Powerful Jennifer

Powerful Jennifer

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Growing up with four older brothers and eating big meals made Jennifer tall, muscular and rather fearsome. On her first day at work, the unpopular union rep was hospitalized. Although there were no witnesses, the finger was pointed at her. Her extended family had her admitted voluntarily to an institution dealing for people with severe behavior problems. Jennifer was released early, greatly improved and she agreed to be taken to a secret special agent training establishment involved in Homeland Security where presumably a new chapter in her life would begin,


Growing up with four older brothers and eating big meals made Jennifer tall, muscular and rather fearsome. On her first day at work, the unpopular union rep was hospitalized. Although there were no witnesses, the finger was pointed at her. Her extended family had her admitted voluntarily to an institution dealing for people with severe behavior problems. Jennifer was released early, greatly improved and she agreed to be taken to a secret special agent training establishment involved in Homeland Security where presumably a new chapter in her life would begin,


Submitted: January 24, 2017

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Submitted: January 24, 2017



Chapter 1

Jennifer Jamieson, only daughter of Ross and Belinda Jamieson who had four older sons, and their daughter had to struggle to make her way in that male-dominated household.

That fiercely competitive home environment plus good family genes and meals designed for working males, resulted in Jennifer becoming a muscular adult at 6ft 1in and weighing 175 lbs.

At boarding school, Jennifer set new school records for the discus, shot put and javelin and could have been unbeatable in wrestling had she bothered to compete competitively with the physically weaker females.

She preferred boxing, that regrettably was not a sports option at her high school for young ladies, but she took on males as their practice partners and became respected for her usefulness at sparring.

Jennifer could reduce many females to tears just by scowling and they would be sent scampering if she raised her fists.

Academically… ah, enough said.

At college, and her first sight of an erect penis confronting her, Jennifer advanced on the randy intruder with a scowl so fearsome that he ran from her room screaming in terror

The thirty-nine other girls in the dorm, unaware of the reason for the upsetting yelling, evacuated hysterically and fire trucks, police cars and Hummers carrying anti-terrorist specialists raced to the college.

 Ambulance-chasing TV crews and newspaper photographers had a field day.

Firemen bravely covered the nude evacuees in their yellow protective coats and fought with the police to cuddle them and wipe tears until those females calmed and then there was relief for the distressed females when it was announced the skinny skunk from a male dorm had been behind the disturbance and had been taken into custody.

Police were unable to establish the reason behind the disturbance because the arrested guy was too smart to admit he’d been almost scared to death by a female as he would have become widely ridiculed at the college and in the wider community

Nevertheless, that guy was thrown out of college and security for the female dorms was upgraded.

Jennifer flourished being surrounded by other young women who learned to lean on her for protection, or use her to pluck out a guy from a group of leering young males of their choice.

Her academic record improved and although it took some compassion on behalf of professors, she finally graduated with her Master’s in Business Administration.

The family turned out for her graduation and for the first time, Jennifer felt she had achieved success in life, reinforced by her father declaring, “There’s a job in HR for you Monday. Our latest manager has quit because of bullying and threats of physical harm.”

Ross ran a small local area logistics business and the general atmosphere among the drivers was factious all because of just one pugnacious driver, a born complainer who’d become even more obnoxious when appointed an on-site union representative.

During the first day of Jennifer’s arrival, he was gone with his blood-splattered scrawled resignation left on Ross Duncan’s desk. The operations manager investigated and found the union delegate was in hospital with his jaw broken in two places and he suffered four cracked ribs and refused to reveal who the attacker was and even where the incident had occurred.

Even more frustrating for the enquiry, Jennifer was unable to explain her black eye and grazed knuckles.

Jennifer’s mother Belinda was suspicious and called her three sisters to a family conference. The four women applied enormous, concerted pressure on Jennifer and that’s where this story starts…

*  *

Psychologist and widely acknowledged adult behavioral expert, Mrs Amelia Graceland, looked at her clipboard.

“Jennifer, do you know why you have been admitted to his retreat?”

“Yes, my mother and her fucking three sisters ganged up on me.”

Amelia scratched her nose with her pencil, relieved she’d gotten through that first question. She still eyed the shaggy haired and wild-eyed blonde rather fearfully.

“Please keep calm Jennifer. This interview is to set parameters. Do you know the meaning of parameters?”

“Yes, you dipstick. Are you stupid?”

“Excuse me. You cannot address your behavioral consultant in that manner.”

Jennifer sniffed and replied, “Then try treating me like an equal and you may find your problem has dissipated.”

“Um, very well. I could consider that.”

The noise of cracking knuckles alarmed Amelia.

“Yes, I have considered and yes I’m prepared to grant that request Jennifer dear.”

“Dear? Are you a gay bitch attempting to come on to me?”

Only quick hand action by Amelia prevented hers falling out of her chair.

The thought of the slender consultant being covered sexually by such as big brute, or alternatively having her nose flattened, had her almost fainting.”

“Are you okay?”

“Y-yes thank you Jennifer. It-it’s…”

“It’s what? Speak up woman. There’s no need to be nervous. I’m here to cooperate. Get these fucking leg chains off me and make me coffee.”

“I wanted to say it’s likely you will be the biggest challenge of my career. Y-you won’t abscond if I unlock the leg restraints?”

“No, of course not. Mom and my aunts are paying big bucks for me to spend three months here and dad has promised to keep my job open for me. You are kinda cute and we should get along find if you keep your hands off me.”

“Oh. I promise to do that and you can be assured of that.”

“Listen, you little wimp. Don’t suggest I fear anything; I’m Jennifer Jamieson.”

Amelia shot forward and unlocked the leg restraints.

Wrinkling her nose, she asked politely, “When did you last bath or shower Jennifer?”

“Early last week.”

“I need you to promise me you’ll bath or shower daily. Actually, there’s so much of you I recommend you do that night and morning and I promise you won’t wash away.”


“You mean you agree to my suggestion without rebuttal or sulking?”

“Doctor Graceland, stop fluffing around. Continue your induction interview please.”

“Um, yes. When did you last have sex?”

“There you go again, you capricious lesbian.”

“No, no. It’s a printed question on this questionnaire. See?”

“Goddamn, so it is. It was almost four years. Jimmy Wells caught me napping.”

“Oh, and you do mean full penetration and to completion?”

“Yeah, and I can’t say I dislike it.”

“Oh, and are you on the pill?”

“Yeah. Mom made me.”

Jennifer held out her cup and Amelia went off to fill it with coffee.

“Don’t you drink coffee?

“Yes, Jennifer but I limited it to four a day because coffee is a stimulus and it has health impairment properties. How many cups of coffee do you consume daily?”

“I never count but probably about fourteen.”


“Don’t worry Amelia. We’ll all die of something. How many times a day do you have sex?”

“I’m not sure that I should…”

“Answer the fucking question Amelia if you want cooperation from me.”

“My husband and I average two times a week.”

“What about all the other guys?”

“What other guys? Oh, god there are no other guys and no other women. Please get your mind adjusted to that truth Jennifer. I don’t…”

“Okay, okay. Don’t get your tits in a knot.”

“Um, what is your attitude towards your breasts Jennifer?”

“My immediate thought is they are a fucking nuisance but I do know their real purpose and being a college graduate I also know guys have to have something to suck on when going through I-want-my-mommy crises.”

“Oh god, is that why Ralph sucks my breasts?”

“Who’s Ralph?”

“My husband, of eleven years.”

“Christ, you have a toy boy?”

“No I meant…” Amelia caught the smile.

“Omigod, you have humor.”

“Is that good?” Jennifer asked nervously.

“It’s fabulous and gives me a great tool to use. That’s enough of these questions; they are mostly irrelevant to you. Meet me for a drink in the bar at 6:30 and over dinner now you no longer have leg restraints and I’ll outline my program for you.”

“Good girl. But I’m worried about you because you look rather unfit Amelia. A bit of track work or even fifty lengths of the pool would sharpen you up.”

“Fifty lengths,” Amelia said, turning white. “It’s an Olympic length pool.”

“Good, as who wants a paddling pool? Get yourself fitter and your appetite for sex will increase, or so I’m told. I know practically nothing about sex.”

Amelia wrote a note about that.

*  *

Jennifer swam lengths for three hours and then went for lunch. She looked at the range of salads and asked the women behind the bar, “A steak sandwich please.”

“We only serve meat at nights.”

“Get me the fucking chef.”

A guy kitted out in white with a black scarf around his head like Rambo came out. He took one look at Jennifer and took two steps back.

“One very thick steak sandwich coming up ma’am. I guess you want it raw.”

Jennifer grinned.

 “Just so the blood shows as cooked pink.”

After sorting out her room to her preferences, Jennifer had a couple of more cups of coffee and went to the gym.

A wisp of a girl in a black and green leotard taking four women in stretching exercises turned to look at Jennifer who was looking contemptuously at the very light weights on the dumb bell rack.

“May I help you Miss?”

“Yeah, where are the 50lb cast iron bells?”

“Miss, please book in for an assessment. We have no wish for you to hurt yourself.”

The women watched amazed as Jennifer began lifting the entire rack with twenty sets of dumb bells up and down.

“Ohmigod,” squawked the young fitness trainer while her students continued to watch bug-eyed.


Jennifer went to the bar and ordered a triple Vodka on the rocks for herself and a lemon whip for Amelia. She asked for a slug of vodka to be put in the lemon whip.

The bartender placed a one-slug vodka in front of Jennifer who simply stared at the woman. Changing color fast, she sped back and returned with the vodka bottle and served generously.

Jennifer paid for the drinks and the first thing Amelia said was, “This whip appears to have extra grunt this evening. It must be a better grade of lemon.”

Amelia said she had loaded a program for Jennifer and it would be accessed on the network computer in Jennifer’s room.

“I used ‘big girl’ – all one word, no caps – as your password. If you find that offensive. I’ll change it.”

“No, it’s okay. If you become offensive to me, I’ll let you know.”

Amelia trembled. She then outlined the diet and fitness regime.

“This is designed to make me become skinny.”

“Yes, to a target weight of 155 lbs. Your boobs will look bigger but won’t actually change size much. Most weight will disappear from your thighs, belly, shoulders and under your jaw. Your boobs may increase in size through regular sex but that comes in stage two of your recovery program.”

“Recovery program; why do I need a recovery program?”

“To return you to feminine form.”

“Oh, and I guess that includes mental reconstruction as well?”

“That’s a good guess. But I’ll provide that because I regard you as my career challenge. We’ll measure, weigh and film you tomorrow and record on video an interview about your attitudes. We repeat that process at the end of each month for three months.”

“And I leave here looking beautiful with fuckable tits and lacking aggression?”

“I want you to retain some aggression because that’s you, your natural self. It’s just that it’s been allowed to sprout wildly.”

They finished their drinks and went to dinner.



“May I ask a big favor?”


“I’d like you to help shape my fitness and confidence levels.”

“Do I know how to do that?”

“I should think by pushing me at training with you just talking to me to boost my confidence and by discussing the benefits I’m receiving from being partly incarcerated in this institution.”

Jennifer said thoughtfully, “I have self-confidence because I have no fear.”

Amelia’s head lifted in surprise. “Have you worked that out for yourself?”


“Omigod Jennifer, you’ve taught me something.”

“Well, wait until I get you into the gym and doing track and field baby.”

“Oh, shit. Omigod, did you just hear what I said? Did you lace my drink?”

“Yeah, just a shot of vodka. I wanted you to unwind. Shall we order wine?”

“Well I usually don’t drink alcohol but because I’m under your tutelage I must do what you say. Just one glass please.”

“Two because you live on site and therefore don’t have to drive anywhere.”

“How do you know that?”

“If anyone is trying to change me I have to know about them. I have also confirmed that no way can you be considered gay.”

“Oh, that’s an advance in our relationship.”

Jennifer opened her mouth to retort but caught the smile.

“For a woman of forty-two you are okay, Amelia. We need to go into the city to buy you fitness clothing.”

“You are prohibited from leaving the site.”

“We are not going to allow that petty rule stop us, are we Amelia? Remember I’m to build your confidence.”

“No of course we won’t. Rules are to be broken.”


Chapter 2

At the end of the first month Jennifer was measured and weighed, now hitting the scales at 163lbs.

“You are showing signs of looking trim, girlish even.”

“Who’s calling me a girl?”

Amelia’s assistant turned white and wide-eyed until she caught the grin.

“Jennifer, you made me almost wet myself.”

The three women sat drinking orange juice while the two interviews were played.

“Gawd, was that crude and unwholesome bitch on that first interview really me?” Jennifer grinned.

“We’ve had worse, I think,” the assistant said bravely, aware Dr Graceland was sitting between them.

“Are you on for a bit of bed play this evening Carole?”

Carole wet herself.

She returned to the room and played the tape discussion on attitudes with

Dr Grace lands, taken a month apart. Comment from the latest tape included:

Jennifer: How many cups of coffee a day do you drink?

Amelia: Who cares?

Jennifer: Answer the question.

Amelia: Eight to ten. Hurry up, I want to get to the pool.

Jennifer: How many times a day do you have sex?”

Amelia: I knew you’d ask that. You are such a bitch Jennifer. If you must know eight to ten times a week. One night last week I fucked me husband legless. He really needs to toughen up.


Having just heard herself speaking on camera in the first interview a month ago, and now on this latest tape, Amelia sat with her mouth open.


“That was me talking. I no longer speak sounding refined.”

“No, you have been humanized, Amelia. Weren’t you in a hurry to get to the pool?”

“Yes Jennifer. Oh, you are dining at my home this evening at 7:30. I have someone coming I wish you to meet.”

“It’s against the rules for you to fraternize socially with inmates.”

“They are called patients Jennifer and fuck the rules.”

Carole watched her boss walk out swinging her ass and gaped.

“Enormous change has come over Dr Graceland. I can scarcely believe what I’ve just watched and heard.”

“How many times a day do you have sex Carole?”

“Once or twice and sometimes we miss a day although David usually ruts on Saturday nights and that wipes out most of my Sunday mornings. Friends think I don’t go to church because I’m not religious. I ask you.”

“How can you stand to have David sweat over you breathing hot air over your face twice a day?”

“I don’t notice darling. When you get fucked properly by a guy, you’ll understand what I mean. Dan will probably be the man.”

“Who’s Dan?”

“He’s Amelia’s nephew who’ll you meet tonight. She’s brought him in to stay a week to teach you how to fuck properly.”


“Aren’t you late for your deportment class?”

“Oh, god, I can’t miss deportment.”

*  *

Ralph answered the door and blinked and looked up at the visitor.

“Ah, you are the famous or should I say the infamous Jennifer Jamieson?”

“Good evening Ralph and thanks you for that compliment.”


“I’ll pin you against the door by spiking your balls though the door handle if that wasn’t meant as a compliment Ralph.”

“Oh shit, of course it was a compliment Miss Jamieson.”

“Just confirmation is all that I require, Ralph. Please don’t grease. Amelia deserves a man, not a wimp.”

“Whatever you say um Jennifer.”

Super fit Amelia came bounding out and stopped short and blinked, looking at Jennifer’s clothing. The guest was dressed in a long checked shirt hanging out over torn jeans and wore dirty sneakers.

“You were meant to arrive as a dinner date.”

“Yes Amelia,” Jennifer said kissing her and patting the now very firm ass. “I’m not being treated for memory loss, remember? No mention was made about dress.”

“Oh yes. Come in and meet our other guest.”

The guy, Jennifer’s height, stood and looked at her disapprovingly.

“Hi Jennifer. I’m Dan. Why are you dressed in that disgusting manner when my aunt has taken all this trouble to entertain us formerly?”

“Dan I didn’t ask to be invited, I wasn’t told it was formal and anyway why dress up to impress a Bozo?”

“That’s impertinent.”

“Ooh, that’s a big word.”

“Aunt, I’m off to my room.”

Amelia countered, “Get Jennifer a drink, Dan. Can’t you see she’s guessed what this is about and wishes to display her worst side to you because she doesn’t wish to fool around with any guy who’s more focused on baubles and bangles and correct diction than the possibility of just enjoying conviviality?”

“No, I didn’t guess.”

“Three fingers of Vodka over ice please Dan.”

“What, I mean I beg your pardon?”

“My name is Jennifer in case it’s gone through that sieve you call a brain. Amelia asked you to fetch me a drink.”

“Ah, so she did um Jennifer. Coming right up.”

“You haven’t asked me how I like my ice.”


“Chunky thank you, Dan. Did you enjoy the drive coming here?”

“It was great thanks.”

“How many times a day do you have sex?”

Dan appeared to be attempting to swallow his tonsils.

Ralph laughed and said he occasionally used that question on women he knew well at his office.

“It’s the perfect way to make a woman speechless, even the bullies. They just can’t cope with the shock. HR has approached me with complaints and no action has been taken because my reply is always the same, ‘How can a simple, friendly question be considered sexual harassment or improper’?”

The meal and chat over coffee finished and Jennifer left after kissing her hosts and Dan goodnight.

“You are doing marvels with my aunt, giving her body shape.”

“You have no idea what you aunt has been doing for me, Dan. Good night.”

Ten minutes after she was in her self-contained cabin and pulling back the bed clothes, a knock drew Jennifer to the door.

“Oh hi, come in.”

“You aren’t surprised.”

“No. All I was told I’d meet someone over dinner. You didn’t appear to like me so I remained switched off.”

“That was being switched off?”

“Yes, I can turbo into being passionate. I gather that’s why you are here for?”

“As part of your feminism, yes.”

“Are you being paid?”

“No payment was offered but if it had I would have been offended and refused the offer. I’d told my aunt perhaps I would have sex with you if I liked you, that I’m not adverse to helping people in the best of circumstances and this opportunity possessed hugely possible allure.”


“I must confess you leave me hugely uncertain about you.”

“But you like me enough to come to have sex with me?”

“Christ, Jennifer back off. You can be rather overwhelming.”

“But your aunt is working on that?”

“Yes, and she told us she is achieving huge results and you are reciprocating with results she’d not believed were possible. She has changed, significantly and for the better and Ralph believes that too.



“Come to bed. It’s been so long I hope I remember where you should put it. Now, no deceiving me.”

Dan grinned and said wasn’t she something.

Dan licked Jennifer to warm her up and then let her stroke him a little and then he flipped around into position for them to become involved in a sixty-nine, he giving instructions. It went very well and eventually Jennifer lifted up smiling, wearing his semen like a small beard and that meant to Dan she must have swallowed plenty.

The next day was Saturday and they welcomed the dawn with a rousing fuck that left Dan’s eyeballs practically spinning. Jennifer appeared to be on Cloud Nine.

Dan, a gym regular was amazed that Jennifer could keep up with him stroke for stroke – and was sure she might out-gun him on some of the machines but didn’t display any inclination to take her to the gym. However, Jennifer suggested they go there and she was happy to acknowledge where he excelled, lifting weights.

She heard the gym manager tell Dan quietly, “Jennifer is the strongest woman we’ve ever had through here by a country mile.”

In the pool after lunch Dan only managed two lengths and sat watching in admiration as Jennifer peeled off a few more lengths gracefully and after a rest and coffee took him out to the track where he creamed her. They strutted off to the café, Jennifer hanging on to his arm proudly.

Dan wasn’t permitted to be in her cabin during the day – one of those funny rules establishments make, it being quite okay him being there at night. He refused to break the rule, even for daytime sex.

Jennifer was writing a business plan for her father when an email came through.

‘Hi. Come to dinner tonight. It’s formal. Don’t disappoint. Amelia.’

Jennifer was walking to Amelia’s house when a new security guard approached and told Jennifer to return to her cabin.

“Make me return.”

The guard grinned and called base. “What’s your name darling?”

Jennifer gave it to him and watched amused as his eyes widened as the base receptionist warned him to back off.

“God, I hadn’t been briefed about you Miss Jamieson. I do apologize and thanks for not kicking my butt.”

“What is your name?”

“Sonny Miss Jamieson.”

“Well Sonny, call me Jennifer in future and let’s be friends. You and I know you could have apprehended me although not without me making it difficult for you.”

Sonny grinned and said she was a lovely woman.

Jennifer was back on Cloud Nine again.

*  *

Dan raced to open the door. His jaw dropped.

“Oh god, just look at you; they are gorgeous tits. Turn around and let me sight the butt under satin. Oh, I’ve died and gone to heaven,” he said and then kissed her slowly and warmly.

Amelia’s jaw dropped.

“You look amazing. Who did your hair?”

“Mad Mae.”

“But she’s in a locked double security cell.”

“I looked up inmates and found she was the only one listed as a hairdresser. Shall we say, I used influence to be locked in with her.”

“But taking in scissors… oh god.”

“Leave it Amelia. Phyllis checked and wrote down everything I took in with me and ticked everything off when I emerged. I talked to Mad Mae all the time about her experiences in hairdressing and she warbled on like a songbird and didn’t once attempt to stab me.”

“What kind of institution are we running here?” Amelia wailed.

*  *

Jennifer enjoyed the next few weeks, with Dan arriving at her cabin for sex and when he left the security guy Sonny would arrive and after she’d showered they go at it with gusto.

And then one night she heard as knock on her door and found the caller was Amelia.

“Sweetie, your time here has finished. I’m sorry this has come without warning but I filed a memo recommending your early release because your transformation in complete and I’m very proud of you.”

“However, unbeknown to me our Director had been waiting for your release recommendation and contacted someone high up in the Department of Homeland Security. The department had circulated a classified memo to all defense forces, prisons and institutions such as hours looking for a certain type of female, and the Director submitted your file and copies of my videos to them and the department is highly excited about you and a limo will be here within the next half-hour to take you to the department’s advanced training academy.”

“Training for what?”

“Don’t be impatient Jennifer,” Amelia snapped.

“Omigod, listen to you. After me you must be the spunkiest woman in this compound, the Director included I suggest.”

Amelia was greatly embarrassed as well as hugely pleased.

“Moving on,” Amelia said. “At the end of the 6-week training period, you will be assessed and if your pass rate exceeds 70% you will be appointed to a special unit as an

Undercover Agent, with the ranking of First-Class Operative, to infiltrate protest groups anywhere in the nation to report any of the organizers that you believe to be engaged in promoting un-American activities.”

Jennifer appeared excited.

“Then may I exterminate the extremists?”

“Probably trained assassins will take care of that, although I really have no idea. Perhaps you will be ordered to deal with trouble-makers who fall short of making the extermination list.”

“Ooh, Amelia.  For the males, perhaps I could bite out their balls or in the case of females pull out their ovaries to ensure they cannot breed successors.”

“Oh, I’m sure your commanding officer would consider your novel suggestion as being worthy of being considered for implementation. Now darling, let me help you pack. Your limo will be here soon to take you to a military base, probably a secret location in Virginia.”

“Do we have time for farewell sex?”

“No, because I’m scared you could crush my skull accidentally if you coughed when you were licking my pussy.”

“Amelia, you wet; I’ve trained you into becoming a stronger and more positive person but that comment tells me you are still a wimp.”

“Thanks for that insulting comment you bitch. Omigod, look at the size of these vibrators and dildos. They look suitable for a horse.”

“That being so Amelia, just think about what treats you’ll be missing with me being released from this dump.”

Amelia turned deathly pale.



The End

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