Sex Without Love - Retitled

Sex Without Love - Retitled

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Note: Originally titled Towards Marriage Without Exhibiting Love. NOVELLA: Kacie returns from Volunteer Abroad Service with her nesting instinct beginning to bite. She decides to find an A-List guy but stumbles across Harry. Harry carries a big piece but would be lucky to make C-List. But he listens to Kacie and doesn't screw her mother, though he thinks about it, and his family is okay. But is that enough?


Note: Originally titled Towards Marriage Without Exhibiting Love.
NOVELLA: Kacie returns from Volunteer Abroad Service with her nesting instinct beginning to bite. She decides to find an A-List guy but stumbles across Harry. Harry carries a big piece but would be lucky to make C-List. But he listens to Kacie and doesn't screw her mother, though he thinks about it, and his family is okay. But is that enough?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Sex Without Love - Retitled

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Kacie returns from Volunteer Abroad Service with her nesting instinct beginning to bite. She decides to find an A-List guy but stumbles across Harry. Harry carries a big piece but would be lucky to make C-List. But he listens to Kacie and doesn't screw her mother, though he thinks about it, and his family is okay. But is that enough?

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter 1

It was inevitable that the only child of a wealthy couple with the uppity names of Charlton Felix Harrington and Wyoming Helena Harrington would be a standout in a society where mediocrity shelters so many worthy people.

A beautiful blonde and blue-eyed female with impressive breasts would be a standout even with parents called Dick and Debbi Smith but the fact was the daughter of Charlton and Wyoming was without such endowments.

Kacie Celtic Harrington possessed a freckled face, slightly under-sized nose, pale green eyes and instead of impressive boobs she could get by without a bra and did so most of the time during her two-year service as a volunteer worker abroad in Africa. The slender twenty-six year old was, however, a standout in one respect, being six foot one inch tall.

Emerging ready to find a career as a graduate in computer sciences, Kacie first committed to years as a voluntary aid worker. She was sent abroad but found no demand for computer expertise in deprived communities in which she found herself so principally helped teenager girls develop basic skills useful co-habitation and eventual motherhood.

In return for that unpaid service she absorbed knowledge of tunes and rhythms of those parts of Africa where she spent her time. She possessed a passion for music, being an accomplished pianist and quite talented songwriter who also played a mean guitar at parties.

Kacie returned to her mother country more than ready to settle into a satisfying career and to respond to the natural cycle of life. She'd had plenty of thinking time in Central Africa so the plan was a well-paying position as a creative executive and finding a handsome, savvy and soft-centered guy, who would, with perfect timing, assist to produce two babies, separated by eighteen months.

Oh Kacie, learned people (including her mum) would say if she'd divulged her marital plan: ‘Don't you realize it would be almost easier to find nuts on a gelding than land the perfect man? As for finding real job satisfaction, you'll be lucky'.

But there you go. Wyoming Harrington met her daughter at the airport. Mum possessed one of those recognizable faces, helped by appearing in photos in trash magazines over creative gossip captions and more respectfully in the arts pages of newspapers and film clips on TV. Wherever that fading beauty concert pianist went in the world during her six-month concert tour she'd be a target of paparazzi photographers simply because Wyoming, with an enormous appetite for sex, tended to link with interesting and famous men.

"Oh baby, how lovely to have you back home from darkest Africa."

Wyoming was so excited at being reunited with her ‘baby' she didn't issue the usual warning about leaving her make-up undisturbed so Kacie, on a roll, seized the opportunity to generate a hugging, kissing and rubbings cheeks reunion as would any normal mother and daughter enjoy after a long separation.

"Africa is only dark at nights, mother."

"Pardon me? Oh, of see - very droll."

Out they walked to the illegally parked black Mercedes. With ‘Wyoming' on the number plates instead of the more usual lettering and numbers, airport security personal were aware that was one vehicle best left alone. Wyoming really was a celebrity.

"Is daddy in the country?"

"Yes, actually. He's in the city but will be home tonight. He's missed you. As you know, twice over the past eighteen months we were preparing to fly out to Africa to see you when time gaps in our calendars coincided, but then some important social event cropped up and..."

"I know how it is, mother. Don't fret."

Charlton welcomed his daughter affectionately. He handed Kacie a welcome home present - a rare breed of dog that would grow to the size of a miniature pony. Kacie cuddled it, said without too much of a smile it was cute. Reading between the lines Charlton agreed to return it to the store in the morning, offering to replace it with something more practical. He agreed to Kacie's suggestion - a car.

For a double graduate in architecture and civil engineering who runs a company specializing in redeveloping disused port facilities around the word, Charlton was surprisingly inept at choosing presents, as both Wyoming and Kacie had not need to be reminded. The first car he sent for his daughter's approval was a Yellow VW Beetle that Kacie, without intending to be disagreeable, thought the color was not her. Further the shape looked too much like, well, a beetle. The guy demonstrating a bright red sports car with twin rear wing spoilers couldn't even persuade Kacie to sit in the vehicle.

Not surprisingly, Daddy told his little darling to find her own car but not to go over ten grand. In the meantime Kacie rode her old school bicycle which still was very up market compared with cycles she'd been riding between villages in Africa or took one of her mother's cars on longer distances.

She found it lovely being home, visiting familiar places but familiar faces seemed a little difficult to find. Many of her old buddies had disappeared into marriages and left town.

On her third day after arriving home, Kacie was returning from a bike ride along an unfamiliar route and saw a vehicle for sale outside a motor-vehicle workshop. Being the only vehicle being offered for sale it was easy to spot so she stopped to inspect it.

Twice a man came out of the office to talk to Kacie and the hooked-up phone bells jangled. He excused himself and scuttled back into the office. On the third time he managed to make contact, introducing himself as Harry D'Audney.

"Hi, Harry I'm Kacie."

"Spelt with a ‘K' I'm thinking, judging by the look of your lines?"

What an odd thing to say, though Kacie nervously, looking to ensure her exit route wasn't blocked.

"You're not a Casey spelt with a ‘C', are you?"

She knew he'd meant that but said politely, "No, you're quite right. But there are not many Casey's about even spelt with a ‘C', so whatever made you think I'd be the alternative, which is rare?

"Because I have a little bit of Irish in me. I'm also influenced by the fact my mother is Irish and she'd a Casey with a ‘C'."

Kacie burst out laughing, knowing that was impolite. But it was so funny. Harry also laughed, an apparent genuine peel of laughter.

Kacie felt more confident so stepped down the grass bank to stand alongside him on the paved area.

"Christ, you're tall. I got myself to five-eleven thinking that would be enough."

Struggling not to laugh, Kacie said she was sorry she'd keep that in mind next time round.

"Are you Irish?" he asked, and seeing the baffled look, he said he thought not.

"You'll not buy this vehicle so may I take you for a drink after I finish up here?"

It was said politely, he looked clean and appeared well mannered and since she'd been home no males had called to date her. Obviously two years away from your social setting and you are history.

Kacie took risks and had become accustomed to cheeky and yet quite delightful Africans giving her lip and asking her to dance or eat with them, so why differentiate just because she'd changed countries? "Thank you. I accept."

Harry looked surprised, but said nothing.

She felt the need to saying something so asked, "How can you say I won't buy this car?"

"Because I wouldn't sell it to you - you and it are not suited," he said.

She smiled. "Are you suggesting that vehicles and people can be paired to be temperamentally, physically or socially compatible?"

"I guess so but I've never really thought about it. When I look at people I just seem to know what make of vehicle they should driving and I often I'm confidently specific about models."

"I find that unbelievable, but you seem to be a pleasant guy, not at all like a motor vehicle salesman."

"Thank you," Harry said, looking at the position of the sun. "Look, could you meet me at Julia's Bar in Pitt Street at 5:30 or thereafter. Julia is my elder sister. I'll deliver your new car there."

Kacie laughed and said she would be there but that she wouldn't be buying a car just because he thought it would suit her. She was too awake to fall for a sales pitch like that and anyway he didn't know how much she had to spend.

"It's all immaterial," he said, scratching the back of his head. "I'll produce the car that is you and you'll buy it without any salesmanship from me."

"You're very entertaining Harry. I'll enjoy having a drink with you and meeting your sister. I've to get back into the grove of knowing the better bar and restaurant people."

"Dark green"

"Excuse me?"

"See you later Kacie. Great body."

With her parents out for dinner, Kacie had known she'd be at a loose end that evening and was really bored at her inactive reintroduction to home life. Harry had given her the chance to break out. It would be a short-lived association because he appeared to be the most unlikely sort of male opening the door socially for her.

Before leaving for Africa, Kacie had tended to date cool guys older than her who invariably were good looking, often very handsome, with good manners, good cars and good prospects. That's the way it just happened without her really trying. Short guys with glasses, untidy hair and spotty faces steered clear of her. Almost everyone knew who her parents were and that influenced the situation.

This Harry looked about thirty, could be married with two or three children and was neither handsome nor cool but, it would seem he was better than cool; he was damn interesting, at least had been in their first session together. It occurred to Kacie that she'd never had a drink with any other man who had a mother called Casey and had a sister who ran a bar. Was she falling through the social cracks or simply pausing to take anything on offer?

After garaging her cycle she ran a bath, and while applying moisturizer to her face waiting for the bath to fill wondered whether when soaking she might stroke herself thinking of Harry. Half an hour later when fetching a cool drink from the fridge she realized she'd dozed in the bath instead of massaging her ‘um-um' and had not thought of Harry. Did that mean Harry was not considered sexy? Kacie came to no conclusion as she noticed the time and knew she must hurry or else she'd be very late. She booked a cab.

It was 5.50 when she arrived at the bar. A very attractive woman with lots breastwork showing came up to her and said, "Hi, you're tall enough to be Kacie."

She had to be part Irish!

"Hi, Julia - Kacie Harrington."

"Oh no!" Julia looked shocked. "Harry doesn't know! He's just phoned to ask me to apologize - he'll be late. He's getting your new car washed and polished. He's told me you are wonderful, one of the few women he's ever met who knows what he's on about."

"I don't know about that, but we did get along very well," Kacie said. "What do you mean he doesn't know?"

"That you are the Harrington's' daughter!"

"Well, if my parents are not suitable for the D'Audney's I'll see if I can arrange a swap."

Julia looked started and then laughed. "He did say your humor was rather wacky.

"I'm sorry, what I was suggesting is my parentage doesn't place him a little out of his league, and he'll not even be able to think that first because I have."

"That's the Irish, isn't it?"

They laughed.

"Look, Julia. I'd be grateful if you don't mention my family name. He'll find out soon enough. I like him the way he is."

"Okay, Kacie. Your first drink is on the house - let me see. I guess a martinis although usually that's for older folk, right?"

"Why am I not surprised?"

"Instinct is essential, but so is a quick assessment and then visualization while concentrating and taking the first solid thought," Julia said seriously.

Kacie attempted to be discerning. "You look very intelligent and I would imagine you are the type who would take psychology as a major?"

"It may interest you to know that our mother is a psychic, as was her mother before her, and people tell us she's very good. But she has a wacky humor and talks about The Little People; that tends to bomb her credibility, but she doesn't mind."

"She sounds interesting," smiled Kacie.

"You'll meet her tonight."

"Oh, she comes in here?"

"No, Harry phoned her before he phoned me and mother told him you would be coming to supper."

Kacie's hair practically stood up on end and her eyes became huge. Then she saw the way Julia was looking at her and they both ended up screaming with laughter.

"Really got you going, didn't I Kacie!"

Harry came in and tossed Kacie two sets of car keys.

"Here you are, enjoy."

Halfway through her second drink, Kacie thought she should be pleasant and argue later.

"Thanks - I'll buy you a drink"

"That's a nice offer but my drinks in this establishment are free. What do you think of Julia?"

"She's lovely, Harry - she's interesting with real humor."

Julia came over and joined them, brining Harry a beer in a very tall glass." Come on, Kacie," she said. "Try your powers to visualize your car outside. Rely on instinct and use intelligence. Start with the color first, leave the more difficult components till later."

"Oh, this is silly. I've really not got a clue - he could have a truck parked outside."

"Come on, Kacie."

Kacie thought of the colors she would prefer and then tried to anticipate what colors Harry might think suited her. Yellow was out, blue was out, he'd probably pick red, dark green, fawn and, um, oh it was hopeless. The only colors that cross-matched with her main preferences were dark green and black.

Julia and Harry were watching her, both sipping beer.

"Black, no wait. I see light blue."

That seemed to interest Harry.

"I had the identical problem: I'd settled on dark green and then black began coming through strongly.

"So that why you said ‘dark green' just as I left you this afternoon?"

"Did I? I wasn't aware of that, Kacie. But your new car is mid blue. Go on with your speculation."

"You would anticipate that I would think like a woman, wanting a peppy yet frugal car. For some reason I'm thinking European. That's all, I'm sorry."

"Can you visualize the car?"

"No, sorry Julia, but I'll tell you something interesting. I see you driving a driving an oldish red Porsche, the car I saw a little way up the street. But I see your hair is a different color, very light - white actually."

Harry and Julia looked at each other.

"That's my mother's car Kacie," Julia said, digging her brother in the ribs. "I borrowed it because mine is being repaired in someone's inefficient workshop."

The car servicing center owner said, "Our mother has white hair, very white hair and I think she would be interested to talk to you. Can you come to supper?"

Kacie started giggling and Julia joined her, and the level briefly reached near hysteria. Harry looked on amused, wondering why he couldn't get the joke.

"I really mean it Kacie," Julie laughed. "Please come to supper tonight. We'll head off at 9:00 if that's all right with you. We serve bar food here from 6:00."

A group of businessmen came in and Julia excused herself to go and play hostess.

"Come out and see your car. You won't need to do a test run; it's three years old but has been gone over very thoroughly and I find it near perfect. I'm a registered vehicle dealer so we can do the documentation when we come back in here and you can drive it home."

The car was metallic mid-blue, French, a diesel with a turbo fitted, frugal but very lively with tons of safety features plus driving lights and a custom fitted amplified sound system with extra speakers.

With Kacie, it was love at first sight and as she sank into the blue and white-trimmed leather rally seat she was surprised how easy it was for her to get her long legs into such a smallish vehicle.

"I love it.

"How much?"

"Eight seven-fifty."

"It's a steal. I'll take it!"

"What, without a test drive?"

"I trust you to value your reputation, so why should I bother. Being stick-shift, you'll have to show me the operation."

There was no problem, as nothing tricky was involved.

Harry had been leaning over the shift-stick. He straightened up but Kacie stayed put, not moving back into her seat fully. Harry's turned face almost collided with her neck. The fragrance of her perfume seemed overpowering and Harry moved in and kissed her throat. He was about to pull away and apologize for his impetuosity when her hand cupped his head, preventing a pull-back. Encouraged by that intervention, he moved up and their lips met.

"Jesus!" he breathed as the kiss ended.

Kacie just opened her eyes and smiled.

"Close your door," she said, switching on the ignition. They jolted forward, Kacie managing to avoid stalling the motor. They moved off with the exhaust exhibiting a touch of a throaty personality.

"You've decided on the test drive after all?"

She smiled but did not answer. Three minutes later they turned and Harry breathed another "Jesus!" as their entered the dirt riverside track, notorious for late-night seductions.

"I've been here a few times, but bringing a guy here is a first for me," Kacie giggled.

Harry didn't know what to say, so just grunted.

Kacie nosed into one of the improvised parking bays and switched off the motor. They sat, half-turned after unfastening their seat belts. Harry made no move so Kacie leaned over unzipped him and managed to get out his now erect dick without injuring him. After licking the cockhead and tonguing the end slit, Kacie dribbled down its length and worked her saliva slick around the circumference. She then took him into her mouth and began bobbing.

At last accepting it was for real and not a tease, Harry pushed a hand down her shirtfront and landed straight on to a breast - she was bra-less. Okay, smallish they may be but there was sufficient bulge to let a guy know he had a good handful. The nipple he had between thumb and finger was unmistakably one hot, hard and very feminine sucker, though too difficult to get into his mouth in this position!

Eventually he fired, giving her warning that it was coming and was pleased she fearlessly stayed put to the finish.

Kacie lifted up, a rivulet of cum running from the corner of her mouth and she licked at it but not reaching the entire overflow. She held her head up.

Harry was going to pull out a handkerchief and wipe her mouth, but instinctively knew she wanted better than that. So he became a slut and licked her face clean and actually enjoyed it. He made growling noises and she responded with mews. It was ever so sexy.

"Test drive over," she grinned, straightening her clothes and starting the car. "Perhaps I may be invited to take the more advanced course later tonight - or are you married or otherwise engaged?"

"No, my wife of eighteen months divorced me and instantly remarried, which should tell you something. Apart from one three-month live-in, I've only had small-run liaisons since then, mostly for just the one night that I find at Julia's bar."

Kacie wondered if Julia found some for him.

"What about you?"

"Surprisingly, I've never lived with a man; there have always been complications and the one-night liaisons have been just that - one-night material to get rid of the hots."

Entering the road leading back to the bar, Kacie said: "Julia thinks that you'll run when you find out who I am. I don't want you to do that, Harry."

"Christ, who are you?"

Ignoring that, Kacie continued. "Listen to me Harry, you are one of the more interesting males I've met in a long time. I want you to make love to me. I also am at a loose end and wonder if I can talk business with you. I glanced at your operation today and was not inspired. This is none of my business - you don't have to listen, but I'll continue until you tell me to shut up."

Harry remained listening.

"You seem to have usual talents yet something seems to be missing because your business operation appears to be ghosting along. Perhaps I can help, but who knows? May be I can? I seem to have ways of seeing things and solving things. In Africa my French overseer dubbed me a most extraordinary woman. He teased me about it but what he filed in reports to his superiors earned me several commendations. Just allow me to come on site, look around and then to talk to you Harry. You've nothing to lose and it won't cost you anything because I have no qualifications in this field and anyway I am on holiday."

Waiting to confirm she had finished, Harry repeated his question, "Who are you Kacie?"

She told Harry and he looked immensely relieved.

"Is that all? I thought you must be a TV scout for the ‘Worst Business of the Year' series or something. You can't help who your parents are and anyway at your age you ought to be weaned and living away from them."

"You're making me happy, Harry. Thank you."

"You're one strange babe Kacie. It's nice having you around."

As they were walking into the bar, Harry whispered: "You've still got cum on your face."

"I have not," whispered Kacie fiercely, but as Julia waved and started over to them, Kacie lost her nerve and ran off to the bathroom, Harry's bellowing laughter ringing in her ears.

The swine, she grinned, heading for the mirror.

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