um, you may occasionally answer the phone and may hear breathing and then the call will be cut. In all probability that will be a guy I occasionally date."


"Yes and I admit we will have sex."

She watched him put cream on his piece of apple pie to follow his salad, wondering what he was thinking about her.

"That's cool. It's not my business and you are entitled to run your life as you see fit. I think you are one of the greatest women I've ever met. I reckon I could get off just by looking at you."

Clasping a hand above her breasts almost in shock, Marlene said, "Thank you Lee. A lovely feeling is sweeping through me to be told what the mother of 12-year-old twins wants to hear. You are so perfect for me, er, as a companion. I'll now tell you something. If you ever feel homesick just tell me and I'll come to you at night wearing stockings - but that's all, my conscience and my respect for you will never allow me to have full-on sex with you."

"But you'll show my your tits?"

Marlene smiled. He was sitting next to her so she ruffled his hair. "Yes, I'll show you my tits, soon."

"You are so cool, Marlene."


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